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Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:12 pm

Birdofterror wrote:I'm pretty sure you meant to say "All of It's powers," yes? Just pointing that out.

Actually, there should be no apostrophe (its).

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:28 pm

Yeah i just noticed that to thanks mathias

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:00 pm

So people i have been writing my stories lately but not have been postin them. I just need an editor and then i can go from there

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:13 pm

Any takers?

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:17 pm

Update: greeting people. Sorry ive been slow with updates vut they will be comming out soon.

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:54 pm

Hello people. This is grimjr and if your wondering the change in username my mom deleted my email account and so i cant recover my password and i have no other emails so this user willo be posting stuff from now on

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:53 pm

Uh. Well. Okay. >_> It's against the rules to have multiple accounts, but. Well. I'll see what Soth and Warby say.

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:27 am

Yeah this hardly seems like a violation if he's telling the truth.

Also on a related note to the thread itself, I haven't been catching up on these for a while. I've been writing my own and reading like 3 other people's. Sorry.

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:49 am

alls well Birdofterror and yeah i am telling the truth cuz i cant lie that easily and you can tell when i obviously do

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:53 am

what the hell?!!!! who the hell are you? Sam is that you?

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:56 am

ya it iz and guess what i'll nevr gve u back ur password so u can forget about it

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:59 am

you had better or tomorrow when i see your face I'll kick your ass

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:01 am

wel'll see abt that

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:49 am

This is pretty special.

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:47 pm

Jesus christ after 2 hours of countless fighting i finaly found out how the idot got my password.

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:37 am

Not sure if troll or trolls.

It can only be one or the other.

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:12 pm

Birdofterror wrote:Not sure if troll or trolls.

It can only be one or the other.

not sure what you mean there

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:42 pm

CH2 is up people! Comment and tell me about how i did!
Grim Tales: Crossroads of Destiny
Chapter 2: The Fallen Warrior
Somewhere in Hell…

“Damn it! Where the hell is he??!!” said a guard. “Over he-- AHH!!” said a guard as he is vaporized. “We need to fall back!!” said a guard; “Fool only weaklings retreat” said the General. “The General is here! Now we can win for sure”. “Stand back” said the General. “Oh crap… It’s the general!!! Get the cannon’s to 100% power, we need to hold off till we find the precious cargo!” said Shadow.

“There getting beat up out there… Alice! Where is he?!” yelled Asura. “I sense he’s close but I can’t find him…” “Well you better find him quick or I’m pulling out of this operation and getting my boys home”, “Easy Asura I’ll find him so-- ow!!” said Alice as she hit her head on a door. “There he is” said Asura, “How do we open it?”

“Give me a minute, here hand me that saw” pointed Alice. “Damn it!” said Alice. “What’s the situation down there?” said Shadow, “Alice began to cut the door but the saw blade but it broke off”, “The Diamond Blade? If that broke then there’s no way were gonna get through that door.”. “No…” said Alice as she fell to her knees, “Please… please come back to me… I’m so scared and alone... I-I just can’t take it anymore”

“Riku please! Come back!!!” screamed Alice with tears in her eyes. “Ahh so this is the famous Alice… How nice to meet you.” said a voice. “Who’s there?!!” said Asura, “Why brother have you forgotten me? It’s your little brother, Drez” said the voice. “Drez? What are you doing here?” “Well after you left me to die out there I switched sides, and now I am afraid you must die!”

“Alice, get out of here!” yelled Asura, “No not without you and Riku!” yelled Alice. “GO NOW!!!”, “Hahaha!! Die!!” said Drez as he shot an energy ball at them. BOOM!!! “You... are not going to die that easy… your highness…”, “Riku… y-you’re ok!!” said Alice. “Heh, define… ok” breathed Riku as he fell down.

“Damn, that kid got up even in his state.” said Asura, “Hey you should get out of here while Drez is recovering”, “But Asura… fine I’ll go.” As Alice started to get up a portal erupted from the floor. “Whoa!!! Riku!!” said Alice as she fell in.

“Brrrriiing!!!!”, “Raise the alarm! Something has breached the premises!!” yelled Pain. “What is it?!” said Mandy in a cold tone, “Madam there is something falling at an incredibly fast speed and its trajectory is said to place it in... the garden.” “Send Jr. to investigate, but back him up with snipers on the roof” said Mandy, “Yes my lady” said Pain, “Sera would you mind telling Master Junior to go and investigate the garden?” “No not at all” said Sera

“Master Junior sorry to bother you but can you go to the garden? It’s apparently important.” said Sera. “Fine I’ll go. Sorry Minnie I’ll have to help you later” said Junior in an irritated voice, “Its ok brother, I know that your tasks as mother’s second in command is a tiring task” said Minnie “Ok well see ya” Junior said.

