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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:23 am

Page 3
This page Contains Chapters 2, 3-A, 3-B and the beginning of 3-C of The Panic.
This page also contains Chapter one of The Barasian War.

I've gotten back into the groove where shit is explained really fast. I love those parts. It makes the story feel like it's alive, living and breathing.

Also, I downloaded Microsoft Word. I don't think I could make my story any better from here-on out even if I were to coat it in liquid gold.


The Chronometal Panic
Chapter 2: The Unstoppable Force
Part 2: Pain from Pain

Bubbles shakes her head, still in disbelief. “It... It is so hard to think that you would jump to this conclusion, and not any other.” Dexter leans on the wall. “Jump? We didn’t-“---“Yes, you did! You both did! You could of... of, you know...” Bubbles growls a bit- “NOT of chased this particular path! Sure, the gas can kill all humans. That’s fine and all, but why did you automatically assume that things were going to get this bad?!”

“Didn’t they get this bad though?” --- “That’s not the point! Why did you... you BOTH make a fallback plan to kill all of humanity before the Second War even began?! Do you two have such little faith that killing humanity is almost a comfort rather than a last resort?!”

Bubbles shakes her head. “What am I saying? It’s not a last resort! We are not doing it! We can’t do it!” Still leaning against the wall, Dexter eyes Bubbles intently. An obvious agitation crossing his face. Bubbles’ face scrunches up. “What, Dexter. Are you mad at me? Do you not like what I say? GOOD!” Bubbles points her one remaining hand right at Dexter’s face.

“You are not a hero, Dexter! I’m not sure when, I’m not sure if you haven’t always been this way or not. But right now, you fight against all that defines a hero! You should just leave, NOW!!!” Before Dexter has a chance to interject, Buttercup rises from the couch:

“That’s enough, Bubbles!” She yells out as she takes her by the hand. “Do you remember what happened to you less then an hour ago?! They tried to KILL YOU, and if it wasn’t for my immortality, I would have died along with you! Today, we aren’t heroes... we are TARGETS!” Blossom raises her head to meet Buttercup’s. “So you support what Dexter is saying, then?” Bubbles jostles her hand free of Buttercup’s, who responds:

“Not entirely. But I agree that we can’t sit here and do nothing. They have turned their backs; and their guns on us. If we don’t strike first we will be dead by morning: That is a promise.” Bubbles shakes her head feverishly:

“You too?! What is wrong with you guys? How can you even think of doing something so horrible?! W-What about everything you guys fought for?! Dexter, Blossom, what about Lynn- err, Barasia? You guys ate up fifty or more years of your life getting this far! And what are you going to do with it now that you have it? Throw it all away?! And on an off chance that it will stop Model M, even without the proof that Model M will still beat us if we don’t!?”

“That’s enough.” Dexter spits out. “I have stared into the eyes of angels and devils alike, seen and heard the end myself. This world won’t just be lifeless: the world itself will die. This new malignance seeks to end all life and destroy the very planet. To what end? I don’t know. And that is why I am so scared of it. It is a mindless enemy that seeks nothing but death.”

He walks to the door, opening it; but not leaving without moving his head to face Bubbles’.

“It seeks only death. Death fuels it. It IS death. What if there is no life to end? If there is no more death there is no more Model M. This is the world’s last hope... I hope soon you will understand...”

Now outside of the house, he lets off a disturbingly cryptic threat:

“For your sake...!” He shuts the door behind him and takes off into the air.

“For my sake...” Bubbles lets out under her breath with a new-found zeal behind it. Buttercup walks around the room, deep in thought, before her shade rises. “It seems the group is splitting up, eh?” Buttercup shakes her head. “Maybe not, Him. Maybe it’s just a temporary thing.”

“Temporary you say? If I heard correctly, he was working on this for years, and not just OUR years... unless I am mistaken, he had the greater half of a century to think this through.” Blossom nods. “We both did...” Him looks over to Blossom, who looks back into his eyes. “What is it, girl?” Blossom redirects her eyes from Him to Buttercup.

“Buttercup, may I borrow Him from you for a moment? I want to talk to him in private.” Buttercup scoffs- “As if we need any more secrets right now...”

... ... ...

“F-Fine. Go on, Him.” Buttercup’s color shifts from brown to green in an instant as the shade rises from her shadow. “Let’s head out back for this one.”


Now in seclusion, Blossom looks up into Him’s eyes.

“I am not sure how time travel affected us... or our talks beforehand... but: do you remember anything? Anything obvious that would spark this surprise conversation?” --- “If you are talking about the end of the world... or what would have been, that is... yes, I remember everything: including your robot body, and our actions within the future.”

“How do you remember all of this? That future no longer exists.” --- “The Ark grants me insight into the past and present, and especially into you and your destiny.” --- “But not the future?” Him laughs a little bit. “I can see a small amount into the future, but you must know one fact.”

Him extends his claws to the green world around him. The wind blowing his beard lightly. “This existence we live in is a fragile and fleeting thing born of the Ark, everything you see is collapsing and repairing itself at the seems. The future is extended by a few seconds for every second we perceive.”

“Is that even possible?” Him pauses for a small moment. “Dexter accomplished the impossible within the void. He killed an arch-angel and earned the trust of another in the same lifetime. This world is both gift and curse upon Humanity. Weather or not they choose death over life is no longer in their hands however... it seems they sealed their fate turning on their few remaining heroes.”

Blossom looks back up at him. “Is it their fate to die because of us?” Him looks back down. He grins slightly. “I feel much conflict within you, Leader Girl. You know not what or who to side with... Dexter and your lust for revenge and safety for your sisters... or the Humans and your will to be the hero you were born to be... or perhaps... the fear of the uncertainty of it all. The fear that makes even a hero run away, never to return.”

Him begins to phase back into the house, but before he does, he lets out one final remark: “Blossom, your fate is your own. It just so happens that your fate is also their fate. What do you think is right? That is not a question ‘I’ can answer. But I do hope you can... soon. The end is nigh, and it is near. Decide, Blossom.”


Shit might happen a little faster than some of you predict. Let's keep watching, shall we?

(Woot Woot for page 3! Finally. I was dying back there, phew.)
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:46 pm

Oh thank goodness we're finally on page 3! I was dyi- Oh, you already said it.

“It seeks only death. Death fuels it. It IS death. What if there is no life to end? If there is no more death there is no more Model M. This is the world’s last hope...

Wait, wait...
If Modal M feeds on death then wouldn't killing everyone make it almost immortal-like?
Or did I miss something?
If the info is back there somewhere then I am NOT looking for it!
Honestly, trying to go through all that again while the site tears itself apart is too much.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:32 am

I was almost waiting for someone to say something like this. Needless to say, no-one ever showed up to say it... I had entire speech ready...

*Rustles through online database...*

Fack, gonna have to wing it here.


For now, Model M is killing all soldiers, and taking roughly half of all civilians as slaves to torture and use as power inside the robots that are destroying the world currently. Model M feeds on all negative, and several positive emotions as well as death. Humans are worth more to Model M as writhing mounds of paralyzed hatred, fear and sadness, and for reasons that will be explained later, killing all of humanity right off the bat would throw off all the expectations of the mindless monstrosities.

Basically, if all of humanity dies a quick and painless death they don't see coming, they will exhume little to no energy for all of the Model Ms due to not fearing the death they don't see coming, not being angry due to not knowing what was happening, and nothing else due to it being so fast acting.

And with all of humanity killed off at once, the robots being powered by them will instantly die, and the south Pole Model M will starve to death without destroying the planet entirely.

There are other things to this that may get answered along the story, or through additional questions.


Once again, thank you very much for posting, Unlimited. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:44 am

This may seem sudden, but I picked up so much momentum from the previous part that I am already done with the next. Hot damn Microsoft Word edits like a freaking mad-man.


The Chronometal Panic
Chapter 2: The Unstoppable Force
Part 3: The New Horizon

As soon as Blossom opens the door, a heated debate is heard resonating through the household. What starting as simply loud talking turned into all out screaming at each other within moments!

“How can you just leave us to join that psychopath?!” Bubbles screams out.

“I’m not leaving! Dexter is still part of this group! Staying here would split us up, not going to him!” Buttercup yells.

As soon as Buttercup makes a move for the door, Bubbles lunges in front of it and gestures impasse upon it with her one remaining arm.

“Don’t leave...”

Buttercup nears her, and raises her hand as if to push her out of the way, before stopping herself, and saying simply; yet loudly:

“MOVE!” The roar shakes the windows and seems to almost blow away Bubbles, who simply stumbles away from the door, as Buttercup leaves the house. She looks back and says:

“Just... come on, Bubbles... we don't have to split up.” She flies off without awaiting a response.

Bubbles sits in the middle of the floor, facing nothing in particular as she buries her face into her one remaining hand. Very faint sobbing can be heard from her. Blossom walks up to her. The basement opens and the Professor nears her as well.

Blossom and Utonium eye each other for a short moment before he leans down to hug Bubbles, who promptly shoves him away with enough strength to ‘almost’ stagger him off his feet. “YOU WERE GOING TO KILL YOURSELF AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN THINK TO TELL US?!” --- “B-Bubbles...” She nearly froths through a red face of tears.

