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Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:38 am

I was planning to hold this until the rest of Act 2 Part 1 was finished, but I felt I did well here and concludes one of the side stories for now, that I was eager to show it.


Finally cleared from the hospital, I made my way out in my non-work outfit and aimed to head straight out.

“Yes! Yes!” screamed a voice. Only one person had that voice. Why did no one tell me he was here?

I hurried up to one of the private wards with the door left open to see with half his limbs in a cast. “Impact!”

“Oh hey!” He switched off the TV with the remote. “Surprise visit?”

I stepped in. “No, checking out actually.” I wished there was a way though to check in and probably get a ward with Impact. “How you doing?”

The hero flopped against his pillow. “Not too bad. Have to take some more time off again. But hey congrats on the title win, you were amazing in that match.”

I had the title slung over my shoulder and it made me so proud. But right now I couldn’t help staring at how broke Impact look. “Yeah.” I wanted to say the same similar but.

“Sorry I blew it,” snarled Impact. “You gave us the one chance to throw Henry Frodrick and I failed.”

“You got jumped by Rick Thunder!”

“Doesn’t matter, I should’ve been able to defeat something like Henry Frodrock even if Rick Thunder hit me over the head ten times, I should’ve been able to have gone there and made that big giant run up crying mommy.” He clenched the bed, I held his hand.

“You did everything you could and I’m just as proud as you as you are of me.” My gosh we’re having a moment.

“Hey, everything alright Kyle?”

Kyle? I saw another girl walk in with flowers. She gave me a tense look but then a warm smile to Impact.

“Angela, this is Elsandra!”

“Wait Elsandra.” She gave me a second look. “Holy! I couldn’t recognise you without the outfit and the dyed hair, but wow!” She took my hand and shook it. “It’s an honour to meet you. Like I saw your match with Lolli Cute at Titan Collision and it was incredible! You showed how a girl should fight.”

“J-just who is this?”

“Oh right, my girlfriend Angela.”


“You alright?” asked Angela.

“Y-yeah.” I held my head. “I-I just need some remember that I-I have plans.” I hurried out.

“Come and see my again?” called Impact.

Like feck I will. I felt so played there. Impact… Impact never thought to tell me he had a girlfriend, did he figure I was a lesbian or something? That jerk…. Or was I just an idiot. I didn’t care! I was hurting so much.

I was outside kicking at lamppost, frustrated as heck. This should’ve been the greatest moment of my life. I won the title, I was the top diva and I was a role model to so many people, yet it hurt like frick. I felt my chest about to explode from the instead! Why did I have to hurt so much?

“Excuse me,” worried a nurse hurrying over. “Could you please not do that?”

“Whatever.” I turned and walked away.

“Um, congrats again on the title win Elsandra.”

“Shut up!” I yelled at him. I calmed down realising what I just said and looked at the astonished nurse. “S-sorry, I-I didn’t mean it.” The nurse was about to do something, but I didn’t care, I bolted off.

Author's comments: Again usual pro-wrestling stuff, so don't expect Impact and Elsandra to rekindle, this will have been a forgotten storyline due to Impact's injuries that nearly everyone would've forgotten about it on the show and is therefore just not brought again. So while Impact is not done and will return, Elsandra, while not forgotten about this, will have gotten over it by the time Impact returns. But this chapter was fun as I felt it I did good in an emotional scene and I am hence proud.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:40 pm

Rest of Act 2 chapter 4, proof read once.


Finally cleared from the hospital, I made my way out in my non-work outfit.

“Yes! Yes!” screamed a voice. Only one person had that voice. Why did no one tell me he was here?

I hurried up to one of the private wards. The door left open and I could see with half his limbs in a cast. “Impact!”

“Oh hey!” He switched off the TV with the remote. Was he watching cartoons? “Surprise visit?”

I stepped in. “No, I was actually checking out.” I wished there was a way though to check in and probably get a ward with Impact. “How are you doing?”

Impact flopped against his pillow. “Not too bad. Have to take some more time off again. But hey congrats on the title win, you were amazing in that match.”

I had the title slung over my shoulder and it made me so proud. But right now I couldn’t help staring at how broke Impact look. “Yeah.” I wanted to say the something similar but-.

“Sorry I blew it,” snarled Impact. “You gave us the one chance to throw Henry Frodrick off that mountain-sized ego of his and I failed.”

“You got jumped by Rick Thunder!”

“Doesn’t matter, I should’ve been able to defeat something like Henry Frodrock even if Rick Thunder hit me over the head ten times? I should’ve been able to have gone in there and made that big giant run off crying.” He clenched the bed, I held his hand.

“You did everything you could and I’m just as proud as you as you are of me.” My gosh we’re having a moment.

“Hey, everything alright Kyle?”

Kyle? I saw another girl walk in with flowers. She gave me a tense look but then a warm smile to Impact.

“Hey Angela, this is Elsandra!”

“Wait Elsandra.” She gave me a second look. “Holy! I couldn’t recognise you without the outfit and the dyed hair, but wow!” She took my hand and shook it. “It’s an honour to meet you. Like I saw your match with Lolli Cute at Titan Collision and it was incredible! You showed how a girl should fight.”

“J-just who is this?”

“Oh right, this is my girlfriend Angela.”

What! No!... No!...

“You alright?” asked Angela.

“Y-yeah.” I held my head. “I-I just remember… I remember that I-I have plans.” I hurried out.

“Come and see me again?” called Impact as I ran.

Like feck I will. I felt so played. Impact… Impact never thought to tell me he had a girlfriend, did he figure I was a lesbian or something? That jerk…. Or was I just an idiot. I didn’t care! I was hurting so much!

I getting outside, I kicked the first lamppost I saw, frustrated as heck. This should’ve been the greatest moment of my life! I won the title! I was the top diva and I was a role model to so many, yet it hurt like frick. I felt my chest about to explode! Why did I have to hurt so much?

“Excuse me,” worried a nurse hurrying over. “Could you please not do that?”

“Whatever.” I turned and walked away, ignoring the pain I just did to my leg.

“Um, congrats again on the title win Elsandra.”

“Shut up!” I yelled at him. I realised what I just did and looked at the astonished nurse. “S-sorry, I-I didn’t mean it.” The nurse was about to do something, but I didn’t care, I ran off.


Two days later I was back at UWF backstage. I walked in through the door and was then caught by surprise to find my friends, other divas and wrestlers as well as some of the crew bursting a cheer me. I was then seated by Kanaya and Tammy at a table with cakes and sweats laid out across.

“Is crowning a new champion always like this?” I asked Kanaya sitting beside me.

“Only when the new champion’s gone through the things you’ve done!” said Kanaya. “You just turned up to work again! You’re still here after all you’ve been through!” She clapped me on the shoulder. “You’re also bring a new meaning to the diva’s division.”

“Yeah,” said Kenneth Bombardier already filling his mouth. “Like that was a really awesome match you did with Lolli Cute.”

“You go girl!” hollered Moma Sherri.

“You’ve showed we girls can put on a show just as much as the guys,” said Hilary.

“Took you long enough,” chuckled Dave Marquese. A cake then splattered into his face.

I began to feel overwhelmed again.

“Bill Yanks!” cried Kenneth Bombardier jumping up.

“Bill!” shouted everyone else.

Coming in through the door was the bulging bicep man. He gave a warm smile and a thumbs up to everyone, then approached me, clapping my shoulder.

“Hey, great to see you Elsandra,” said Bill Yanks. “You doing okay?”

“Y-yeah.” Bill Yanks wasn’t the tallest wrestler, but his gruff look and wide shoulders made him look like a monster.

“That’s good to here,” said Bill Yanks. “Can I tell Impact that? Cause he wanted me to make sure you were okay from yesterday.”

Impact! I wanted to claw up the table, but I needed to take it in. “Y-yeah- Like I told him I was just busy.”

“Okay, but just so you know, I may not be Impact, but once I’ve turned that slime, Rick Thunder, into my own accordion, I’m going after Henry Frodrick. I’ve see what he can do, but that guy needs to pay and I want to be the one to do it.”

“Get in line bud!” called Kenneth Bombardier.

“What line?” chuckled Bill Yanks. “If there is one, I’m jumping over it to get to Frodrick.”

“Finally!” yelled Ed Banzai sitting on the TV. “Match between Roddy Row and Miles Chip is over.” It looked like the Squash match to begin the night was finally over. “Oh wait.” Ed got a closer look at the TV. “Look! Look Frodrick’s coming out.”

Chills began to take hold of me.

Stepping out into the dome greeted by jeers and going into the ring was Henry Frodrick.

“Evening!” called Henry Frodrick pacing around the ring. “As mentioned from last week I would come up with a way to make Elsandra’s first title defence at the Night of gladiators spectacular.” Now I wish I hadn’t switched off the television. “As I thought and thought to myself…” He rolled his head towards the audience. “The only real diva Elsandra had any chemistry with, was Lolli Cute, but they’ve already had two matches and have been the centre attention for long enough.” Or in other words you didn’t want me up against someone I had already bet twice. It was true though, most the girls I had real feuds with had either left the company or weren’t available.

“You doing okay?” asked Kayana.

I saw the concern she had on her face, but I boldly nodded. “Yes.”

“So it came to me,” said Henry pacing about. “We may as well have more than one girl face Elsandra at the Night of gladiators, a night that often involves matches with more than two combatants anyways. We already have a triple-threat for the UWF championship, so why not one for the Diva championship? However instead of making it a triple-threat… I think a four way to increase our chances of having an entertaining match?” The crowd cheered, believing what Henry Frodrick just said, ignoring the fact that my chances of holding the belt were severely decreased. “Though that leaves a bigger problem of not just one opponent we need, but three.”

“This guy just loves to talk,” sighed Ed Banzai.

“So do you,” hissed Kenneth.

“Both of you shut it,” ordered Sherri Momma. “Want to see if I’m one of those opponents.” Everyone looked at her. “What it’s been ages since I got one.”

“So I’ll be doing a process of elimination with six girls that I think would be most suited in that match. There’ll be three one-on-one matches; the winner of each will go into that four-way match up.” He circled around the arena, hanging us onto the suspense. “So to announce which girls I’ve matched up. The third one that will take two weeks from now will be Lolli Cute… versus Lexi... The second one… a week from now, will be Kayana… versus Betsy... Then, tonight, Tammy…” Tammy? “Versus Kelsey.”

“Did he say me?” gasped Tammy. Tammy had never earned a title shot before and perhaps never been this close to one. “Oh my.” She then looked at me and she drooped. “Oh.”

I put my arm around her, smiling. “Don’t worry, I’d love to be against you.” It wouldn’t be normal for two best friends to be throwing each other’s bodies, hitting each other’s faces or trying to make them cry for mercy, but in this company, you had to be ready for it and welcome it. I then tugged my title. “And if you take the title from me, I know you’ll have deserved it.”

“Thank you so much!” welled Tammy hugging me. I then wanted to hit Kenneth when dog whistled at us.

“Just remember I could be in the Four way much to,” said Kayana with a devious smile. Before we were friends, I had fought her twice. Both were pretty great match in my opinion, even if she did win both of them.

Unsure of what to say, I just took hold of Kayana and all three of us celebrated. There was another dog whistle from Kenneth, but Bill Yanks was obliged to slap the back of his head for us.

“Dang!” cursed Sherri Momma. “How come all three Pride sisters get a contender shot and I get squat!”

That’s right, the three other girls were sisters, all a part of the same stable, a stable that had a two-time champion, Betsy, the oldest sister, the longest running diva’s champion. The obvious reason she had held onto the title longer than any other diva was because the sisters didn’t care which one of them had the title, so long as their stable had it. It was like championship belt with three champions.

I then looked at the monitor and could see Henry grinning as he was being applauded. The Prides sisters still needed to win a contender shot, two of them against known friends of mine and the excitement of me facing Lolli Cute again, covered the ruse from the crowd that Henry was attempting to get a three-on-one match. Henry wouldn’t have to pour any more slime than he already had, the Pride sisters were willing to do whatever the cost to hold the title.

“So how about we get the first contender match going shall we?”

Henry made his exit just as this chilling African music came on. The camera then looked at the jumbotron and walking out just as the music violently changed to heavy metal were the haunting Pride sisters. They made their signature movement where’d they fanning out to observe the audience like animalistic hunters seeking prey. They then regrouped at the ramp and made their way down with Kelsey in the lead.

“Best get ready,” warned Kanaya.

“I’m ready.” Tammy had sprung out of her seat and made her way for the door.

“Wait!” I called. “Let me and Kanaya be at ringside.”

“Good idea,” said Kanaya.

“Yes, let’s go,” yelped Tammy.

We made our way to the arena. I forgot how annoying Tammy’s pop entrance music was, it sounded like someone trying to be a Chihuahua with a large obese person singing with it. But it was bumpy and energetic and that’s what Tammy was.

The crowd cheered to see Tammy walk out, but they almost went wild when they saw me. I almost fell off my feet from the shock. Keeping my cool though, I gave a small wave and anxiously looked at Tammy. She seemed oblivious that I was stealing her thunder, but I guess she was this thrilled for a contender shot.

The stable in the ring gazed at us or more specifically the gazed at me. As we closed in on the ring, Betsy and Lexi departed through the ropes, while Kelsey backed.

Me and Kanaya then took our places while Tammy entered the ring and made her signature poses on top of each ring post.

“It’s been a real long time since any of the Pride sisters have gotten a diva championship opportunity,” said Fred.

“Well it was really hard to get it off them both the first and second time,” retorted Jim. “Imagine if one of them hold it again?”

“Also thinking about it, neither Kelsy, the youngest sister of the stable and Tammy have never had a diva championship in their life,” replied Fred. “So here we’ve got to kitty cats fighting for the same big opportunity, a spot at the Night of gladiators.”

“Let’s just see how hard a fight these two are willing to put up then.”

I knew Tammy could put up a hard fight; problem is that her win-loss record didn’t really agree with that. Tammy has never had any real prominence because she loses lot of matches. I hated to say it, even in my own mind, but Tammy was always more laid back than me. Although I respected people for their hard work and pushing themselves, I also respected Tammy for how honourable and kind, let alone how much of a friend she was. Tonight though she needed to push herself, not just to unhinge Frodrick’s scheme, but she deserved a shot at the title, even if it was me she’d end up having to get through.

Once Tammy was finished with her dance to the audience, she got to her corner and Kelsey patiently got to hers. The referee stepped in and asked off both were ready. The girls got into their fighting stances and nodded.

The referee signalled and the bell rung.

Tammy and Kelsey jumped out from their corners and then just circled each other. They seemed to positioning each other with the way their movement was cautious and eyes aiming. They then jumped back against the ropes and hurled into each other. It was a brutal collision, Tammy hit Kelsey with a drop kick, while Kelsey had hit simultaneously with a leaping spin kick.

Of course! Both Tammy and Kelsey were high-flyers. They both relied on speed and agility and were most dangerous when coming off the turnbuckles or rope.

“Come on Tammy!” yelled Kanaya.

The two divas were taking a while to get back up from that. High flyers were great at dealing impact, but not so great at taking it, nonetheless. “Yeah come on Tammy! Get up!”

Kelsey’s sisters also cheered, but they weren’t as motivated.

I’m pretty sure our cheers were what made the difference for Tammy get up first. While Kelsey had only gotten to her knees, Tammy had burst off, bouncing against the ropes and booted Kelsey’s face to the mat. She then hopped up onto the corner post and made a backflip assault at Kelsey. But Kelsey had blocked Tammy’s body with her knees, propelling Tammy back into the air flopping into the mat holding herself.

“No!” I yelled.

“These girls have very similar strategies,” spoke Fred

“That’s right!” replied Jim. “Both like to throw their own bodies against each other, but of course this means they both know how painful it is if their momentums countered.”

Tammy was curled up on the mat kicking her legs in pain. Kelsey meanwhile hit against the ropes and came back to drop her leg across Tammy’s head.

“Come on Tammy you can do this!” I screamed.

Kelsey had got up again, intent on another leg drop, but when she jumped up, Tammy rolled out of the way, causing Kelsey’s bum to fall flat on her bum. As Kelsey cringed, Tammy kicked her in cheek, striking down.

Tammy then hopped against the corner and back flipped off again, successfully cross body slamming Kelsey.

The crowd cheered wild and Tammy got back up dance to it while Kelsey was rolling around the mat.

“Tammy’s really putting on her game for this contender shot!” shouted Fred over the crowd.

“I think she’s made it clear to the crowd, that’s for sure.”

“Come on Tammy go for it!” yelled Kanaya.

Tammy gave a salute to us and dashed onto the corner post, perched, ready to use her finisher, the Senton bomb or as she called it the Bubble blast. She made her signature arm waves to the audience, getting them cheer to her rhythm while Kelsey got to her feet disorientated. When Tammy aimed, Betsy jumped onto the ring and shoved Tammy off the corner post. The crowd cringed as Tammy tumbled against the mat.

“Hey did you see that!” I screamed to the ref. He obviously didn’t because he had just pulled his head away from Lexi.

“Darn!” snarled Kanaya. “Have to keep a close eye on those two and have faith Tammy can handle Kelsey.”

What more could we do but keep an eye on them. The pair was on the opposite corner of the ring from where we were. But I had to trust Kanaya and have faith in Tammy.

I glanced to see Kelsey turn over Tammy and go for a cover pin. But she kicked out quickly at one and rolled to her feet. I then looked back at Kelsey’s sisters. The pair ignored us and continued stalking around their side of the ring.

“Not sure how good Tammy’s odds are now,” said Fred. “While she has two girls on her side, neither of them are going to try and give the same edge as the ones on Kelsey’s side.”

“I think the odds aren’t too against her,” replied Jim. “Tammy’s got Kanaya on her side and she’s one heck of a great manager as she proved at Titan collision.”

That’s right. “Kanaya, I can keep an eye on them both, you just keep supporting Tammy.”

“If you’re sure then okay.”

I continued my eyes on the two sisters, while Kanaya screamed at the match.

As I kept my eye on the two, they eventually looked back at me or more specifically my belt.

“Dodges!” screamed Kanaya. “Great! Now head for the ropes.”

I gazed back to spot, Tammy run back at Kelsey and drop kick her in the chin. Kelsey was blasted off her feet and the crowd cheered.

“Pin! Pin!” ordered Kanaya.

Tammy threw herself over her opponent and hooked her leg. The ref counted. “One!... Two!…” What happened to the third count!... The sisters!

The two had done something to cause the referee to start telling them off, forgetting about the three count.

Tammy was about to get up and do something about it, but Kanaya shouted. “Forget them! Submisson! Go for a submission!”

That’s right, if the referee wasn’t going to focus on the match, Tammy could make him with Kelsey’s cries and screams.

Tammy sat opposite to Kelsey and began knotting their legs for a figure-four, but Kelsey rolled out of it and onto her feet. She then propelled herself from the ropes and kicked at Tammy, but she moved out of the way, causing Kelsey to trip onto the mat.

When Tammy rested herself against the ropes to catch her breath, Betsy had inflicted a kick into the back of her head. Darn it!

I had got so caught up on the action I forgot about those pair. I was going to take care of those pair the way I knew best and ran to get a hold of Betsy, but Lexi sprung from around the corner and punched me in the face, hitting me to the ground.

Doing my best to recover from that, I heard the three count and the crowd gave a mixed reaction towards the ring.

Getting back up, I saw Kelsey’s wrist being held up by the referee and laid on the mat, was Tammy.

Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:28 pm

I was going to rant about this in my art thread, but figured I would rant this here because it's basically to do with Dignity and Feminism, so don't bother reading this post if not into rants.

So anyways, with the excitement of Dignity and Feminism and seeing my best friends while in Aberdeen, I tried telling them about the story, but when I got to the bit that it was Pro-wrestling + Feminism, they entered into a laugh about how's that feminism? They weren't bullying me or anything, just trying to be funny as they always do (It was expected this would happen). But were saying how Diva pro-wrestling is the next best thing to Mud wrestling, which is true.
I'm also going to be honest here, so as I can make my point, even though probably inappropriate. But I am attracted to women fighting, it's a huge thing for me, though I do have the dilemma where I also don't like people being hurt, so it's only staged or fictional ones that attract me (So please female readers, don't share with me stories about you scrapping with other girls in order to cheer me up because of my cancer, you'd be turning me on, but I'd be unhappy knowing you were involved in such and no, I don't get attracted to WWE women fighting either due to how bad they are at it, besides a few). So yes, I'm writing a story that involves a subject that I'm attracted to, but I'm writing it due to the fun involved, I enjoy the topic feminism (Feminism just fun) and out of frustration for 'I wanna be strongest'.
I'm writing Dignity and Feminism in a world that entertains me the immoral way because I really like pro-wrestling (Those people seriously get hurt, but their characters are so... unrealistic and TV character like, that it provides an illusion pass that gives you the idea that the're no pain at all) and saved me having to do this kind story in a shonen world I'd have to create and again 'I wanna be strongest', so why not have female pro-wrestling, just the same as I would write male wrestlers, though I need Divas in order to promote the feminism theme in this story :grin: . It's a demonstration of self control anyways and being able to respect women in a situation that appeals to most men immorally and yet it's something that women enjoy and some want to do. This sort of idea goes for more immoral things like pole-dancers, models and porn actresses. Just because it's something that's often identified with women and relates to immoral interests, women shouldn't be ashamed of doing it if it's what they enjoy doing (The concept that all porn actresses are high school flunkies who only have their looks left, isn't entirely accurate. I saw a interview on TV were women did it as a part-time hobby and enjoyed working with porn studios) and I shouldn't be ashamed about writing this story. I am drawing to female combat, but I also enjoy feminism (As a hobby, I'm not into strong women or anything like that), Pro-wrestling and a good story.

