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-----------------------------------------------------------------In the Beginning---------------------------------------------------------------------

A girl dressed in a black jacket, and black sweats, walked on Bet street. One of the most poorest place's in downtown New York, and no parent would never let their own teen out on a street like that, especially at night.

Although, this girl has no parents, nada, no nuthin. Not even a cousin. She was abandoned as a baby on a doorstep, which belonged to a man named Laredo. A 20 year old Mexican, with a 1 year old son named, Stree.

Even though he was poor, he took her in anyways, and took care of her as his own daughter. After 9 years of struggles, Laredo died in a shooting when he walked home one night carrying groceries. That's what they call pack's of tuna, ramen, and microwavable rice. The assasins wanted nothing, but his food. They didn't even know him.

It was a big downfall on Stree, and his adopted sis, Corazon. Which mean's Heart in spanish. Unlike her brother who has light brown skin, Brown curly hair, and dark brown eye's. She has Dark brown skin, but she knows she's not black since they have waay darker skin than her, black hair with red streaks, and dark gray eye's.

After the death of Laredo. Stree, and Corazon had nowhere else to go, but the streets. It was harsh the first couple weeks, since they couldn't look like a bunch of homeless guy's, even though they were. They got through it easily by ditching the place they used to call home, into a different street. It's not as dangerous as Bet Street, but just as well.

Over here, they did street performance's. Since the place they're at is known for people of a talent of some sort. Like, dancing, singing, shredding, you name it, they got it.

Their street performance's are a mix of dancing, rapping, and singing. Sometimes Stree would be rapping, and Corazon would be singing, or the other way around. Of course they incorporated some dance steps to their songs. Those were the only things that kept them sane, kept them living. They grew up with Hip-Hop, rap, and R&B. Its in their blood, and they proved it by showing they got it.

And a certain group of shady looking teens noticed their talent, and thought they were amazing. They wanted them. To be apart of their group, UNIT 9. Most people there call them the Devil's Unit, since 9 is the symbol for Satan, or Devil. That, and because they're...different than most people.

"Yo, Loke. That girl over there is pretty hot, for someone sooo...innocent." Said a guy with short straight black hair, red eye's, tanned skin, and grins devilishly. He was talking to someone with brown-copper hair that sticks up at the ends, green eye's, and wore a green unbuttoned plaid shirt with black shorts.

"I guess.." He replied, while leaning against the side of a skate ramp, which hid the group under the shadows.

"Red, you're such a pedo." Said a blonde, with his hands in his pockets of his jeans. "Going after girls waaay younnger than you."

"Look who's talkin. It's the same with you Hade's, and you bashing me down. Dude, you know how old you are, yet you still go after girls younger than you."

"At least it's with girls that LOOK around my age." The blond named Hade's spat back keeping his voice low, but the malice showing.

"Guy's...we know...calm down." Hade's twin brother, Hero said meekly. Unlike his rather rowdy brother, he's very much the opposite he's quite, thoughtful, caring, and really sweet. They both share the same looks. Short blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eye's. Except Hade's is a darker shade than his brother's, and they wear different shade's of blue.

"WE ARE CALM!" they both said in unison, scaring the crap out of Hero.

"Dammit, you guys are too loud.." Loke said glaring at them. The two guy's stopped, and became queit. Than they heard a giggle come from behind them. They turned to notice it was the girl Red thought she was hot. She was laughing across from them seeing the scene, that unraveled moments ago. She gave them a little wave, and followed after her brother who called her.

They left the place, with 4 pairs of eyes watching their every move.

"Seeing...their situation...its better...if we them...soon." Hero said quietly.

"Than what are we waiting for.." Loke said sauntering after the two.

"Heh, looks like we're gonna get some freshies." Red said licking his lips.

"I got dibs on the girl." Hade's said following after Loke.

"Damn you..." Red said fighting the urge to kill him..again.

"Uhh...wait...for..mee.." said Hade's twin, catching up.

Red was the last one to follow.


Well this is the first chapter. This is how my format is each chapter has about more than 1 page at the least, and i update whenever i feel like it, but I'll try my best to have another one up before monday, its bout time i stoppped procrastinating.

Well I hope you enjoy! AND PUH-LEASE REVIEW. Id like to hear ur OPINIONS!

( Just wanted to see people's reactions to this, I'd really like to hear your comments)
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