Zordja : AOW WIF - NC-18 - First book prologue WIP

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Zordja : AOW WIF - NC-18 - First book prologue WIP

Postby Zordja Kardak » Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:28 am

hi, i am going to start make my own manga, however since i am not able to draw at all, it will be more like an artless manga(unless someone will aid me with this).

many names and places are fictionous, real world locations (may or may not) exist as is, any match between real world and the manga's characters names are a pure coincidence.

The tales may/will use well known characters from other stories, for example Fate/Stay Night among else, but the majority will be original.

Words from the puplisher.

This will be one work of a Tetralogy, in other words a Quadrilogy.
(Ps any help with making characters and visualize this would be extremely helpful.

These tales will be made with the help from the whole community, and by me in a small part.

The reason the books are going to be rated 18 and up, is because it will have many parts which we can see in real life, the series' standing regarding explicit content such as sexual intercourse, and other material, not appropiate for the minor aged.
If you have a problem, seeing a page, where one of the female characters gives birth to a child, or become one with the person they truly long for, you are reading or watching the wrong show my good friend.
As i have stated there will be in short be material in the books, not suitable for an under aged audience, and therefore should be read or watched under supervision of an parent or guardian, if that occurs.

And now without further ado the book.

Age of War.
World in Flames.
First Book of War

Prolouge Chapter - Disturbance

The lands were covered by the heavy sweet scent of blood, the grass had changed to a crimsonlike colour.
The sky was dark, and seemed to devour everything by the horizon.
This is where we were reborn.......

- My name is Hakima Kaito, i am living in Shizeki District in Tokyo, the school i am studying in is Karaki Municipality High.
I am on my 1st Year, and am there together with my childhood friend Benhood Aisara, her father used to live in England which explains the surname.

- John-Anders Edblad or Johnny for short is a close friend to us as well, and he comes from the royal kingdom of Sweden, as you might guess at first he would be a student studying abroad, but his family moved over here when he was young.
- In school he is noted for being quite a bookworm, however he's got a sharp mind, which makes it no wonder why his prime subjects are history, language, and geography, oddly enough he does not go well with math despite his wits, well atleast in school.

(Character Explanation) information to be used by artists
Benhood Aisara's physical apperance in according to clothes is what you would expect from a schoolgirl in japan, her uniform's primary color is black and secondary red, she has black highthighs with 3 white lines by the top
the underwear is a standard bra and panties with an special yellow and purple pattern
The Tie she use with her sailor uniform matches it, and has a broach in which the kanji for Karaki is printed with the school depicted behind and around sakura petals which forms a circle and gloria.

her body is natural sized for a 15 year old girl, she does however have the trademark style of eyes and face of anime characters,

As for Hakima Kaito
hes your average japanese high school boy except for the fact that he oddly got blonde and black hair and in addition to the normal school uniform has a Scarf in the colours of brown and Cyan, which is basically his trademark feature, another trademark is his eyes, (Heterochromia) Blue and Green.

Johnny, would be your average Scandinavian, Golden Blond hair, Ocean blue eyes, as for design of the character and such, i leave it to anyone willing for it.

i need help to create more characters with personality, background, history, and other important items.
Help with the story is also much appreciated.

Sorry for the messy state of the post, i will try to correct it as time goes by.
if you want to help out pm or post here, or you can reach me in these ways.

Skype anders916

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Re: Zordja : AOW WIF - NC-18 - First book prologue WIP

Postby Panty Anarchy » Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:46 pm

Artless manga... You know, I think they call those stories.
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