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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:29 am

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This page contains Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 of The Eternal Watcher.
This page also contains the Epilogue to The Eternal Watcher.
This page also contains a special "Total Story Recap" which briefly retells the stories told so far.
This page also begins "The Black War," and contains the prologue and several parts of year 0.


The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Five: The Good Fight
Part One: Preparation

His feet stomp the ground profusely, testing out his new black boots. He is wearing a kind of blue jumpsuit complete with outer black armoring. His cargo pants are equipped with knee plates and his hands are electrified with his own combat gauntlets. The large cut across his face is starting to heal and scar over, giving him a lot of character from just that single feature.

“I’m surprised you just found these.” – “They were in the same place I got my own get-up.” Lynn says, stretching and drawing emphasis to her clothing, the thin black tank top and the camo combat pants and boots. Her face is all scarred up too, and her arms have very subtle lines that imply that they open up to show many different weapons.

Otto spins his gun on his finger before sliding it into his combat holster, standard for this kind of clothing he is now wearing. He is well defended and with these time squad enhancements, he is able to explode from side to side with speed and precision and even fly for short moments. Otto isn’t very tall, but these heavy boots add a good two inches to his overall small frame. He’s almost at eye level with Lynn, who is barely shorter than most adults. Not to mention with all the combat equipment both of them are packing, people are more likely to notice their weapons before their stature. They are forces to be reckoned with now.

“Yesterday after we stopped watching those videos, you were telling me something. Something interesting, a kind of... anchor?” – “It’s The Ark. Time squad uses it to control and monitor all of time. Though it’s much more complicated than that. If we had our hands on that, there’s no doubt we could solve this problem of yours.” Lynn nods. “If it’s what you’re cracking it up to be, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” – “Well... there are several things we have to account for.” He says, holding out his hand in a fist. He raises his index finger.

“One... it’s the single most guarded place in all of Time Squad. Remember, Time Squad is populated by millions, billions of people. An all out assault against even several of them would be suicide with the futuristic heat they’re packing.” He raises his middle finger. “Two... disconnecting the Ark from Time Squad would kill everyone in it through time erasure... including me. I don’t have to be the one to tell you that this is a bad idea and shouldn’t be done... which leads me to my next point.” He raises his ring finger. “Three... we have to access it while in Time Squad. How long it would take to fix your entire universe with it could take... seconds, minutes, hours... days. I honestly don’t know. It’s up to us how it’s used, the Ark has NO limit.” Lynn begins to think.

“Where... would we even start?” – “A good place would be to knock out a Time Squad patrol and take their information. Time Squad shifts internally every now and then, guard’s posts shift about ten times a day. If we are well followed up with information, we could in theory sneak all the way to The Ark without being detected.” – “Sounds good. So, where’s the nearest patrol?” – “Well, if I were to activate my device... they could be swarming us. I’m kind of high priority right now.” Lynn darts her eyes around.

“I guess I’ll work on that.” – “Huh? Work on what?” – “What else, a trap.” She says nonchalantly, walking off into the forest. Otto thinks to himself. He’s already fully dressed for combat and his scar tells a thousand stories. I guess it’s really him versus Time Squad now. Who would have thought it would come to this?


Lynn finds a perfect place for an ambush, a wide open clearing with hundreds of vantage points. She looks around for the best possible place to stake out... when...

That voice returns...

“BA-RA... SIA!” A loud voice with thunderous static roars into her head! “GAH! Leave me alone already!” – “YOU NEED TO FIND THE KEY! BARASIAAAAA!!!” Lynn’s eyes blur, the voice shaking her to her foundations! “WHO ARE YOU?!” – “YOU CANNOT GO BACK, YOU CANNOT SAVE THEM UNTIL YOU FIND THE KEY, THE ANCHOR!!!” She covers her ears with her palms and shakes her head back and forth! “SHUT UP SHUT... w-wait... anchor... you mean The Ark...?!”

The voice goes silent. Lynn takes a few breaths and puts her hand to her chest, hyperventilating. This voice won’t stop. What the hell is it? What does it want...?

“Lynn?” Otto says, showing up behind her and scaring her half to death, but being the warrior she is, she responds not with fear but with aggression, instinctively drawing her arm blade and turning around, nearly gutting him on the spot.

“L-LYNN?! What is it?!” – “Oh... O-Otto...” She says, retracting the blade, still very shaken. “What is-“ He tries to say as she raises her hand, beckoning him to stop talking.

She closes her eyes and feels the fresh air of the forest...

She takes deep controlled breaths and exhales through her mouth. She puts her hand down and opens her eyes. “I’m sorry, Otto. I was just... I...” She pauses, unsure whether or not to tell him. “What is it?” She diverts her eyes. “I’m... not sure if you want to know. It’s not something either of us can fix, so I don’t want you to worry.” Otto pauses for a small moment. He looks over to a nearby stump and walks over to it. He sits down, his blue and black combat attire not holding him back in the slightest.

“We are both in this to the end, Lynn. If something is eating at you, I may be able to help. Please.” Her eyes weaken and she smirks. “Okay, I’ll tell you.” She sits down directly on the forest floor, the fresh air of the forest calming her down.

“Ever since I left the doomed universe in search of something that could help everyone... there has been this voice in the back of my head. It’s been getting louder, angrier... and a lot scarier... I don’t think I can handle it anymore.” – “What...? What is it? Whose voice?” – “I don’t know. I’ve never heard it before in my life. But... his episode just now was much shorter than I’m used to... I...” She says, stuttering.

“I-I think he actually wants me to find The Ark. He kept calling it The Anchor, or The Key. Things like that... I had no idea what it meant for the longest time, so I just kept looking in random universes. Then I found you. For a long time the voice was silent, even when I was being tortured... it only just now resurfaced...” Otto blinks and nods. “Then it’s something we can fix.” – “Huh?” – “We need to get to The Ark, and fast. Maybe then the voices will stop, not to mention we can have a real chance at saving your world.”

Lynn smiles and nods. “Okay... thank you Otto...” Otto grins and begins to take his Time Squad device off. “This device of mine has been busted since we landed. If I activate it now and bring it in sync with Time Squad once more, people who are hunting us down will come pouring. Time Squad is very understaffed, so it shouldn’t be more than a couple.”

He puts the device in the middle of the clearing and looks around. “I think we should get into position.”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:52 am

The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Five: The Good Fight
Part Two: Ends and Means

After several moments of activating the device, Otto and Lynn begin to wonder if any Time Squad members are going to show up. It makes Otto think of why or how this could be.

“Do you think it’s... possible that Drax and Elly somehow put in a good enough word for us that they won’t come chasing after us?” – “I’m not going to hold my breath on that one, Micheal himself engaged me in combat knowing the risks. If it wasn’t for him getting help, he would have died and he knew that. I seriously doubt he’s going to let me go.” – “You’re right... but still, Time Squad agents are usually so punctual. What could be taking them so long?”

Otto and Lynn dart their eyes throughout the entire forest. Neither of them can sense a thing. Lynn slowly rises from their low ground ambush staging point and begins to approach the device. She isn’t stupid, she knows that if they are here, they would be waiting in trap... but she makes it all the way to the device and she even picks it up.

Nothing. “Huh.” She spurts to herself. She looks around, her guard coming down slowly. “I guess they really aren’t coming.” – “Maybe the bait isn’t good enough?” Lynn shrugs. She walks back to Otto, but begins to feel weird. “Otto... do you feel that?” – “Feel what?” – “Whoa, what was that, Otto?” She blurts out unexpectedly.

“What was... what?” – “You... you’re doing it again? Is something wrong?” Otto darts his eyes around and begins to feel uncomfortable. But Lynn notices one exact thing that tips her off. Otto is very slowly reaching for his weapon.

“Otto...? Don’t...” Otto realizes that she saw what he’s doing and he reaches for his gun faster! But Lynn tackles him and slams him to the ground, but as she does that, the world around them begins to distort!

“Damn it, I knew something was wrong!”


“LYNN! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Otto yells, running around the clearing, hysterical. He covers his mouth and begins to think. “She walked up to the device... touched it... then disappeared... now... did Time Squad trap my own device? Would that have even been possible...?!” Otto feels a kind of static electricity in the air as he shocks himself a tiny bit.

“Ow. What the heck?” He says to himself, looking around, before noticing something resembling fog is rolling around. “Wait... a second...” He says to himself, putting everything in perspective. “THAT’S TIME CLOAK!” He yells! He picks up his device and sets it to a certain frequency.


Before she knows it, she’s being man handled by over four people, all clad in state of the art Time Squad equipment, sleek uniforms, up to date weapons and visors that can see all spectrums of light and heat.

“Gah, l-let me go!” She grunts, trying to break free of the surprisingly strong people holding her. They open up a portal in front of them and Lynn and see into it.

“NO! Don’t take me back there! I need to stay here! I HAVE TO SAVE MY WORLD!” – “Feel lucky we’re throwing you back into your OWN universe! THAT is your home!” – “NO! Not anymore! I can’t leave now, please stop!” She says, an artificial tear beginning to form. “Micheal said to kill you if we couldn’t throw you in here. You want us to do that instead?” – “D-Damn it! Otto! Help!” She yells in vain. “Won’t do you any good.” He says, throwing her into the universe and activating the code to begin collapsing the portal!

But then a laser comes out of nowhere and blasts the device off of his wrist! He looks over with his high tech visor. “Otto, huh? You saved us a lot of trouble trapping both of you individually.” – “WHERE IS LYNN?!” – “Lynn? Who the hell is Lynn? Look, just drop this whole thing and come back to Time Squad. Micheal is willing to forgive you if you just come back, Otto.” – “Got to hell!” Otto roars. “Suit yourself.” He says, tossing something into the portal. A large scale explosion goes off and the portal begins to rapidly close!

“NO!” Otto yells, setting his gun to max and pointing it at the portal, unleashing a stream of energy that expands the portal but causing it to grow unstable! Before long, it envelopes the entire forest and is acting like a black hole!

“You... idiot...! Are you trying to kill us all?!” – “I’m going to get her back!” He roars, jumping into the portal as it continues to engulf this area.

Otto jumps out of the portal and lands in a completely alternate dimension. He looks around, noticing a bunch of robotic monster looking people looking at him and his portal in awe.

“Human...?! What is a human doing here?!” – “Where is Lynn?!” – “What? Who is this Lynn?! How dare you ask us of-“ – “FINE! Where is BARASIA then?!” – “Barasia?! The human knows Barasia!” – “She’s in danger, I have to find her!”

The strange beings look at each other and back to Otto as the portal begins to grow catastrophically large. “Very well, but we’re watching you! She should be visiting Vexus! The only reason we don’t kill you now is because if Barasia is in danger, her proximity to Vexus could put HER in danger! Now follow us!” The fanged, bladed robot monstrosity yells out, running down the hall.

Otto doesn’t even have time to be worried for his own life. He HAS to find Barasia! They run down the halls and enter the throne room.

“WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ALL OF YOUR IMPROVEMENTS?! WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS?!” Vexus yells out, splitting the room with pure rage! “Please, I just need to get back, I don’t belong here-“ – “Silence! I will not be so disrespected!” Vexus roars once more, turning to see one of her many minions entering the room unannounced. “Why do you barge in unannounced... huh?” She sputters, noticing Otto. “YOU LET A HUMAN IN?!” – “My queen, I can explain... you are in grave danger!” – “What are you talking about-“ She tries to say as the station they are on begins to rumble.

Electricity flies through the air as the station begins to explode! The portal has gotten too large and unstable! “What is going on today?!” She roars out.

“OTTO!” Lynn yells out, running over to him like she was a frightened child. “Human, what danger is she in?! Tell me now or die!” The huge escort lets out. “Danger of staying here, back off!” He yells, flashing his gauntlet and punching him across the room, crashing into the thick glass paneling and shattering it, letting the vacuum of space in! “Come on, let’s go!”

They run down the exploding hallways, holding each other’s hand as they dodge machines, explosions and rubble! The portal is so massive it’s splitting the station in half! It’s sucking in and blowing out things at random intervals, jumping in now would be suicide!

“What do we do?!” Otto lets out, finally out of ideas. “The portal is too unstable, we need to generate a single current!” – “A what?” – “We need to force it to ebb one way! We need to push as much through the portal as possible to it will suck us through safely! Come on!” She says, opening up her arm and unleashing everything she can into the portal! Otto takes his guns and everything else out, unloading all he can muster and then some!

What looks like a funnel of fire forms! “THERE! If we can push through that swirl, we may get through safely!” Lynn says. “MAY?!” – “Come on!” She grabs his hand and jumps into the fiery swirl!


They explode out of the other side to notice the clearing they were in not too long ago is a storm of broken floating continents and a raging hurricane! This entire world is being split in half!

“We have to get out of here!” Otto lets out, punching commands into his wrist device...

But a voice from behind him stops him in his tracks.

“Otto, I have to hand it to you. When you put your mind to something, you get results.” They turn around to see it’s Drax who is talking, in his recently unveiled Battle Suit.

“Drax! We’re leaving!” Otto yells. “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that. You’re officially too dangerous now. Micheal has updated this from a detain or destroy to a search and destroy.” – “...!” – “I didn’t want it to come to this, but look at what you’re doing! You’re going to destroy all of Time Squad at this rate!”

Otto growls and reaches for his weapon, as does Lynn. This is going to be a hard fight. The winds around them howl and the torrential rain is making it hard to see.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:38 am

The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Five: The Good Fight
Part Three: Fighting the Good Fight

The battle is about to begin.

The ground they stand on rumbles and splits off from the rest of the Earth and spins due to the forces emitted by the portal.

“Otto, look at what you’ve done.” Drax says, spreading his battle suit’s arms to around him. The world is dark and the rains are torrential. Electricity and bits of land shoot out in all directions.

“This world is completely dead now. Do you have any idea how much work it’s going to take to fix this? It may cause us to temporally freeze it; this entire timeline is doomed now. Sure, it’s just one of countless trillions, but the existences it branches into, innumerable. Just turn yourself in, this has gone on far too long.” – “I can’t do that. I’ve come too far; I have to see it through.” – “So be it. Don’t say I didn’t offer you a painless way out.” He says, cracking his mechanical knuckles.

“It’s two on one, we have the advantage!” – “Two on two, really.” Drax says, nodding upward. Lynn looks up as Elly comes crashing down, nearly skewering her with her spear! Lynn bounds backwards with an athletic back flip before backing off, the battlefield cut in two, Elly and Lynn on one side with Otto and Drax on the other. Elly spins her lance and spits, looking Lynn dead in the eye.

“We let you guys live so you could run, yet here you are trying to bait us out. We gave Micheal a story he almost believed only to have you throw it back in our faces.” – “Sorry to disappoint, but I have a universe to save.” Elly groans and holds her lance with both hands. “Fucking idiot.” She says, contrary to her usually proper stance. “I knew talking would be pointless!” She says, running off for Lynn! However, Lynn isn’t powerless like she was last time; she brandishes her arm blade and locks it with Elly’s lance!

Otto and Drax are going at it hand to hand as well! Otto’s new equipment gives him the ability to pad direct attacks and put a well needed oomph behind his own! Fists meet fists, causing shockwaves to erupt across the fragile continent they stand upon! Before long, a particularly strong shockwave blows the island in half and they are forced to take the battle to a chain of loosely linked floating platforms!

Below all of them is the portal, exploding from the space ship on the other side being blown to pieces! Falling into it would be certain death!

The ground they all stand upon is sleek and drenched with torrential rain! Elly and Lynn slash inches from each others’ throats, but they are both too battle hardened to let up! They both try to trip each other, resulting in a battle to the death that almost resembles a dance! Lynn opens up her arm to try to get the drop on her with bullets, but Elly is too well prepared and closes the gap, smacking her arm away with the blunt edge of the lance! However, Elly simply miscalculated how strong Lynn is! In such close proximity, she cannot withstand a direct hit! Even when blocked, a keen left jab is enough to throw off her center of gravity!

Drax and Otto are playing with high stakes as well! They alternate between trying to overpower one another and trying to destroy the platforms they are going to jump to next to prevent high mobility! Otto has a slight advantage due to having a ranged weapon and he manages to snipe a small platform right before Drax lands on it, forcing him to hang onto a nearby one with one hand! Otto lines up the shot before Drax ends up surprising Otto!

“You have a jetpack?!” – “Newly installed. Like it?!” He yells, landing a strong strike to Otto’s face, drawing blood and breaking his nose!

Lynn has completely turned the tables on Elly! She overpowers her grip on her thunder lance and takes it into her own hands, initiating a stream of lightning speed jabs! Elly dodges all of them except the last one which skewers her side! “GAH, d-damn it!” She yells, hopping away, gripping her side as blood begins to leak. Lynn spins the weapon in her hand and gives Elly a smug look. “Is that all you got?” – “Grr...”

Otto manages to regain his footing, but it’s looking less and less likely that he’s going to win a battle of force with Drax! This man has been trained his whole life and THEN some to specialize in fighting men more trained and larger bodied than Otto! If he’s going to win this, it will need to be through clever thought! Drax jumps off of the platform he’s standing on and quickly closes the gap to Otto! But he turns his weapon on his own platform and fires, blowing it to pieces and entering free fall! Drax chases him down as Otto falls towards another platform and gets an idea.