“I... I... how could you?! How could you both just...” --- “Bub-“ --- “SHUT UP!!!” She roars out! “I AM SO SICK OF PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO! You four are f... f... freaking i-idiots...!” He merely backs away, and slinks into his lab once more.

Bubbles looks into Blossom’s eyes, her own still filled with tears. Yet she says nothing.

She looks across Blossom’s body... her armor. The opaque Chronometal covers all of her features, and gives her the Illusion of white hair... “What happened to you guys...?” She says before cutting herself off and rubbing where her arm once was.

“What happened to all of us? This... pointless battle has taken so much from us... and now it seems we aren’t a team anymore...” She once again looks to Blossom, but with a much different emotion crossing her face. It seems like she is almost begging Blossom for something, yet at the same time dreading.

“Are you going with Dexter...? Please don’t go with Dexter, Blossom... please...”

Blossom can feel the gravity of the situation at hand; the very world seems to rumble around her next words:

“I...” Bubbles looks to her next words with a face ready to break out into any major emotion...

(The world around them distorts... the entire universe is heaving at the seems. It feels like it is being torn to pieces!)


Tangent 1: Dexter’s Vision.

She shakes her head and turns her back to Bubbles who nearly bawls at the mere gesture. “I’m... so sorry, Bubbles... but...” --- “Enough... please... just: go...” Blossom says nothing... She walks out of the door without another word and looks to the horizon.

“Dexter... I trust you...” She flies off to Megaville’s center, where Dexter and Buttercup flew off to. Halfway there she finds Buttercup floating in the air. They merely nod at each other, aware of the grim future ahead of them. They then fly off.

Buttercup speaks up, never making eye contact. “So it’s come to this?” --- “I really had hoped that it wouldn’t... but it seems we have no choice... its kill or be killed, and I won’t let either of you die!” Buttercup looks over to Blossom who looks back. They both seem to have gained a twisted sense of respect for one another... this war is going to bring much hardship... neither of them can afford to miss-step. It is war from now on.

They disappear into the horizon, leaving only a single broken dream and the Illusion of the word “hero” behind.


Tangent 2: Model M’s Return.

She merely looks into Bubbles’ eyes. She shakes her head and says, “Model M is the enemy, not humanity... not Dexter...!” --- “You are... serious?” She nods, causing a small smile to splay across her face. “But, what about Buttercup? What about the rest of humanity?” She shakes her head again.

“Dexter’s Chronometal is too important to the world. And whether or not you or I want to believe it, he has a point and is essentially trying to Destroy Model M too... we just have to pray that when our paths cross, he will join us in defeating M, our way.”

Bubbles gulps and grimly nods. “I... really hope we can get him to stop... if he goes too far, I don’t...” She shivers slightly and gazes out the window. “Let’s see the Professor.” She nods and they both head down the stairs... leaving all doubt in their minds behind, and focusing on the one and only truth:

Model M is the real enemy.


Tangent 3: The Hero...

Blossom looks out the window, but never turns her body from Bubbles. Bubbles looks as if she is about to fall apart, as Blossom acts very enigmatically. “I won’t...” --- “R... Really?!” She looks back with a stern face, causing her to recoil a small bit.

“What Dexter is doing is wrong. We have to stop him, before this gets out of hand.” She commands, reaching Bubbles in a way she never thought possible! “Are you... s-“ --- “Yes I am, Bubbles. This is insane... I just never knew it until now. I know where my loyalties lie.”

She raises her head high as the Professor comes out of the basement.

“I am Blossom, of the Powerpuff girls. Sworn to uphold justice, to fight crime... and the forces of evil! Dexter must be stopped before Innocents are killed, even if that means stopping BOTH of them by force. There is no other choice.”

Bubbles and the Professor look at the girl as if they had just remembered who they were. “You’re right...” He lets out. “Follow me into the lab, I think I know where he is headed.”

They head down the stairs, leaving all insecurities behind, with a new-found passion and zeal; they look beyond to the future ahead.


Yes, Multiple stories at once. I simply couldn't waste all of the potential. We will be seeing similar things at VERY different perspectives. Let's watch on, Shall we?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:21 pm

Story Recap (Read the part above if you are coming in too late, the next part has a lot of spoilers.)

The Chronometal Timeline is as follows. This is story 2: The Panic; In the pink. Which takes place after the events in 'The Chronometal Wars', which Included The Prologue, the First War, and the Second War; In the orange.

(1-7 year gap)
First War
Second War

The Panic
(5-10 year gap)
The Black War
Ruination War
(1000-5000 year gap)
Barasian War
(10 year gap)
Ancient War
(7 year gap)
Justice War

The Chronometal Panic takes place in 3 Major tangents:

1: Dexter's Tangent.
2: Model M's Tangent.
3: Bubbles' Tangent.

These tangents tie into the main story, but are branching out and do not affect each other. They have very different core elements, however the layout remains the same. Updates will update a full chapter for each Tangent, then cross into the others. There is also a side story that belongs to none of the tangents, and takes place in the Future, this is called:

The Barasian War. Taking place roughly 5000 years into the future and does not affect any of the stories. However it does in fact take place in ONE of their futures. The other two are simply for fun and story wholeness.


The first two chapters belong to all of the Tangents:

Chapter 1: Shared Pain
   The heroes fight in South America against an invasion of a new breed of Model M androids. They learn that the androids are being powered by human hosts, and should either the host or symbiote die, the other does as well. Humanity turns its back on them all as they come under attack! Then, a new Chemical is unveiled... one that can destroy all of humanity!   

Chapter 2: The Unstoppable Force
   Dexter leaves the group to pursue nothing less than the complete annihilation of all Humans, including himself using a Chemical along with unknown practices. Buttercup tears from the group as well and joins him, leaving Blossom and Bubbles in the dirt. Emotions course as a decision is finally made...   

Tangent 1: Dexter's Vision

(Blossom accepts Dexter's philosophy and follows him on his quest to administer the chemical with the intention of destroying all of Humanity, thus saving the rest of the world from Model M.)

(No Chapters as of yet.)

Tangent 2: Model M's Return
(Blossom rejects the idea of all out extermination of humanity, but she tolerates Dexter's actions to a fault in order to hunt down and destroy Model M by any OTHER means.)

(No Chapters as of yet.)

Tangent 3: The Hero...
(Blossom's inner zeal bursts out as she fights to stop Dexter from his quest to kill all humans. Be it through coercion or force, they cannot know for certain. But he MUST be stopped.)

(No Chapters as of yet.)

The Barasian War.
(5000 years in the future, the world is under siege by a familiar, yet at the same time, unknown force. All of those alive heave and quake at the mere mention of the Barasian.)

(No Chapters as of yet.)
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:12 am

Not much to say...

Chronometal Panic Sub-story
The Barasian War
Chapter 1: The Black Eyes See All
Part 1: The Dark Echoes; Awakening

Gears and pistons churn, crank and twist in the back-round, almost deafening. There is no dust, and very little oxygen in this iron cave. The sub level is over a square kilometer in size, and countless sub-levels are present. Many life forms dared conquer this labyrinth, yet here is has laid untainted for thousands of years.

In all of the levels, there are many strange cylindrical devices, imbedded in the very walls. Yet it is so dark, you cannot make out anything through its glass casing.

But then, a most unexpected noise lets out...

In a serene and laid back voice of a young woman, a very startling, but soothing message vibrates the iron corridors. “The time has come, my copies, my children. This green human-less world, a mere echo if its former shell awaits the memory of what once was. Awaken, and remind the Universe of what was born here... us... so that we may never be forgotten...”

What feels like an earthquake goes off, shaking the entire installation to its foundation. Every single cylinder opens at the same time, yet it is still far too dark to determine what is inside.

One by one, lights switch on, and floors become well lit...

11, 23, 9, 41, 98, 100... 102... but a pair of these remains shut... 2 and 101.

Beings begin to walk out of the tubes. They all look exactly the same...

They are all human-like; they seem like young women, wearing black dresses with a solid white stripe on its core. They have long black hair and abyssal pupils. They look around to each other, as if expecting this to happen for a long time, yet not sure how to react to the event. One eventually speaks up, drawing attention of the others.

“Okay, if you are all undamaged and running at peak efficiency, we all know why we are here. Our original creator has built us to re-inhabit the world, now that it is devoid of humans. She made it abundantly clear of that, especially since she set us the spitting image of herself, and chose to set us back to her standard programming, thus making us loath the civilized world, wishing only for its destruction: That all of humanity has been annihilated.” Several of the self explained androids nod amongst themselves, coming to the same conclusion.

“It seems we are set with only one ulterior objective other than our original settings. She intended us to inhabit the world, thus making it seem like humanity still remains. Why? I am not sure... but so long as there aren’t any humans, I have no objections. But such an odd request of a batch of super soldiers cannot go without being berated. If anyone wishes to leave this planet, feel free.” They nod again, and several start walking away, exploring their new surroundings.

The original speaker looks back to the device she walked out of. ‘3’ is the number is displays. She looks to the other devices. 4, 5, 6... All of the expected numbers. But not 2, and not 1. She muses...

While deep in thought, she also notices that she has a marking on her left shoulder. Upon closer inspection, it is a small number 3. Using what information she has she determines that it is due to her being in the third tube. Is she the third android? It seems only logical.

