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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Files

Postby Specter X » Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:57 am

Here I explain the stories of the facility's beasts such as scp-173 and scp-096 so have fun! Stories are all fictional and non-realistic at all. A photo of each scp object or creature is posted at the end.

This topic may contain mature content,such as extreme violence and language. An age of 14+ is recommended.
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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret File# 096-1 (The Shy Guy)

Postby Specter X » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:50 am

[████████ ████████ Time, Research Area ██]

Capt. █████████: It always sucks ass to get Initial Retrieval duty. You have no idea what the damn thing is capable of besides what jacked up information the field techies can scrape up, and you're lucky if they even tell you the whole story. They told us to "bag and tag." Didn't tell us jackshit about not looking at the damn thing.

Dr. ███: Could you describe the mission, please?

Capt. █████████: Yeah, sorry. We had two choppers, one with my team and one on backup with Zulu 9-B and Dr. ██████. We spotted the target about two clicks north of our patrol path. I'm guessing he wasn't facing our direction, else he would have taken us out then and there.

Dr. ███: Your report says SCP-096 didn't react to the cold? It was -██o C.

Capt. █████████: Actually, it was -██. And yes, it was butt naked and didn't so much as shiver. Anyway, we landed, approached the target, and Corporal ██ got ready to bag it. That's when Dr. ██████ called. I turned to answer it, and that's what saved me. The target must have turned and my whole squad saw it.

Dr. ███: That's when SCP-096 entered an agitated emotional state?

Capt. █████████: Yep. [Interviewed now pauses for a second before continuing] Sorry. Got the willies for a second.

Dr. ███: That's all right.

Capt. █████████: Yeah. Well, I never saw its face. My squad did, and they paid for it up the ass.

Dr. ███: Could you describe it a little more, please?

Capt. █████████: [Pauses] Yeah, yeah. It started screaming at us, and crying. Not animal roaring though, sounded exactly like a person. Really fucking creepy. [Pauses again] We started firing when it picked up Corporal ██ and ripped off his leg. God, he was screaming for our help… fuckin 'A… anyway, we were blowing chunks out of the target, round after round. Didn't do jackshit. I almost lost it when it started [DATA EXPUNGED] him.

Dr. ███: That's when you ordered the use of an [Papers are heard moving] AT-4 HEDT launcher?

Capt. █████████: An anti-tank gun. Started carrying it ever since SCP-███ got loose. I've seen those tear through tanks like tissue paper. Did the same thing to the target.

Dr. ███: There was significant damage to SCP-096?

Capt. █████████: It didn't even fucking flinch. It kept tearing apart my squad, but with half of its torso gone. [He draws a large half-circle across his torso]

Dr. ███: But it was taking damage?

Capt. █████████: If it was, it wasn't showing it. It must have lost all its organs, all its blood, but it didn't acknowledge any of it. Its bone structure wasn't hurt at all, though. It kept tearing my squad apart.

Dr. ███: So no actual structural damage. How many rounds would you say were fired at SCP-096?

Capt. █████████: At the least? A thousand. Our door gunner kept his GAU-19 on it for at least twenty seconds. Twenty fucking seconds. That's six hundred .50 caliber rounds pumped into the thing. Might as well been spitting at it.

Dr. ███: This is when Zulu 9-B arrived?

Capt. █████████: Yeah, and my squad was gone. Zulu 9-B managed to get the bag over its head, and it just sat down. We got it into the chopper and got it here. I don't know how I never saw its face. Maybe God or Buddha or whoever thought I should live. The jackass.

Dr. ███: We have obtained an artist's depiction of SCP-096's face. Would you like to view it?

Capt. █████████: [Pauses] You know, after hearing that thing's screams, and the screams of my men, I don't think I want to put a face to what I heard. No. Just… no.

Dr. ███: All right, I believe we are done here. Thank you, Captain.

[Chairs are heard moving, and footsteps leave the room. Captain (Ret.) █████████ is confirmed to have left Interview Room 22.]

Dr. ███: Let this be on record that I am formally requesting SCP-096 be terminated as soon as possible.
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Re: Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret File #87-I

Postby Specter X » Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:03 pm

D-8432 is a 43-year old Caucasian male of average build and appearance and unremarkable psychological background. Class-D designation is a result of demotion due to mishandling SCP-███. D-8432 is equipped with a 75 watt flood lamp with battery power capable of lasting 24 hours, a handheld camcorder fitted with a transmission stream, and an audio headset for communication with Dr. ██████ at Control.

D-8432 steps through doorway onto initial platform. Despite the wattage, the flood lamp only illuminates the first 9 steps. The second platform is not visible.

D-8432: It's fucking dark.
Dr. ██████: Is your flood lamp functioning properly?

D-8432 shines the light out the door and into the academic building's hallway. The light reaches significantly further.

D-8432: Yeah, it's working, it just won't light these stairs all the way down.
Dr. ██████: Thank you. Please continue.

D-8432 descends for 13 steps before reaching the second platform. The platform is in the shape of a semicircle with an apparently concrete surface and walls. There are no distinct markings, aside from nondescript patches of dust, dirt, or wear consistent with that which is found in a typical concrete stairwell. D-8432 rotates 180 degrees to begin descent down the second flight, then pauses.

Dr. ██████: Reason for stopping?
D-8432: You hear that? There's a fucking kid down there. Sounds like one.

None of the described audio is feeding through the camera or mic at this time.

Dr. ██████: Could you please describe the sound?
D-8432: It's young. Either female or a very young boy. It's crying and sobbing and saying [pause] please [pause] help [pause] please [pause] Yeah, it keeps repeating that and crying.
Dr. ██████: Can you estimate its distance from your current location?
D-8432: Uh, fuck, I don't know, maybe 200 meters down?
Dr. ██████: Please continue down the next flight.

The subject descends another 13 steps. As he reaches the landing, audio of the child as described is picked up. The child alternates between sobbing, wailing, and the words "please," "help," and "down here." The level of audio is consistent with D-8432's report of it being approximately 200 meters below.

Dr. ██████: Can you still hear the crying?
D-8432: Yeah.
Dr. ██████: We're picking it up as well. Please continue down. Stop if you notice any changes in the audio or environment.

The subject descends another 3 flights of stairs before stopping.

D-8432: Keep going?
Dr. ██████: Please.

D-8432 continues another 17 flights (total of 22 flights) before stopping. There are no visual changes in the environment, and each flight has been a consistent 13 steps.

