A.C.H.'s writing story thread

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A.C.H.'s writing story thread

Postby achthenuts » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:02 am

...okay, my story telling is just average, so anyway...

A.C.H.: Sam Angelica & A.L.K. in Gunpla Battle: NC-13 (or for all audience,YMMV): Original

At some day, Time travel Sam Angelica went to shopping centre, and she saw something's attract her at arcade game: the Gunpla Battle. She feels that if she has ever got 1 of Gunpla, she will challange anyway. Suddenly, there's a masked girl with her Gunpla: her own Unicorn in Unicorn Mode without right arm.

Sam Angelica was curious, and A.L.K. ask her: "So you want try the Gunpla Battle ?" And she replied: "OF COURSE !! But... where can I get these... Gunpla ?"

A.L.K. wasn't impressed about her, and ask: "Are you from another time ?" Sam's replied: "Umm really... wait... how did you know this ?" A.L.K. then replied: "I know that you're not familiar in this modern day, by the way, I'm A.L.K." "Then I'm Sam Angelica, nice to meet you", Sam's replied.

So A.L.K.'s brought Sam Angelica to Hobby Centre, where there's some Gunpla model kits were there as well. A.L.K. asked her: "Basically, I suggest you to buy High Grade Beginning Gundam." "Uhh...why ?" Sam replied. "You know, any beginner's start with this basic Gunpla." "I don't think so... Hey !! This Gunpla looks better with double Sword Striker !!" just as Sam's saw a Real Grade Skygrasper boxart. "So does it contains that Gunpla... ?" "No. You have to buy with Real Grade Aile Strike Gundam to do so," A.L.K. replied. Sam Angelica has no choice but to bought 2 RG Skygrasper & 1 RG Aile Strike Gundam to build her own respctive Gunpla.

And so after she complete her own Gunpla, she says: "This will be my Double Sword Strike Gundam !! I guess..." A.L.K.: "Wanna try to battle with me ? I can be a nice tutor to you." Sam: "Okay..." So two of them went into the P.O.D. Arcade, insert the ID card, and scan their Gunpla, & start the battle.

And the battle was set the location at unknown island with surrounding sea. Soon as Sam's land with her Double Sword Strike Gundam, which is just equipped two Sword Striker's shoulder armors with beam boomerangs, with "Schwert Gewehr" anti-ship sword of Strike Gundam, a rain of beams come to her. Sam's evaded, as she knows what A.L.K.'s Gunpla was that. A.L.K.'s Unicorn has attached double Beam Gatling Gun on Unicorn's left arm. As she's throw her beam boomerang, there's invisible force reflect her beam boomerang. Sam: "Wait... is there's invisible force system equip on that Gunpla ? Let me try again closely." She pulled her "Schwert Gewehr" anti-ship sword as she charge towards A.L.K., again the invisible force's blocked Sam's attack, but it slowly reveals that her Unicorn's right arm is High Grade Blitz Gundam's, which was equipped Blitz' TriKeros, as usual.
"..."A.L.K's not really surprised about this. "So I knew it, I don't know when you attach that arm since our 1st meet, but no matter, it looks like a fair match to me now." Soon A.L.K.'s knock back Sam, and say: "Not yet." Just as Sam's try to rush and slash Unicorn Amatsu, the Unicorn Amatsu's become invisible due to Blitz' ability: Mirage Colloid stealth system , and Sam's missed the target. "Ohh typical ninja, only bigger, eh ?"

So Sam has to stay on the sky, without doing anything. As A.L.K.'s already know that Sam isn't just ordinary hot-blooded heroine, she's just reappared at back of Double Sword Strike Gundam, and of course, both cross-beam sworded, with Double Sword Strike Gundam's anti-ship sword & Unicorn Amatsu's TriKeros' beam saber, and then both bounce back. Then Sam's throw both beam boomerangs, 1 of them success slice whole Unicorn Amatsu's right arm, so that it can't invisible again. As A.L.K.'s already know she can't win, she just let Sam's slice Unicorn Amatsu without doing anything. Then battle has ended.

After both come out from P.O.D. arcade , Sam asks A.L.K.: "You have such a great battle skill, but why you hold back ?" "Well like I said, I can be a nice tutor to you, but I prefer you forget about it if I get serious about this," as A.L.K. replied. "Is okay, I've been saving the world in my own time before, the tougher the enemy, the more I can accept," Sam replied. "...okay, next time we meet, I'll bring my toughest Gunpla to challenge you. So I'll hope that I can see you again someday, Angelica." "Me too as well, A.L.K."
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