One of the other androids walks up to Three, and strikes up a conversation. “Hey, have you seen a 2 or a 1 anywhere?” --- “No, I was just wondering that myself...” She rubs her number, and the other android notices her... and looks at her own shoulder. “Five huh? Am I the fifth android?” She says as she looks at her tube. “Hmm... looks like it...” She mutters.

As one of the androids near a certain wall, it fires open at both sides, revealing an extensive stairwell. “Hey guys, look over here!” She lets out, alerting the others. All of them walk to the well; it goes both up and down, but only up one level. The way down looks nearly infinite. One of the androids speak up: “If we are going to find 1 and 2, we might want to go up.” The others agree and go up, while others go down, curious.

As they reach the top, another door fires open, and what they see is almost alien...!

The entire level is coated in a layer of dirt and grass, moss and reeds submerged in pools of water. Not even an inch apart, the two worlds have lived side by side for millennia, never touching each other... until now. “What... is this place?” Six lets out. Three steps forward. “It is as the recording stated, this is a green world, devoid of Human life. For thousands of years we rested here, waiting out the restoration of the planet. And here we are, on the top level, it seems nature has broken in already.”

They not so cautiously explore the level. The ground they walk on is squishy, wet dirt and soggy moss everywhere. The entire wall is nearly stripped of metal as the roots break through.

As they explore, they find the door inward, completely open, being forced by an invading boulder. They can see the way out, a complete jungle by the looks of it. As they near it, they hear another android shout:

“H-Hey, come look at this!” The others turn from their path, and head to the screaming android. It seems to be another tube, but this one is special, being on a level all its own. But what is more interesting is the number.


“Is there no One?” Three lets out, talking to herself... “What if...” One of them says, before stopping herself. “No, go ahead.” Three encourages. “What if... one was the original and two is the first ‘clone’ made, but the second one of all of us?” The androids talk amongst themselves... before one of them also speaks up.

“Wait, why isn’t it opened?” As they look around for the answer, they see that one of the wires is completely stripped, as if chewed through. And other bare cables are submerged in water and muck.

“Two will have to wait; we cannot repair this now, perhaps later.” They squint as they try to look inside. They can see a silhouette of the being, but not much else. “If she isn’t broken, she will continue to rest, if she is broken... we are wasting our time.”

The androids nod, several heading out of the crushed door, others to the stairwell, others to the number two pod. But Three stands there looking at all of them.

“I get why she made us... I guess. To inhabit this world devoid of humans. But why?” She muses some more... “What if... what if there is more to this than we are seeing?” She looks around the room. The only androids remaining are those who are affixed on the capsule and others coming out of the stairwell. Their numbers are higher than her group, in the tens and teens. One of them has a much higher number, 120.

“How is it down there?” Three lets out. “Not much different then any other floor... besides this one of course. What, is that a failed pod? Yeah we had one on sub-level 13. Number 101.” --- “Hmm, we can tell the problem here is stripped and bare wiring, what was 101’s problem?” --- “Not sure, we couldn’t find out. We even forced it open to look at the android, but it just wasn’t activated. We think she missed the activation code... There’s nothing we can do about it now, though. So we closed it again.”

Three nods... “I guess that’s it then. Our fate is our own.” She looks to the door, and walks to it as another android flies back in, seemingly angry. She fumes and stomps around: “What is it?!” Three lets out. “What a crock of shit! There are humans! I saw an entire village! She lied!” Three’s eyes go wide as a primal rage builds within her.


Still no real comment, this sort of speaks for itself.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:54 am

Yeah, it's really getting there.


Chronometal Panic Sub-story
The Barasian War
Chapter 1: The Black Eyes See All
Part 2: Baser Instincts of the Artificial

Android number eight continues to stomp around, making a large scene and catching the unblinking attention of all those around her. “WHY?! Dammit, I was looking forward to a life without humans, yet here they are!” Three shakes her head. “How? The recording said there weren’t-“ --- “THERE ARE!” She roars out as she punches a wall causing a small avalanche, but emerging from it unscathed.

Other androids share in her sentiment, while the others choose not to, causing a thought to appear in Three’s head. “Wait.” --- “Trust me, they are there!” --- “Not that!” She assures. “Look around you.” Eight looks around, still angry, about half of the androids are also pacing, but the other half are either lost in thought or just standing.

“What?” She asks, inquisitive. “Aren’t we all clones?” --- “What kind of half brained... ... ...!” She lets out before stopping herself.

The others slowly come into sync with her words. “Y-Yeah... if we are all clones, why aren’t we ALL angry?” Three nods at the situation. “It would appear we all have slight personality differences. Possibly random generation.” The androids talk amongst themselves in a fevered pace.

Four speaks up: “Yeah, it seems your quirk is being the leader!” Three looks over to her. She isn’t kissing up, she is being serious, and Three considers the possibility. “That would make sense...” She lets out, agreeing with herself and Four.

Eight yells out: “Who cares?! HUMANS ARE HERE! CIVILIZED HUMANS!” --- “Shut up!” Three snaps out! “Haven’t you heard anything we said?! We aren’t bound to the baser rules of our programming! We aren’t all the same!” --- “Well, don’t YOU hate humans?” She looks down... she feels the rage in the pit of her stomach.

“Yes... but the information at hand is conflicting with itself. We need to learn more about this world, why she lied to us and why they are still alive if she was wrong in the first place.” --- “Oh, real nice. Learn about them before we incinerate them! Why not just kill them now?! Who cares WHY they are here!” Several androids speak up with Eight, while others keep silent.

“I want them dead as much as you do, but I also crave answers... order... stability! I say we interrogate them.” Eight briefly considers the option, before breaking into a toothy smile. “Not good enough... they die!” She says as she turns to the door.

As fast as lightning, Three bolts behind Eight and pins her to the ground with her own arm. “D-Damn! What’s your problem?!” --- “I said: We interrogate them. GOT IT?!” She barks out as the ground breaks under the pressure she is expelling. “F-F-FINE! STOP!” She whimpers out. Three releases her causing her to snap into the mud.

The other androids look upon the situation with mixed feelings. Five yells out: “What gives you the right to do that?! We are the same!” Three bolts her eyes to Five causing her to recoil back. “The same you say? Hehe... we just disproved that. I am the leader. If you want to challenge me for dominance, feel free.” Five diverts her eyes.

She looks out the shattered door and addresses all of the androids at once. “Some of you wish for bloodshed. Other wish for answers. Others still, wish to explore this vast, contradictive world. Come with me and you will all quench your lusts, for I too wish for nothing less then the complete and total understanding and dominance of this world. Humans and all.”

Most of the room, most with different goals, agree with Three’s widespread life plan, and follow her to the door, while others continue in the Labyrinth.

Three leads herself out of the door and flies upward to get a good view of the world around them, androids following.

There is a mountain range north of them, and a large lake to the east. Everywhere else, including their current position is completely blanketed in Jungle. Eight flies up, catching Three’s attention. “It was over there...” She lets out simply, and Three nods. They fly off to the west, where the forest starts to recede.

Before their eyes, they do indeed see human life, but other than eight, they are all in shock.

It’s... a village. Not a city, not a town...

“My... inner GPS says we are in western North America... this looks like an African, or early European tribe!” Seven lets out. “We came here for answers... and be damned we will get them!” Three yells out, descending right for them! Many androids more than willing to follow along.

“Remember, find out whatever you can... then do what you wish with them!”


“Etchua? Can you check up on the gatherers for me? I have my hands full with Blossom.” --- “Ehhh... fine. You owe me though.” He walks off with a half forced smirk on his face as something catches his ear. The entire village stops what they are doing and looks around.

What seems like the horizon breaking into meteors, odd looking girls crash in from the sky, breaking the huts and flying off with people!

“W-WHAT THE HELL?!” Etchua yells out! “What is this?!” The red haired woman screams, running for cover! One of the girls lands and looks Etchua right in the eyes, with a devilish determination in her eyes. “W-W-W-Wh-“ --- “Shut up.” She commands. She grabs him by the tattered shirt and flies off into the sky. “ETCHUA!!!” The red haired woman screams!

Two other identical looking girls fly down to meet her on her level. They immediately catch the gaze of a small infant in her arms. They look to each other, but not for long. As they near her, she yells out in protest! “N-No! Go away! Leave Blossom alone!” The two girls merely continue on...


“W-What do you want from us?!” Etchua blubbers out, being hoisted over a mile in the air! The girl with the ‘3’ tattoo responds. “Why are you all here...?” --- “H-Huh?!” He lets out, confused and terrified. “WHY ARE THERE HUMANS HERE?!” She roars!

“I... I don’t know what you... ... wait...” She raises her eyebrow. “Th-There’s an ancient legend-” She looks at him with rage building in her eyes, as she raises her arm with metallic noises. “What a waste of my-“ --- “WAIT! It spoke of a time before us! A time where all humans were eradicated! But that we may continue coming back!” She lowers her primed gun-arm and flies lower to the ground.

“B-But I won’t tell you unless you promise to let my family and friends live!” --- “You are in no room to bargain, scum!” He merely gulps and remains steadfast- albeit shaking like a leaf. “Haha... hard bargainer, aren’t we?” She flies to the ground.


Now aflame, the village looks nothing like it did only a few moments ago. All of the humans are huddled into the middle by all the black clothed girls. Three lowers to the ground and tosses Etchua to the pile’s border. “Oww...” He yelps.

