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Re: The Chronometal Wars

Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:43 am

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2

It’s very dark here.

Pools of blood lie everywhere. Bodies are torn asunder, some barbarically, others quite surgically. They line the floor, they line the walls, dead bodies are more common here than individual pieces of furniture, which at this time is mostly all broken. Only two people are alive in here, one of which is a scared man in a pool of blood, shivering like a frightened puppy though the man’s body size and facial features make these actions seem especially pathetic.

This man is, or at least was, a head of a very respected and feared crime organization. It wouldn’t take much deducing to come to the conclusion that all of his right and left hand men are in pieces around him. But as for the other person whose alive, is none other than a rather eye catching young woman, wielding very inconspicuous, easily hidden firearms.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve left you alive?” The man does little more than shiver at the question. “Quickly realize that the only reason you’re still alive is that you are of some use to me, or else not even that will be true. SPEAK.” – “Y-Yes? Why?” – “Good boy, you can do tricks. Now listen very closely-“ The woman whispers, coming within direct body contact of him, every minute touch sending shivers down his spine as her lips reach his ears.

“Know… that only I rule this place… I won’t have pathetic trash like you stinking up my city.” – “Y-You…?! You’re that mayor lady! M-Mayor M-Mandy!” Her eyes go doey and she wears a face of obviously faked kindness. “This is my home- these are my people, and only I pick and choose when and how they die. Your actions, although minor, are in direct conflict with my interests. But now, your organization is…” She looks around the room and her permanent scowl breaks for a short moment to show a single hint of a grin.

“… Indisposed, at the moment. I recommend that you tell everyone you know that this is my city, and to leave… before they end up like your lackeys.” The man does little more than dart his eyes around the room and shiver. Every time he makes a subtle movement his hand falls into a puddle of blood, or his foot touches another body part. “I don’t think you understood me. I don’t think you’ve been listening. I don’t think you appreciate the life I have yet to take from you!” This man is broken. His mind and will have gone blank. Mandy rolls her eyes and shoots him clear in the forehead! He fades into the piles of bodies seamlessly, and she groans.

“Crime lords, so addicted to control that they have no idea what to do when the tables are flipped… truly sad creatures.” She flips a fire alarm in this building and walks out. Word will spread that this entire crime syndicate was taken out in a single day. If not a direct message to those remaining in Megaville, it will certainly come as nothing less than a stern warning.

“Now… I have to prepare for tomorrow. I have a plane to catch to India.” She says casually, wiping specks of blood off of her face with a rag.


-Less than an hour later-

The Fire Department has all but left the location, but the Police and several ambulances are on the scene. Crime of this kind has been absent, or at least rare for the past few years, so this comes as a big shock to the people of Megaville. Bubbles is here, no longer with Brick as she usually is. Something was irking her to come here.

“Ah, a superhero. I would say your timing was great, but at this point we’re just identifying the bodies. No monsters or anything to fight here.” – “Mmm.” Bubbles mumbles, walking onto the crime scene like it was her own front yard, the person in charge not bothering to raise an objection. Most of the bodies are removed and replaced with white tape, as to signify a crime scene and to preserve not yet found evidence.

But a piece of paper with a specific insignia held by a forensic detective tells her all she needs to know. “You there, would you mind letting me take a look at that?” She asks the person. “W-Well, so long as you wear gloves, I don’t see why not.” She rolls her eyes and slaps on a single glove and takes the paper. The reason she was so instantly drawn to it is due to the wax insignia on the back.

A frowning skull. A calling card, if you will, to a serial murderer that the people of Megaville are not acquainted with yet… at least they don’t realize it at this time.


“Bubbles? Is everything alright?” – “No, not particularly.” She says, casually giving the piece of paper back to the man and taking her glove off. Without another word, she leaves.