Rant over.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:54 pm

DAMMIT why'd you have to post a new chapter just when I'm able to post the review for the last one?! ACK.

I'll be reviewing the new chapter Saturday. I suppose.

But as for your rant:

Well, who can blame you for liking half nakey women grabbing at eachother? It's human. I also will note that I'm a pussy and have never fought anyone in my life. I rant and then am empathic to other peoples opinions, and will only argue them if they conflict with fact or morals.

And this has nothing to do with fighting women particularly: But I was quite nauseated when my sisters friend once started bragging about making out with a girl just to see guys' reactions. I didn't say anything, but that was fifty times past sunday insane.

But yeah, I get that the point of the story is to show women doing a stereotypically sexist sport but being completely professionally and justifiable in it. Yeah, it's sexy. It's also serious. Sexy and serious go together very realistically, when you think about it.

But yeah, here's my review for the past chapters. Now I get to read the new one, and you'll probably have a new chapter up by the time I can post it. ACK.



I don't know why I was so happy to see Lolli Cute get beaten. I didn't think I was that invested in it. But, woo! the wicked pink wrench is done! XDDD

This is awesome as awesome socks and- as you tend to do- it's all really just a prologue. GAHCK. It's like a ridiculously awesome pilot episode. XDDD

One thing I kept thinking of though- I don't know how deep wrestling 'storylines' tend to go, but you'd think there'd be a public uproar and charges put against someone for all those beating up of ladies on actual TV and people getting jumped on the way to the match. The only way I can figure that is that the audiance must think it's all just a rehearsed story for publicity, and everyone involved is to proud/power hungry/scared to admit that real shitz goin' down. Erk.

Butyeahsoanyway- There's some lines where you don't quite understand what they're trying to say. Like you changed the way they were saying something halfway through. But considering alot of it's awesome pink-on-tiger girl thrashing at eachother, everything else keeps up with the action.

Rick Thunder makes me giggle. He really is just throwing a tantrum. It's like his rich daddy said 'What son? you want to wrestle? hohoho, that's so cute. I'll pull some strings..... Okay you're famous now!'

The part with Elsandra and Impact made me chuckle too. XD Elsandra kinda through a tantrum too. Guess Impact's so noble and dedicated he didn't realize Elsandra drooling all over him. And Elsie had admired him so much, her hopes were up too high after winning her fairy tale match....

Is it absurdly and ironically anti-feminist sounding that I feel like she must have been menstrating all the hell out? XDDDDDDDDDD

That or maybe Impact was hamming it up for show for wrestling drama tradition and thought Elsandra was in on it. Mehfg. Hard to see Impact as intentionally being so rude. Elsandra should be able to get over it quick. Her and Impact barely spoke at all, she shouldn't have expected so much. >.>

WILL WE SEE LOLLI CUTE AGAIN? 8D Why do I want to see her get it handed to her again? Or maybe come back later and learn her lesson. She's either hella pissed or getting really humbled now. I was just wondering because she's such a unlikable character it seems likely if we see her at all, it'll be at the very end to remind us of how the story began.

Those awesome flames in Elsies hair are temporary paint? You'd think it would smear more. She must look absurdly normal in her casual clothes XD


If anything I mentioned was addressed in the new chapter I'm going to go insane. XD

Good job Freaky, you're doin' good.

*EDIT* Lolli Cute's name changes to an emoticon when capitalized and I can't bring myself to fix it because it fits her character so well. XDDD
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:31 pm

Sorry about that, when I'm into a project I try to do as much as possible before I lose the motivation.

Though I think everything can't escape sexual images, but we do have things most associated with it, for example Diva Pro-wrestling, where the Divas are now more modellists than proper wrestlers, but that is somewot changing with the NXT and the champion AJ Lee.

Anyways, yeah in Pro-wrestling, the audience does nothing, even in the days where it was commonly thought to be real, especially when the illusion was dying which was during the era known as the Hardcore era, where WWF (As it was then known) thought putting their wrestlers in as violent situations as possible made money. Again this was when the illusion was dying, so there was people who thought the very violent war between Triple H and Shawn Micheals was real, plus very sickening. Point is that no, for some reason the audience does nothing and because I'm keeping this in a pro-wrestling world (Regardless that it's non-scripted). But I guess it's a socialization thing where you'd have to look up Zimbardo and Milligram's psychology theories to understand it. Audiences are becoming more aware though these days admittingly, people were quick to point out how Brock Lesnar besieged Triple H's workplace for 30minutes, vandalized and attacked employees, with no one stopping security or police coming to stop him. Nonetheless, these wrestlers are in a world of their own where the audience only make their opinion vocal.

As for the writing though, yeah, I've only proof-read this once and it is challenging to write about wrestling. I hope though once I see my friend at the creative community again, he'll be able to help out with the editting skills.

It's great to know that you hate Lolli Cute, she's a heel and problem with heels these days is that they're liked and cheered in WWE at the moment (You'd have to join the Internet wrestling community to understand this development, but to try and explain it myself, there are barely any decent heels with the PG era, that when a heel is decent at being a heel, people are really happy to see one) or just don't get any reaction at all.

But overall really glad you like Grimlylovegunner and there are others enjoying the story as well which is great.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:24 pm

By all means, write as fast as you want. I know I never can. XD. Just wanted you to know I can't read it all at once.

NUUUUUUU! TAMMY! She was so sweet. Ack. Those sisters are scary. Like, in an awesome way. Totally visualizing this as the most pretty and intense anime ever right now. All those stunts these girls were pulling I was waiting for someone to break an ankle.

The action and fun are all flawless right now. I think there's some more parts where you wrote synonyms though. But that was the only flaw I was finding.

It's so fun when all them wrestlers are hanging out together. It's also funny how they always seem to have to be watching the matches. They could get called out for a last-minute fight without anything more then a spectacular callout on TV.

*My spectacular mind wandering into the far corners of sanity due to sleep deprivation after reading too many creepypastas*

Elsandra wrapped the towel around her as she got out of the shower. Running her fingers through her hair right quick to prevent matting.

She exited out into the living room of her condo- Before she forgot, she had to update her to-do list. She grabbed the nearest pen and wrote on a conveniently placed pad.

'Leave dog poo on Impacts doorstep'
'Get milk'
'Unplug internet cables so pervs & serial killers don't hack webcam'
'Find new picture of Lolli Cute. Old one on dartboard becoming unregonizable.'

Her cellphone happened to be next to the conveniently placed pad. She glanced and saw that she had some text messages. She opened them.

Frod-dickplz: have fun in awsum match 2nite grl wondr!
Frod-dickplz: 10mins. ? r u.
Tammy: LOOK AT THE TV!!!1
Frod-dickplz: 5mins u go b disqualies betch
LolliCute: the rash is still there.
LolliCute: shit wrong number. who dis?
Frod-dickplz: 2mins ha i win u feminist cu
Frod-dickplz: cat jumped on me. was go 2 call u smthng nasty.

After hurridly yanking clothes on and exchanging confirmation texts with Kanaya, Elsandra squirted her dye in her hair and let it dry as she dashed out the door. She sent reply texts to Frodick- I mean Frodrick.

Elsandra: Y dont u just text me when I get challanged!?
Frod-dickplz: ur contract sayz 2 watch tv constntly! duh1
Elsandra: I was in the shower!
Frod-dickplz: I sure u were, u dirty lit
Frod-dickplz: sry. cat again. 1min 2 match. I wi
Frod-dickplz: sry. sum betch just punched me. wat.

Frodrick looked up. A sweaty but very ready Elsandra infront of him. Fist still clenched.

"Ah.... well shite, woman."

"Yeah, shite."

*Totally sorry about that I just can't help myself sometimes. XD. Will ttly take it down if you want
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:58 pm

As per usual GrimlyLoveGunner, you're a blessing for me on this forum. Stooie's read what I've done so far with the Prequel of Mizuka (I've post-poned that because I'm so fixated on this) and has mentioned she'll eagerly get into this (She's into feminism as well) and hopefully get Sigment to get reading this as well. Don't get me wrong, I just feel I'm burdening you, but making it that you need to be the one to feed my ego. I should try harder to get other members who are reading my stuff but are from different forums, to avoid the reliance I have on you. Again more about you than it is about me and my ego.... Ego still need fed though, it pretty hungry.

But it's great I got that depiciton of the Pride sisters I wanted though, as that's how I was trying to portray them. Also glad you got invested with Tammy as that's just great as well. She is a diva jobber, but in today's era of wrestler, those are the ones you want to win. She'll have her moment.

(Proof read once)

I felt so excited. Me and Tammy were out here on the streets with Kanaya. I don’t know why, but I guess it was because it was the first time we were doing something casual, not having to worry about or be so focused on work and the stuff that came with it.

“Just not that many good places to eat.” She gave disappointed look at another fast food place.

“They do have some healthy choices in that one?” mentioned Tammy.

Kanaya smirked. “I’m more looking for one without so many windows.” She winked to indicate. I then turned around to see that people were eyeing us. “Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like being stared at while I’m eating.”

“Th-that’s understandable.” I was feeling unnevered now. I didn’t get it as it wasn’t like I had gone out onto the streets before and get stared at. I guess I just felt threatened in case it got in the way of me hanging out with Kanaya.

“Not really,” said Tammy. “I doubt there’s going to be anywhere we can go without being stalked.”

Did- did she just take a shot? I don’t know. I was waiting for a better time, but it was worse than I thought. “I’m sorry Tammy!”


We made an awkward halt.

“I was meant to be keeping an eye out for you during the match! B-but I let myself- I let-.”

“There wasn’t anything you could’ve done,” said Kanaya. “Lexi was ready to ambush you the moment you did anything.”

“But if I had kept an eye on both of them-.”

“Then Lexi would’ve distracted you at least,” snapped Kanaya. “Trust me; I know from first hand experience how good they are at interfering in a match.”

That was right, it hit me that Kanaya had feuded with the Pride sisters twice, well one of them was more specifically with Betsy when she tried to go solo. But the time Kanaya feuded with Betsy, while she had her sisters was during Betsy’s lengthy reign as Diva’s champion. At first it was just Kanaya, but Sherri Momma and Lana Trixie came to her side when they got tired of long three-girl champion.

“Don’t worry,” said Tammy. “I wasn’t too sure if I was ready for a title shot yet. When I do get one, I want to have the confidence knowing that I will become divas champion because of it. Really I think it was more my hesitation and mind that cost me the match rather than the Pride sisters.”

“Yeah.” Kanaya held my shoulder. “I think the real thing you’ve got to be concerned about is that there’s already one Pride sister in the four way match, with the potential of another one.”

“Don’t you mean two?” asked Tammy.

Kanaya’s smirk widened. “There’s no way I’m letting Betsey get another title shot and I want Elsandra’s first title defence fair, maybe not easier, but fairer.”

It was good to know that Kanaya wasn’t going to go easy on me. I wanted to see if I could beat her this time, even if there were going to another two girls to keep my eyes out for.

“So who would you rather be in that match as well?” asked Tammy as we started walking again. “Lolli Cute or Lexi.”

“Lexi, so I can smash her face in for jumping me,” I spat. For some reason however I wanted it to be that conniving Lolli Cute. It was logical though to want a Pride sister. After all if Lexi was defeated, she’d just be at ringside to do some more of her interference work. But some felt I needed there to be less Pride sisters in the ring as possible.


It was a blast hanging out with Tammy and Kanaya. We had hanged, trained and generally just being friends as our own gang together. It was great, especially when just getting to know someone who had been so supportive and I guess mostly responsible for my title reign. I wouldn’t have won my title shot if not for her. It was also great having Tammy there as well, having all three of us being such great friends.

We were back at work though, in the locker room waiting for Kanaya’s match. She had noted this would be the sixth time she and Betsy would be in another singles match, though depending on your definition of single match.

Our sights were on the television where the show was aired. After Ed Banzai and the British Ludicrous, I heard that ‘Oh no you didn’t!’ I gritted my teeth. Henry Frodrick took to the ring again. He held out his microphone and spoke.

“Hope everyone is enjoying the show, because I have some disappointing news to pass onto the UWF universe.” By the look on his face, it wasn’t so disappointing. “I have been unable to contact Lolli Cute.” There was then a mix of negative and positive reaction from the audience. I wanted to not care, but yet I did. “It’s been like this since Titan collision. Lolli Cute did not need hospital treatment from her title defence match and had just gone straight home once she had regained consciousness.”

“That is odd,” said Kanaya. “It’s not like she’s not lost the title before.”

“So you’re probably all wondering what that means for her qualification match with Lexi tomorrow. Simple, Lolli Cute doesn’t turn up; Lexi will automatically go into the four-way championship match for the divas title at the Night of Gladiators.”

“That means there will be two Pride sisters,” sighed Kanaya. She didn’t sound that worried, but I was. “We can take them.”

“We’re supposed to take each other on in that match as well.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think it can be helped. We don’t want another Pride sister era,” she replied. “So how about we just leave it that first one to finish beating up her opponent and get a pinfall or submission gets the belt, then we can see who really deserves it if we can get a rematch between just us two.”

I didn’t like it because it was going against the idea of a four-way completely, but what choice did I have. “Sure.”

“So,” shouted Frodrick into the microphone to silence the loud mixed reaction. “In order to not let you out on a diva match tomorrow, let’s make it interesting. Say if Lolli Cute doesn’t turn up for next week’s match, we will have all the other participants who are and were involved in this title shot in a six-way tag match. A team of the Pride sisters versus Tammy, Kanaya and Elsandra.”

“Yes!” I squealed. We jumped off our benches celebrating.

“We’re going to be in a match together!” shouted Tammy. “On the same team!”

The idea of Lolli Cute not turning up wasn’t bad anymore. This would be an honour if I got to work in a team with Kanaya and Tammy. But then this was Frodrick who decided it.

I looked at the screen again. The audience applauded him. They had forgotten about the fact that Lexi might not have to compete to get her title shot, meaning there’d be two sisters working together in a fatal four.


Kanaya led the way out into the arena. Her powerful rock and roll music and the people’s cheers greeted us. She made her signature waves to the audience as she stepped down the ramp and then entered the ring to started making her signature poses. We took our positions from outside.

When Kanaya had finished her entrance, the Pride sisters came out. They made their same entrance, only this time Betsey who led the way. Her eyes were locked with Kanaya, obviously unsettled that they were to go at it again. Kanaya however seemed eager.

Betsy was a tall and strong diva that made her a powerhouse, someone that relied on getting a hold of their opponent so as to perform powerful slams or performing devastating shots with their powerful limbs. Kanaya however was a technician, a wrestler with a wide knowledge of wrestling holds and highly adaptable, meaning she could also counter just as many holds and turn failed hits into a big mistake.

Betsy entered the ring, while the other sisters took their place.

“Try not to get distracted this time,” snickered Tammy.

“You sure you’re not mad?”

She clapped my back. “No. But unless you want all three sisters in that match, we need to do all we can to help Kanaya win.”

Good point.

The bell rung. Betsy ran out from her corner to boot Kanaya, but Kanaya caught it. She then hefted Betsy leg up and kicked the other, tripping her opponent off her feet.

“Wow that was devastating!” said Fred.

“All thanks to these two knowing each other so well I guess,” said Jim.

Kanaya tried to adjust Betsy, but was booted in the jaw, that struck her into the corner post.

“Know each other so well indeed!” shouted Fred. “It looked as if Betsy was in control the whole time.”

As Kanaya tried to rub the pain from her jaw, Betsy had got her and hefted her up, horizontally upside down.

“Oh no! Betsy’s going for a super suplex!”

The Pride sister fell back, but Kanaya caught them by stamping her feet on to the mat. That would’ve hurt like frick, but it stopped her whole body from splashing the floor. While Betsy was stunned, Kanaya took hold of her head and flipped her body, slam onto the mat.

“Wow! Quite an inventive swinging DDT neck breaker there!”

Indeed, I don’t think I had ever seen even a male wrestler counter a super suplex like that.

Kanaya jumped back onto her feet and kicked Betsy in the head. She then knotted Betsy’s legs with hers and then applied pressure, making Betsy to go screaming.

“Oh man a figure four!” yelled Fred. “Those can do some serious damage to a diva’s pretty legs.”

“Don’t snap them!” cried Jim.

Betsy had gotten herself up onto her arms and started pulling for the ropes. She was powerhouse after all, so she was more than able to drag Kanaya across the mat. Though for something that a powerhouse could get out of so easily, why did Kanaya go for something like that?

Betsy had clenched the ropes, making Kanaya have to release the hold. While Betsy clambered back up, Kanaya had bounced against the opposite side of the ring and came back, drop kicking Betsy’s leg.

“I think Kanaya is trying to snap those legs off!” claimed Fred.

“Well she can’t use the super kick if she’s got no legs.”

That’s right.

Kanaya dragged Betsy from the ring edge by the legs. She then held up one leg and kicked it, making Betsy flop around on the mat in agony.

“Hey!” Lexi was standing on the edge of the ring. “Might want to watch out for your mates!”

I only just noticed Kelsey besides us.

“Don’t!” yelled the referee. “No fighting!”

She was just standing there however, holding our attention!

In the ring, Kanaya was scooped up by Betsey and thrown down onto the mat. She then paused for a sec, needing to soothe her legs, but soon as she recovered, she then dropped her fist onto Kanaya’s face making her body spasm.

“Kanaya!” I screamed. These sisters had done it again.

“Get up Kanaya!” called Tammy.

Betsy had perched herself onto the corner post and leapt off. She crashed her leg across Kanaya’s body, making her roll up in pain.

Come on Kanaya, it isn’t like you to be taking all this.

Betsy had gripped onto Kanaya, but then Kanaya wrapped around her arm and pulled. The opponent was on her knees wailing. Setting her right, Kanaya kicked Betsy in the face.

“That was a well-placed trap!” yelled Jim. “Not even I could see that one coming even if you told me!”

“If someone had told Betsy though I think she would’ve.”

These two really did know each other well, but this worked too well for a technician who could plan out which move to use out of her huge arsenal.

Kanaya rolled back onto her feet then ran and bouncing against the ropes, came back, scoring a punt kick across Betsy’s head that caused the crowd to moan at how painful that looked.

Seeing Kanaya had this, this would be when the Lexi and Kelsey moved into action. They were right now pointing and saying instructions. We needed to stop them

I looked at Tammy, she then nodded to me. We made our way towards the two.

“Hey!” yelled the referee. “What are you doing?” The sisters then became aware of us. We stared off. “Oh no! No you’re not!” What? I looked up to see him pointing backstage. “I’m not having this! Out! Out!”

Tammy and the sisters argued with the referee, but looking Kanaya performed her signature move the enzuigiri, a kick to the back of Betsy’s head, which she called the Sense knocker. It crumbled Betsey down.

With no one at ringside, I knew Betsy would lose just as much as Kanaya.

I took hold of Tammy and indicated for us to go. She was puzzled for a sec, but went with it. We left the arena, leaving the fight between just Kanaya and Betsy.

Backstage again, we walked along to find the Britain Ludicrous. He wore his red jacket, combined with his red top hat and his clown make up that came with a red honk nose.

“Ah if it isn’t the lovely and rising Elsandra.” He had fun pronouncing my name with a Spanish accent. “And thy adorable sweet Tammy.” The British Ludicrous use to be an aggressive and mocking person but during our recent tour England, where Velvet Vile had grown impatient with the audience booing him, took to insulting all of Britain. The British Ludicrous had then took it upon himself to shut him up and performed his signature move, the All hail me. After that the British Ludicrous had oddly become polite and more reframed. Yet he was still creepy and aggressive at times. “Is Kanaya’s match over I take it?”

“We were ejected.”

“Yeah, you didn’t seem to care,” snipped Tammy.

“I cared, but it meant the Lexi and Kelsey were ejected to.”

“We were just as much help to Kanaya as they were.”

“All we were doing was cheering her.”

“Cheering and being there for her. We were providing just as much moral support and motivation as they were cheating.”

I wanted to tell her not to be so naïve, but I knew Tammy’s heart was right, but still.

The clown smacked his lips before I could retort. “I see I said something that shouldn’t have been said, so if you don’t mind.” The British Ludicrous skipped pass us with hands up in his bizarre like manner.

Not getting what he was meaning, I realised my blood was racing. I looked back to see the frown on Tammy’s face. “Tammy!” Please no. “I-I’m sorry.”

Tammy was coming over the same realisation as well; she was opening her hands and shook her head. “No I’m sorry. I-I think I just wanted to get back at them, get back at them so much for last week.”