“Damn it Barasia! Why can’t you just go back to your own universe and stop all of this destruction?!” – “What the hell do you know?!” They spit at each other, dodging each other’s slashes and jabs, but Elly is feeling worse for the wear, she is no longer even the slightest bit confident that she can win this. Lynn is simply too powerful... if she’s going to win... it’s going to have to be through words.

“Please, just look around you!” Elly pleads, jumping back but putting her arms down and wearing a pained face. “You think I don’t see this? You think I don’t know why this happened?” – “It’s because you simply won’t leave...” – “It’s because you won’t leave me alone! All I want to do is save my universe! I need to get to The Ark!” – “The Ark...?! Are you Mad?!” – “Back in my universe, the ordeal we face is hopeless. I need something that can bring some light into it!” – “Why do you keep calling it YOUR universe?! YOUR universe is down there!” Elly points to the exploding and constantly ebbing portal of destruction below. Lynn’s face twists and she frowns.

“You don’t understand. Home isn’t where you’re from. It’s where your loved ones are.” – “Loved ones?! You are a machine of war, destined only to destroy! What or who could you possibly love?!” – “Is it so hard to imagine?” – “Is what so hard to imagine?” – “Is it so hard to imagine Micheal being wrong and I’m a changed woman? There is someone back in my timeline, back in my home that I love. And I’m going to save her! I will save Ruby, I will bring hope to her world, and NONE of you are going to stop me!” – “...”

“I have to hand it to you Otto!” Drax says, still chasing him down. “You sure know how to run, but you’re running out of room!” Otto indeed reaches the end of his path, but this is exactly what he wanted. He jumps down to the platform closest to the portal; the heated winds are so intense that it singes his eyebrows. He turns around to see Drax. “GAME OVER!” He yells, charging one last time to Otto, but he nimbly jumps over Drax and takes aim at his Jetpack and gets off a clean fast shot, blowing it up and slamming Drax onto the lone platform! Drax gets up but Otto aims at the platform and begins to power a fully charged shot.

As soon as he fires, Drax smiles. “I guess if I have to be beaten... it would be by-“ He tries to say as he is engulfed in energy and shot into the destructive portal. Elly and Lynn both see it and gasp.

There is... no surviving that...

Elly growls and darts her eyes around. “I... can’t believe this... you... you murderers...!” – “Coming from someone who killed Ruby to bait me out. I’m done playing with you, Otto has the right IDEA!” Lynn roars, charging Elly down with intent to kill! But she flies away and disappears into a portal nearly instantly. “COWARD! GET BACK HERE AND DIE!” Lynn yells, throwing a spear at her portal, but it fizzles out before it hits.

But before long... something VERY strange happens...

At once, the wind and the floating continents stop gyrating. “What...?” Otto says to himself, noticing time has stopped. The portal itself is still ebbing. But... the portal swirls in one direction. Before long it looks like a stirring pool of magma, lighting up the darkness around them!

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Lynn yells out in a blood curdling scream! “Lynn!” Otto yells, jumping up the platforms to reach her! She’s covering her ears! “THE VOICE, OTTO, IT’S BACK! IT HURTS SO MUCH...!!!” She screams, falling to her knees and tears being forced out. Otto doesn’t even have time to support her as the portal spins faster and faster before a large explosion goes off, a single being coming out of it!

“BARASIA! YOU CANNOT DIE HERE!!! YOU MUST LIVE! RUN BARASIA! RUN!” The voice booms out, to Otto’s horror, he can hear it! “Who are you?!” Otto yells out! Before he can get his answer the molten being lands on the timeless platform they stand on. It’s...

Drax...?! But... he looks different. He’s covered in black crystals and his eyes are blank! Completely beside the point that he’s covered in lava and his entire right arm is made of crystal. In a horrifying otherworldly voice, he screams at them! “DIE CHILDREN OF THE ARK!” The crystal arm explodes out and engulfs Otto! Lynn quickly rises to her feet, tears still covering her vision and her composure is still shot.

“If you don’t want me to die, WHY DON’T YOU GIVE ME SOME FUCKING HELP?!” She yells hysterically into the sky.

To her surprise... something happens! What looks like a silver missile falls from the sky and cuts Lynn off from the molten Drax! Otto claws his way back into the platform to see the person standing before them. They have a single grand wing splaying out from their left shoulder. Seemingly male, his face lacks defining features and his body is sleek but muscular, he has nothing to hide so he wears no clothing. His body is solid metal that does not reflect light.

“Very well. I am at your service, Barasia.” The being speaks up; his voice is like music to Lynn’s ears. “There’s... no way you can be the same voice...” – “Perhaps the other method to convince you to reach me was... ineffective. If you prefer this form, I shall keep it.” – “M-Much prefer...” – “Very well. I am the spirit of the Ark.” He says as Drax snarls behind him. To their surprise, he seems to fear this being.

“Are you going to help us?” – “Oh, with him? He is nothing.” He says, turning around, his iron arm burning with a blue energy as he blasts Drax in half, his body pieces falling with blue fire trailing behind.

“And now... you are safe.”

Otto and Barasia stand with their mouth agape. They weren’t even sure how to fight what they saw... a kind of... crystalline... zombie Drax! What the hell was it?!

“What was that? Who are you?” Otto blurts out. “As I said before, I am the spirit of the Ark. But as for what that beast was... It shames me greatly to admit that even I in my infinite wisdom do not know. A beast tainted by powers that exist outside of our Omniverse...” – “Do... do you have a name?” Lynn interrupts with.

“I beg your pardon?” She walks up to him timidly with a thankful look on her face. “Surely you must have a name... everyone has one, don’t they?” – “I... am simply the Ark. My... creator did not give me a name.” – “Your creator? Forget that, my creator can’t control who I am. I am not Barasia, I am Lynn.” The metallic being raises what would be his eyebrow, if he had any kind of body hair. As he talks, the innards of his body show a light blue color.

“Briarus. Briarus... of Ark. That is what you may call me.” – “There, isn’t that nice? Living your entire life with a classification might as well make you a tool, not a person.” Briarus smiles a small bit. “The sentiment is appreciated... and highly confusing, for I am a tool of a higher power. But... I thank you.” He says as time begins after a short pause. The rain dies down and the portal begins to wane. The floating continents fall to the ground, but Briarus is projecting a kind of blue energy platform they are standing on.

“You want me to find you?” – “That is correct, Barasia.” – “Lynn. The name is Lynn.” – “Are you sure? It’s not just a classification your creator gave you, you know. It is also who you were before you killed your past identity. Barasia is still within you, as much a part of you as Lynn.” – “...” – “As for me... this body I am taking is but a physical manifestation of my will. My true self, the Ark of the Covenant, is still within the core of Time Squad. You must find me, only then will I help you.” – “S-So you CAN help!” – “I can. I have seen the innards of your universe through my other half.” – “Other... half?” Briarus chuckles a small but, splaying his gargoyle-like wing out.

“I will explain in time. For now, rest. You have a grand and expansive destiny in front of you, Barasia. As do you, Otto. Yours is perhaps grander than most. Until next we meet.” He says, his body fizzling into pure energy.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:59 pm

The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Six: Life’s Fragility
Part One: Brief Respite

“I still don’t understand...” Otto says, his legs dangling off of a bed. His high tech armor and weapons are completely stripped and he’s dressed like a commoner now. Unassuming clothing that doesn’t stick out. Lynn is the same. To Otto’s surprise, she’s wearing a dress. It’s black and nothing fancy, but Lynn never struck Otto as the dress wearing type. Otto continues.

“My device is like yours now...” He says, tapping it as it sits on the table. It’s not strapped to his wrist right now. “Yeah. It is kind of weird. Do you think Briarus had anything to do with it?” – “It’s possible. How did you travel from your universe to ours?” – “Like I told Elly hundreds of times when I was strapped to that damn table... I don’t know.” Otto coughs into his hand. “Oh... sorry.” – “It’s okay, but I’m not lying. I truly don’t know why I can do this. But now you can too.” She blinks a few times before looking out the window.

“It’s hard to believe, huh? Hard to believe that in only a few months, this will all come crashing down.” She says ghoulishly, looking out the window with a blank expression.

(Several days ago, Otto and Lynn were successful in fending off Drax and Elly’s attacks. Drax unfortunately was taken down during the battle and lost his life, only to come back as a weird crystalline abomination. After everything ended, the world they were in was completely irreparable. The seas were split, the continents were destroyed... they had to find a new place to hide out. To their relative surprise, Otto’s Time Squad device showed something neither of them expected.)

“But there’s something I still don’t understand. The temporal compass... it doesn’t show the black sphere anymore. This universe- your universe seems... normal.” – “You said something a while ago, about how my universe was like what you just said and no one could go in or out. Well... now you can.” – “But I don’t understand how.” – “You also told me a while ago how Time Squad was centered on The Ark. What if The Ark simply never wanted anyone to be able TO come here?” Otto raises an eyebrow. “It’s... possible. That would explain a few things, that’s for sure.”

(The place they went to hide out was in Lynn’s universe, the doomed world of the Chronometal Wars. Otto called it the Unknown Temporal Timeframe. To Otto’s surprise... it looks rather normal. Not something worth dimension hopping for. For now, they are relaxing. They know there is literally no way Time Squad could possibly follow them into this Black Universe... so here they gather their strength and composure. The recent events have taken a lot out of them, Otto most of all.)

“I’m going to go for a walk, Lynn.” – “Oh, okay. Be careful.” He walks out of the room kind of quickly, like he wants to be somewhere. He passes down the halls. This place he and Lynn are in is a rather cushy hotel. Even for a time traveler, Otto finds it kind of impressive that she managed to snag this place. I guess people really do know her here.

The sliding doors open and he leaves the building altogether. He maintains a low profile and manages to get lost in a nearby park. He finds a bench that is well shaded by the nearby trees and he sits down on it. His facial expression is blank and he looks at the ground.

Before long he covers his face with his hands.



Lynn looks out the window. She feels like she needs this downtime... but she knows she is capable of going without it. She’s a warrior. While she knows this break doesn’t mean she’s weak, she feels like she still has to do something. Only downside is that she’s back during the Chronometal Wars. If anyone important sees her that could negatively affect things in the future.

Before she knows it, she’s already on the roof, looking into the sky.

“Otto has put so much work into this... but I can’t help but think that he is still holding back. He killed Drax... but even that is starting to eat at him. What if he was forced to kill Elly? Would he do it? Could he do it?” Lynn darts her eyes around, unsure. “Does he have what it takes to do whatever is necessary to save this world...? This isn’t his world. This is my world... but...” Lynn pauses, thinking deep from memory.

“This wasn’t always my world... when I was first brought here the first thing I wanted to do was go back. But now I can’t imagine my life without it. Otto doesn’t have that kind of connection to this world yet. This world isn’t his home... can it... ever be his home?”


Otto is still on the bench, his heart is heavy. The anxiety he is feeling is magnitudes heavier than he has ever felt before. His hands are shaking and his breathing is shallow, this is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do in his life.

“Hey...” A voice is heard from over his shoulder. He slowly looks over to see Lynn. Before he has a chance to respond, she walks around and sits down on the bench with him.

“How do you like it? My world I mean.” – “It’s... f-fine...” He says, still jittering. She already knows what’s up with him. “I’m... sorry about Drax.” – “Thanks, but you don’t have to lie...” – “What?” Lynn exclaims, taken aback by the direct statement.

“It’s okay, Lynn. You don’t care for them, they weren’t people you lived your life admiring. They were people you lived your life hating, in this universe. I fully understand how you feel and why you wanted to kill them... both.” – “O-Otto...” Lynn sighs. “But this is so hard for me. I’m not going to run away, I promise... but... I... n-need some time. This is all too much for me.” Otto shivers, it’s getting cold out. He takes something off of the bench that he had brought here. It’s a kind of brown trench-coat.

Seeing Otto sad, jittering and in that coat... reminds Lynn of when she had to... kill another Otto in this very timeline. “Do you remember what I said a while ago? About the Other Otto I encountered?” – “Huh...?” – “The one I...” She says, diverting her eyes. She almost doesn’t even know why she’s bringing this up. This can’t possibly make him feel any better.

“The one you... killed... right?” – “Yeah...” – “What happened to him...?” – “What do you mean?” – “I mean, why did you kill him?” – “...” Lynn pauses. A few minutes go by and Otto seems a little less tense, focusing on what is soon to leave Lynn’s mouth.

“He... lost all hope. He had lived his entire life aside a certain code. When both he and his code failed, he had nothing left. In fact, I didn’t want to kill him. I went to great lengths to talk him down.” – “Talk him down...? What do you mean?” – “Otto... he WANTED me to kill him. He waited for me in the future, after the apocalypse... so that I would show up and put him out of his misery...” – “...” Otto sighs and looks back into the park. It’s starting to get dark.

“Why are you telling me this?” – “That Otto was so disconnected from this world that what he thought was real... was really a huge lie born of the Chronometal Wars. When he finally realized he had made a mistake, he sought only to end his pain. But you, Otto, you’ve followed me through hell and back. If it wasn’t for you, I would probably be a pawn of the Cluster by now back in that other universe.” She smiles slightly.

“What I’m trying to say is... this... is your home too. No one can hurt you here. And hey, we have the power of time travel, we can stay here as long as we want and Time Squad will never be able to find us. If you want, we can just stay here.” – “Stay here...? As long as we want?” Lynn nods approvingly. Otto doesn’t change his facial expression.

“But what about the future...?” – “The future can wait. I’m here for you, Otto.” She says protectively, scooting over to Otto and leaning on him much to his surprise. Otto smiles and closes his eyes, the anxiety penetrating his entire body settling a small bit.

“Thank you... Lynn...”

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The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Six: Life’s Fragility
Part Two: Lessons of the Life Unlived

Several hours have passed. It’s positively dark out now, Otto returned to the room once. He made some small talk with Lynn, but he took his Time Squad device, strapped it to his wrist and left. He’s on the roof of the building, moon and starlight.

He punches information into his device. Things Lynn has told him have someone comforted him, but there’s an entire tangent that has him very curious. A lesson that was learned by one, but far too late. A lesson learned when it was impossible to turn back. Lynn killed an Otto in this timeline. She claims it wasn’t the same as him, or even another that she knows now... but he still has to know.

What was this Otto doing? Why did he do what he did? He punches in information and it shows up as a three dimensional screen. He’s sitting on the roof, a small table is present and he sits on a nearby chair.

He braces for anything and everything to come...


"Why is this happening? I should know everything that happens!" Otto climbs to his feet. "Ugh, well this is not good; I don't have very many options..." Otto reaches into his pocket and takes out what looks like a gun, the girl jumps back in self defense as he points it at her...

Otto’s eyes go wide as he views the recording. “Blossom...? I remember her... what am I- er... what is he doing with her?”

"Whoa! What are you doing!?" Blossom lets out with a mixture of fear and anger in her voice! "Blossom, have you ever heard of the effects of time?" Otto goes through a list of potential reasons Blossom could be responsible for these wars... as Otto watching this recording, the door to the roof opens. Lynn is here now. Otto looks over and asks her a question.

“Did Blossom really cause the problems in your universe?” – “No.” She says very simply, walking over to the table and sitting down with Otto. She is still in her dress, the scars on her face are made more apparent when she goes to no length to hide them. Otto nods and looks back at the recording.

"I have no record of you showing up, I have no record of that ever happening and I have no record of ever giving you a Time Squad device! All I don't have recorded is what time travelers have done, this was all caused by a traveler..." Blossom's eyes tear up, Otto is deadly serious about this decision and she can't talk him out of it...

“P-Please Otto... you don’t have to do this...!” – “Blossom, why should I believe you?! Nothing you have told me makes sense! You’re just trying to turn me against Time Squad!” He says, his gun still aimed at her heart. His finger is so close to the trigger that even the slightest jump will cause the gun to fire. Blossom can feel the strength of the weapon even without it going off, if Otto fires... Blossom will not survive.

Her face is covered in tears, her arms still up in an act of surrender, but Otto’s face still grows more twisted by the moment. “Come with me to Time Squad. They will imprison you and I will get to the bottom of this.” – “N-No! I c-c-can’t! The Chronometal Wars... must be st-stopped!” He says, her voice cracking. “Damn it Blossom! YOU’RE NOT LEAVING ME A CHOICE!” He says, his muscles tensing up, but he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. “IF I LET YOU GO, YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO CAUSE THE CHRONOMETAL WARS! I KNOW IT!” – “PLEASE OTTO! DON’T!” His eyes squint and a single tear forms in his eye, his muscles shake and Blossom darts her eyes around, very fearful for her life.

At this moment, Lynn turns her head away, not wanting to watch anymore. She closes her eyes...

Her legs move a single bit to one side and Otto’s instincts tell him it’s an attack! “GAHHH!” He yells firing bullet after bullet, the shots so bright it flashes the schoolyard, so loud it causes birds a mile away to be disturbed! The shots are so powerful she is knocked off of her feet... and before he even has a chance to react, there are three holes in her chest and she’s on the ground in a pool of her own blood.

He breathes through his teeth, slowly walking up to Blossom as everyone in the schoolyard goes into a panic. He notices this and presses a single button on his device, freezing time. He looks down at Blossom. Her eyes are wide open, the emotion of fear permanently embedded onto her face. Her mouth is slightly open, leaking blood. Her arms and legs are splayed on the ground, blood everywhere.