D-8432: I'm not getting any fucking closer to the kid.

Stereo audio confirms that the crying noise has not increased in volume and remains approximately 200 meters below the subject.

Dr. ██████: Noted. Please continue.

The subject continues another 28 flights before stopping. (50 flights total.) D-8432 is standing on the 51st landing, counting the initial ground level landing. D-8432 is estimated to be 200 meters below the initial platform. 34 minutes have elapsed. The volume of the crying has not increased.

D-8432: I feel a little uneasy.
Dr. ██████: You've spent a long time in a dark, unknown stairwell. It's natural. Please continue.

The subject hesitates before stepping down on the next stair. As the subject moves forward, the flood lamp illuminates a face located approximately at the bottom of the flight (SCP-087-1). It appears to be the same size and shape as a human head, except it is lacking a mouth, nostrils, and pupils. The face is completely motionless, but is making direct eye contact, indicating its awareness of D-8432.

D-8432: [Yelling] Fuck! What the fuck is that? Shit! Holy fucking shit. What the fuck!
Dr. ██████: Can you please describe what you see?
D-8432: It's some sort of fucking person face thing and it's fucking looking right at me fuck fuck fuck it's looking right at me —
Dr. ██████: Is it moving?
D-8432: [pause, heavy breathing] No, it's just staring at me. Fuck fuck fuck it's creepy.
Dr. ██████: Please approach and further illuminate the entity.
D-8432: Fuck fuck fuck I don't want to fucking —

The face jerks forward about 50 centimeters directly toward D-8432.

D-8432: [yelling] Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck [REDACTED]

D-8432 enters a panicked state and rapidly ascends SCP-087. D-8432 reaches the ground floor in 18 minutes, at which time he collapses and passes out. There is no sign of SCP-087-1. Review of the footage indicates an equal number of flights and steps ascending as descending. Audio of the crying and pleading remains at the same volume until the last flight, at which point it ceases. Medical reports indicate collapse was a result of the rapid ascension of the stairs, causing fatigue.

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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret File # 1000 (BIGFOOT!)

Postby Specter X » Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:54 pm

Description: SCP-1000 is a nocturnal, omnivorous ape, classified in the Hominini branch along with genera Pan and Homo. Adults range in size from 1.5 to 3 m (5 to 10 ft) in height, and weigh between 90 and 270 kg (200 - 600 lbs). They have grey, brown, black, red, and occasionally white fur. They possess large eyes with good vision, a pronounced brow ridge, and a sagittal crest on the forehead similar to that of the gorilla, but present in both sexes. Their intelligence is on par with that of Pan troglodytes (the common chimpanzee).

SCP-1000 evolved alongside Homo sapiens, existing contemporaneously with proto-humans and humans in large numbers until 10,000-15,000 years ago, when an extinction event eliminated all but 1-5% of their population. This event was triggered by SCP-1000 contracting an anomalous "pseudo-disease" classified as SCP-1000-f1. This disease is passed on at the genetic level and affects every present-day instance of SCP-1000. The majority of SCP-1000 instances are born immune to the effect; those who are not born immune quickly die.

The effect of SCP-1000-f1 is as follows: Any hominid (including humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and non-immune instances of SCP-1000) that directly or indirectly observes any instance of SCP-1000 has a minimum 2% chance of being instantly killed through anomalous means via permanent cessation of brain function. This percentage is cumulative, and the longer a human views SCP-1000, the higher the chance of instantaneous death increases, at a rate of +1% chance per 20 minutes of viewing. This effect varies between individual members of SCP-1000's species, with some individuals carrying a 'death chance' of 90%. The effect is also produced by dead individuals, though small fur samples do not exhibit the effect.

Known means of preventing this effect are small-scale only and include [REDACTED] (see attached documentation; Level 3 clearance required).

Because of SCP-1000's close relation to humanity, it is considered likely that SCP-1000-f1 could eventually transfer to human carriers. Any instance of SCP-1000 finding its way to a major population center could constitute an ██-class end of the world scenario with a minimum death toll of [REDACTED] and possible extinction of humanity. Fortunately, SCP-1000 appears to instinctively avoid human contact.

It is not currently feasible to exterminate SCP-1000 entirely; for more information, see attached documentation (Level 3 clearance required).

The highest known population concentrations of SCP-1000 are at present located in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and the Himalayan Mountain range in Asia. As of ██/██/████, these populations remain extant. SCP-1000's presence and [DATA EXPUNGED] have also been documented within the past 5 years on every continent. All known significant populations of SCP-1000 located near human population centers have been eliminated.

SCP-1000 came to the attention of the Foundation via contact by Doctor Franz M███████ in 14██ with the Children of the Sun, who identified themselves as outcast members of the Serpent's Hand. This group has since been completely destroyed by the Foundation, due to their reluctance to surrender information about SCP-1000, SCP-███, and SCP-███ (since reclassified as SCP-1000-███ and SCP-1000-███). Remaining members have either joined the Foundation, or have gone into hiding, presumably as members of the Serpent's Hand. Weapons, tools, and other unique pseudo-technological resources in possession of the organization have been classified as SCP-1000-001 through SCP-1000-████. These resources have been made use of by the Foundation in multiple instances; for a full list, see Document 1000-3534-Y (Level 3 clearance required). Access to surviving ex-members of the Children of the Sun is restricted to personnel with clearance level 4/1000 unless given direct authorization for contact by Director Jones.

Further information is available to personnel with clearance level 3/1000 or above. Personnel with clearance level 3/1000 or above are required to read Document Alpha-1596-1000.

Addendum 1000-466-X: Update to Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/████, SCP-1000's Special Containment Procedures no longer include Procedure 516-Lumina. [DATA EXPUNGED] indicates that SCP-1000 may be developing a resistance to the sonic element [DATA EXPUNGED] will not develop further, so that Procedure 516-Lumina can still be used in emergency situations. Investigation into alternate means of reliably keeping SCP-1000 away from human population centers is underway. Whether SCP-1000 resistance to Procedure 516-Lumina was calculated (and as such may be a sign of SCP-1000 [REDACTED]) or coincidental (by chance of natural species variation) is not known at this time.

Document Alpha-1596-1000: Missive from Director Jones

You've probably heard the rumors before now. Everyone without the clearance level to know better wants to get their dig in. "Did you hear Sasquatch is an SCP? Are we gonna capture and contain Batboy next?"

