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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Sigment » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:52 pm

Had a feeling it was going somewhere in that direction. Wasn't expecting it to be a seal, though. An interesting entry, I like this.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:18 pm

Selkie actually, they're quite a popular myth amongst the Scottish isles :grin:
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:43 pm

Okay, continuing my draft that's twice as long as the previous, but here introduces the third and last character that's focused on.


I stroked my fingers across the steel tip of my feather pen. It was the only thing of real interest as the other politicians had only just now entered the assembly and sat down amongst the desks shaped to form a semi-circle around the platform.

“Evening Leo Vandorf,” bumbled Henry taking a seat next to me. The man looked like a mess. His official red robe was ruffled and his skin was pale, but then for about every ten politicians here, one looked no better than him. He rubbed his hands. “Apologies if I look like a mess,” he chittered. “It-it’s to do with the rough nights.”

“Troubled I take it?”

“Isn’t everyone?”

I grinned. “Almost.” I was excited.

My grin sunk soon as I saw my arch-rival, Jonathan Creen. I was hoping that bearded beer-gutted sod with his lanky arms would’ve fallen down a flight of stairs instead of appearing here. Just the sight of him almost made me lose my excitement, almost.

The president, Aiden Vaul of the council came forth onto the stage platform, wearing his signature diamond-shaped hat and great red robes. He took his place at the stand and then checked us all with his gaze.

“I don’t think I need to make sure everyone’s here.” He cleared his throat. “I think we all know why we are here as wll, but I will brief anyways to make sure that we all have our facts straightened.” He looked at his papers. “On the seventh day of Anvil, Albert Anton had led our forces to repel Utaea anarchists from our lands, making it clear that the Brundasia republic has no interest in sharing their ideologies.” He turned the page over. “Three phases or eighteen days to be precise, Albert Anton had declared an expedition and without government consent he had marched deep into the unexplored lands of Utaea.” He folded away his paper. “I will allow Fred Langdon to proceed.”

The man stood up as if ready to receive a medal. “After eight phases of not hearing from Albert Anton and our forces, I had selected ten Godlikes to adventure and find out what happened. To our disappointment, I was informed that my expedition had followed a trail of bodies belonging to Albert’s own forces, which had stretched miles until we had found the site of, what I was told, had been a battle though was more like a graveyard. A story had told that our forces had been disorientated and disorganised when they were attacked and the battle was almost one-sided. I was then saddened as I took the burden to inform-.”

“Thank you,” cutted Vaul. It was clear the man was disappointed that Langdon wasn’t somewhat more humble, but what did you expect. The president composed himself. “Now we are all saddened to have heard the loss of men so great and so many, but we are here as a council to deal with the issue that the expedition cost us more than eighty-percent of our army and has left us vulnerable to foreign invaders that we need to come up with a fast solution, in other words we need more Godlikes, but how.”

Here it comes. One man already bounced to his feet.

“We should draft men, force them to walk the Road of power.”

“Are you crazy!” blurted another. “Your willpower needs to be strong and to have dedication to walk the Road of power. If we take away men’s lives, let alone men who don’t have the right stuff, the Road of power will become a cattle drive.”

“Well what do you suggest then?”

“We romanticize the Road of power, tell them of the honours and glory that waits and remind them what the power of god can accomplish.”

“That won’t work,” spat another. “We can lure men all we want to walk the road, but once they realise it isn’t so romanticized, they will become miserable and ineffective soldiers that will drive others away and let Enochi essence kill them.”

“Have we tried perhaps providing services that would help people cope while they train like mentors and try to make things more luxurious?”

“And waste resources!” snapped someone else. “That idea doesn’t even sound like it could work either.”

I had heard enough squawking now. I slapped the table and stood up. “I think we all agree that there is no way that we are able to get men to take the Road of power and become Godlikes! All the men bold and fearless enough to walk through the risks and suffer the price are either all dead or have already taken it.”

“So what are you suggesting?” asked Creen, calling me out. The man didn’t bother to stand up; he just slouched in his chair amused.

I smiled, it was going just like in my dream, except Creen wasn’t in his underwear. “We go to the only people we haven’t thought up yet that could walk the Road of power and survive it.” I couldn’t take off the grin I had. “Women.”

An eruption of laughter and outrage was thrown against me like an angry tsunami. One of the few who didn’t join in was Vaul, who just gave a face of pure disgust.

He thumped the table silencing the room and glared at me.

“I will not have jokes while discussing a serious issue, Leo Vandorf.”

“My, who would in their right minds joke about something like that indeed?” I pressed my hands against the table and leaned over. “I’m not joking president.”

The outbursts began again, but were silenced more assertively by Vaul, whose face had glowed red. “Such a ludicrous idea! Women!”

“Not so ludicrous actually. We need people willing to become Godlikes don’t we? The only people left are women. However they haven’t been allowed.”

“Of course they’re not allowed!” shouted someone else a few rows behind me. “They’re not allowed to do anything but house chores! Because it’s the only thing they can be trusted to do!”

“He’s right, Leo,” snarled Vaul. “Women are unpredictable, stupid things that we have kept in the shadows of our society, for it is one of the reasons we are superior to every other society. To have them take such a responsible role would be dealing more harm than good.”

I hoped he would say that. “We’ve never allowed women to take up being Godlikes so how do you know that’s true or no.” Vaul’s face pulled back, now I had him. “Yes, women are stupid, but surely they can be taught how to swing a sword and who not to attack and yes they’re unpredictable, but we’ve kept them under control since the founding of our society.” Politicians looked at each other struck.

“But to make them godlikes!” snapped a politician. “That would be able to make them have the ability to kill us all.”

I almost laughed; this was going just as I wanted. “Women have always had the ability to kill us all. They could just as well knife us in our bedroom, they could poison our food or they could just as well push us down a flight of stairs. Trust me, it would be that easy for them, but they are that stupid. When they start wielding the power of a god, they won’t know what do with it and will need us to tell them to do with it, because they won’t be able to process what they should be doing afterwards. Do you really think women don’t run away as often because we guard them that well? No. Women are too dumb to realise just how impossible to realise the grip we have over them. They stay in the houses we keep them in because they have no sense of ambition or real desire.”

I looked at Creen, but it was a different politician who eventually stood up, odd.

“My wife’s constantly trying to get into what goes on in this room and coming up with silly suggestions as if she thinks she’s a politician all of a sudden. You call that a lack of desire?”

“I call that boredom. Women get bored like we do. They find hobbies like knitting and cleaning, it’s harmless I assure you.”

“What about them being unpredictable?” asked another Politician.

“They only unpredictable if we don’t keep control over them, otherwise our houses would’ve been burnt down.” Why hadn’t Creen challenged me yet over these imbeciles? The man was just sitting there, relaxed
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:29 am

Okay, didn't look over it again as Fridays are always a busy time and just trying to roll out this story while I have plenty of momentum go. So yes, back to Abigail.


This was humiliating! I was being dragged by a two thugs by a feckin’ leash tied to a collar around my neck across the market street, with dozens of people walking by.

“Would you stop being such awkward,” grouched Phil waiting on me and his two lackeys. “I allow you to go outside and you repay me by causing a spectacle?”

“I meant on my own without a stupid leash! Who does that?”

“You know females are prohibited from setting foot outside. As for the leash, you keep running off and causing trouble, so what do you expect me to do?”

“How about not acting like such an arrogant minded jerk!” I grabbed onto one of the wooden-stall posts. I risked having my head pulled off, but anything to get back at Phil and make my point.

“Sigh, was if a woman I married or a cow.”

Okay that was as much as I was going to take. I purposely slipped go of them post and splatted into the dirt. It was painful, but it was worth it to spot Phil’s thugs fall and collide into him.

Spectators laughed until a bark silenced everyone.

Rolling up, I saw moving through the crowd, were dogs in armoured uniforms. One them walked up to me baring its teeth while the others gathered around Phil. One barked to him as he was wiping himself.

“No-no, everything’s alright dog, just keep moving.”

The dogs made one a sniff of us, then their pack leader parked the patrol kept on moving. How these things were so easy to train and yet unable to understand they were being jerks was beyond me.

On my feet again, but Phil gripped my collar and forced are heads only an inch part. His teeth were bared just as wide as the dog that was in my face before.

“I am trying to make things work, but this stupid want for more independence is becoming-.”

“Having trouble there Phil,” chuckled that familiar voice. It was Henry walking out of the crowd, the man who was beaten by Phil in an auction to marry me. It almost made me glad I was married to Phil, otherwise it would’ve been Henry.

“How about you move it along Henry?” suggested Phil.

“Seriously,” laughed Henry. “She looks like she knocked out both your friends.”

He was half right, the two thugs looked as if they banged their heads together when the landed, but were slowly getting back up.

“Trust me, I’m managing fine Henry. My men just slipped is all?”

“But your wife’s on a leash!” He bawled.

“Well everyone worries how they’re women are stupid enough to stray off while walking them and you just can’t keep your eyes on them. So me and Abigail are just introducing a way that might stop that.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to explain it at a meeting or actually selling it?” He put his hand on Phil. “Look, don’t be embarrassed if you can’t control her. Her father told me just as well what a monster she can be, if he hadn’t I would’ve been the one to outbid you. She’d be better off joining the army to become a Godlike.”

Phil laughed. “Has your mind gone ludicrous or something Henry? What a preposterous thing.”

Henry cocked his head. “You probably think that because you missed this morning announcement trying to get your new invention on your wife.”

“What?” We both gaped.

The two glanced at me annoyed, but continued. “Yesterday an act was passed to allow women to join Leo Vandorf’s military force, so long as they became Godlikes.”

“Have they gone insane!?” Phil stamped the ground. “Women becoming Godlikes! We may as well start wrecking everything women are going to be doing it anyways! I can’t really believe this.”

“Believe it. They’ve set up a recruitment post in the town square.”

“Let’s go!” I bawled

Phil cranked to face me. “Where!”

“I want to join.”

“You can’t possibly mean.”

“Yes I want to become a Godlike! I want to actually be able to do something.”

He paced up to me. “Women are supposed to do nothing, you are supposed to do nothing, but be my wife.”

“I’m through being trapped in houses! I want to go out into the world where there’s a better place for women.”

“A better place!” laughed both Henry and Phil. “Did you not hear? The military is only allowing space for women to become Godlikes and that is not better place.”

“It’s an actual choice though and I want to take that choice.”

“Phil why are you actually trying to reason with her.”

Phil sighed. “I honestly don’t know. I may as well be talking to a mule to be honest.”

I growled. “Just who is holding my leash by the way?”

The thugs had only just recovered to notice that, while I bolted.

“Get back here!” screamed Phil.

“Forget it!”

I knew I wouldn’t be able to outrun his two hollow head goons, but I wouldn’t be able to slip pass this crowd just as easily. I ducked and weaved as fast almost like butter, it wasn’t the first time I did something like this.

I made my way into the denses part of the street then slipped in through the alleyways, that was when I heard the angry sound of dogs yapping.

They slipped out through the crowd’s feet and came straight for me. There was going to be no way I could outrun them, but dogs couldn’t climb. I leapt up and managed to grab a second story window sill and pulled myself up just as dog tried to bite my ankle.

I scrambled onto and across the triangle tiled roofs. It felt impossible doing this, finding gaps to fit my fingers in so I could get across. I needed to do this though, I needed to do the impossible to try and change things. I wanted to become a Godlike, I wanted to be anything besides a housewife. All my life I was trapped in my room, only being let out to do chores or listen to whose ever complaints, it’s not what I wanted, I wanted to be free and this was my only chance.

Something wrenched me up by the wrist. I found myself hanging like a toy in front of an heavily armoured soldier. He was balanced on the top of the roof almost effortlessly. Was he a Godlike?

“Just what are you doing?” He then gripped my leash. “And what the heck is this doing on you.”

“Hallo, you!” We looked down and saw Phil and friends looking up at us. “Yes! She’s mine; bring her down to me if you could?”

Glad he didn’t call me his wife.

I found myself back on the streets and the dogs coming right for me.

“Easy! Easy!” shouted the soldier. “I’ve got it! Just get back to your patrolling!”

The dogs slinked away, eyeballing me.

“Take it you were able to control the situation sir Roger?” The crowd made way for this tall, handsome and what seemed to be dashing gentleman. He wore red robes with black trims, showing he was a senator.

“Leo Vandorf,” gasped Phil and Henry.

“I was senator. I apprehended this women climbing on the roofs. This man claims she is his.”

“Is that so?” Leo paced over to Phil whose knees were shaking, always liked that look on him. “Name?”

“Um Phil?”

“Why was this…” He glanced back at my collar. “Woman of yours climbing on the roofs?”

“Well, she’s my wife for a start.” He tug his shirt anxiously. “She was trying to get away and hid up on the roofs.”

Roger looked up and then back at me. “I find it hard to believe a woman’s capable of such a thing. She was barely managing to make it across.”

“I did climb up there!” What was he suggesting anyways?

Leo rolled his eyes up at the roof and then back at me. “Where were you running off to?”

“T-to the-.” Why could I feel my heart beating? “To the place where women are being recruited to become Godlikes.”

“Is that so?” He turned around. “May as well escort you there.”

“What!” shouted Phil. “No, she’s my wife.”

Leo raised his eyebrow and faced him, Phil had immediately lost his outrage. “Once she signs the documents, she no longer will be.”

“But she is right now though,” spoke up Henry.

“The law explains that it’s up to the woman, not the man or anyone that has jurisdiction over her, including daughters that belong to a senator, for example.” He stepped up to Phil. “At most you can say one last thing to your wife before she’s taken away.”

Phil twitched. He moved pass Leo and regained his anger when he came face-to-face with me. “Good riddens.” And stormed off with his friends behind him, the thugs seemed relieved.

“Now that that’s settled, shall let’s go and get some papers signed.”

Roger lowered me back down. “Let me just remove this.” He ripped off my collar. Thank goodness. I was able to rub my neck. “Come on now.”

I followed tensely. Was this real? Had I really been saved, was my life really about to change? For the better? It was like a dream. Looking at Leo. Was he the saviour of my dreams.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:16 pm

I still remembered this place.

Stepping into my old home, I still recalled as Mason showed me in. He was so kind and gentle with me, almost as if I were a lamb that strolled in. What followed then could only be described as a dream.

I wandered into the lounge room and saw the couch where we snuggled together. It took a while, but I could feel the warmth and safety that curled over me, like a protective dome from all the world’s troubles.

Walking into the corridors, it was the first area I decided to clean, they were always easiest. My husband caught me and just when I thought I was in trouble, he pulled out and mop and bucket and began helping me. We worked just as well together as one mind to have the house cleaned in but one day.

Up through the stairs and into the bedroom, I pushed open the door and there was my old bed. He would tell me our bright future and we would talk about the children we would’ve had. Most of all, it was where we showed are true feelings for each other. At first I held back, uncertain if this was marriage, but then I didn’t care that nothing held me back from showing the love that Mason had gained.

My father clapped my shoulder. “He was a good husband.” I could tell he stared at men. “And he wouldn’t have wanted you to do this.”

“Mason had no equal love for his country.” Perhaps not even equal to me. When I began to leave, I remembered how Mason left me for the banner of his country. “He fought for it and without him; I will fight in his stead.”

“Mason has members of his family that now fight on his behalf, he has his cousin-.”

“This isn’t about him father, it’s about me. I want to repay the love and kindness he gave me, with my blood. I want to give the same level of det-.” I heard my father’s hardbreathing. I realised I cut his sentence, something a woman should never do.

He stomp down the steps and when I braced myself, I felt his hand press against my head. “Mason truly was a different sort of man. It makes me wonder if I could ever remarry you.”

I needed to catch my breath. Clenching the bannister, I realised how Mason had truly changed me. He had made me a person who was alive. A person who could express herself and tell someone how she wanted to be treated; no man had ever done that, probably no man ever would.

“Are you alright Wendy?”

“I-I’m fine.” I recomposed myself and step down and then out the door.

“Hold it there!” snapped a city patroller. He had his halberd ready. “Y-.”

“Back off!” barked my father, he growled like a lion.

“Oh! Um captain Ironsault!” The soldier’s steel-cap knees struck together like pebbles. He gave a further gibberish response.

“Off with you!” he snarled, he took a step forward as if ready to chase him and the soldier scattered like a frightened chick.

I couldn’t help being scared at how fearsome my father could be either. I had lost my breath again, clenching my chest. My father had boasted how some men had fainted in fear of his infamous Iron roar. I could imagine it.

My father took a moment, but then patted me. “Don’t worry. The man was probably just making sure the other women weren’t getting ideas related to that nuisance we spotted earlier.”

That nuisance, yes the one we saw earlier where this woman or miscreant was running through the streets. It was women like them that gave females a bad name. It was why we were kept in the shadows. It was because there was women like them who looked to cause trouble and do these stupid things. If they had just behaved I wouldn’t have had to have waited for this moment.

“Alright, well you know that once you sign, you can leave before you become a Godlike. But afterwards, you can see about contacting me if you need help. You’ll be under Leo Vandorf’s chain of command. I have no idea what his men are like, but I’m assured they are obedient and most of them are respectable. If one of them are making things hard, hopefully they’ll be one that will report to me and I’ll straighten things out.”

There was doubt that would even be possible, my Father even knew that. He had prepared me my whole childhood for the harshness of society, for that was the way it had learnt to treat women.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:56 pm

The last woman of the day finished signing her name. Although her face showed gloom coldness, I could tell by the fast scribbles of her writing, she was anxious to get this over. Another escapee, no doubt. When she stabbed the dot, she eagerly gave back the feather pen.

Conner’s hand shadowed over and took the writing utensil and paper. He then leaned back on his chair, slithering his fingers around the paper edge.

“Congrats...” He scanned the paper. “Naomi Fellheart, you are now a part of the military. We can either retrieve you at your home or can go to the barracks now so long as you have given your guardian time for last goodbyes.”

“I would-.”

“Hallo!” A new woman in a torn dress came rushing over. “I’d like to sign up!” She stopped beside Naomi winded. “If it’s not too late.”

“No,” I spoke smoothly. “Sign, by all means.”

“Selena! No!” How nice, they know each other. The woman took the pen Conner gave and begun writing. “Are you crazy?”