“It’s about time you spoke, worm. Why are you here?” --- “Y-You see... the legend goes... uh...” He gulps and shivers. Eight speaks up: “They are so full of it, can we kill them now?!” Three looks over to the group and to Eight. “It seems they really have nothing to say. Might as we-“ --- “N-No! Umm... it’s just... I... forgot it...”

“Haha... worthless...” Three lets out. “Go ahead girls, maybe the next village will tell us more.” Like a loaded gun, the girls all take off at once!

“STOP!” A commanding yell is heard from the forest, causing all the androids to halt and feel a fleeting anticipation to cross them, bloodlust abound!

A red haired girl and several men are at the border with armor and weapons at their arms. Shields and swords, however. “B-Blossom!” Etchua yells out!

The girl supposedly named Blossom raises her right hand to face the group, with an odd looking bracelet. “By my ancestors, you will all leave this area, or face immediate destruction!”


Feel free to speculate, that's why parts like this exist.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:28 am

Just... wow.
These androids are so stereotypical!
And angry!
It's almost like they'll die in the next part or chapter of the story!

It makes me want to kill them before that happens, really.
Kill them with my LUST SIN with an added touch of cold, chilling ice.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:58 am

Unlimited wrote:...wow.
Just... wow.
These androids are so stereotypical!
And angry!
It's almost like they'll die in the next part or chapter of the story!


While I will admit that they are being very readable and stereotypical, it is sort of required.

I have the basis of the entire story laid out at once, I fill in the details later. Basically there NEEDS to be a giant war started right here by a bunch of pissed off robots. It wont be AS predictable later on, however.

Basically, this entire part is mostly filler, a pretense to a later and more important story later on. The 'Ancient War' is going to be the biggest up to that point.
Unlimited wrote:It makes me want to kill them before that happens, really.
Kill them with my LUST SIN with an added touch of cold, chilling ice.
Hey if you want me to sneak something into my story as cameo, all ye gotta do is ask bro.

Once again, thank you for posting.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:37 am

Heading back into the Panic after this awesome part.


Chronometal Panic Sub-story
The Barasian War
Chapter 1: The Black Eyes See All
Part 3: Destiny of the Meek

Three marches to the self proclaimed hero. “You ancestors won’t help you now... and they will not hear you as I send you screaming into Hell. Now defend yourself!” She recommends as she and her compatriots fire at her and her group!

Blossom roars and hoists her sword above! A deep glow permeates her wristband as she is overcome with a deep and nearly blinding blue glow! As the light dims, her hair is a lustrous golden color, not red as it once was. “Defend yourself...!” She lets out in a taunt!

A slight calm pierces the battlefield...

Three opens the attack with a pronounced rush toward Blossom, with many androids following close by, and others flying above the battle! Three extends a blade from her arm and clashes with Blossom’s, neither give an inch!

The primitive jungle trees flap and heave at the constant battle! The men around Blossom, though mere humans are putting up constant unbreakable resistance! “W-What the hell?!” One of the androids lets off frustrated! Three and Blossom constantly fight each other, never surrendering any ground to the other, even when comrades of either side interfere!

“You fight well *Hng* for a human! *ha!*” Three yells out, amused! “Begone, Demon!” Blossom simply responds with, not sharing the sentiment. Blossom’s golden hair flutters and banks from the swift movement of combat.

Then Three notices something about Blossom’s soldiers. There is a small blue aura crawling on the ground and reaching them, originating from Blossom, or more specifically: her bracelet. “Girls, Blossom is your enemy, as long as she stands those humans will not give! Help me out!” As soon as she says that, Blossom's face seems to lose a little bit of color.

All of the androids converge on Blossom, but the Men back up and form a tortoise formation with their large shields! “At your side Milady!” She raises her sword to stick out of the top of the formation, and it expels an enveloping blue shield! The androids constantly try to break it, but aside from a few indentations, it doesn’t break!

Three looks around the shield, for any sign of weakness... then she spots something:

One of the soldiers spears are slightly protruding out of the shield!

“GIRLS, THERE!” She points and they all attack the location at once and it quickly gives and shatters, sending the humans flying backwards! The men fall to the ground unshelled by the brace, and they all take off at individual soldiers as Three lunges at Blossom to prevent her from being heroic!

Three pins her to the ground as she looks on horrified that her men are being torn to shreds at the seems! “Looks like you lose!” --- “D-Damn you!” She growls as her hair flashes an even more astute golden coloration! She forces Three off with relative ease and retains a defensive position.

The androids look upon her, circling her... waiting for an opportunity to strike...

She darts her eyes from robot to robot, and the first sign of fear crosses her face. “Give up...” Three lets out simply. “NEVER!” She screams out as she rockets toward the village, several androids attempt to stop her but she narrowly dodges them!

She picks up as many people as possible and flies off, leaving several villagers behind! “I am so sorry, please forgive me!” She yells out as she takes off into the air, quickly leaving sight! Three’s jaw nearly drops. “Sh... she can fly?!” --- “Who cares, she left people, let’s finally get what we deserve!” Three looks around as the robots take off to the group.

“Wait.” She lets out. “What now? There’s nothing left to ask, let’s just kill them!” --- “We can ask about that woman. And her powers... if we run into her again, or worse yet... MORE like her, we may not win.” The androids look at each other, the truth of her words sinking in quickly. They look to the people left behind, mostly men; she must have taken off with the women and children.

The androids encircle the remainders; Etchua is present in the group. Three picks him up from the neck, losing patience with this certain fool. “Who was she, and why are PEOPLE HERE?!” She emphasizes as she strengthens her grip on his windpipe!

“I’ll... never... tell-“ He tries to finish as she snaps his neck. She tosses him aside like garbage as a primal satisfaction permeates her being. “I’ll ask nicely one more time... who was that woman? WHO IS BLOSSOM?!” She roars out, causing several men to run from the group, quickly being assassinated by the circling androids.

One of the men, ripe with age, yet looking healthy for an old man rises to his feet, and balances with his cane. “You demons wish to know about the royal bloodline?” Three looks over, happy to finally get an answer. “Well, I’ll tell you this, heathens. She is descended of an angel, an angel of life and death. Her bloodline makes her impervious to the likes of you!”

Three walks over, and meets the elder at eye level. “It looks like your angel left you to die, geezer.” --- “Hohoho... it is true that she left an old coot like me here, but my time is near anyway. But should you ever meet her again; her holy weapon will smite you!” --- “Holy weapon eh? Would that be her bracelet?” The old man nods with a smile crossing his face.

“It does these old bones good to know they worked their entire lives to help that one... the one who is destined to save the world in the next Millennia!” --- “Millennia? There is still a good 10 years until the year 7000 old man, and until that time I will ensure this planet is devoid of your kind; and even after that time, I will control this entire world!”

Three snaps her fingers as a cruel bloodbath begins...


“Th... Thank you Lady Blossom...” One of the women on her back lets out as they fly through the air. She says nothing back, knowing full well that in a moment’s notice, she decided the fate of over 20 men. “Your... daughter is okay, Blossom. I just want to let you know she’s growing up fast...”

“I thought that growing up outside of the capital would make her a better, more humble person... I see that even that prospect is impossible now. I will return you all to the capital and inform King Leon of these demons.” Blossom lets out coldly.

“What about your daughter?” Blossom says nothing. One of the other women speak up: “If it is because you don’t want to subject her to the fate she is destined-“ --- “I will save the world myself! I will not let my only daughter kill herself before she even grows up! No-one must know of her existence outside of the survivors of this village! I will fight for a world where she may live in peace!”

Blossom continues to fly, her hair gradually shifting from gold back to red. The capital is within sight and she lowers to the ground, and lets them off. Most of the rabble walks into the town proper, as the woman holding the baby approaches Blossom.

“Are you sure about this?” --- “I will defeat the darkness.” --- “The legend states that all those who fought their fate fell at its hand, and the next in line still had to sacrifice herself.” Blossom looks away.

“Don’t let her grow up without a mother, as well as growing only to the age of Eleven before her premature death, Blossom...” Blossom chokes up... “Dammit... why does this stupid system exist?! She’s only a child! WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO DIE BEFORE SHE EVEN KNOWS WHAT LIFE IS?!”

Blossom looks to the baby in the woman’s arms. She takes her and looks at her, still crying. The baby continues to sleep, even through the carnage of earlier. “Blossom... I am so sorry...” She says to her same named child. She closes her eyes and cradles the infant as her hair turns back into a deep red.


Questions, questions.
What is the darkness?
Why are they both named Blossom?
Why am I asking you all these questions?
Only time will tell.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:33 pm

OKay, I'm just going to say this right here, right now, in the open: Why gold?
Why, instead of having something else coming off her being, did you choose to dye her hair GOLD?!?!

Oh yeah, that reminds me, there's a certain type of ability I want to tell you. Want me to say it here or over PM?

As for this:
Hey if you want me to sneak something into my story as cameo, all ye gotta do is ask bro.

I have nothing to say in response. Uh... yeah, sorry.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:43 am

Unlimited wrote:OKay, I'm just going to say this right here, right now, in the open: Why gold?
Why, instead of having something else coming off her being, did you choose to dye her hair GOLD?!?!
All in due time. I will give a hint though, it is due to her Heritage.
Unlimited wrote:Oh yeah, that reminds me, there's a certain type of ability I want to tell you. Want me to say it here or over PM?
Pm, please.
Unlimited wrote:I have nothing to say in response. Uh... yeah, sorry.
No need to apologize, responders are the lifeblood of this.