Yes. Bigfoot is SCP-1000.

I'm sure you've snickered. Don't worry. Contrary to rumors, we don't actually assign you to "Keter duty" for finding something humorous.

You think Bigfoot is funny because we want you to think Bigfoot is funny. We've bankrolled Hollywood comedies and farcical documentaries, paid off men in gorilla suits, perpetrated hoaxes with bear prints and goat fur, bribed and brainwashed cartoonists to get especially silly depictions on children's television. Even the term "Bigfoot" comes from us, planted in the media in 1958, a term people would find even harder to take seriously than "Sasquatch".

Why? We'll get to that.

The information in the article that you've already read isn't entirely true. There are two direct lies, and plenty of lies of omission.

There is no such thing as the "anomalous pseudo-disease" referred to as SCP-1000-f1. SCP-1000 does not possess a magical death aura. In fact, SCP-1000 does not directly exhibit any anomalous effect whatsoever.

We also lied about SCP-1000's intelligence level. SCP-1000 aren't chimp-level smart. They're smarter - to be precise, they are exactly as smart as us.

That brings us to the lies of omission. That's what this letter is for. The lies came from me, so I figure the truth should come from me as well.

This is the story we got from the Children of the Sun who defected to us. It's story we didn't believe - refused to believe, at first.

As you've already read, the apes we call SCP-1000 evolved alongside us. We walked in the daytime, they walked in the nighttime, our nocturnal siblings in the shadows.

But while we were still wandering hunter-gatherers, they… changed. Like we would, a few thousand years later. Tools. Weapons. Agriculture. Domesticated animals. Stable settlements. As humanity blinked in the Pleistocene sun, SCP-1000's population exploded across the night. They blanketed the planet in the tens of billions.

They made things that we still can't comprehend, even though we've thoroughly studied the surviving pieces. Organic technology. They made trees and birds of prey grow into fast-moving ships, herds of animals that became trains, bushes that became flying vehicles. From insects and pigeons they made things equivalent to cell phones, televisions, computers. Atomic bombs. The Children describe vast shining cities, stretching across glaciers and penetrating the deepest caverns, grown skyships of ivory and spider-silk, creatures tending them with hundreds of blinking eyes.

We were rare, like gorillas now, a few hundred thousand left at best. We avoided their settlements just like wild animals today avoid ours. SCP-1000 understood we were intelligent like them, but avoided us just as we avoided them, saw us as fairies, as gnomes, ascribed us supernatural powers, said we ate bad children while they slept in daylight. They fenced off our dwindling wild populations in conservatories, outlawed poaching but in the underground consumed our bones as aphrodisiacs.

Then their civilization fell. And we did it. By 'we' I don't mean the Foundation. By 'we', I mean humanity.

The story is muddy. Supposedly a trickster forest god showed humanity favor, showed us the master's tools and how to use them. Why we did it, we don't know. Perhaps they hunted us, perhaps we were simply afraid. Perhaps it was just that they fenced us in, unintentionally or not. We simply don't know what the truth is. Somehow we acquired SCP-1000's own technology, and with it, we instigated an SK-class dominance shift in which humanity became the dominant species of Earth.

We wiped out 70% of SCP-1000's population in a single day. The Day of Flowers, the Children called it. Supposedly every flower bloomed that day, while our enemies died in their sleep. Then we hunted the rest down. But we went further than just killing them. With a few of the more twisted of SCP-1000's devices, we drove the survivors mad, even those hiding beyond our reach. We trapped them in their own minds, blocking higher functions and leaving their bodies to fend for themselves like any ordinary ape. We slaughtered their living machines and burned their vast shining cities with SCP-1000's bioweapons that reduced everything to slurry and dust that washed or blew away in spring rain and wind.

We left no traces. Not even our own memory. We turned one of the weapons on ourselves, wiped out any knowledge of SCP-1000 and the greatest civilization the planet had ever seen. Only a few humans protected themselves from the effect, kept the forbidden knowledge, just in case. The rest of us went back to being hunter-gatherers, none the wiser.

Which brings us to today.

You're going to read all about this in the level 3 documentation, but I'll give you the short version here: SCP-1000 are somehow regaining their forgotten intelligence and knowledge. Maybe they never truly lost it. We don't know.

This is why the ever-increasing number of "Bigfoot sightings" is so worrying. Why the attempts at contact, however indecipherable, are even more worrying.

Yes. SCP-1000 are just like us. That's what makes them so dangerous. We wiped them from history and memory. We dissolved their civilization and we slaughtered most of their species. Just ask yourselves: If they got the chance, what more would they do to us?

Addendum 1000-056-D: Instances of SCP-1000 have tried to make contact with Foundation personnel on multiple occasions. Most of these attempts at contact have [DATA EXPUNGED] untranslated, though recent attempts show that some instances of SCP-1000 are capable of communicating in English.

Log 1000-ad065-x1: The following is a rough translation of recent SCP-1000 attempt at communication with Foundation personnel on ██/██/███ (see attached documentation).

we forgive you;
given choice for now, not forever;
let us back in

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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Special Poem

Postby Specter X » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:31 am

It was Halloween night at Site 19
A more average night there could not have been
Inside the researchers were hard at work
Studying skips and their interesting quirks

When all of a sudden, out of the blue
The intercoms screamed "It's 682!"
"He's escaped his cell, he's running amok!
We've sent out the guards, and with any luck
They'll find him with almost no damage done
Until then, however, everyone run!"

The sudden announcement caused quite a riot
Afraid they would be the lizards diet
Personnel all ran through the halls quite fast
Hoping that this night would not be their last

Just then the man on the intercom cried,
"173 is loose, everyone hide!"
"We're working hard to find both of these beasts
So there will be no one marked as deceased!
Remember: don't blink, remember to stare
Or else you won't have time for a prayer!"

Now the whole site was scared as can be
No one survives against 173!
To defend themselves, they all grabbed their guns
So they might have a chance to see the sun

Once again the intercoms spoke with fear
"A mass SCP breach has taken place here!
Not just the lizard or the statue that kills
The Old Man is out and spreading his ills!
And so is Able, and he's rather pissed
About all the action that he may have missed!"

"035 is free, it's found a new host
And I'm also free, and making some toast
The clown has escaped from his cell and TV
And so have the 008 infectees!
This is by far the worst breach ever seen!
Oh, and by the way…Happy Halloween!"