“I don’t want to be left alone Naomi, not without you.”

The gloomy girl was becoming more of an angry girl as she watch Selena already fill in the form and handed it back to Conner.

“Congrats, Felina Fellheart.” slithered Conner leaning back in his seat again. “You’ve also become a part of the military. Would you like return home or go back to the barracks if your guardian has already given his goodbyes.”

The girl gripped her arm. “Well-.”

“We’d like to just head to the barracks,” sneered Naomi.

“You sure?” asked Roger suspiciously.

“Yes,” snapped Naomi.

“Then where is your escort?” The women were startled. “All women must have an escort if outside.”

“Well-,” cringed Naomi.

“This was as far as our escort was willing to take us,” said Felina. “Sh- I mean he was rather busy.”

The sergeant gave a suspicious glance.

“That’s alright.” I nudged my head and the military hound jumped up. “Brutus will escort you back while we clean up here.”

“Th-thank,” stuttered both girls and eagerly followed the dog with their heads down.

That should be the last of them,” groaned Roger unhappy.

Conner finished counting through the forms. “There are roughly only twenty-three entries here.”

“That’s not going to be close enough to fill a regiment,” snipped Roger.

“But it will do.” It was what I had estimated after all. It would take society a while to realise I was doing it a favour and this projected wasn’t so controversial. “It’s a good start.”

“That’s assuming men won’t want their wives back,” murmured Roger.

I glared at Roger until Conner’s chair front chair feet knocked the floor.

“Pardon him, senator, Roger had no idea what he was saying. He’s new to this after all.”

True, the man was only was quite a sheltered child raised by only a father, lucky him.

The sergeant seemed to only now realise his mistake. “Apologies senator. I-I was only concerned of what that man might do to retrieve his wife that we apprehended on the streets. He seemed quite upset with us.”

I smirked. Pacing over, I clapped his shoulder and spoke. “You have no need to worry. That man will have realised we have taken from him a burden and will move onto a wife less…” What was the best word. “Horrid.”

“Excuse me?” baffled Roger. The sergeant then took account of my glare. “I-I’m sorry sir. But why are we letting into the military if she, as you say, is horrid.”

I took a deep, discomforting breath, then smiled. “Where else do you think these women belong?” My mind flashed of the memories of one of these women approaching him in his own home. “The ones that try to destroy our laws and cause grievousness.” The woman had restrained me and threw me into a sack. “They’re unpredictable and violent.” When I was out, I was surrounded by them and the things they did to me that was cruel and horrible. “They belong on the field, away from the pain they inflict upon our society.” I only now saw the shocked look on Roger’s face.

The sergeant shook his head. “Apologies sir, but our standard military conduct requires disciplined and warriors that can follow orders.”

Who said anything about warriors?

“Allow me to explain,” stuttered Conner, the man who had recommended Roger Falony. “Society is fragile at the moment Roger. Before we had enough soldiers and dogs to spare to patrol the streets to make sure such women kept in line. But now with we barely have few to spare and with the increasing number of women breaking our laws, we should have them at a much closer eye and have their energy put into become Godlikes and training to be a soldier.”

Conner had quite the silver tongue. It was one reason I liked the man, but it made me concern how much he could twist the truth.

As for Roger, the man glanced at me and back at Conner, then nodded. “Thank you for explaining. You show more reasons why my uncle trusts you and why you are a worthy lieutenant to our senator.” His eyes were on me again. The lieutenant swished his head back and forth. “Apologies, senator.”

“Not a problem.” But I concerned if there will be a problem. Roger didn’t seem convinced of the evil of women, however perhaps becoming more directly involved to see it for himself might help. “How about I assign you to the regiment, to give Lieutenant Conner a hand.”

The sergeant looked as if he was about to burst and looked back at Conner. The man seemed to have great admiration for the lieutenant, I wonder why. “Thank you senator,” he told me.

“No problem.” Looking back across the street, I saw a woman displayed up on the gallows heavily chained. She had more hair around her head as any animal had fur and was somehow distilling has any beast could be. A woman of her true colours. “Lieutenant, have we tried recruiting that one by the way?”

It took Conner a moment to respond. “Apologies lieutenant, we have not. But for good reason,” he said. “That one is to be executed. Women who are to be executed are no more than wild animals who need to be put down.”

Isn’t that what we were doing.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:17 pm

Spotting the morning sunshine shine through the window, I jumped out of bed. This was the first day and I was promised to see the other girls. Other girls I’d get a chance to talk to, well I was already getting a chance to talk to two other girls, but something awkward seemed to be going on between the two.

Turning around, one of them was sleeping in one end of the wooden barrack room in the bottom bunk with her back turned to me. I then looked at the other girl who had been told to sleep in the other side of the room. She was sleeping under the cover, just like she had been all night.

I felt myself pace towards her, my heart racing. This was my first opportunity to speak to another woman without any men keeping an eye on me, a chance to express myself, I had to take it.

“Ha-hallo.” She shuffled underneath the cover. “A-are you awake.” She shuffled underneath the cover. “Are you alright.”

“What do you want,” she sniffled.

“J-just to talk.”

“About what?”


The girl poked out from underneath the cover. Her hair was a mess, her face red and her mouth quivering.

“Please don’t look at me like that?”

“S-sorry.” I stepped back. I tried to think of what to say, where to start? “My, uh name is Abigail.”

The girl studied me. “Felina.”

“So um.” I clapped my hands behind my back and scratched the floor with my boot. “Do you know the other girl over there?”

She curled her head away. “Sort of.”

“How? Are you sisters?”


How could you get any closer?

The door slammed open. It was Roger, he marched in. “Right, the other…” He paused, thinking. “Female troopers, I guess, are out in the yard.”

Was he looking at me in my PJs? I covered myself!

“What are you doing!” gasped Felina.

I only just realised I sat myself next to her with the bed sheets over me. Awkward.

The sergeant he covered his helmet visors. “But the fact that you’re three aren’t even dressed yet I’ll give you a little more time.” He reserved into the door frame and then cluttered out. I then heard him curse as he hit the floor outside.

“Sorry,” I panted jumping out. She was still bright red.

“I-it’s alright.”

The other girl had only just got out of bed and was already changing.

“Hallo,” I murmured, hope she hadn’t seen that.

She didn’t respond however.

Felina tapped my shoulder. “I’d just leave her. Naomi’s sort of…” She shrugged. “Closed off.”

“Oh?” I looked back at her. I had imagined that other girls would be excited to meet.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:51 pm

This might have been rushed in the end, but it is only a draft for my comic after all.


I stood in what was perhaps the worst square formation that had ever been. The lieutenant kept wandering back and forth, trying to align the women who acted like nothing more than clueless geese, needing him to actually put them in place like a plant. Whenever there was a new entry that had to be insert in order by name, he had to begin all over again. He thus far didn’t have to come back to me.

“You know what!” screamed the lieutenant. “Forget the square! Just sit down all of you! We’ll try it again next time so I don’t have to deal with this foolishness!” He flapped his arms as he stamped to the front. “Women are so dumb!”

More women, one by one strolled into the sand yard escorted by either men or dogs. The most interesting so far was this scruffy girl that was firmly built and smug. She was being dragged by this brutish man with a golem face.

“See here soldier!” barked the grim man. “My daughter signed those papers without my permission. She’s here to tell you that. Tell her you didn’t have my permission little lady!”

“She did not need permission,” sighed the lieutenant. He had already gone through this a few times today, even having to order to guardians that didn’t bring their women to go and get them. “The decision to join the military to become Godlikes is strictly within their power.”

Did that girl just stick her tongue out at her Father!

The man shook his head and snapped. “This-This is a conspiracy! You! You! Politicians! I remember when this nation use to be a democracy! It was so much better as a democracy!”

“Oh shut up bonehead!”

Every one of us gasped. Some of us having to clench our chests.

“This is the gratitude I get!” He pointed at her. “I raised you, sheltered and put up with your insolent behaviour! You can just go ahead and join this-.”

“Sir,” interrupted the lieutenant. “I believe you’ve said enough last words. So you may leave her.” The man shook once more than stormed out with his daughter making a gesture at him. The lieutenant snatched it. “As for you, that’ll be last time you will ever act inappropriately.”

“You sure?” She stuck her tongue out at him. What was she?

The lieutenant gritted. “Good work missy, you’ve just made your life here a whole lot harder.” He threw her hand back.

“Oh I’m so scared.”

“Just sit down for now, Tania.”

I kept my eyes on that girl until I watched her sit down amongst the other females a few rows from where I was sitting. She made sure to have some extra distance from the other girls.

“Hey,” whispered someone behind me. She was a girl in her late teens with a chirpy face, groomed hair and what looked to be a very expensive dress of jewellery and rare dyed colours. What was someone like her doing here? “My names Emily, but my parents sometimes call me ‘Mily’.”

“Quiet back that!” barked the lieutenant. “You may only speak if off-duty or strictly given permission to do so, so shut up.”

Everyone heard the sound of Tania whistling. She wasn’t speaking, but she was in trouble. The lieutenant gritted, reining his anger before dealing with her. Things simmered however when we caught the rattles of chains.

Escorted by a lightly armoured soldier and a pack of dogs was a girl with her hands and feet cuffed. She had wild clump of hair over her face and a thicker body than all the other girls here and was particularly dirty.

“The girl was meant to be unchained,” mentioned the lieutenant. He was rather smug now as he could sense Tania challenged by this girl. The soldier crept up to the lieutenant and whispered to him. “Of course I can handle her!” screamed the officer. “Now unchain the girl or I’ll be putting you in chains for disobeying an act and an officer.” The soldier sprang to it, undoing the girl’s chains and then anxiously skittering off with his dogs behind him. “Now take a seat,” sneered the lieutenant intentionally pointing near Tania. The girl approached there as if still in chains and took her place. “That just makes the girls in the barrack.” He became unsettled. “What is Roger doing with them.”

“Apologies sir!” shouted Roger just in time. He came out of one of the many block buildings with three other girls behind him. “There was a delay!”

“I don’t care! Just get these girls sat down.”

“Aren’t they meant to be in a square?”

“Just sit them down!”

They didn’t need Roger to help them do something as simple as that. As I studied the girls that had chosen to stay at the barracks over one more night with their family, I cringed as I recognised one.

She was that girl I saw bolting through the market street. I could recognise that scruffy hair and those dangerous eyes. There was something about her that made me feel uncomfortable that I need to hold my chest to try and stay calm.

“That’s everyone then,” sighed the lieutenant relieved. “Right, I am Lieutenant Conner and this is sergeant Roger. We both are you commanding officers. You have no higher authority besides General Kurt Fringe and Senator Leo Vandorf. Other officers may only authority over you so long as their orders do not come into conflict with ours or the military code of conduct.”

“Just get on with this,” moaned Tania.

“You will remain quiet while the lieutenant is speaking!” yelled the sergeant; he was returned with a tongue sticking out.

The soldier paced forward, but he was blocked by the lieutenant’s arm. “Words and physical violence isn’t going to solve her.” The sergeant hesitated, but then stepped back. That girl had honestly gotten herself into a lot of trouble. “Now, you are here to become Godlikes and may leave until you actually do become Godlikes. Before we can think of letting you try, you must all go through preparation and proper training. Therefore you will be moved to the armoury where you will be suited up. Then you will report to priest Henry who will help with mental preparations.” He scanned us all. “Have I made myself clear?” We all made weary nods. “Good now move out.”

We had entered the armoury. It was nothing but empty racks and shelves though.

“What gives?” asked that girl, the one from the market.

“Apologies.” The sergeant pushed a cart in. It was full of armour. “The smiths had only finished crafting this armour today, so we’ve received it just now. Now hurry up and get suited.”

We preceded to gather around the cart and pick out pieces of equipment.

“This doesn’t look right,” spoke the girl from the market. “There’s no helmets or leggings in here.”

“These pauldrons are also roughly three times smaller than regular ones,” mentioned a girl with glasses and short blonde hair. “Some of this armour is made out of leather instead of steel, like the gloves and boots.”

“That’s because this is custom women armour made,” replied the soldier. “Which is why it only got crafted today.”

“Why do we need custom armour?”

“Just put it on.”

“What if we don’t want to put it on?” snickered Tania.

“Then I’ll force it on.”

Tania laughed, but she stuck her hand into the cart. She pulled out a glove, but holding the end of it was the unchained girl. Everyone focused on the two as the started off. Tania twisted her face, while the other girl was unmoved.

“Let go!” She snatched it out of her. Afterwards the two continued to square off until the unchained girl went to look for another glove. Slowly the room began digging for armour again.

The sergeant looked on, but as girls started getting ready to change, the officer turned away. “I won’t be too far you hear me, so be sure to not cause any further disturbance and report to me outside when you’re done.”

After he left, the girls became more geese like as if wondering what to do without a male keeping an eye on them. I hated this regiment.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:55 pm


I sat in my officer passing one of my desk ornaments back and forth between my hands while Henry was hunched in his chair like a hen.

“So um,” quivered Henry the coward. “Why is it that you have invited me?”

I needed a while to take in what he just said. My concentration was between him and the ornament. “Oh, just restless I guess.”

“About what?”

I laughed. “The results!”


The ornament crashed onto the floor. Henry you imbecile, I was tempted to make that broken ornament you. “About the women,” I sneered. “How I am changing the way I treat them.”

“The women?” The man gibbered. “I-I, isn’t it dangerous to-to.”

“What Henry, speak it out. Wait, never mind.” I know what he was going to say. It made my blood boil. I relaxed back on my chair. “I think I just need to explain things a little more slowly to you, Henry Lumas. First I’ll ask you how many men died during our most recent war with the Utaea?”

“About two-hundred thousand?”

“Aye and many more. Before so many died, it was we who outnumbered the women. But due to this catastrophic disaster, they outnumber us now and could be a matter of time until they start to revolt like the horrid creatures they are.” I started picking up the broken ornament pieces off the floor. “So, why don’t we start reducing their population, starting with the filthiest and most rotting of them, the unpredictable ones who aren’t as easily trained. Which is why I’ve made it so easy for them to walk into our hands.”

“I don’t understand,” gasped Henry. “If that was your intention all along, why didn’t you just tell that to the senate?”

“Because, how many of those stupid things would’ve joined the military then if they knew I was turning them into cattle?”

“I don’t know.” Henry shook his head. “You’ve made more political enemies this way. I think they all think the same as me, well thought the same as me, should I go around telling the truth or something.”

“No.” I took my feather pen and began playing with it. “The only ones that will have become my enemies will be the idiots, while others will just be beginning to unveil their disdain of me and one day I plan to remove them from the senate.”

Henry almost choked. “Is that a wise move? Shouldn’t- Wouldn’t it be better to make them friends.”

“It would.” I cocked my head. “But we will soon be entering an era where we either stand with each other or kill one another. Making friends would take too much time and distract me from Brundasia’s real problems.” Sadly it didn’t look like Creen wouldn’t be at the top of his list. The man was calm as a carcass at the meeting.

“If you say so. As your friend I will stay by your side Leo Vandarf.”

Why was it disgusting to hear him call me friend?

My mind faded. I found myself in a dark void and prying out from the darkness, where those luring femine hands. Not now.

“Get out!” I hissed.

“Wh-what?” echoed Henry’s voice in the void.

“Get out!” The hands were getting closer, cupped to embrace me. I wrenched them back with my thoughts. “Now!” I felt my fist break the desk in half.

“Sh-should I-.”

“Get out!” I screamed. “And close the door!”

Soon as I heard the door slam close, I searched blindly back in reality around my person, while these hands tried to choke me. My hands finally found my robes and dug inside, pulling out the mask. Fitting it over my mouth, I was finally able to fight back.

Throwing everything I should, I shoved the hands away. The black void then thundered with bang after bang until finally the darkness began to lift up.

Pacing forward towards the stairs, I looked down them and there, I saw her. Her body was twisted and mangle. Her eyes staring out daft as they always been and her mouth was frozen after trying to say something.

I wanted there to be no pity or regret in me, but I could feel my physical body threshing and screaming as if arguing that I should be feeling such things. But there wasn’t. I had no regret that at the age of ten, I put an end to my accursed mother.
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:47 pm

A mare with a light crimson mare with red pink-streak hair entered into a restaurant. She was followed by stallion, so huge, that he had to duck underneath the door. He had an light amber coat and creamy-brown mane as he stepped in.

“Fancy place he’s got here,” spoke the stallion in a Brooklyn accent. “Sure some guy who’s got something like this going for him is going to go with our proposal.”

The mare chuckled with a gentle smirk. “Have to try don’t we?”

“Doubt it, what makes you think he’ll talk to us. Bet he hasn’t even seen ponies before.”

The only customers sat down were griffons that began to take notice of them.

One of the waiters stepped out, giving a suspicious look. “Sorry, but we do not serve your kind. I will have to ask you to leave.”

“That’s alright. We just came here to talk with Gustave le Shaw.”

“I’m afraid Gustave le Shaw does not sully himself with ponies I am afraid.”

The stallion gritted, showing his hoof. “Got some nerve treat-.”

The mare separated them with her upper leg, giving a warm smirk to her brother. “Let me handle this.” She tapped her forehead then the waiter was stunned. “Sorry, but we honestly do have a meeting arranged with Gustave le Shaw.”

“Uh, so you do, I-I will seek him out, allow me to have one of the other waiters fetch you a seat.”

“May it be one nearby the window?”

“Yes, that is no problem. Fraun will get you one right now.” He snapped his claw tips and another waiter showed the pair to a table.

“I thought we weren’t meant to be using our powers, what gives?”

“There was no time to arrange another meeting with Gustave le Shaw I’m afraid.”

“Yeah right.” The stallion fell back folding his arms.

“I’m sorry. But we are in a hurry. We have others like us still to meet.”

“Bonjore mon ami.” A large griffon, not as large as the stallion, with a curly moustache sat down between them. “If I knew you were ponies, I would’ve arranged a more discreet location.”

“Take it it bothers you that you’re speaking to ponies?” grouched the stallion.

“Not at all my friend. But I do run a business.”

“We can take this meeting somewhere else more appropriate if you prefer?” offered the mare.

“No-no, nothing can be changed now I am afraid. Let us be on with the introductions shall we? I am Gustave le Shaw.” He held out his claw to the stallion, but was only returned with a pout.