Otto shakes his head. “I’m... sorry. It had to be done.” He says, trying to ignore what he has just done with a promise of a better tomorrow. “At least now... the world is safe.” He says, punching in the code and traveling to the future.

He lands, expecting a world not much unlike the one he was just in. Vibrant... colorful... but... it’s not.

“No...” He says to himself, gun still in his hand. He rubs something off of his cheek. It’s... blood. Blossom’s blood. “This... isn’t over yet. There must be other ways to stop this.” He says, walking back into the portal with a hysterical look on his face like he just made a huge mistake. He lands back in the same time, but not the same place. He’s on the roof now, and time is not locked anymore. But he has activated time cloak. People circle around Blossom, screaming and gasping. Before long, a blue clothed girl shows up.

“What’s going on, what are we grouping up for...” She says, seeing what’s in the center of the crowd and going quiet. People around her look at her and back away slightly. They give her space as she slowly walks towards Blossom. Her breathing slowly picks up pace... as soon as a single tear breaks from her eye; she lets off the loudest scream anyone has ever heard before! Before long, a green clothed girl runs up. “Bubbles! What is it... WHAT THE HELL?!” – “BLOSSOM... SHE-SHE’S!” Bubbles blubbers, turning her head and body in all directions, gauging people’s reactions. “WHO DID THIS?!” Buttercup exclaims, no one saying anything, other people run away, terrified.

Buttercup falls to her knees, blood splashing and shakes her body. “BLOSSOM?! TALK TO ME!” She says. She knows this is pointless; the holes in her body are more than enough to tell her that, if not... the obscene amount of blood may be.

Before long, adults show up, not the least of which is Sensei Jack who covers his mouth as he sees this. Buttercup looks up, blood and tears on her face, her mouth quivering. She has absolutely no idea what to do. Jack thinks of something quick. “You two, Bubbles and Buttercup!” He says calmly, reaching their ears. “Go to the school nurse, Mekel. He may have something to help! Go, now! Time is of the essence!” – “Oh... o-ok-kay...” They say, voices cracking and minds muddles. They run off into the school, trailing blood.

As they leave, one of the administrators asks Jack a question. “You know there’s nothing he can-“ – “I know that. I can’t leave them in a pool of their own sisters’ blood. Evacuate the school, there’s a killer on the loose. Do a head count, now!” The administrator nods, running off to gather the terrified children. Jack leans down and closes Blossom’s eyes and mouth.

He gets up and turns around, viewing the inside of the school. 911 has already been called. All that’s left is taking care of Bubbles and Buttercup. He runs into the school, towards the nurse’s office.

Before long, the police and an ambulance show up. The school is completely evacuated... and they notice they are one head short. “Where is Otto Osworth?” One of them men yell out, getting no response. Jack walks up to talk to the policeman in charge. “He disappeared after this happened.” Jack says, the Officer putting a finger to his chin. “He was a very young kid... I fear he may have been kidnapped...” – “...” Jack diverts his eyes, the thought of what’s happening slowly cracking his solid composure. He was trained for things like this, but it’s been so long.

“Alright, let’s get a search going. Inform the parents of both of the kids...” – “Of course...”

Otto stands on the roof, unsure how to react to all of this, but his chest is twisting. “D-Damn it... there has to be something I can do. Ch-Chronometal Wars... I have to stop them.” He says, still completely disconnected from what he’s done. He opens another portal and quickly disappears into it.

Buttercup and Bubbles are left in the crowd, embracing each other and shaking. They haven’t been allowed to see Blossom since the event. “What... are we going to tell the professor...?”


“...” Otto and Lynn are both silent.

“I killed Blossom...?” – “No, another Otto did. He thought that she caused the Chronometal Wars, and that her death would save the world.” – “So... where did he go? What did he do?” – “He left to find whatever he could to stop the wars. Little did I know at the time, but he did this for years. One day he finally gave up trying... that’s when I showed up.” – “...” - "At one point, I think he tried to visit Time Squad, but it wouldn't work. I believe he told me something about... The Ark. At the time I had no idea what he was talking about. I forgot about it until recently..."

There is another recording he can watch... the sands of sadness, but he turns his device off. “Otto? Are you okay?” – “Yeah. Yeah I’m okay.” He says with a mature sigh, hiding his pain. Lynn nods and gets up. “I’ll... leave you alone some more.” – “Thanks.” She walks into the door and leaves the roof, leaving Otto up here by himself.

He activates his device, opening a portal. To the year 2070...

“I have to see what he has seen. What made killing Blossom seem worth it... a world in ruin. I will see his world.” He says, walking into it, the portal behind him closing up.
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The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Six: Life’s Fragility
Part Three: Black Mirror

“Otto...?” Lynn says, double taking back onto the roof, thinking she heard something. She sees just enough to know that he went somewhere in time.

“He didn’t... go... there, did he...? What if something’s still there?” She asks herself? She maintains a calm stance, but she knows that if there is something there, who’s to say Otto can beat it? Especially since he is unarmed...

She runs back down to the room to get his stuff. “I have to get to him, now!”


“Oh my god...”

Otto stands in awe of the world around him. From what Lynn has told him and from what he’s read in the notes on his device... this place in time should be dark and dusty... but...

The sun burns in the background, the sick clouds setting off a kind of apocalyptic feeling. He also looks up, feeling something surprisingly soothing falling over him.

“Rain...” He says to himself, somewhat surprised. He shakes his head and looks around the ruins of Megaville. He walks alone down the road, casting off a black silhouette to anyone who might look at him from afar.

There’s almost no ruin at all to speak of. There is only a giant crater where the city once was and small sharp mountains jutting around it, forced up when the city first fell from the sky. The buildings that are still standing are completely blown out, windows non existent and two story buildings crumbling into themselves.

The rain courses down the gutters and into the ruined sewer. The dust that would be here is caked under small puddles. Pieces of the buildings fall from even the slightest nudge, rain causing the buildings to shatter.

Cars are blown onto their sides. Corpses, little more than skeletons at this point can be seen inside. People must have been fleeing the city when this happened. There...

There is something Otto wants to see in particular.

He walks into the crater, noticing that several buildings are still standing surprisingly. He slides down the muddy hills, making sure not to slip into any holes in the hills, left behind from The Knights’ old base, unearthed when Megaville fell from the sky.

He reaches a building and looks around. Noticing it’s a convenience store, he moves along to another building. The rain is pooling into the crater, creating an almost somberly calming atmosphere. He wades through the mud to another building. He looks at the signs scattered around it.

“Orphanage...” He says to himself.

He stands outside of the ruined door, debating whether or not to walk inside it.

“OTTO!” A familiar voice behind him yells out. “Lynn?” – “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! You could have gotten yourself killed! You didn’t even take your gun!” She yells out, angry. She hands the gun to Otto who doesn’t respond. Instead he looks back to the building.

“What are you looking at?” She asks, looking at the sign before her face goes green. She backs away a little bit. “I’m... going to go.” – “Don’t.” Otto says, confusing Lynn, her stomach starting to twist.

“Why? I... don’t want to stay here!” – “You never checked for survivors, did you?” – “...?!” – “I was reading some of Dexter’s logs from after the Chronometal Wars when we landed. He said there were survivors in this world after the Second War.” – “He... he did?” – “He did. Blossom found skeletons in his lab, people were scavenging his lab.” – “What are you trying to say?” – “This is almost seventy years after the event... but who’s to say the people here truly died? Maybe they moved on.” Otto turns back up the hill, remembering the holes in the ground.

“In fact, I think I know a place where they might have been.” He says, slogging back up the muddy hill to one of the holes. “Can you fly me down there?” – “Are you insane?!” – “Please. I have to know.” – “God... fine.” She says, picking him up and jumping down the wide square hole in the ground. They fall at the same rate as the rain, making it feel like they are jumping into a different world.

When they near the bottom, she begins to float a little bit. It’s very dark down here, so Otto reaches into his pocket and takes out some goggles. Lynn can already see in the dark.

Lynn nearly gasps at what she sees around her.

Skeletons... everywhere...

There are huge mechanical doors too, Otto approaches one and opens it. As it slides open, more skeletons spill out. “Otto... let’s leave, this place is... scaring me.” – “No, there’s something here, I know it.” – “What are you talking about?” – “I’m not sure how, but I just know. Ever since talking with Briarus, I have had this itch in the back of my head. There’s something here. There has to be.” – “...”

Lynn hesitantly follows him over all of the bodies. “Look here, a calendar.” Otto says, pointing to the wall. It says 2030. “2030. Isn’t that over twenty years after World’s End fell?” – “Y-Yes... it is...” – “People were living here all this time.” – “I... can see that now.” She says, looking back at all of the skeletons.

Otto walks down the ruined halls and comes to another room. This one is inhabited by only two skeletons and a lot of books. There is a book at the hand of one of them. The skeletons hands are embracing each other’s. Otto picks up the book, as if his itch brought him to this...

“It’s... a kind of diary.” – “A diary? Of who...?” – “Not sure. It’s very very faded. The outer pages are completely ruined. Some of the inner pages seem okay, though. I’ll... try to read a line... um...” He says, looking for something legible.

Near the end of the book, a line sticks out to him. It seems to have survived, being protected by a bookmark.

“They have given up hope. But I never will. A hero will come... ... ... That’s it.” Otto says. Lynn stays silent. Otto keeps skimming through the book, he finds another line, protected by the same bookmark, but on the other side of the page.

“At least with her at my side, this end doesn’t seem so dark. I still won’t give up hope.” Otto keeps reading the words, before hearing footsteps behind him. He turns around to notice Lynn leaving. He runs after her, noticing she’s stopped at the atrium where they fell in.

“Lynn, what is it...?” – “Ruby...” Is all she can say. Otto diverts his eyes. “That skeleton... that line, that diary... it’s hers.” – “Lynn...” – “She lived down here for twenty years, without losing hope. Once everyone else did, they must have died.” – “Who is this other girl she’s talking about...?” – “I don’t know. Maybe she had a daughter...?” Lynn pauses for a moment, before shaking her head. “No, did you see that skeleton next to her? ‘At her side?’ I think... I think that was her...” – “Her...” Otto says, pausing.

“Oh...” He says, skimming the diary again, trying to find any names to help confirm their suspicions. Page after page, a single name sticks out near the end.

“Kally...? That name sounds... familiar.” – “Kally? Oh... that was the name of that girl who talked to Ruby before she left the orphanage to find her family. Do you think that she...?” Otto nods. “It appears so. Ruby... had a girlfriend. Maybe even a wife. Kally, the girl she helped.” Lynn smiles, choking back tears. “L-Let’s leave this place.” She says, extending a hand out. Otto takes it and they fly out.

As they exit the underground city, they notice that the rain has stopped. The sky is actually... almost clear. The clouds they can see are still brown and sickly, but... the sky is almost blue. They land outside of the crater as the wind picks back up.

Lynn looks into the sick sunset, her hair blowing in the surprisingly calm breeze.

“She’s strong.” Otto says, causing Lynn to look over to him. “She probably held everyone together until something horrible happened. She held onto that hope a lot longer than either of us were led to believe. I don’t know how I knew this was here... but I think I know why I was meant to find it with you.” He looks back at the same sunset.

“I feel like this is something I have the power to help. This world, the people who once lived in it, who refused to let go of hope. My other self lost hope, that Other Otto. As soon as you lose hope... you might as well be dead...” – “Otto...” – “But now I understand. I understand why he died but I’m still alive.” He turns back to Lynn with a bright smile on his face.

“I am going to save this world, I’m going to save Ruby, and we are going to do it together and we are not going to lose hope!” He holds out his hand, beckoning her to shake it. She smiles softly and takes it.

But she doesn’t shake it; instead she pulls Otto in and gives him a tight hug. Otto is surprised at first, but he returns the sentiment. Lynn sniffles, holding back the tears some more.

They embrace each other as sad equals, this dead world giving the last of its hope to them.

She opens her eyes, still hugging Otto to see something walking towards them from far away. “What... is that...? A person?” She says with a mixture of fear and interest, breaking the embrace. Otto turns around and his goggles zoom in- “Wh-What the hell?!” He blurts out. “What... what is it?”

“OTTO?!” Otto yells.

“What...?! Otto?! Otto who?!” Before Otto has a chance to answer, the far away being raises their arms to them and a flurry of crystals comes rushing at them! “GET DOWN!” Lynn yells, pinning Otto to the ground. The crystals wiz by, barely missing their bodies. “We need to get to cover, come on!” Lynn and Otto scramble to a nearby building. As they reach a ruined wall they can hear a voice rumble through the world.

“Hope... is... meaningless...” – “Th-That voice...” Lynn freezes in place. “What? What is it?!” – “That was the same voice that... that z-zombie Drax spoke with!” Otto pauses, realizing she’s right! The being launches more crystals and they duck down again, the crystals punching holes through the rotten walls as if they were tin cans, blowing debris and fragments of crystal everywhere!

They scramble to another wall to realize that ‘Otto’ is already here! There is a hole in his chest that is clogged up with crystals and his veins are black and lumpy. There is a wing exploding out from his shoulder that kind of looks like a crystal version of Briarus’ wing!

They are both terrified, but Lynn grabs Otto and attempts to run away, only to have this zombie Otto explode a crystalline arm out and grab her by the leg! She falls to the ground as he drags her to him!

“O-Otto!” – “Lynn!” Otto takes the gun she gave him out of his holster and shoots several shots at this zombie’s head! But the laser fire bounces right off and he breaks into a terrifying rotten grin! Lynn kicks at the arm as hard as she can, breaking one of the fingers off and scrambling back to Otto! They both run away from this ruined house and into a desolate clearing.

“Hope... dies... with you...” The other Otto explodes from the house and into the sky, the dying sunset’s light casting through his crystalline formations, making him shine in the sky!

“Wh-What the hell are you?!” Otto yells out. The beast crashes in front of them and looks up. “I am... but a mistake... a shell of the desert...” He mumbles, rubbing the crystal would on his chest. “Cut down... by the one who calls herself... Barasia...” – “S-So you really are Otto...” She says, her voice trembling.

But Otto isn’t terrified anymore, he’s angry! “Back off! I’m going to save this world and you’re not going to stop me!” – “You haven’t seen... the future this woman brings... a world of mindless copies, a world of a fallen dynasty...” – “What are you getting at?!” – “Just let this world stay dead... at least then the heavens can survive. I have seen the end, all ends... the end after this world is... saved...” – “Wh-What? So we CAN save this world!” Otto says almost happily.

The zombie Otto cocks his head, making a disgusting cracking noise along with it. “But what is one world... against the entire universe? Should you stop this war... another will begin, and another... and another... until the heavens themselves burn...” – “Then we will fix that too!” – “You have no hope of doing so...” Otto growls! “I will NOT lose hope like you!” The crystal Otto smirks again, the winds of the dead world beginning to stir up.

“You think small... thinking only of the moment. When I died... all I wanted came true, Blossom was saved and an alternate version of me remained... my regrets washed away and hope returned to my soul... but it took me losing my life to finally realize what it took to end these wars...” – “Which was?” – “DYING!” He roars out, launching his arm out at Otto, but Lynn pushes him out of the way and is impaled! She grips onto the arm, desperately struggling to stop it from going deeper!

Otto rushes to Lynn’s side, but she is swept away by this crystal abomination, intentionally making it so he can’t reach her.

“Damn you, LET HER GO!” – “You live in the moment, Otto... do you think living like that is enough to save this world?!” Lynn is being jerked around with this crystal impaling her chest, every minute movement casing waves of pain to explode through her body! Otto freezes in place. Lynn can barely stand, her legs shaking from all the pain and her eyes glazing over, artificial blood spilling to the ground.

“Please... stop hurting her! I’ll do whatever you want!” – “Are you willing to die to save this world...?” – “D-Damn it! Why are you doing this? Why are you asking this?!” – “If you detach yourself from your life, from her life, you can save this world!” – “Fine! I’ll do that, but PLEASE STOP HURTING HER!” – “I don’t think you truly understand! LOOK AROUND YOU! Look at this world, the people in it, the people who died waiting for heroes to show up! They all completely lost their hope! Do you think a hero can show up for you?” Otto growls, completely powerless. He doesn’t understand a word he’s saying!

“DO YOU THINK A HERO CAN SAVE YOU?!” – “YES!” Otto yells out, closing his eyes!

Otto opens his eyes to see someone he didn’t expect...

“M... M... M...!” – “Micheal...?” Lynn asks, passing out. The crystal tentacle recedes back into Otto and she falls to the ground!

“Otto, if you want my help you will do exactly as I say!” Micheal yells out, commanding Otto to his side. Otto looks down at Lynn, hunched over, but still alive. “What do you want me to do?” – “Do you have any weapons?” – “Just this gun, but he’s completely immune to it!” – “No, he’s not.” – “What...? What are you talking about?” – “Are you not even curious as to how I am here?” Micheal asks, looking over to Otto.

“W-Wait, that’s a good point, how ARE you-“ – “The Ark, Otto... It’s a long story, but needless to say, THIS gun should work!” Micheal says, handing an identical gun to Otto. “If you say so!” Otto primes it and takes aim! Micheal takes out a handle and it explodes into an energy scythe!

“Servants of the Ark... to the very end, your hopes are nothing but charity from beings far beyond your comprehension...” Crystal Otto lets out, rushing them down! Micheal intercepts him and holds him back with his scythe! Otto jumps to the side and unloads a flurry of energy bullets, having them blow crystals off of his body! “It’s working!” He says to himself.