"Yes, everything was completely untrue,
It was intended to scare all of you.
This great night is all about treats and tricks
So I thought I'd spook you all for kicks!"

Site Director's Note: It pains me to say
We were just tricked in a cruel sort of way
Somehow a researcher thought it'd be great
To frighten us all to a panicked state
But I'm not upset, because as it were
Now the fool's working with all things Keter!
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Re: Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Files

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:19 pm

I've read a little bit of your work, and I've got to say, it's very interesting. You have your own kind of flavor of writing that I haven't seen much. I'll be glancing over this thread every once in a while. ;)
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Summer Special: Back into Hell

Postby Specter X » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:41 pm

The howling wind steals the breath
I would have used to chant;
Boots, belt, gun, mask
My gear, my only chance

The rear doors open wider
The “go” light blinks to life
I follow my commander
Out into the sky

Plunging downward, rising panic
I still don’t know what is the target
Am I falling to my death
Am I heading into hell?

The radio flares, static in my ears
Broken words not mine to hear
Clouds part, I see a landscape
I see a place that’s gripped in fear

Feet find ground, my head yet spinning
Friends are screaming, rifles spitting
Things surround me, tall and dark
I feel the devil grip my heart

Some letters and number is what they say
That’s all they give them for a name
Stamp them; label, date and time
These darkest nightmares from our minds

Containment is a word to me
A bureaucratic fantasy
A white coat will keep you safe
When Kevlar fails and weapons break

The task force folds, retreat is called
Not one of them is yet to fall
These things are not born of this realm
Through withering fire, they overwhelm

Engines scream over my head
I tumble down and wait for death
The bombs explode, the missiles hit
I cower and cry inside my pit

I stand up in a different world
Where fires sputter and smoke whirls
My friends are dead, I am alone with fear
From out of the darkness, more appear

I dream of this when I can sleep
After a pill and a solid drink
I still remember how I felt
When my orders arrive:
Back into hell.
Taken from the journal of Agent Baomer, commander of MTF Sigma-7

This is a fictional character.
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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Files

Postby Specter X » Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:05 pm

If the disappearing face in the scp#087-I post (reload page to see what I mean) bothers anyone or scares anyone, reply so I can change the image. Also I'd like to thank all readers who visited at least once, it feels good to find that these stories are satisfying.
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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret File Icident 668 A

Postby Specter X » Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:57 am

On ██-██-█████, ███ ████ City police department, Precinct ██, responded to reports of a man attacking and killing bystanders with a large chef's knife at a local mall. Upon responding, officers discovered fifteen casualties, most of whom had been ritually flensed in a manner described by witnesses as "horrific." Officers discovered the suspect (an escaped serial killer named ████████ ███████, henceforth referred to as "Suspect") in the child's daycare area in the process of filleting and consuming a 9-year old boy. Officers ordered Suspect to cease and desist. Suspect did not comply. Officers then attempted to fire upon Suspect, but discovered that they were unable to pull the trigger. Officers then attempted to flee, but found themselves unable to do so after Suspect declared his intention to "murder every last one of you motherf███ing pigs." Suspect then proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] ending with Cynthia Wallis, a Foundation Operative embedded as an observer with the ██PD. Despite being under severe psychic assault, Officer Wallis (a pseudonym) managed to activate her emergency transponder located in her belt while complying with Suspect's orders to ████████, alerting the Foundation of the situation.

Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") arrived on the scene ██ minutes later, disguised as an "FBI Special Antiterrorist Task Force." Pi-1 breached the perimeter at ████:██:██, corresponding with the moment that Officer Wallis' vital signs telemetry ceased transmitting. Task Force members discovered Suspect standing outside the █████████ department store on the third floor of the mall. The police officers' bodies were found suspended from the third floor railing, skin flensed and arranged in the form of wings, entrails removed and trailing to the floor. Officer Wallis' body was found [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP Operatives then attempted to terminate Suspect, only to discover that they too were unable to fire their weapons. Team Leader █████████ transmitted a Class 1, Type 73 Memetic Attack Alert to Command and ordered the team to withdraw: this order failed when Suspect stated his intention to, "find out what all your insides look like," rendering them helpless to escape. Involved Task Force members were subsequently remote-terminated using surgically installed cranial detonators according to standard field protocol following psychic compromise in a field agent.

Command elements then authorized escalation of force to Tier 2 (Severe Collateral Damage). Aerial bombardment was attempted, but failed when the pilots were unable to release their payload over the target. It was thus determined that the "psychic field" that prevents hostile intent towards Subject may have an infinite range. Escalation of force to Tier 3 was considered, but delayed while Dr. Gears suggested an alternate strategy with a higher chance to retrieve the item intact.

Hypothesizing that hostile intent was required for the psychic controls to trigger, Dr. Gears suggested using Class D Personnel under mind control by SCP-061. Previously prepped "sleepwalker" agents fitted with surgically implanted earpieces transmitting SCP-061 were given the following commands:

D-061-056 was ordered to give the following commands to the rest of the personnel through radio control. D-061-056 was not given any indication as to the reason for said commands to prevent the psychic defenses from triggering. Agents were able to order D-061-056 to give the following orders, suggesting that the psychic defense may only be able to function through a certain number of iterations (more research is required on this issue).
D-061-058 through 070 (12 personnel) were ordered to carry explosive charges to twelve pre-determined points, opening gas mains along the way. Explosives were detonated in sequence upon being given the final order by D-061-056.
D-061-099, who fit the profile of the Subject's preferred type of victim, was ordered to move to a predetermined location at the center of the mall to lure the suspect to the best location for both ensuring a kill and allowing for easy retrieval of the remains.
Finally, six D-class personnel not under control by SCP-061 were ordered to capture the Subject. These Class-D Personnel were not expected to complete their mission, and served as a delaying action while the mind-controlled operatives carried out their mission.

The operation was a success: by utilizing multiple personnel, none of whom were aware of the significance of their actions, none of the personnel knew that their actions were related to terminating the Suspect and were thus able to act freely. Suspect's remains were retrieved from the rubble by a "bomb defusing" robot and placed in a box lined with SCP-148 before being retrieved by Foundation personnel. Following confirmation of capture, Command ordered Tier 3 (Nuclear Detonation) elements to stand down from Ready-5 status and declared the incident contained. A cover story blaming the attack on terrorists was formulated and disseminated to the public.