-Several Years Earlier, before the First Chronometal War-

“The future…?” Mandy asks, no longer indistinctly drinking from her school’s provided milk. Bubbles merely nods. “I don’t know why… but I feel like I can trust you, Mandy… A girl from the future told me that the end of the world is coming. She told me not to tell anyone, to keep it to myself, but I just can’t.” Mandy stares blankly at the torn Bubbles.

“I’m… glad you came to me with this.” – “Wait, you believe me?” She diverts her eyes for a moment, in legitimate thought. “I like to think I’m an excellent judge of character, and I don’t remember a single instance where I recall you telling a lie, and besides, it’s not like time travel is something I’m not aware of. Neither of us have lived perfect lives of little girls, after all.” Bubbles nods, but frowns at the same time.

“Please don’t tell anyone…” – “About that, why did you tell me? What do you expect me to do with this information?” – “I… don’t know. But the way she made it sound, even from the future and as a superhero, everything seemed hopeless. You seem like someone who can set things straight.” – “Well… I do have rather strong connections with rather strong people.” She says, casually sipping from the milk in front of her. Her eyes are closed and in deep thought.

“Maybe…” – “Huh?” – “Oh, it’s… nothing. Just… a passing thought.” – “No, please… tell me!” Bubbles pleads. Mandy opens her eyes and looks at Bubbles. Bubbles hates when people look at her like that, the look that people give before saying something really… bad.

“If this ‘Black Mother’ is right, then the people of the world are the ones that bring this upon themselves, right?” – “W-Well… I don’t know about that.” – “But what exactly did she say?” – “That… people tried to bring Mandark back to life, and other people… and create a kind of… G-God.” – “That’s what I thought. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, Blue.” She says, motioning Bubbles to follow her as she leaves this room. Bubbles obliges, quickly leaving the cafeteria to be quickly swept out of the school and into a secluded location.

“I have my own plans for the future. I have gone through a lot to solidify my connections with... the ‘supernatural.’ The information you have given me will help, a lot. But I may still need your help to ensure my future is made a reality. Join me, Bubbles. Together, we can sweep the garbage of this world away and ensure that we can protect it.” – “Protect it…? Garbage?” – “This isn’t going to be easy. From what you’ve told me, the people of this world are the ones that give the coming end the spark it needs to ignite. Together, we can snuff out that spark.” – “Y-You’re talking about… killing people?”

Mandy glares at Bubbles. “Yes, Bubbles. I am. I have ambitions that will be thrown into jeopardy if petty criminals scurry around, making havoc for everyone.” – “Well, why can’t we just imprison them?” Mandy once again glares at Bubbles, sending a shiver down her spine. “A new world is coming, Bubbles, you’ve told me yourself. Not to mention I’ve been feeling it myself. They cannot be left alive. They will get in everyone’s way.” – “N-No, I can’t do that-“ – “Shh.” Mandy hushes Bubbles up before she continues.

“You don’t have to decide now, if you don’t want to. After all, I am truly thankful you gave me this information, but I have to prepare.” – “Prepare…?” – “Keep an eye out for me in the future, Bubbles. The name ‘Mayor Mandy’ may become a household name. When it does, I want you to come to me with your answer.” – “…”

Mandy walks back off into the school, leaving Bubbles to wonder if she made the right decision in telling her about what The Black Mother told her of the future. She makes a mental note to keep an eye out for ‘Mayor Mandy’ in the years to come.

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Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:52 am

The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
Claire’s Fresh Eyes, Bubbles’ Resolve

Claire lies in a bed, covered in bandages and casts.

It used to hurt a lot when she first woke up, but thanks to everyone’s help, she feels better. The blonde woman that was here left a while ago, and the red haired boy is asleep at a chair. The only person here and awake is that girl that Claire heard ever since she woke up, and who helped her survive this whole ordeal.