The monstrosity and Micheal go at it for a good amount of time, Micheal managing to chip a few crystals off with his scythe! “I... see... Briarus is resourceful.” He says, his body being blown to pieces by combo attacks by Micheal and Otto!

Before long, he is nothing but dust in the wind...

Otto falls to his knees and looks over at Lynn, as does Micheal. “How did you find us...? This is the Unknown Temporal Timeframe...” – “Once again, it is a long story. But I’m here now. If I weren’t, both of you would most certainly be dead.” – “Ha... maybe... th-thanks...” – “...” Micheal stays silent, his energy scythe turning off. He looks around at the dust of this dead world.

“I... can see what she was talking about now.” – “Huh?” – “Why she has been fighting us all this time... but that doesn’t change anything.” He looks back at Otto, who is still kneeling on the ground.

“Otto, the Ark is ours. You claming it could throw everything in jeopardy. I cannot allow you to use it.” Is all he says before he disappears into a portal. Otto crawls over to Lynn and activates his own device, leaving this horrible place once and for all...

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Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:07 am



The Story Of Other Otto So Far...:

Otto travels to his own time and goes on patrol. The closest thing he gets to fun nowadays is being out in the green grass of his own time, not so much the chrome metals of Time Squad HQ. While there, he encounters a strange girl who tells him her name is Barasia. Otto spread this information to his superiors and life continues as normal... for a time.

Later, Otto meets with Drax, one of the three Chancellors and leaders of Time Squad. After answering a few questions and asking a few himself, Drax heads back for Time Squad, leaving Otto in his own time to patrol. Drax, Elly and Micheal form a devious plot to trap Barasia utilizing the young girl she is so interested in- Ruby, as bait. This leads to a confrontation Otto barely becomes a part of and Otto manages to save Drax's life, and in the action... earns a promotion. Time Squad now has four chancellors!

However, after a few weeks of down time and days to reflect on his new responsibilities, "Chancellor" Otto is summoned to Micheal's personal chambers to discuss a new problem. Several timelines have reported discrepancies at the same time and Otto is sent to his own time to check out what one of them was, while he was there he met with normal people from that time who gave him a letter. Most definitely from Barasia! Otto reads the letter and takes it to Micheal, stating she wants Otto to meet her alone. Micheal insists to tag along, but remain unseen.

Otto meets with Barasia to discuss various things. Barasia and Otto discover that Barasia is indeed from another plane of existence. Barasia once again brings up an "End of the World," but it goes over Otto's head once more. Micheal overhears what Barasia calls herself. "Barasia." Micheal attack Barasia, stating that she was a monster he saw in the past during something called "The Barasia Project." Micheal and Otto successful incapacitate Barasia, but Otto is bogged with guilt after submitting her to Elly's "care."

Not even a day passes and the Chancellors take a preemptive measure, placing Otto under house arrest as they interrogate and torture Barasia. Otto eventually convinces Larry and Tuddrussel to help him escape and break Barasia free! They run through Time Squad, taking down any in their way and break into the interrogation chamber, rescuing Barasia, a single thread of her life away from death.

An inevitable confrontation between Otto and Micheal ensues. However, Otto doesn't wish to fight. Instead, with backed threats and burned bridges, he limps with Barasia over to a time portal. Before he has a chance to activate it, Micheal sends Elly to kill him as punishment for letting him go. A raging battle ensues, and if it weren't for the help of Barasia, Larry, Tuddrussel and even Elly and Drax themselves, Otto and Barasia would have certainly died.

After barely surviving a several mile foot drop atop a massive platform, Otto and Barasia fall into Otto's timeline. Otto manages to shake Barasia to consciousness, but Otto himself passes out from exhaustion and injuries.

Several days pass and Otto falls into a deep fever ridden sleep, coping with nightmares and fighting his own will to live. Barasia tends to him in his sleep with water and medicine. She feels guilty that she may have to leave him, but once he weakly awakens, she puts that guilt aside and decides to stay with Otto. They talk about what all of this fighting is for. Barasia shows Otto a time recording of Ruby, one of the main reasons Barasia fights.

Standing in the orphanage, a kind of inspiration even to the adults, she brings courage to a young girl's heart. Her name is Kally, and she leaves the orphanage to find her parents, only to be attacked by Model M. She is saved by a bald scientist using an "Alphametal" and uses one of her own that her father stored for her in case something like this happened. Both Barasia and Otto have no idea who these people are, but they agree that the Second War also took their lives and move on.

After several more days of contemplation, Otto and Barasia set a trap for Time Squad agents to claim their patrol schedule. However it quickly becomes less about the schedule and more about simply surviving once they realize that they themselves have been trapped! Barasia is thrown into her original timeline through a portal very much to her dismay and Otto chases after her, blowing the portal out and stretching it.

Otto is successful in saving Barasia using quick thinking among strange aggressive robots, but on his way out, the planet they were originally on is torn asunder by the out of control portal. Otto and Barasia are intercepted by Elly and Drax and it becomes a battle to the death, them being unable to hold back any longer. A world was destroyed; there can be no more holding back!

The battle takes place in the sky, on the ground, and everything in between. Otto outsmarts Drax and manages to blast him into the out of control portal, supposedly killing him on contact. Elly flees and a kind of Zombie Drax rises from the portal! A voice in Barasia's head bellows out for her to flee, but the voice's source materializes in front of them, introducing himself as The Ark. Barasia convinces him to give himself a name, he chooses Briarus. Briarus effortlessly cleaves the abomination of Drax in half and informs both Barasia and Otto of their destiny.

Several hours after that ordeal, Otto's Time Squad device allows him to travel to the Unknown Temporal Timeframe; Barasia's home. There, he and Barasia get comfy in a kind of hotel, but Otto needed time alone. He reflects on the fact that he's killed Drax and it doesn't sit well with him. Barasia shows up and comforts him, convincing him that this is his home and that they don't have to move too fast if he doesn't want to.

Otto goes to the roof of the hotel and watches another time video with Barasia, this time it is about another Otto that Barasia had to kill. What drove him to kill Blossom in his own fallen timeline. After watching that horrifying video, Barasia leaves Otto alone. As soon as he's alone, he sneaks into the future, the year 2070; the year Barasia killed Otto in the future. Lynn hears this and follows him in on her own.

When he arrives, the crater of Megaville calls to him, a kind of itch driving him to find something. To find "hope." Something his fallen double had none of anymore. He meets with Barasia once he reaches the ruins of the orphanage and convinces her to help him explore a nearby base. Inside, they realize that humans survived in this horrible waste for over twenty years, until a major nameless catastrophe killed them all. Ruby was apparently one of the leaders of this enclave, and she had a girlfriend. The girl from the orphanage: Kally.

They leave the ruins, sharing a moment together. Sharing hope. But shortly after that, a zombie not unlike the crystal zombie Drax they had fought prior shows up. This time it is a zombie Otto! A crystallized version of the Otto Barasia killed! The zombie is invincible, no attack doing any damage! He impales Barasia and forces Otto to his knees, begging for hope as those in this fallen world have also similarly begged. To his amazement, someone answered his prayers!

Micheal, the person that they have been fighting all this time comes to help them, imparting equipment and wisdom that helps them effortlessly kill the crystal Otto. Micheal warns Otto to discontinue chasing after The Ark, but he leaves Barasia alive. Both he and Otto knows that if he wanted to kill either of them, that would have been the time. Instead, from some freak gesture of good will; he simply leaves instead.

What happens next, is history...

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The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Seven: The Fallen Chancellor
Part One: Routine

Otto looks at himself in the mirror. He can hardly recognize himself.

The huge scar down his face has healed well; it’s very noticeable and is a defining feature now. He turns his head and runs a finger down it; it’s surprisingly smooth for a battle scar. He leaves the bathroom and enters the living room. He lives in a comfy little house right now, but since they know it’s temporary, there isn’t much furnishing.

As he looks on the wall, he almost laughs. He takes the calendar off and replaces it with a new one.

“It’s been a whole year already, huh?”

(After the events in the future, both Barasia and Otto were taken aback by the actions of Micheal. They haven’t done anything regarding Time Squad in several months, the greater portion of an entire year.)

Otto is taller now. Not much, but several inches. He turned fourteen back in Time Squad. His next birthday isn’t too far off. It’s tomorrow as a matter of fact. All of the training he and Barasia have been through, his body fat is at a good level and his muscles are more pronounced. He straitens his jacket out; he’s getting ready to leave. Barasia is meeting him somewhere.

He opens the door, meeting the biting winds of January winter. His boots crunch in the snow as he reaches his new favorite mode of transportation since he’s been here.

His motorcycle! He sits on it and puts the key in. It starts up, blowing ice off of the back. He revs it up and turns it to the road. In the cold dry air, his bike can be heard from over a mild away!


“Otto’s coming I see. Punctual.” Barasia says to herself. She’s different too, and not just on the outside. These ordeals have taught her to look inside herself. Her talk with Briarus all those months ago have given her a lot to think about. Mostly about how she identified herself.

“Barasia...” She says to herself, as if trying to hypnotize herself into not saying Lynn. She’s wearing winter clothing and is sitting in a kind of gazebo bordering a semi frozen lake. The snow has died down and the sky is clear. Snow is still packed on the ground. She’s wearing black baggy pants that are not much unlike the combat variations she was wearing a long time ago. She’s also wearing a combat vest, no longer wearing a tank top. She looks kind of intimidating really.

Her face is also very scarred. Something Otto and her share. Today is another day of training. She looks out at the lake. There are targets floating on buoys. The lake has a river running into it to prevent freezing, the moving waters make sure of that. The snowy trees in the surrounding forest are also lined with targets. But the most important place of all is in a clearing not too far away, built for hand to hand combat. They have been training non-stop for the past seven months.

After the actions in the future, she’s not sure what she wants to do anymore. The voices have stopped, but she knows The Ark... Briarus is still watching her, expecting her to claim it. But after Micheal saved their lives... it would be like repaying help with aggression. As much as Otto and Barasia hate it, they may have to come up with another way to save this universe. But until they are certain...

They train.

The motorcycle screeches to a halt just outside of the Gazeebo. The sun is high in the sky, but the air is so frigid that the snow remains.

“Let’s begin.” She says, walking by the lake with Otto. Otto takes a gun out. It’s not his Time Squad weapon either; it’s a real Glock, the model his weapon is modeled after. After a few seconds of frigid wind they both cut loose at the same time!

Barasia fires several expert shots, hitting all of the targets with precision accuracy. Not too unexpected considered she is several hundred years experienced and literally built for this kind of thing. However Otto is hot on her record, hitting every target she does only a few seconds behind.

With every target sufficiently punctured, they move onto the next part. They move past the lake to a clean hewn clearing in the woods. This place sees constant use and the snow is barely a thin layer. They go to opposite sides of the ring. Barasia and Otto put their fists up. Otto is wearing his Time Squad combat gauntlets, completely with a little warning label on it.

(Warning: Contact with fists causes death. Keep out of reach of children under the age of 7)

An automated timer goes off and a bell rings! Otto’s augmented boots flare, taking off at Barasia! The training area they are in is a circle, anyone to fall on their back or step out of the ring loses. No flying allowed. Barasia puts her fists up in a traditional pugilist fashion.

She counters Otto’s attacks, but his extreme conditioning as of late allows him to bounce backwards, giving himself some breathing room as she comes closer to him. She takes very light steps in the snow, approaching him cautiously. Otto is working up a sweat, looking Barasia dead in the eye. They are both evenly matched for the most part. Barasia, even as a machine built exclusively for warfare has undergone a lot of damage along the years. From having her chest crushed, to her arm torn off, to constant torture... she has endured so much and her body has taken a very notable toll.

If she had to guess, she would say she’s barely above half as strong as she was when she was first created. That doesn’t bother her too much considering she was the most advanced killer the world has ever seen, but it does concern her with the fact that she could be so much stronger.

The wind blows, a stray leaf catches Otto’s eye and Barasia uses that as an opening! She rushes at him, punches being blocked, punches being landed! Each hit strikes with the force of ten men, but Barasia knows to hold back when it comes to direct contact. The machine augmentations in Otto’s weapons and boots can make him as strong and fast as her, but he is still only human. A fragile human...

At one moment, Otto sees an opening to go in for a decisive strike, but something else catches his eye! Barasia almost exploits that for a keen hit, but she can see a certain glint in his eye.

She instantly turns around to see what he’s looking at.

It’s... Elly...?

They would be very worried at the concept that she’s here if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s bleeding! Otto and Barasia run to her, keeping their eyes and ears open to potential traps.

Elly falls, barely being caught by Otto! “Elly! Are you okay?! Where are you hurt?” – “B-Back... there’s... s-something in it...” Otto looks at her back and his face loses color.

It’s an array of knives, all dug into her back, one is even perfectly in the middle, along her spine...

“Who did this to you?!” – “Time Squad... is in shambles...” – “WHAT?! What are you talking about?!” Elly coughs, a distinct red colored liquid leaving her mouth. “B-Barasia! I need the first aid kit from the shack!” – “Okay, I’m on it!” Barasia flies off. He grabs Elly’s hand and squeezes as her eyes alternate from being closed to being barely open. “Hold on, Elly. We are going to help you... now please, keep talking!”

“I came... to find you... after it all happened... haha. Should have come sooner... I fear it might be too late for me...” – “To hell with that! You got all this way, your body can’t be that messed up! We are going to save you, I promise! Don’t lose hope!” Elly looks up at him with half focused eyes. “You’re... a good kid... Otto... maybe... you can help Micheal...” – “M-Micheal? What’s wrong with Micheal! Elly... please... keep talking...” Barasia flies in with a first response kit, but looks around.

“This may not be enough; I’m heading back to the house to gather the emergency supplies.” – “Yes, thank you. I’ll see what I can do with this.” Barasia, not too sure about Elly even being here, nods and leaves for the house. Otto grabs one of the towels from nearby that he uses for training and sets it on the ground.

“Okay Elly. I’m going to set you down and take a look at what’s going on. I’m going to have to take your shirt off.” Elly doesn’t respond, a glazed look passing her eyes. “D-Damn it.” He mutters, trying to find a point to take the armor off, but the Knives are so imbedded that it makes removing it the actual way impossible. He takes a pair of incredibly sharp scissors out of the first response kit and uses it to cut a hole around the knives. One by one he removes clothing bits from around the knives. Her skin is bruised and hemorrhaged.

He manages to get her shirt off and he reaches for the antiseptic future medicine. He may be living in the present, but he’d be stupid to rely on modern conveniences for everything. He applies it to one of the knife wounds and it seeps into her back. There are five knives here, two on her left and right sides and one that is horizontally impaled right by her spine, seemingly barely missing the spinal cord.

As the gel settles, he takes a scalpel out and makes the wound along the sharp end of the blade slightly wider as to not cause more intense trauma when taking the blade out. He very gently starts to pull the blade out, hearing Elly groan in pain as he does so, but the wide incision he made makes it so the knife doesn’t drag anything out. The first knife comes out clean enough, blood starting to leak. He takes a combat grade bandage out and applies pressure to the wound.

“One down...”

(The whole ordeal takes about an hour of very specific work. After about half an hour, Barasia shows up and takes over convincing Otto that she knows more about triage. Otto doesn’t understand why she would know... but he trusts her. The final knife takes the most time, as neither of them is certain how to handle it at first. Being so close to the spinal cord, they have no choice but to put the knife in reverse, backing it far enough away from the spine to be safely removed. After applying the last bandage and being sure that she’s still alive, they take her to the house.

They cannot bring her to a hospital here. Such a large footprint in time like a medical record could be catastrophic. They will do what they can... and eagerly await whatever Elly has to say about what is going on at Time Squad.)

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The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Seven: The Fallen Chancellor
Part Two: Time Squad’s Ordeal

“Ugh... agh...” Elly squirms in her sleep before a jolt of pain forces her awake. She tries to rise to a sitting position, but her back hurts way too much and she collapses on the bed. Barasia opens her eyes, having been sitting next to Elly this whole time. They are in their house, a window behind Barasia showing the snowy landscape outside.

“Don’t get up too fast, this could take a while to heal.” – “I’m... alive...” She says weakly, turning her head to meet Barasia’s. They spend a couple moments just staring at each other. They both know that they hate each other... but maybe that time has passed.

“I’m sorry.” Barasia says out of the blue. “Huh...? For what?” – “For what happened. Everything, including what happened to Drax. I’m sorry.” She says. Her voice doesn’t express the emotions required to successfully express being “sorry” but Elly takes her words into account, not her body language.

“A life for a life... you saved me, didn’t you?” – “I don’t feel like it’s the same. We are obliged to hear you out. What happened at Time Squad?” Elly shakes her head and looks at herself.

Her entire torso is covered in bandages and she is wearing the bottom half of her armor. “Where’s Otto?” – “He’s setting traps.” – “Traps...? To what end?” – “Just in case, for now. He is crossing multiple timelines, planting beacons that will all activate at the same time that show we are there, and so are you. If the need arises, we can activate them all and use those as a distraction to get into Time Squad.” – “That’s... a good plan, but one not required... there is no saving Time Squad any more, nor is there a reason to enter it.” – “Oh? And what makes you say that?” – “Micheal would be lucky to still be alive, I barely survived assassination, thanks to you guys... but he stayed in Time Squad. Drax is dead, I’m out of commission and who knows what happened to Micheal.” She turns her head sadly.

