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Postby Gunsmith » Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:46 pm

I love writing stories, but last night I came up with a poem that I thought was really good. And I've never been good at writing poetry, but I do think this is good. I call it, "As The Dust Settles"

Gone are the kings their sons now wear the crown,
Gone is the old regime; the new one was once called the underground,

Gone is the status quo, that ship has sailed,
Gone is the previous oppression, no matter their poetic might all empires are doomed to fail,

Gone are the old gods, or at least now we know what we believe,
All the fuss over religion, can seem so redundant; why can't we see that one faith can wear different masks? Can someone tell me?

Gone is the world we once knew as the dust settles, and as the dust settles only one question remains,
Is the new world progress from the old, or just its own unique sense of pain?

As the dust settles, with our hearts and reason combined, we will answer if our newfound liberty is more than just a passing fad,
It's the choices we make that determine our fate, and, the dust settles with that
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