“Claire? Are you alright?” – “Huh…? Oh, yes… thank you…” Olga pauses. “You don’t… seem… alright. Is there something I can do to help?” – “W-Well…” Claire pauses. “I… want to go outside.” Olga ponders the request for a bit. “Are you sure you’re okay to walk?” Instead of answering it with words, Claire motions her body to slowly slump out of the bed. Her chest still hurts a lot. After all, she pretty much got impaled. She stands up slowly, wobbling all the way.

She looks almost exactly like Bell, but her hair is a silverish color, her eyes matching. Her hair is also very long, probably never having been cut in her life, they nearly reach her ankles.

“I see. Well, I suppose a short walk couldn’t hurt.” Olga gets up, a lot more lively. She’s surprised even herself with how much color has returned to her face, and how much she can feel now. Olga is almost back to her old self. “Take my arm. I’ll lead you down the stairs.” Claire, who is slightly taller than Olga, grabs into her arm and uses her for balance. They slowly make their way down the wooden staircase into the living room, and shortly they are at the front door, Claire already seemingly winded.

“Are you okay? Should we stop for now?” – “No… I want to go outside… to see it.” It’s hard to believe, but that event only happened yesterday. She’s recovered so fast. There is certainly something superhuman about this girl, and she seems very curious about the sunlight. Is this the first time she’s ever seen Daylight?

Olga reaches out and opens the door, the midmorning light momentarily blinding the off guard Claire. But shortly, her eyes adjust and they walk out. It’s chilly, small packs of snow are on the ground, but most everywhere else is dark green grass. She looks around, unfamiliar of this kind of sunlight, as she looks into the sky and winces. “Don’t look directly at the sun, Claire. You’ll hurt your eyes.” Olga chuckles. Claire shakes her head and smiles. “Now you tell me…” – “Is… this really the first time you’ve been outside?” Claire nods, the smile on her face quickly fading.

“Yes. I don’t remember anything else… if there ever was anything else.” – “Do you remember your parents?” – “Parents…?” She puts a finger to her lip and shakes her head. A bird chirps from the ground, looking at Claire and Olga. Claire jostles Olga’s grip free and kneels down to it. To Olga’s surprise, it doesn’t fly away. It simply turns its head. Claire reaches her hand out and before Olga can say anything, Claire is petting the bird. The bird seems to think Claire isn’t a threat to her. In fact, while Claire pets it the bird always looks at Olga, as if Olga is the only human here out of the two.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s just an animal, Olga might feel a little offended…

“Bird…” Claire says, beckoning a response from the bird on the ground, as it flies away. “Sun.” She says, looking into the sky. What is she doing? “Tree. Grass. Water.” She says, looking at things around the yard. The tree, the grass, the pond. “Claire?” Olga asks. Claire looks back at Olga, more specifically, Olga’s face. “Scar.” Olga cocks her head and runs a finger down her face.

Yes, her scar… she remembers. She got this when she and M****** tried to create Model * for the first time…

… Olga’s memory is still a little hazy, but the small stuff doesn’t matter. She still remembers her brother, Susan. Though, she doesn’t remember Bubb*** and Bri** that much. She shrugs, and gets back to the matter at hand.

“What are you doing, Claire? What’s with the words?” – “I know these words…” She says enigmatically, looking at herself. “Bandage… clothes… blood…” – “So?” – “Why…? Why do I know these words? Who taught them to me?” – “…!” Olga realizes what this is all about now. “Claire. What is the ‘first’ thing you remember?” – “Huh? First…?”

She stands up, wobbling all the way, beckoning Olga to come to her side and once again give her an arm. “I remember… a lot of pain. In my stomach… nauseous too. Throwing up… convulsing…” That doesn’t sound pretty, but Olga almost seems to know what Claire is talking about. “I remember… your voice too.” That reminds Olga. How did she even do that? Bubbles and Brick were no help in attempting to figure that out. All she knows for certain is that Claire’s voice was indistinguishable from the thousands of very faint voices constantly buzzing in her head.

Claire kneels down to the grass. “Grass…” She feels it and sniffs it, almost like she remembers what it smells like, even though she knows she’s never even seen it before.