“Ok I’m the specified location, anything I should be looking for?” said Junior, “Yes, there should be some kind of black and silver streaks of light coming into view any second now”, “Thanks Pain… wait I see it! It’s coming toward the center fountain!”

“All units move towards the center fountain to provide Master Junior some help” Sera said. As all the units moved into position a thunderous crash was heard. “Its here! Everyone get into position!” barked Pain over the P.A.

“All of you wait! I’ll go down into the crater” ordered Junior. He jumped into the smoldering crater and started to look around. “W-what is this?” Junior gasped

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:18 am

What did he discover?!

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:37 pm

You'll see in ch3

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:29 pm

Ch 3 is up people also the italic words are the main character thinking inside his head for those of you that don't know. Ch4 will be posted soon. Here it is.
Grim Tales: Crossroads of Destiny
Chapter 3: The Lost Soul

Ugh… Where am I? Alice! , “Oh my...! You surprised me!” said Sera. “Ubi sum ego? Ubi est Alicia!” I said (What the hell? Am I speaking… Latin?) “W-what? I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are saying.” I ripped off a bandage and wrote in my own blood and I wrote: “I said: Where is the girl I was with”

“Don’t do that!! Both of your conditions are terrible right now. She has been transferred to a room down the hall, don’t worry. By the way my name is Sera” said Sera. Crap this is bad if they find out what she is, “Paenitet hoc sed I ad temporaliter occidere te” I said before a surge of power filled my body with strength. I started to rise and my body began to glow with an ominous power. Then an orb of darkness formed in my hand and I hurled it at the girl named Sera.

“Paenitet” I said. I started to run and i quickly gained speed. I looked frantically around for Alice but i couldn’t find her. I searched hall after hall, corner after corner, room after room, but still could not find her.

“Hey you there! Get back here!” yelled a man who’s face was covered with a hood in a shroud of darkness. When i saw this person my very being froze in place. My arms quivered, my body shook and chills ran down my spine. I had seen this person before but I couldn’t remember. I ran, and ran, ran and keep running until i found a room. Inside I peeked and I saw two girls. One of them was Alice for sure but the other one had looked very familiar.

She had golden hair that shot out like spikes and scars on her face and body. She had a purple dress and a singular grey eye. “Qui sunt vobis?” I said. “Oh is that Latin? I havent heard that in a while” said the girl, “Who are you? Have you come for her?” “I-I have so please let her g-go and I’ll leave this place” I said.

“Minnie! Are you ok?” said the man with the hood. “You!! What are you doing here? If you touched her in any way I will kill you!” “Heh I havent even touched your... sister is it? Anyway I’m not here to fight you, your no match for me, all I wish is to have the girl.” I coldly replyed. “Oh me not a match? With those wounds you dont look like you are much of a fight!” said the hooded man. “Junior please... dont do this. Father will be angry if he finds out” said Minnie.

“Ah so you are the Reapers son eh? I admire your talents but you still are not match for me”, “What! I could easily take you on. Right here right now!!” yelled Junior. “Fine then lets go!” I yelled before ripping off my bandages.

Junior summoned a scythe and he turned into a vicious monster. “So your half Nergal Demon huh? Not surprising.” I summoned a sword out of thin air and armor formed around me. “You really think you can beat me? I’m a...” I said before I passed out. “Huh? Riku!” screamed Alice.

“Get a medic in here!” ordered Minnie. “Oh my this is the one who took out Sera was it not? Its not surprising considering how much energy he was exerting from that power he has. It was only a matter of time before his body would have giv...”

7 rings around the Kings Head
If they miss one they will be dead
Then the Kings throne shall be Crowned
To the one who bears the mark of the clown

“Wha-what! Thats impossible for what he said! Only a few have known about this. Could it be...”