On that note, thanks for posting.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:43 pm

Picking up Tangent 1. Other tangents will be continued after this chapter.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 1: Dexter's Vision
Chapter 3: The Ends, The Means... Dexter
Part 1: Knights of the Night

"Dexter ran off in a huff last time I saw him, any idea where he is?" --- "Oh I know exactly where he is." Still flying above the city, Blossom looks over to Buttercup. "Buttercup?" --- "This isn't a new thing... he's told me about this plan for a while now."

Blossom faces forward, still flying to where Buttercup is going. "Why did he tell you and not me?" Buttercup never makes eye contact. She picks her words wisely, however.

"You were one of the biggest liabilities at the time." --- "W-What?!" --- "Calm down... This plan was put into place near the end of the first war, I knew; and HE knew that at the time, it was merely an idea. But with what happened, I knew it was inevitable." --- "That doesn't explain why he left me out..." --- "It wasn't just you, it was Bubbles too." Blossom looks over to Buttercup, who finally looks over herself.

"So... it was only you and the Professor?" --- "And Barasia." Blossom's eyes go wide as if she is remembering someone from long ago. "B-Barasia is getting involved?!" --- "Not sure, he said she needed to find something, once she had it we would know exactly what to do. Until then, she said never to trust humanity." --- "Never to trust them? Did she know this was going to happen?"

Buttercup shakes her head. "I have no idea what that girl is thinking... she disappeared without a trace, but I know she is still around... somewhere." Flying for what seems like hours, Buttercup finally stops. Blossom looks around; it seems like nothing more than a wheat field... "Is this... where Dexter is?" She asks as the sun starts to set. Buttercup looks around, making sure the coast is clear.

She stomps the ground right below her with great strength, and to Blossom's surprise, a metal tower rises roughly 10 feet from the ground. A door slides open and Buttercup steps inside, and beckons Blossom to come inside as well. "W...Whoa..."

She lets out simply. The tube fires down quickly. The glass windows fly by fast, and Blossom can see a vast underground network below them. As they reach the bottom, the doors fire open again, the leave the tube only to be greeted by the man himself.

"It's good to see you here, Blossom." He lets out warmly. "Hey... Dexter." She says sheepishly, as if she were meeting him for the first time. "I can't help but notice, Bubbles isn't here..." Buttercup follows suit: "She will come eventually." Dexter raises an eyebrow. "Are you so sure? This is not a decision to be made simply because others are doing it... this is war, life or death. Justice... Truth... The one and only end of the world."

Buttercup shakes her head. "Well, 'Joining us' and 'Not fighting us' will be just about the same thing in my book." Dexter turns his back and walks into the core of this new labyrinth. "I've done the math, you know. This world will be rendered helpless in less than a week, and completely destroyed by month's end." He turns around and looks at the two. "Our actions in South America gave the entire western hemisphere two more days of life. The eastern hemisphere will be consumed that much quicker."

Blossom looks around, not so much at the devices as much as she is lost in thought at his words. ‘Two days?’ she thinks to herself. Dexter returns to a high tech desk and punches in command after command. “Wait.” Buttercup breaks the silence with. Dexter looks over.

“Two days? The battle we did was pretty small...” Dexter nods, almost proud. “Indeed, it was a small battle.” He returns to his work as Buttercup shakes her head, flustered. “Are you saying that such a small battle gave us two days out of a week? How is that possible?” --- “It is simple, the humans are fools.” Buttercup walks deeper into the new Lab, not making any real contact with anything.

“Fools, huh? That sounds about right, but at the same time the numbers don’t seem to match up.” --- “Humanity has turned their back on their heroes.” Blossom recoils at the words, as does Buttercup. “Wait... not just us?” Dexter grimly nods, even more amplified by the smirk on his face.

“The idiots have been killing off, or otherwise fighting the heroes that have protected them. Some because of their supposed connection to the Chronometal Wars, others due to them refusing to kill the machines... the ones powered by humans, resulting in large scale annihilation.”

Dexter slides his chair out from under the desk and meets eyes with Buttercup. “Model M is hardly doing anything at this moment. The only real threat they pose is to unarmed settlements, ones in conflict or not being protected by heroes. Why in conflict? Why are they not being protected? They have only themselves to blame. It almost sickens me what has transpired these few short days.”

He rises from the chair and approaches another computer; one so large and bright Dexter’s figure is nearly lost within it.

“This war would be many times less destructive if humanity helped their heroes... not persecuted them. All it would really take is one real wall of defense to turn off this war for weeks to come. Yet, to no avail. As the days pass, more cities are lost, more heroes are killed... and in 7 days time Model M will accelerate into speeds and powers unstoppable to anything on this planet.”

Blossom runs to Dexter, who is still eclipsed by the large computer. “So... what do we do? If we try to help them we will be attacked! The world will be dead in such a short amount of time! What can we do?!” Dexter punches in one last command as the monitor displays the image he smiles at.

He turns around and points at it, letting off a large grin; “This... this is what we can do!”


Is Dexter evil? Insane? Or is his logic and actions sound and justifiable? Let's find out.
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I'm doing a lot of things at once, writing this comes later on the list. Here is part 2 of chapter 3 Tangent 1.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 1: Dexter's Vision
Chapter 3: The Ends, The Means... Dexter
Part 2: Castle in the Sky

Blossom looks at the monitor, not sure what she is looking at. Buttercup even more-so. Noticing their confusion Dexter speaks up:

“This is ‘The Hangar.’ It is an experimental environmental control satellite that was put into orbit and put under construction roughly half a year before the First War.” Buttercup tears her gaze from the black satellite and asks Dexter a very intelligent question.

“So what?”

Dexter’s brow furrows. “It can ‘edit’ certain weather functions anywhere in the world.” --- “Aaaaand...?” Dexter sighs. “It exhumes gaseous particles to do this.” Blossom looks up to him, but Buttercup is still stumped. “And that means...?” Blossom speaks up; “The chemical he designed is a gas! He can use this satellite to deploy it!” --- “... ... ... OH! Right!” Buttercup snaps her fingers as she finally understands.

“So what’s the plan?” Blossom asks. Dexter smiles slightly. “I’m not sure if you noticed, but this isn’t my Lab.” Blossom looks around, it looks a lot different, that’s a given. But she couldn’t put her finger on it. “So whose is it?” --- “Barasia’s.”

“Barasia has a lab?” Blossom asks. “She lent it to me after we beat Mandark, she said she had a better one to make.” --- “Make?” Dexter nods with an enigmatic look on his face; it seems he doesn’t know either. “Yeah, it’s odd, I know. This lab already functions as a teleporter to the moon. Why scrap such an effective workstation like this?”

Buttercup’s eyebrow rises. “The moon?” Dexter nods. “That’s how we will get to ‘The Hangar.’ We go to the moon, and using the low gravity and surprise, we sneak in undetected.” --- “Sounds cool, I guess-“ Buttercup lazily exclaims, cleaning her ear: “But when do we do this?”

Dexter turns back to the giant computer and puts in a few commands and queries. “In theory, the sooner, the better... but there is a gigantic problem that I found not so long ago.” The computer lights up once more to show a picture of a giant machine. It’s humanoid in nature, but is missing legs, which are replaced with what look like high powered boosters.

“Almost to spite me it seems; the U.S. government completed tests on a sort of ‘Super Machine,’ with firepower to rival even my greatest of inventions.” He lets out un-amused. “It seems to not only be adept at, but built explicitly FOR space travel and combat. If we were caught in The Hangar, we would be blasted out of the sky before we knew what hit us.”

Blossom looks to Buttercup, who looks back. They both turn their attention back to Dexter. “So... what do we do?” Dexter seems at a loss for words.

He walks away from the computer and returns to the desk he was once at. “I am a man of science... and an aspiring spy; I am not a general... I have no Idea how to destroy or cripple that device AND be on the Hangar at the same time.” He turns around with a grim look on his face.

“Even if one of us were to do separate things, if my calculations are correct, that machine has enough firepower to take out not only a giant space station, but any one of us in one clean shot. Even with our Chronometals, we would be walking right into a deathtrap. I won’t lie to you both... it doesn’t look good for us...”

The group stirs... The objective is simple...

First, they need to destroy or otherwise pacify the prototype machine; that has the power to destroy The Hangar, or kill any of them in one shot.

Then, assuming they can somehow accomplish that, someone needs to mount The Hangar, prime the gas, fire it... and ensure its deployment is successful.

Moments... minutes... hours pass with little or no communication between the group.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Buttercup yells as the entire Lab rumbles and quakes!

... ... ...

A large scale vibration starts again, this time knocking Dexter’s desk down! “What the... Rggh, what is going on?!” Dexter lets out frustrated! Then what sounds like an explosion right by their ears, the biggest of all the quakes erupts and causes lights to short out and explode!

“Blossom!” Dexter yells out! “Follow me to the surface!” --- “What about me!?” --- “Go to the moon!” --- “W-What?!” Buttercup yells out as a large explosion caves in the roof! “F-Fine, see you soon!” She yells as she darts into an adjacent pathway, and out of sight.

Dexter and Blossom fire above the lab to see a large robot, not the same as in the blueprints, but very similar: staring them down.