“Apologies,” said the mare. “This is Joe Donut and I am his sister Cup Donut.”

“Heh, apologies, I may not be very good at telling the difference between ponies, but I know that you look nothing related.”

Joe frowned. “That’s because we’re step-siblings.”

“Oh, my apologies then, I meant no offence.”

“How about we get onto business,” suggested Cup. “I understand you have special gifts.”

“Oui, how is it that you know I have special gifts.”

“It wasn’t easy, but we found files that you were a part of a special program during the war.”

“Ah yes, I try to forget that. They were more like awful camps. I was detained in one, isolated and all alone. I could not forget the horrors. Luckily, when the war was over, the ceasefire agreement included that all camps must be shutdown, including ones that held its own civilians. I guess they thought we were more like sympathisers of the enemy side then, how you say, had special gifts. Good thing your side never looked into it.”

“May we have a sample of your special gifts Gustave le Shaw?”

“If you wish.” He inspected around them. He then proceeded to pick up a fork. Holding it up, it flared, glowing red. It soon melted. Holding up his other claw and a small red ball of energy appeared. “As you can see, I can absorb whatever and I can store it into energy.” He flicked the ball, striking the fork and melting it. “Of course, the only thing I can do with it I’m afraid is destroy.”

“Going to want to explain to the staff about the melted cutlery,” suggest Joe.

“Meh, they will not care. I have done it before a few times, trying to find other ways to make my powers contribute more towards society.”

“That is exactly what we are offering. My brother and I are trying to form an establishment where others like us with special gifts can learn to use them to further help society.”

“I see.” Gustave rubbed his beak. “Gustave le Shaw accepts then.”

“What, just like that?” blurted Joe.

“I may have it good here. But it is only a matter of time until everyone finds out that I was a part of the special program and I become an outcast. Most of us on that program had very destructive powers; a certain number could kill hundreds if they put their mind to it. So it is better I leave now when I have a welcoming opportunity rather than be chased out by a mob that I may not survive from.”

“I am very happy to hear that Gustave le Shaw you’ll join us then.” Cup extended her hoof. “Welcome to the X-Stallions.”

Gustave shock her hoof. “Eh, might want to work on the name if you’re including griffons as well.”

“We’ll be sure to. But when will you be ready to leave then. We’re sort of in a hurry if you don’t mind.”

“I will have to go inside and give my resignation and then I’ll have to go and pack my things and explain to my mother. But that will not take me long I don’t think, give me an hour.”

“An hour it is, can we wait for you at the train station?”

“You certainly can, I will be sure to make it.”

“Thank you Gustave le Shaw.”

“Please, just call me Gustave; we are all friends are we not?” He looked at the stallion, still grouching. “Well, we can work on it at least.”

The two ponies later walked out of the restaurant and back on the street.

“You should have been more friendly Joe. This is someone who is gracious to accept our help.”

“Meh, something just doesn’t strike me right about that griffon.”

“Don’t judge others Joe. It’s what we’re trying to teach.”

“No it’s what you’re trying to teach. I’m just going with this because I’m looking out for you and all that stuff.”

“Can’t just look out for me Joe. You’ve always been a caring brother. But you should learn to care for others besides me.”

“Do you have any idea what you sound like?”

“I probably don’t. But my idea is worth trying.”


“Let’s just focus shall we? We have now recruited two members on our team. That leaves one more and I want you to try a little harder at welcoming him.”

“Don’t have to tell me,” murmured Joe. “If you tell me, someone like him is way too far gone.”


A filthy yellow coated stallion with mangy orange hair wearing a battered old coat approached directly towards one of the apartments aligned across the streets, his eyes brooding at the door.

“Hold it,” barked a griffon blocking his way. He wore a military uniform. “Military activity is going on at the moment. You’re going guh!” A steel pipe was lodged through his chest, the stallion had barely moved even as the griffon dropped to the floor.

The door knob twisted and the door shot open. The stallion to paced in. He ignored the pony slump on the floor with a hole in his chest and continued up the stairs.

“Where is she?” screamed someone upstairs.

“I don’t know sir!” replied someone. “I think she got away!”

“You idiot! Do you have any idea what Matilda Stryker will do to us you utter fool!”

The stallion had reached the door and it shot open. He found two ponies and griffon all in uniforms in a torn up room.

“C-Carrot!” stuttered the griffon. They raised their weapons, but the guns were mysteriously scrunched up like paper. The griffon’s eyes were bulged. He and the other ponies reached for the sky. “Look C-Carrot, I’ll give you anything! Anything?”

Carrot advanced on them. “Can you give me back my childhood life, my mother or my father?”

“I-I could try! J-just give me a chance. Wait I have an idea where Matilda Stryker is.”

“Not good enough.”

“There has to be something!”

“How about try begging hard as I did!” sneered the stallion before the griffon. “Try to give me a sadder, more desperate look when I pleaded to be brought back to my mother and father, when I was nothing more than a filly.”

“O-okay!” squealed the griffon. He knelt down cuffing his hands crying. “Please-please spare me! Just please spare me and I swear I’ll do whatever, I promise. I never wanted to do all those horrible things, I was just serving my country!”

The other ponies were following the griffon’s lead, also begging.

“I have a kid!”

“A wife!”

Carrot leered unremorsefully. “Your nothing but monstrous filths.” Kitchen utility, pipes, bars, whatever punctured through them uniformed men. “I’ll remove you all from existence!” A couch was lifted up and over the already dead victims, it screamed. Carrot looked up at the couch curiously. Lowering it down, he ripped it open with his hooves. He was perplexed to see a blue-scaled filly with yellow eyes and red hair. “What?”

“Don’t hurt me, please.”

The brooding left Carrot and he became more relaxed. “There’s no one left to hurt you. They are all gone.” He scooped out the filly, resting her down.

The filly sniffled. “Th-they took m-my parents.”

“I am sorry I did not make it in time then.” Carrot lowered his head. He heard the filly sniffle again and looked at her. “Do you have anyone else?”

The filly rubbed her eyes. “No.”

Carrot sighed. “I guess I should look after you then until I can find out what to do.” He looked around. “Need to find a way to disguise you though.”

“Oh, I can do that!” The filly concentrated and she changed to a unicorn an ordinary white coat with light-pink hair with white steaks. “How’s this.”

Carrot gaped. “Amazing, you have the powers of shape-shifting.”

“Yeah and this is my favourite form.”

“I see. Well I am Carrot Cake, yours?”

“Fleur Dis Lee.”

“Well Fleur Dis Lee. Let’s get moving now before anyone shows up.”

“Could you carry me?” asked the filly pitifully. “I want to cover my eyes when we’re in the corridor.”

Carrot gazed. “Of course child.” He scooped her up onto his back and paced back out. As he went down, he saw the body at the entrance. “Together Fleur Dis Lee. We will change this world.”
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:13 pm

Been a while since I posted anything here. So anyways, I could've probably have done something much more valued with my time like do another page of the Story of Mizuka, but I came up with this idea. I got it from another forum that was trying to promote relations between the members and encourage more literature. Basically it's an interpretation of the forum and what goes on, imaging that if we produced our own silly little world because of it. They can be quite fun if members have established some form of identity.
To warn it hasn't been editted as the story was only really made for fun. It also only really includes me, Mad-Mutt, Sigment and Grimlylovegunner.


A clown-masked person in a green suit and top hat, carrying a bundled doll and two samurai swords slung behind his back gazed at one of the portraits in the art part of Snafu.

“Hey Obsessive Freak,” said Mad-Mutt with Sigment beside him. “Liking the new art I made.”

“Mad-Mutt!” The clown gripped Mad-Matt’s wrist and held it up. “I no longer hate your hands!”

“Which one?” asked Sigment concerned.

“The ones that he draws! Look!” The clown pointed at one of his recent artworks. “They no longer look like clumps of meat! They look like hands!”

“Uh thanks?”

“I still dislike them though, so be sure to work on them.”

“So where are you off to now anyways?” questioned Sigment.

“To find Stooie,” said Obsessive Freak marching off. “She was supposed to be putting up more of her art and I want to know if she’s found your story.”

“Wait, you mean I have a new reader?”

“Yes and she’s in the form of Stooie.”

“I may as well meet her as well then.” Sigment hurried after the freak.

“I should probably come to.” Mad-Mutt kept behind them.

They made their way to the exit, but then something crashed between them and the door. The impact shoved the three back, but they managed to hold their footing.

“What the?” yelped Mad-Mutt.

Thundering from the wreckage and smoke was some kind of brown wholly monster. It had no teeth or lips and big pan eyes and no nose or ears and had just palms for hands that made it look very unthreatening until it roared like a beast.

“I have no idea what that is,” hissed Sigment holding out his cased sword. “But that lard ass is in our way.”

The blue armoured samurai sprung at the creature at whacked with a flurry of attacks, but the creature blocked them with his arm. It then tried to swipe back at Sigment, but the samurai floated back from it.

He grinned as he flicked his sword from his sheath. “A challenge, EEEeeyah!” He flew at the creature and slashed at it with his blade. “What the heck! It’s woolly is somehow bouncing back my sword attacks.” Indeed it was, the creature parried aside each attack with its sponge hands.

“Wait! When could Sigment fly?” asked Mad-Mutt.

“He is not flying!” yelled the clown with his fist out. “He is being lifted by his passion as an artist that gravity cannot hope to hold him! Behold as I will demonstrate!” Obsessive Freak pointed his fist into the air. He paused until he tilted his head towards his doll. “What’s that dolly… Oh… that’s right, my ego is too heavy to make me think of flying that-.” Sigment was shot back into Obsessive Freak and the two bowled down the corridor until there was the sound of a bowling ball hitting against large pins followed by crashes.”

“Okay, going to ignore that.” Mad-Mutt then braced himself. “And deal with you on my own raagh!” An yellow aura ignited around Mad-Mutt, tearing at the ground and lifting up his fur. He soon began to transform, growing spikes from his back, eyes forming into a bestial shape and his biceps bulging “Behold my well of ideas and magic of my dreams that will give me the power to crush you!”

Mad-Mutt appeared in the creature’s face and wailed at him with blue glowing fists. It staggered back with each shot, until Mad-Mutt kicked it to the face, causing it to lumber back onto floor. The transformed being then yelled out and power spiralled into his hands. The gathered energy was so great that the walls around him cracked and the floor shake.

“Hope you enjoyed your time in the Snafu art gallery.” He aimed his hands at the creature. “Because now it’s time to blow you-, oh feck.” The gather energy began to storm around Mad-Mutt as he mutated and twisted. He then exploded.

Mad-Mutt hurled out of the smoke and crashed before Obsessive Freak and Sigment’s feet.

“So many ideas,” spurted Mad-Mutt coughing out smoke. “Yet hard to focus on any of them. Kind of pain when you’re using one as your transformation.”

“Well,” said Obsessive Freak stepping and unsheathing his sword. “You two have had your turn.” He pointed his blade at the lumbering being. “Now it’s me and Dolly’s turn.”

The clown lunged at it and began hammering it’s shins with his rubber sword.

“Does Obsessive Freak even know those swords are fake?” questioned Mad-Mutt.

“I think he does,” replied Sigment. “But I think he’s far too stubborn and arrogant to get himself a real sword.”

“What’s there to be arrogant about using fake swords?”

“Something to do with him being the underdog so he can further challenge himself to reach towards his ambitions.”

“I think even an underdog’s supposed to have some form of chance.”

Obsessive Freak was finally kicked back and landed between the two.

“Right so we’ve each had a turn with no luck,” said Sigment. “So we may as well combine our efforts.”

“A great idea!” Obsessive Freak sat on Sigment’s shoulders and then grabbed Mad-Mutt onto his shoulders.

“I’m pretty sure an idea like this is only ever going to work on Gurren Lagaan,” cringed Sigment holding them up.

“It’ll work soon as Mad-Mutt puts Dolly on his shoulders!”

“I am not letting that creepy doll on my shoulders!”

The creature roared knocking them down.

“Would we please stop with the fooling around and just end this,” grouched Mad-Mutt.

“He is right.” Sigment stepped forward. “Let us show this creature our true might.”

The three of them powered up into their respective aura powers roaring. The creature was being pushed back by such force that was causing the corridor around them to crumble.

“Now!” screamed Sigment.

They launched into a three coloured comets that then combined into singular force that exploded against the creature’s chest. It wailed out in agony as it was consumed by the mighty force.

All three men were later sprawled amongst the wreckage with their heads spinning and bodies bruised.

“Yeah,” sighed Mad-Mutt. “Never doing that again.”

They eventually got back up and sighted the defeated creature.

“Is that cotton it’s made out of?” asked Sigment.

Spinning out of it still wearing the creature’s monster-sized hands was, “Grimlylovegunner!” yelled the trio.

“Hey guys?”

“What the feck?” gawked Sigment. “J-j-just what were you doing?”

“Oh! Pfft! Obsessive Freak promised that if I were to attack him and two other guys in a monster outfit in a corridor and then push them to the point that that they were forced to work together… I’d get a cookie.”

“Oh yes,” said Obsessive Freak snapping his fingers. “Another scheme of mine to push me to improving my art.”

“How exactly is being attacked by Grimlylovegunner in a corridor wearing a monster outfit improve anything.”

“Do not question my logic! Or my ego!... Or Dolly!... So anyways...” Obsessive Freak searched his pockets and sleeves. “Because you were such a good girl and were extremely successful in your mission I will give you two cookies!” Obsessive Freak tossed the treats to Grimlylovegunner.

She caught them with her padded hands. “YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSS and they’re so PPPPPRREEEETTTTTY! Num! Num! Num! Num!” She munched on the treats nosingly.

“Wait!” snapped Mad-Mutt. “How the heck was Grimlylovegunner able to beat us one by one?”

“It’s Grimlylovegunner,” moaned Sigment. “You don’t question logic when she’s involved.”
Anyone want ta take look at my own comic?

The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Sigment » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:50 pm

I don't really sound like that... do I?
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:56 pm

No and I doubt Mad-Mutt does either, but then it's difficult to know what either of you sound like, so I just twisted it for convenience as it sounds more humourous and animish, but nonetheless it's meant to depict the two of you if I had to write a screenplay for a 20min episode or something. So hope you enjoyed it still regardless of the inaccuracy.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Sigment » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:00 pm

It was certainly an interesting read, my friend.
"Stick around... I'm full of bad ideas." -Isaac Clarke
"You've chosen your Answer. Now see it through." -Serene Haze
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:37 pm

The story of Mizuka: prequel

I felt afraid, afraid of seeing my own heartless father again. But I had no choice but to see him. If I didn’t I’d be met with consequences.

Entering my father’s chambers, he was examining the charts on his table. It was duties again as always.

Composing myself and said as best as I could. “Father, you summoned me?”

He wiped off one of the maps and looked at another. “That I did, heir Mizuka.”

He continued his work, git. If only I had had the courage to tell him how cold he could be. "Dad/"

“Don’t.” I was shocked at the sudden volume. “Rush me son.” He removed a clump of paper from the table. “You know better.”

I snarled. How was I supposed to know you’d snap like that?

He turned from the table, holding a map and giving me those cold unmoving eyes. “Here.” He handed me it. “I’m sending you and several others on a scouting mission to this territory.”

When a glimpsed at it, I noticed it was a forsaken territory, a land where there were no Descendant Orders or Dharem tribes. “A scout mission? Isn’t that too simple a task?”

He returned to his table. “If you had a fully grown warrior yes, but this is the first time you’ll be going outside the border without any guidance.”

“What?” I never felt so intense. “But father, I’m only thirteen, don’t I need another year before I can leave, let alone venture into a forsaken territory , without a warrior?”

“Traditionally, but traditions aren’t laws. They can be broken if seen fit. Your grandfather performed his first mission in a forsaken territory thirty days before he was meant to without a fully grown Dharem near him.”

“But why?” Princes are supposed to enforce traditions as if they were laws, or at least that’s what Rena always said.

“Because you have been treated far too softly for too long and it is starting to affect you.”


I regretted my tone as Father cranked his head at me. He then steered back to his charts.

“See,” he said. “That there is the problem. You’re easily upset and yet flinch when the world’s ready to get back at you, what use is there with a Dharem, even if he has prince blood, if he’s going to show that kind of useless behaviour.”

I swear, I’d make my father wail upon the ground when he was old and frail, while I had matured into a something bigger than him. “Fine Father, I’ll go and select my warriors to come with me.”

“Your warriors have already been selected.”

My eyes bulged. “What! B-but isn’t that up to me!” Princes and heirs always selected their own warriors on missions they led.

“If you were mature enough than yes. But for now I’ve picked them,” sneered my father. “You are to take but Rena and Gabu.” Two initiates who are as young as me! In fact, Gabu is only ten. I wanted to argue, but I was pulled back by these chains of fear built from my father’s growing temper. “You are to take as well Josie.”

“Josie?” What sort of name was that for a Dhar- oh-. “What! Her! But she is a member of the Margaelus Order.”

“It was Grand master Timothy who gave me the idea,” he said musingly. “He has high hopes for her and so has given her a task beyond her rank. He has no appropriate Order members available to escort her on her mission, so he came to me hoping I would provide a warrior.” He moved his sight upon me. “I offered to give him two initiates and a heir instead.”

And he accepted. Hybrids had great faith in Dharem with prince blood if he was willing to swap a warrior for a heir and two initiates no older than me. “Fine.” I wanted to grumble more about how he had selected my warriors. But I probably would’ve selected Rena and Gabu anyways. They were the only two I considered friends.


“So do you understand your orders Rena?” asked father as he passed down the corridor.

“Yes father perfectly.” Even though he sounded as if he was holding ice. “You will not have to worry.”

“I’m afraid you must Rena. A Dharem warrior needs to be cautious when given such an errand.”

“It is a simple scout mission into a charted forsaken land. Not anything more dangerous if Prince Jiaz is sending his son with us.” But then he might have gotten tired of being a father considering he was also sending Gabu with us.

“But it’s the fact he’s sending Mizuka with you that is the danger,” my father seethed. “That boy has yet to control himself. He’s impulsive and arrogant and follows our traditions as if they are the written laws themselves.”