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:26 pm

Chapter 4 is up. Comment me on how i did
Grim Tales: Crossroads of Destiny
Chapter 4: The Crowned

“This is impossible” The Medic said. “Well what is it mon?” said Grim, “After running countless tests he is in fact one of them.” “A Crowned… haven’t seen one of those in a millennia” said Grim with disbelief. “Father what is a Crowned?” said Minnie

“You see da Crowned were a group of da most powerful beings in existence, I couldn’t even top their power.”, “What?! That’s impossible! You are the Grim Reaper your power should have crushed theirs!” exclaimed Junior. “Dat may seem the truth but you mah boy is more powerful than me, so there is the possibility of beings stronger than me.” “Continue father” Minnie said.

“Well…”, “Yes we were the most powerful being at the time but there weren’t just 2 of us, there were seven” interrupted Alice. “There were seven of us that each controlled one of the 7 rings of power: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Lightning, Light and Darkness” said Alice. “Really, is that so girl? Then which one do you control?” snapped Grim, “I-I don’t control a ring anymore, because you see… I died so my ring of power went to the one who killed me”

“Who killed you?” Minnie said. “It was the one who controlled the Ring of Fire: Adonis and his traitorous brother Aquarion the controller of the Ring of Water” Alice said sadly, “That’s terrible! Why did they do this?” Minnie said about to fall to tears. “Also how are you still alive after you died? I thought my father doesn’t let people just not die, except for Minnie and my mother” said Junior.

“Yes well you see…” Alice said, “Someone wouldn’t let da poor girl go” said Grim. “It was that one over there, Riku was it? He had such a determination that he wouldn’t let her go”, “That’s impossible you are the Reaper, you can’t be persuaded that easily! I know you let it slide once but…” Junior exclaimed. “Yes Riku… he cared for me a lot” said Alice distantly, “Damn right he did! His darkness was so powerful it made your Mother’s look like nothing!” said Grim

“So he was the carrier for the Ring of Darkness right?” Minnie said, “Yes but he was different when it came to darkness” Alice said. “How so?” said Junior. “Well darkness is shown as bad and evil but he was the opposite, he was kind and good, he cared for people a lot”, “That’s interesting, I never thought a Crowned besides you to be kind” said The Medic. “Yeah he didn’t seem so kind” grumbled Junior.

“Well he does get protective of me, for example when the Elemental Wars broke out there was nothing but chaos and that is what he had control over the most” said Alice grimly. “The Elemental Wars?” asked Minnie, “Yes you see when I was killed Riku lost it, he knew the other lords but Zaiko and Areon were the ones responsible for my death.” “So he started the wars against the lords of Fire, Water and Earth to exact his revenge” Alice said.

“That was one of da bloodiest battles I’ve ever seen” said Grim. There was a long silence before Alice started to talk again. ‘Riku fought the Lords armies’ single handedly and defeated them. But when he faced the Lords he didn’t have the power to.” “Then how did he defeat them?” asked Junior. “He first defeated the Fire Lord Adonis then he gained his any my power. He was unstoppable” Alice said proudly. “He soon defeated the other two and spared Zaiko and Areon because they had no part in my death.” “That’s an amazing story” said Minnie dreamily.

“Yes I also heard during this battle he used his ‘One Crowned King’ form, you wouldn’t happen to know what this looks like?” asked The Medic. “No I’m sorry I don’t” apologized Alice, “Maybe I can help with that” I said before my clothes melted into a white coat with spikes and a skull mask. “This is the ‘One Crowned King’ looks like. Plus I have this sword” I said as I summoned a greatsword that looked like a medieval one that was silver with a black crown imprinted on it in the middle.

“Fascinating, this is quite fascinating and to think that you are still moving and talking” said The Medic. “Sir! There is another intruder at the gate!” yelled Pain as he ran into the room. “What another one!” said Junior. “Yes sir and he says he wants to speak to a man named Riku, I suppose that is the man over there”, “Does he have a blue-ish white outfit with a long white beard and a staff made of ice?” I asked.

“Yes he does”, “Fine I’ll go talk to him” I sighed. “I got up but then an immense amount of pain swelled up in my chest. “Riku! You’re still hurt, you need to take it easy” Alice said, “No I’m fine… sort of, I may need you for support, mainly as a crutch” I said with a chuckle. “Grr… meanie fine I’ll go” grumbled Alice.

I slumped over to the castle entrance to confront Areon, the Lord of Air. “Long time no see Alice, Riku” said Areon as be bowed, “No need to be so humble and it’s nice to see you after all these years.” I said with a smile. “Yes it has been a long time…”

Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:29 pm

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Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:20 am

Ch5 is up people! remember to comment how i did!