“This is the end of the chancellors. There’s a new rule in Time Squad... and it’s very dark.” – “Please, tell us everything you know. We may be able to help, and if we can’t, we may be able to salvage what’s left of Time Squad to save this world!” Elly turns her head back, her green hair ragged from the actions before. Her red eyes look into Barasia’s black.

“I never really asked you woman to woman, what exactly are you trying to do?” – “Claim the Ark.” Elly smiles a small bit. “So Briarus was telling the truth...” – “Indeed. Now please, Time Squad.” – “Yes, yes... I suppose I can explain... It’s a long story.” – “I’m all ears.”


“Who the hell are you?!”

She runs to bar the door before she’s blown away by an energy surge. Dozens of men funnel into the room, fronted by their leader. Micheal rises from his seat and looks at the men; they are all heavily armed and taking aim at him.

The leader raises his arm and they lower their weapons. He is wearing a cloak with armor underneath, his shoulder pads splaying out and elongating the cloak.

“My name...” He says in an old raspy voice, ripe with age. “Is Ezekiel. I and my brothers have come to liberate Time Squad from your inept hands.” – “How dare you barge in with such disrespect!” Micheal yells, slamming his desk. Elly shakes her head and rises to her feet, nearing Micheal.

“Your bungled efforts to stop the Barasia Project’s failure have put us all in jeopardy! Chancellor Drax is dead; thousands within Time Squad are dead from the battle here months ago! The damage can never be repaired! The lives lost! Scattered to the winds of time, and what do you do when you finally get the chance to bring those responsible to justice?” He says, raising a wrinkled hand to point at Micheal, before forming it into an angry fist.

“You spare them and allow them to run away! Not only that, but you saved their lives! The Ark is in shambles; its power is lowering and fluctuating! Almost a third of Time Squad is without power, distorting and falling into portals in time! We are dying and you are doing nothing about it! I have come to take your jobs, and do them properly!” Ezekiel looks at his men, loyal well armed men.

“First, we make an example of you, then we reboot The Ark.” – “What?! If you do that, who knows how many universes you’ll destroy?! Permanently lost?!” – “It is better to lose them than to lose Time Squad and the Ark. Something you have forgotten long ago, Micheal...” – “Tch...” He grunts.

“Come quietly or we will use excessive force, Micheal.” – “Wh-What about me?” Elly blubbers uncharacteristically. “You will be made an example of by being allowed to walk freely among us in our new Time Squad. Micheal will die; you will be free to do as you wish. You were not responsible for Micheal’s bungling. The sting of failure, losing Chancellor Drax is punishment enough. You are free to go.” Men back away from the door entrance allowing her to move through, but she furrows her brow.

“And just leave Micheal here to die? I don’t think so.” – “So be it. Then you will both die together.” The men quickly shuffle over to them. Before they have a chance to react, they are taken arm and leg by the men.

(Several minutes pass, and thousands of people are gathered in a common square, all to view what’s about to happen. Ezekiel’s troops encircle the area, numbering in the thousands. Micheal is bound by chains and they are about to strap Elly in as well.)

“STOP!” Micheal yells out. “Let Elly go, as you said, she had nothing to do with this. She followed my orders to the letter, even when her own feelings got in the way.” – “Micheal, stop!” Elly blurts. Ezekiel directs his gaze to Micheal, stroking his own white facial hair.

“Elly wishes to die by your side. A worthless death we can both agree, but it is her decision.” He says with a cracking elderly voice. Micheal looks over at Elly, who is being positioned above the chains, but is not chained up yet.

“Elly.” – “?!” – “I order you to leave me at once. My time has ended.” – “M-Micheal! NO!” – “ELLY! Listen to me! There is nothing to gain with you dying here! They are right. I have made many mistakes. One after another, I am a failure as a leader. But you, you were an exemplary soldier, as was Drax. I will not allow you to die here. Live on, and experience a world better than the one I leave behind. That’s an order.” – “...”

Ezekiel raises an eyebrow. “Well, Chancellor Elly? What will it be?” – “Ugh...” She blurts. “Let her go...” Micheal says. The soldiers holding Elly look over to Ezekiel, who casually waves his hand. They release their grasp on Elly, who just stands here, looking down at the ground. He fists are shaking...

“Idiot...” Is all she says, walking away from the square, the audience and the surrounding soldiers letting her pass.

“That was noble of you, Micheal. It would have been a waste to have her die. You have my thanks.” – “...” – “Ladies and gentlemen! You see before you, your failed leader, Chancellor Micheal! He has failed in his duties, and cost the lives of thousands of our brothers and sisters! I, Guru Ezekiel shall take his place! I shall restore the Ark to perfect working order! I shall repair Time Squad! I shall bring those responsible to justice! What say you?!” The ground explodes with an even mixture of cheering and booing, people being forced back from the parameter.

“Now, our old, failed leader shall be made an example of! How shall he die, good people?! What end shall he meet?!” Ezekiel roars out, people yelling and screaming hundreds of different words and curses! Some crying, some furious!

“I HEARD... electrocution.” He says, his face twisting into one far more sinister.

Elly is on the roof, she gathered a weapon from a hidden cache in case something like this happened, but she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with it. It’s just a small pistol, like the one Otto used. “I’m... not good with side arms...” She says to herself.

“GOOD PEOPLE! COUNT DOWN FROM FIVE! WHEN WE REACH ONE, I SHALL PUSH THE BUTTON THAT SETS TIME SQUAD FREE!” Ezekiel yells, raising his arms in the air to hail everyone in Time Squad. Amidst the illegible howling, a distinct word can be heard.


Elly gulps. This is it, it’s sink or swim.


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The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Seven: The Fallen Chancellor
Part Three: Civil War


The crowd roars, howling and screeching, people scrambling to get over the Time Squad blockade and reach the courtyard themselves, other fighting within the crowds, disagreements bubbling over into all out brawls. But there is no mistaking what is about to happen... Micheal is going to die, and everyone is going to watch, either in blood thirst or in horror.

“TWO!” Elly lines up the shot, the heat of the moment causing her anxiety to build up, her hands shaking and she no longer feels even the smallest bit able to make this shot. So many things can go wrong, she could miss... she could hit Micheal... There is only two seconds left, but time is slowing down for her. Her heart feels like it’s ready to explode.

“ONE!!!” It’s now or never!

She closes her eyes and takes the shot at full power, blowing up the left chain binding Micheal to the ground as well as the entirety of the flooring below him!

“What is this...?! Die!” Ezekiel roars out, pressing the button to electrify the one remaining chain! To his dismay, nothing happens. Micheal hangs down into the hollow by one chain attached to his right arm. The panel being destroyed must have short circuited the electrification device! He has to get out now! Using his one free hand, he reaches into his boot to pull out a hidden laser dagger. He blasts his cuff off and begins to fall down!

The area they were just in was positioned over a free-fall! Micheal knows the risks and is now falling through Time Squad! He uses his arms and legs to aim himself as he falls, but not even he knows if there’s a safe place to land without dying upon impact. In mere moments, he’s completely out of sight and the mob goes ballistic, fighting and cursing escalating into an all out civil war!

Ezekiel looks to the rooftops to see Elly running away. His white facial hair almost curls in anger as he scoffs. “She won’t be getting far. You men, chase after her! I’ll cut her off...” He breaks into a toothy grin and walks off, his grand robes trailing behind him, supported by the armor worn underneath.


Elly pants and wheezes, running as fast as she possibly can! She notices several portals are offline, there is nowhere for her to run to! There has to be something she can do, somewhere she can go... if not, she’s going to die here. She saved Micheal’s life... she thinks... maybe that’s enough.

Jumping over road blocks and running through crowds of people, she runs in a vague direction, unsure of her destination. All she knows is she is running. An idea pops into her head and she takes a hard left. “The armory...!” She says to herself, still panting. Her armor was taken from her and stored there until the execution was over. If she can get her armor back, she may be able to fly away... to somewhere.

She notices there are guards already present, but her survival instincts tell her to keep moving, she can’t stop for even a single moment. Her killer instincts tell her what she needs to do!

“HA!” She yells out involuntarily as she opens fire on the two guards, hitting and striking them in the head and the heart respectively. Her momentum picks up and she crashes into the chrome door, bashing it open and she immediately runs down the nearest flight of stairs.

“Where is it where is it where is it?” She says to herself hypnotically as her eyes dart a mile a minute looking for anything that resembles her armor. “THERE!” She says, hastily putting the armor on. Pants, Boots, Breastplate, Armguards, Helmet. It all takes about two minutes and she can hear people scurrying upstairs. Time has run out, she has to move- NOW!

She charges her armor to full and braces her head for what she’s about to do.

She leaps up, a huge discharge of energy leaving her back causing her to crash through the upper levels and flies away through the ceiling! She shakes her head, a bit dizzy from the endeavor, but still able to think and move.

She flies off, but she feels a stinging pain in her back! “GAHHHH!” She yells, instantly losing airtime and crashing to the ground, landing in a nearby fountain. She rises from the water slightly and looks at her back. There is a knife in it! She grunts and rips it out, causing blood to trail. She grunts and pants, getting out of the fountain before being cut off by Ezekiel. She looks up with a chill going down her spine.

“You’re not running away any longer...”

Ezekiel’s scowl turns into a face of anger as he raises his cane. The cane suddenly surges with a strange dark energy! Before Elly can realize it, the cane explodes out and takes the shape of a jagged unruly crystal blade! Ezekiel holds it in both hands and lunges at Elly! She is surprised to see how nimble this old man is, and before she has a chance to defend herself she is backhanded and knocked off balance! Ezekiel goes in for the kill, but Elly’s suit discharges on one side and careens her out of the way!

Her wound is making it hard to move and she can’t fly away either, her suit is now completely spent, that last discharge using the last of the energy.

“Oh, followers of the Ark. How I loathe thee...” Ezekiel taunts, walking towards Elly as she gets up, using the wall for support. “What are you... talking about...?!” – “Once I’m through with you and Micheal, all that will be left is claiming the Ark for my own... and then my master can be free.” Elly’s eyes go wide.

She has no idea what he’s talking about, but none of what he said that she DID understand sounds good. There is something far deeper here than a change of management, all of Time Squad, no, all of the Omniverse is in danger! She musters what little strength she has to run away! She can’t die here!

“You’re not going anywhere!” Ezekiel yells, his suit of armor underneath his robes flare, bulking him up and allowing him to run in front of her at speeds unimaginable! He strikes at her with his crystal sword and all she can do is block with her arms as best she can! The blade grinds on her armor and bruises her arms! He is so strong and fast for such an old man!

He puts great power into a strike that takes both of her arms to block, knocking her back against the wall, causing the building to come down around her! She isn’t going to last long like this!

“... ... here...”


“You can’t... ... here...”

“Who is that? B-Briarus...?”

“You can’t die here Elly. I won’t let you.” A strangely familiar and soothing voice lets out as her world is entombed under this rubble. Dark and powerless, her life is being crushed. But a kind of white energy fills her and she finds herself with the power to move the rubble!

She grits her teeth as her muscles scream and burn! She digs her way out of the crumbled building with all of her strength! She finally punches through the last layer and gasps at the fresh air. She stands atop the mound and Ezekiel smiles a small bit.

“Stronger than I thought. If you had just died there... you would be spared the pain... ... wait...” Ezekiel says to himself. It seems like he almost... tastes the air. His eyes go wide and his fangs seems to grow sharper-

“THE ARK! Briarus! Your power is wasted on this pathetic woman! HER LIFE IS FORFEIGHT! Before I am done, you will kneel before Beelzebub!” – “Who?!” Elly blurts as Ezekiel lunges at her! She growls and uses the borrowed strength to form energy around her fist, punching him so hard in the face that the nearby windows shatter! He grinds along the ground, sparks flying until he hits the fountain, breaking it and causing water to spray everywhere.

She takes this time to leave! She turns tail and runs as fast as her body will let her. The wound in her back feels electric, spreading through her body like fire, but she can’t stop running!

“I won’t let you go!” Ezekiel yells in one last act of hatred! Crystals form in the air and fly at her! They materialize into knives in mid-air and she goes her best to dodge them! She dodges one, another- but one hits her! She grits her teeth and bares it! She HAS to escape! There is a private portal that Otto, Larry and Tuddrussel used for a long time just down this path!

She keeps dodging, but knife after knife digs into her back! This energy that is enveloping her seems to drain out along with her blood, but she can’t stop now! She’s so close!

“Y-Yes...!” She says to herself, the portal is open! She quickly punches in coordinates in time and sets a wind bomb under her so she can’t be followed once she goes in! She jumps through the portal, but Ezekiel launches hundreds of knives at her! They all enter the portal too, and before she can even hit the ground several of the knives dig into her! She can’t hold it in any longer!

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screams at the top of her lungs, still between dimensions in this portal! The wind bomb explodes and locks off her escape! She falls through the portal and hits the ground incredibly hard on her stomach! All of the wind is knocked out of her...

But she’s safe...

She struggles to breath, the air not entering her lungs. Her body begins to shut down and she feels tired all of a sudden.

She is going to die. She knows it. She knows death awaits her and this is how it ends. She saved Micheal, or so she thinks... the doubt lingering in her mind is more painful than the knives in her back. Her muscles cry in agony as she tries to push herself off of the snowy ground with her arms. Blood spilling from all sides of her. She coughs and coughs, the dry winter air not helping her condition. Her vision grows foggy, and she remembers why she landed here.

“Otto... Barasia...” She says to herself. “They must... know... they must... save Micheal... he must not... die...” She rises to her knees and begins to stand; her world is wobbly and shaking. She stumbles through the now red snow and towards a nearby forest.

“They... could be... anywhere... I don’t... want to die yet...” She says with tears in her eyes. She stumbles through pine trees and pitfalls in the snow, her world growing cold and dark, before she sets eyes on something that brings light into her eyes.

“Otto... Barasia...”


“I... see.” Barasia says sitting on her chair. Elly still lies in bed, looking at her. “That’s the story. Even now I’m not sure why the Ark... Ah, why Briarus saved my life. It was his power that allowed me to flee from Ezekiel.” – “About Ezekiel-“ Barasia cuts off with, interesting Elly.

“You say his weapon formed into a crystal blade?” – “His crystals also formed into daggers, yes.” – “Hmm...” Barasia grunts, closing her eyes and thinking.

This can no longer possibly be a coincidence...

“Did you happen to see what Drax happened to look like after you left...?” – “Drax? No, I left and immediately went to see Micheal...” – “I thought as much, these crystals don’t seem to matter to you as much.” – “...?” – “Another question. When Micheal returned to you after saving Otto’s life and mine, did he mention who he saved us from?” – “Actually... no, he didn’t.” – “That’s what I thought.” – “What’s your point? What’s going on?” Barasia opens her eyes and looks into Elly’s.

“Drax was revived as a crystal abomination.” – “Wh-What?” – “I’m not finished. Otto and I also fought a similar crystal abomination in the future of my world.” – “C-Crystal...?” – “There is something going on, and it seems to be revolving around crystals. I do not know what they are or what they are symbolizing, but this isn’t a coincidence anymore. There is a malevolent force out there... and his name is Beelzebub.” Elly blinks, taking this all in. She moves her head to look at the wooden ceiling of Otto and Barasia’s temporary house.

“Who is Beelzebub?” – “I don’t know. I’ve never heard that name before in my life outside of mythology.” Barasia responds. “But we can’t let him get the Ark. If what you are saying is true, then we need to get it first.” Elly nods. “Yes, but Time Squad is a fortress, martial law is in effect, Ezekiel will not let us in so easily... and who’s to say he doesn’t already have the Ark?” – “He can’t have it, not yet. I think Briarus will hold him off as long as he can. But we need to hurry.”

The door flies open and Otto rushes into the house. “Everything is set, Barasia- oh, Elly! You’re awake!” – “Save the reunions for later.” Barasia snaps, getting off of the chair and walking upstairs, beckoning Otto to follow.

“We have an Ark to claim.”
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I've been doing some things. No update planned for the NEAR future, could be a few days or weeks. I'll be back as soon as possible.

Edit: Actually, scratch the main gist of this entire post. There may be some in the near future.

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Sorry for the unforgivable wait time. ^_^; Here it is.


The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Eight: The Battle for Time Squad
Part One: Unforgettable

The portal explodes open, blowing countless Time Squad agents away!

“It’s time we finally ended this!” Barasia yells, riding with Otto along a futuristic hover board she designed with him during their time away. Barasia jumps off of the board and Otto flips a switch, the board quickly morphing into a motorcycle! He takes the handle and lands on the ground, turning around to meet Barasia as she speaks.

“Okay, I’ll search the prisons to see if Micheal is incarcerated, you rush the core!” – “Got it.” Otto revs and blasts off down the chrome pathways, causing Time Squad agents to dive out of the way, raw energy left in his wake.

Barasia effortlessly jumps from building to building, avoiding lesser agents expertly. She looks over to the timeless horizon of Time Squad. There is smoke coming from other areas. “Our decoys are working.” She says to herself, sliding down the building and running into one of many prisons.

Meanwhile, Otto takes out an energy baton to strike at agents that try to get too close! He isn’t the only one on a futuristic vehicle! He is wearing a battle helmet that is suitable for someone riding a motorcycle. He strikes at the wheel of his chaser, causing it to explode and careen off the bridge! The bridge is long and slender, a single false move and he would be falling for hours!