Our traditions were but guidelines, but following them gave heir Mizuka a form of comfort and needed self-esteem. “He will have me and Josie. With us, we will be able to provide enough logical arguments for him to think rationally.”

“I had me and ten warriors give a logical argument to Prince Jiaz against this mission. It didn’t make him think anymore rationally.”

“That was Prince Jiaz, not heir Mizuka.”

My father sighed. “I should know better when to argue with you when it comes to heir Mizuka.” He rubbed his forehead. “Why are you so protective of him?”

“One day I will be his arch. Therefore I must act as his second half meaning I should always speak up for him and justify his decisions.”

He sighed again, but then gave me a smile. “I seemed to have brought you up as an arch far too much than a daughter,” he laughed. “But your mother did warn me.”

That she did, but I feel I would’ve behaved like this anyways. There was something about Mizuka that made me think he’d make a great prince.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:43 pm

AHABHABAPIGWBAPQEFBAHAWI TAYAYZ I ish partner in crime I so happy I can no even speekz rightly.

As for the prequel HOLY CRAPS excited. Especially to see what little Josie is like.

Careful how you describe some things when in a characters perspective. A person would have to be absurdly intuitive to notice some things- Like Mizuka noting his eyes bulged. You could say he was shocked, but a person rarely realizes when their eyes bulge & such.

But none of that might be a problem when in Rena's point of view, since her character is very precise, and she would most certainly read the little details of a situation.

Mizu's daddy is an arsehole. I feel bad for him, he barely seems to care/realize he's gonna drive his son angst-insane. Hasn't he watched anime? Strict dad's spawn emotionally unstable bishonen. It's like, a rule. XDDDD

Feel bad I don't have time to read more of your stuff. It just takes a while and when I read a bunch of something I'm off-putten from writing my own stuff cuz it's like I have a different persons voice in my head. XD

I kinda wanna post some things in literature but they'd all just be AU Hetalia fanfics. Affqaweorubwralagah. Maybe I'll get a plot-bunny for something Grim Tales related and post that. I unno. Hnnnnmmg.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:10 pm

Thanks GrimlyLoveGunner, as usual, you're great to count on and it's alright if you can't read much else, much people don't have the time anyways, which is what motivated me to change to comics, gave up trying to get people to make time for my literature side.

And don't worry about having different voices in your head, it's just something to challenge. where most people tend to avoid it.

Also forgot to warn that while originally Rena's perspective just focused on Rena being Rena before she started her breakdown in the comics, it's also going to involve her having a school girl crush on Mizuka. She has no real reason besides the fact she's turned 13 and is struggling with hormones, so of course feels funny around one of the few boys she hangs out with. The reason why I'm doing it though is to practice with Love triangle storytelling. I've written a number of them before, but they've always been horrible and 'Twilight' style, yes that bad. So this here's just a quick attempt. It's also there in order to keep Rena's perspective interesting until the purpose of having second perspective becomes valid and just to make the story more interesting. But of course Rena gets over her school girl crush rather quick, in fact during the middle of the story when it's no longer needed as if you think about it, that's kind of how hormone-driven crushes work.
Anyways, this is continuing with Rena's perspective. It was meant to change back to Mizuka, but I felt it worked more well from Rena's end. Also to warn, bad editing, I did this while stuck in bed ill and needed something to pass that time and just wanted this up in general to at least be doing something, so I'm afraid I haven't been continuing on my comics either. Hope it's decent though.


It was then I saw him coming up the corridor. He strolled shinning in his armour and gazing with those eyes. Why did my chest feel funny?

“Ah, heir Mizuka,” said my father. “We were just speaking about you.”

“Arch Kei and Rena,” greeted the heir.

“Mizuka,” I rarely smiled, but my face was cracking to make one.

“Is something wr-.” The heir was pounced by none other than Gabu.


“Gabu!” snapped my dad. “Get off him at once.”

“How many times have I told you not to jump on the heir!” yelled Gabu’s mother, Executioner Taki running up the corridor.

Gabu slipped off Mizuka. “Hey it’s how me and Mizuka greet each other all the time.” He put the heir into a headlock. “Isn’t this going to be great, just you and me on our first real mission? We’ll have Rena though, but we just have to ignore her.”

I really wanted to boot him from this distance.

Taki pinched her son by the ear. “What have I told you about speaking that way to Rena?”

“I told you I can’t help it,” whined Gabu. “She’s such a pain in the ass.”

Taki boiled. But then she simmered into a suspicious mood. “You know what.” She stuck her finger into her mouth. “I think you need your ears cleaned.”

“Oh no!” Gabu threshed to escape and tried to cover his ears. “Please no.”

“Too late for sorries.” She stuffed her wet finger into Gabu’s ear, causing him to shriek.

It was always so gross and bizarre.

“Eh, if you’re through disciplining your son executioner Taki, could we have him,” asked my dad. I’d rather she kept him.

“Sure thing.” Taki snatched him up, I could see that Gabu was wearing a cloak like her mother, but while she wielded the sword relic entrusted to her family, he had what was considered steel sword to the hybrids, but a practice sword to us. “But not without giving him a good by hug!” The executioner squeezed him. “I’m going to so miss you, but be good and make sure to come back with everyone in your party.”

“I will,” croaked Gabu.

The executioner put him back down, but not without giving him a goodbye kiss.

“I hope to see the rest of you when you get back.” Taki walked back down the corridor.

“Right, hope you’re done fooling around Gabu and we can go to welcome Josie.”

“Why is she saying goodbye to us too?” asked Gabu.

“No, she’s accompanying all you on your mission.”

“That’s fine, I do like Josie.” Gabu then smirked as we followed my Dad. “Means the girls can have girl time and the guys can have guy time.”

“What’s with you wanting to be around Mizuka so much?” I asked.

Gabu hooked Mizuka. “Hey, we want to be around each other and just be guys.”

The heir shoved him off. “Settle Gabu,” he snorted. “I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’d rather not have you this way in front of the hybrids.”

“Oh, you wanting to impress Josie?” grinned Gabu.

I moved my head and watched the stale look on Mizuka’s face, but he snapped. “What are you trying to say?”

“Don’t hide it?” Gabu started making odd simples with his index fingers. “Me and my ma know you’re going to be couple at some point.”

“Dharem can’t have families with any other race, hence it’s against for heirs and princes to engage with someone who isn’t a Dharem.” Otherwise there’d be no way for the valued prince blood to be passed on as it was too dangerous for any other race to give birth to a Dharem.

Gabu was stumbled by that and moped. “Oh yeah.” He didn’t seem deterred though. “Well love always finds away.”

“Heir Mizuka and Josie are just good friends!” Both of them stared at me. It was understandable as I had never spoke at that volume before. “Uh, sorry, I feel a sudden draft.” A clever explanation when there are no windows near but both boys seemingly just went with it.

“Enough acting like kids,” ordered my dad as we arrived at one of the entrances to the castle. “We wish to ensure Grand master Timothy that his prized pupil will be with warriors beyond their time.”

Two white comets speared the sky. We waited for attention for the two to slam down onto the landing zone and then fade away to reveal the Grand master and… Josie jumped against Mizuka crying his name. He tackled the heir onto the floor.

“I missed you! Did you miss me! I definitely miss you!”

My fist was tightening as I watched Josie rubbing her face against Mizuka’s cheek. I settled down though when I took into account how frustrated Mizuka was.

“Josie!” Timothy pulled Josie up. “You’re fourteen and you’re still jumping on the Dharem heir like he’s plaything or something.”

“It’s how we greet each other.”

“Yeah,” added Gabu relating to this.

“Why does everyone keep jumping on me!” snarled Mizuka getting back up.

“Right, please no more jumping on anyone.” My dad had his fist almost ready to hit Gabu. “Anyways, greetings Grand master Timothy, apologies that Prince Jiaz is not here to greet you himself, but he’s busy with urgent matters.”

“That’s fine, I know how Prince Jiaz can be,” smirked Timothy as he kept a hold of Josie’s shoulders.

“Thank you for understanding.” He held his hand pointed at us. “So these are the ones that will be escorting Josie on her mission.”

“I’m glad,” said the Grand master proudly. “They’re each the child of a court member and I know them well enough, I am happy to know they’ll be escorting Josie.” He was aware Gabu was with us.

“May I brief them on their mission then?”

“No, I’d like the honours if you wouldn’t mind Arch Kei.” He gave my Dad a small elbow nudge and wink. “Want a chance to let the heir know I’d doing him a favour giving him his first real chance at action.”

My father nodded estranged. “You may go on then.”

“Right!” he snapped clearing his throat. “The Forsaken territory that you are to head into was once Prince Valuz. However since his departure eight years ago, we had taken it to have fallen into anarchy and civilisation abandoned with anything one worth saving already dead or had made into a protected territory. Though recently this was somehow blundered information that long ago as it turned out that the sources were untrue, save for the missing Prince Valuz and his tribe.”

“Any idea what happened to Prince Valuz?” asked Gabu.

Timothy shook his head. “There’s been no information to what happened. Only that the Orders there had died out due to a Power thief raid and that his tribe no longer resides there. But what we have picked up is that there’s evidence of civilisation. That’s where you come in. You are to venture into the territory, find life and investigate it. Soon as we know there’s someone living and is friendly, the Margaelus, Thomas and Fredrick Orders can begin evacuating the remnants into more protected Orders.”

“Excuse me,” I spoke up. “But if there is life there, how could it have survived without Dharem or Descendants to protect them.”

“Quite a lot actually. For one without Dharem or Divinity, there aren’t many high powered targets for Power thieves to take an interest in that area, regardless of the easy game. The Forsaken territory is encircled by still protected territories. Demons will also very unlikely to have unspawned there otherwise we would know.”

“Then how has it that we’ve been unaware of this possible civilisation for this long?” asked Mizuka.

“Well the populace were encircled by dense terrain by steep hills and forests’ meaning it’s not easy to travel or even find them. The populace itself might have been too scared to leave their homes and might be too content and safe by now. The most likely ones to have found them would be the Magicborn… but they’ve always been jerks when it comes to sharing information unless in their own interest.”

“We could just try asking the Magicborn at least,” I mentioned.

“We could, but that would be too easy,” chuckled Timothy. “The fact though they haven’t shared anything like this though makes it a high probability that they won’t or don’t have information. So we may as well just send a scouting party.”

“So you all heard it?” asked my dad.

“Loud and clear,” said Gabu excited. “So let’s get going.”

“Yeah!” sounded Josie.

“Take care, all of you." My dad then aimed his eyes at me.

I knew he meant mostly me.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:31 pm

Rena's fine having a schoolgirl crush. As long as it doesn't get overly comical. She's got hormones but she's still Rena! XD

Totally drawing a screenshot of Josie jumping ontop of Mizuka. trololol- she can have the comical fangirl bits. 8D

Anyway- so I can get that the kids are mature and the adults are lax because they trust him and nothings a big deal- but since it's a mission briefing, maybe they shoulda' been more business-like and strict. Just the only other thing I can think of.




They're so funny I can totally see them just picking on eachother. XD
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:30 pm

Thanks Grimly, as always, I managed to do a bit more. I should've done more but I came up with another story idea that I just wanted to do while in Aberdeen while really light-headed. But here's more of what I finished.


As I took in the breeze stroking against me and soothing the churned emotions my father left inside me, Gabu hollowed pass me.

“This is awesome! We’re not being watched over by adults or anything.”

Gabu couldn’t even act his age, even for a ten year old. There was always something that made him liberated. If only I could be as liberated as he was, but I guess that’s what made me like being close to him.

“Gabu, you were ordered to cover the rear!” called Rena.

The Dharem boy back flipped through the air. “Why, we’re still in our territory, so it’s not like anything will attack us.”

“It is so we can maintain discipline. Discipline must always be maintained in order to practice and ready it.”

“Bleh, we won’t need ‘discipline’,” Gabu responded mockingly.

“Just let him be or otherwise you two will bicker throughout this mission about it.” Which was possible knowing them. I expected a retort from Rena as always, but when I looked at her, her head was shyly turned away.

I began to wonder why she had been acting funny, but then I felt someone’s aura next to mine.

“Isn’t this exciting!” popped Josie in my face.

I almost spiralled out of control. “Josie! Would you stop... Surprising me?”

“Sorry, I just get so excited when I’m around you.”

I always weighed whether I considered Josie a friend or a nuisance. She would always act like this, yet her enthusiasm for me, made me feel, well, appreciated. “Just try to keep a hold of yourself.”

“Here we go!” Gabu zoomed over the hills beneath us. He then shot his arms and legs out. “We’re in a Forsaken territory!”

“You act like it’s your first time,” mentioned Rena suspiciously. “Oh wait yes it is.”

“Oh yeah well! It’s taken me less longer to enter one.”

I needed to cut this off before they started again. “How about we figure out our destination?”

“We already figured that out didn’t we?” asked Gabu. “Just find a village.”

“Which one should we aim for though,” I asked. “It’ll do no good if we just wander aimlessly in circles in terrain like this.”

“Good point I guess.”

“We should also figure out plans for gathering food and in case we need to set up camp,” suggested Rena.

“Wait, didn’t we pack food!” gaped Gabu.

“Dharem are always prepared for battle,” explained Rena. “Hence to avoid hindrance, we gather food when required instead of carrying it.”

“Wait,” interrupted Josie. “Does mean you don’t have a camp set with you.”

“We make do with what we find,” I answered.

“What!” yelped Gabu.

“Get over it,” snapped Rena. “It’s what you should expect when going outdoors.”

“Yeah, but come on, would it have really killed us to have brought blankets and a few biscuits at least.”

“We should discuss this on ground,” recommended Rena. “We’re just otherwise flying pointlessly talking about this.”

“Agreed,” I responded.

Landing down next to a river with forest around, I turned to the rest.

“This place will be good for camp,” mentioned Rena. “We should look for preferable firewood and food.”

“Wait?” stuttered Gabu. “We’re preparing for camp now? We haven’t even taken a proper look around.”

“A campsite is more important in case we get lost or one of us possibly gets hurt, than we have an area we know to rendezvous with ready supplies.” explained Rena. “But then you probably don’t know this with your lack of experience.”

“You know what Rena,” gritted Gabu showing his fist. “There’s no one around to stop me from giving you what for… Besides you being a girl.”

“There’s also no one around to stop you from trying,” I had to moan.

Josie flapped in between them. “Settle down guys. We should be having fun, not acting like kids.”

“How do you say that to someone who is a kid?” asked Rena.

“Hey!” snapped Gabu.

This was getting frustrating. “Josie’s right.” The group stared at me as imagined. “We should just focus on why we came out here and make the most of it.”

“You mean scouting for life?”

“I was referring to the fact we have a chance to taste what it’s like to be independent, without any supervision.” Or my father especially. “We can now roam.”

“You mean like in the training field?” asked Rena.

“Rena, we’re on a mission without any adults.” Adults that never understood me. “Anyone nearby to nest us or instruct how we must take action.”

“Yeah!” yelped Gabu. “I have no idea what’s gotten into you, but it’s awesome.”

“Oh Mizuka,” said Josie melting. “So passionate.”

I caught Rena glancing at Josie and then suddenly blushing. “Yes, th-the energy in you is most inspiring.” That wasn’t like her. “I understand we’re your coming from.”

“Well, good then. Gabu, me and you will try and catch some fish in the river.”

“Yes!” burst Gabu. “Wait, I don’t know how to catch fish.”

“Gah, I’ll just show you,” I groaned. It was easy enough when Dozhu showed me. “As for you, Josie and Rena, you two go and gather firewood.”

“Wait!” snapped Josie. “You sure you don’t want me and you in a pair, Mizuka, so as we catch up?”

“I think we’ve caught up enough,” I groaned. “But what I mean is that you and Rena have barely spoken to each other.” And normally you’d speak fondly about… girl things.

“Oh!” gasped Josie. She grabbed Rena into a lock. “That’s right! I’m sorry! I’ve barely said anything to you since we met up. We should go and catch up right now.”

“Josie waaah-!” Rena was dragged off by Josie into a burst of speed.

That was bizarre.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:53 pm

Pride and Feminism

WARNING, unlike my other pieces of work, this one is PG-13 and will contain extreme violence and unpleasant descriptions, please skip this post if you are discomforted by such levels

[Skip this if you do not like rants]
Okay, so while down South getting my biospy and MIR scan I remembered this disappointing Anime recently released called 'I wanna be strongest' it's about pop-star who turned professional wrestler. When I heard about it, it sounded a bit more feminist. which was good for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a proper feminist, I don't judge how people treat women or how women like their roles in society, but I am fussy how women are protrayed in the media, specifically Anime, which is why while I'm an obessive Anime lover, I am put off by Anime that over exposes women (I will admit though turned on). The reason this is is that it distracts from the story, makes female characters more unrealistic (I'm aware that it's Anime, but still) and there's such thing as porn that makes it all redundant... kind of. Either way I get easily distracted by scenes that portray this and there's evidence such as in Japan that shows this has a negative effect on society, hence I would probably ban this kind of stuff if I owned a media studio of anykind. Anyways I thought due to the summary, I thought I wanna be strongest would be more about women power, like sure Japanese haven't been great at Feminist characters either, but I felt it was still a step forward... Sadly no, there was a lot of kinky shots, the characters were unbearably stupid and unrealistic and it had a story... but it was a stupid story, it was just bad done for the purpose of seeing Anime women stretch each other, kinky and hot, but it's the thing that makes it hard for me to watch Anime.
[Rant finished]

So I wrote this, to warn it has a lot of feminist themes. It doesn't try to promote Feminism, more tries to understand it and describe just how complicated Feminism is, as I do study Feminism in Sociology so I have a grip of it to know that it's feckin' complicated. It's overall a Diva(Pro-wrestling female) story, but it's darker and more gritty than what wanted it, but it's what I get for writing it light-headed. The reason I kept it though was because I did find it interesting, even though it's not something I normally write and thought that if there are people here who can get pass how dark it is and violent and like it for what it is, then I'll finish it. But for now this is all I've done... until I'm possibly light-headed again.

To warn the story 7,044words that I wrote in less than 12hrs while light-headed, so expect a lot of mistakes that I didn't edit because I really did just type this to type out my frustration over 'Wanna be strongest'

(Proof read once)

I needed to do this, I had to. I would make my point clear to General Manager Henry Frodrick that cow was too high up on the food chain.