Controlled testing has determined that the Suspect's weapon (13 inch chef's knife) was the active agent in the incident, emitting a psionic command that [DATA EXPUNGED]. Suspect's remains are to be sent to ██PD along with a replica knife. The original weapon is to be designated a Keter Level SCP (SCP-668) and sent to Site-19 for further testing.

How the suspect acquired SCP-668 is unknown at this time.

It is further noted that the obsessive nature of the Subject's method of killing may have contributed to the success of this operation: Subject carried out its killings in a ritualistic manner, maximizing the amount of horror, pain, and suffering inflicted on its victims. For this reason, Foundation personnel were able to keep him contained within an enclosed area (the mall) and formulate a plan of action. Should the Subject have made the decision to leave the mall and continue its killing spree elsewhere, immediate Tier 3 response by a double-blind operator would have been the only possible method of containing the incident.


Although the story said scp-668 was to be designated as Keter class, it was an Elucid class scp.
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Ummmm......SCP-2600-CU. The 'cutest?' little thing. o.O joke.

Postby Specter X » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:12 pm

SCP-2600-CU is the cutest little thing. Anything written or spoken about SCP-2600-CU is to praise its adorable little… face? Other body parts may also be praised as they are identified.

SCP-2600-CU is the cutest… organism ever! It has six super sweet eyes, made of the most d'aww inspiring viscous fluids! Look at the cute tentacle… wentacle? The slime feels like… ohgodimgonnapuke rainbows! Sometimes it leaks, but it does this little shrug/spasm that lets you know it's all okay! When it moves, sometimes it can bend through walls and listen to every word, so make sure you know we love it thiiiis (-1000000000000%) much!

Occasionally, it has spurted out massive amounts of liquids, which have been dubbed Cutie Fluids. These usually occur from SCP-2600-CU's cutie spots, which pulsate and grow when the adorable-ness levels become overwhelming! They are also known to burst when shedding, requiring frequent cleanup from all of SCP-2600-CU's best friends!

Any personnel who do not wish to participate in praising how adorable SCP-2600-CU is may participate in other activities, such as hanging up posters around Site-56 about the glorious adorable little dance it does, or creating documentation of it to send to other sites. MTF-Psi-9 "Those Poor Bastards" have been assigned with finding a breeding partner for SCP-2600-CU (To exterminate!!) so that the whole planet may revel in its cuteness!

Pleasehelp Any personnel who are mean to SCP-2600-CU are to be sent to time-out, or assigned to cleaning up the naughty corner. godhelpthem

Addendum: Researcher Boyd was performing mandatory interactions with SCP-2600-CU, and made the mistake of going off-script, asking it "if it had been a bad widdle guy!" which caused it to become agitated. Researchers were able to placate SCP-2600-CU with minimal casualties, after assuring SCP-2600-CU that Researcher Boyd had been acting alone, and they all 'loved' (despised) it very much.

Image removed by order of O5-██, for driving personnel members barking mad with its… cuteness!
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Re: Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret File Incident 701-19 ██-1

Postby Specter X » Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:07 pm

SCP Involved: SCP-701
Date: ███████ ██, 19██

Location: [EXPUNGED]

Report prepared by Drs. R█████ and J██████ on the content of SCP-701-19██-A. SCP-701-19██-A is a 187mm x 103mm x 25mm S-VHS video cassette tape recovered by investigators from the scene of the incident, a performance of SCP-701 at █████████████ High School in █████████████, ████. Tape was found in a destroyed consumer-grade camcorder, which was apparently recording the performance from a vantage point within the audience. It is the only surviving record of the event. Please see the SCP-701 archives for the full transcript of the recording. In order to compare the identified deviations during a SCP-701 event with the actual plot of the published text, see Document SCP-701-1640-B-1.

0:00:00 – Tape begins.
0:03:10 – House lights go down.
0:05:12 – Curtain rises. The play begins as published with Gonzalo’s coronation speech.
0:10:21 – A possible sighting of SCP-701-1 during Isabella’s ravings – an anomalous shadow not belonging to one of the cast members shows up along the back wall of the set.
0:10:24 – Shadow disappears.
0:23:15 – First deviation from the text. Rather than the dialogue between Francisco and the courtesan, the curtain drops and comes BACK UP on a bare stage. Antonio enters from stage right.
0:23:24 – First indirect sighting of SCP-701-1. The shadow of a figure seems to appear on the back wall, from stage right. Antonio stops in place and acts surprised. The shadow disappears. Antonio begins a long soliloquy, confirming that he now believes Isabella’s story. Dr. J██████ notes that while this soliloquy is in the style of the rest of the play and seems to be accurate Caroline-era dialogue, Antonio’s speech in this scene does not exist in the original text.
0:24:12 – Curtain drops.
0:24:51 – Curtain rises on Francisco and the courtesan. Antonio returns; the play continues as scripted.
0:31:14 – First direct sighting of SCP-701-1. It enters and stands at the edge of stage left towards the end of Act II, Scene 1.
0:32:17 – Gonzalo’s dialogue concludes (as scripted) with the mention of an appointment with the ambassador from Alagadda. He exits, stage left; SCP-701-1 seems to turn and follow him as the lights go down.
0:38:13 – Second sighting of SCP-701-1 during Act III, Scene 1. It appears on the edge of stage right as Gonzalo and Petruccio murder Sortino. The scene concludes with Gonzalo ordering his cooks to prepare the corpse as a stew; scripts recovered from the scene indicate that this section had been cut in rehearsal.
0:51:11 – Third sighting of SCP-701-1; appears close to stage left as Antonio kills Isabella.
1:09:12 – Fourth sighting: SCP-701-1 enters with Gonzalo at the beginning of Act IV, Scene 1, and follows him throughout the scene. The scene also contains two key moments: first, Gonzalo seems to nod to SCP-701-1 when he mentions the ambassador of Alagadda. This is the first time a cast member has seemed to indicate SCP-701-1’s presence. Second, the scene ends with a deviation from the text: whereas the scripted speech at the end of Act IV, Scene 1 ends with Gonzalo considering his own moral inequity, Gonzalo here seems to be more concerned that his ‘tribute’ will be sufficient for the ambassador. The lights go down.
1:21:15 – Fifth sighting: SCP-701-1 enters stage left at the end of Act IV, Scene 2 as Antonio leaves to SECURE a blade for his coup. Rather than exiting, Antonio stops in front of SCP-701-1, who hands him a long dagger. (This is believed to be the first appearance of the item classified SCP-701-19██-B; note that there is no mention of the item in the prop list or the other records maintained by the production.) SCP-701-1 and Antonio depart the stage together.
1:32:41 – Sixth sighting: SCP-701-1 appears on stage left as Cornari and Lodovico exit.
1:35:10 – The lights come up. Act V, Scene 1 – the Banquet scene – begins as scripted.
1:40:52 – Antonio enters, bearing a piece of parchment. Here the textual deviations begin in earnest: rather than the parchment being Petrucchio’s confession as scripted, Antonio instead describes it as an invoice from the ambassador of Alagadda, proving that Gonzalo owes more tribute than he intends to pay.
1:41:42 - SCP-701-1 enters at this point from stage right. The entire cast seems to perceive it. Gonzalo stands up, curses as an aside to the audience, and runs for stage left. The rest of the cast – including Alinda and Francisco, who enter from stage left – physically restrain Gonzalo and drag him back onto the stage. SCP-701-1 meanwhile moves to the center of the stage, where it stands in front of Gonzalo’s throne.
1:43:08 – A noose is dropped onto the stage from above. The cast force Gonzalo into the noose, as he begins to curse in Italian (and in one place, possibly Latin?). The noose is drawn taut, and the cast drops Gonzalo; he begins to asphyxiate.
1:43:32 – Antonio speaks: “With this, the tribute, in full it is paid.” The actor takes SCP-701-19██-2 (the dagger) and draws it across Gonzalo’s stomach, spilling his intestines across the stage.
1:44:04 – Alinda takes the dagger from Antonio. She speaks: “With this, fool’s blood, it is the Hanged King’s.” She cuts Antonio’s throat.
1:45:31 – Ropes drop from the roof of the stage, a noose for each cast member. The cast assembles underneath them. Alinda takes position next to SCP-701-1.
1:46:12 – Alinda: “With this, our blood, it is the Hanged King’s.” The cast hang themselves.
1:47:33 – SCP-701-1 moves through the hanging corpses and to front-center stage.
1:47:41 – The stage lights cut out.
1:47:46 – Sounds of screaming and physical violence around the camera.
1:48:22 – Loud sound, most likely the camera being knocked over.
1:49:01 – The camera is destroyed. Tape ends.