“So you are mad at me?”

“No! No! Elsandra! How many times do I have to tell you?” She trembled for a while. “But I am mad that I won’t be able to help you anymore as I can in that four-way. If I won my qualification, then that would be one less Pride sister to worry about.”

She was being sincere. “Why?”

“Because I want you to hold onto the title. Ever since you’ve held that it, divas have been getting treated with more respect and popularity and I have to kind admit it’s a lot cooler being your friend- Not that it wasn’t before.”

I winced at her, I couldn’t believe this became a bigger concern, but. “Does this mean you would’ve just came into the four-way to help me keep the title.”

“Well I know I would’ve lost to you either way,” chuckled Tammy. “But it doesn’t matter now, I just felt we would’ve helped more if we were at Kanaya’s side rather than backstage.”

I had to smirk. Tammy could be so cute sometimes. “Let’s go find a monitor then and hope she knows we’re watching.”

We went into one of the lounge rooms. The chairs would’ve been taken up, but it had the nearest TV.

“Holy feck!” yelled Ed jumping off his chair. “She just caught the See you later!”

The See you later was Kanaya’s alternative finisher, a spin kick from the top ropes!

Rushing to the TV, I saw Betsy squeezed Kanaya in her arms, holding her off her feet.

“Kanaya! Come on!” I shouted, with Tammy backing me up.

It was no use though, Kanaya had been weakened enough for Betsy to spin her then slam down her against the mat, inflicting her finisher the Spinebuster.

Kanaya squirmed around the mat before she was hooked. The referee counted to three. Soaked with sweat and wobbling onto her feet, Betsy was still able to get up and embrace the mix reaction of the crowd and celebrate her win.

As I watched, my fingers dug into the cushion.

This was it; I’d have no friends in the ring. Two of them would definitely be the Pride sisters, with a possible third. My only hope of standing any hope in this match, was if Lolli Cute now participated and could beat Lexi.


I had sulked throughout the evening. I couldn’t help but feel I was to blame and now I was to be punished inside the title match I was almost assured to lose. I would’ve taken my punishment with dignity if it just wasn’t for the fact I’d most likely lose because the Pride sisters used their numbers unfairly. Worse was because Henry Frodrick had set up this match where the numbers game, avoiding any controversies.

“There you are.” Walking down the corridor with a warm smile was Kanaya. “Tammy said I should’ve come looking for you, what’s up.”

What’s up! I-it was obvious wasn’t it, maybe, I don’t know. “It’s all my fault.” I gripped my face.

“Come on woman up!” snapped Kanaya. She was frowning now, like a mom. “Tammy didn’t lose because of you and I certainly didn’t lose because of you! Betsy had control over me that match the whole time. She knew I’d use my alternative finisher, the See you later, because it’s what I’ve always used to beat her. Therefore I should’ve known that she would’ve practiced and strategized enough to eventually wait for me to use it. It’s my fault I wasn’t smart enough to figure out she would’ve done something like that.”

That felt comforting, but it wasn’t enough. My hand was shaking. “I’m still sorry Kanaya.”

She paced up to me and patted my shoulder. “I think this whole ordeal is getting stressful. Face it, you’ve become a big diva champion in the company, you’re boss attacked you and now you’ve got one heck of a match.” Listing those things didn’t really help. “But hold it together Elsandra. You’re a strong and powerful woman, you’ve only begun to crack because you’re not use to taking all this stress, but trust me-.” Her hand tightened. “You will endure and those cracks will go away and after that these problems will shake off like a bad dream.”

Now I felt comforted. I hugged Kanaya. Truly glad to have her and Tammy.

Author's comments: Keep an eye out for the British Ludicrous, he was meant to be an alternate Obsessive Freak that had his own version of Dolly and everything, but has taken a life of his own and does not have much in common with Thy Obsessive Freak, besides being evil clowns and bad tempered and obsessive... Well having dolly was the key thing about Obsessive Freak. But he'll become more relevant when the road to their version Wrestlemania starts. To also confirm he's done the thing that can be found in every wrestling company, he's done a Face turn, where before he was an aggressive heel, where not he's cheerful babyface.
Also starting to realize this probably does try to appeal to wrestling fans more as I try to pretend to know about wrestling types. Like High-flyers, technicians, brawlers, powerhouses and submission specialists (Those are all the ones I know really), just to note however I know very little about wrestling types, so most information I keep bring up in the story about them could very well be inaccurate, so please don't try to think you suddenly know about about wrestling through me :grin:
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:54 pm

Awww, I just have an inappropriate amount of free time. Though I don't. I try and keep equal progress on all my projects at once so they all end up going slow. XD

Then when I manage to get hooked to wi-fi it's a strict schedule of: E-mail check, review status of accounts. Check on yours and other friends' stuff. Check my favorite manga's progression. Resource collecting. And if I have any time left- Watch sum Lets Plays. 83



As for this-

Frodrick: Tell you what! If Lolli Cute doesn't stop her sulking, we'll have a six-way ladies match!


Britain Ludicrous is hilarious. Though it also seems like you would be both bewildered and terrified standing next to him. Haaaah. XD You're a regular Stan Lee.

What do Tammy and Kanaya look like? I don't expect you to have the time to draw a picture, but I wanted to make fanart because these three girls are just so awesome with eachother. XD

They're seeming to be alot younger then originally thought. But it's all so fuuuuuun~ w00t w00t.

But yea, no. Total drama when Kanaya loses. Eeek. Elsandra's best chance is if Lolli Cute decides to up to beat the Prides so she can have a one-on-one rematch with Elsie.

As for wrestling- the only move I know is the Suplex there's a meme of. So I'm not really good at checking that- there are some points where I'm not really sure how to visualize the moves you're discribing. But I don't know if that's because of their physical impossiblity or you just didn't explain it correctly. Or maybe it's just me. Either way. Epic wrestling fights are still a win.

If you're able to, try and throw in more of the girls just being casual and natural with eachother. So we can get to know them real well and make their battles more emotionally intense. Cuz though they're awesome and lovable, all we really know about Kanaya and Tammy is that Kanaya's the badass veteran and Tammy's the sweet little rookie.

Also Elsandra's reasons for being so determined. Though I could see if she's just really noble like that, loves wrestling and wants to see it done right. Which would make sense when you're watching people like Lolli rising the ranks without reasonable effort, and Elsandra's been overlooked simply because she isn't a cutsy pink character.

But yeah, no.

You never know who's reading your story! I've been writing fanfics since I was tweleve, and they get plenty of hits- but only about 5% of the people review them. Which isn't even because they don't like it. I've had a girl message me saying she loves and has read all my fanfics, got her cousin to read them, and that the two of them quote them at every oppertunity. But she had never gotten around to reviewing any of them before.

And I've been thinking that you should totally try and get some wrestling fans to read this. At least then they could help you fine-tune some of the actual wrestling details. FanFiction's sister site is Fiction Press, which is for original stories. I haven't looked at it, but I'd find it hard to believe it doesn't have a wrestling section to submit to.

Hmpf. I'm trying to think of a good story to post on here. I don't want to put up my slightly embarressing anime fanfics full of fandom in-jokes. But I can't think of a real good idea pertaining to any of the comics on Snafu. I'm training myself in writing and drawing before I churn out my original ideas- But I've been into creepypasta's lately. So maybe when I find the balance between enjoying them and sleeping properly at night. I could do something with that. >.> But right now I gots creepy songs stuck in my head.

'I can't remember~ what happened in september~ there is something very wrong~ where has everypony gone?~'

If I let myself fall too deeply into the MLP fandom, I'll never get out. It's so cute. And I obsess easily. XD

'In the rainbow factory~ Where not a single soul gets through~'


But you're doin' good, Freaky. But make sure you rest when you need it. Wish they could do something quick and simple with your shoulder. Sounds terrible. >.<
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:30 pm

I was going to draw them at somepoint as a Act 2 cover, but indeed I can never get down to it. But the idea of their lack of description it to have the freedom to visualize however you would imagine, say a cute bubbly wrestler :) , it's sort of hard really to explain this without seeing the person who made his point about this. But point is that you can draw them however you like and I won't get upset over it, if I do what sort of writer would I be if I complained that Kanaya should've have hair that long and why is Tammy's outfit pink?
Again I will probably do the cover at some point, but it's going to take quite sometime as I'm doing a couple of more insert pictures for act (Hopefully to draw readers). But if I do do it and it collides with your image, it would be a simple idea that we were to people who imaged them differently, whose going to cry about it?

As for expanding them outside the ring, well that would be rather difficult or just generally difficult to get use to. Because I'm trying to imitate wrestling here, you don't really know much about Wrestler's personal lives or backgrounds and WWE itself is known for being very inconsistent unless it's relevant to the story, for example Undertaker and Kane's very ludicrous history. Most thing that you will need to know Wrestlers you watch is their Gimmick, whether their a face or a heel and current feud, making it very easy for casual fans to keep up with because of their small length history, inconsistent history and having near no background. Again this is how I don't feel awful for the wrestlers in agony when getting powerbombed through a table. But problem is that I am isolating readers like you and as mentioned it's rather dumb to count on Pro-wrestling readers, as mentioned you can't really imagine many pro-wrestlers looking to read a pro-wrestling story, so getting more into their backgrounds and casual lives is an idea.

Did try to get it around on Fiction Press, but sadly original work doesn't catch a break even there and probably doesn't help considering how lengthy it is now. But ah well, will probably think of something eventually, hopefully as I would like more people to be reading this.

But excellent that you have that impression of the British Ludicrous for such a small scene he was in! Either my writing really is that good or we have the same brain thinking waves.

Thanks anyways Grimly Love Gunner, fantastic to hear as always.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:32 pm

Act 2 Part 3 and a half (Editted zero)

Sitting backstage just laid back with my friends, we watched as Henry Frodrick had finished his speech on one of the latest controversies.

“Now that that is out of the way, I’d like to inform that Lolli Cute has not shown up.” There was a negative reaction from the audience and myself. “Lexi will automatically move onto the four-way championship match at the Night of gladiators. But I wouldn’t worry too much about not getting a divas match, because up next is the six-woman tag team match.”

That made things all better. I looked to see both Kanaya and Tammy uncertain at the prospect.

“Don’t worry,” said Kanaya. “We’ll have your back at the four-way match.”

“Let’s not worry about that right now. We’ve got a tag match against the Pride sisters.”

“That is a good point.”

“Let’s go!” cheered Tammy.

“Oh!” called Frodrick into the microphone. “Before we get that match underway, I’d like to inform that because neither of the Pride sisters will have anyone at the corner, it would be unfair if Elsandra had allies had her corner.” Everyone was puzzled. “We don’t want Elsandra winning her first title defence because her opponent was severely outnumbered. After all there’s no disqualifications in a four-way match, even a title four-way match. Therefore to ensure that Elsandra’s two best friends don’t get involved to take, say their vengeance on the Pride sisters, both Tammy and Kanaya will be banned from ringside.”

“What!” screamed Tammy. She almost booted the Tv, but Kanaya got hold of her.

I had been outfoxed… By making it about all three of us versus the Pride sisters, it looked fair that the Pride sisters were against each other for the title, while me and my friends would still work together against them, hence the audience wouldn’t be complaining. They were complaining though, but without this elaborate build up, there would’ve been more backlashes. It overall meant I’d be alone.

I glared at Frodrick on the TV, but I swallowed it. I’d overcome him.

“We going then?” I asked my friends.

They gave me a funny look, but then smiled. “Sure,” said Kanaya.

I’d deal with Frodrick later, for now I just wanted things to me and friends whooping ass.

Heading out, this would be my first match I was the diva champion with my two best friends at my side.

We came out to my music getting the audience already cheering.

I came out, making my common roar out to the audience, followed by Kanaya’s bold march and Tammy’s playful wave. We walked down the ramp as one though, proudly and with dignity. We then dispersed, me pouncing through the ropes, Tammy skipping up the stairs and Kanaya climbing up the corner post and leaping through the ropes and all met up into the centre of the ring, ready.

We heard the African music then cut off by the burst of heavy metal music when the sisters started to make their entrance.

All three of them would be my opponents at Night of gladiators. I don’t know how I would be able to defeat all of them in one match, but for now they weren’t just my opponents, they were mine, Kanaya and Tammy’s to.

The sisters slid into the ring like cats and approached us until the referee cut in between us and indicated us to get into our corners.

“Alright, who wants ago first?” asked Kanaya.


“Sorry Elsandra, but I think we need to conserve you, the less time you spend in this match, the more strength you’ll have for the-.”

“Forget the championship match for now!” I didn’t mean to storm, but I was so engulfed. “Only thing I want to think about is us working as a team to do this match.”

Kanaya smirked. “Fair enough. You haven’t had a go yet, so we’ll let you in first.”

Tammy and Kanaya went behind the ropes and I turned to face Lexi, good.

The referee then indicated for the bell to ring and the match started.

I dodged pass Lexi’s kick and slammed her with the shoulder block, knocking her off her feet. Grabbing her ankle, I twisted Lexi onto her front so I could haul on her leg.

“Wow, first time we’ve seen Elsandra in action with the title and I’m liking,” snapped Jim. “She almost exploded from her corner.”

“She’s probably looking to as much damage to all three of her opponents at her first title defence,” guessed Fred.


“Elsandra!” cried Kanaya.

I only just now realised Lexi had slipped out before being kicked in the face. I staggered back, still on my feet until I suffered another kick that knocked me down.

Lexi had then picked up my leg, following with an elbow drop to my thigh that made me scream. She repeated this again and again.

I tried to agonize over it, but I was then dragged across the mat. Whilst Lexi kept a hold of me, she tapped her sister Kelsey in; she hopped off from the top of the turnbuckle and splashed her body on top of mine.

I was dazed, only thing I felt was being pushed to sit up, followed shortly by a kick to the face, hitting me back down.

I felt so out of it, but I was hearing… voices.


At first I thought it was just Kanaya, but then I realised it was Tammy… and the audience… cheering for me.

My vision started being put together, I spotted Kelsey climbing the turnbuckle just after she had criticised the crowd’s cheers. She launched off from the turnbuckle and I rolled out of the way, making her smack on the mat.

Up again, I leapt onto the turnbuckle. Eyes targeting Kelsey as she had gotten onto her feet dazed, I sprang off and drop kicked her in the face, exploding Kelsey back.

“Here!” cried Tammy.

Both girls had their hands reached out eager to get in. This moment would be memorable as I tagged Tammy in. Not that I hadn’t tagged in with Tammy before, but we had never been this close and we were doing it as a team with Kanaya.

Tammy had hopped onto the turnbuckle and leapt off, cross bodyslamming with Kelsey.

She then bounced back up to the crowd’s cheers followed by her bouncing off the ropes. When Kelsey got up, she was drop kicked in the face.

Soon as Tammy got up, Betsy kicked her in the face, causing a rain of boos and Kanaya having to hold me back.

The referee shouted at her to get back to her corner, but she only did so after did a soccer kick to Tammy’s head.

Both girls were down, us and the audience though shouted for them to get back up. Tammy and Kelsey slowly cranked themselves back up enough to start crawling towards us.

“You can do it Tammy!” I yelled.

Me and Kanaya were stretching our arms out.

Tammy winded her arm, but Lexi grabbed her legs and snatched into the centre of the mat followed by a stomp to the back. While Tammy threshed in pain, Lexi knotted their feet together and then took hold of her wrists. Just as I realised what was going on, Lexi fell to her back and pushed Tammy up in the air, pulling back all her limbs, making her body compress on itself.

“It’s always impressive to see a diva manage to do the surfboard,” admired Jim.

“Yeah, but I think it’s more impressive to see a diva take the surfboard!” responded Fred.

It went like this for ten seconds, after that Lexi threw her off and got up. Tammy tried to squirm away but Lexi pulled her up by the hair. She set up Tammy for another hold, but the referee grabbed her shoulder and shouted at her about the hairpulling. She eventually let go, but got elbowed in the tummy by Tammy.

While Lexi staggered from the blow, Tammy had bounced against the ropes and ran back to splash against Lexi into the mat.

“Way to go Tammy!” yelled Kanaya.

Tammy rolled back onto her feet and sprang out at us, but her ankles were caught by Lexi and she slammed head first into the mat.

“Tammy!” I shouted.

Lexi was sat up and hauled on her towards her corner and reached out for Betsy.

“No!” I yelled.

“Tammy!” roared Kanaya.

After she shook her head, Tammy rolled onto her back and kicked Lexi in the chin and scrambled back to us and slapped hands with Kanaya. Lexi had done the same and tagged in Betsy.

The crowd became excited, both rivals who had put on an entertaining match from last week entered the ring again.

They paced around staring at each other and got closer, inch by inch. Close enough, Betsy slapped Kanaya. Kanaya then traded a slap back. They were then furiously exchanging slaps until Kanaya grabbed Betsy’s arm, pushed her back against her chest and slammed her opponent’s elbow onto her shoulder making Betsy yelp before Kanaya then threw her over shoulder and slam onto the mat.

While Betsy laid there, Kanaya ran to the rope and bounced off, soon as she came back, Betsy struck her with a clothesline, hitting her into the mat. Betsy’s then leapt up and dropped bum onto stomach, flopping Kanaya up.

Kanaya agonised over her pain on her bum, getting Betsy to make a kick, but Kanaya rolled out of the way. Kanaya then grabbed her legs around Betsey’s ankle’s and tripped her onto the mat.

The two were so equally matched, Betsey in power and Kanaya in skill. One thing that I knew that would tip this scale was us.

“Go Kanaya!” I cheered.

“Yeah! Kick her ass Kanaya!” shouted Tammy.

Betsey attempted boot, but Kanaya caught it. Betsey tried to kick her with the other foot, but Kanaya ducked underneath it and let Betsey drop to the mat. Just as she had, Kanaya had hit against the ropes and came back to kick into Betsey’s side making her yelp.

“Wow! Never seen Kanaya do a soccer kick before!” yelled Jim.

“Need to add new things to your arsenal before your opponent adapts!” replied Fred. “And who does that better than a technical wrestler?”

Kanaya shouted out to the audience, taking in their cheers, she powered up to run and hit Betsey with the sense knocker, but Betsey dived out of the way, causing Kanaya to stumble into the ropes.

“Look out!” I shouted.

Betsey had ran into the ropes onto the other side of the ring, bouncing off and charging back at Kanaya, but Kanaya rolled backwards, slamming into Betsey and hurdling her and her momentum, blam onto the mat. Kanaya next held up Betsey’s legs, getting the referee to slap the mat.

“One!... Two…!”

Kelsey drop kicked Kanaya in the face, breaking the count.

“Darn it!” I yelled.

I didn’t notice Tammy was on the corner post until she pounced off and slammed bodies with Kelsey and knocked into the mat.

I then spotted Lexi enter the ring and moved to counter her. We ran across the ring and slapped each other off her feet.

“I love it when it gets chaotic like this!” yelled Fred.

I tried to get up, but was then pulled up by the hair and dragged towards the ring until Kanaya hit my aggressor with a running elbow.

On my knees, I spotted Kanaya throw Kelsey out of the ring, coming behind her back though was Lexi. I sprung up and struck Lexi with my arm and shoved her out over the ropes letting her splat onto the mat.

Holding myself up and turning around, I spotted Betsey charging at me, but Kanaya jumped up on her and kneed her in the head essentially performing her favoured finisher, You’re done. Betsey went crashing right into the mat from the powerful finisher.

“Out now!” ordered the referee.

Kanaya was hooking up Betsey for the pin, but couldn’t complete it until I left. I kept my eyes on them though as I slipped out and watched the referee count.

“One… Two… Three!!”
The crowd cheered and Kanaya’s music filled the arena.

We won!

I hurried through the ropes and embraced Kanaya while she was getting up and we were shortly joined by Tammy, all of us hugging it out after such a victory, a first victory together and as diva champion. It was so great and so much to take in.

Over my shoulder though, I saw the Pride sisters slither back up the ramp.

At Night of Gladiators I would have to face them again, but by myself.

Author's comments: This is just most of the next chapter as I might not be able to continue this for a while as I'll be continuing with a more ambitious literature project and will be picking up the pace with my drawings meaning I have less time for writing. But I do want to continue this nonetheless as there is much more suspense, twists and excitement to come. To also note that the six-girl tag team match was meant to be much longer, but I didn't realize just how chaotic writing a tag team match would be and the fact I made room to insert, guess what... character development. Yeah I thought of a way to insert Grimlylovegunner's recommendation, as character development like this will build more emotional investment and it's needed if I'm trying to make it more generally appealing and this came as a convenient way to do it. So next batch will just be them developing as friends.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:35 pm


Reading this made it sound like an epic video game. Each character having their signature finisher. Britain Ludacris as a special unlockable character. Elsandra rising through the ranks of story mode, building up to a big finish. Epicsauce.


The writing's good, considering you didn't proof-read it. The only errors being some awkward wording at the beggining. You also went back and forth between spelling the name 'Betsy' or 'Betsey'

It also just occured to me how cute it is that the sisters names are Betsy, Kelsy & Lexi. Hah. Daz coot.