He and the remaining agent grind each other’s vehicles, neither giving an inch!

Barasia kicks cell after cell open, but is not finding Micheal. “Damn it, who’s to say he’s even alive? Let alone in a cell.” She says to herself leaving this building to enter another, but not before being cut off! She opens her arms and unleashes hell on the unsuspecting agents. “We’re in this ‘till the end.”

Otto lands a keen strike and knocks the man off of his vehicle, but Otto’s own hovercycle is about to grind to a halt. He jumps from his own to the newly free bike and blasts down the bridge at record speed! This thing wasn’t apparently made for turning, and as he approaches a wall at mach 1, he has to pop a wheelie and blast into the air instead! He flips another switch and it morphs back into a hover board! He falls onto it and flies deeper into the core of Time Squad!

Barasia shoots and slashes her way through countless prisons before every one in this sector is clear. If Micheal was in prison, he’s not here... and she can’t afford to waste any more time.

“He’s not stupid. If he got away, he may already have a plan.” She says to herself, running down the chrome paths and entering a portal going deeper into Time Squad HQ. She exits a portal to come to a giant gate. ‘Outer Ark Conservatory’ it displays with a large panel in front of it. “Come on Otto...” She mutters to herself, looking around. It’s darker here, the core of Time Squad has very little natural light.

However, the door begins to heave and open, dust and rubble falling as it has not seen opening since its creation. She sees Otto standing on the other side upon his hover board. They nod at each other and she hops on as he fires off. His board is faster than her natural flight.

They zip and blast off corners, hitting high speeds and leaving burn marks on walls and floor paneling. However, they can hear heavy noises behind them! They look back to notice giant gates are closing behind them one by one!

*SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM* Over and over, each getting closer to the back of the board than the last! To Otto’s dismay, he can hear the noise in front of him too! BOTH SIDES ARE CLOSING IN ON THEM! As if time itself had slowed to a halt, Barasia kneels down and arks the board upward, stalling it and causing it to stop moving forward! She then in the knick of time- jumps off and uses her arms and legs to jam the closest closing gate! Otto falls off of the board and shakes his head.

“G-Go!!!” Barasia sputters, her strength giving out! Otto quickly rolls off of the bottom of the closing gate and falls to the ground as the gate finally crashes shut, barely snapping Barasia out. They rise to their feet and realize there is only one way to go. The doors in front and behind them are closed and they can hear the foot steps of a Time Squad agent coming! They enter defensive positions in this dark claustrophobic hall, facing a side entrance.

It’s... Micheal!

His eyes light up in both surprise and doubt. He’s wearing something weird. It looks kind of like a Chronometal, but it’s colorless and it’s a lot less bulky.

“You two... what are you doing here...?” – “Elly sent us.” Otto responds. “Elly... so she’s still alive. That’s good. I assume you were sent to look for me?” – “In part, yes.” – “In part...? Well here I am. What was your other goal?” He asks almost knowingly, looking over his shoulder to the closed bulkheads. The closed bulkheads that lead into the core of Time Squad... to the Ark.

“We’re here to... retake the Ark before Ezekiel does. In doing so, we can fix Barasia’s world... OUR world and even stop Ezekiel from doing whatever he’s intending to do.” – “...” Micheal stays silent, drawing confusion from the two. “What is it...?”

“So much has happened in such little time. I am not going to place blame on anyone for what has happened. But you’re right. Ezekiel must be stopped. We can all go together, it’s safer this way.” – “Agreed.” Otto says, following Micheal as he leaves through the side room. “Wait.” Barasia says out of nowhere, catching both of their ears.

“Yes?” Micheal asks. Barasia follows up with a slightly twisted face. “What are YOU doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be hiding? Ezekiel is looking all over for you, yet you waltz down here like it’s still your Time Squad.” – “Oh, I see. You don’t trust me.” – “M-Micheal!” Otto blurts, being cut off by Barasia. “You’re right. You’ve given me no reason to. You’ve trapped me, bound me, attacked me, tortured me and left me to die. But you also saved my life and now here you stand, offering to give me: Barasia... access to the Ark. Forgive me for being skeptical.” Micheal scoffs.

“As I’ve said before, I am not going to place blame on anyone. If it wasn’t you, Barasia... it might have been someone else. Ezekiel was lying in wait for some time, waiting for the perfect moment. Any sign of weakness and he would have pounced.” – “Gee, that sure sounds convincing!” Barasia says, her fingers twitching. Micheal picks up on it and faces his body to hers. His armor is light weight and has a blue tattered cape blowing in the breeze made by the vents.

Otto darts his eyes to Micheal and Barasia. “GUYS! Is this really the time for this?! Ezekiel could already BE at the Ark!” – “I’m just making sure he doesn’t stab us in the back when we get there, you know... two birds with one stone.” Barasia hisses. Micheal smirks. He begins to open his mouth to backtalk Barasia as something unexpected happens.

Otto grabs him by the collar of his armor and slams him against the wall, knocking the wind out of him. Barasia’s eyes go wide and Micheal looks Otto dead in the eye. Otto looks deadly serious.

“I’ve died for this girl, and she revived me. I’ve killed for this girl, and she forgave me. I’ve lost hope, and she gave me a home worth fighting for. I trust this woman with my life. We need to TRUST EACH OTHER!” He yells in Micheal’s face. “I will NOT have you two snapping at each other like a bunch of untrained mongrels! IS THAT CLEAR?!” Micheal says nothing. Barasia makes a small peep in the background.

“Otto...” Otto looks back slightly. “If not... we can do it on our own. There’s nothing we can’t do as a team. Isn’t that right, Barasia?” She is at a loss for words, but nods with a smile on her face. Otto lets go of Micheal as he dusts off his collar.

“You two... have been through a lot. I let you live in those wastes because I saw the look in your eyes Otto. Like you finally found something.” – “...” – “I’ll help you. I give you my word, Chancellor Otto... I will not let you down.” Otto smirks and turns around. He extends an armored hand, beckoning it to be shaken. Micheal looks at it for a moment and grasps it.

“We are all in this together. All three of us.”

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The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Eight: The Battle for Time Squad
Part Two: Toward the Truth

Several moments have passed since the scrap near the gates, now all three of them are charging the tertiary tunnels to reach the core!

The corridors are closed, constrained... and filled with Elite Time Squad agents! However, as they come into contact with a group with Barasia and Otto brandishing their weapons, Micheal makes a hand gesture as if to tell them to stop. He then walks up to them.

“You all served me once. Surely you all realize just how corrupt Ezekiel is?” – “My home is at the bottom of the timeless abyss thanks to you, traitor.” – “Lieutenant Garland. I remember you, you were one of my most trusted disciples.” – “Trying to butter me up I see. It will get you nowhere. Now come quietly, I’d prefer this without bloodshed.” – “You mean how Ezekiel prefers it without bloodshed? If I came quietly, I’d be dead by now. So I’m afraid that’s not an option.” – “It’s a shame...” – “You could let us pass, or better yet, join us.”

Garland raises an eyebrow. The men behind him look amongst each other. “Ezekiel took power unofficially, and by force. I’m going to take it back with the same force. What happened to The Ark was beyond my power, I promise. And I have a feeling that Ezekiel knew that, and used it as a false flag to take power with minimal rioting. Yet he spreads misinformation to slander me. I haven’t fought back until now because... it would only lead to more fighting and death.” – “...”

Garland stays silent, but half of his men yell out:

“LIAR!” – “My house is destroyed because of what happened!” – “Then what DID cause the Ark to lose power?!” Micheal addresses the last soldier. “After the events that led to Chancellor Drax’s death... something happened. Actually, come to think of it... something happened before that. Something happened to the Ark before former Chancellor Otto even left Time Squad with Barasia. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but a short discussion with it told me all I needed.” – “Discussion? With the Ark?” – “I... take it Ezekiel didn’t tell you about that either?” – “No, nothing, sir.” – “I can explain on the way. Are you with us?”

Garland looks back at his troops. “Well? What do you men say? I will not force you to join him.” The squad seems puzzled and split at first. “Micheal... what are you going to do once you reach The Ark?” One of the men asks. “Hopefully return it to working order, but above all else... we have to prevent Ezekiel from reaching it.” – “Huh? Why?” – “I... can’t tell you quite yet.” Micheal lets out, diverting his eyes.

Otto and Barasia whisper to each other. “Does Micheal know that Ezekiel serves Beelzebub?” – “I don’t know... it sure seems like it...” – “Maybe Briarus told him?” – “It’s possible...”

Garland walks up. “Half of my men will join you. The others are heading back with their families.” – “That’s more than enough. Thank you very much Lieutenant.” Garland nods.

They all continue down the halls to the core, this time with four additional soldiers in toe! That makes seven now! The Battle for Time Squad has shifted into high gear!

It’s not long before they reach the final turn and come to the last gate. There a blockade of no less than twenty soldiers is waiting for them. Micheal once again takes the frontal position.

“Stand down, or join us. We are taking back Time Squad! Ezekiel will lead it to ruin!” Micheal yells out. The men at the door say nothing. Instead they brandish their weapons. “Very well. I didn’t want to have it come to this.” Micheal draws his mechanical hilt that at the press of a button explodes into an energy scythe! He begins to walk forward...

Until he feels something very strange.

The men’s clothes and weapons begin to fizzle away into energy! Their skin is made of crystal! “What the hell...?!” Garland yells out, taking a defensive position with his men. “Damn it... more Crystal beings!” Barasia yells, her arm blade bursting out! “I guess this is the real deal then.” Otto says, cracking his mechanical knuckles. Micheal backs up a small bit to make sure he’s flanked by Otto and Barasia. All three of them have capes, Micheal’s is blue, Otto’s is brown, and Barasia’s is deep black with white stripes.

The crystal beings surge forward at once, leaving slivers in their wake! Garland and his men unleash all they have at once, blowing several of them away! Micheal, Otto and Barasia all attack at once as well, all engaging in melee combat!

Otto locks grips with one of the crystal men! He has no eyes and no facial features, and he is translucent. “What the hell... are you fucking things?!” Otto grunts, snapping his hand clean off and getting a killer shot to the chest!

Barasia slashes, her blade slicing off and breaking off bits and pieces of the men! One sneaks up behind her and she opens up her arm and blasts his head off without even looking! The rest of his body crumbles to powder. “Weak...”

Micheal roars as he cleaves one after another to bits! Some being sliced in half across the core, others being sliced down the middle, all dead within moments. One gets the jump on him and puts him in a choker hold! Micheal struggles to fight the being off before off the side of his eye, he sees Barasia kick its head right off! “Thanks...” – “No problem Mike.” – “M-Mike...?” Barasia smirks and stays on the assault!

Roughly half of the crystal men are down, but Garland and his forces are surrounded! The three heroes charge at once, flanking the outer five crystal beings!

Otto smashes two of their heads together; Micheal slices one of their bladed arms off and impales them with it, while Barasia takes well aimed shots at their core with heavy ordinance, exploding them to satisfying chunks of crystal. She blows her fingertip, symbolizing an opponent well shot. Garland and his troops finish off the remaining five with a mixture of short and long range attacks. Before they know it, all that’s left is to enter the core.

“No time to waste, Ezekiel obviously knows we are here. We have to go now!” Micheal orders, punching in his Chancellor’s code and having the dimly lit chrome door heave and groan. It begins to slowly open. An inch long gap in the door opens, a brilliant white light shining through!

Before long, the door is open enough for people to slip through! “Go go go go go!” Garland orders, his men and the three heroes going in quickly! As they enter the awe inspiring room, they take it all in.

The room is WIDE open, a very stark contrast to the halls they were just in. Blue and white lights dance in the room, being expelled from the artifact within.

The Ark. The Ark is larger than Barasia expected. It is roughly twenty feet tall and looks like a marble pillar, like those found in ancient Greece. It floats in mid air.

“You have all come...” A familiar voice lets out. “Briarus!” Barasia yells! “You have finally made it... but I fear it may be too late...” – “No! We made it here before Ezekiel!”


All seven of them are blown back by a surge of dark energy! They collapse on the ground as the blue and white energy of the Ark Chamber begins to distort as he walks in. His large broad shoulders dragging his cloak along the ground, his armor clanking all the way.

“I thank you all for opening up that pesky gate. I never would have made it in were it not for you, Micheal. Hmhmhm... I suppose you were a greater use to me alive, after all.” He mutters with a broken elderly voice, being offset by the absolute power he exerts onto Micheal’s chest as he stomps on him! “GAH!” Micheal spits up, grabbing onto his iron boot, desperately trying to alleviate the pressure.

“But now here I am. Once I’m done with The Ark, my master can finally be free. Say your prayers!” He draws his cane, having it explode into a crystal blade!

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The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Chapter Eight: The Battle for Time Squad
Part Three: Ezekiel – New Lord of Time Squad

Six of the seven people are blown away!

Micheal is left alone with Ezekiel stomping on his chest. He struggles to keep his eyes open through all of the wincing; Ezekiel looks pleased as his wrinkled face is split with a large smile. His crystal cane-blade twists in his hand, his old fingers playing around with the sword.

“I have to admit, Micheal... I wanted your death to be one worth remembering, but I guess this will have to do.” He says, pointing his blade at Micheal, the edge cutting his cheek by simply touching it. Otto and Barasia try to scramble over to help Micheal, but Ezekiel motions his blade to his neck and they both stop.

“Aren’t... you going to... kill me... anyway?” Micheal pants, desperately trying to breathe. “I wanted to enjoy your death a bit.” He chuckles. Barasia whispers to Otto:

“He’s going to kill him anyway... we can’t afford to just stand here, we have to strike now before he can get his hands on The Ark...!” – “But... Micheal?” – “He opened the door for us, he doesn’t want Ezekiel to get The Ark either! Letting him get The Ark would be worse to him than us letting him die!” – “...”

“Interesting... it seems your friends actually do value your life.” Ezekiel says to Micheal with a twisted surprise in his voice. Micheal looks over to them. “Guys... you... don’t... need me... any more... stop Ezekiel... at all costs...!” Barasia looks over to Otto expectantly. Otto clenches his fists and they throb... “Quiet! It’s time you went away forever!” Ezekiel yells! “NO!!!” Otto roars out!

A gunshot pierces Ezekiel’s shoulder and he recoils back, giving Micheal an opportunity to rise to his feet and limp over to the other two, coughing all the way. Garland rises from the hole he fell in. “You okay Micheal?” – “Th-Thank you... yes, I’m fine...” Ezekiel merely laughs. “Fine, I was going to make your death painless, but it appears you leave me no choice.”

Garland steps up from his hole; fearless. “Ezekiel, you are outnumbered and outmatched. You are just an old man, surrender now!” – “Just and old man you say?” – “You have until the count of three to drop to your knees! ONE!” Garland yells, pointing his rifle at Ezekiel, who merely laughs out loud.

“TWO!” Garland puts his finger on the trigger.

“THREE!” Garland fires his rifle, but Ezekiel merely raises his hand and conjures a crystal shield in front of him which the laser bullet bounces off of! The bullet punches through the wall and a discharge of electricity can be heard!

“Idiot Garland.” Ezekiel taunts, lowering the shield. “Resorting to firearms in the core? You will kill us all, AND take the Ark down with you!” – “Grr...” Garland Growls. After hearing that, Barasia steps up to Ezekiel and draws her wristblade. “Then let’s settle this like men!” She yells out, taking off her cloak and cape! Ezekiel smiles. “Ah, the Barasia.” – “THE Barasia? What the hell is that supposed to mean?” She spits. “The project Micheal worked on until he threw you back into your own universe. Do you know how many of you he killed before eventually scrapping the entire idea?” – “I don’t care. All I care for is The Ark.” – “You and how many others?! Do you think he’s going to let you have The Ark if I’m out of the way?! You’re in way over your head, little girl.” – “I’m older than you, pops. I’m over five hundred years old.” Ezekiel raises an eyebrow.

“That’s odd... the Barasia Micheal plucked from the universe couldn’t have been any older than ten...” – “I’ve lived a lot of my life in the universe I’m trying to save! Now I finally have a chance to, and NO ONE is going to stop me, not you, not Micheal, not ANYONE!” She screams, charging Ezekiel down and locking into a blade struggle with his crystal cane!

At first he grunts, the sheer force being exerted by her is more than his body can handle... that is until she is blown away with dark energy! She yelps as she hits the ground hard enough to make a dent in the chrome plating. Ezekiel’s clothes tear off as his muscle mass increases in size! Everyone’s eyes go wide as he passes the nine foot mark.

“What the... hell are you?!” Barasia mutters, rising back to her feet and brandishing her blade once more. Dark energy swirls around his bulging muscles, and his white hair morphs from an elderly white to a young black! His wrinkles vanish and his eyes go wide, his teeth all become fangs and soon the only clothing he is wearing is a pair of very torn Time Squad pants.


Suddenly, Ezekiel’s body changes in a way that makes her heart nearly stop.

Four wings explode out of his shoulders! To her horror, one is red, one is blue, one is green, and one is purple!

“T-T-T-T...” She stutters. “Barasia? What is it?!” – “TITAN!!!” She yells out in fear! Ezekiel laughs out, his every expulsion blowing them away in dark energy! The brightly lit room of energy quickly loses all light and all that can be seen is Barasia and Ezekiel!