At one point she thought she was just insane, but Claire’s survival has taught her that this is just a very annoying, but infinitely useful gift. “I don’t remember how I managed to contact you in space like I did, all I know is that I could feel you calling out to me, and I answered.” – “I… think it was you who finally woke me up.” – “Are you sure? I don’t think that’s possible.” – “Huh? What do you mean?” Olga thinks to herself for a small bit, looking up into the sunny sky, the moon barely present behind the clouds.

“I heard you before you woke up, like you were talking in your sleep. You sounded very lonely. That’s what initially made me focus on you when you became more fluent with your words.” – “I… don’t remember doing anything like that…” Olga shakes her head and pats Claire on the back. “Does it matter? You’re here, and so am I.” – “Y-Yeah.” Claire gets up and wipes the grass off of her knees. “But I’m still curious as to why I know what I know… and where I really came from, and why.” – “We can find all of that out later. What matters now is that you’re okay, okay?” – “Okay.” Even though she didn’t get the closure she wanted, Claire actually does feel a lot better.

Her stomach grumbles and Olga gets an idea. “Do you remember what good food tastes like?” Claire smiles and nods. “Let’s wake Brick’s lazy butt up, get him to make us some lunch.”


-Several Years ago, during the Chronometal Prologue-

“Mandy? You wanted to see me?” – “Blue, take a look at this.” Mandy seems to have a nickname for Bubbles. It’s beginning to grow on her. Mandy doesn’t socialize with many other people from the school they went to years ago… or many at all during that school as well. A lot of people wanted to be friends with her, but only a scant few made it past whatever ‘screening’ process she has going on. But beside that point-

Mandy is pointing at pictures and words on a strange looking document. “What am I looking at, exactly?” – “This is a military file I swiped. It’s showing that something really big is about to happen.” – “Military…? Swiped?! You stole army stuff?!” Mandy looks over at Bubbles. “Look.” She repeats. Bubbles looks closer.

“Secret… base… huge weapons… … … civilian casualties? Mandy, what is this?” – “A Military operation is in effect now. Apparently there is a base in the mountains around Megaville, and that’s not all… word has it that it extends underneath all of Megaville itself.” – “What? Who built this?” – “Another document came back a while ago saying they called themselves The Knights, led by one ‘Micheal’ who used to work for the Military. They’re weak. Apparently a group called The Three already infiltrated this base and caused massive damage. A kind of civil war broke out among the civilians in there and things got messy. If we’re going to act, it should be now.” – “Act? What do you mean, act?” – “Blue, I told you before, I am going to sweep the garbage off of this world. If we act now, we can kill them before they recover.”

Bubbles blinks and shakes her head, rubbing her arm. “K-Kill… why is it always kill with you?” – “Do you know how many people they’ve already killed, Bubbles? Dozens? Hundreds even? We have a chance to stop that, now!” – “NO! I will not help you kill people, Mandy!” – “…” Mandy goes silent before rolling her eyes and taking the file.

“You disappoint me, Bubbles.” She says before walking away.


Bubbles sits on a chair, looking at Mandy’s skull calling card, wondering about what could have been.

“If we killed Micheal right then and there… how much of this could have been prevented…?” She closes her eyes, deep in thought. “But she won’t fool me. This was never about cleaning the world up. It was all for one goal.” She opens her eyes back up.

“Mandy just wants this world for herself. Micheal was just someone in her way.” Confident in her life choices, Bubbles throws the card away and moves on. “I think it’s time I paid ‘Mayor’ Mandy a visit.”

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Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:01 am

Sorry for the long delay.


The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
To Rebel and Revel

“She’s not answering her phone…” Lynn says, troubled. Dexter comforts her .

“It’s alright; she’s probably just running a little late. The bus probably hit bad traffic.” – “It’s been two hours, I-“ She tries to say as baby Blossom comes running into the room, screeching, like some children randomly do, completely snipping their conversation.