Tightening my boot laces, I marched backstage.

Coming into one of the monitor rooms, I found Rick Thunder wobbling with an icepack on his forehead, brooding over the monitor. After letting himself get used by that harpy, he deserved what he got.

“Oh, I love you all so much.” I cringed when I heard that sick cutie talk. I looked at the screen and saw that skimpy reddish-pink filth playing her act to the crowd. It was even more sickening seeing that belt she playfully held over her shoulder. “But I am sorry Rick, you know about- shoving you over the ropes.” Right after he kissed you. “And I’m even more sorry that what you thought we had- wasn’t anything you had in mind.” She flinched when she said that. Seeing her face when Rick smooch her almost made up for last night. “Hope we can still be friends?” She said into the camera.

I blocked Rick marching out. “No.” That witch would’ve had fun punishing him with more humiliation. He sidestepped, but I kept in his way. “No.”

He floundered his arms and shook his head. He eventually wiped his face and then stretched out his arms like child. “C-could I at least, you know give me a hug, y-you know.”

I’d be okay with giving him a shoulder to cry on, but I needed to find Frodrick. “How about you just go and find someone like Tammy to do that.”

Rick gave me a spiteful glare and walked off; luckily nowhere he’d get hurt worse. I then groaned when I saw the cameras were on. At least it was better than what she was about to do.

“Well I guess Rick doesn’t want to be just friends then.” I turned back at the screen to see Lolly Cute give the most fake pout ever seen and yet the audience ate it up as they voiced their cheering approval. “But I wish he could come out to at least let me thank him for trying to help my victory over Kayana.” What do you mean try? “But hey, that’s how it’s always been I guess. Just me, against the world.” Liar. “I’ve clawed and scratched, taking what opportunities I can find with the hard work I’ve done and with you, the fans behind me, I’ve made it so very far.” It was more your goods they supported. “That’s why She-power magazine is actually calling for me to be featured in one of their magazines.” You mean the top feminist publishing company in the state! “And I’ll be on its front cover!” The cheered roared and so did my fury.

Forget Frodrick, I was going out there right now. I stormed pass the control room. “Hit my music.”

I wish I saw Lolli Cute’s face when she heard the tiger roar that signalled my entrance. It was then followed by a real song that told of overcoming and how to reach to the top, over Lolli Cute’s pile of pop crud.

I came out from backstage holding a microphone and shouted from the jumbotron ramp. “Hold on!” I savoured the stupefied look on Lolli Cute’s face. “I didn’t just hear from backstage that you are going to be featured on She-power magazine.”

Lolli Cute gave a disturbed look. She regained her fake composure however and spoke into the mircrophone. “That’s right Elsandra.” She daintily swung her legs. “You here to congratulate me?”
“No, I’m here to point out how stupid it is that you’re being put on that cover for the reasons you just made.” I paced underneath the jumbotron. “Like come on, clawing your way up? Since day one you’ve been giving push after push because of the way you swing those big hooters and those fine hips.” It was disgusting. “You get those opportunities because Frodrick gives them to you after you’ve hypnotised him with those things.” The audience gave an oh of interest. “The only thing you work hard at is getting men into helping you win matches, but that’s never been much effort for you.” The ohs got louder. “And the audience isn’t behind you; it’s behind your skinny ass.” The audience then laughed and were jeered with excited.

Lolli Cute pursed her lips. “Elsandra… I’m sorry hun- that you know… you’re jealous.” She paced around the ring, seething. “You’ve tried so hard, like I mean really hard, to get where you are.” She then puckered her face. “But you need to try as hard as me instead of just standing up their complaining.”

The crowd was back on her side, laughing and ohing at me. What sheep. “Would just stop living in a world of your own. You asked Frodrick to give you a title shot at Breakslam and he placed you a head of the cue. When Kayana was then kicking your ass at that match, Rick pulled her right off her feet, where she landed straight into your signature move. The audience then stopped booing at you soon as you waved that booty.”

Lolli Cute watched the audience around us were enjoying this. I could tell I was ruining it for her. “Look, Elsandra… She-Power asked me okay. They watched my match at Breakslam, they phoned me up and offered the opportunity and I accepted it like any other girl would. So how about you start being happy that a Diva’s going to be on that magazine instead of something like a pageant girl, some science geek or another cheerleader or you could just be happy for me. Like I’ve done nothing to you Elsandra. We’ve never even have a match and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever said anything to you.”

“Yeah,” I spoke into the microphone. “You know why I don’t say anything to you… Because you’re not worth it. You’re just like those pageant girls who used their sexual appeal to get to the top and while you’re not like a cheerleader, you’re definitely like those pomp oms they shake around and while you’re not like a science geek either, you’re like one of those parasites they sometimes study.”

That may have been low, but I loved how Lolli threw herself against the rope. “How about you come into this ring and I’ll show you which one’s the parasite.”

I held the microphone up to my lip. This wasn’t going to go well with the General Manager, but this plush doll had her fun. “Gladly.” I threw aside my microphone and marched to the ring with the crowd slavering at us to go at it.

Soon as I made it down the ramp, I heard the jumbotron yell. “You just didn’t!” It then broke into the hammering guitar lyrics that described someone angry and unpleased. Marching out onto the jumbotron stage was the big husky Henry Frodrick with a microphone in hand.

“Hold it for a sec,” grumbled Frodrick. “I have no idea what’s gotten into you Elsandra or what your problem is exactly. But this deal wasn’t made by She-power itself. Telling you is probably going to cost me, but the person who got it, was me.” Why didn’t I find that as shocking as the audience did. “I reached out hoping to get more females into pro-wrestling and thought our current women’s champion on the cover of a women’s magazine would garner some real attention.”

“She doesn’t deserve the title though.”

“Wait, what’s that?” he sneered. We were meant to talk into the microphone out here. “Doesn’t deserve you say?” He was either mocking me or reiterating for the audience, couldn’t tell which. “Well, you see, I think Lolli Cute does. She has the women’s championship, I shouldn’t have to explain why-.” The crowd was getting restless. This segment had gone on for fifteen minutes and people wanted to get on with the show already. It was more Frodrick’s mind I was reading though, as he glared at the audience. “You know what. I think Lolli Cute can show you just how deserving she is, in a match.” He rolled up his head and held out his hand. “How about we put that deal with the magazine on the line. If Lolli Cute wins, she’ll have proven just how deserving she is and she won’t have to defend her title at Titan collision. However.” He paced around for a moment. “If she somehow loses, which with the faith I have in her, I very much doubt it; I’ll reconsider my deal with She-Power. Probably cancel it, but I might give it to you, but I will make Lolli Cute defend her title against not only Kayana, but you as well in a three-way title match at Titan collision.”

The audience cheered as Frodrick turned his back.

“Wait!” shouted Lolli. “I want to make a stipulation request?”

Frodrick looked around for a minute, but held up his microphone. “May as well, what did you have in mind?”

“No disqualifications match.”

Right into her favour. Lolli won nearly all her matches due to a cheap trick, while I use to have a silly knight gimmick Frodrick thrust on me because I was so honour-bound. I was known for playing fair, even in a match I could cheat.

I found out I made my discomfort to evident when I saw the smirk on Frodrick’s face. “Sure. No disqualifications match it is.” He then walked backstage with a referee coming out

Turning towards the ring, I marched my way, knowing I could still thrash her even with the stipulation in her favour.

“What a treat Jim!” yelled colour commentators to the analysis one.

“Heck yeah Fred! Two fine looking felines about to claw at each other! I can’t control myself already.” I hated them two. They were the most slavering men in the whole staff.

When I was about to enter through the ropes, Loli Cute grabbed my hair and hauled me into the ring. My face crashed into the mat. Before I could recollect what just happened, I felt my abdomen getting stomped on. She did it at least five times until I was pulled up by the hair.

I only started to make out I was being dragged into the centre of the ring, before my hair was yanked on again. My face slammed onto something soft that immediately converged around my head and squeezed.

“Wow!” shouted one of the commentators over the audience. It was all I could make out until I realised I was trapped in between Lolli Cute’s legs.

This was bad, it was trapping all the blood that had already shot to my head. Relaxing however, I reminded myself how to get out of this hold. Planting my feet onto the mat one by one, I then grabbed Lolli and pried her off me.

When I tried to stretch up, Lolli wrenched me into a headlock. She then pinned me into the corner. I would be in trouble if this was a no disqualification match where there are no count outs for holding your opponent against the rope, but only if she was strong enough to hold me here. I shoved her off and blasted Lolli onto the mat.

“Wow!” cried Jim. “I think Lolli’s got to remember that she’s more of kitten compared to a full grown house cat like Elsandra.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s because Elsandra’s stronger,” disagreed Fred. “It’s more to do with her being angrier.”

They were both right.

I had time to regain my vision while Lolli was laid stuttered on the mat.

Loli then got to her feet when I finally advanced on her. She ran off in the opposite direction and bounced against the ropes and charged back at me. I burst forward and slapped all my rage onto Lolli’s face, smacking her into the mat.

“Jeez!” gulped Fred. “Who’d have figured someone could slap so hard.”

“More like claw.”

Yanking Lolli’s foot, I got to breaking this scant, holding her ankle against my chest and twisting on it.

Lolli squealed and scrambled onto the ropes. The No disqualification was already working against her though as I didn’t have to let go of my submission for her touching the ropes. All she could do was crawl around like the bug she was.

“Now that’s an impressive lock,” admired Jim. I’d have to say it was my best yet. “Looks like Lolli’s already a done for unless-.”

I was confused by why Lolli was pushing herself up with her arms until then she kicked me right in the shin! That wench.

Lolli then rolled outside the ring

“Lolli needs to recover from a hold like that!” screamed Fred. “But I don’t think Elsandra’s going to let her.”

I already appeared behind her, but then Lolli spun around and punched me. While I was disorientated, she then pushed her whole body against me and struck me into the ring edge.

I tried to recover, but my head was so badly hurt. Lolli had then step back and booted me in the face. I hobbled around holding it, trying to stay on my feet at least, but then my hair was pulled and banged onto the steps.

“Y-youch! I think Lolli’s trying to smash Elsandra’s head open like a pumpkin,” gritted Fred.

I felt Lolli grab me, but this time I shrugged her hands off and grabbed her head. I dropped onto my bum and hammered Lolli’s jaw onto my shoulders, flopping both are bodies onto the mat.

“Never seen Elsandra perform a stunner before, but it’s certainly given her some respite,” examined Fred.

“It’ll be giving them both Lolli Cute some more respite if she doesn’t get up fast enough!”

“Won’t matter for either if the referee counts them out.”

I forgot about that.

“Seven!” yelled the referee.

I wasn’t letting the match end this way. Pulling myself up on the stairs, I had to do it slowly for my head’s sake.


I grasped onto the ring edge and then rolled my way in.

Taking deep breaths, I climbed back up and leaned over the ropes to look for Lolli Cute until her eblow thudded against onto the back of my head. Lolli then grabbed onto my hair and dragged me to the ring post. I stamped my foot against it before my head did and then elbowed the wretch in the ribs. Going for something in my move set this time, I took Lolli cute’s head and slammed it into my knees just as I fell back onto the mat.

In control again, I pulled Lolli Cute onto her feet with a reverse headlock. I then slipped back and ploughed her face into the mat.

“Looks like Elsandra’s returning all the facial damage Lolli just gave?” suggested Fred.

“Stop going after each other’s faces!” yelled Jim. “I like your pretty faces and you need to look good for that magazine.”

Doing them a favour, I pressed my knee into Lolli Cute’s back and then twisted her wrists before pulling on them. Cutie was left bawling under my signature hold, the Redemption.

“Now how’s Lolli Cute meant to break out of that Jim?”

“With the comparison here, you don’t,” replied the analysis. “In a no disqualification match, Lolli Cute can’t use the ropes, but neither can she overpower someone like Elsandra. So her only real options are to submit or let Elsandra break that delicate body.”

“I’m hoping she goes for the first option. Flowers like her aren’t pretty if torn in pieces.”

I nearly had her, I could feel this worm about to cry, but as I hauled, I felt my head begin to spin. The next thing I knew, I was actually tilted off and slammed into the ropes. I tried to then get back up using the ropes, but then I felt Lolli Cute’s leg pin my head against the mid rope. My cheeks grinded against the material. I could feel Lolli Cute trying to put all her weight onto the rope. She then finally let go and allowed me to flop onto the mat.

She then pulled me up onto my feet intent of some kind of torture, but as she faltered from her own pain, I sent a headbutt into her fore head. My head rang, almost exploding from that and it wasn’t hard to tell that we both were straddling from that hit.

I fell to my knees grasping my head. That really hurt it. I had feeling I’d be out for a few weeks with this sort of pain.

“I think someone needs to stop this match,” cringed Jim. “I think both these girls might have serious head injuries.”

“Let them fight. They’ll do worse if we don’t let them do it out here and worse, there’ll most likely be no one to let us see it.”

“Oh good point Fred.”



What, I turned around and saw Lolli Cute trying to regain herself outside the ring. Sliding around the ring, I marched around the ring after her. The wrench then turned to face me.

“Look out Fred! Head on collision here!”

I appeared around the corner to get slapped in the face. My head rung, but I slapped back and watched Lolli stumble. She then flew one back at me, only for me to return another one. I couldn’t make out what the audience or the commentators were saying as I was only focused on slapping the ego out of this conniving witch. After I threw my eighth slap, my hand swished threw the air. I stumbled and looked around. I then kicked something and looked down to see it was Loli Cute flopped against the floor.

“Seven!” called the ref.

I could’ve left Lolli Cute out here for a count out, but I lived up to my reputation and wanted the weasel to scream in submission. I hauled her up and hurried her to the ring.

“You just didn’t!” boomed the jumbotron followed by loud music.

“Wait! Is that the General Manager Henry Frodrick coming out again!” screamed Fred.

I didn’t have time to see what he was doing here, the ref was on eight. I picked up Lolli Cute’s carcass and stuffed her underneath the rope and until she was back inside the ring. The ref had counted to nine, but he’d have to reset the count since it was just me outside now. I just knelt for now needing to get my head together.

“What does Frodrick think he’s doing with that kendo stick?”

“Oh no?” recoiled Jim.

I felt a flash of pain into my back, followed by another whack onto my shoulder. My whole body was haywire until I was booted onto the floor.

“Did you really think you can just get in the way of ruining my business and make me look like a foul!” yelled Frodrick. “I am the General Manager and I don’t make decisions because somebodies boobs hypnotise me! I make them because I know what people want!” There was another sharp whack into my thigh causing me to jitter across the floor. “And do you think I’m really going to give things to some premadonna just because she’s stamping around the ring complaining how unfair life is!” He gave a whack onto the same thigh and there was nothing I could do, but I needed to do something! I couldn’t take it! “Oh you going to cry now! Crying doesn’t cut it either, just makes things worse!” He whacked my leg again.

“Just stop it Henry! Stop it!” pleaded Jim. “You’ve made a proud woman cry? Isn’t that enough?”

It surely was, Frodrick scooped me up and dumped me on to the ring and shoved me back underneath the ropes. I just couldn’t move my body. I felt one click would make it fall apart.

I then heard the General Manager’s boot stamp near my head. The next I felt was Lolli Cute’s body flopped onto mine.

“Count!” ordered Frodrick to the referee.

“Wait!” cried Jim. “Is that!”

I managed to see in time, Rick Thunder hit Frodrick with a clothesline and send him twirling outside the ring.

“What the!” yelled Fred. “Did Rick just give the boss the Lightning strike?”

“He just did!”

“But he did it to the boss!”

“Who cares? The man deserved!”

“Did you hear what you just said?”

“Did you see what he did to that poor woman?”

Rick had flipped us both over, but this wasn’t how I wanted it. I needed to say something, but I was so tired. The last thing I heard was the count of three and then I fell, fell right to sleep as the bell rung.

Part 2

I was being told that my match with Cutie Lolli was the most diabolical match of the year, a first for Diva matches. It was enough how hard we tried to give each other head injuries, but it was Frodrick’s assault that sealed the deal.

I was told there was no concussion, luckily, if so it was just minor. But I was still hurting from the brutality.

I stood at the monitors anyhow, where it was safe with Tammy. I wasn’t cleared to wrestle, but I was allowed to show up. I was invited by the CEO, but I refused to go down to the ring where Frodrick was to apologise. I was too afraid to go near that man. Not after his savagery. Instead I was permitted to stay backstage and watch.

Couldn’t help but shake when I saw the dreadful man stand in the centre of the ring. The man paced around, clicking his fingers and glaring at the audience.

“You’re probably all ashamed about what I did last week to Elsandra.” He slithered my name mockingly, getting a horde of jeers from the audience. His face didn’t budge. “I’m not, I’m actually proud.” He continued to pace around. “I’ve attacked superstars before in order to get discipline.” He waved his arm, casting his charismatic spell. “I’ve struck them with chairs, grated their faces against steel fences and I almost killed one, pushing him off a ladder.” He cocked his head. “But you all seemed to have enjoyed that. You people have always admired me for my tenacity and brutality and allowed me to sort out my superstars however I wanted.” He then rolled his eyes to the audience. “But now you’ve turned against me because this time I just so happen to have...” He mockingly showed his hands and then brought the microphone back. “A Woman? A woman, who is my employee, who was in a match with no disqualifications and is under contract by our company which makes it that she should be prepared for such assaults so long as the match rules dictate.” He then gazed at the crowd; I could even feel his gaze on me as he looked at the camera. “I happen to be a little more forward people; I don’t differ between men and women. If one slights me, I hand them just the same punish-.”

I heard the sounds of Eighties rock and roll storm out. The cameras then showed walking out of the jumbotron entrance the CEO William Gett strutting out. The crowd cheered as Gett came with a smile. After he was done waving at the crowd, he turned to Frodrick, pacing down the ramp with microphone in hand.

“Hallo Henry. Sorry, I couldn’t keep letting you making such a conniving excuse.”