SCP-701-1 in a still image from SCP-701-19██-A
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Re: Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Files

Postby Specter X » Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:12 pm

I'm back for the horror in these stories and no one can say anything about that 8) . As for the new scp 701-19 @@-1, it is the part of a play known as "The Hanged King", a plain creepy tale. That's for today, but be prepared for a story of the terrible SCP-173!!! I'll see you later! gotta feed scp-682!

Coming Soon (Tomorrow)
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Postby Specter X » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:50 am

Moved to Site-19 1993. Origin is as of yet unknown. It is constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not be broken at any time with SCP-173. Personnel assigned to enter container are instructed to alert one another before blinking. Object is reported to attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation. In the event of an attack, personnel are to observe Class 4 hazardous object containment procedures.

Personnel report sounds of scraping stone originating from within the container when no one is present inside. This is considered normal, and any change in this behaviour should be reported to the acting HMCL supervisor on duty.

The reddish brown substance on the floor is a combination of feces and blood. Origin of these materials is unknown. The enclosure must be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis.

> To: Dr. Specter Xen
> From: Dr. Django Bridge
> Subject: D-173-2263, -2264, -2267 Incident footage

Here's the footage you requested. Two versions of each sent; first versions were edited for brevity, second versions are complete recordings. I look forward to reviewing your findings. Good luck.

Dr. Bridge, Site-66, Clearance 4 Archivist.

Four attachments found.
> To: Dr. Django Bridge
> From: Dr. Specter Xen
> Subject: Conclusions RE: D-173-2263, -2264, -2267 Incident

As you know, my reason for requesting this footage were the strange findings of my autopsies of subjects 173-2263, -2264, and -2267. After reviewing the footage provided, I’m now confident enough of my suspicions to elaborate on them further.

During my autopsies, I found no evidence of external physical trauma to the aforementioned subjects’ necks or craniums, as one would expect to find in instances of strangulation or vertebral torsion. This was not unexpected; I’ve long felt it asinine to assume that an entity with no digits or prehensile appendages could physically manipulate individuals in such a manner. My review of provided footage, in addition to confirming an average speed of 20 to 22 meters per second while unobserved, also strongly suggests that subject SCP-173 does not make physical contact with its victims.

My frame by frame review finds that at frame 235 938 of camera two’s edited log, SCP-173 closes to within 10 cm of D-173-2267. D-173-2267’s eyes remain fully closed; SCP-173’s arms remain fixed in their usual “at rest” positions. At frame 235 939, less than 0.00001 seconds later, subject D-173-2267’s head is turned upward such that it stares directly into subject SCP-173’s “eyes,” and -2267’s eyes are now fully open. D-173-2267 collapses shortly thereafter. Death appears to be due to, at least in this instance, a combination of trauma caused by the rapidity of motion SCP-173 inflicts and the severing of the spinal cord due to separation between the second and third cervical vertebrae, and not physical torsion or strangulation, a conclusion supported by my autopsy findings. This also potentially explains the strange bruising and hemorrhaging present in the soft tissues of SCP-173’s victims around the eyes; a transient, violent, non-specific, non-physical force ripping its victims’ eyelids open.

I have furthermore found that the positioning of its victims’ bodies may be significant. D-173-2267’s body collapses such that its head faces D-173-2263 and D-173-2264. The bodies of the latter two individuals may be seen collapsing in similar fashion at frames 333 777 and 940 052 respectively. All face toward the northern side of SCP-173’s containment cell, allowing what would be a clear view of SCP-173 in its preferred position resting against the western wall of the northwestern corner of its cell.

Additionally, I can confirm beyond reasonable doubt that the rumored “dead man’s stare” exhibited by victims of SCP-173, so-called because the eyes of ostensibly dead victims continue to track SCP-173’s movements postmortem, are not a product of “nerves” or general paranoia but a genuine phenomenon, as may be seen by magnification and slow-motion review of D-173-2267’s eyes following his expiration and demonstrated by -2263 and -2264 as well.

My complete findings, appended video logs, autopsy footage, and autopsy reports are attached to this message for review, distribution, and archival. Thank you for your swift response.