Ruby has been gone for way too long, Dexter and Lynn are getting worried. The babies, Blossom and Bell are about a year and a half old now, being born in June of last year, and this year nearly coming to an end. Their personalities, although still in their literal infancies, are different from a standstill. Blossom is energetic and loud, rarely wanting to be stopped or held until she’s completely out of energy, while Bell is calm and quiet. At least compared to other babies. The complications with Bell’s birth, although terrifying at first, have not proven to slow her down, although along with her eyes…

Her hair is also white, lacking color pigmentation. Dexter theorizes it may have been due to proper pigmentation development, or perhaps yet another result of the abnormal birth. Either way, she is still unable to move her legs, though that doesn’t stop her from wandering when she wants to. Her skin is also a tad more pale than Blossom’s but not by much, and while Blossom is louder in everything, including crying, Bell has shown herself even at this young age to be very emotional.

Perhaps being unable to run around and cause havoc to her heart’s content has caused her naturally curious mind to mature far before it was expected, resulting in a calm baby, who seems to only cry when she needs something, or is lonely. Lynn and Dexter have had their hands full for the past year and a half, but even amidst the constant work, they noticed a lack of punctuality of Ruby’s part. She still hasn’t come home.

A new fear grows in their heart as a school bulletin is updated on their phones, allowing parents to keep an eye and an ear on the goings on in the school their children attend.

“Several guns have been stolen. Some boys claim to have been nearly shot by a high schooler.” Lynn’s face loses color.


“Anywhere but here.” Ruby says to herself. “Go west. West to Megaville.” She continues, the sound of the train tracks drowning out a few of her thoughts.

She has run away from home, and not in the cute way where a kid gets down the street and starts crying. No, Ruby is on a train bound westward. This isn’t so much running away from home as it is trying to find a new life. She has grown disgusted of her lethargic parents, who have the power to be heroes but refusing to utilize that power.

There are a few people on this train as well. Mostly adults, but a few kids are present. She sits at the opening to the train car, her legs dangling out and being tickled by the quickly passing wind. Her backpack is still on, but she’s discarded all of the useless books and replaced them with food, water, and of course… ammo. Her iron is still on her hip in a holster. It’s cleverly hidden using baggage around her shirt to cover it, but some people have seen it.

She’s going west to Megaville, the city of heroes. Known now to everyone to be one of if not the single most dangerous place on the planet, where monsters, demons, and villains run rampant. But that’s why she’s going. She’s tired of sitting on the sidelines. She’s grown up now.

Or at least in her eyes she is.

It’s been a few years since she was legally adopted by Lynn and a few more still since Lynn married Dexter. At first she was happy to have a full family again, but it was all at a terrible cost. She imagines all of the people who die every day to monsters, and how many her parents could have saved. It makes her sick. They would rather stay at home and play the family game then get out there and use their talents for good.

“They’re no family of mine.” She answers a delayed question from another girl in this train car. A girl a few years older than Ruby, looking about eighteen years old, while Ruby is a soft sixteen. “So that’s why you ran away… but… your dad is ‘the’ Dexter? Boy Genius?” – “He’s not a boy anymore.” Ruby trails on. “Well, yeah, but it’s hard to shed a well-known title like that.” The girl says, interested in Ruby. “So… sorry to get more personal, but did you leave anyone back at home?” – “What do you mean?” – “I mean like… you know, friends… boyfriend… boyfriends…” The girl’s eyes wander, in thought.

“I had a few friends once. Some of them died. Others completely disappeared. It makes no real difference to me. There is nothing worth going back to; I’ve left them all behind. And no, I never had a “Boyfriend.” No one like that.” She trails off, mentioning the word boyfriend, as if she seems initially resistant of the word itself.