I'm actually worried about Lolli now, though. But I always feel bad for the badguys. Still wondering if she'll come around in the end.

Total excitement when everyone goes berserk and you realize they've all jumped into the ring. If I saw that on TV I'd scream "GURLFITE!"

Happy to see whatever you do next Freakerz. I know I've been going a bit slow because I still practice things alot. My arts getting better but I've been trying to practice different styles. I'm not looking to be a proffessional artist, but I want to be able to do things the way I see them in my head. It's all just to tell a story and entertain, but to get the right look and atmosphere I want for things, I gotta keep figuring out how to do different things.

Not looking to perfect realism styles, though it would be handy- I need to study muscles and bone structure to draw beefy guys easier and skeletons for all my gorey stories. I can draw a generic anime heroine perfect, though. Then when I spend all day practicing, I haven't the time to finish a story or scripting segment to actually utilize such. pftghfrifticklackrucktuckduckfuckchuckwhutoldfritzgut.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:14 pm

One artist who was really good at teaching me to draw bulky characters was Peter Gray. You'll have hopefully have noticed the difference he made with Mizuka when I used a new layout or as I prefer to call, the skeleton. But I know what you mean, right now Dignity and Feminism is not anything ambitious, it's just here to entertain and help improve my skills.

Again though, really great to read from you. I managed to get more done of Dignity and Feminism being that I didn't have the strength to begin my ambitious project, but I always have the motivation for Dignity and Feminism. It's something that involves Shonen, Feminism and is just exciting and that always makes me want to write it.

Anyways, basically the rest of the chapter and the half of the next chapter, (The fight's going to be really long so prepare for a long read of that). Also the requested scene.

* (Proof read once)

Slam onto the floor, it took me a while to realise I had been sleeping on the ironing board. Before I could question why on earth I did something like that my head pounded, eergh.

I looked around to see whose house I was in… and to make sure I was decent.

“Morning,” groaned Kanaya. She was just sitting up, rubbing her face. “Or is it afternoon?”

“I think it’s something in between,” replied Tammy trudging through with a tray full of cups.

“Wh-what happened last night?” I asked.

Kanaya snickered. “We got wasted, that’s what.”

I looked around, seeing how crummy this place was. “We didn’t hook up with anyone did we?” Anyone regrettable.

“There were a few tries, but you should see how good Kanaya is at making the guys think twice,” chuckled Tammy handing me some coffee with aspirin.

“Then whose place are we in?”

“Ours,” replied Kanaya. “We missed our bus, so we just rented a place here for tonight. Not the fanciest, but hey as if we cared when we all just hobbled in.”

I looked at the beer cans down on the floor. “Just how much did we drink?”

“Feck knows. Pretty sure you drank the most though, Elsandra.”

Both Kanaya and Tammy burst into laughter while I was just stunned.

“This is definitely much different than what I thought it was going to be like being a professional wrestler,” laughed Kanaya.

“What did you think it was going to be like?” asked Tammy curiously.

Kanaya rested back on her chair. “Well to tell you the truth, I didn’t change from being a cop to a pro-wrestler just because I was good at fighting. The real reason I joined was because divas in UWF use to be a lot different when I was a little girl. They use to be a lot tougher, performing in great matches and starting with each other just because they felt they were trying to walk over them,” explained Kanaya. “When I was in police academy, I’d always complain like an old lady how most divas nowadays were just about being beautiful and sexy that they’d start fights because of simple jealously with each other and fight more like girls.” She chuckled. “Eventually someone told me I should show them how to wrestle and so I did. I became a diva to show others how you should fight like one.”

And it was really paying off as well. I’m certain all of Kanaya’s support was making me a better fighter.

“Wow it’s a way better reason than why I became a diva,” said Tammy.

“I don’t think too much,” said Kanaya sincerely. “Why did you become one Tammy? You act way to friendly to be fighting other girls.”

“Um, back at college I use to go to a lot of acrobatic clubs and was a cheerleader. Everyone always told me I was really good, but I really just enjoyed it so much. When I left school though, there wasn’t much support for things like acrobatics or anything like that at the time. But some guy, who I’m pretty sure was just a perv wanting to see me wrestle,-” giggled Tammy. “told me about an independent pro-wrestling circuit and was great for people just wanting to try it out. I thought might as well even though I had never been in a fight before. When I joined I went through a two-month training and had to go up against a guy who was trying it for the first time himself, as they didn’t have many girls available to fight me, but believe it or not I won almost easily, possibly because my opponent wasn’t up for fighting a girl in his first pro-wrestling match.”

“And like that you decided to make a career out of it?” I asked.

“Well I needed another two matches before I could think about it. I lost my second match that was against an experienced man in a practice match and I lost again, but I was in a match with another girl for a change, but because everyone said I could really go far with my high-flying abilities I thought hey why not and I’m really glad.”

“I think that’s pretty interesting to be honest.” Kanaya smiled. “A cheerleader turned pro-wrestling diva and you won your first match. I had to go through four losses before I could make a win and even then I had to go through another two after that.”

Wow, six out of seven losses, I couldn’t imagine someone like Kanaya having a record like that. At the same time I hoped they didn’t ask me to share my record. I did lose my first match, but I had a five-win streak after that at least and didn’t want to make them feel bad.

“So what about you Elsandra?” asked Tammy.


“We just shared our story,” reminded Kanaya. “So how about yours, why did you join the violent and political world of Pro-wrestling?”

“Uh, it’s going to sound really weird and maybe a bit dorky.” I was going to try and hide it, but somehow the smiles on Tammy and Kanaya showed they were ready to pull it out of me if I attempted. “But back at high school… I use to be some kind of know-it-all and was always trying to be outspoken and moral, like I didn’t see how I annoying I was back then, but I’d always try to correct people and I’d always stand up for what’s right.”

“Just like you do now?” asked Kanaya.

“Yeah, guess it had something to do with my Dad being a soldier and my Ma was pretty preachy. But anyways, no one at school would listen to me. They’d always push me around and call me a dork. It was always the ones trying to be tough or too cool that made it hardest for me. So I used the fact I had more wit than them and started speaking their language.”

“Wow, so did you become violent or something?” laughed Kanaya astounded.

“Well no, I just started speaking like them and most of them were guys who were trying to compensate and still too afraid to get caught in a fight with a girl, so it didn’t take much to intimate them. It then just became good being tough, but only doing so to stand up for what was right. I was maybe a teenage girl, but I felt like some honour bond warrior keeping the peace.”

“So how did that make you want to become a diva?”

“To keep on being that noble warrior I guess. The more I was around tough people, the more I kept finding myself watching pro-wrestling with them. I’d watch these feuds between immoral heels and righteous faces and saw what a huge impact it had and how meaningful it was, it was something I wanted, to beat the smug out of girls like Lolli Cute and show honour brought real strength.”

“I can see why you got given the samurai gimmick when you joined UWF.”

“Yeah it was really embarrassing that.” I looked down on my cup and reflected. “I never imagined how it would get this big though, but somehow it reminds me back in high school… I’m up against some obnoxious school Principal who thinks he can do whatever the heck he likes and a gang of bullies who take what they want. But this is different. I had my parents to complain to the principal and I eventually gained friends to outnumber the gangs.”

“Well, don’t know how effective telling your parents on Henry Frodrick is,” said Kanaya shrugging. “But doesn’t matter if he’s banned me and Tammy from ringside. I have a feeling those Pride sisters will be just as alone as you,” she spoke very soundly. “I’m not too sure how well they’ll be working together once they realise they all have the same title shot. Betsey maybe the leader, but they’re still sisters and sisters have an instinct to fight over things.”

“But they seem so single minded.”

“Only because they’re looking at their stable holding the title again, but I doubt they’ve taken the time to think which one of them who will be holding the title. Betsey’s the only one who’s had a go knowing what it’s like to be a divas champion twice and Kelsey’s never had a title shot before.”

“Just have to hope Lexi wants to be champion as well,” finished Tammy.

“Almost. Even if animosity breaks out between them, they won’t exactly turn on each other until you’re no longer a threat Elsandra,” said Kanaya. “So you’ll have to endure as much as possible until they take the first swing at each other, first one to get a submission or pin after all is the winner, so it’s not like the match will be over for you until they’ve figured out which one of them holds the title.”

“And when they do, they’ll probably be no better off than you,” said Tammy. “Knowing how me and my sisters can fight sometimes.”

I had to smile, they really were the best I could count on. The Pride sisters had no one but each other; they’d always keep silent to the other girls and would never really respond to the audience. I though had friends like Tammy and Kayana and I had come to accept that I was right now the hottest Diva in UWF.

“I’m not looking forward to this match,” I admitted. “But I’m glad I have you two in spirit.”

“And we’re just as glad to have someone like you.”

We then toasted.

Act 2: Chapter 7 (Proof read zelch)

Tonight was it; problem was that I was having trouble getting a taxi to the stadium, so I was pretty late, but with plenty of time to spare before my match.

I walked in alone however. Tammy needed to stay home to babysit her nephew and niece and Kanaya thought to might as well stick with her so they could watch the TV and take turns in case they needed. They promised to show up when my match ended.

I made my way into the locker room where some of the girls themselves were only just now changing and started getting my own gear out.

The other girls screeched.

Turning around, I yelped. “The British Ludicrous!”

“Ah at last, I have found you Elsandra!” He said in his bizarre mannerism.

“This is the ladies changing room?”

“Any other news you want to share?”

“And there’s ladies changing in here!”

The clown seemed to only realise them just now and waved at them. “Oh hallo ladies, don’t worry I won’t peak.”

“Just what are you doing in here!” I wanted to punch him so hard right now.

“Ah so you really are late, you’ll have missed the segment with me and Billy Yanks.”


“Oh yes, you’ll have really have wanted to watch that, but I guess I can replay what happened,” said the clown shrugging. “Bill Yanks came to me explaining your problem. You have your four-way title defence or more your three-on-one match and what’s more outrageous is that you have no one at ringside, because you had no one else besides Tammy and Kanaya.”

“I think it’s not too much of a problem that I don’t have someone ringside. The Pride sisters don’t either. Me and the girls think they’ll turn on each other when they think I’m no longer a threat.”

“Ah, but you see you’ll still be the odd one out and therefore while Bill Yanks can’t be there as much as he wanted, he was able to persuade me in exchange of a favour I owed him a while back.”

“Wait? Persuaded?”

“That’s right. Although most wrestlers and divas here would like to be at your back, they don’t think you’ll win I’m afraid. I’m not even sure you’ll win. But good news that after my conversation with Bill Yanks, he convinced me that my experience in this sort of situation will be of great help.”

That’s right, the British Ludicrous unpredictable nature and short-temper had brought him into some of the dangerous feuds. One of his most famous ones was when he took on the five-wrestler stable Dynamite givers. His biggest achievement in fact was when he won against them in a three-on-one handicap elimination tag match at All goes down. So it could be seen that the British Ludicrous was suited to this more than anyone.

“I guess that’s a fair point, but mind if we discuss things more when I’m done changing?”

“Good idea, it’ll be more effective to discuss battle tactics in uniform.”

“Just get out will you!”


Dear lord it was embarrassing enough to be caught talk to the British Ludicrous like that, but it made things worse that he just stormed into the girls changing rooms to find me. Either way I came out to confront him, I wasn’t beneath seeking what help I could get, even from someone as bizarre as him.

“Ah Elsandra,” greeted the clown. “I was getting so worried why you were taking so long that I’d figured I would have to go into the girl’s changing room again.”

“Yeah, don’t ever do that again!” I snapped.

“Do what?”

I led him through the corridors on my way to the arena. My match wasn’t now, but it was soon going to be.

“So what is your preferred weapon of choice?” asked the British Ludicrous.

“My what?”

“Weapon. In a four-way there’s no disqualifications to save all that confusion about who pinned who and all that, so I can throw you in something-.”

“No Ludicrous! No nothing, I don’t want you doing anything besides just doing… what Kanaya does.”

The clown gave a befuddled look. “What does Kanaya do?”

“You know cheers, gives advice and warns me!”

“Sounds boring.”

“It’s what you’re here for!” Having the British Ludicrous was becoming a bad idea. His experience with the odds against him made me forget how unpredictable and chaotic he could be, you’d think him being in the girls changing rooms would’ve reminded me. “J-just do that okay, that’s all I need.”

I only realised how tense my breath was and how much I was shaking the title, the British Ludicrous noticed it as well. He was giving a sympathetic look, something I never seen him give, it was embarrassing.

“No problem then.” He tipped his hat. “You have the British Ludicrous as your official cheerleader, coach and guidance system for tonight.” He clapped me and then rolled his arms in a train chuting motion. “Now let’s go and get those opponents… or at least you will, I’ll do all I can from backstage.”

Acting the way I just do maybe wasn’t what I wanted, but at least I felt more confident about my ally at ringside.

We arrived backstage, ready to enter the arena. We found the Pride sisters here as well on the opposite side of the entrance. They looked as tight together as always, but I had to hope that was just my mind trying not to let my hopes up.

The British Ludicrous had given the three childish mocking looks before we turned to watch one of the monitors on. Why was it whenever I turned to one of these things it was Henry Frodrick. He was right now being booed again, most likely after another recent scandal. Beneath him, on his knees, was Ed Banzai.

“You failed to deliver again Ed Banzai, you failed to deliver again,” he sighed.

Ed Banzai pleaded, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying without a mic. He was straddled and flushed after just fighting a match.

“What happened?” I asked one of the backstage crew.

“Oh,” startled one of the crewmen. “Ed Banzai had to win a match against Tormatus or be fired.”

Tormatus! Tormatus was an upper mid card wrestler powerhouse, while Ed Banzai was a low card wrestler high flyer and technician. What’s more was that Ed Banzai had fought Tormatus a number of times and has never won.

“For that Ed Banzai,” grumbled Henry Frodrick. “You’re fired.”

What I watched was truly depressing. Ed Banzai, a wrestler who was always optimistic and joyful, was being escorted by security out of the building like some thrown out garbage.

The audience was trying to get through to Henry Frodrick with their boos. Although Ed Banzai had never made it above midcard, they always found him energetic and exciting. However the General Manager just gave a smug smirk to their efforts.

“Henry.” The jumbotron was on and sitting at his desk was CEO William Gett. The General Manager gave an astounded like while the audience burst into wild cheers. Yes! “Can you hear me?”

The General Manager licked his lips and spoke into the mic. “Yes, CEO William Get… I can hear you.”

“Good because I didn’t just hook up to the arena because I have a lot of time on my hands. So to get on with things, I’m rather surprised to see how you’ve changed,” spoke the CEO sincerely. “Instead of seeing the violent and ill-tempered Frodrick we all know and… not so fond of, we’ve come to see a more… sly and power manipulating one that the audience isn’t so fond of anymore.” The CEO shrugged. “I am.”

“Huh,” I said.

“You see instead of violently attacking my employees, you’re going about it in a smarter way and just putting the ones you don’t like in-.” He shook his hands trying to find the words. “Matches you know they’ll lose so you can justify punishing them. Like for example, putting Ed Banzai up against Tormatus where he gets fired after he loses or another example laying out a match where Elsandra is in a four way match that was very likely going to have two Pride sisters at least anyways, where she loses her title. It’s a good change.”

“Th-thank you CEO,” muttered the General Manager more. “B-but I’m just trying to make business interesting, n-not punishing. Ed Banzai was having a ridiculous los-.”

“I don’t care Frodrick. Just know that I prefer this to the violent assaults more for one reason. I don’t have to step in. Eventually though, it will become too much for you. The wrestlers won’t be able to put up with you always punishing them for minor things, the crowd will grow restless with all these disciplinary matches and eventually... someone’s going to stand up to you,” warned William Gett.

“The question is who though?” asked the British Ludicrous. I hoped wasn’t thinking of himself, but he was strangely looking at me.

“But I’m not here to evaluate anyways, no, I got a call from someone. He wanted to let me know that he’s renewing his contract with UWF and wanted me to be the one to announce his return the on the first UWF show back from Night of Gladiators.” Frodrick eyes widened as if he already knew who it was just by looking at the smirk on William’s face. “So I’d like to let everyone know, two days from now, coming back to UWF is… Anarchist.”

The crowd went ablaze when the heard Anarchist’s heavy metal theme, my heart went ablaze, Anarchist! Anarchist was the second most popular wrestler in UWF. He was known for his random antics, being outspoken and would get in just as dangerous situations as the British Ludicrous and come out on top of it. He was like some rebel hero, everything Henry Frodrick hated, in fact the last feud Anarchist had was with Frodrick, it was there third one in fact and two of those feuds were known for being very violent and out of control. The fact that Anarchist kept coming back from them though just as much as Henry Frodrick showed how little he could be controlled.

It was strange seeing William Gett happy to announce his return, being that Anarchist had played a number of his antics on him as well. His most bold one was driving Gett’s car into the arena and crashing into the ring just to interfere a match. But I guess Gett saw this as an easier way of punishing Frodrick and that was the great thing.

I knew Impact had tried, but Anarchist had already proving he was just as big a threat to Frodick and worked more effectively against authority. What’s more was that he now had the CEO at his back… he also had people like me. I had always ignored Anarchist, seeing him as a chaotic monkey let loose on the company, but now that we needed him, I was ready to march by his side and I knew everyone else would be.

“That’s your match now,” alerted one of the crew. “You’re in first Elsandra.”

I had barely noticed Frodrick exit the stage, but I guess that was how excited I was. Either way, I had to focus on this match. I wasn’t going to be punished; I was going to win it. I was going to be just as indestructible as Anarchist and I would do it with all the support I was getting. I bet right now Anarchist was watching the match from where he was, ready to cheer me.

“Let’s go!” hurried the British Ludicrous.

My tiger roar signalled and I marched out.

“Introducing to the ring, all the way from Orlando, the divas champion, Elsandra!” shouted the announcer.

It was hard to make her out over the storming cheers of the audience. It was so packed during these Pay-per-views and the people were so excited to see me.

“And accompanying her to the ring is the British Ludicrous.”

“What?” yelped Fred. “You mean Elsandra actually agreed to have that mad clown at ringside?”

“What choice does she have?” asked Jim. “Besides Elsandra’s valour and skill, what else does she have to win this four-way match?”

I blocked the two’s voices out as I slid through the ring and scaled the corner post to then make my roar to the audience. I was almost blown back by the cheering reaction.

After I recovered from that shock, I jumped down and waited.

The sisters made their entrances individually, all about the same with some minor differences. First Kelsey, the high flyer of the team, Betsey, the power house and then finally Lexi, an all-rounder like me, came into the ring.

The ref pointed us into our corners. While he did, I glimpsed down at the belt.

My first shot at defending it, here, as the divas champion… and I wasn’t about to lose.

I handed it to the ref. While he putted it away, I made my warm ups, I was going to do everything I could to beat these girls.

“Good luck Elsandra!” shouted the British Ludicrous.

Everyone then shouted their wishes as well, all rooting for me, it was invigorating. I wasn’t going to let them, Kanaya, Tammy or anyone down, not even myself.

“Right!” yelled the referee. “Go!”

Author's comments: Yeah I enjoyed creating the British Ludicrous so much that I inserted him into the story, hopefully conviniently enough to have more fun with him. He'll provide a big edge for Elsandra don't you worry, but remember that he is unpredictable and random.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:11 am

(Editted zero)

The bell rung and I charged at Betsey and slapped her. The tall girl absorbed the blow however and all three girls were on me.

They grabbed on and started smacking and pulling at me like a pack of dogs until Betsey hauled me out by the arm. She dragged me around for Kelsey to drop kick me in the face. I slammed onto the mat and was stamped in the face.

The crowd booed venomously.

As I tried to regain my vision, I was being tugged up until I was roughly on my feet. I then spotted Kelsey hurl herself and crash into me, ploughing me into the mat.

I needed respite, but the two other sisters started stamping on me, concentrating on my body.

“Oh now this is just cruelty!” yelled Fred.

The sisters pulled me up and placed me against the corner so they could start mud stomping me against it.

“Come on! This is a four way for lord sake!” insisted Fred.

“In a four way, that means the Pride sisters fighting each other and I don’t think they have that in mind.”

The sisters hefted me onto my feet. I staggered clumsily.

“Elsandra!” screamed the clown.

I ducked underneath Betsey’s foot and caught the tall girl with her leg over my shoulder. I swiped her off her other foot and slammed her onto the mat.

The crowd rejoiced until I was kicked in the head by Lexi. She then hooked my shoulders, holding me.

“Pull! Pull!” screamed the British Ludicrous.

At first I didn’t understand, but then I saw Kelsey running up to me. Hauling on Lexi, I spun us around and felt her take the full force of Kelsey’s strike that bashed us into the mat.

Getting the two off, I felt the audience’s cheers as I slowly emerged.

“Wow! I think Elsandra can pull off this-!”

I was kicked in the midsection, flipping me onto my back.

Betsey had then got hold of my arm and wrapped around to pry on it with an armbar. I screamed as I felt my socket being pulled out.

I didn’t know what to do here. Betsey was a much stronger opponent that I couldn’t force my way our and I was too exerted to reach the ropes.