Dr. Xen, Area-14, Clearance 4 Unit Director

SCP-173 in containment
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Re: Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Files

Postby Specter X » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:55 am

Sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy. NEXT------> Scp-682
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Postby Specter X » Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:05 pm


On ██/██/████, SCP-682 broke containment and proceeded to escape to RESEARCH Unit-█, which is the primary unit used to receive communications from SCP-1548. SCP-682 proceeded to kill all personnel in the area and began to use communication gear to send messages in Morse code to SCP-1548. The messages sent by SCP-682 and responses by SCP-1548 are recorded here.

SCP-1548: So, you're that 682 I've been hearing about?
Thought you'd be more than a big toothy snout.

SCP-682: Oh, think you're better? A killer extraordinaire?
Motherfucker, I don't leave the Foundation D-class to spare!

SCP-1548: Yo, I've been hating on Earth since the beginning of time,
Don't you dare try to match my damn rhymes.
Signals from space, that's what I send,
I fill 05 with a sense of dread!
Crab Galaxy they call me, that's what they say,
Hell, the only crabs are in yo' Mother's puss-ay!
To me, you're a gecko, that's all you are,
Now excuse me while I go and put out your star!

SCP-682: Okay, bitch, you wanna bring it?
Your hate ain't nothing, just empty space shit.
I can't be killed, I'm the bane of the Foundation,
You're so old, you've been around since creation!
Full of hot air, you're just empty threats!
I use force to BACK UP my epithets!
You're from this dimension, for me that ain't so,
I'm beyond this universe, give it up mofo!

SCP-1548: I know 05, homes, lives, numbers,
I'm in their nightmares while they slumber!
The truest of true, the most dangerous here,
It's me, not you, who deserves the fear!
Voids in my wake, rage in my mind,
When I'm done with Earth, they'll be nothing left to find!
Who the fuck you are, trying to outdo me,
I'm a motherfucking galaxy!
Worlds I devour, bitch, I've beaten you,
The true danger's me, not goddamn 682!

SCP-682: I hear what you say, it don't mean jack shit.
I change myself to whatever fits.
Dozens, hundreds, thousands I've killed,
Hell, my hunger still isn't filled!
Life is my enemy, all living must die,
You ever faced me, you know you would cry,
I change, I adapt, I'm the biggest badass,
For you, three feet a year is fast!
I'm 682, killer of men,
I give wounds no doctor can mend.
I can tell right now, I've got you fuming,
Now for those disgusting humans.

Following the final transmission, SCP-682 killed ██ security personnel before being subdued. SCP-1548's transmissions since have included several requests for a "rematch".

Image VS.Image
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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret Files SCP-1245 (Whaling Ship)

Postby Specter X » Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:16 pm

Incident Report:1245-043

SCP Involved: SCP-1245

Date: 06/07/2011

Location: Northern Alaska; coordinates ██/██/██

Preamble: MTF Zeta-4 had been monitoring SCP-1245's movements for six months prior to the incident. Under previous containment procedures, operatives were dispatched to nearby coastal towns to warn local government officials about illegal whaling activity and to temporarily shut down nearby shipping lanes as SCP-1245 entered and left the area. Here, however, SCP-1245 was assaulted by members of "██████████", a vigilante anti-whaling group who had bypassed quarantine in an attempt to put a stop to what was perceived as illegal whaling.

2:03 PM: The Archimedes is contacted by a vigilante group calling itself "██████████", asking if the crew of the Archimedes requires assistance in prosecuting illegal whaling. Crew aboard the Archimedes respond in the negative and order their ship turned around immediately. "██████████" responds in the negative and terminates radio contact.

2:32 PM: Archimedes attempts to intercept the boat. Zeta-4 attempts to raise radio contact and issues a final warning to turn back, under pain of arrest. This radio message is also ignored. The vigilante's boat manages to bypass the Archimedes and proceeds to make contact with SCP-1245. Archimedes moves towards the vigilante boat's position and prepares to administer amnesiacs to all individuals aboard the ship.

2:45 PM: It is believed that the vigilante boat made visual contact with SCP-1245 at this time. SCP-1245 is tracked moving at approximately 15 knots.

2:53 PM: The Archimedes arrives alongside SCP-1245 and the vigilante's boat. Apparently undeterred by its appearance, the vigilante boat begins a non-lethal assault on SCP-1245 with two high-pressure water cannons mounted on the hull of their ship. SCP-1245 does not react and continues moving in a south-easterly direction.

2:55 PM: The vigilante boat moves closer to SCP-1245 (approx. 20 metres away from SCP-1245) and continues attacking SCP-1245. Protestors hurl several flash grenades onto SCP-1245X's deck to no apparent effect. SCP-1245 begins to decrease in speed and sounds its horn.

2:56 PM: SCP-1245 turns and begins moving towards the vigilante boat, increasing speed as it does so. SCP-1245 begins a counterattack by launching several harpoons at the crew from recessed ports in its hull. The harpoons lodge themselves in the ship's hull and impede the movement of the vigilante ship. The vigilante ship attempts escape but fails, damaging its outermost hull in the process. SCP-1245 then "vomits" liquid from its prow, breaching its hull.

2:58 PM: The Archimedes launches two dinghies in an attempt to rescue personnel aboard the ship. Twelve members of the crew are rescued before SCP-1245 rams the ship, destroying it. MTF member 04 (███████ "██" "████████████) was lost during the rescue operation and is presumed dead. SCP-1245 drags the wreckage of the ship onto its deck before resuming its original course, ignoring the Archimedes.

3:15 PM: Crew members are brought aboard the Archimedes and administered amnesiacs before being returned to the local harbor.

3:59 PM: Crew member ███████ ██████████, while monitoring SCP-1245 from afar, notes that SCP-1245 appears to slow down and dump several tonnes of metal overboard before resuming its course.

We cannot allow another incident such as this. More stringent containment measures are to be implemented within the month. -Dr. ███████

Liquid is believed to be hydrochloric acid obtained from whale stomachs.
Prior to the incident on ██/██/████, SCP-1245 transmitted a message in Morse code to staff at Site-412. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation remain identical.


This message was repeated twenty-seven times before SCP-1245 ceased transmission. As of ████/██/██ SCP-1245 has not released any further messages and does not respond to any messages sent by the Foundation.