“Damn... how did they knew we were here?!” Dexter yells as he primes his weapon!

This is going to be a tough battle.


Not sure how I feel about this part. It's supposed to be a means to an end, a bridge between bigger parts... but I feel like I could of done a little better.

It turned out alright though I think.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:15 am

Final part of this Tangent's Chapter 3.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 1: Dexter's Vision
Chapter 3: The Ends, The Means... Dexter
Part 3: Little Howitzer on the Prairie

“Scatter!” Blossom yells out as it lunges for them! It turns to aim for Dexter, getting a disrupting shock to the spine from Blossom. She is quickly grabbed and chucked into the sky! “Blossom!” Dexter yells as the machine fires round after round at her, but she is far from defenseless!

She brings out her B-Blade and parries, deflects and defends against all of the bullets, as Dexter primes his D-Rifle! He fires it at the construct but it nimbly rockets to the side and begins to fire on him as well! He lunges for cover behind one of the rocks. It doesn’t pursue and instead flies into the air to combat Blossom!

The sound of the struggle causes Dexter to pop his head out and see the harsh battle. “Blossom, hold on!” He yells as he attempts to line up the shot. They are both moving incredibly fast, Dexter is no slouch though. Blossom, noticing his attempts fires in one direction, causing a hot pursuit by the machine!


An ear splitting shot is fired from his rifle, causing all loose dirt around him to fly in all directions, clouding the scene, but he doesn’t need to see to know he made a direct hit!

“D-A-A-A-M~~N!” A crackling speaker lets out as the dust begins to settle. The machine is piloted! “Dexter, there’s a person-“ --- “Yeah I know, there’s nothing we can do about it, He’s trying to kill us!” --- “We are just going to leave him in there?” A short pause crosses the field.

“I AM FAR FROM DEFENSELESS!” The pilot lets out as he launches a pod at Dexter, igniting the golden field! The machine lunges once more at Blossom, but this time with a large blade protruded.

“Damn... not fire... again...” Dexter lets out, reminiscing as his Chronometal buckles under the intense heat. Temperature warnings flare off in his helmet. “Yeah... I know, suit. Shut up...”


“Dexter, are you al- AHH!” She tries to say as she barely dodges the machine’s slash, but it lands a mocking blow cutting her face.

“Give up, Powerpuff girl, and come quietly!” The pilot orders. “Not a chance, I won’t let you kill us!” --- “Foolish girl, you will be the death of us all!” Blossom lets off a devilish smirk, blood dripping off her face: “You don’t know how right you are...”


Dexter limps away from the fire, hardly able to move. “For a time traveling soul holding piece of advanced equipment, you aren’t very resistant to fire, are you?” --- *Heat threshold capped, get to a safe location* --- “You also don’t make very good conversation...”


The battle slows down, the machine almost out of fuel and Blossom getting tired herself. She glares through the cockpit, only seeing a silhouette of a person. The blood running down her face gives her the appearance of a war god.

The machine makes one final lunge, but Blossom summons all her remaining strength for a large attack! “BUTTERCRUSH KICK!” She yells out as she makes direct contact with the cockpit, shattering it!

*SHRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!* A loud high pitched screeching noise permeates the area, nearly deafening Blossom!


“What the hell... argh... Blossom?!” Dexter yells out, covering his ears. Finally leaving the brushfire next to a dirt clearing, he can move his joints correctly. He sees the large machine fall to the ground, with Blossom’s foot in its cockpit. “Damn... she kicked it to death...”

A few moments pass and Dexter makes it to the crash site. Blossom has the man by the jacket. She looks over to Dexter. “Hey Dexter...” She lets out somberly. “What is it, Blossom?” --- “This ass-hat had a tracking device attached to my armor. That’s what the screeching was a minute ago.”

Dexter looks down and nods, in thought. “That just about explains everything.” --- “What should I do with him?” Dexter takes a while and thinks.

Then he shakes his head. “Let him go.” --- “Really?” Blossom lets out not TOO surprised, but still caught somewhat off guard. “There’s no reason to kill him, return to base and tell them to keep it coming if they want to keep up with us!” --- “Th-Thank you, Dexter... I’ll d-do that!” The pitiful pilot lets out as he stumbles to the ground and runs away. Dexter smashes the machine’s cockpit and looks at the man.

... ... ...

As he is a good distance away Dexter pulls out a pistol and fires a deadly accurate shot right for his head, causing him to drop instantly.

“D-Dexter...?” Blossom lets out confused. “I made sure he didn’t see it coming. He was a good pilot; he knew my suit’s weakness. We couldn’t let him come back in another one of those things. This is for the best...”

Dexter flies back into the ruined lab, with Blossom in close pursuit. “We don’t have a lot of time. We have to do whatever we can, they know our plan, it’s now or never.”


Tangent 2 is up next.

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Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:57 am

Tangent 2. Funny story, it is still technically Chapter 3 because of this. Either way, enjoy.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 2: Model M’s Return
Chapter 3: Darkest Before The Dawn
Part 1: The Oldest Enemy

“Professor!” Blossom yells out, catching Utonium off guard, and making him almost fall out of his chair. “O-Oh, Girls, it’s you!” He lets off a sigh of relief as if he was expecting a really scary enemy behind him. “Is everything alright?” Bubbles follows up with, bolting down the staircase.

“Yes, everything is...” The professor attempts to say before stopping himself and sighing. “No, things aren’t fine...” He looks to the computer monitor. “Things are bad, very bad.” --- “How so?” Blossom asks. “Well, I’m getting reports that almost all the heroes from around the world are being assassinated by their own governments... the world is losing its defenses and Model M is eating everything in sight.”

“We have to find a way to stop them!” Blossom yells out. Utonium looks to Blossom, who looks back almost with an angry face. “What have you been doing this whole time, professor?” --- “I, uh...” --- “You were working on ways of killing humanity, NOT Model M!” He looks away, the truth of her words stinging him. “But it’s not too late, we can fix this!” Blossom reassures after.

“How?” Bubbles asks with her big blue eyes piercing Blossom. “Man you guys are hopeless, we destroy ‘Mother’ Model M!” Utonium shakes his head. “Blossom, this is nothing like the one we faced in the first war, this one is huge, I haven’t even gotten a full scan on it it’s so big!”

Blossom looks into his eyes. “You... haven’t even...” She says before stopping herself. She looks him up and down as if she were a predator eying a potential meal. “Wh-What is it?” --- “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SCANNED IT YET?!” She yells out in a cold breath, freezing the tips of his hair!

“I... uh... was going to?” --- “Yes you were.” Utonium punches in command after command as Blossom backs away and looks to the ground. Bubbles sees this and follows her. “Blossom?” --- “Oh, uh... hey, Bubbles.” Bubbles merely looks at her. Blossom knows why, and sighs. “Look, I’m just a little on edge... I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Bubbles puts her one remaining hand on Blossom’s shoulder. “Just... be the hero we all need.” Blossom smiles slightly, but paws Bubbles’ hand off of her. “Hero, huh? We will see about that.” She states grimly as she walks to Utonium.

“So how do you scan for this thing anyway?” --- “Well I’m inputting several commands into a large machine just outside the house.” --- “There’s a machine out there?” --- “Well it’s camouflaged to look like a garden.” Blossom pauses for a short moment, before he continues. “I’m putting in commands, but the actual scanning has to be done by hand, want to help?”

“Ha, sure.” Blossom kids around with. They all head up the stairs and quickly out the door. Blossom and Utonium head right around to the back, but Bubbles looks at the city, or more specifically, the direction the city is in.


“So how does it work?” --- “Well it’s simple really-“ He pretty much lies, as the machine comes to life with a bunch of complicated 3-D models floating in mid-air. “Wow...!” Blossom exclaims, amazed. Bubbles follows after being gone for a short while, eyes to the ground, but when she looks up and sees the odd imagery all she has to say is: “Did I miss something?” Head cocked.

“Look, it really is simple. See this?” He points at a conspicuously familiar looking circle. “That’s Earth.” --- “Wh-What?! You are scanning the entire solar system?” --- “Well not scanning, it’s more radar-like, in case something big and scary decides to ruin our day. The actual scanning is done on a much smaller and more precise level.” He lets out as he pokes Earth, causing the images to condense, until all that is left is Earth and the moon.

He waves a hand around and the Earth is flipped upside down. He gestures the magnification of Antarctica and it zooms in greatly. “This is where ‘Mother’ is, and I will show you why I never fully scanned it before.” He warns as he begins a scan by palming the region.

Before long light after light pops up, in varied and vivid colors. Then the lights grow more three dimensional as Utonium paws at the image to make it go even deeper. “Look...” He says enigmatically as the lights continue to grow in size, shape and color. “If you think it’s bad now, just wait a couple hours.” --- “H... Hours?!” Blossom stutters. She gulps as the machine continues to put more and more information forward.

The entire southern pole is festering and writhing, and continuing to grow...

“I looked at this for an entire night, went to sleep, woke up and checked on it, and it nearly quadrupled in size. This extends all the way into the core of the earth...” A terrifying pause envelopes the group. Utonium looks away, before finally starting to walk away. “H-Hold on!” Blossom futilely begs him.