The General Manager steamed. He eventually spoke into the microphone. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me.” Gett climbed through the ropes. “We don’t want to hear how your some holy feminist martyr and that you treat everyone just the same.” He paced up towards the CEO. “The problem is that what you did was brutish and inexcusable. The superstars you attacked before are perfectly able to stick up for themselves and at times even need your… methods.” He then paced around Frodrick, ignoring his eye contact. “And while I’m not judging Elsandra about what parts she was born with, she is still in fact delicate compared to the likes of you and what happened last week didn’t call for such an horrendous tragedy.” Gett then threw his face in Frodrick’s. “While I may not be as holy a feminist as you are, Frodrick, but aren’t you a big tough man? The size of you tells me that, but your reaction last week against Elsandra’s small slight, tells me you’re a small boy in the inside.”

Frodrick’s face twisted. Gett pulled back his so Frodrick could speak into the microphone. “This is Ultimate Wrestling Federation, to be here you have to be mean and not take mouth from no one.”

“Now you see,” sighed Gett. “That’s where were not on the right page. In here-,” he said pointing at the ring. “This is where you have to be mean and take mouth from no one. But back there-,” Pointing back stage. “We just run business like we business men because that’s what this is, a business. We don’t destroy employees weaker than us, just because someone is accusing that knockers have the power to hypnotise us men, unless you’re not into that kind of thing.” He held the microphone closer. “Or maybe I’m just being too sexist. But let’s focus on the problem here. While the superstars and divas are in risk.” He pointed down the ring again. “It should only be in here while competing against each other at most, because this is a wrestling business, not an sadistic tyranny where we barbarously crush someone whose weaker and more vulnerable and yes, Elsandra is a girl, but she was a girl on the inch of consciousness with her back turned to a man whose arm is as thick as her head holding a kendo stick. Elsandra was not competing against you, nor did she deserve what she got.”

The crowd cheered. I sighed knowing that monster wasn’t going to get away with this.

“With all apologies sir, I have battered my superstars like this before.”

“And we discussed the circumstance. But then…” Gett shrugged. “I’ve probably turned a blind eye to those for far too long as well.”


“Thinking about it… Ed Banzai didn’t deserve to be assaulted with a steel chair just because he left horse poo inside your car. Kurt shouldn’t have been jumped on just because he ranted on about how unfair you were. Really Kenneth Bombardier shouldn’t have been injured in that steel cage match you made just because he threw something through your window.” Gett paced around playing with Frodrick.

“No wait…” stuttered Frodrick.

“Sorry Frodrick, but I think the points you made have just made the situation worse for you. Before I just came out to lecture you about your attack and how you lost the company that deal with She-power.” He shrugged innocently. It’s said that She-power magazine had unplugged their TVs after seeing what I suffered. “But now I don’t know if a man, violent as you has a place in business.”

Frodrick waved his hands. This was the first I had seen such a grim man turn like this. “N-no, I can change, if you need me to be less violent, I’ll be less violent.”

“I don’t know, there are more people I’ve got waiting in line for the position as General Manager.”

“Please sir, I have always looked out for this company.” He tapped his chest. “I put myself at risk just as much as the superstars and divas as I’m under a similar contract that allows me to get harmed as well and I’ve been attacked almost just as much as them.”

The CEO raised his eyebrow. “You’re right… that you are.” He stepped over to Frodrick. He had planned this. “In fact because your contract is similar where you can be booked for a UWF match and so what I’m going to do is simple. At Titan collision, you will be in a no-count out match. In this match, if you win, you will retain your position as General Manager, but will have to go under some training to get rid of this violet and aggressive tendencies you have. But if you lose, which by the way includes disqualifications or being counted out for holding someone against the rope, you will be fired and replaced and I will make sure you never set foot in UWF again.”

The General Manager was wiping himself, relieved. He had a right to be, there was few who could dare face a beast like Frodrick, even with disqualifications. “So who’ll be my opponent.”

“Well, he’s from California, he has a mullet and you always have to be aware of him to embrace for…” The General Manager started worrying again as the crowd screamed with Gett just as the signs on the Jumbotron gave the words ‘Are you ready’. “Impact!”

As the burst of heavy metal filled the dome, I was buzzing with Tammy as I watched the face of the company, Impact march onto the stage. Frodrick was in for it now; Impact looked really healthy and confident from his return from injuries just in time. Impact was a man always suited to the role of David, somehow having the ability to crush Goliaths like Frodrick.

Impact raised his microphone and pointed at the sweltering General Manager. “It’s going to be one heck of a pleasure taking you down at Titan collision. But after seeing what you did to Elsandra, I will not just take you down; I will murder you in that match.” The crowd was screaming for Impact and I couldn’t help but be so overwhelmed that a knight like him was to fight for me.

Impact sprang into the ring like a cat and landed in front of Frodrick.

“You got anything to say to your opponent?” offered Gett holding the microphone to him.

The man hesitated. He tried his best to glare at the crowd chanting ‘Impact’, but was unable to with Impact smirking so near him. “Only to inform you the reason I might appear anxious is because I am sad I will have utterly annihilated this company’s greatest merchandise in three weeks.”

Impact leaned over into Gett’s microphone. “Sorry Frodrick… But I don’t think those big cuddly toys of you made as much money as you think. I think you’ve been way too far up in the clouds-.” Impact dodged Frodrick’s punched then sprung up to drop kick him in the chest. The giant man barrelled out of the ring and recovered outside. Impact was about to pursue him, but Gett got in the way.

“Now hold on Impact save it for the match.” Gett the indicated for the General Manager to leave, but then. “Oh wait one more thing.” Frodrick turned. “Until Titan collision, I will be relieving you of your duties for now, to let you go home and prepare for the big match. I’m sure Impact here will want a decent fight.” The man sizzled then continued his skulk backstage. Gett then turned towards the cameras, I he was wanting to look at me. “Now Elsandra, I wanted to announce this while you were here, but sadly you were unable to and that’s alright. I apologies again for what that brute, who is my own employee, did to you and I understand that an apology might do, but I will assure you, that with the act of bravery you did to turn up at the company the very next week after such an heinous assault and for all you’ve done for this company, I will get you featured on She-Power with you on the front cover. I’m sure I have enough resources to convince them to do such.”

“Oh my gosh!” gasped Tammy. “That’s excellent.”

That’s amazing. This was the second time I cried in so long.

“While you wait for that to happen, you can preoccupy yourself with preparing for a title match with Lolli Cute. Where if she is counted out or disqualified, she will lose the title and it will be handed to you.” What about Kayana! “As for Kayana, who was meant to be in the match, she volunteered to drop out after she heard I was booking you into that match. Instead she wants to be at your corner at Titan collision.”

I screamed. This was my first Pay-per-view title match. It was happening so fast. I felt Tammy shaking me with glee.

Impact held up his microphone. “Hear that Elsandra. Me and you will be fighting at Titan collision with nothing to lose! Let’s do each other proud.” He then made his signature jump and his theme music hit and the roar of cheers followed.

This was so amazing.


It was already next week. Although I didn’t have to come in, I wanted to be here… or more I needed. The idea that I had been around someone like Henry Frodrick, the general manager was terrifying, but I reminded myself he wasn’t stalking these corridors until Titan collision and I had to train up myself for that.

“Oof!” I hit into someone’s chest. “Sorry!”

“Hey, it’s alright!”

Wait. “Impact!”

“Just the girl I was hoping to meet.” He fist bumped my hand. “How you doing?”

I-I had never spoken to Impact before. I saw him around a lot, but w-we never had a conversation like this. “I-I’m fine.”

“You doing okay from two weeks ago.”

“Yeah. Doctors think there’s some injury, but I’ll be okay for my title match in two weeks.”

“That’s great. You do deserve that title match; you’ve worked so hard Elsandra unlike-.” He flopped his arms, unsure to say unlike whom, probably because the cameras were on, but I knew who he was meaning and it was awesome. “Well you know. I’ll be sure to give Henry Frodrick what he deserves anyways. That giant’s about to-.”


Appearing from behind me was Rick Thunder.

“Hey Rick.” Impact nodded.

Rick gave a challenging glower to Impact, oh no. “It’s Rick to my friends and Rick Thunder to everyone else.”

Impact raised his hands. “Sure, okay, um Rick Thunder.” He then relaxed. “Great job about running into help Elsandra on-.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Rick then focused on me. “So um, Elsandra you doing alright?”

I nodded. I was grateful he did something unlike some superstars, even former ones such as Jim, but he didn’t have to help me win the match and nor did I like him getting in between me and Impact. “Yeah Rick, doing okay.”

“So um, awesome title shot as well, hope you’re looking forward to it.”

“Yeah.” I’ll be sure to finish things with Lolli Cute. “But not as much when I see Impact make Frodrick leave.” I didn’t mean to do that, but I wanted to get Impact back in the conversation and try and see if it was just the two of us again.

“Yeah,” responded Impact awkwardly. “Be sure to focus on taking that belt off Lolli Cute and I’ll be sure to axe-.”

“You know! I was trying to get a match with Henry Frodrick,” burst Rick Thunder. “Soon as I heard CEO William Gett was coming down to discipline the guy, I was going to demand a match with him and do it myself. But when I phoned him up, he told me he had already been on the phone with you for a main event match at the Titan collision. It should be me settling the score after I gave him the Lightening strike, me and Henry have business to settle that you got in the middle of.”

Impact nodded his head in sympathy, but then shrugged. “Sorry to hear that.”

“Oh, you’re sorry. Not nearly as sorry as me for what happened to Elsandra. I was there and I ran down just as Henry was done trying to break her and I saw right in front of me just what he did.” Not only that but you flipped me like a piece of steak. “It should be me avenging her, not you.”

“Well, Rick Thunder, like I said, I’m sorry to hear that. But this isn’t just about settling the score with Henry Frodrick or what he did with Elsandra. Like you’re right it is, but it’s not just that.” Impact then stepped forward. “It’s about making him pay for every sadistic and barbaric thing he has done and then throwing him myself out of this company. But if you think you’re the right person for that job then how about this.”

“Yeah,” steamed Rick.

“Me, you in the ring tonight. I will be putting my spot against Henry Frodrick up for grabs if you can beat me.”

“That’s no problem.”

That was every problem. Rick was a low-card wrestler who had no business going up against the face of the company.

“See you then.” Impact nodded and walked off and left me with Rick. Wait, what?

“S-sorry you had to see that,” murmured Rick. “But come on, if there’s anyone who should be sorting out what happened to you, it should be me, Rick Thunder.”

“Rick Thunder,” I sighed. Can’t believe I was actually doing this.

“Just Rick, you can just call me Rick.”

“Rick, I’m thankful about what you did two weeks ago, but…” How do I say this? “I think you should just leave this to Impact.”


“It’s just… he’s more experienced at taking on guys like Henry Frodrick and you’re more suited to, well…”

“What? You mean like Kenneth Bombardier?” groaned Rick Thunder. “The only reason I get stuck with losers like them is because of Henry Frodrick, which is why this is not a bad thing, this is great. Once I take down the face of the company, I-I’ll be the new face and I’ll go on to show Frodrick what a real wrestler is.” Rick pumped himself. This was so awkward. “Just watch, this is where I prove to the world.”

Rick then marched off, thank lord… Wonder if I could catch up with Impact…


I watched with Tammy and Kanaya in the monitor room, waiting for Rick Thunder and Impact’s match to get started. The two had to keep out a few other superstars from wanting in the match and getting a shot with Henry Frodrick. They were all people who wanted to make him pay, like Ed Banzai and Bill Yanks, but they were all persuaded otherwise. The startling thing was that they more about me than their vendetta with Frodrick.

I could see signs in the audience that supported me and chanting my name every so often.

But once all that was settled, Impact and Rick’s match begun. Rick had already gone for the Lightening strike, but Impact had caught his arm and slammed him done into an armbar.

“This is amazing,” said Tammy. “The whole UWF is just revolving around you.”

She was right. I had never been on the spotlight before, but yet I was and it was overwhelming.

“It is isn’t it?” Cute Lolli. The cow paced into the room caressing her title. She had a bandage around her head, showing how I tried to knock some sense into her, if any was possible. “Shame though they’re focused on a hypocrite and not a real role model.”

“What are you talking about?” demanded Kanaya.

“Oh come on, look at what’s going on. Everyone’s cheering because someone pretty and cute like Elsandra is getting so much attention and love, all just because she got beat up by the big bad GM, boo hoo.”

“She didn’t just get beat up, she was preyed on.”

“Big whoop, it’s what happens when you’re either a wrestler or diva. Someone jumps you from behind and does his worse and normally what happens is you either settle the score or you get over it. I doubt I’ve ever seen watching the other guy get told off by the Mr CEO, gives the so-called victim a title shot and has people fighting over her? Like come on, sounds like what you were telling me two weeks. I suspect you shook your things at the CEO, swayed your pretty looks on men, which you’ve got two fighting over you right now and you got the crowd in sympathy just because you’re a little girl who got beat up.”

She was right.

“How about you shut your mouth!” snapped Kanaya. “Yes Elsandra here is getting a lot of attention but it’s not because she does the same kind of stuff you did. It’s because she stuck it to General Manager Frodrick, got attacked for it by him and then was able to come out here. She’s getting it because she was brave, Lolli cute, something I’m not sure you even know the meaning of.”

There were a lot of good reasons that Kanaya was really respected in Diva division.

Cute Lolli seethed. “I understand bravery just fine, I understood fine in the match I earned this and I will understand fine when I make my first title defence, which is against cry girl here at Titan collision.”

“Remember Cute Lolli,” said Tammy. “Any breaking of the rules and Elsandra gets the title anyways.”

“I’ll remember that.”

Cute Lolli turned tail and made for the door.

I only tore my sights away when I heard the roar of the crowd.

Rick seemed to have desperately rolled up Impact to steal the win, but before it got to two, Impact kicked out. Thank goodness. Impact the gave Rick is signature move, the boom kick. He then scaled the corner post and then performed his signature move, the Impact drop. Impact landed his back onto Rick, almost exploding him, then rolled them both up where the ref counted and the crowd screamed as Impact won.

The wrestler was barely fazed; he stood up raising his fists like a warrior ready to take on a titan. I was going to be just as ready to take down a charlatan.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Blood Lord » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:15 pm

Hmm. Interesting. I can tell every once and a while that it didn't get the editing treatment when a "My" was suppose to be a "Me".

However, let's assess more appropriately, the story content.

I'm not a fan of wrestling, well to put it more appropriately, I've never watched wrestling or fighting matches. So this was a entertainment to read because "checking accuracy" wasn't an issue. Although I did read the entire thing and pictured it in a anime setting instead of a real one, which I think helped out.

I like more visual details in my story that help me construct the characters and the setting. Like all I really know about Elsandra is that she wears boots, most likely pretty, but older that Lolli Cutie. None of the other characters have any descriptors that really help me paint a story in my head. But we've discussed that differentiating opinion on the matter.

I think you have a solid story idea right here and I would keep going with it. I don't think it is a dark story in any means.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:11 am

Thanks Guardian. Although it doesn't convince me to continue it, it does convince me to edit it. I'll probably get help with that from the person who helps me with my English on Tuesday... When my leg's better, but I can proof read it myself for now.

[Ignore if you don't like off-topic rants]
Interesting for you to bring up the accuracy check for wrestling Guardian and now just wanting to get into that. If you ever got into the wrestling world Guardian, you'd learn there are dozens of different kind of fans in wrestling and interpretations on how or what wrestling should be. For example, both Lolli Cute and Elsandra don't use much skill and are instead really just simply banging each other's heads, which is narrowly appealing towards violent fans, but would put off hardcore fans (As in fans in watch wrestling for the skill, a traditional wrestling storyline and talented wrestlers), but the fact that they're both thinking strategic by aiming after each other's evidently hurt heads and you have Cute Lolli as the cowardly heel and Elsandra the clean Babyface appeals to wrestlers more fussed about roles.
To give a better idea about the point I'm trying go on (Sorry I'm light headed, so typing lotz of stuff is just what happens), it's like how you have different kinds of Anime fans, Comic book fans and even Bronies(We both should know how diverse that culture is) as well as writing fan as you've demonstrated. So overall, it is indeed a bonus that it still appealed to you, regardless of you not being into wrestling, because this story wasn't really aimed to appeal to wrestling fans anyways (Not many wrestlers read fanfics far as I know anyways, so attempting would be really stupid... ignoring the fact this is a wrestling story) and to try I'd need to study an already still growing complex WWE fanbase (WWE has gone to heck and I'm blaming the hugely diverse audience that it has to attempt to a appeal to) that even if I were to attempt to do that, I could only appeal to so many (Before the IWC/Internet wrestling community use to have one mind, but now it has a vary of IWC groups).
[Off topic rant finished]

So overall it's great that it's appealed to you, without needing you to be a wrestling fan, because it means it should appeal even to the Wrestling fans I want (Ones that don't get bothered by accuracy checks).

But this still makes me only really want to edit it rather than continue it for now and guess I'm still that sensitive to Dark things. Overall thanks for your help Guardian.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:59 pm

[I love rants! Here's my own! 8D]
Meh, I can't say much conerning feminism. Just because alot of the people I've seen practice it do it contradictory. Like, they say they want to be equal. But then they demean and bully men. When I hear it, it's become a joke to me. Because all women claiming to be feminists are just men-haters. As for me, yeah, a tiny, unexperianced, frail woman shouldn't gain much. Neither should a obese, arrogant, cowardly man. But I guess to have that kind of equality- where you're viewed for your individual faults and talents, instead of what gender your are- you first have to have some feminisim. I've just seen too many people go about it so bad and rudely before.

Japan definiately has a culture of women being expected to be more submissive. I remember reading one review of a Anime where apparently the girl loses a bet and has to be her male former childhood BFF's slave. He mistreats her and acts like an ass mainly for laughs. But he admittedly loves her and really wants to be with her. Then at then end she apparently agrees to be with him under very reluctant circumstances. Sooo... Yeah.

I don't think everyone in the country and of the culture thinks that way. Saying that would be offensive. But it's true that in many cultures women can be just naturally bred that way. And being of a 'lower rank' if you will doesn't always mean they're mistreated or unhappy. Maybe it's not politically correct, but it's sometimes true.