“Yo-ho!” I twisted my head around Betsey’s leg locked around my neck and spotted The British Ludicrous… waving at me. “Hi!”

I wanted to hit that clown from here! Seeing the wave however, I began to get it.

I rose my hand. The crowd screamed at me not to do it, but then Lexi had came and stamped on us.

Betsey had broke the hold and jumped up.

“Why did you do that?”

Lexi gave a lost look at her sister, but then pulled on her head, fell back and crashed Betsey’s face onto her knees. She then scrambled back up, holding her face in disbelief.

“Did Lexi just hit her sister with her signature move!” screamed Jim. “The face shatter.”

As I returned to my feet, Lexi had gotten eye contact with her sister Kelsey. They weren’t sure what to do, they then remembered I was here.

Kelsey dashed at me and drop kicked me into the ropes. Lexi then pulled me by the arm and threw me into running across the ring. I hit onto the other side of the ropes and came running back.

Kelsey had then hurled herself into me, splashing me into the mat.

That blow really knocked it out of me, but as I started to gain control of my head, I could hear.

“Come on! She’s right there for a pin! Which one of you two are going to do it!” yelled the British Ludicrous.

The two sisters were eye locked again.

“Oh oh!” bellowed Fred.

Betsey had booted Lexi in the head.

“That’s what you get for attacking your big sis!”

She then marched and kicked me back down onto the mat, covered me and hooked my leg.

“One!” yelled the ref.

“Hold it!” yelled the British Ludicrous.



I frantically kicked out, but Kelsey had kicked Betsey on the back of the head at the same time.

While Betsey tried to figure out what happened, Kelsey sprang off the ropes and somersaulted against her sister. She then sprang back up and kicked me in the face as I was getting back up.

As my head spun, Kelsey dropped against me and hooked my leg.

“One…!” yelled the referee. “Two…!”

I burst out of the hold, but I was too winded to do anything besides that. I could see Kelsey though throwing a tantrum. She jumped up and made her way for the turnbuckle, but she suffered a clothesline from Lexi, thundering her to the mat.

“Wait!” yelled Betsey with her hands out. “We shouldn’t be fighting each other! Not like this!”

“There can only be one champion!” shouted Lexi.

“So let’s talk about it instead of killing each other! We’re sisters after all! The Pride sisters!”

There was no way I was going to let them regroup, let alone pretend I wasn’t here. I pulled myself back up to my feet as the two bickered.

“Wait!” called the British Ludicrous. “Give them a moment.”

“I’m never going to hold the title if I’m always going to let you have it!” shouted Lexi.

“It’s not just me who holds the title, it’s all of us!” responded Betsey. “It’s just that I’m the strongest so I can-!”

Lexi clotheslined Betsey off her feet. “Just shut up!”

“Okay now!” said the British Ludicrous.

I ran into Lexi, knocking her down with a shoulder block.

“Behind you!” indicated the clown.

I duck underneath Kelsey’s kick, grabbed her leg and then slammed it against my shoulder, making her spasm onto the mat.

Unable to follow up, I staggered exhausted.

“Come on Elsandra!” yelled the British Ludicrous.

My head was pulled back though, under someone’s armpit and then plunged me onto the mat. I was then forced to sit up. A knee was thrust into my back and my arms were pulled back, making me scream in pain.

“Hold it together!” shouted the British Ludicrous. “You can do it!”

I couldn’t get out though, this hold was so strong or either that or those sisters took a lot more out of me while they were working as team.

“Just give up!” yelled Lexi. “Tap-.”

I got a glimpse of Kelsey drop kicking Lexi, releasing the hold. I jumped back up and saw Kelsey pummelling Lexi furiously into the mat. I’m pretty sure that was all three now declared war on each other.

“Right!” cried the British Ludicrous. “Right!”

I turned to my right and got elbowed in the back of the head.

“Oops, I meant my right.”

I blocked Betsey’s next swing and headbutted her back.

“Ye-haw!” hollered Jim as I traded slaps with Betsey. “Now we’ve got a four way here!”

“Yeah, I seriously don’t know whose going to win here!” replied Fred. “You’ve got Elsandra whose use to being on her own, but she’s taken most of the brunt so far.”

I caught Betsey’s next slap and hooked my arm around her head. I jumped backwards and smashed her head into the mat with the DTT.

I sat on the mat wiping my face tired.

“Don’t stop!” The British Ludicrous slapped the mat. “Keep going!” The crowd cheered with him, voicing their agreement.

They were right, had to keep going. Got back up, I watched Lexi shove Kelsey over the ropes and into the mat. She then turned to face me, mono e mono again.

We charged at each other, I attempted a shoulder block, but she weaved behind me and hooked her arms around mine. She then hefted, but I held my ground. She tried again and failed and bashed my head into her nose. While she staggered back, I grabbed her head and pulled us both back and crashed her face into my knees.

Up again, I spotted Kelsey climbing back in through the ropes. She came at me with a drop kick, but I dodged pass it and let her slam onto the mat. While she was in agony, I climbed onto the turnbuckle and leapt off, hitting my elbow into Kelsey’s abdomen.

Kelsey rolled away in absolute torture. I though got back to my feet and could feel the audience’s wild cheer for me.

“Go for it!” yelled the British Ludicrous. He was swing on the turnbuckle and stamping on the mat. “Use it!” He pointed at Betsey who was wandering around groggy. “All or nothing!”

I started to realise what he was wanting me to use, my finisher The power of honour. But he couldn’t really. My finisher was seen as the hardest Diva finisher to pull off and was too risky to use on a worn opponent. But then again, Betsey was a powerhouse, you needed to throw all you had at her and I also needed to show my defiance to Henry Frodrick, plus I didn’t see any better way of ending this match.

Feeding on the energy being bestowed by everyone behind me, I went for it. I ran up to Betsey. She turned around stunned. I gripped onto her shoulders and leapt. My whole body was vertical with Betsey. Only phase two of the hold, I needed to balance myself right, but I may have jumped up too fast or Betsey was taller than I thought. I cringed as I needed to do this right. So many acrobatic lessons and exercise had gone into this hold that it was the only reason I was managing it.

I was taking too long though, Betsey was pulling on me. As I wondered why she didn’t just let me drop, I figured out she was pulling me into her finisher, the super suplex!

“Elsandra!” yelled the British Ludicrous. “Don’t let us down! Don’t let yourself down!”

I smiled. I made up my mind that having the clown at my corner was a good thing. Breaking out of Betsey’s grip, I stretched back up and swung my legs down, locking my knees onto Betsey’s head. Got her! I flipped back the rest of my weight and hauled on Betsey, throwing her entire body over me and bang, struck her onto the mat. The whole ring shook with such force that I had flopped off the mat soon as Betsey’s body hit it.

I panted from the exertion, yet I pulled on myself and covered Betsey. Hooking her leg, I heard the referee count.

“One… Two… Three!”

I did it… I won… I won my first title defence…

The British Ludicrous pulled me up by both hands and danced around joyfully.

“A simply wondrous match!” He shouted.

The referee came to hand me my title, but the British Ludicrous snatched it and gave it to me myself and raised my hand for the crowd.

I was simply amazed though, all these people here were cheering so loud… and I couldn’t have done it without them… or anyone here… This really was so amazing. I could really get to loving this.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:04 pm

(Will review the newest chapter later, as always. Here's my review for the previous-)

AWWWWWWW. The girls all got their cute little backstories. Makes me wanna doodle a grumpy little teenage Elsandra. 8D

And- w00t w00t! new wrestler, ANARCHIST.


Everyone wants to be me~

(ignore me and my spontaneous singing-)

ANYWAY. I was quite dissapointed when it ended just before their fight. XD I wanted to read about some girls pounding eachother. Get's me excited now. XDDDD

I can't get over how cute happy-go-lucky Tammy is. Then Brit Lud pops out with all your Obsessive Freak humor and I wanna hug em'. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Mew orz

Everythings especially good considering you didn't proof-read anything. WEEEEE~

Ah, and I gave my sister your story to read. She's real busy so she's only started it, but she wanted me to tell you that it's "Really really really good and really seems like something that would happen in WWE." XD
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:22 pm

Should've probably kept to my pattern, proof-read and then continue a chapter, but sadly with the drain of strength, my pace has slowed me down, so to save time (Being that my work has thus far been fine) and hasn't gotten too many unofficial readers (As in just acquaintances who won't be as forgiven as friends for so many writing mistakes), so I've chosen to focus to unequally write it more unless otherwise.
To warn this chapter went on longer than intended, so it's kind of a long chapter (3,993words, 493words longer than what each chapter is meant to be max)


“Seriously!” yelled Kenneth Bombardier. “Who cooks a barbecue indoors?”

The camera turned to the British Ludicrous. He was wearing a chief hat instead his signature one and holding a spatula and was thinking. “No one?”


“I think the idea will catch on.”

“No it won’t!” screamed Kenneth. “Whole purpose of a-.”

The two were hit by the sprinkles.

“No!” cried the British Ludicrous. “My burgers!”

I swear the camera crew stalked the British Ludicrous ever since he started being less of a jerk and more suited to being used as filler between matches. Some of the scenes they put on were recorded just in case they couldn’t find him doing crazy like this.

Glad the camera crew were nowhere near us when we were celebrating my victory. I’m pretty sure the British Ludicrous vomited over on my car windscreen on purpose for the sake of some humour. I couldn’t really bring it up though after I accidently vomited over his shoes. I really needed to stop drinking so much with Tammy and Kanaya. Nonetheless I was grateful. I wouldn’t have won that match without the British Ludicrous.

The scene finally changed from the two childishly bickering back to what I was waiting for. After a dramatic wait, the announcer called out.

“Appearing his way to the ring at six-foot-four two-hundred thirty pounds all the way from New York, ready yourself for the unruly… Anarchist!”

The anarchy symbol slammed onto the screen and the wild alternate rock with someone screaming how he will never stop. Crowds then screamed as the long haired and baggy torn jeaned rebel, Anarchist walked out.

Anarchist was a smart mouthed and prankster, who liked to humiliate his enemies and shout his opinion to the audience, but he was gifted wrestler, he was almost an all-rounder but leaned towards being a high flyer. He would also stand up to any injustice just as valiant as I could ever dare, especially Henry Frodrick and that was what made me eager to see someone like him return.

The wrestler got into the ring and took the microphone handed to him. He then scaled the corner post and leaned out to the audience and observed them with that cocky smirk of his. He jumped off it and did the same on the one opposite.

“You all glad to see me?”

The crowd screamed. “Yes!” I wanted to scream that as well.

He went back up the other corner. “You really all that glad to see me?”



“Yes!” The audience chanted.

Anarchist gave an amused chuckle and dropped back down to circle around the ring. “I guess it’s been a while and you’ll have missed the anarchy that only Anarchist can deliver.” The audience simmered. “You seem to have also gotten tired with big Frodrick and want some punishment handed to him that only the Anarchist can deliver.”

“Yes!” The crowd were in a mixture of chants and cheers. I wanted it just as much as them. Henry Frodrick had no allies now; he’d have little hope of taking someone like him on his own.

Anarchist was strangely quiet however. He lifted the microphone to his lips and when the audience calmed, he spoke softly. “Well I’m not going to.” What? “Not here to do that. It’s not why I’m here and I don’t plan on doing it.” He resumed circling around the ring. “When I left those months ago because I grew tired of fighting Henry Frodrick. Like I mean each week was a constant struggle, he’d put me in some ridiculous match, he’d sabotage me and he’d do his infamous assaults…. Problem is I did it alone…”


No indeed. Sure, most wrestlers were dealing with their own problems, but everyone supported him, even the divas and even more he had the crowd behind his back.

“I did it alone!” insisted Anarchist. “It was me being smashed through ten tables, being dropped off the roof of a steel cage and having my leg dislocated. No one would come to my aid and do something; instead you’d all just sit behind those barriers or your TV screens, eating whatever snacks as I went through some of the worst things that have happened in this company. That’s why I left, I got sick of it.”

“So why is Anarchist back now?” asked Jim to Fred.

The Anarchist took in the audiences pleas, argues and retorts for a moment before lifting the microphone again. “The reason I’m here again however at Ultimate wrestling federation however is much… different… When I was being just a somebody with a load of cash, I went and watched other wrestling companies; you know just to study them. I watched them and it made me realise… just how much better they all are.”

He was booed. I wanted to boo, UWF was one of the top wrestling companies.

“I don’t know about that?” asked Fred to Jim.

“You want to know why? Well I talked to some of the fans why they watched this over this show and they explained that UWF doesn’t care much about skilled wrestlers, one who’ve worked hard on their techniques, can provide an arsenal of wrestling moves and have laid on strategies for their match. No, UWF would much rather promote tall big men that make children’s jaws drop, pretty boys that make the teenage girls scream and funny guys who make those with an IQ below fifty laugh at them. That is not a wrestling company that much rather sounds like a circus.”

“Then why did you come back!” shouted Jim. “Is this the closes thing to a circus that will let you join it?”

Anarchist flicked a look at him. “It’s a circus though that’s called the home to some of the greatest professional wrestlers; it is a huge business that undermines the business of real pro-wrestling promotions and it is poisons the mind of what real pro-wrestling is. This company harms other Pro-wrestling promotions where real potential fan’s minds will be poisoned by the flaws of this company and will think other companies should be like this. The only way to stop this is to change its societal structure and the only way to do that is… with anarchy.”

“Good luck!” barfed Jim with the crowd voicing the same things.

“And to do that, you need Anarchist.” He gave his cocky grin. “And trust me, by the end of this, I will have purged this mess in UWF by going after all the undeserving idols and burying them. Burying them one by one until they drop down to the card they belong or better yet, leave…” He paced around the ring. “I would start with Impact.” The crowd cheered. “Only reason that guy’s seeing as a top quality wrestler is because he’s great at using his speeches to fool people like a politician and acts as if he’s superman. But I’m told he’s going to be incapacitated for some time, so I’ll go with the kind of guy, who call themselves wrestlers, I hate most… Bill Yanks.”

This was unbelievable. I stormed out unable to believe this. I wanted Anarchist to return to continue his war with Frodrick, but instead he came back acting like some holy messiah come to cleanse us.

I began to simmer down on my walk around backstage. It could be rather lonely without Kanaya and Tammy. The two couldn’t make it today. Tammy was ill and she had no one to look after her, so Kanaya figured she would.

I did think of asking Sherri Momma if she wanted to hang, but she liked to complain about things more than actually just chill, which is what I needed, to chill.

“Hey.” My blood boiled again. I turned around to greet Anarchist stepping up to me. He offered me a fist bump, I humoured him. He gave his grin. “Now you are probably the greatest thing to come out of this company… well since me.”


“Hey, for years the diva division has been nothing but girls that are just there because of their looks or have some great wrestler in their family and have really just been doing nothing but hurting it. You though really understand the diva division.”

I couldn’t believe this guy. “You’re forgetting Tammy and Kanaya.”

Anarchist gave a sour face and wriggled about controlling himself. “Sure, sure. Cheerleader Tammy and don’t speak much with a mic Kanaya are just fine sure. But to be honest… You really are a breed of diva that are… superior and because you, you may well end up leading to a whole-.”

“Could you please cut the crud that’s coming out of your mouth?”

Anarchist was bewildered. He then started making mocking gestures with his hand as if trying to figure out a maths problem. “Excuse me?”

“I mean this whole preaching business of what you think makes better wrestlers. Like who are you to say Impact and Bill Yanks aren’t great wrestlers, they are. Impact had four long title runs in his first year in UWF.”

“The reason he got those shots though was because he was good at making the audience believe he was truly something with the way he gets them to eat on his every word.”

“The words Impact speaks are of justice and true ideals of pro-wrestling-.”

“Oh please, the pro-wrestling isn’t about being some superhero in the ring. It’s about being a true competitor.”

“And Impact is, he uses fairness and real will and strength to overcome.”

“Next you’ll be telling me that’s the same with Bill Yanks as well.”

“It is.”

“The guy uses his brute strength to win matches.”

“He uses his size and power, why can’t he?”

“Because you can’t work for something like that, it’s something you’re born with and that makes it unfair to every other wrestler that will never have that.”

“Bill Yanks worked to use his size to his advantage, you just have to work to be prepared to work against someone like him.”

Anarchist gave a surprised cough. “You know what, I can’t believe you’re talking to me like this. You got that title you’re holding because you stood up to Loli Cute because she got where she was because of her looks rather than skill.”

I got it for what I endured, but skipping that point. “I stood up to Loli Cute because she didn’t work hard to where she got to. She used others and cheap tricks to climb her way. Impact and Bill Yank embrace talents and gifts rather than try to hide them like some sort of shame.”

“Sorry.” Bill Yanks! The huge man came to my side and sized up with Anarchist, the two glaring impressed. “Wanted to make sure someone like Anarchist was really going after a guy like me.”

Anarchist smacked his lips. “Well, if I’m going to be taking down false idols.” He stepped forward. “May as well start with the biggest false one of them all.”

“Well,” grumbled Bill Yanks. I didn’t feel safe being anywhere near in his way between Anarchist, but I’m pretty sure I was the only thing stopping a brawl from breaking out. “I just spoke to Henry Frodrick and we have a match tonight, me and you.”

“Cool,” responded Anarchist. “I’m already started, like that.” He walked pass. “See you Elsandra, hope you get your head sorted.”

We watched him leave.

“You alright?” asked Bill Yanks.

“Yeah,” I sighed. “Really hope you kick that guy’s ass though.”

“Heck, why not get the closes seat?”

“Excuse me?”

“I was supposed to be guest commentator for Rick Thunder and Samuel Nova’s match.” He then embarrassingly wriggled. “But Rick Thunder is still injured from the triple threat match at Night of Gladiators.” I wasn’t surprised after I saw what Bill did to him. “And Jim was really wanting a guest commentator after not having one for so long, so I may as well repay things by seeing if it’s alright if he had you at commentary.”

Me at commentary! I-I had never done something like that before. “I-I no, no th-that’s-.” His hand slapped me my back, felt as if it was made of a log.

“Come on. You’ll get to tell all the details to the audience needing to cover their eyes from me squashing.” That would mean I wasn’t allowed to cover my eyes. “And explain how stupid Anarchist has gotten.”

Guess I would want to make sure no one else thought I was on the wrong side. “I guess I’ll do it.”

“Great, I’ll go and tell Jim.”

So later I had gone out into the arena in my outfit and title in shoulder, where the audience was happy to see me. It felt really weird however as I made my way to the commentary table.

“Now this is a real treat!” shouted Jim. “We get to have divas champion Elsandra as guest commentator right beside us.”

“Get up Jim, I want to be the one to sit beside Elsandra.”

“Forget it Fred, you’re out of your league.”

They both were. I took my seat nonetheless, but made sure to pull it away bit more without being obvious I was trying to get away from Jim’s dog breath. It took me a moment to realise I was being given a headset.

Soon as I had put it on, I felt Fred’s voice ring inside my ear. “As said, this is a real treat to have thy Elsandra out here. But tell us, why are you out here?”

I kind of needed to remind myself first before I could answer. “Well, Bill Yanks asked me and well I did it.”

“Bill Yanks!” retorted Fred. “I figured Anarchist would’ve asked you?”

I would’ve screamed if Anarchist’s entrance wasn’t well timed. When the rebel started making his entrance, I cooled down, a little.

“Me and Anarchist aren’t on the same page.”

The audience though were really behind Anarchist. I do have to admit, he was very skilled and had some of the greatest feuds in this company, especially with Henry Frodrick that was considered to always linger in UWF.

“Shouldn’t you be?” asked Fred. “You both preach about skill and hard work?”

“He preaches about skill, I preach about hard work those are two different things!” I replied. “Bill Yanks for instance may not have that great a move set which annoys Anarchist. But Bill Yanks has paid off a lot more to get where he is than Anarchist.” I savoured the spiteful glare I got from Anarchist whilst he was hail the crowd from the corner post.

“That’s saying a lot considering some of the violent feuds Anarchist has put himself for the average sized guy he is,” replied Jim.

“Are you saying you actually agree with what Anarchist says?”

“No- but he does-.” The sound of fireworks burst through the arena as Bill Yank’s entrance started. “Considering the comparison between the size of Bill Yanks and Anarchist, Anarchist does deserve a lot more for the gap he’s had to cover with pure skill.”

“If he deserves it then that means he’s earned it. In Ultimate wrestling federation you do that by winning your matches with honour, earning everyone’s respect and enduring what comes at you!” I was really getting into this. Glad that Bill Yanks talked me into this. “You don’t do that though by crying at your home for several months, deciding a company wasn’t the way you wanted it to be and coming back just so you can pick fights with more respected wrestlers you don’t like just because your jealous.”

It was great seeing Anarchist steam in the corner.

The referee signalled and the bell rung.

Anarchist burst out and hit both knees into Impacts chest. Before the giant fell to the mat, Anarchist leapt onto the turnbuckle. He then somersaulted off and slammed down his knee onto Bill Yank’s abdomen.