“Alright, alright. I see you have your reasons.” – “Well, what’s your story?” – “Oh… me?” The girl looks surprised. For so long the conversation has been about Ruby. She’s the youngest person on this train who isn’t here with a family member. “Well, I’m here with my grandpa. We’re almost done with our coast to coast adventure. Once we hit California, we’re taking a boat to India to live with one of my grandpa’s old friends.” – “India, huh? Well, I wish you the best of luck.” – “No, I wish you the best of luck, Ruby. Going to Megaville and all by yourself… you’re brave…” – “…”

The conversation ends and the young woman leaves Ruby alone, heading back into the train car as the wind gets a bit cold. “I guess it’s a good time to sleep…” Ruby says to herself.



Neil’s sword slashes down, nearly hitting Kally! The Saints are training while aboard one of Baron’s private ships. They should reach Indian waters by sunup, and should be in New Delhi by the time noon nears.

For now, a very interesting training session is in place, everyone is looking on in awe, even Izzy, who is almost three years old now. For the longest time, Kally, Barrett, and Rose were considered the strongest fighters in The Saints, but with Neil’s new sword upgrade, he’s confident he can take Kally’s title! Even Alex is getting jittery watching the battle unfold!

Kally’s energy rapier and buckler are a lot faster than Neil, but as you may remember, Neil’s natural skill means that his Alphametal hasn’t had the time to evolve yet, so anything could happen. Should Neil actually be pushed to his limits, an incredibly powerful warrior could be born!

He strikes down, his divine sword of unknown creation grinding against the solid energy born of Kally’s buckler! She pushes it off and begins to jab at Neil, who bounces backwards! But she’s so fast that no matter where he jumps or moves she’s already right on him! He uses his thick sword for defense as well as offense, using it to block light attacks. An opening presents itself and Kally jabs her rapier into Neil’s leg, instantly grounding him!

The blade is a solid, but it’s also incredibly hot, sizzling his leg as she keeps him down. “Yield.” Is all she says as he winces and looks up. Noss and Alex can recognize the look in Kally’s eyes and they look over to Barrett. “Yo, Barrett. Did you tell her she could do what I think you did?” All he does is smile and cross his arms.

A while ago, unknown to Alex and Noss, Baron sent Kally at them in a “training” match, but they didn’t know that she was authorized to kill them, all in the labor of allowing you to unlock the hidden powers of the Alphametal. Kally and Noss could barely hold her off before Baron called the fight off, Kally gave them the same look she’s giving Neil now.

If Neil doesn’t give up, she might actually kill him!

“Never!” He yells, grabbing hold of the rapier and bashing it out of Kally’s grip! He stumbles to his feet and brandishes his holy blade once more! She cracks her neck and picks the weapon back up, now about twenty feet away from Neil. “Very well.” Is all she says as she goes into a battle stance once more, this time her blade pointing at Neil instead of at the ground.

She swerves around him at high speeds and lunges, only to have the tip grind against Neil’s sword! His sword spins around and he cleaves down at Kally at full strength! She blocks against it, only to have it actually lock into a power struggle! She winces and grunts as the sword is pushed against her! To everyone’s surprise, this power actually forces her to her knees as she blocks! Neil’s sword, held with both hands, is grinding against her electrified blue buckler and exerting a huge amount of energy!

Soon, her power is so low that he finds a time to whip the sword and strike the shield out of her hand! At this point he briefly considers himself victorious, until Kally rises to her feet and starts stabbing at him wildly! He barely has the speed to avoid any of them, as a few poles get punched in his arms and legs! “AND NOW, THE END!” She yells, her needle going in so fast that a shockwave is born around it! It’s going right for his heart!

For a moment… time seems to stop for him. “What is she doing…?” He wonders to himself as he realizes the trajectory of the attack. She’s going for the kill, that much he knows, but he doesn’t know why. A voice in the back of his head whispers to him.

“You. Can’t. Die. Here!” – “Die…? She’s… trying to kill me…? But… why?” A heat builds in his heart as he feels something new coming over him.

A rust colored aura is born around him as he explodes backwards! Even while wounded, he stands on his feet and looks Kally in the eye, her face showing pure shock. Noss looks on, more envious than ever.