I can't even count the number of girly-girly offensive animes that project women in wonky ways. But then at the same time I think of Gunsmith Cats. (Which I totally liked when I was, like, seven. This is strange if you know what the shows about.) On one hand, the women are very offensive. We have a former prostitute who looks like she's twelve taking medicine to prevent herself from getting taller or more adult-looking so incase when she finds her long lost love again he's still interested in her. And a goofy lesbian who is literally brought into the show to give it a 'Charles Angels' feel and spends one sequence after being kidnapped walking around with just a shirt on. But then we get a girl, Rally, (Mistranslated) whose name is actually meant to be 'Larry' She takes this name so that clients don't descriminate her. She's an awesome shooter. Certainly the most intelligent on her team. Courgeous and talented. Although, like her castmates, gets shown walking around in her underwear or having a boob pop out.

But the series has also had one villain I can recall who was a evil masterminding dominatrix. Again, a fetish portrayal. But the exsistance of evil women in anime makes a point. In japanese culture, the mother is really the head of the house. Generally, she handles finances and her husband literally receives an 'allowance'. It's this very normal cultural aspect that is pointed to for explaining evil women in anime. They're portrayed as submissive, but also as powerful matriarch. Even if that power tends to be shown wearing teeny-tiny leather shorts.

One more note: I was reading an anime magazine and it advertised a popular anime boxset, again concerning women with big boobs and big guns- and the boxset came with a pair of underwear, tribute to the main characters frequent pantyshots.

XD But yeah. Sometimes those silly things are okay. Like Panty and Stocking. That anime is literally a goofball fest of comedy and societal satire. And I can kinda get it when it's a quirky thing for fanservice. But sometimes, it crosses the line a bit too far. Like Soul Eater, one of my favorite animes. We have sweet Maka, who tends to distrust men and- for lack of a better word- slutty women. Has been drawn (BY HER CREATOR) on the covor of the magezine she's serialized in, wearing a bikini top and hotpants. Bloody gingersnaps, Batman. We have fanservice at it's fine(?)st.

So yeah. And this is coming from a girl- Online people have gotten pissy at me when I badtalk female characters. They call out that it's prejudice against women. But when I'm complaining about half-anorexic Ino Yamanaka pretending to be adult in her miniskirt and bitching orders to all those around her, I think I have grounds to say I don't like that attitude without being 'prejudice' against my own gender. You should be powerful and confident in who you are, and at the very least, be able to see and admit that power and confidance in those around you. Regardless of who you are. And weither or not they see it themselves.
[Rant finished. Yay! We're rant buddiez! minez longer so I win! 8P]

But yeah, no. I can't blame you for writing a 'protest' story. I can't tell you how many gritty vampire romances I've written trying to show Twilight what they did wrong.

So yeah, there's no denying that it's not fair when you got a thin little woman against a big burly dude. That's just unfair. Just as it would be if it was a skinny little guy against a big burly woman. Pick on someone your own size.

The story is great. It really is. I always admire it when someone writes action so well. Because I can't quite get a grasp on describing it right while maintaining flow. One of my favorite fanfics ever has a terrible, OOC storyline full of nonsense, but I like it because it has impressive, hard-to-find action and- although the stories silly melodrama- flows right in what it's meant to be.

I like what you did- if you did it on purpose. That the girls name is 'Lolli Cute'. Ha, considering what your inspiration was. Perfect for getting a point across. She seems spoiled but feels entitled to what she's done, regardless of how she's done it.

The GM is a fun character too. He just seems like an old man used to being in charge and doing things his own way, and generally being a character. Then when he gets challanged, he turns into a little puppy and realizes he's forgot how to be a REAL big dog.

Elsandra's just endearing. If you decide to continue it- and I'd never advise against THAT. Make sure you continue to show her determination to make a point. Fighting Lolli to make a point while GM gets it ground into him by- exactly- someone his own size.

I don't know if you were going to imply a romance between her and Impact, or maybe it's just admiration or friendship. But if it's romance, be easy and smart with it. The girl magically and perfectly getting with the guy at the end is the reason feminists can't watch disney movies. XD

But yeah, no. It's written remarkably well considering you were light-headed. The only errors I see are in the case of you typing in synonyms again. Which I find myself doing all the time. It occured quite a bit.

...... 12 hours? That's not-.... that's not 12 hours STRAIGHT. Right? you're exaggerating, right? OMG I'd die without my sleep. D8

Beh, I wish I had enough time to write. I always seem to get into it right when it's late at night and I need to go to sleep. XD

But yeah. My sisters into wrestling, so I wonder what she would think about this. Next time I see her I'll try and get her to read it.

As for wrestling accuracy, I don't see that as a problem. These ladies were pissed at eachother, they wanted to hurt eachother. Not put on a show. XD

Meanwhile, due to my unexperiance in the wrestling scene, I had to keep stopping myself from imagining them in mexican wrestler masks, since I knew they weren't. XD The only other things I've read with wrestling is Juliet in the Artemis Fowl series. (Which she gets depicted very well. Though maybe because it's an Irish novel for teens and not a seinen anime. XD)

*I just saw what my message looked like. I talked SOOOO much. D8 Y I keep doing dat!? XDDDD*
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:09 pm

That's quite the rant :eek: But pleased to have read it. One of my favourite sociological discussions is feminism. Again not really a feminist, just enjoy the subject. But do get annoyed at the people who don't know anything about feminism. Most people who claim feminists are man haters are ones who've watched too much TV or internet videos, those portrays of the feminists are just too popular and defining... But it's fun lecturing because it then shows what morons they are for believing in a role meant for comedy.

Sad fact that half of the Anime female characters is that they are portrayed in roles more sexual desired, like dominatrix and submissive, than there are others who are stereotypical because the Japanese just don't know how to write female characters and then you have your strong female characters but nearly all the strong female characters have very loose clothes so it's hard to call them a feminist role model unless you're a believer of the UK Feminist third wave movement... arguably.

Though I seem to have struck gold with this story again because of my light headiness. Believe it or not, the day I did this, I was laughing with my best friends how I seem to write the best stuff when I'm light headed, the person who helps me with my English even heavily praises the way I've written things, which I wrote while total buzzing light-headed. So makes sense that I may have struck something that was entirely written while light headed, when light headed is when I work best. It means though that I'll be less embarrassed to share it with my friends anyways, mostly thanks to how you've described the story GrimlyLoveGunner.

Though I'm surprised you've read it, proving again just how dependable you can be girl, should honestly try giving feedback to other people's work. Not that I'm trying to throw you to someone as I love your feedback, but honestly, you provide so much help imagine what you can do for others on this forum. But anyways I didn't think you'd have time with how much trouble you describe having, otherwise I would've been bothering you to read the story as again you really do show the help you provide.

It's thanks to you and Guardian though that I've decided to continue writing it. I've also seemed to have garned a new reader which is amazing, as it's not new for me to gain a comic reader, but a reader of literature piece is rare for me, so that's also an contribution to it's continuation. I've also decided to make it go pass 50,000words as while I thought about this I got brainstorm of ideas to keep it going for that long. So it's a story that involves Elsandra's determination and endearing hardwork as an old fashion underdog often portrayed by males, which is again another thing that is challenged in this story. Right now in WWE, most famous wrestling product, it's no secret that Triple H, my favorute wrestler (I admire is oversized ego unlike others) and the biggest influence in the direction and stories, has little interest in the Diva's division and it as suffered since, losing some real potential female names like Gail Kim (Now the most popular female wrestler in TNA), Eva Torres and Katelyn, who could've really been doing well due to their in-ring skill. Sadly though, after the end of days of the attitude era, you only get anywhere as female wrestler if you have looks, which mean you have girls who can't wrestler and probably don't know how to, getting up on the food chain. Attitude wasn't much different, looks were a priority, but the females knew how to wrestle at least and were giving more promient and heavier storylines. So the company revolving around Elsandra is what will be a big deal in this story, challenging the idea that WWE has now and Lolli Cute is represents the problem that WWE has now. So metaphor here.

But it's great that you like and so does Guardian, so I'll be sure to move forward with it and thanks again GrimlyLoveGunner and Guardian.

Edit: Whoops forgot to address this (Morphine sort of kicking in, so my head's dizzy where I also won't be able to finish part 3 tonight because this stuff is a real knock outer). Elsandra does have a crush on Impact, but it's only a fan-girl crush, where Impact is just being cool with her. This usual thing is often played in WWE, especially John Cena where every girl has a crush on him... or are just using him to further there own goals, but in this case it's the earlier. Though this should be understandable even though it is kind of sexist or one-dimensional, but Impact is your PG Era archtype that has the squeaky clean personality and wins cleanly all the time and wrestles every week, where as Elsandra's all about being noble and a firm belief about working hard that Impact is her ideal human being, especially due to Impact turning up in time to avenge her. This romance only really plays out during this act, due to this would be expected in WWE to further push the already top face and more attention to a hot storyline, but does get quickly forgotten during the next act, but with a conclusion in the story (Not in the stories reality on the show though as you'll find out)

Also didn't write this 12hrs straight, but I wrote it within 12hrs. I had to go to sleep eventually, but got back up and finished it. More likely six-hours I wrote 7,095words.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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Re: Thy Obsessive freak's stories

Postby Thy Obsessive Freak » Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:22 pm

Part 3 of Dignity and Feminism (5,455words)
To warn the PPV match is pretty long and further PPV will be even longer to match the epicness and endurance often found in grand Pro-wrestling matches (Besides Divas which the longest WWE Diva match has ever been 11hr 45mins and that was considered amazing amount of time for a Dvia match, but heck I love long fights... don't get why others don't... Then again I am a Freak, a Obsessed one :grin: ). Author's notes further down anyways to explain future plans for Dignity and Feminism just to note so story might not appear as long as it does.

(Proof read once)

This was it, this was my time. Time had passed and I had been working day and night for this. Although it would be like stepping over a plant of daisies with Lolli Cute, I wanted to look my best when holding the diva championship belt.

My match was saved for the third last, but I was advised by everyone in the locker room to show up early for Pay-per-view, it’s how things worked. Though it felt so weird and at the same time amazing showing up for one. I was more overwhelmed however when I actually arrived.

Pacing my way through the corridors with Tammy and Kayana at my side, it was so much more different. There was a larger and more active camera crew, there were only the popular and memorable wrestlers that roamed and to make things unfamiliar, there were VIPs.

“Elsandra!” squealed a girl, a girl that was excited about me.

The tour group was suddenly all over me, calling my name.

“Hope it’s alright if you can sign them your own name,” chuckled a security card trying to pull them back.

I only noticed they were holding their notepads out for me. Getting to it, I wrote my own name and finding out theirs was so I could write down theirs, then handed it back. I couldn’t help shaking while I did it.

“Okay that’s you all signed,” snapped the guard. “Move it along now!”

“Good luck Elsandra!” yelled one of the fans.

“Give that Lolli Cute what she deserves!”

“Oh my gosh,” I gasped to Tammy and Kanaya after they helped the guard pull them all back. “I-Is that what it’s always like to be on a Pay-per-view show.”

“Not really,” giggled Kanaya. “People are only interested for me to sign something if I’m sitting at a booth or they think they have a chance with me.”

“What? But they were like animals?”

“Well look at you, you’re one of the biggest stars in UWF right now,” said Tammy. “Everyone’s so into you right now.”

“Yeah, how many Divas have had a two-minute long promo? Or have taken up one-half of the poster for a Pay-per-view?”

True, I even liked that promo they made. It did exaggerate how I recovered from Henry Frodrick’s assault with edited footage, but I didn’t really give them much material to work with considering how inactive I had been. Nonetheless, the promo made plenty of ugly shots on Cute Loli which made up for it.

I began to realise though how breathless I was. “Hey could you guys just wait here, I just need a bit of fresh air.”

“Sure that’s cool,” said Kanaya holding her thumb up.

I made my way outside, but just as I tried to take a deep breath, my head was struck. I was knocked to the ground. Before I could comprehend what was going on, I was struck again.


I woke up, siting up in the locker room, my sight wavering.

“Thank lord, you’re awake,” sighed Kanaya.

“What happened?” asked Tammy. “Who did this?”

“Who?” Paramedics started checking me.

“The person who did your head in with a trash can?” asked Kanaya. “Did you see who did it?”


“It has to have been Henry Frodrick,” sneered Tammy.

“Doubt it,” muttered Kanaya.


“Henry’s too much of a savage to direct his attacks and there were far more destructive available weapons to hurt Elsandra just as much, plus he’s too much big and egotistical to sneak up on someone. This was to sabotage the match.”

“So Lolli Cute?”

“Lolli Cute’s new pet. It doesn’t take her long to use the helpless girl act to lure in a new one.”

“Could’ve been herself.”

“Lolli Cute’s not strong or tall enough to almost instantly knock out Elsandra with a trash can.” She glanced at Tammy’s dumbstruck face. “I worked trying to become a detective until I realised fighting other girls was more my thing.”

The paramedics gave a nodded.

“You’re good Ms. The blow did knock you out for a while, but the blow hasn’t done too much to make you call off the match. Though that match is next.” I was out for that long! “So best go if you think you’re able.”

That’s all I needed to hear. “You girls can solve who hit my head with Lolli Cute home. I’m out to show that weasel there’s nothing to stop me taking that belt off her.”

“Wait!” snapped Tammy. “You can ask the William Gett to re-arrange your title shot for another time if you tell him what just happened.”

“No! This is my first scheduled Pay-per-view match.” Probably my only one. “I won’t have it ruined by that slime.”

“That’s understandable,” replied Kanaya. “But we won’t be able to solve who attacked you yet though, not until we’re done cheering you from the corner.”

I smiled back at them. I didn’t care that I had been attack, missed out most of the night or I was walking in not at my best, this would be the greatest night of my life.


Advancing out soon as my Tiger roar was heard, I was caught by surprise by the huge screams by the audience. All around me the audience was so much more energetic and hungry. They had up signs with my name on it, as well as feminist and anti-abuse symbols that were for me. It was amazing.

I then looked down at the ring and saw Lolli Cute leaning against the ropes unimpressed. She wouldn’t have to wait any longer. I continued making my way to the ring with Tammy and Kanaya at my back.

“Remember,” said Kanaya over the crowd noise. “Just because there are disqualifications doesn’t mean Lolli won’t be using any dirty tricks when she has the opportunity.” It was only the referee who could declare a disqualification and could only do so if he saw the act. “Besides that she favours strikes. Lolli may not look like one, but she’s a brawler.”

Something that worked for me. I was an all-round wrestler that favoured submission holds. Brawlers couldn’t kick or punch if their limbs were locked, which is why only powerful wrestlers were suited to the role so as they could break of those problems, something which Lolli Cute would not be able to against me.

I stepped onto the ring and made my way through the ropes.

“Good luck,” called Tammy.

“Look out!” yelled Kanaya.

I was kicked in the face and fell back onto Tammy, hitting us both onto the floor.

“You cretin!” screamed Kanaya.

I spotted the outdoor-gimmick Diva trying to climb through the ropes with the referee blocking her.

“Kanaya!” I groaned, getting up. “She’s mine remember.” Already that pink rodent was playing dirty. So long as the bell didn’t ring, the match didn’t start; hence she couldn’t be disqualified for that cheap shot.

“You alright Tammy?” I asked while getting off my friend.

“Yeah,” moaned Tammy holding her head. She seemed to have hit head first onto the floor.

“I’ll get her to the paramedics,” said Kanaya helping Tammy up. “I’ll hurry back right after to support you.”

“Take your time.” Probably won’t want to see what I was going to do to Lolli Cute in the first five minutes anyways.

My head felt like it was about to splinter, but it could take it. I climbed my way into the ring with the crowd cheering at my valiant displays. Though I could make out a few whistle calls and dog howls with us about to go at it.

I followed the referee’s lead to take our positions. He then took the title from Lolli Cute and held it up for all to see. He then carried it over to the crew at ringside.

While he did that, I glared at the wretch. The pink goo hopped in her corner tensely warming up. She had right to be tense. It was possible that she had her latest goon hiding under the ring to jump me and had a few surprises, but even if she did, I bet she knew that wasn’t going to stop me from showing her real strength.

The referee then came back to the centre of the ring.

“Here we go Fred!” yelled Jim. “Diva match of the year I bet!”

“Just hope these two kittens don’t do as much damage as last time.”

“I’m afraid that’s unavoidable,” sighed the ring analyst. “But let’s just take back seat and watch the action.”

The referee pointing at the announcer and he rang the bell. The referee had to then scramble out of the way when me and Lolli Cute colliding. Lolli went for a clothesline, but I hit her with a shoulder block into the face, ploughing her into the mat.

“Ho!” gasped Fred. “Looks as if Lolli Cute got hit by a train.”

“Looks like she’s about to be hit by a whole lot more.”

Lolli Cute scrambled to get back up, but I had bounced off the ropes and came back, slamming her in the face with my hips, knocking her down again.

Prowling around Lolli Cute, she kicked at me, but I caught her leg. Giving her a smirk, I hooked both her legs under my arms and then fell backwards. Lolli Cute was then catapulted into the ropes and bounced off them, crashing onto the mat.

After thudding my head against the mat from following back, it triggered the pain caused from that trash can and I couldn’t make out what was going on.

As I made my way back up, I was booted in the head and knocked on to mat. Lolli Cute then sat on me and started punching my hands shielding my face. The referee counted viciously, as you weren’t allowed punch with closed fists. She only stopped however when the ref reached four.

Lolli Cute then sprang up and started stamping on my elbows, trying to make me uncover my face. Needing respite from this, I reached out a snatched the ropes. She wasn’t allowed to attack me if I had the ropes, but Lolli Cute gave me a boot to the face anyways, now that my hands were removed. The referee then started yelling at her to knock it off

“These cats are really trying to kill each other!” squealed Fred.

“Shouldn’t they be?” asked Jim. “Lolli Cute lost her opportunity with She Power magazine because of Elsandra, while Elsandra’s insistent that she’s giving girls a bad name and let’s not forget what they exchanged three weeks ago.”

“How’s that an excuse to kill each other?”

I put those clowns out of my head and focused on Lolli Cute. Back on my feet I jumped out of the corner and tried to throw a shoulder block, but the worm side stepped and tripped me. I landed on my chest, but my head still bounced against the mat.

Lolli Cute planted herself on my back and hooked her legs over my shoulders, where she then locked her hands around my face and hauled. We both screamed, Lolli Cute placing all her efforts and me in agony.