She grabs her arm in traumatic memory, the memory of when the Chrono Titan ripped her arm off and tears grow in her eyes. The wings that exploded from his back are made from bone and the coloration is born of flames that fan off of those bones. Blood and black energy drip from the tips. Ezekiel’s hands are the size of dinner plates and his physical mass is intimidating to say the least.

“COME BARASIA, MY MASTER DESIRES YOU- PERSONALLY!” Barasia clenches her teeth through the tears and draws her weapon anyway! Ezekiel crashes towards her, his weight shaking the room! She blocks, but he smacks her so hard that she collides with the solid darkness he has formed around them! The people on the outside, Otto, Micheal, Garland, they can only look in horror, they cannot pierce the wall!

Barasia coughs up artificial blood as she is slammed against the wall and the ground! Ezekiel then picks her up by the chest and she has a horrifying flashback! “N-NOOOOO!” She yells out, desperately trying to get free! “Ah, yes... my master remembers this moment...!” He says, starting to squeeze tighter and tighter! He then grabs onto her arm!

“NO! ANYTHING BUT THAT! SOMEONE! HELP! BUTTERCUUUUUUP!” She yells out in pure terror! Desperately trying to call on help from the person that saved her before!

As if her prayers were answered, something DOES help her! But it’s not Buttercup! A blade from nowhere pierces the indestructible darkness and impales Ezekiel’s arm! “BLAAAAAHHHH!” He bellows out like a wild animal lost in bloodlust, dropping Barasia to the ground and having her scurry away like a frightened child. She cannot take this any longer!

As she rises back to her feet, she can see what impaled his arm! Ezekiel tries to grab onto it, but it burns his hand! “That’s... J-Jack’s sword... the one Buttercup used...”

Otto on the outside can see the sword and also recognizes it. “Sensei Jack’s blade! What’s it doing here?!” – “The sword is an extension of my will given form. It has answered Barasia’s call on its own, but it was I that allowed it to come.” Briarus says from within the consuming darkness. “R-Really?! Wow...”

The blade cuts its way out of Ezekiel’s arm and forces itself into Barasia’s hand! She looks at the sword then back at Ezekiel, all four of his wings still burning, if not more so now.

“FUCKING... SWORD...!” He hisses, his eyes alternating red to black. His entire left arm becomes crystallized and he barrels down on Barasia, hoping to end her life with a single strike!

The sword within her hands vibrates, snapping her out of her traumatized paralysis! “HAAAA!” She yells, slashing up with it, blasting Ezekiel’s crystal arm clean off and causing a large gush of blood to spray across the field! “BUUUOOOOO!” Ezekiel stumbles back, but then growls. “GRAAHHHH!” He roars, crystals exploding out of his bone marrow and regenerating a new- fully crystallized arm!

“I-I can't kill him if he won’t go down! He can just r-regenerate!” She says to herself, the sword vibrating once more in her hand. Suddenly her mind rushes with images of Buttercup... and then, images of Ruby. Images of the Chronometal Wars. She tightens her grip on the blade. “I... I don’t know if I can win... but I HAVE TO...!”

She very carefully sizes her opponent up and walks up to him. They both circle each other and stare each other down. Ezekiel’s bone wings flap, exerting massive energy and instilling Barasia with a feeling of dread, but she doesn’t give in...! His left arm is entirely crystal, his right arm is inhumanly muscled.

His black facial hair twists as he charges her down again, this time with both arms extended out! Barasia haphazardly slashes at him, getting a few cuts off, but doing no real damage! He manages to grab her by the chest again and he begins to crush her! Not wanting a repeat of what happened at the End of the World, she stabs down on his human arm with the blade!

He winces and grunts from the pain, but he continues to squeeze, much to the pain of Barasia, who is coughing up blood! She struggles to muster the strength cut more with the blade, blasting his right hand off! She loosens her grip on the remaining crystal hand by punching it and she once again falls out of his grip! But his human arm instantly grows another crystal hand again! He pairs his hands together and slams down at her! She raises her sword and they clash, blowing large amounts of energy around the room!

She cuts the hands while guarding against them with the sword and lunges at his heart! A quick impaling doesn’t do the trick, and she’s not surprised as he chuckles. She gulps and rolls between his legs and jumps onto his malformed back! “NO...! NOOOOO!” Ezekiel yells, desperately trying to get her off of his back.

She digs her left hand into his back to anchor herself on as she slashes at the wings with the sword she has in her right hand! Sweat, blood and tears dripping down her face! She blasts one wing after another off before Ezekiel finally slams his own back into the ground, instantly incapacitating Barasia.

He rises to his feet, his crystal formations slowly fading to dust. His arm now bleeding without a crystal to plug up the open wounds.

“Ha... haha... damn girl... I can’t believe she is making me do this...” He mutters to himself as the darkness begins to be sucked into him. The wingbones on the ground writhe as well, as if dying. “GAHHHHHHHH!!!” He roars out, the darkness being expelled in one burst...

But then the darkness is gone.

Ezekiel’s eyes go blank and his dead body slumps to the ground. Otto and Micheal scramble to Barasia’s side as Garland and his troops quickly circle Ezekiel to confirm he is dead. Light returns to the room at last...

“Barasia? Barasia, wake up...” Otto says, shaking her. Her eyes don’t open, and the blade spills from her hand. “No...! You can’t die! I won’t let you! You’ve already accomplished so much! We are so close Barasia! YOU CAN’T DIE...!” He keeps shaking her body before Micheal puts his hand on his shoulder. He looks up at Micheal... who simply shakes his head and closes his eyes.

He looks back at Barasia and begins to choke up. But then... her body begins to float. “Wh-What...?” He says to himself. “I will not let her die.” Briarus echoes throughout the room. “B-Briarus! You can save her?!” – “Of course... just give me some time...” – “Y-Yes! I will give you time!” – “Good. Perhaps you can hold off the incoming onslaught.” – “... ... ... The incoming what?”

Otto ponders the words he has heard before a faint rumbling can be heard. Before long, a single crack appears on the ground. What looks like a crystal seems to be growing out of it. “Oh... no...”

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:24 am

The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
The End of Time Squad

The small crystal explodes upwards, blowing Otto away!

Before long, crystals are bursting out of every wall! Rubble rains down from the ceiling and the people within the room scramble to not get hit! “We have to go! We can’t stay here!” Garland yells to Micheal! “We cannot leave The Ark! Something here obviously wants to take it!” The Ark shines softly before a voice resonates throughout the room.

“Beelzebub... oh, my brother... how you have fallen...” – “B-Briarus? What are you talking about? Brother?!” – “There is no choice... we must flee Time Squad...” – “N-NO! If we do that then everyone who has ever been a part of it will die! And without anyone to protect you, who knows what will happen to this Omniverse?!” Micheal blubbers. “Micheal... you have watched over time and I for many generations now. But... it is time to let go. There is no saving Time Squad.” Briarus says monotonously as the roof completely splits open, revealing writhing crystals!

Micheal gulps and shudders. He looks over at the floating Barasia next to him. She is still unconscious and showing no signs of life. “Is she really worth all of this?” – “She is...” Briarus reassures. Otto looks over at Micheal who closes his eyes. He lets out a deep sigh as the room rumbles once more. “Alright... Let’s go.” Micheal walks over to the Ark and raises his hand up.

“ARK! I COMMAND YOU! TAKE THE FORM MOST SUITABLE TO MY DESIRES!” He yells out as if in chant. The pillar sized ark shines and ebbs, before floating down in a much smaller form. It is now small enough to easily hold in one hand, and vaguely resembles an ivory anchor. Micheal nods as the disconnection from the Ark causes power to fade from everything. He looks over at Otto.

“Otto, you have to escape here.” – “What about you?” – “I am bound to The Ark for life; I will stay here and attempt to do what I can to halt... whatever this is...” Micheal says, looking up at the ceiling. Even in the powerless darkness, the shining crystals can still be seen growing and crawling slowly towards them.

“I’ve died once for her. The least I can do is help her. I’m not leaving, Micheal.” – “I thought you might say that... come on, we have to escape here!” Otto and Micheal run out of the room, Garland behind them with Barasia floating in toe. They reach the hall where all the gates were once closed only to see them all pried open with sharp jagged crystals. “What the hell are these things...?!” Otto mutters, looking around.

The Ark within Micheal’s hand begins to ebb, Briarus’ voice echoing within all of their heads. “Beelzebub...” – “Who IS Beelzebub? I heard you say something about him being your brother.” – “It is true. But he is not whole yet. I can feel his very existence fading in and out.” – “That’s good... right? It would be BAD if he existed, right?” – “Perhaps, but his will is lashing out at us, these crystals... once part of his prison are now his tools for war. I shudder to imagine what this all means.” Otto gulps, not even Briarus is certain of what’s going to happen.

Micheal raises The Ark above him as if it were a hilt. “ARK! I COMMAND YOU! TAKE THE FORM MOST SUITABLE TO MY DESIRES!” Before Otto’s eyes, the Ark transforms again, but this time into a sword! But... it looks weird. Like, only HALF of a sword. There is only the front half of the blade, and the hilt. But it’s more than enough, Micheal striking down with enough divine force to blow the front gate, and the following hundred away in a flash of cosmic energy!

The crystals shatter, sounding like glass bouncing off of the floor and the walls, fading into dust. “Let’s move!” Micheal and the others run down the now clear hallway as the crystals grow after them! The room The Ark was just in is now completely filled with crystals! The walls are heaving and splitting down the middle!

As they leave the core, Micheal covers his mouth at what he sees...

The skies of Time Squad are burning! Darkness and temporal fire enveloping everything! Crystals infect and break buildings to pieces, causing them to enter free-fall. All sources of power are cut off, floating buildings falling into other buildings, deep rumbling, distant thunder, and huge explosions going off every other second!

“This is... horrible...” Micheal says, out of breath. Otto walks in front of him. “We can’t let it end like this! We have The Ark and we have Barasia! We just need to escape!” Micheal looks around, and back to Garland. “Briarus... where is everyone else in Time Squad?” – “They have vanished.” Otto’s eyes go wide. “Wait, WHAT?!” – “Only those within proximity of me were saved from time vaporization when I was forcibly disconnected from the flows of time. Not all is lost, however. You all still remain, as does she.” Otto diverts his eyes to the falling buildings of Time Squad and the distant thunder on the burning horizon.

He furrows his brow. “We’ve come this far. We’re lucky to still be alive, and we are going to use this life to stop what has happened!” – “Hah, that’s the spirit, Otto.” Micheal says, patting him on the shoulder. “All eight of you should be enough to stem the oncoming tide.”

“Yeah- wait... eight? There’s only seven of us.” – “All in good time, Otto.” Briarus lets out. Otto looks to the sky. “Hey, look!” He says with a mixture of happiness and fear. Everyone looks up. “It’s a time portal, and it’s falling right for us!” Everyone quickly jumps out of the way as it crashes through the plating they were just standing on. Otto quickly jumps, saying a few words along the way:

“We have one chance! Everyone get on now!”

Everyone follows him into the platform, Barasia’s limp body also floating down to them. “Ugh, this brings back bad memories...” Otto exclaims, the spinning top shaped platform crashing through other buildings in free-fall. He scrambles over to the teleporter and instantly jams an auxiliary power core in and waits for it to charge. “Okay, after this is done, we can get out.”

If only it were that easy...

As soon as the portal reaches 100%, a golden coloration surrounds the normally blue Time Squad portal. “NO! R-RUN!” Briarus yells out, the only time he has ever stuttered in his life, being caught completely off guard by what is about to happen! Everyone attempts to run away, but they cannot while on this platform!

Huge energy explodes out, blowing all seven of them off of the platform! Micheal summons his scythe and uses it to latch onto the platform as they continue to fall down! He takes his other and grabs Otto by the end of his brown cape! They are both being blown back by the force of the energy and the fact that they are falling incredibly fast, the wind force pushing them farther back still!

“G-Garland!” Otto yells, desperately trying to grab his hand or the hand of his men! But they slip by and are quickly lost to the crystal firestorm outside. Otto’s stomach drops, knowing he just failed those four. There is no way they are still alive...

Micheal grunts, trying his best to muscle his way back to the platform with one arm! He manages to reach the edge and pulls Otto in as hard as he can, causing him to hit it hard, but he’s okay. Barasia is still suspended in mid air by The Ark’s power.

A human shape can be seen within the yellow portal in the center of the falling platform. Before Otto or Micheal has a chance to ask Briarus what is happening, the Platform begins to slow down! They look around them to see that they are falling into a huge hollow crystal dome! Before they hit the top, it’s as if the platform were being slowed down by jet boosters, it equalizes comfortably and rests on the bottom. Otto and Micheal rise from their knees and back away from the portal and the being within.

Before long, a single limb protrudes out of the portal. The clothing is pure black, it looks like a lab boot and the extension of a lab coat, but of course it’s pure black. The entire being soon walks casually out of the portal before the portal itself collapses in a huge explosion that nearly blows Otto and Micheal away! Barasia’s floating body is blown back and falls onto a bed of writhing crystals.

“ARK! I COMMAND YOU! TAKE THE FORM MOST SUITABLE TO MY DESIRES!” Micheal yells out, looking at Barasia. But... to his dismay, Briarus does nothing. “BRIARUS! Can you hear me?!” – “I am... sorry. It is not my place. I realize now what is happening...” Briarus somberly says, the ark once again taking the shape of an anchor and floating away. “Wh-What?! What?!?!?” Otto bellows out. They timidly look back at the black being.

Obviously humanoid, hands in his coat pockets and a cocky look on his face. His skin is black and his eyes are red. But his face... it looks a lot like...

“Dexter...?” Otto mutters, terrified. The hair, the face, the body, the labcoat, everything screams Dexter. But the hair color, skin color, and his red eyes completely throw off his expectations. Not to mention the palpable energy he is exerting.

“Dexter... right...” The being hisses with a malevolent voice that feels like verbal fire to their ears. Micheal winces just at hearing it. “A mortal shell. Nothing more, nothing less. His frame is suitable for this task. And what a task it is... finally, I can invade this world and break the Omniverse in two!” Psuedo Dexter cackles out, his clawed hands cracking as he holds his arms out like a psychopath.

He raises one arm and a pillar of crystals rises in front of him. At that moment, Micheal growls and stands up. “You... you’re Beelzebub!” The Black Dexter breaks into a very sharp toothy smile. “Yes, but that information is of no help to you. You mortals are so beneath me that even exerting this useless breath of mine should be parade worthy for you!” He waves his arms around more, the crystal formations starting to come to life! One roars out and swims through the air like a dragon!

“My Arkanite life forms should be more than enough. Once you are sufficiently DEAD, I’ll just claim “The Ark” and blast this Omniverse straight to hell. Then my real work can finally begin...” He says, his face once again twisting into a devilish demented smile. The Arkanite dragon swoops down and nearly takes Micheal’s head off in one go were it not for Otto pushing him away! The armless crystal dragon slinks through the air and comes back for another attack! But Otto is ready for it!

“I studied Arkanite when I joined Time Squad, you know. The Ark expels it as a byproduct, and I happen to know just how to BREAK IT!” He yells out, his fist unleashing a very specific discharge as the head of the dragon shatters and the rest of the body is absorbed into the crystal flooring around them.

“Oh, how boring.” Beelzebub says, his face twisting into one of rage. “Here I was thinking I could just sit back and soak your deaths in, but you’re going to make me slaughter you MYSELF?! You should feel honored to die by my hand you pathetic waste of Chrono Matter!” Beelzebub’s shoulder ignites and a single wing explodes out! A blue wing, but it quickly fades from blue to deep black. His right arm morphs from a human one to one that is made of some metallic material Otto has never seen before. It morphs into a very long blade and he rushes at Otto! He prepares to defend, but he seems to disappear in mid air.

“Behind you.” Before he has a chance to respond, he quickly lunges at Otto to impale him in the back! But Micheal crashes into Otto and pushes him out of the way, getting himself impaled instead!

“MICHEAL! NO!” Micheal doesn’t even have a chance to say anything before Beelzebub picks his body up and throws it to the opposite side of the room, blood raining down all the way. A look of sheer horror crosses Otto’s face. He slowly backs away, knowing he can’t do anything against Beelzebub.

“That’s more like it. Stand still and stop making my job harder than it has to.” He slashes down on the paralyzed Otto and a blood curdling scream is let out!

But... Otto wasn’t the one who screamed...!

Otto opens his flinching eyes to see Barasia with the blade imbedded in her shoulder, her two arms holding Beelzebub back! They both grunt, attempting to overpower one another. “I’ve... got to say...” Barasia says with pain traveling on her voice, making it tremble. “For someone as infamous as you... you aren’t very-“ She says, picking him up by his blade and chucking him across the room- “STRONG!” Beelzebub slides across the crystal floor, breaking the rough formations beneath. Barasia winces and falls to her knees.

Otto runs to her side. “Are you okay?!” – “F-Fine... my arm hurts like hell, though.” She says with her arm cut open really bad by the blade. Beelzebub rises to his feet. He spits on the ground, having it melt through the crystalline formations. “Alright. Fuck this, you’re all dead.” He says, cracking his knuckles and having three more wings explode out of his shoulders! They show faint colorations of green, red, and purple before fading to an abysmal black. Barasia sighs, fatigue and pain laden in her voice. She looks back at Otto.