“There’s not much more to see, Blossom.” --- “The hell there isn’t!” She yells out! “Did you stop and think, WHY it is boring into the center of the Earth?!” --- “Well... isn’t it obvious? It is going to destroy the planet.” --- “Is that... really the first thing you can come up with? Think about it. How could this mass dig this deep this fast, and why would it even?”

Utonium stops, starlit images flying past his face. “I can answer that for you.” She says, leaving Utonium to bite. “Okay, why?” --- “It didn’t.”



Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:27 pm

Not posting a part here, just saying that I went back to most of the key parts in my story and edited it slightly, I made a huge and obvious mistake back there, but everything is fixed now.

That's about it, new part will be out... uh, whenever I feel like it.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:42 am

One of the better parts I've written in a while in my humble opinion.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 2: Model M’s Return
Chapter 3: Darkest Before The Dawn
Part 2: Of Men and M

Everyone looking at the still updating imagery, Blossom explains her theory.

“I think the speed at which these things had to get to the core in the time allotted is too short... the only conclusion I can come up with is that, they didn’t.” Blossom points at the location of the writhing mound; the South Pole.

“The answer to why it didn’t is the location itself.” Blossom pauses, letting the others catch up. Utonium is in thought, but Bubbles seems stumped and asks; “It is?” Blossom nods. Utonium follows; “I... think I can see it...” He says, nodding to himself.

“Great minds think alike... There was already a Model M here before this invasion, before the end of the second war!” Bubbles gasps loudly! “B-But that’s... uhg, really bad! How did we miss it?” Utonium shakes his head. “The Chronometals are made of nano-steel; it can’t be detected by things looking for metals, such as iron or lead. It’s more than possible initial planetary scans completely missed it.”

Still talking, he accesses the scanning device. “Only by intimately breaking down and analyzing the very makeup of Model M did I find the code needed to scan for it on a global scale, the results were maddening... I almost didn’t even mention it to Dexter the day you all beat Malignancy, but I knew I had to.”

Blossom slumps her head slightly. “This never ending battle has taken so much from us, and every time we think we win it gets ten times worse... so many good people have lost their lives...” Blossom shakes her head feverishly; “That’s why we have win, now! Dexter gave us an ultimatum, but that’s only one side of this thing!”

Continuing, still looking at the globe, Blossom’s voice picks up. “We have to keep scanning; anything and everything we get from this will help us in the long run. We know how it is there, but we can only speculate as to why. We need more information... but...” --- “But?” Bubbles lets out.

Blossom looks up with resolve and pain in her expression. “We don’t have much time. This scan could take much longer than we have, that’s why we need to find any and all ways to improve its scanning power.” Utonium nods, but then states an objection: “I agree with your idea, but if we power this up any longer we risk blowing out the entire energy grid, it’s already very unstable.”

“What about my Chronometal?” Utonium pauses, and then inputs some calculations into the machine. “I’m... not too sure, this was built to use standard electricity, but it’s possible with some modifications.” --- “When?” --- “I can get an adaptor working in a few hours, until then you guys should work on the... domestic problem.”

Blossom slumps her shoulders, as Bubbles cocks her head. “Domestic?” --- “He means... the humans, Bubbles.” --- “Oh... right.” Utonium speaks again; “They are after you all, but it’s more then possible that with his actions, Dexter would be targeted first. If you are going to deal with this, it has to be one of peace, or we will never have the time to do this.” Blossom nods.

“Let’s head to Megaville’s military testing base, we can talk to someone higher up there.” Bubbles nods, then they both fly off.


“S-Sir! Two of the Powerpuffs are heading this way!” --- “What?! Man the guns! They won’t catch us off guard!” --- “Uh, sir...” --- “What is it?!” --- “They are, uh... already here, sir.” After saying that he gulps and points up. The captain looks up and nearly screams!

“WAIT! We come in peace! Just, let us talk this out!” --- “We have our orders! FIRE!” The captain yells, but nothing happens. “I SAID FIRE!” --- “Uh, sir, they are in all of the cannons’ blind spots... we can’t shoot them.” --- “USELESS, ALL OF YOU!”

“Uh, guys?” Blossom lets out. They all look back up; seemingly forgetting they were still there. “Can we talk now?” --- “Gah, we surrender, just don’t kill us!” The captain blubbers out! All of the soldiers drop their weapons and surrender. Blossom and Bubbles land and address the scared captain. “Look, we aren’t looking to kill you guys, we just want to talk.”

“T-Talk? About what?” He stammers. “Come on guys, we fought side by side in the Chronometal wars! We are ALL heroes, and we are both trying to protect the same thing!” --- “The same... thing?” --- “Yes! We want to save the world! But it’s really hard to do when you want to kill us...” The captain pauses for a moment.

“Please forgive me Girls, but we have explicit orders to... um, take you out...” --- “I know, but... please. Neither of us wants this; you DO know what’s going on in the southern hemisphere, right?” He nods slightly. Blossom smiles. “There comes a time in our lives where the entire world seems against us, where we need to know what is truly important... what is important to you... orders? Or everyone on Earth?”

The Captain pauses as all the soldiers begin to talk all around them. Blossom seems at a loss of anything else to say, that is until Bubbles steps forward. “I... don’t want to make everyone scared or anything... but the Professor told us that if we don’t stop this fighting, we will all be doomed in a few days...”

“D-Days? D-Doomed? Hmm...” The Captain pauses again. After a short while he raises his head...

“Brothers... I am not going to force you to do anything that might jeopardize your career or perhaps your dreams... so I’m saying this now.” He turns around to address the troops.

“What we are about to do violates everything we know about the chain of command, we are going to disobey a direct order, and in fact co-operate with the exact thing it says to destroy. If you have internal problems with this, I understand, relocate to Nevada barracks and take orders there.”

After saying that, none of the soldiers move. They all nod and salute the Captain and the girls. "We are with you sir!" --- "I knew the Powerpuff girls weren't evil!" --- "Yeah!" The captain chuckles a little but. “I guess that’s it, girls, let’s save a world!”


Jolly co-operation, chaps!

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:15 am

This one went on a little longer than expected, I just wanted to get the cliffhanger out of the way before the follow-up chapter.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 2: Model M’s Return
Chapter 3: Darkest Before The Dawn
Part 3: Redistribution

Flying off from the military base, noticing the cannons are no longer trying to aim at them, the girls feel pretty good about themselves. “Do you think that all of the bases will stop?” Bubbles says in mid-flight. “Well... honestly? No... but we don’t need them to. We need a week, one good week and we can fix all of this.” Bubbles nods.

“With this base on our side, I am sure the other bases have better things to do then turn against themselves, like stopping the southern hemisphere destruction.” --- “Are you sure? I mean... you saw what happened in Rio...” A strong silence crosses them. “I’m... sure everything will work out, Bubbles.” Blossom encourages.

They continue flying until they reach their back yard once more.


When they land in the back yard, they are greeted by a strange silence...

“Where’s the professor?” Bubbles asks, beginning to wander off. “Professor?” She yells out, still wandering away. Blossom also looks around, she feels on edge, but she doesn’t know why...

Then her augmented hearing from her Chronometal picks up a faint muffling from inside the house. “Bubbles... shh... come over here...” Blossom whispers to Bubbles. “What is it?” She whispers back. “I can hear something inside the house... sounds like... I’m not sure... but it’s very quiet, and it’s a person... we have to sneak in...” --- “Sneak? It’s our own house...!” --- “We are still targets... we have to be careful!” Bubbles gulps...

Blossom muses... “You should go in first, Bubbles.” --- “Wh-What? Why?” --- “My Chronometal makes me very loud; I can’t sneak as well as you...” --- “Oh... right.” Bubbles very quietly opens the slider door, once it is open she can hear the muffling as well. She sneaks in, Blossom still outside, keeping still as to not make noise.

Then she gets an idea...


“Mff, mmph... mmm...” He sputters out, tape over his mouth. There are many men here, all of them in matching uniform... they are keeping quiet, very quiet. They are all up against the walls, and from the doorway, they cannot be seen. They are obviously trained for this specialized kind of stealth.

“...essor?” ... ... ... “Professor?” The men use hand signals, and then go into a state of light breathing, being even quieter, as the tied up man begins to sputter.

The door swings open and she looks down the stairs, Utonium is tied up in a chair directly in front of the stairwell. Bubbles looks at him... he is wiggling around and pointing his head at the walls... Bubbles seems to understand and makes a strange gesture. She motions to put her fingers in her ears as if to deafen herself, Utonium catches on and braces himself.

Bubbles breathes deep, as to scream into the basement, but then she feels really tired all of a sudden...

She looks down to see a dart in her neck, and a man at the base of the stairs. “Blossom...” She plainly says before hitting the ground.

“Good work men, let’s pack this up...” One of the men says. “Hold it!” Another says; “Something isn’t right... where’s Blossom?” --- “Fan out and search, we need her!”

Then something really unexpected happens, one of the last things the soldiers would have expected!

All of the windows shatter as other soldiers propel and jump in!

“DROP YOUR WEAPONS!” They yell out in unison! “There’s... got to be some mis-understanding-“ --- “DROP YOUR WEAPONS, NOW, OR WE SHOOT!” The men drop their rifles as Blossom floats down through a broken window.

“Good job, guys... wait- BUBBLES!” She exclaims as she fires for Bubbles, knocking the soldiers away, right into the arms of the others, who quickly subdue them. “Bubbles! BUBBLES!” She screams at her as she jumps awake and smacks Blossom in the head- “WHAT?!” She yells, scared that something is wrong! “Oh... OWW!” She rubs her head and winces.