“Definitely no ring rust!” yelled Fred. “Anarchist hasn’t wrestled in several months and can still hit a combo as if using a game control to move his body.”

Indeed, I had gotten how smooth Anarchist could be.

Anarchist called out to the audience, beckoning them with his arm. Bill Yanks had tried to turn to his feet and tried to grab him, but the rebel rolled underneath him. I was shocked when he actually kneed him in the crotch.

“Did you see that?” I yelped whilst Bill Yanks dropped to his knees.

“See what?” asked Jim.

They didn’t and neither did the ref. Anarchist had learned a few tricks during his inactivity, but when since did he learn dirty tricks.

Bill Yanks struggled with the pain, while Anarchist bounced off the rope and came back, leaping up and kicking Bill Yank’s head onto the mat.

“This match has already got started and already Bill Yanks looks like an underdog to Anarchist!” analysed Jim.

“You see this!” yelled Anarchist out the audience. “This is what happens when you introduce a real wrestler to one that pretends to be and is just really a big dumb gorilla!”

The people actually cheered, but I was sickened. “Come on Bill Yanks!” I shouted into the mic.

Anarchist laughed at me, but when he turned he found the big man standing in front of him.

“I think Anarchist spent too much time gloating and not enough thinking,” noted Fred.

Bill Yanks gripped Anarchist by the throat and hoisted him up above his head with both hands. He paraded around effortlessly with the man in his grip.

“Now a real wrestler uses his strengths to his advantage!” I said.

“Well that’s some strength!” coughed Jim.

Bill Yanks eventually dropped Anarchist behind him, but the rebel caught himself as graceful as a cat. He then latched onto Bill and hauled him back down onto the mat with Bill’s spine driven onto Anarchist’s knees and bouncing him off in pain.

“Man!” yelped Fred. “You need a lock on Anarchist otherwise you really don’t know what’s going to happen!”

Bill was getting back up and was caught by Anarchist’s legs. The big man staggered back to his feet trying to wrench the jerk off. Anarchist however just hanged looking relaxed with the way his hands were behind his head. That obnoxious git.

“I think the jury has passed,” said Fred. “It’s lights out for Bill Yanks!”

The warrior pulled himself together though and reversed into the turnbuckle, splatting Anarchist.

“Gee wiz!” gasped Fred. “Bill Yanks just used pure strength to get out of that.”

“Not just pure strength!” I spat. “But willpower and effort. Anarchist will never come close to that if all he does is rely on his move set.”

Bill yanks reached for Anarchist but he scrambled up and was quickly behind the referee. That coward! Bill Yanks had to go around the panicking ref, one hand on him could lead to a disqualification. When the large man was starting to get really frustrated having to play this game, he was unprepared for a drop kick to the chest.

Bill staggered back, nearing the ropes, Anarchist charged at him.

“Bill!” I screamed

The warrior ducked and Anarchist intended flying headbutt sent him over the ropes and crashing haphazardly into the barrier.

Bill Yanks got back up winded while the audience was still cringing at how chaotically Anarchist was in. He gave me a thumbs up to thank and went after Anarchist. When he leaned over the ropes however, Anarchist greet him with a lead pipe to the face, no!

“By lord!” gasped Fred. “He just struck Bill Yanks with a foreign object! And it doesn’t look like the referee saw it!”

Anarchist hauled on the ropes to use to slingshot himself into the air and perform his finisher, the uncontained revolt. He caught Bill Yanks’ head with both legs while he was groggy and guillotined his neck against the mat.

The devastation of that move made it easy for Anarchist to get the three count and win the match.

I threw aside my headset and rushed into the ring by Bill Yanks’ side.

“Bill Yanks! Bill Yanks!”

“I-I’m okay,” groaned the man.

I doubt. That lead pipe left a mark on his face, a deep one.

It made me seethed and I realised the crowd was cheering and Anarchist basked in it. They just saw this as another one of his brutal feuds where he was doing justice. I needed to rectify this.

I ordered for a microphone and got to my feet. “Is this how you’re going to bury the so called underserving? With dishonour and cowardly acts?”

Anarchist gave me a annoyed look and ordered for his own microphone and spoke. “No, with skill.”

“I didn’t know there was some finesse to hiding behind a referee?”

“That was me using my intelligence.”

“And that was all your intelligence could come up with?” The crowd laughed, but I was serious. “In that situation, I would’ve came up with a lot more than something Lolli Cute would use. I am a wrestler who is prepared for any challenge in the ring with the skill, inner strength and what I’m born with, not some crud acts.”

I seemed to have the audience on my side. It made Anarchist’s face crunched. I don’t think there was ever a time someone had stolen the crowd from him since he became such a big name. “You know, this is something I would settle in a match,” growled Anarchist. “But I know Henry Frodrick would never allow a mixed match, regardless that he’s a feminist martyr, but more the trouble he got last time for a guy hitting a girl, so instead I’m just going to settle things right now with you.”

“What!” I gasped. “Are you talking like a fight?”

“More that I’m going to kick that ass of yours.”

“What!” yelled Fred. “Anarchist’s going to have brawl with a girl?”

“Even with a diva that’s wrong,” replied Jim.

I stumbled back. I had fought guys before, but only in a ring with rules, I had only ever fought someone in a match. It felt wrong to just mindlessly fight in any other manner and I knew I was already out matched to someone like Anarchist.

He sensed my fear and paced towards me with his cocky grin.

“Someone needs to do something!” shouted Fred. “I think Anarchist’s actually going to do something to her!”

“Darn it!” barked Jim. “I will!”

Jim started removing his headset, no offense, but Jim was an old time wrestler who would stand just as less a chance against Anarchist. I needed someone like the British Ludicrous or Bill Yanks back up to help me.

I tripped over Bill Yanks and fell onto my bum embarrassingly. The crowd was shouting in outrage, except Jim getting into the ring as Anarchist began to shadow over me. I needed someone. The lights went out.

The crowd murmured worried as eerie glows replaced the lights and what seemed to be mist filling the arena. A ghoulish howl echoed throughout the arena signalling for this haunting music to follow.

This was the entrance to only one wrestler, one wrestler that had gotten Anarchist to frantically spin around.

The glow grew to allow much visibility to return and appearing into the ring was the ghoulish tattooed monster, Eidolon. He gave his skull-like grin to Anarchist so happy to see him, while Anarchist was flushed in sweat and trembling. It made the hideous wrestler chuckle.

“Pst.” I looked to find the British Ludicrous outside the ring beside me. “I recommend we leave these two to catch up while we exit stage left.”

I assume the British Ludicrous had been hiding to make his moment, but had given it over to Eidolon. Not arguing with him anyways, I got him to help drag Bill Yanks out and left things to play out the way they were now.

Author's comments: So yes, call that the end of convenient of a feud that was meant to end quickly. The idea is that Elsandra is just involved in a feud that will culminate between Impact and Anarchist, the two biggest faces of the company (Like the Rock v Stone cold Steve Austin) that will build up to their match at UWF's biggest Pay-per-view. So while we follow Elsandra's story, she is in the midst of the two biggest wrestlers who will be at war with each other, though that feud doesn't get as much focused on as it's Elsandra's story.

So really if you were to look at this from a scripted universe point of view (As in all planned and acted), this would be Anarchist given a heel turn so as to hint towards this feud and give him time to adjust as a heel really. Hence his attempted assault on the hottest (Popularity wise) diva would be to gain him heat and to make the people dislike him (In WWE, heels get cheered, ask a hardcore wrestling fan why, as it involves a lot explanation and history to understand this). Hopefully though I didn't make Elsandra look weak, she was just damsel, by Anarchist just toppled a giant, even before he used the leadpipe and it was a nasty brawl he was looking for, so again, hopefully, that serves as an explanation to why Elsandra would get weak kneed.

Her feud with Anarchist was brief, but the Eidolon and Anarchist feud will be followed. Her real feud for this act begins in the next part and I'm pretty sure this'll be my favourite one :twisted: Also hardest to pull off I think...
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:30 pm

-Review for Previous chapter


She can take on three bickering sisters single-handed. HAH.

Tis' a wonder she hasn't gotten a concussion yet. These people must get sore after all that ruckus.

And them Pride sister's gotta be out of pride, right about now. Hah. XD

Makes me wonder how Kanaya and Tammy were while watching that all on TV. I'm envisioning furniture being thrown about. And small children being scared.

-Review for Latest

So many wrestlers making random dramatic entrances. You'd think word would get out that one was in the building before they appear. XD

Elsandra didn't seem weak. What lady wants to fight a grumpy-assed blabbermouth pyschopath who just toppled a dude twice his size via a large, blunt object?

"And it looks like the Ref didn't see it!"


Eidolon..... Huh.... Does that mean something? Sounds demonic and Scandinavian.

Also- Jim's a former wrestler? I was visualizing him and Fred and scrawny little generic smartasses. XD Like the commentators I imagine bickering in my head when I play a card game.

The Queen of Diamonds has met with her King, Tom!
And she has revealed the final royal, Jack of Diamonds, John!
He was hiding out right underneath her, Tom!
Kindof like me and your wife, John!
Oh Tom! you rascal!
It's you I really love, John!
Please Tom, I'm Catholic.
Oh wait John! Clubs has just finished their stack! They get first place!
That's right, Tom. And Hearts hasn't even found it's 2 yet!
The King of Hearts looks very dismayed by this, John.
They all look like that, Tom.

Am I weird?
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:34 am

Yeah, one problem with all my stories except for the Story of Mizuka (So far, but I think I'm at risk of it though) is that I have too many characters. But I guess I'm having too much fun creating my own Wrestling world, it is something I've always wanted to do (Now that I think about it), but it's always been hard considering there aren't many potential readers as wrestling fan and literature don't often go together and I'd need to get really good at action effects and anatomy to do it as a comic/manga (Fights would probably also have to be shorter). I've been lucky though to have you, Stooie and a couple of others though to help satisfy my ego and keep this fun story going as it really is fun writing it.

But analysis commentators are often former competitors, due to their expert analysis from first-hand experience. So yeah, I guess Jim would've become scrawny over time and really isn't much of a wrestler anymore like Jerry Lawler King (Well he's more fat than skinny, but it's the same story, he's a generic smartass and bickers with fellow analysis commentator JBL).

Eidolon's just something I typed in ghost, looked up a thesaurus and it was something to do with evil spirit and I went with that. Wrestling names tend to be straight forward.

Again though, thanks GrimlyLoveGunner. Right now been sick though, I meant to finish two pages that only needed coloured two days ago, but sadly the death of some white blood cells thanks to the chemo has made me vulnerable, but I think I'm getting better and will hopefully colour one tonight. Was able to finish more of this fun.

Act 3 Chapter 10

It was fun watching Eidolon stalk around backstage, grabbing at anyone he could and demand where Anarchist was and had even resorted to looking into bins and under couches in his effort.

After last week, Anarchist had made his own escape from the ring and Eidolon chased him into the crowd.

It had shown though just how much Anarchist had really changed. Their feud had started because Anarchist didn’t like the ghoul gimmick, hated how people believed Eidolon’s tricks were really magic granted by demons and didn’t understand why everyone was so scared of him, so sought to show them.

He had done things like the old door and bucket trick, but when the bucket fell on Eidolon, it covered him in pink. Anarchist had then hacked the jumbotron and told an story about how Eidolon cried because his mommy wouldn’t buy him that toy he wanted. This had led to one of the most brutal beatdowns when Eidolon jumped Anarchist backstage to make an example of him. Anarchist however returned in two weeks and tricked Eidolon into tripping into a laid out ball pool and jumped him back.

There feud had been delayed up until now due to the fact that Anarchist needed to continue things with Henry Frodrick and Eidolon was challenged by Barghul to see who was the scariest between them. Now though Anarchist, who defied Eidolon and tried to be bigger than him, was just acting like a mouse, while Eidolon wanted to murder him more than ever.

“I just found out who your next contender for the diva championship is,” said Kanaya walking out of the lounge.

“How?” asked Tammy.

“Sherri Momma was begging Henry Frodrick for a title shot, but Henry Frodrick just retorted about why he couldn’t and ended up giving away who the challenger and now all the divas are talking about it.”

“Okay, so who is it?” I asked. I hoped it was Kanaya.

“It was weird when I heard it.” Kanaya shrugged. “But your opponent at No return is Twisted Judith.”

“Twisted Judith?” She used to be only known as Judy, but in a match with Lana Trixie, her singlet wrestling suit that she just got and didn’t secure, snapped off during the midst of it. She was standing in the ring with her bra and panties causing her to flee the ring. After that, she was gone for a few months before re-debuting as Twisted Judith, apparently gone crazy due to the incident and took out her frustration on other divas. While I did sympathise with the incident, I saw no reason to act out this much when this kind of thing could happen to you in UWF. Heck in some outfit roulette royale match that was meant to try and boost ratings with divas in sexually appealing outfits, I got stuck wrestling in a flipping bikini! So glad it plummeted ratings after the match sucked with girls stumbling around in high heels and tangled in skirts. “I didn’t know she was chasing the title.”

“Well she won that eight-diva battle royal in December which got critically-acclaimed and it was Twisted Judith that carried that match, so Frodrick thought now was the time to reward her for it while you have no other contenders.”

It wasn’t like Twisted Judith was a threat though. Sure I had faced her three times as Judy and lost all three matches, but I was a much different diva now. So was Twisted Judith, but she had thrown away her promising submission expert style for some kind of mad brawler style. “Guess that’s fair enough. I’m certain to bury her though at No return.” I was being cocky, but Twisted Judith really was my least threatening Pay-per-view challenge yet.

“I think you’re going to be burying what’s left of the Pride sisters that’s for certain,” said Kanaya.

“I think you’re right.” After Night of Gladiators, the Pride sisters blamed each other and quickly dissented into a brawl between them backstage. Henry Frodrick had the thing broken up and arranged a three-way match, winner got to face me that winner being Betsey. I don’t know how she planned to beat me though without her sisters at ringside. “I’m looking forward to the match anyways. I want to see how much better I’ll do against Betsey.”

“That’s not going to be challenging without Lexi and Kelsey there to be a nuisance.”

“Still a one-on-one match with.”

“Let’s just go,” chuckled Kanaya.

I made my entrance out into the arena with Kanaya and Tammy at my back. Soon as I was done, Betsey made her entrance. She looked lost and lonely though without her sisters. I knew she’d get pass it though, it was how she started her career.

She entered the ring and finished making her entrance, getting little reaction from the crowd. It pretty much showed her career was in the rut now. She glared at me, knowing who to blame.

The bell rang and she charged out going for a super kick. I ducked and then tackled her off her down. I then grabbed her foot and forced her onto her front for an ankle lock.

Betsey threshed on her front. Due to her strength, I was unable to stop her from grabbing the ropes.

I let go of her and gave her space to get back up. She lunged out and punched me off my feet.

My leg was then stamped on, making me sit up to yelp to then get kicked in the face by Betsey.

“Move Elsandra!” yelled Tammy.

I rolled out of the way of Betsey’s elbow drop.

We simultaneously got back to our feet. After a bit of a stare off, we locked hands and pressed our strengths against each other. Already Betsey was forcing me back, curving my spine.

“What are you doing!” demanded Kanaya.

“It appears Elsandra figures she can take on Betsey strength v strength,” analysed Fred.

That’s right, I could. Betsey was much more physically gifted, but my will and the encouragement of so many made me far surpass her and I knew it. I showed Betsey by screaming out and it was me forcing her back.

Betsey let go of the lock, stumbling back confused, leaving her vulnerable. I jumped onto shoulders, performing my handstand before swing down my knees and clamping them around Betsey’s head to inflict Betsey’s worst part, rolling her over me and slam onto the mat.

“Amazing execution of the Power of honour!” yelled Jim “I really think she’s perfected that move now.”

I covered Betsey and got the three count, winning the match.

Tammy and Kanaya got into the ring to celebrate with me soon as my music hit.

“Okay that was better than any of my matches with Betsey!” shouted Kanaya over the audience’s cheers.

“That was too short to be better than any of your matches!”

“Well you did better at whooping Betsey’s ass than I ever did!”

I noticed the audience went quiet and so did my music. After I looked at Tammy, I turned to the jumbotron to see standing backstage with microphone in hand, Twisted Judith.

“Hey Elsandra,” she slithered. She had really taking on the crazy girl gimmick well. She had out of control messy hair, careless make up and had that twitchy eye. “Just wanting to let you know that I’m the contender for your next title defence which will be at No return. But you probably already know thanks to it going around backstage.” She popped a cackle. “So kind of ruins the surprise I guess.”

“Just get on with it,” sighed Kanaya.

“Anyways.” She pushed back some of the hair and tried to compose herself. But then reverted back into her poor posture and lunatic smile. “Me and you, No return and oh, my first title shot. Trust me.” She made a childish nod. “This first title shot of mine… it’s going to be special, I mean really something. No return is considered UWF’s most violent and brutal Pay-per-view when Henry Frodrick’s more lenient to grant cage and no disqualification matches, some of the most scary wrestlers get pushed and just has a habit for being fierce and you know what? That’s how I like it, that’s how I want it, that’s how I want my first title shot to be like, disturbing, nasty and violent.”

“Odd of her to see her act like this,” mentioned Kanaya.

Probably because this was her while not dealing with a diva who made fun of her.

“You’re probably going to wonder how I’m going to do that, well one I need to see if I get Henry Frodrick to give us a better stipulation than just a singles match. Two… haven’t really thought of a two, but I’ll get back to you if I think of something. But three, we need to up this feud we now have, like I mean make it personal so that you’ll hate me and do everything to rip me apart, just like I’ll be wanting to rip you apart, because I already want to rip you apart, why? Well like I said, I want things brutal and I want things to be as brutal as they can be in that match.” She then gave a playful way. “So see you at No return if not sooner. But really do hope one of us really don’t return from no return, but yeah bye.”

The jumbotron turned off and already people in the audience were gossiping like a flock of birds.

“Woah, I think Twisted Judith just declared all-out war!” exclaimed Fred. “She’s wanting a frenzied catfight with Elsandra at No return and doesn’t really care who survives so long as it’s only one of them.”

“I hope not but how does Twisted Judith think she’s going get a match like that with Elsandra?” asked Jim. “Even if she pushes her into one, Elsandra’s like a disciplined warrior in the ring, even her violent no-disqualification match with Lolli Cute that was the most you’ll see her lose control and that wasn’t very much control lost.”

“Well we have two shows before No return so we’ll just have to see what Twisted Judith comes up with.”

We’d see indeed. I knew there was only so much Twisted Judith could do with my friends beside me, but that insanity in Twisted Judith’s mind made it seem possible.


I strapped on my gear again for another night of UWF.

“Next time we do not go on the Twisted pandemonium,” gulped Kanaya looking ready to barf again.

“Oh come on, that’s like the best ride they have at the park,” yelped Tammy.

“There are other rides Tammy,” sighed Kanaya. “Less twisted.”

“Does that mean we get to go on the Mad swirly,” I laughed.

“I’ll give you a mad noggy if you suggest that again.”

“Yo Elsandra,” said Shanna, one of the camera crew peeking in. “You wanted me to mention if Eidolon was on camera again?”

“Only if he got his hands on Anarchist.”

“Well is him about to address the audience good enough?”

“I guess.” I wondered why he wanted to address them anyhow.

“This should be interesting,” said Kanaya amused.

We went into one of the lounge rooms and saw on the monitor in the ring was Eidolon. He had only now begun to speak after watching the crowd amusingly.

“For a while now, I have been on the pursuit of the wily desecrator known as Anarchist. He has proven to be more elusive and yet cowardly since his return. He refuses to fight me because he knows he will lose and I will break every bone in his body for his insults against the dark ones.”

“Hope that’s not all he’s going to do,” commented Kanaya.

“So because of this dilemma that I cannot catch him but neither will I let him get away with his crimes, I have come up with an idea that will make Anarchist come to me.” He lowered his head to the mic. “You have made it your goal, your deep ambition to eliminate fan favourites that you do not see worthy because of their lack of skill and have made it clear that you have made that you hate giant wrestlers the most. Well as it happens, I’m a giant, I’m taller than Bill Yanks, the one you hate the most and I don’t have a glamorous move set. The only thing I need now though, is to become a fan favourite.”

“Isn’t he technically already?” asked Tammy.

“Well he’s been more consistently popular,” explained Kanaya. “But he’s never been as popular as even Bill Yanks. The British Ludicrous has even been in Pay-per-view main event more than he has.”

And the British Ludicrous was rarely in the main event.

“And the only way to achieve that is through you.” He raised his arms open to the audience. “So I ask you, people in the audience and at home, make me your fan favourite and in return I will give you a true battle with Anarchist, one which I know fans whose favourite Pay-per-view is No return, hunger for.”

The crowd erupted into a storming cheer.

Anarchist’s music then hit the arena and the crowd’s cheers couldn’t get any louder.

“Looks like that actually worked!” exclaimed Fred. “Anarchist has found his courage and is coming out to fight Eidolon to continue his vow of eliminating unworthy fan favourites.”

Anarchist paced out onto the stage, while Eidolon looked hungry for him.