Did he just unlock some power in his Alphametal…?!

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Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:58 am

The Chronometal Wars
??? ????? ???
???? ?

“… … … … …”

This land is silent and serene. Obelisks made of smooth stone expand into the sky and disappear behind the clouds. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the wind is calming. Though even with all of this, a foreboding atmosphere of the utmost importance surrounds it.

A single man is in motion in this land. Though there are countless other individuals here, they are all sitting down, he is the only one moving. His boots crack against the grass, where he steps, the grass seems to grow even stronger, surrounding his boots and attempting to crawl up his leg.

He always found this place annoying.

He nears a door he’s neared many times before. It opens at his mere presence. There is only one other individual here, a young woman. She is sitting down on the grass next to the white door. The door itself is in the middle of this vast expansive meadow, though connects to no walls or towers. The only places here that aren’t grass are the occasional lakes and obelisks.

There used to be nine Obelisks here. But one has broken, shattered completely to dust, leaving a pile of ash and salt the size of a very large building. After that happened, this white door grew bigger. This man initially found the broken Obelisk to again be something annoying, but he has learned to accept the truth of the world around him.

The door opens all the way and he takes what looks like a small hand-made statue out of his pocket.

“Another one…?” The girl by the door asks, catching him off guard. Normally he responds to all things unexpected with explosive anger and violence, but he has learned a lot since he began.

“Yes. Another one.” He simply responds, about to throw the statue through the open doorway, with the innards of it looking like a distorted portal to another realm of existence, but he pauses. New emotions overtaking him. None pleasant of course, he is who he is, but nevertheless he gives pause and looks over to the sitting girl.

“This is another big one.” He says simply, causing her to look up into the palm of his open hand. The first one looked like a kind of Chimera, or Gryphon. But this one looks like a coiled serpent. She looks over to the Obelisk behind her, miles away but still large enough to make details out. Carved along all of its four major sides are engravings of a giant snake, coiling a world until it breaks, devouring cities… not much unlike the Gryphon, who had a burning planet beneath its wings, mountains crumbled to dust under its hooves and talons.

That obelisk is dust now.

“That one will fail too.” She says. “I’m sure it will.” He swiftly responds, looking back into the doorway, still holding the small statue. As he stands there, emotions of pride welling up in him, a small tremor is felt on the ground beneath them. “Oh? It appears another font of soul energy is being processed.” He says, noticing a clearing behind him is sinking into the ground, becoming one of the many lakes.

Come to think of it, of the many individuals here, none of them are by the lakes. The lakes seem to have no bottom, and appear to be blackening into nothingness. To look at it head on is… kind of scary. “Another Chronometal…?” She asks. “I’m not sure. I haven’t paid enough attention to the pathetic dregs that make up your world.” – “Maybe you should…” – “Perhaps.” He says surprisingly.

“Beelzebub…? You’ve… changed.” – “…” Statue still in hand, he pauses. He used to not even give this girl the time of day, now he almost looks forward to talking to her, he loved seeing the look on her face when more people are swept into this realm, knowing they can never escape. It gave him a twisted pleasure, but now he legitimately looks forward to talking to this young woman.

“Perhaps I’ve learned to take pleasure in all things, not just torture and death. But I sure hope you don’t expect my motives and goals to have changed.” He says, once again bringing emphases to the statue in his hand. The second he throws it into that doorway, Earth will face another Raging Beast, and even more people will die.

She smiles and sighs. “I guess not. But we both know that you enjoy my company now, no?” – “That’s rather high handed of you, Blossom, to assume that I come here for you.” He spits, attempting to divert the truth of her words. “But that’s okay-“ She continues without heed for his words. “The talks you come to me with break the boredom. I look forward to your visits as well.” – “…”

Beelzebub… has no idea what to say.