“What are you all doing? Don’t you remember your orders?! Get those girls!” --- “Sorry... but we serve a cause higher than the orders of the Government.” --- “And what the hell would that be?!”

“The fate of the world, now you are either with us or against us... we have plenty of cushy cells just waiting for takers...” The soldier gulps and looks around to his brothers in arms... and sighs. “Well, I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of taking them out anyway... I guess we are with you...” --- “That’s the spirit!” The captain says as he lets go of the soldier who rubs his now throbbing arms. “Yeah... sure...” He lets out simply.


Now outside, the newly untied Utonium presents a small box to Blossom. “This will draw energy exclusively from your Chronometal, and siphon it into the Scanner... now be warned, I don’t know HOW MUCH it will draw out. This is the first time we have tried something like this.” Blossom nods and attaches the machine to the scanner.

“Here goes nothing, I guess.” She blurts out as she sticks her hands into the device, and instantly starts to feel a tingly sensation. “F... Feels weird...” She dully says before she catches eye of the scanner.

“Wow... look at it go...!” She exclaims as everyone looks at the scanner. It is scanning thousands of times faster! Before they know it, the machine colony known as Model M is at the planet’s core... but then something they didn’t expect happens...

It continues to scan and grow... “What? It didn’t stop at the core...? W-Wait, what is-“ She tries to say as the cavernous depths spread into five different directions. “Feeling... woozy...” --- “Are you okay?” Utonium attempts to say- “Y-yeah, let’s get this done.” She says as she shakes off the feeling.

A few seconds pass and the writhing mass encircles the very core of the Earth, as if that wasn’t enough... it is in a very disturbing pattern...

It is a hand grasping the core... the middle finger rises the farthest, being just under the Northern American continent. “That... can’t be it, we need more...” --- “Blossom, you need to rest...” --- “No, I need, MORE!” She yells out as she funnels pure energy into the conduit! “Blossom that will-“ He attempts to say before something catches his eye.

He can’t put his finger on it before the very scanner itself explodes!


It's getting clearer and clearer... or is it? Let's find out.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:42 am

Sorry the parts have seemed a little flat these past few months, the whole 'Tangent' thing is making it so I'm only posting the first halves of everything, so we aren't getting any climaxes or any real breakthroughs in the story... YET.

After this tangent all of the chapters will have their endings halves back to back to back, so while these parts feel like nothing is really getting solved, the next parts will seem like constant calamity and climax.

So just enjoy the smooth ride until then, Tangent 3 is up.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 3: The Hero...
Chapter 3: Dexter's Darkest Hour
Part 1: United Front

Nearly flying down the stairs, Blossom, Bubbles and Bu-

Blossom sighs... “It’s not going to be the same fighting against evil without Buttercup... especially if she is the one we are going to be fighting... it already feels strange.” --- “None of us asked for this, Blossom.” Utonium says, as he digs into a drawer.

“Well, some of us less than others...” She states sternly, looking at the Professor. “I know I messed up, but that should be behind us now...” He lets out, putting something in Blossom’s hand. “A file?” --- “Open it.” Blossom opens the file without another question, and begins to flip through it.

As she gets to a third or fourth picture she notices Utonium heading back up the stairs- “Where are you going?” She asks almost aggressively. “I’m going to turn myself into the Military; I am far from innocent in the coming conflict." Blossom pauses... then turns away, but as she does she feels a fast sharp breeze cross her, Bubbles zipped up the stairs:

“W-What?! You can’t! They will put you in prison!” He jostles her off and smiles. “It’s okay... once this all blows over, I’ll come back... I promise.” He lets off a smile that he struggles to maintain, not knowing if that is true or not... but Bubbles isn’t buying it.

“No! We are in this together! We can explain to them that we have nothing to do with Dexter’s plan!” He somberly eyes the floor. “W-What? It’s a good plan! We can convince them, we know the military men, they are our friends!” He shakes his head and lets off a mock smile.

“You all had nothing to do with Dexter’s plan...” He turns away with a heavy amount of regret in his eyes. “But I did...” Bubbles chokes up and tries to hug him with her one remaining arm, but she can’t get a good grip and keeps slipping... she eventually gives up and slumps to the floor...

She begins to cry and Utonium puts his hand on her shoulder, and she looks up into his eyes.

“It will be okay...”

He walks out the door, and as he closes it he can hear Bubbles let it all out, she must have been holding back in front of him. He sighs and takes out his phone, dialing a number.

... ... ...

“U-Utonium?” A surprised man on the other side stutters. “Yeah, it’s me.” There’s a long pause with a lot of back-round noise. “Uh-umm... uh...” --- “It’s okay, I know you guys are going to come for me, I’m calling to turn myself in.” A longer pause crosses the conversation... with much less noise this time.

“I... understand... where are you?” --- “I’ll be at Megacorp in 10 minutes, if you have the recourses to spare, I’ll come quietly...” What can be heard as a cumulative sigh crosses the other side of the phone. “Okay, sir...” Another short pause, this time he picks right back up-

“I am glad this will go down without violence...” --- “Yeah... me too... see you there.” He turns the phones off and begins walking...

And walking... he looks around at the people in the street, some of them still shaken by the events a year ago during the second war. Some holding up signs saying ‘The end is near.’ He knows that they are more right than they might think.

As he crosses into the city outskirts, he looks at the mountains left behind by the first war. This city has survived being thrown into the air, enslavement, time vaporization... all things previously thought impossible and otherwise never seen before. But what may finally end Megaville?

Humanity itself...


Bubbles sadly floats down the stairs, attempting to meet eyes with Blossom, who is brain-deep in the file the Professor handed her. “Well... I guess we are on our own...” Blossom says nothing, still looking at the file. Bubbles sits on a chair adjacent to Blossom and stares at her.

Blossom occasionally looks away from the file to look at Bubbles, but not for too long before she looks back into the file. Bubbles says nothing, still remembering the events of earlier. A few waves of sadness cross her, but she never truly cries... she holds waiting for Blossom to finish whatever it is she is doing.

“...” – “...” *Flip* “...” The silence pierces the very air.

Before finally, she puts the file down after taking a few pictures, and looks into Bubbles’ wandering eyes. “He’s going to be alright, Bubbles.” Is the first thing she says, having nothing to do with the file. Bubbles merely nods, sniffling. “He handed me just about all the information we need to intercept Dexter.” Her eyes light up a small bit- “And Buttercup...?”

“Her... too...” Blossom lets out hesitantly. “What’s wrong?” --- “N-Nothing.” She shakes her head. “Please Blossom, if there is something wrong, I want to know!” Blossom looks at Bubbles, her deep blue eyes piercing hers... again. Blossom sighs.

“Look, I am not too sure what those two have going together, I thought that during these wars Dexter would of put all of his faith in me... but apparently he left that to Buttercup. I cannot be sure either of them are more involved with each other then they let on.” --- “Involved? You mean like...” Bubbles makes some odd hand gestures, trying to avoid verbal use, but it’s very hard with one hand- nevertheless, Blossom understands.

“No, not like that... I think, it’s more of a...” Blossom pauses. “More of a...?” Blossom isn’t too sure herself. “Maybe... he knew I wouldn’t go along with it...?” Bubbles looks down with a sorrowful look in her eyes. Blossom takes a few of the pictures and hands them to Bubbles, who takes a few and sets them on her lap, looking at a few individually.

She starts off emotionless, but then she starts to get puzzled, and not an innocent confusion, but a scared one. “What... are these?” She lets out incredibly curious. “That, right there; is Dexter’s plan.” --- “Plan?” --- “It’s a weather controlling satellite, codenamed ‘The Hangar.’ It went into orbit around the first war’s start.”

She flips to other pictures, dismissing one that looked like nothing more than a wheat field to come to one that looks like a sprawling maze of technology; “What’s this one?” Blossom pauses, and then sighs. “Apparently that is Barasia’s lab.” Bubbles' eyes light up, almost happy. “Lynn has a lab?” --- “Apparently, at least she used to. That’s what the file said. She put it into use even BEFORE the first war. It was made FOR the wars. She used it to sculpt certain Chronometals such as B... and some of D.”

“Well what’s that have to do with us?” --- “That’s where Dexter is... and he is going to use it to get to The Hangar!”


Let's just see what happens next.
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Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:01 pm

Good job. Considering i read the first part of ch1 its actually pretty good. Im impressed. I would write more of mine if i had a computer to use. But other thn that keep on writing

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:59 am

grimjr1234567890 wrote:Good job. Considering i read the first part of ch1 its actually pretty good. Im impressed. I would write more of mine if i had a computer to use. But other thn that keep on writing
Ah, the aspiring writer; Junior. I've seen you around here a lot.

Sorry about your whole account thing, by the way. Someone is really out to troll you.

But yeah, I still consider Chapter 1 Part one my single greatest part, probably other than the finale of the first story. Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to your next responses, and of course your own story later on.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:09 am

Yeah your welcome. I have the outline of ch4-6 layed out and remembered in my head i just have to write them down. But when i finish them ill let u know

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chapter 3 is up my man

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:20 pm

Yes, yes, thank you and all, but one post and PM is enough. I would enjoy it a lot better if you didn't spam me.

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