The rebel raised his hand. “Easy there big guy, not here to actually fulfil your wish and let you actually tear into me.”

The ghoulish man gave a disgusting snarl, while the audiences booed. “Then why are you out here?”

“To explain to you how dumb you are thinking that plan will work on me.” He raised his hand as Eidolon was about to jump through the ropes. “Now hold on, let me explain why I’m not going to go after you. For one you don’t fit my criteria as much as you think. Yes, you’re move set is smaller than some wrestlers, but heck, you’re a big guy, it’s harder for you to climb up the turnbuckle and your slower at performing running attacks, so it’s understandable unlike Bill Yanks who is just a gorilla in the ring, you use some finesse at least for a man your size. Plus even if you didn’t, you’re not a fan favourite and still aren’t, you’re just a guy with a ghoul gimmick that amuses people, heck only reason why they’re cheering now is because they want to see Anarchist take on the big ghoul that haunts people from underneath the ring. Weren’t for the fact you gave fan favourites something interesting to fight, you’d be floundering. Sadly for a guy I do respect, your position should of be for someone like the British Ludicrous and Impact, it real should.”

“I don’t think he should be making Eidolon madder, he already looks like he wants to rip his heart out.”

Anarchist then gave his cocky grin. “So no, I’m not going to fight because I don’t need to and I’m not going to be fighting for my life. But I do hope you become a fan favourite, you at least deserve to hold a title and be looked up to, even with your childish magic tricks.”

“Well I don’t know about you, but I think you are going to be fighting for your life.”

I felt so tense as I saw on the screen, sitting in his office was Henry Frodrick. It had been a while since I had seen that monster worse as Eidolon and it somehow felt so terrifying.

Anarchist was petrified. “Wait what!”

“You will be in a match with Eidolon at No return.”

The crowd cheered, but Anarchist’s scream was far louder. “I thought we put our differences aside and you’re doing this to me!”

“We did Anarchist.”

“Then why? Is because I’m threatening your merchandise like Impact or something?”

“Far from it. I actually believe in your ideals, that people like Impact should be further down the card and kept as an attraction, while giants like Bill Yanks should leave wrestling to actual wrestlers, otherwise I would be a wrestler myself if it wasn’t for my skill as a business man. But it’s precisely that I know business that I know it would be unwise to lower Impact’s status or fire Bill Yanks that I keep them as they are. It’s also because I know when to give the audience what they want and what they want is a match between you and Eidolon.”

Eidolon hollored a laugh while Anarchist clenched his fists trying to contain himself.

“You can’t do this!”

“I can Anarchist and just have.”

“No because I might not even turn up at that match.”

“Remember that you have a contract.”

“Yeah and I’ve made enough money to pay the fine.”

The crowd began to boo, while Henry Frodrick stretched his neck. Normally this would be the part Frodrick would go down there and make an example, an example like he did to me. “You put me in a tough position then.” Anarchist chuckled at him. “If you compete against Eidolon then and win, I will lift the title ban I made on you and give you a UWF championship title shot at the next Pay-per-view.”

Anarchist’s eyes gleamed.

“Lift the title ban and a shot at the UWF champion title!” shouted Jim.

“Heck if he wins that title, it’ll be a whole lot easier to bury the so-called underserving fan favourites,” replied Fred. “And become a bigger image of an ideal wrestler and role model.”

“Not sure if Anarchist’s going to turn it down though,” examined Jim. “Is it worth lifting the title ban and getting a title shot if it means having to take on a creature like Eidolon?”

Anarchist licked his lips. “I-I need some time to think about this.”

“No Anarchist, I’m only offering this choice to you now. Either you face Eidolon or you walk away from you’re only chance at getting another title run.” Anarchist shook his head. “What’s it going to be?”

“Fine!” he snarled. The crowed burst with excitement. The rebel glared at Eidolon. “I’ll face the monster at No return.”

“I wouldn’t expect to return from it though, at least not be able to walk,” sneered Henry Frodrick. “Because as an added stipulation, it will be in cage match you fight him in.” I couldn’t hear Anarchist without him shouting into his mic. “And before you try to worm your way out, you’ve already agreed to the match, a verbal agreement while on camera is enough to make skipping out of a match more than just a fine.” Henry Frodrick switched the jumbotron screen to show Eidolon laughing like mad while his music came on.

“Oh my lord,” gasped Tammy. “Are you alright?”

I only noticed now I was shaking. I looked at my hand to see just how much. After all this time I felt I had gotten so far, far enough to have gotten away from Frodrick, but I that brute’s shadow still haunted me. I felt the remembrance of the pain he inflicted on my body as if was nothing but a toy to take his rage out on.

I tucked my hands behind my arms. “Yeah, I think I’ve just caught your virus or something.”

“It wasn’t a virus I had.”

“Well, I just have something.”

“Do you need to go home?” asked Kanaya.

“No. I don’t have a booked match today, so long as it stays that way, should be fine just hanging in the lounge or supporting someone at ringside.”

“If you say so,” replied Tammy. “But I hope it’s alright asking this Elsandra, but because you don’t have a scheduled match next week, could you babysit my nieces and nephew next week.”

“What? Why me?”

“Well I have a match with Twisted Judith next week and I thought who would be better to have at ring,” explained Tammy. “While you are feuding with Twisted Judith, I know Kanaya’s not really that great with kids, no offense Kanaya.”

“No problem.” Kanaya shrugged. “Not really planning on having kids anyways.”

“So yeah, but Kanaya’s really great at managing ringside and I’m sort of going to need.”

“Yeah, but how do you think I get on with kids? I don’t really know myself? Can’t you try someone like Sherri Momma? She does have like momma in her name.”

“They boo when they see Sherri Momma on TV.”

“What? But she’s like normally the good girl in feuds.”

“Just because she fights fair and stands up against creeps like we do doesn’t mean they can’t boo her.”

“How about this,” said Kanaya. “We’ll hang with you before we have to go to work. That way they can be just left to sit and watch UWF until we can get back after work.”

“It takes you thirty minutes to get to work and probably longer to get back.”

“You can hold on for at least two half an hours.”

“If it’s so easy, why don’t you do it Kanaya?”

“The children kind of don’t shut up while watching wrestling and I’m not so great at having conversations with them and they also tend to roughhouse if they get too riled up and I’m really not as great at stop them.”

“Yeah, she treats them like they’re her opponents in the ring,” muttered Tammy glaring at her.

“At least I know how to handle a wrestler; children though are a whole different species.”

“Sigh.” I could not believe this. “I’ll do it, but you owe me one.”

“Yeah!” squealed Tammy jumping on me. “My nieces and nephew have become really big fans of yours since your Diva championship match with Lolli Cute. They’ll be so excited.”

“Oh lord.” She didn’t mention they were big fans.

Author's comments: Darn, the chapter was meant to include a mixed match between Anarchist and Twisted Judith against Eidolon and Elsandra, but the chapter got too long and couldn't fit. Even though this is just a fun story that it shouldn't matter, I am fussy about having 3,500words and to add a new chapter I'd have to end up padding to get that 3,500words and padding is really just harmful to readers, they come with warning signs and everything.
But the mixed match made Eidolon and Anarchist's feud relevant, so the feud really had lost all relevancy besides a thing or two, but the mixed match made it properly relevant, so now you've really just been reading something that has nothing to do with the story besides reminding people that Henry Frodrick here and that Elsandra has issues and yes the whole Henry Frodrick reminder was last minute thing, as I realized I've been maybe drifting away from that too much and this is meant to be the main thing that gets refocused on the road to UWF's PPV and the conclusion. This thing does happen in WWE, where you have one really huge feud, it gets forgotten about for a few months and then out of nowhere it picks up again, but again I am trying to appeal this more to general story readers than wrestling fans, so best if I brought this up and kept it consistent.
Though the Twisted Judith feud gets picked up on and focused for now, after that is UWF's second biggest PPV and after that begins the road to the thus far unnamed biggest PPV :) .
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:15 am

Feck, six days it took to write the next chapter, that's depressing (Sorry but I'm really wanting this story written whilst I have the opportunity and just because I do want a lot). It's been due to the sudden virus I've had. Really has taken all my strength that I've been projecting it all onto my comics as I really want those done just as much. Hopefully though the next chapter won't take as long.

To note that the next one won't be the pay-per-view one, as I realized there hasn't been enough of build up between Elsandra and Twisted Judith and in all rivalries (In and outside wrestling), the build up is a vital ingredient, to screw it up is to just bring a great fail to a wrestling match especially (Read/learn about the all of a sudden End of Undertaker's streak). So I've adding an additional chapter to do with the aftermath of this one. This would've probably have been an opportunity to make Eidolon and Anarchist's feud actually relevant by introducing that mixed match, but one of the big purposes of it has already been missed. So yeah, for now this chapter.

Act 3 Chapter 11 (Proof read zelch)

“Okay guy,” said Tammy zipping up her jacket. “Remember to listen to Elsandra and don’t try to fool her like you did Kanaya.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I had Tammy’s eight year old niece, Katie sat on my laps, sucking her thumb. “You sure they’re alright to watch wrestling?”

“So long as UWF keeps its ban on swearing and manage to avoid too much blood on the mat then yeah. Just remember to switch off the TV in case it does get too violent though, it’s why my brother never brings them to a show live.”

“Good luck Elsandra,” said Kanaya grinning.

“Bye Katie, bye Bobby and bye Sarah,” said Tammy. “And oh, bye too Elsandra.”

“Bye,” said the kids.

“Kick Judith’s ass!” shouted Sarah.

“It’s Twisted Judith,” groaned Bobby.

“Same thing.”

“No fighting either while I’m gone,” ordered Tammy holding the door. “Now bye.”

“Bye,” I muttered before they closed the door behind them. I then noticed Bobby and Katie were looking in my general direction. “What you star- arrgh!” My hair was pulled. “Sarah!”

“Just wanted to feel you hair?”

“That’s not feeling, that’s trying to pull it out!”

“Sorry,” cringed Sarah.

Just great! I timidly held out my hand and then patted her. “It’s okay! It’s okay! No harm done! Just that…” What could I say that a ten year old could understand? “I’m very sensitive about my hair yeah! I like snap out at diva’s for pulling on it the whole time that I can’t help it. Understand.”

Sarah nodded. Her eyes were a bit welled, but she wasn’t scared anymore. “Could you make my hair like yours?”

I gripped my flame dyed hair. “Uh, best ask your parents first.” Hope they had the heart and courage to say no.

“It’s another fifteen minutes until UWF!” shouted Bobby jumping next to me. “Could you teach me some wrestling moves? I want to learn the frog splash!”

“No!” I didn’t even know how to do the frog splash.

I continued having to entertaining the kids until UWF came on. How did Tammy or mothers for that matter do this? They didn’t watch silently anyways. Soon as they saw Anarchist, they started booing as venomously as they could, as if the loudmouth could hear them. After Anarchist made his fifteen minute complaint and further vows, the kids were laughing when the cameras were following the British Ludicrous suspiciously wandering around backstage with a blow torch and metal mask. They got really into it though when Bill Yanks made his way to the ring, imitating the chants.

“Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoo-rah! Hoorah! Hoorah!” Almost sounding like apes.

“I am so going to be a tag team partner with Bill Yanks one day!” announced Bobby. “I’ll probably even have a friendly match with him UWF to earn his respect.”

“Me to!” voiced Sarah.

“You can’t have a match with him because you’re a girl.”

“But I wanna earn Bill Yanks’ respect!”

“Earn Elsandra and Kanaya’s respect instead. They’re girls so that means you can fight them no problem.”

“But I want Bill Yanks.”

Oh lord, the two had their fists ready and Katie looked ready to join in. “Your aunt didn’t tell me you were big fan of Bill Yanks.”

“We really are,” said Bobby. “Bill Yanks is the mighty action warrior. He beats up bullies and he’s so awesome in the ring.”

It sounded like Bobby knew what made a wrestler of UWF just as much as Anarchists.

“We keep wanting out aunt to tell him that,” moaned Sarah. “But she keeps telling us she’s too shy.”

Tammy did have a thing for big strong guys, but also have a thing for going near them. “Well me and Bill Yanks are really good friends. How about I invite him over sometime to meet you!”

The children nearly exploded and started jumping on me, screaming! They were as rowdy as the wrestlers I fought.

They settled down when Bill Yanks’ match with the biker-gimmick Roy Bandit begun. It seemed to be just a squash match however as Bill Yanks threw Roy around like some doll. That was until Roy had snuck off one of the corner padding and then tripped Bill Yanks’ head against the bare corner post.

“Cheater!” yelled Bobby. “Bill Yanks would never lose if they would stop letting people get away with cheating!”

“Why do they never do something about all the cheating?” asked Sarah.

“I’m afraid that’s because some people like the cheating.” It was believed that Henry Frodrick intentionally hired some bad referees so that it was easier to let weasels like Roy and Lolli Cute break the rules for the sake of ratings. I didn’t care too much though as I saw myself and those like Bill Yanks as punishers of those who thought they could get away with breaking the rules. However it didn’t look like Bill Yanks would be able to punish Roy during this match.

“Fight back Bill Yanks!” commanded Bobby.

The huge man wasn’t getting a chance to recover though, Roy was sticking on him ruthlessly and trying keep him dazed.

“Yo-ho! Roy!” The camera turned to the jumbotron showing the British Ludicrous. The two were right now in a feud after Roy Bandit nearly hit the British Ludicrous with his bike, just because the clown was in the way of his favourite parking spot. “I was going to wait until you finished your match, but I honestly couldn’t wait to show you this.” He moved the jumbotron camera. “Ta-da!”

The arena camera showed the petrified look on Roy Bandits first before going back to the jumbotron to show what remained of his bike. It had been torn apart and reformed into some kind of block shaped sculpture with clock attached to it.

“Behold Big Ben!” The British Ludicrous called it.

Roy screamed outraged.

“That’s what you get for leaving your bike unattended inside the building,” noted Jim.

Indeed. One problem with our contracts was that you had to take complete responsibility of any possessions you carried into the building. This resulted in too many situations were wrestlers stole and vandalized each other during feuds.

Although this was just complete vandalism, the kids still laughed at it.

The distraction had given Bill the time to get back up. When Roy patiently turned around, Bill Yanks scooped him up and placed Roy’s back across his shoulder.

“Yes!” shout Bobby. “The All-out-action!”

Bill Yanks spun them both while pulling down on Roy’s leg and chin. They get going around and around. The number of times they did showed the strength, stamina and speed Bill Yanks had worked so hard on to achieve, something Anarchist had missed.

Bill Yanks finally jumped backwards and slammed Roy across the mat. He then covered Roy and got the three count for the win.

The children were then dancing to his victory and shouted out Bill Yanks’ chant.

“Oh, by the way Roy,” said the British Ludicrous. Roy lifted himself up concerned. “Is it alright if I go on a joyride with your bike?” The jumbotron camera then showed Roy Bandit’s bike perfectly intact.

“What!” screamed Roy.

“Thanks.” The British Ludicrous waved and then got onto the bike. “And don’t worry, I’ve already hotwired it, so no need to give the keys.”

The clown drove off, leaving Roy having such a tantrum inside the ring.

I could see one match happening, while the children had fallen to the floor laughing at the British Ludicrous’ cheap prank. As much of a mischievous bad influence the British obsessed clown was, the children had taken a real shine to him.

“How when I invite Bill Yanks over, I invite the British Ludicrous as well.” I knew the clown would be looking to hang out again and so might as well be when I’m hanging with Tammy’s nephew and niece.

“That would be awesome!” shouted Bobby. “Having two of the coolest wrestlers in my own house.”

“Our house,” corrected Sarah.

Katie shook my top. “Could you bring Impact as well?”

“Forget it!” I realised I had just snapped! The children had become confused and scared. Oh crud. “I-I mean Impact is still injured and in hospital and-and if too many big hit wrestlers come to your house it’ll incite a media frenzy, yeah. Like sorry, but it’s one thing we wrestlers are told to be wary, so you have to understand why I might have… been startled a bit when you mentioned you wanted mentioned Impact.”

“Okay,” said Bobby unsure. I knew that was too much an explanation.

Everything did eventually settle down. After Velvet Vile and Kenneth Bombardier’s match, it was Tammy and Twisted Judith’s.

“Go auntie Tammy!” cheered the kids when they heard her entrance music.

Tammy made her bubbly entrance towards the ring, followed by Kanaya.

“Elsandra?” asked Bobby. “If aunt Tammy beats Twisted Judith, does she get a title shot with you instead?”

“Uh, to be honest I’m not too sure; UWF politics can be pretty complicated.” In other words it wasn’t as simple as that. Tammy was good at relating with the fans and being a high flyer meant she could put on some serious matches, but sadly she needed to fix her win-loss record first.

Twisted Judith’s music came on. It was signalled by creepy child laughter, followed with flickers of vague but dark images and followed by the sound of wind blowing. The lights dimmed, eerie moaning music play that jumped with childish laughter at times and stumbling out was Twisted Judith. Her movements were crooked and awkward as if she had just returned to life.

As she got closer to the ring, she gave Tammy these hungry and dreadful eyes and a delighted grin that made my friend step back a bit.

“Go on Tammy!” shouted Bobby. “You’re not afraid of her.”

But by the sounds of Bobby’s voice, he certainly was himself. “Don’t worry guys, Kanaya’s got her back.”

Kanaya had shouted something to Tammy that had already brought her spirit back.

Twisted Judith clawed her way in under the bottom rope and emerged up like the undead erupting from the grave. The lights then returned to normal and Twisted Judith gave a cackling laugh that unnerved Tammy.

Got to their corners, the bell ring and the match started. The two broke out from their corners and Tammy spun up and slapped her foot across Judith’s face, knocking her to the mat. Tammy then ran up the corner post and flipped over, body slamming down onto Judith.

“Yeah! Get her Auntie!” yelled Sarah.

Tammy held her arms out to the cheering crowd and then ran into the ropes, bouncing off them and heading back to Judith, but Judith rammed into her. The two crashed onto the mat.

As Tammy tried to figure out what was happening, Judith was laughing.

“Get up Tammy!” ordered Kanaya from ringside.

Tammy rolled onto her feet. She turned around and almost fell back when she noticed Judith right behind her. Twisted Judith just stood with her arms hanging, her head cocked and giving a crooked smile.

“Just hit her!” yelled Kanaya.

Tammy slapped, but Judith caught her wrist and then gripped her face, squeezing. The ref broke it up soon as he noticed Judith was trying to gouge her eyes. Soon as the ref separated them, Tammy stumbled away holding her eyes, leaving her vulnerable to an elbow to the back of the head.

“Twisted Judith is both unpredictable and psychotic,” said Jim. “You have to be prepared for anything.”

“Not only that, but you have to brace yourself for the mental mind games,” added Fred. “I don’t think I’ve seen a diva that’s so good at it and that it brings something new and unprepared to the diva’s division.”

Tammy pulled herself onto the corner post to get herself up, but she was stamped by Judith, again and again. The referee counted up to four after Judith gave a last thunderous stamp to the back of Tammy’s head.

Judith walked away and circled around the arena rubbing her face and snickering. Got back up onto her feet, Tammy stormed out and drop kicked Judith in the head.

“Yes!” I shouted with the kids.

“Looks like she has to be careful while playing those mind games.”

Kanaya had shouted instructions to Tammy. She waited for Judith to get back up and jumped on her, she then pulled back her arms, getting Judith into one of Tammy’s few submission moves. It made Twisted Judith cry out in pain for a change as her abdomen was being forced to contract and she couldn’t just simply get Tammy off her. What she did do though, was hurdle herself against the ropes and cause them both to fall outside the ring!

“Oh my lord!” cried Jim. “Th-that was just suicidal!”

“She broke the hold though?”

“Yeah, but couldn’t she have tried any other way, b-but that?”

The camera showed the two getting back up. We rooted for Tammy to recover first, but Judith had dragged her by the hair and threw her into the steps, her legs banging against the steel and causing Tammy to tumble over them.

Twisted Judith then aimlessly wandered around outside the ring laughing, while Kanaya rushed to Tammy’s side to check her.

“She may be completely out of her mind, but you have to give it to this girl,” spoke Jim. “She has the endurance of an animal! Here she is back on her feet already pretending nothing happened right after she threw herself outside the ring.”

Twisted Judith got back into the ring, while Tammy pulled herself in afterwards.

“What’s she doing?” whimpered Katie. “She’s too hurt to keep fighting.”

She was right. Tammy was great at anything to do with dishing out damage, but her body couldn’t handle any of the brutality Judith just gave. But then…

“She knows you guys are watching.”

“But we watch all her matches,” said Bobby.

“Well… she’s fighting a monster right now and she isn’t about to let you see her lose to one.”

Twisted Judith laughed as she watched Tammy stumble into the arena and started making remarks at her. Tammy however threw herself against the ropes and rocketed back at Judith and leapt up and kicked her across the face. Tammy then jumped onto the ropes on the other side and back flipped to slam down onto Judith. She then hooked Judith’s leg.

“Go aunt!” cried everyone.


Judith kicked out of it. Tammy was astounded at how she kicked out at one, we all were.

