The Tribes of Kon--A story

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The Tribes of Kon--A story

Postby G_O_T_R » Fri Jul 08, 2005 12:07 am

[I decided to write a story. It's going to be long and multiple parted. It's my first real attempt at writing fiction. Wish me luck.]

For thousands of years, the four races of Kon have fought. The Je'herz, Cwaktel, Tuj Arnage, and Populity, are the results of time. Nothing could've stopped their being. The only thing that could've changed is diplomacy. But that's not possible now. They'll fight to the death. Forever.



"Sir yes sir!"

"I need you to go with fleet 19 to the outpost of Ahidra. They're transporting Zeroes, and I need you to supervise."

"Yes sir."

Jack got his gear, and headed down the passage to the fleet


Jack looked up to see his old friend Mike.

"Mike. What's up?"

"Nut'in much. You?"

"Same as normal. I heard the Je'herz are comin' in?"

"Yep. We need an updated Zero from Ahidra. Some bigshot physicist has a prototype, supposedly uses less Chet."

"Good. Fleet 19, move out."

"Aye sir," the fleet reported.

The fleet moved out. The dessert planes of trup, which is on the way to Ahidra, are the most repetitive spot on the planet. The sky of Kon is red, the sun always below the horizon, at least in Populity territory. The white sand of trup blows at the faces of travelers, and sandstorms are legened to rip the skin off of men. It wasn't a pleasant ride.

As they moved, Jack started to think about his past. Especialy his last mission. They were at the forests of Kat'aree, and the Tuj Arnage started attacking. They came from the trees, and killed most of the men on his team. They failed that mission, and the Kat'aree base was captuered, and most of the Populity there were killed. It was then that he decided the Tuj Arnage, or, in their language, 'shadow people', were his most hated of the tribes.

His thoughts were interupted by their arrival. As the vehicles came to a halt, he looked out to see the base of Ahidra. While it was techincaly a military base, it looked more like a command center. It was a base built to replace Kat'aree, a research base. They looked up to see the base commander, Jeltak.

"Hello, members of the Trilk base. I hear you're here for the Zero upgrade. Is this correct?"


"Excellent. The upgrade increases efficincy by 120%. Meaning you use--"

"Less soul energy--"


"Whatever, and get more time. We heard. We just need the file."

"Patience. Come with me."

They started going through to the center of the base. When they got there, Jeltak handed Jack a data chip.

"Just upload this into all the zeroes, and Chet will be yours!"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Let's get out of here. Fleet 19, move out."

"Yes sir."

They started their trek back to Trilk.

"He's a nerd, isn't he?" Mike chuckled.

"That guy gets on my nerves."

"Smart guys will be smart asses. Oh well."

"All I kno--"

"Sir! Radars are showing that the Je'herz are in proximity."

"Can we make it back in time?"

"Negative sir."

"Damn. We have to head back there."


The fleet turned around. They were all worried. Alot of these men had never seen Je'herz in person. This would be there first time in extreme combat. Jack just hoped they were ready for it. He noticed a glint of metal in the air. He looked up to see the Je'herz. But something was different about them.

"Hey Mike, notice anything different 'bout these guys?"

"Yep. Driver!"

"Yes sir?"

"Do a scan on the Je'herz in front."

"Scanning sir."

The scanner began to buzz. There was some static, an energy blip, and then the scan came through.

"Sir, the scan shows this Je'herz has a new update file. Version SRE13.758.943."

"So this is a suped up Je'herz?"

"Yes sir"

"Listen up men! This mech is more powerful than any we've ever seen. We don't know how good the upgrade is, but there's a chanve that Trilk isn't going to be around after this. For that matter, we might not make it out. You men need to be ready for combat. There is a chance we won't make it back to a base. If something happens, you all know what to do."

Just that moment, the Je'herz started firing.
Hope you liked it, more to come
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