“If you don’t mind me asking… why do you still look like Dexter?” – “His is the avatar I can most easily channel. When I turned into the Chronotitan, his soul was the closest to the abyss, the closest to the breaking point. To be quite honest, I didn’t choose to take his visage, it chose me.” He says, looking back at Blossom, who is looking at him.

His skin is pitch black as is his hair. His eyes however… are starting to show color. Blossom could swear that his eyes were also black at some point. His clothing is also a carbon copy of Dexter’s normal Boy Genius wardrobe, consisting of lab-boots, lab-coat, and gloves, with an astute black tint.

“Though channeling this avatar makes me infinitely weaker than my true form, it does allow for some interesting abilities, such as the ability to travel through time instead of being anchored in one place, like The Arks. While in this body, I have several of the characteristics of being mortal, with all of the positives and negatives included.” He notices he has still not thrown the statue in. He smiles, maybe he just wants to talk some more.

“Is that a good enough answer for you?” He asks Blossoms, who merely nods. “For now.” She says with a weird smile. “Well, let me ask you a question, Blossom.” – “…?”

“Why do you hold on? Why not just give into the claws constantly trying to drag you down? Surely you must know that your time here is not infinite.” – “That’s simple. I’m not ready to die yet.” – “You’ve died more than most people, Powerpuff. You died during the Chronometal Wars, and the Chronometal Panic. Now here you are, refusing to let go once again.” – “So long as you still walk the Earth or any plan in between, I will not die.” He breaks into a toothy smile. “So you wish to face off against me one last time?” – “Not here, not now… but perhaps the near future.” She says with a tired grin.

Beelzebub, against all of Blossom’s expectations, sits down next to her. She looks over to him as he stares into space. “Why do you think this all started, Blossom?” He asks. He obviously knows the answer, he just wants to know if Blossom does.

“Mandark said something about God testing us.” – “As did Micheal.” – “Right, right… so… it’s all a test?” – “Well, it might have been at first, but it became so much more.” – “Wait… so there ‘Is’ a God?” – “Yes, Blossom. There is. There is a God, I’ve met God myself.” – “Is… it like the religions of Earth say he is?”

“I will save that answer for another day. But I will say this, Blossom. You’re lucky to still even be here. Everyone on Earth is. Mandark and Micheal were working according to God’s plan to create the Chronometals, and then destroy the beginning of Time. If it wasn’t for Buttercup and Him, your entire outlook on what life even is would have been shattered. Ever since the gates to both Heaven and the Hells have been closed, Him has taken to creating his own version of the Afterlife… a giant crystal brimming with energy, energy enough to keep me out of your world for the time being.”

“Him has been working this hard… to keep us all alive?” – “To what end, I am not sure myself. But he has become my sworn enemy. If it wasn’t for his constant meddling with that crystal, I could have destroyed the Earth by now. Instead, I’m having these statues slowly whittle the Earth down, bit by bit, before I come in and claim what is rightfully mine.” – “How long is that going to take?” – “From this point… about eight years. I have learned patience through my constant failures. Even losing to Otto truly put things into perspective. I grow weak when I fight the crystal head-on… but if I can get the Crystal to shatter… or its power to fade, then I can casually step to the planet and tear it asunder.”

He stands up and finally throws the statue into the doorway!

The serpent Obelisk begins to glow brightly as the clouds in the sky swirl around it!

“Whatever you may think of me, Blossom, remember this.” He says, diverting his no longer black, but instead blue eyes to Blossom’s own pink eyes. “My quest to dethrone God has not ended, but instead… everything I do now is for that goal. I have already destroyed Time Squad, ended countless timelines, and now even Him and his grand crystal are growing tired after just one statue. I have just sent another Raging Beast at him, and I still have seven more in my possession. Once the world above is in ashes, and Him is at his knees, I will separate his head from his shoulders, shatter the crystal, destroy the planet… then finally take my rightful place in the high heavens as the one true God.” He smiles, finally letting someone know the truth of his plans.
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