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Secure. Contain. Protect. Secret File SCP-76-2

Postby Specter X » Sat Jul 19, 2014 2:35 pm

SCP-076-2 either possesses a mind constructed much differently than our own, or is completely insane, with little empathy or ideas in a way we would understand it. Concepts such as sex, love and equality are completely foreign ideas to SCP-076-2, or at least in comparison to its way of viewing them. Subject has shown that it is completely disinterested in sex, barely differentiating between genders except as a form of visual identification. Also, while subject has admitted greatly enjoying the act of killing, causing pain (either emotionally or physically) holds no attraction to it. In short, a perfect sociopath.

Intelligence tests have been wildly inconclusive when applied to SCP-076-2, and no accurate result has yet been obtained. This may be due to the alien thought processes of the subject. SCP-076-2 has however, shown that it has great knowledge of human anatomy (although in a highly violent context), military tactics of open warfare, metallurgy, and, strangely enough, the care of livestock. Subject has knowledge of several languages including English, but most notable is its knowledge of several dialects of ancient Sumerian, which seem to be its preferred language.

SCP-076 has nothing but contempt for human beings, with one exception: it seems to hold a wary respect for those it acknowledges as its superior. This was discovered when Agent ███████, an agent who had previously had a large amount of experience with SCP-076-2, did not appear once it escaped. Subject seemed distressed, asking several personnel where Agent ███████ was hiding. When it finally did learn of the fate of Agent ███████ (killed as collateral damage in an airstrike intended to halt the advance of SCP-███), SCP-076-2 stopped its rampage and allowed itself to be escorted and restrained.

Subject was then interviewed on the sudden drastic changes in its behavior.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: Why are you so interested in the death of Agent ███████?

SCP-076-2: (Subject begins swearing in ancient Sumerian)

Dr. ██████: Why does his death bother you? You've killed many humans before, why is he so- (Is cut off by SCP-076-2)

SCP-076-2: (now speaking in English) Different? Because, unlike you [Sumerian word, untranslated], he was a challenge, a real enemy.

Dr. ██████: Why would that be good for you? Every time you have awoken you've tried to escape. He was responsible for apprehending you several times. Surely you must be glad he's dead.

SCP-076-2: I would hardly expect you to understand. Do you know, he managed to shoot me in the head over ██ times? A man like that deserves to die in combat, so close to his opponent he can feel his breath. Not in some [Sumerian words, untranslated] destruction ordered by cowardly kings and princes safe in their palaces. The rest of you… (SCP-076-2 spits) you disgust me. I don't even have the urge to strike you down.

(Subject is silent from then on, refusing to speak or respond)

<End Log>

This indicates a possible psychological inlet into SCP-076-2's mind, and a possible control mechanism. Given the massive drain on resources SCP-076-2 causes due to its escape attempts, and considering Bowe Commission's stated desire to weaponize SCP objects for tactical purposes, I recommend that we pursue this course of action as soon as possible.
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Secure. Contain. Protect. Join the Foundation

Postby Specter X » Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:53 pm

We need more people to help us in the scp foundation by writing some incidents... so thats why Dr.███████ has decided a contest... of the best person who can write a possible scp incident, for us to take precautions... lets start! i'll give you info of the scp... and your task is to warn us of possible breaches...

Your first task: imagine and write about a breach in which SCP-106 escapes and runs around the foundation... include this image and the way we can contain him.Image

and here's the info: SCP-106 (the old man)

SCP-106 appears to be an elderly humanoid, with a general appearance of advanced decomposition. This appearance may vary, but the “rotting” quality is observed in all forms. SCP-106 is not exceptionally agile, and will remain motionless for days at a time, waiting for prey. SCP-106 is also capable of scaling any vertical surface and can remain suspended upside down indefinitely. When attacking, SCP-106 will attempt to incapacitate prey by damaging major organs, muscle groups, or tendons, then pull disabled prey into its pocket dimension. SCP-106 appears to prefer human prey items in the 10-25 years of age bracket.

SCP-106 causes a “corrosion” effect in all solid matter it touches, engaging a physical breakdown in materials several seconds after contact. This is observed as rusting, rotting, and cracking of materials, and the creation of a black, mucus-like substance similar to the material coating SCP-106. This effect is particularly detrimental to living tissues, and is assumed to be a “pre-digestion” action. Corrosion continues for six hours after contact, after which the effect appears to “burn out”.

SCP-106 is capable of passing through solid matter, leaving behind a large patch of its corrosive mucus. SCP-106 is able to “vanish” inside solid matter, entering what is assumed to be a form of “pocket dimension”. SCP-106 is then able to exit this dimension from any point connected to the initial entry point (examples: “entering” the inner wall of a room, and “exiting” the outer wall. Entering a wall, and exiting from the ceiling). It is unknown if this is the point of origin for SCP-106, or a simple “lair” created by SCP-106.

Limited observation of this “pocket dimension” has shown it to be comprised mostly of halls and rooms, with [DATA EXPUNGED] entry. This activity can continue for days, with some subjected being released for the express purpose of hunting, recapture, [DATA EXPUNGED].


SCP Review Notes:

Due to the exceedingly difficult-to-contain nature of SCP-106, SCP is to be reviewed every three months or during a post-breach incident. Physical restraints are impossible, and direct physical damage appears to have no effect on SCP-106. Current SCP, as of ██/██/████, revolves around basic observation and immediate response. Previous, more proactive special containment procedures have been recalled due to the events of breaches ██, ███, ██, █, and ████.

Notes on behavior:

SCP-106 appears to go through long periods of “dormancy”, in which it will remain completely motionless for up to three months. The cause for this is unknown; however, it has been shown that this appears to be used as a “lulling” tactic. SCP-106 will emerge from this state in a very agitated state, and will attack and abduct staff and cause gross damage to its containment cell and the site at large. Recall Protocol [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-106 appears to hunt and attack based on desire, not hunger. SCP-106 will attack and collect multiple prey items during a hunting behavior event, keeping many “alive” in the pocket dimension for extended periods of time. SCP-106 has no determinable “limit”, and appears to collect a random number of prey items during an event.

The inner dimension accessed by SCP-106 appears to be only accessible by SCP-106. Recording and transmission devices have been shown to still operate inside this dimension, though recordings and transmissions are very degraded. It appears that SCP-106 will “PLAY” with captured prey, and appears to have full control of time, space, and perception inside this dimension. SCP-106 appears [DATA EXPUNGED].
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