“I think someone needs to inform Tammy that you need a whole lot more before you can put away Twisted Judith,” said Jim.

“Yeah, but looked at what’s already been done to Twisted Judith and you’re saying that a lot more is needed before you can even get a two count?”

“That is exactly what I’m saying Fred.”

Tammy struck the mat and went to the corner. What’s she doing! Even Kanaya was demanding to know, but Tammy just retorted. She turned around, perched on the corner and was elbowed by Twist Judith. While Tammy was stunned, this would normally be when you threw your opponent onto the mat, but Judith pushed her instead, outside the ring!

“Auntie!” screamed Sarah.

Tammy’s body was caught on camera crashing haphazardly across the steps and onto the mat.

“That witch!” I cried.

Judith leaned with her arms over the ropes cackling with delight as Tammy laid slump. She barely moved.

“Looks like that’s an end to the match,” examined Jim.

“Auntie!” shouted Bobby. “Get up.”

It was over, there’d be no way Tammy could take something like that.

When the referee counted to five, Fred blurted. “What’s this!”

Judith had climbed outside the ring and started dragging Tammy back inside the ring.

“By lord girl!” shouted Fred. “You’ve had your victory, leave the former cheerleader alone!”

Kanaya tried to approach, but she had no idea what to do. The match was still technically on, but what was Judith doing! I thought the answer was obvious!

“Kanaya! Do something!”

Twisted Judith had shoved Tammy’s body back underneath the ropes and then searched underneath the ring.

“Oh please no!” shouted Fred. “There’s children watching this!”

There’s Tammy’s nephew and nieces watching this.

Twisted Judith had pulled out from underneath the ring a baseball bat. The crowd shouted in disgust as the maniac climbed into the ring. The ref tried to get in her way, but Twisted Judith shoved him aside and continued to her. Because she had touched the him though and ignored her, the referee called for the bell, signalling Tammy had won.

“The match is over now!” shivered Sarah. “Please say she’s going to stop now?”

I wanted to say yes, but it wouldn’t stop Judith closing in on Tammy.

“Here comes the cavalry!” shouted Fred.

Kanaya had stormed into the ring, but Judith batted her across the face!


Kanaya scrambled around the mat holding her face, but Judith batted her leg causing Kanaya to roll around holding it.


Judith laughed as Kanaya was in agony. She then spun around and struck Tammy in the ribs when she tried to jump her.

“Aunt Tammy!” wailed Katie.

Judith hit the bat against Tammy while she was curled against the mat, again and again.

“Tammy!” snivelled Bobby.

I switched off the television. The kids had seen enough, I had seen enough.

“Is she going to be alright?” cried Katie tugging my top. “Please say she’s going to be alright?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I needed to say something. I stroked Katie’s hair and looked at Sarah and then Bobby. Wrestlers suffered this sort of thing on UWF every now and then, but I don’t think a diva was ever victim to something I just witnessed.

“Yeah… Yeah, she’ll be alright.”

I prayed she would be, but whatever that horrid creature did, I would make sure it would pay ten folds.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Sat Apr 12, 2014 12:03 pm

*Review for the previous chapter. The review for the latest one should be up Monday*

These guys really get into their characters, don't they?

That or it might be advisable for them to start screening these people better.

XDDDD Twisted Judith is funny.

I'm half-set on offering to comic-ize a scene in here just to see how it would go. But it would be too bad if that made fights need to be shorter. XD

Or maybe you could come back to this story a year or more after you finish it and re-do it as a comic. That'd be fun. You could add and revise a bit, tweek fightscenes, but then have the experience to keep it a nice balance between wrestle fights and backstage drama and all those extravagant jumbotron speeches. XD

But yeah, I needta' praise you for being able to keep chapters more or less the same length. I've had that problem forever. Needing to come up with filler in-between important plot points so that things aren't happening all at once.

Once I had written some chapters in a fanfic and I realized I had scripted the story to have one less chapter. Being the borderline OCD me, I didn't want to- gasp! have 21 chapters instead of a perfect 20! So I combined the chapters- which totaled about 13,000 words. Worse yet, they both had cliffhanger endings. So there's one scene in the middle which was completely built to be the end of a chapter. But then it just goes on to a scene change. Hah. XD

With the new fanfictions I'm doing, I'm making myself not worry about chapter fluctuation. Cuz then I'll stress about it way too much and the whole thing will be stalled. >.>

I'mma gonna start posting things here soon in the Lit section. Just silly slapstick angst and horror fanfiction. But I've been coloring pictures the past few days. XD

You're doin' good Freak. There's still the thing of writing words that sound the same again. But I do that all the time.

Did I tell you about the time where in the same chapter I mistakenly wrote 'whine' instead of 'wine' and 'lamb' instead of 'lamp'?

And I wrote 'bagback' instead of 'backpack' once. XD My fingers just write what they hear in my head.

It's most embarrassing when I proof-read the chapter three times and still don't ever notice it until two weeks later. XD
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:13 pm

Yeah... the fact you find that they really get into their characters shows you don't watch WWE, just see how far Bray Wyatt goes on about being a doom prophet and the eater of worlds.

Well I could probably keep the fight length intact, thinking about it. I could probably write out a comic draft script to get an estimate how many pages each fight was. But again would have to check my schedule. I already have my ambitious comic, if shattered realms is a success that'll be hogging some of my schedule and then there's story of Mizuka. But Pride and Feminism would obviously do better as a comic, the question if it'll be worth it if I do it. It would just be for fun of course as I find it hard to imagine being ambitious about a wrestling comic. It would be easier if I got someone else to do it, but it's very difficult to find an artist just to make a comic for you for fun.

I'll be sure to read your stuff anyways once I've got the energy. Really am out of it. Believe it or not I couldn't finish eating my dinner because I was so tired and that there is so sad. I'm find now though because I'm typing from my bed... but so very tired.

But no you didn't tell me that and it's indeed an honest mistake. I pray to be seeing my friend on Tuesday whose the head of litreature at my island's creative community, I had not seen him in months even when I got back into writing and he really does help me with my English big time.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:04 pm

Bray Wyatt thinks he's Zalgo? That sounds entertaining. XD

I can tell you're tired. Rest up when you need it buddy

*Review for latest chapter*

I love little kids. Why do I feel so bad that Elsandra had to babysit? XD

It occurs to me- is her real name really Elsandra? Or does she just really like her stagename?


It's funny that Henry purposely hires bad referee's so wrestlers can get away with stuff, but he himself punishes people who do whatever he doesn't like. XD


XD I literally Laughed-out-Loud at British Ludicrous.

"Behold! Big Ben!"

That just made my day. XD

Then Judith starts hitting people in the face with a bat and my jaw hit the floor.

(Ironic, considering the gruesome shit I just posted in my Lit page)

I was just starting to find Judith's quirks endearing! DX

But yeah, no, that was intense. You'd think THAT would get authorities involved, but everybodies gonna think it's scripted again and that the bats' made out of rubber. >.>

XD nonetheless, exciting stuff. There were alot of typos in the beginning though. (No mispelled words, I think. Just the wrong words and messy wording)

But that seemed to taper back to normal halfway through. You were probably just fatigued when you wrote the first part.

I need to doodle Kanaya and Tammy now XD. I'm envisioning Kanaya as a gorgeous dark-skinned musclehouse with a ponytail and yellow suit. Then Tammy as a strawberry-blonde in green. Though I can't think of any special details for their outfits. >.>

Envisioning Judith with ashy raggamuffin hair. Ah, yes. and her stage intro sounded epic. 8D

But then she brought the bat out....

A flippin' BAT.

Knock some ladies' teeth out. >.>
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Mon Apr 14, 2014 5:21 pm

Watch one of his promos then :)

Hard to rest up when I need when I've got so many projects in mind and being a man of progress I'm too obsessed to stop.

Again though, really glad to hear that the British Ludicrous was actually that funny, warms my heart really as he is meant to be a comic-relief character and what's better than a comic relief character doing his job.

Awesome descriptions on the rest, I do think if I was to give them descriptions, it would be similar (But giving Kanaya similar body build to Elsandra :) She's a technical specialist after all and so they tend to be average-sized wrestled. Powerhouse wrestler are the musclehouse ones), I'm guessing though that Tammy's would be something like a cheerleaders or gymnastics girl or maybe even decorated with bubbles, while Kanaya's would be more traditional wrestling outfit, like a singlet, Wrestlers who are skilled and show power often are given more real wrestling outfits to demonstrate such.

Anyways, managed to do the next chapter, but was only 2,500words. Anymore I would've had to have pad.


I got the phone call that I was needed to stay the night with Tammy’s nephews and niece. Both Tammy and Kanaya had been hospitalized and Tammy’s brother and sister-in-law weren’t home until tomorrow. I needed to know the rest of what happened though and the kids could really do with some cheering up that I called in UWF and got a hold of Bill Yanks asking him to bring over a copy of today’s show. I did have a copy at home, I always made sure to record every show, but I needed it now.

The kid’s favourite giant had come through the door and they had forgotten what they had seen. Bill Yanks was certainly a lot better with kids than I was. He was able to answer their questions without any awkwardness and regaled them of his finest matches. He then even got me to come and cook with them in the kitchen at half nine at night, which didn’t go too well but everyone enjoyed it… except me who couldn’t stop thinking about Tammy and Kanaya.

Bill Yanks was able to avoid the kids’ deception about their bedtime just as effectively as me and got them upstairs into bed himself. It meant I could put on the recording now and find up to the place I got up to.

“You certainly had your hands full with those three,” laughed Bill Yanks coming back down. “You sure you didn’t just invite me to help with child control.”

I didn’t move my eyes from the TV. “You seemed to be in perfect control.”

“Ack, trust me, when you’re a main eventer, you find yourself hanging out with kids a lot,” said Bill Yanks. I heard his form sit on the couch; I was surprised he didn’t break it by the sound it made. “Just haven’t been to that many promotions yet.”

No doubt because of Frodrick but I had bigger things on my mind. I finally found Tammy’s match against Twisted Judith and got to the point where that animal began her torture and sat with Bill.

“Sorry I wasn’t there,” said Bill. “The British Ludicrous talked me into helping hide Roy Bandits bike so neither of us knew what was happening until it was too late.”

I wasn’t caring though, I just watched as Twisted Judith delightfully punished Kanya and Tammy for no reason. The ref tried to stop her, but Judith quickly knocked him out, hitting the baseball bat across his head. She then went and got out and chain and handcuff, cuffing Kanaya to the rope and tying Tammy to the corner, whilst security came out to sort things.

Security was as useless as ever though. Twisted Judith had pulled out a golf club and swatted at them, keeping them at bay so she could hit Tammy and Kanaya with the object every so often. She eventually pulled out a microphone and spoke to the camera, to me.

“Oh Elsandra, yeah Elsandra, hope you’re listening, because I just figured out what number two is,” she blurted. “Yeah, number two is making sure that at No return, it’s just you and me. No one at ringside, I want to make sure that what we share there is so special, no one can get try to stop it.” She took a deep breath for a moment, tidying her hair a little and then pointing her golf club at my brutalised friends. “So that’s covered, because I’m pretty sure these are the only ones who come to your matches ringside and anyone else I’ll just do the same as I did the same. But because these two are like you’re best friends or something, I think that also covers number one, making it personal, so hope you’re angry enough to want to kill me at No Return.” I wasn’t just going to kill her. “Now I just need to get started on working with number three.”

“Oh no you didn’t!” shouted the jumbotron.

Henry Frodrick marched out from the arena with microphone in hand. “Twisted Judith, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it stops now otherwise I’ll be happy enough to fire you.”

“Fire me? Fire me?” Twisted Judith shook her head. “Oh no, if you do that before No Return, I’ll be sure to make sure these wounds on both of your employees here… are permanent.”

You wouldn’t dare. I squeezed onto a pillow as I couldn’t bear to see my friends broken.

Frodrick groaned. “You better not be threatening me Twisted Judith. You may be a girl that’s out of her mind, but you should know that threatening me is a very bad idea.”

“Well I’m just wanting my match with Elsandra to be perfect,” whimpered Judith.

“Fine, you’ve made your match perfect. I’m sure Elsandra will give you no mercy at No Return now and there won’t be anyone to get between you besides the referee.”

Judith stamped the mat with both feet. “But I still need the stipulation I want! I want the perfect stipulation.”

“I’m not sure I can allow that with what I’ve just seen and I need something to enable the referee to stop Elsandra from killing you.” Though seeing the knocked down ref, I doubt the next one could.

“You better allow that,” gritted Judith shaking the head of golf club at him and then the Tammy. “Otherwise…”

“What did I say about threatening me?”

“Something that it’s a very bad idea, but it’ll be very bad if you lose three of your divas in one night. Especially the challenger for a championship title so close to No Return.”

She was definitely right. Losing three wrestlers, even divas, no matter what card, was a total embarrassment to any wrestling industry and emptied too much of the roster. Then also changing a Pay-Per-View match at such short noticed could well harm the ratings.

Frodrick sneered. “Just what stipulation are you counting on?”

Judith sniggered. “A cage match.”

Cage? As its name said, both opponents battled inside a steel fence structure with no rules besides winning by pin, submission and knockout. Due to the violence and dangers that could be inflicted in that confine though, it had always been restricted to just male wrestlers in UWF. It was understandable though as women just weren’t built to handle the punishment that could be delivered in the constructs.

The audience cheered however, getting an unpleased gaze from Frodrick. I imagined Frodrick would love to lock me in a cage with a lunatic like her, but he was being blackmailed here into doing it.

“Now I know you must be crazy.” He got boos from the audience, they weren’t loud, but they disapproved. “There have only been two diva steel cage matches in UWF. The reason why is because women are now completely restricted from steel cage matches.”

“So about unrestricting them, you are the general manager.”

“The general manager sticks to the rules that even he makes.”

“Well change them or I will break these two merchandise you have here until they’re no good to anyone.”

I swear I could snap.

Frodrick gave another brooding glare at the crowd telling him to agree to it and then held up his mic. “Fine, you want that match then you will receive it. At No Return, it will be Elsandra versus Twisted Judith in a cage match.”

The crowd scream in joy. Twisted Judith clapped her hands and danced. I was just as looking forward to it. As I saw both Kanaya and Tammy so badly hurt, I could not wait to make Judith regret what she did to them.


I took a deep breath, this was going to be tough seeing her like this, but I stepped into the ward.

“Hey!” greeted Kanaya. “Already seen Tammy I take it?”

I almost lost my breath. Half of Kanaya’s body was mummified and three of her limps were being supported. She was a mess. “N-no, her family’s sort of seeing her first… and I didn’t want to get in the way.” It was my feud that got Tammy hurt and I wasn’t there to do anything.

Kanaya smirked. “Well just know that I doubt they’ll be angry at you. You’re were looking after some of Tammy’s family members and no one knew how for Twisted Judith was going to go.”

That name made me break some of the gift flowers in my hand. “Oh! Darn it.”

“It’s alright,” said Kanaya concern. “Just put the flowers over there and take a seat. Tammy’s lucky though that UWF’s mostly shows in her hometown. I think UWF’s only came to my hometown twice this year.”

“Yeah.” I didn’t know what exactly to say though. I had never seen someone this wrecked.

“You alright?”

“What?” I blurted. “I’m fine, but shouldn’t I be asking you that.”

“Maybe, but I’m glad knowing me and Tammy will be out in two or three weeks. You though look pretty down.”

“Shouldn’t I be? I just watched my two best friends get clubbed with a baseball bat by a psycho!”

“That is understandable… But don’t do anything crazy at No return. Just aim for beating Twisted Judith, nothing more.”

“Nothing more? Getting a three count isn’t going to be enough to make her regret what she’s done.”

“It’s how we always settle things in Pro-wrestling. When we go into that ring, we go in as pro-wrestlers using skill and strategy, not as brawling animals.”

She was right… But I couldn’t see myself wrestling with someone like her. I maybe never been in a real fight, but that was about to change. “Sorry… But she’s a menace and needs to be put in her place.”

“Then just aim to get the three-count or submission.”

“I’m aiming to bludgeon her head enough to not only knock her out but make her realise what she shouldn’t have done.”

“Look Elsandra, there’s a lot more to this match than what you think. This match could change Ultimate wrestling federation.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“Your no disqualification match with Lolli Cute is universally acclaimed and is higher rated than all your other matches, even the match against all three Pride sisters. There are claims that the reason that is is because it was so much more violent.”


“No Return is the most violent Pay-per-view and it attracts the most blood-hungry fans to the event. Already from the applause from the crowd, you’re looking at a good rating. Problem is if it ends up as a rating so high than all your other matches and was more of a plain catfight of you and Twisted Judith tearing the heck out of each other, everyone will start making the diva matches like that. It’ll sacrifice skill and finesse with just two girls trying to hurt each other as much as they can.”

“I don’t think I carry that much influence Kanaya. You’re sort of making a big deal out of something you don’t know whether it’ll happen or not.”

“When I was a little girl, my favourite wrestling show was Max to the limit wrestling. It had the best feuds and characters. My favourite wrestler was Ricky Alberto known for his technical style. However a feud ignited between Garbet Jin and Kurt Blaze erupted when Kurt tried to steal Garbet’s girlfriend. It had been a feud like no other. The two had been made to only argue about their dispute on-screen to entertain the audience. However the people were only concerned with the brutal matches that were really just fights that spill across the arena. It finally ended when Kurt Blaze left MLW when Garbet’s girlfriend refused to leave him.”

“And what happened after that?”

“People started demanding for another feud. They became disinterested in every other feud, from Paul Henderson’s defiant attempt to win the title again to even Ricky Alberto trying to beat Anaconda once more. All those things use to be the highlight of MLW, but all people could think about was the feud between Garbet and Kurt Blaze. In other for the company to get ratings and wrestlers to stay relevant, they gave into those demands. Hardcore stipulations started being put in place more frequently and wrestlers inflicted monstrous things onto each other just to riley them up which caused fierce and violent matches. It was never about the feuds or the people anymore. Ricky Alberto had even forgone his technical style and would more use a chair to split his opponent’s head open than grapple them. MLW had been renamed to Hardcore blood wrestling, even though it didn’t have much to do with wrestling anymore.”

It was an awful thought. Although I had never heard of Max to the limit wrestling, I had heard of Hardcore blood wrestling, an awful company that indeed treat their pro-wrestlers more like gladiators. However I had a feeling we’d go down that road either way with Twisted Judith.

“Sorry Kanaya. Although I can see your point that all the other divas might try to make their wrestling matches more violent to get more attention, I’m not going to let that hold me back from returning the favour to Twisted Judith.”

“Don’t you see you don’t need to? Me and Tammy just want you to win the match, win it like a diva, we don’t want to see you like a monster like Judith.”

Sh-she had a point. Was there really a need to act like one? Images flashed back to that scene though. That menacing delight as she struck Tammy and Kanaya again and again. When I removed my hand from my face, I looked at the damage she had done to Kanaya.

“Yeah… Well I need to be one if I’m to make it clear that Twisted Judith can’t get away with that.”

“If that match ends up with huge ratings because of its violence, Twisted Judith will become more popular and put into more matches whether she wins or loses.”

“So long as she regrets what she gets, I don’t care.”

“But we do!” Kanaya snapped. “Do you want divas smashing me and Tammy up each week so they can get you riled up for the next PPV’s violent match? Do you want me and Tammy to get into feuds just as fierce that ends with us in a cage?”

“I-I-.” I stuttered. No one else would dare do that though, only Twisted Judith, but I felt Kanaya would have an answer to that to. She really was this smart. “Y-you’re right.” I submitted.

“Good.” Kanaya relaxed and gave her smirk. “Now win that match. Win it the way Twisted Judith won’t like and it may end up burying her career.”

“Okay.” I made no promise though.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:01 pm

< Lookielookielookie! I made'd my own avatar weeeeee! But I'll miss Tootie~

Awwwww~ I feel so bad for Elsandra. Judith deserves getting her head bashed in, but doing so would kill everything Elsandra's worked foooor~

XD Love how Kanaya is all perky and wise even when she's half-mummified. Must be hopped up on pain meds. XDDDD

Judith's a fun villian though. Lolli was just annoying. Judith's brutal. XD

The crap Henry lets slide to keep ratings up. He's gotta have a personality disorder or something. DX Like, Antisocial or Histrionic. He's gonna hurt him own self one of these days.

And Bill Yanks is such a sweetheart. Sounds like a huge thundering teddy bear. XDDDDD
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:06 pm

I'm going to miss Tootie as well, but it is better to have your own made avatar. Plus this one is marvellous, the glow effects are amazing on that pumpkim and don't get me started on the shade, it's a really well designed avatar.

Great that Judith is serving the role as villain, she is meant to be the sadistic heel, one heel that is missing from today's WWE.

But it's also to do with Henry hoping that Elsandra will make her regret getting her cage match with Elsandra.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:18 pm

Haaaaah~ It's myself in Mini Mandy Cosplay. I'm so clever. XD

Wonder if I'll feel bad about badmouthing Judith once she gets her ass kicked like I did with Lolli? I'm a softie with villains when it comes down to it. XDDD
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