Grim Tales: Crossroads of Destiny
Chapter 5: The Assault, Riku

“So how have things been for you lately Areon?” I asked, “Oh they’ve been ok… well if you think constant raids by our damned brother Zaiko is ok” he sighed. “Well that is highly unfortunate… I would help but the pact we made forbids me to enter your realm even with your permission.” I said, “Yes, yes I know that, and besides all he does is send a couple of Storm Spirits at me but I just bat them away” Areon said while stirring his tea.

“So… what’s the real reason you came?” I said with a cold tone. The room started to tense up as if an all out war was about to break out. “The uh, Academy would like your help in defending them” Areon said quietly. “I knew it… damn people may hate me but they always need me to protect their precious Academy” I said with bitterness. “What’s the problem now?”

“There is a huge army of undead and Aeddric creatures have showed up”, “Aeddric eh? Wow, haven’t seen those in a while, I thought I killed them all when…” I said before I stopped. I started to remember something, an old memory but… I couldn’t remember it. “Riku? Are you ok?” Alice asked. “Yeah! Perfectly fine except for my shoulder I'm fine!” I hoped that she would look though that, but my chances were slim.

“Sir! There is a major enemy force outside of our walls” yelled Pain. “What?!! How many are there?!” yelled Junior. “There’s 40, no 90, no 150 of them sir!!” gasped Pain. “That many??!! There shouldn’t be that many of them! How in the fiery depths of Hell did they get past our security?!”

“They materialized out of gates” I replied with a grim look. Damn… I thought they were dead!! How just how did they survive! “We have to go now! Us three have to protect the castle” I barked. “Alice, Junior with me! Pain, get all of your forces out here now! If they breach there will be nothing left of this place!”

“Right!” Alice and Junior said. We started to run towards the front gate and when we got outside of the walls… nothing but pure chaos was out there. “One-Crowned release!!!” Alice and I said as we changed forms. I was in my white coat and my mask had melted into a hood, Alice well… she looked beautiful. Her hair had changed from her black-red hair and turned into a pure silvery-white color, her outfit changed from jeans and a tee-shirt into a blood-red dress.

‘Whoa… you guys are powerful” said Junior with amazement in his eyes. “Kings Blade! Heavens Blade!” we yelled. Our weapons summoned in a flash of light, my sword with a black crown in the middle and Alice’s sword was a golden broadsword with wings for the hand guard. “Now!!” I ordered.

All three of us started to attack. We attacked with fierce attacks killing hordes of Aeddric enemies. I was shooting blades of energy from my sword, Alice was using her Double-Cross slash, slashing crosses into her enemies. Junior was hacking away with his scythe, slashing left and right summoning his Demonic powers to enhance his strength. But no matter how long we hacked and sliced they just kept forming.
“I can’t keep this up for longer!” yelled Alice. “Same here!” Junior yelled. “Damn it! Just die already!!” I shouted as I ripped off an Aeddric’s head with my sword. “AHHH!!!” screamed Alice. I looked over my shoulder and I saw… something so terrible I blanked out for a moment. She was impaled with a sword through her chest, and… blood gushed out of her wound. The demon pulled out his sword and she started to fall.

“JUNIOR!!!! Get Alice!!! Take her and go, I’ll hold them off!!!” I screamed. “Can you handle them alone!” he yelled back. “Just get her and go!!!!” I yelled. He went down and picked her up and flew away. Anger, rage, fury, words can’t describe how I was feeling. I flew towards them at full speed, I put on my mask which made me even faster.

I started to hack away and killing the Aeddric ruthlessly; nobody does that to Alice and lives. They kept reforming and I just kept killing them but I was tiring out. I can’t beat them… “Yes you can brother” said a voice. I turned around to see someone I haven’t seen in an eternity: my little sister Camela. “Just do what you did before, play” she said.

“No… I refuse, I would rather die than use that!” I yelled at her. “Well then you’ll lose big sister Alice if you don’t.” she chided. I stood there for a moment and thought. “Fine then…” I said as she faded away. “Organ of Destruction…”. Then a huge organ appeared out of the abyss, black as night and ready to be played.

I sat down and started to play. The song that I played… is too hard to explain what it sounds like. The Aeddric started to flee, but they couldn’t. The song ensnared them in invisible bindings, and they were trapped. “Now begone and die demons!” I yelled as I finished the song. With a flash of light the demons faded… out of existence, just like I did before: I wiped out my own kingdom…
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Re: Grim Tales from down below made up stories

Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:22 am

Pretty cool so far.
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