Needing out, I tried to plant my hands, but I could get my arms positioned with Lolli’s legs restricting their movement and the pain was stopping me from overpowering her. My best chance was to grab the ropes, but I couldn’t make out where they were with Lolli’s hands blocking my eyes sight.

“The ropes!” screamed Kanaya, banging the ring edge. “Over here the ropes, reach for the ropes.”

I couldn’t be anymore happy to hear Kanaya’s voice, I was so relieved she was back. Getting over it however, I wormed my way over. This move may have been suited to hold me, but with someone like Lolli Cute using it, it wasn’t going to stop me. Managing to squirm over, I reached out and grabbed the rope, causing Lolli Cute began bashing my head into the mat.

The referee got her off me, but now I needed to get up. It wasn’t too hard, but I was distraught Lolli Cute was still in control.

“Keep on the offense, but don’t use the shoulder block!” called Kanaya.

Going with it, I rushed at Lolli Cute. The girl side stepped again, but I got her with the clothesline. The surprise move had struck Lolli Cute to the mat.

The scum cranked herself back up, but I got her neck. I then fell back, slamming her face into the mat, DDT style.

“Now this is something,” gawked Fred. “Soon as Kanaya returned to the ring, things are really going Elsandra’s way.”

“That girl’s some fine strategist. She should coach more often-. Do you think she’ll coach me if I go back into wrestling?”

“Keep on the attack!” yelled Kanaya.

Getting over the head pain, I pulled Lolli Cute up by the arm. Snatching her arm back, Lolli Cute yanked me off my feel and I flopped down. I gripped my head from the whiplash.

“Rope! Rope!” cried Kanaya.

I tried to scramble over, but Lolli Cute got a hold of my leg. She pulled on me until I was in the centre of the ring. I turned onto my back to protect my face, but she then stamped on my shin instead. She stamped again and again trying to break my legs. When I reached out to try and stop her, she stamped face.

“Come on Elsandra!” my friend screamed clapping the ring edge.

Lolli Cute flipped me back onto my front and then placed me in the same submission hold, the camelclutch, again.

“Don’t quit! Reach for the ropes!”

“This isn’t looking good for Elsandra!” shouted Fred over the crowd. “First title shot and she’s about to get her head exploded!”

“Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got someone new to the main event shoot go against someone who is experienced.”

Where they saying Lolli Cute was better to me! I thrived! She squirmed! And I was about to make this worm do just that.

Forgetting about the ropes, I needed to show everyone the exact comparison between me and this wench. Digging my knees and elbows into the mat, I pushed.

“Just what are you doing?” gawked Lolli Cute.

I gritted my teeth, putting in everything I had to elevate my chest off the mat. “Showing you what you’re up against!” Lolli Cute practically exploded off me. I was on my feet again and stamped around to see Lolli Cute laid on the mat befuddled and worried.

“Now where did that come from?” asked Fred.

“Guess it was something we said?”

“You mean something you said.”

I advanced on Lolli Cute, but didn’t predict on her kicking me right there! The crowd echoed as if they had received the shot, while I stumbled around covering myself.

“Guess that’s what happens when you corner Lolli Cute,” said Fred.

“Didn’t you see that!” shouted Kayana furious. “She kicked her right there!”

The referee had probably too focused on what got into me rather than what Lolli Cute just did.

The kick hurt longer than what I thought that I was unprepared for Lolli Cute grabbing my hair and then throwing my head into the ring post. My body then dribbled down the ropes and then flopped back against the mat.

I barely had a chance to then catch my breath when Lolli Cute dragged me into the centre of the ring. She flipped me over, covered me and hooked my leg.

“One!” yelled the ref after he slapped the mat. Oh no, a pin count. ”Two.” I kicked my leg free, before the referee slapped the mat again.

I suddenly felt motivated to hear the crowd cheer and Lolli Cute’s frustration. The premodonna pulled my head up by the hair and slapped my face.

“Fight back!” yelled Kayana over the chanting crowd.

I curled my fist and punched directly into Lolli Cute’s face and blasting her back onto the mat. Using a fist was in violation of the rules and against my honour bound ways, but I needed to do that.

“Come on! Get up!”

Obeying Kayana’s command, I pulled myself up, getting onto both feet. Opposite to me, Lolli Cute was doing the same, both of us dragging ourselves up until we were satisfactory onto our feet.

Lolli Cute then slapped me across the face, shaking all my head injuries. Undeterred though, I slapped the roach back in the face and she followed with another slap to me. As we continued exchanging slaps, the crowd cheered loudly for each blow I gave to Lolli Cute and they hooted each time Lolli Cute hit back, but they still cheered louder for mine and that felt good. After a few more exchanges, Lolli Cute went for a kick to the shin, but her leg twirled off balance. I grabbed it yanked her onto her back.

Twisting Lolli Cute onto her front, I pulled up on her foot and twisted on it for an ankle lock. The pink haired girl shrieked as I tried to snap her foot off.

“Oh oh that’s another ankle lock Lolli Cute’s stuck in.”

“She can use the ropes to break out this time though, so she can rely on that unless she wants to take about shot at giving Elsandra a mule kick.”

This time she wouldn’t be able to. I set my feet apart for her not to be able to have a good shot.

“I am not losing this fight!” snarled Lolli Cute clawing her way to the ropes.

“Y-yes you are!” I screamed. I couldn’t believe it, but she was actually moving us. I pulled on her leg tighter. I didn’t care if she broke the darn thing, it would be her own fault. She flopped and threshed, but I wasn’t letting go. “Submit I ordered!”

Ignoring me, she just about did snap herself when she threw herself out and snatched the rope.

“One!” shouted the ref at me. I had to let go, letting the harlot get back onto her feet. She could barely managed to however.

“The leg!” shouted Kayana. “Aim for the leg.”

I was more thinking that thick skull of hers, but her leg was an easier target and her head was probably too thick anyways.

After Lolli Cute let go of the ropes, I kicked her leg, making her yelp. I kicked it again and again. She was about to fall. About to make another kick, she grabbed my hair and pulled me into headbutt that had us both stumbling back from each other again.

As I spun, I spotted Lolli Cute about to continue her attack again, but the referee got in the way.

“What is it?”

“I saw you hair pull!” the ref shouted back. “Any more of that stuff and you are disqualified and you can say bye to your belt!”

“What! B-but!”

“No buts!”

I could’ve taken a cheap shot at Lolli Cute while she complained. There’d be no slight on my part for an opponent not keeping her guard up, but I enjoyed watching Lolli Cute not get her way because of a man, plus I needed more time to recover.

Soon as the referee moved aside however, I exploded against Lolli Cute with a clothesline, hitting her to the mat.

“Ouch!” cringed Fred. “Someone want to check if Lolli Cute still has her head on?”

“Good!” shouted Kanaya. “Now go for the head!”

Problem was that I didn’t have too many submission holds that involved the head. Using a simple one though that I used before; I got Lolli Cute off her back and then locked my arms around her head for a sleeperhold.

“No!” shrieked Lolli Cute.

She fought to get out. An easy way would be to punch my head, scratch my hands or bite my arm, but any of that and she’d be disqualified. She tried the overpower way; she rocked against me and then thudded forward against the mat. This was used to shake the holder off, but I wasn’t letting go. She did it again, bumping against the mat and causing us both to jerk. The vibrating thud buzzed by head in pain, but it wasn’t enough to loosen my grip.

We both huffed and panted that Lolli Cute didn’t seem to have enough strength to try and knock me off that she tried reaching out for the ropes instead. Waving her arms like some infant child.

“J-just let go,” sneered Lolli Cute.

“N-not someone like you!” I muttered back.

“Why not I’ve earned this!” she cawed.

“Looks like the two felines are trading words instead of just slaps,” chuckled Fred.

“Wish I knew what sassy things they were saying to each other.”

Jerks. “You’ve earned nothing!”

“I’m the champion aren’t I? I’ve been in three pay-per-views! And had three title shots! What does that compare to someone like you?”

My head was too sore to waste on proper comeback. “Just shut up!” But I felt my arms loosen.

“Don’t give up!” shouted Kayana. “This match is everything! Impact’s expecting you to win! This crowds expecting you to win! I’m expecting you to win! This is about what’s fair and what’s right! Prove to Lolli Cute she’s no role model and you’re what a real model is!” Yes. “Come on!” She yelped slapped the ring edge.

Prying on Lolli Cute’s head, I heard the weasel croak.

“Hold it!” ordered the referee.

He knelt over to check Lolli Cute’s breathing and pulse. I realised Lolli Cute was knocked out, but in order for the referee to make sure, he picked up Lolli Cute’s hand for a sec and let it flop to the mat. He had to do this another nine times. Come on.

“This is intense,” gritted Fred.

“Yeah, doubt I’ve seen an incapacitated check in a Diva’s match before.”

I tried to see Kanaya, but my vision was losing it. I had done just about everything I could give in this match, if not more.

I heard the bell ring. I didn’t know what was going on. There was a cheer and someone walking over me, but besides that, I just completely faded out.


I got back up and looked around. I was still in my wrestling gear, with the exception of my boots, but I was in hospital.

“Finally!” sighed Kanaya.

“Elsandra!” screamed Tammy hugging against me.

They were both in their street clothes and I could tell it was morning.

“Wh-what happened? What’s going on?”

“Guess what,” smiled Kanaya. I only realised now she was holding something behind her back, could it be? Yes! “You’re the new Divas champion now!” She passed me all the title and we all squealed with joy.

“I can’t believe it! Is this for real?”

“Yeap, you defeated Lolli Cute by count out. The first time a Diva’s won like that,” said Kanaya. “It’s made you look real hardcore and gave a more tougher look to the divas division.”

“Shame you missed out on the celebration,” said Tammy. “You should’ve heard how loud the audience screamed your name.”

That wasn’t the only thing I regret missing. “What about Impact! Did he take care of Frodrick?”

Their smiles dropped into frowns, why?

“Impact got jumped last night. Same as you, except while he was making his way down the ramp right out in the open.”

No! “By who?”

At night, we watched UWF. It was lucky Tammy and Kanaya didn’t need to appear onto night’s show, I needed them here.

They kicked off the show with yellow flashing fireworks lightening the dome. The arena filled with a violent ascension of angry boos.

Making his signature leap from behind the jumbotron was Rick Thunder. The wrestler scolded at the audience as he made his way to the ring. He grabbed a microphone and jumped through the ropes and marched into the centre.

“Oh shut up the lot of you!” He screeched. “You probably all think you know why Rick Thunder jumped your almighty idol that might have given Henry Frodrick the edge to beat him in last night’s match.” He pouted at the audience not waiting to hear him, they just kept jeering an insulting him. He pointed his finger out at them. “It’s because I’m fed up of no one giving me any credit for the stuff I do for tem. Like come on! What does a guy have to do to get even liked! I like helped Lolli Cute win her match, what does she do? She shoves me outside the ring. I saved Elsandra from Henry Frodrick and what does she do? Pretends I don’t exist. I demand a match with the giant himself, the General Manager you all want to see crushed and beaten, which I could’ve done if I had beaten Impact? But what do you do, you cheer the guy who got in between me and Frodrick and ignore me!”

I didn’t really think of it that way. I could see the anger seethe in Rick Thunder as the audience still mocked him. “It’s all my fault.”

“Don’t say that,” sneered Kanaya. “It wasn’t you who made him attack Impact. Rick Thunder’s just a child who can’t understand how the big world works and would rather throw a tantrum try to rationalise his issue.”

I was so reluctant to have Kanaya.

“So!” screamed Rick trying to scare down the audience. “I made a deal with someone to make sure I didn’t get nothing.” The audience began to settle as he paced. “In exchange for ambushing both Impact and Elsandra-” Somehow I guessed that. He received boos for mentioning who he also attacked. “I would headline the next Pay-per-view in a stipulation of my choice with an opponent of my choosing. So it’s not hard to guess who I made that deal with.”

Please lord no. “Oh no you didn’t!” I wanted to click the TV off. My hands jittered, but I needed to weather it. Stepping out from under the Jumbotron was him, Henry Frodrick with an appeased smirk on his face. Most the crowd was exhausted from booing Rick Thunder, but they still had some strength to demonstrate how they felt about Henry Frodrick.

The colossal man stepped into the ring and gave Rick Thunder a proud clap before addressing the crowd. “Yes, I Henry Frodrick arranged for Impact to be ambushed so I stood a chance against him. I am a giant, but Impact has defeated giants much larger than me and almost too easily that I needed something to say? Balance the scales, so having someone to adjust it a bit so it could be a more equal match.”

“It was an equal match at least, I’ll give him that,” muttered Kanaya. “Had to be at least five times Impact got him into a two and half pin count.”

“Just how long did the match go on for?”

“Thirty minutes at least. Impact was badly hurt, but he made it clear he wanted that brute gone.”

“So yes while low, there was nothing stopping me. Impact was under contract and there were no rules that could possibly prevented what happened. Gett Williams can’t even do anything because all I had to do was win the match and I won it and I seemed to have given an entertaining performance while at it.”

“People cheered like mad,” said Tammy. “But they were cheering for Impact to win. Half the match itself was a big bully throwing around a half wounded knight.”

“Enough about that anyways. The fact that I won and continue a behaviour to the CEO’s preference and continue on with this anger management, I am still UWF’s General manager. But now let’s focus on a new subject.” He paced towards Rick. “I agreed that you’d ambush Impact, but I never said anything about Elsandra.”

Why not? Rick Thunder was just as confused, but he gave an innocent shrug. “W-well I figured-.”

“That you’d punish her or something? For what? Yes I dislike Elsandra and hate that I’ve been punished because of her. But look.” He held his hands out. “Look at what she’s done for the company. I’ve never seen one Diva bring such success or has such stardom in UWF. I may be a big brute, but unlike what others think, I am a business man. I see a profit out of what might become the first ever Diva that’s the face of the company.”

I wasn’t sure to feel disgusted or flattered, but I wasn’t sure if something like that would go to my head.

“He’s right you know,” whispered Tammy. Though that was probably just her trying to be funny.

“So doing what you just did there could’ve potentially sabotaged my business and as such, just as I’m rewarding you for saving my career,” growled Henry Frodrick. “I will be punishing you for almost ruining it as well.”

“W-what,” clucked Rick like a chicken.

“Whoever you choose as your opponent for the Night of gladiators and the title to be on the line as an option, your stipulation choice is now limited as it will be something that has to be acceptable for a triple threat as I am adding a third man to your match. That person is-.” He held his hand out to the Jumbotron. Fireworks then exploded followed by the Jumbotron chanting ‘Hoorah! Hoorah!”, drumbeats then, ‘Hoorah! Hoorah!’ repetitively. “The mighty action warrior, Bill Yanks.”

The large towering man stepped out, glaring at Rick ready to wet himself.

Bill was a powerhouse with a mean temper and known for getting carried away in his matches. He was also Impact’s best friend, so it wasn’t hard to explain how much trouble Rick Thunder had gotten himself into.

“So while you have a sight at one of your opponents for now, let me reach out in hope Elsandra’s watching.” He faced the camera. “Now Elsandra, whether you are watching this or not, I may as well try to give a message at least. What’s between me and you, well we can probably agree that it’s no longer personal, even though I still don’t like you.” The audience booed at him. “But I love what you’re doing for this business. So this is how it’s going to work.” He grinned. I held Kanaya’s hand. “You keep being this big star that you’ve turned into, this huge draw and I will hold on to you and ensure that you get-.” The TV turned off. I couldn’t help it I needed it off.

“Elsandra?” worried Tammy.

It wasn’t fair. I reached the top and I was to reach even further than that, but instead of being something glorious like Anarchist or Impact, it was to be filled of torment. Henry Frodrick would make sure holding onto this title was nothing more than a building.

I cradled it. This was my dream and yet now that it came true it was to be a nightmare and all because of him.

I felt Kanaya’s hand. I looked up at her with my tear soaked face.

“I know this is a lot to ask and if I could do this on your behalf, I would,” claimed Kanaya. “But the Diva’s position has never seen someone so hard, especially one victimized, climb out to reach the top. But neither have you gotten this far. If you forget all that, it will show that someone like Henry Frodrick can topple it anyone, no matter how victimized or have worked so hard efforts just like that. I understand if it’s too much to ask, but-.” She stopped though unable to put in a way that made it sound like it weighed too much than it already did, but her silence was enough to make me understand.

I gripped Kanaya’s hand. “I will… I will endure what Henry Frodrick throws at me and I will stand with all my dignity.”

Tammy’s hand clapped our hands. “You’ll have us to back the way. Frodrick won’t be able to take you down if you’ve got too many people on your back.”

That’s right he couldn’t, I was so lucky to have such fans, to have reached the top and to be myself. I will conquer UWF and win this war with Henry Frodrick.


So yes that's what the story is to revolve around, basically you're going to get an old fashion cartoon series formula, Henry Frodrick keeps coming up with Dick Dasterly plans that are aimed at overwhelming Elsandra at the top so she can quit and no longer being the Rolemodel all while Henry Frodrick is pretending to be fair (We do after all have a hard time appreciating the hard work stars endure that we often fail to understand when they can't take it no more, so this is the view I'm going with), however Elsandra and gang keeps foiling with them, but with the added theme of dignity, pride and feminism, all while the UWF begins to revolve around it creating small side stories that I won't focus on as much, with Impact v Henry Frodrick and Rick Thunder as an example that just gives that life to the UWF universe (Something often happens in WWE where stories sink or sprout from for a moment, again example mentioned)
The feud between Elsandra and Henry Frodrick will conclude at the companies equivalent to WWE's Wrestlemania, where Elsandra will overcome Henry Frodrick once and for all and her pride will endure. So yes, hopefully it's be an exciteful series and the conclusion is 7 PPVs away or in other words 7 acts away, their road to their own Wrestlemania has only just begun.

P.S. Also forgot to mention to GrimlyLoveGunner, great to see if a wrestling fan would like this. Although I did say there are many many different kinds of Wrestling fans that it's hard to appeal to all of them, let alone get them to read fanfics, maybe seeing if it can appeal to a general lot would be a great way to test this story's readability and just generally get another fan as the story seems to be really something.
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The art's quite modest, but I'm told the story's fun.
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