“I... can’t fight anymore. My body is still crying out in pain.” – “Then, what do you expect me to do about this?” – “I... don’t know...” She says, her vision going blurry again. “Damn... and here I only recently regained consciousness...” She chuckles, falling sideways and slumping onto the ground.

Otto looks around and sees something glinting in the distance. But it’s incredibly far away; Beelzebub will surely kill him if he doesn’t reach it in time! Otto begins to run for the glinting object at the end of the dome. As expected, Beelzebub appears in front of him. However, after seeing what Barasia pulled off, he’s not afraid any longer! Beelzebub slashes down on him, but Otto raises his gauntlets and catches the blade in his hands!

Beelzebub grunts, putting his energy into the blade, but Otto’s gauntlets are strong enough to hold him back! “Arkanite... Dragon... SERVE ME!” He roars out as the crystals beneath Otto explode upward, consuming him! Otto finds himself inside of a crushing prison within moments, but musters all of his strength to punch a hole in one of the walls! He jumps out and enters a free falling state! He is falling faster and faster, nearing Beelzebub who merely smiles, knowing that he won’t survive that fall.

“What are you smiling at?!” Otto yells out, facing his feet at him and activating his back-up boosters, blowing Beelzebub away and breaking Otto’s fall! The Arkanite Dragon swoops back down for him before Otto realizes he has no real way to defend against this! He raises his arms to defend, but the Dragon is blown away by a surge of green energy! He looks up to see none other than Elly flying down with her armor reequipped!

“Elly! You have great timing!” – “No time for reunions, we have a fight to win!” Beelzebub once again rises from the ground, but this time he looks confused.

“Why... am I... so weak? I should have been able to overpower ALL of you! How can a HUMAN without any special powers hold off my attacks?! Unless...” He thinks to himself, black mist pouring off of his also black skin. “Perhaps ‘they’ are to blame. They are trying to force me back into my prison. But they will not succeed. I have come TOO far to fail!” He growls, baring his claws, blades, and fangs.

“Otto, you go get whatever you were after! I’ll hold him off!” – “Alright!” Otto scrambles for the shining object as Elly charges Beelzebub down! She whips out her Thunder Lance and goes toe to toe with him! His four wings flap and lift him off the ground slightly as he dodges the attacks! He slashes down only to be blocked by her lance! He raises a clawed hand to summon a Dragon of crystal below her! But she saw this happen to Otto and she bounds backwards, dodging it expertly as it erupts from the crust!

Otto reaches the glinting object and nearly cheers as he finds out what it is. “Sensei Jack’s sword!” He says, trying to pull it out of the crystal bedding. But it won’t budge. He struggles harder to pull it out before it starts to burn. “Gah... what the? You won’t let me claim you? ...” Otto stares at the sword as it stubbornly refuses to let him pull it out. “Briarus said something like this. You are a tool of his will, and that he can’t fight Beelzebub. But you helped Barasia! Ezekiel served Beelzebub and you struck him down! Please, I need to help them!” Otto grabs the sword again and struggles against the light burning sensation to pull it out. The crystals begin to crack as he makes progress!

Beelzebub’s claw bashes Elly’s face and sends her sliding along the ground and the Dragon comes screaming down! She growls, blood dripping down her face as she raises her spear to impale it! She musters all of her strength to topple it as Beelzebub follows up the Dragon’s attack with a blast of dark energy! Elly screams as she is blown away, hitting the roof of the dome and being knocked out! She begins to fall down...

Otto jumps at her right before she hits the ground and he slides with Elly in her arms. She is still unconscious, but now she’s safe. He gently puts her back on the ground as he rises to view Beelzebub. He twists the sword in his hand, causing Beelzebub to raise an eyebrow.

“I’m surprised the blade allowed you to wield it. Surely you know it can’t hurt me.” – “I had a feeling it wouldn’t but that’s fine.” – “Gahah! Are you stupid or something? What use is there in a weapon that can’t kill?!” – “This is not a weapon.” He says, raising the sword in a defiant position, taking the hilt with both robotically enhanced hands. “This is a tool of justice, something I will use to defend the life of me and my friends. I don’t need it to kill you.” Beelzebub scoffs. “So, what, you’re just gonna stall me to death?” – “Considering you are getting weaker by the minute, I think that’s a pretty good plan.” Beelzebub furrows his brow and he spits on the ground once more.


Beelzebub walks up to Otto. He knows he is right. His energy has been fading ever since he killed Micheal. All he needs is The Ark, but so long as Otto is still nipping at his heels, Beelzebub knows he cannot run away with it.

Darkness envelops the room not much unlike Barasia’s battle with Ezekiel! “If you think you can beat me through pure attrition, you’re welcome to try.” He growls, pacing closer and closer to Otto. His arm is still a blade, but his wings are letting off less and less energy. Beelzebub slashes at Otto, only to have his blade grind against Otto’s! Otto slashes back, but like Beelzebub said, the blade does nothing. It passes harmlessly through him. Beelzebub uses that moment to grab Otto by the throat, his claws digging into his neck! Otto’s enhanced gauntlets allow him to wrestle himself out of his grasp with a quick punch to the face!

Otto gasps for breath as Beelzebub once again goes on the offensive! The blades once again grind against each other, Otto noticing that when he uses the blade for defense, it can make contact with Beelzebub, but it cannot ever be used to harm him.

‘This blade has a mind of its own, though it is enslaved by its directive to be unable to harm him.’ Otto thinks to himself. Beelzebub slashes and punches at Otto, but he is able to stay on the defensive. The blade is powerful enough to resist the attacks! Otto’s blade and his blade constantly clash into each other, their fists also constantly lock with each other! Beelzebub growls as Otto begins to muster the strength to be able to overpower him! Otto hits Beelzebub in the jaw with the hilt and switches to hand to hand combat! But Beelzebub teleports behind Otto and slashes at him! It doesn’t break skin, but it takes the entirety of his chest armor off as it hits the ground! Beelzebub knows that now all he needs is a single good strike at his heart and Otto is dead!

Otto raises his blade in defense as Beelzebub attempts to flank him, only to have his attacks constantly parried by the surprisingly skilled Otto. “I took Kendo with Jack, you know. You’re not going to catch me off guard again!” – “I... can’t believe I’m so weak as to have a human as worthless as YOU be my equal in combat... I have the power to crush planets, to drain souls!” – “Looks like you don’t have it anymore, and that’s okay with me.” – “Are you really so sure?! Look around you! Time Squad is destroyed and The Ark is loose! Even if I fail here, you can’t kill me... and you can’t bring Time Squad back. I will just try again, and again, and again.” – “Is that right...?” Otto says, still shirtless with his blade in a defensive position.

“Well, stopping you here and now is my only concern. Once Barasia gets her hand on The Ark, I’m sure she can find a way to stop you.” – “You truly believe that, don’t you? If only you knew just how incompetent she really was...” – “What did you say?!” – “Did you know that I exist solely because of her? Did you know that SHE is the one who doomed her own universe?! Yet every time she doomed others, she always needed someone else to save her from death! First it was Buttercup, now it was you... again and again. You never let up, I will give you that... but you’re fighting for a cause that seeks to destroy all that is around it!” – “You’re wasting your own time. As we wait, your strength wanes. I’ve already won, Beelzebub!” Beelzebub’s striking resemblance to Dexter intensifies as he smiles.

“That is where you are wrong. I sought to invade the Cosmic Archive of Time Squad so that I could break the Akashic Record and make it so that I am the only successor to God. I may have failed to prevent what has already happened, but as long as you humans maintain your mortalities, I will return again and again.” – “Akashic... Cosmic Archive... wh-what are you talking about?!” – “You will die in ignorance, pathetic whelp!” Beelzebub yells, charging him down! He puts everything he has into these final attacks!

He nearly bashes the blade out of Otto’s hand several times, but he maintains his composure and manages to keep on defending! But then, Beelzebub lunges within a blind spot and Otto knows that he cannot defend against it! In a final act of instinct, he lunges his own sword at Beelzebub! Beelzebub smiles as Otto tries to stab him-

And his eyes go wide as the blade punctures his chest! But Beelzebub roars out, shaking the world around him! His armblade morphs back into a single arm and he locks into a power struggle with Otto, Jack’s blade still imbedded in his torso! Otto grunts as Beelzebub pushes him further and further to the brink! But Otto finds a single opening and takes it!

He head butts Beelzebub in the face, knocking him off guard! He then rips the sword out of his chest and slashes with all his might across him, blasting black blood across the darkness!

Beelzebub collapses to his knees!

Even Otto has a look of disbelief. Beelzebub slowly backs down, black blood dripping down his chest. He covers his wounds easily enough, but begins to cough up black mist. “H-HOW...?! HOW?!” The darkness fades and the crystals around all of Time Squad begin to crumble to dust.

However, due to many of the buildings being supported by the crystals, buildings collapse on the spot. Others topple into other buildings and others still simply crumble. Time Squad is completely destroyed and all around him... Otto can see massive buildings falling and breaking through other buildings. A deep storm brewing... Otto knows Time Squad HQ is lost.

“That... sword... betrayed me...!” – “NO!” A voice booms from the heavens as The Ark begins to float down. Beelzebub looks up with black blood dripping from his mouth.

“You sought to dethrone your creator, Brother. Succeeding God? How insolent, how arrogant.” – “You... know... NOTHING BRIARUS!” – “Barthandelus... how far you have fallen...” – “I am not Barthandelus any longer, brother... I am something much greater.” – “You are CORRUPTED! Nothing more! I thought that this was God’s will that you destroy Time Squad. But I know now that it was simply all your doing. I was foolish to let this go on as long as it has.” – “Oh yeah...?! And what are you going to do about it?! Are you going to kill me, for THEM?! THEY ARE NOTHING!” The Ark flashes and Briarus appears in his metallic form, with the wing on one side. Beelzebub rises to his feet as well while still holding his wounds, four wings on his back. Briarus walks up to his brother.

“They are not of us, that much is certain, but the powers within them have done this to you. Am I wrong?” – “Don’t talk down to me, Briarus...” – “You take the shape of a human even now. The shape of this “Dexter.” Yet you hate them so. You speak of succeeding God, even though he was the one who created you. You speak of hatred for humans, yet you take their image. What has happened to you?” – “Maybe soon... you will learn... and you will realize the mistake you made here this day, Brother.” Beelzebub fizzles into dark energy. Briarus looks up into the timeless skies.

Time Squad is ruined, forever. Buildings crumble and crash into one another. Is this truly God’s will? Has Briarus made a mistake? He wonders to himself, but he turns around to view Otto with Jack’s Sword.

“I have made my decision this day, Otto. I decided to give you, Barasia, Micheal, all of you another chance. You are all worthy of my power, yet I am not omnipresent.” – “What do you mean?” – “Only one of you can claim my power. I cannot be in two places at once.” – “But... what about timelines?” – “I am timeless. I also cannot be in two times at once. I am a singular being that exists outside of the conventional march of time. I am one and only one. I create and govern time as I exist, it does not govern me, and therefore I cannot be in two timelines at once.” – “I... see...”

Otto looks over at Barasia and Elly, both unconscious on the ground. “There is still so much I don’t understand, but I feel like there is more that must be done...” – “There is, Otto Osworth.” Briarus lets out. Otto looks up at him. “The Chronometal Timeline is broken and shattered, covered in darkness. There must be a shepherd within it to guide it through the horrid times. I... am no longer certain of my own abilities any longer. After all that happened here, I don’t trust myself to be the sole voice of reason in this turbulent Omniverse.” – “...” – “What is it, Otto?” – “Are you God?”

Briarus laughs heartily. “Not quite. I am but a tool he crafted to watch over the Akashic Record.” – “And that too... I think I heard about that before... wasn’t it just a philosophy?” – “You humans, your ancestors had a simple understanding of the Akashic Record once, that much is true. But they weren’t completely right. Yet this is of no importance. I answered your question, now you must answer mine.” – “Uh... what question?” – “I must ask you to take responsibility for your decisions. There is much work that must be done, and even in all of my power... I cannot do it alone.” – “What do you ask of me?” – “I must send you to the Chronometal Universe. There, you must do whatever it is you think is right.” – “... That’s it?” – “That is all. I will accompany you.” – “But... what about Barasia?” He says, looking down at her on the ground.

“I will accompany her as well, but as I said... I cannot be in two places at once.” – “Okay, Briarus. I will do as you say.” A yellow timeless portal opens up and Briarus absorbs everyone into it. Before long, they find themselves floating in a lightless and timeless space.

Barasia’s wounds are repaired and both Micheal and Elly regain consciousness. Briarus is in the middle as all of them look at him. None of them speak.

Briarus raises his two arms, opening two portals. One next to Micheal and Elly, one next to Otto. “Micheal. Elly. Your fates are no longer contained to just Time Squad. There is a universe that needs you out there.” – “What universe?” Micheal asks. “The Chronometal Universe. I will send your spirit there to live out your lives within that fabled timeline.” – “Wait... my spirit? Why not just me?” – “Because Time Squad is destroyed. Conventional time travel is impossible now, in ALL universes.” – “Oh... I see...” – “But not all is lost. I can still send your immortal souls to where they are needed, and right now, you are both needed within that universe, Barasia’s universe. Therein there is a sleeping Ark. You must find it.” Elly looks over at Barasia.

“I... have to say something, Barasia. I never knew it would turn out like this. I’m... s-sorry for everything I put you through.” – “I’m sorry too.” Micheal says. Barasia nods. “Apology accepted. I’m not entirely without blame either, maybe this could have turned out better if I just thought things through a little more.” Elly shrugs. “No use worrying about that now.” She says, looking at everyone floating in this massless darkness. The portal behind them begins to suck them in.

“Don’t forget us, okay guys?” She says, waving. Micheal nods. “Yeah, I’ll try my best to find you again when we land in this universe! I’ll find that sleeping Ark and I will use it to improve the world you love so much! I’ll pay you back, I swear it!” Barasia diverts her eyes as they are absorbed into the yellow portal.

“And now, for you- Otto.” Briarus points at the other portal. “Therein is a dimension that I believe will be most suited for you.” – “Wait, did I miss something?” Barasia blurts out. Otto speaks up. “I am going to watch over your world from now on, Barasia...” – “Wait! That’s OUR world! You have to live in it! You just fought so hard to save it!” Briarus shakes his head. “That is impossible. There must be a curator on the outside for when I enter that universe.” – “What do you mean? What are you guys talking about?!”

Otto floats over to Barasia and grabs her by the hands. He looks into her eyes and she looks into his. His facial scar is very pronounced, but hers aren’t so different either. “Briarus told me what I can do to help our world, Barasia. But it requires me on the outside looking in. I will help everyone I can, I will do what I can to help this world as much as I possibly can... but I can never live in it any longer.” – “B-But...” – “It’s okay. I never thought something like this would happen, but I’m prepared to live this life. I will watch over your world forever, Barasia.” Barasia stares at Otto as her lip begins to quiver. Otto opens his arms up as to hug her-

But she pulls him in and locks lips with him! Otto returns the sentiment and embraces her as they kiss. The timeless void cradles them as they embrace one another. Soon... they naturally separate. She gently floats away, sniffling. “Thank you... so much Otto... I’ll never forget you...” Otto smiles and nods, disappearing into the portal behind him. Briarus also nods and goes into the portal and it closes behind them.

Before she even has the chance to ask herself what Briarus was doing, another portal opens up. She covers her eyes as the portal lets off a blinding light. Out of it, two beings float out. It’s Briarus again, but there’s someone else too.

“Who...?” She says before noticing the huge scar across his face. “Otto...?” She mutters. Could this MAN really be Otto? He looks at least in his twenties! He’s wearing dusty armor and brown cloak. His eyes light up. “It’s... good to see you again, Barasia...” – “We saw each other like one second ago.” – “Haha, I guess it would seem like that to you, but to me, it’s been many... many years. My work is finally almost done... and for my last action to help this universe, I no longer need The Ark. So...” He says, looking at Briarus.

Briarus floats near Barasia and morphs into his Ark form. She grabs it and looks at it. It still looks like a slightly curved ‘T’, like an Anchor.

“Now you can finally go home with the power to save your world.” She looks at the Ark and then looks behind her. She extends it out and a yellow portal explodes open. She looks back at Otto and he nods. She looks back at the portal and begins to float through it. She gets one leg in before Otto begins to speak up.

“Good luck, Barasia.” – “...” She pulls her leg back in and floats over to him. She extends her hand out for him to shake it. He shows a sarcastic smile and shakes her hand. “Good luck to you too, Otto. I hope we can meet again.” – “Until next time. Go save your world.” She nods and steps through the portal.


This time the portal radiates again and the being comes out completely. Blossom squints at the attire of the being... Black pants, a dark gray vest and a deep black cape with some white stripes on it; and the being seems to be carrying something. As she looks at the being's face, it is obviously a female... but besides that she can't put her finger on it...

"Hello Blossom... Otto... It's been a while." She has dark hair and her face looks vaguely familiar, but it's riddled with so many scars its hard to tell. Otto lets out slowly; "Is that... you, Barasia?" The girl smiles and raises her head to look down at him. "Don't tell me you forgot me already?" - "So it is you... What happened to you?"


And so the Eternal Watcher draws to a close. Otto watches over the universe forevermore until the fateful day he is needed one last time. But until then, he will wait... and watch. Barasia finally claimed The Ark, which she uses to finally free her universe from the Chrono Titan, but what does this all mean? Did the Chrono Titan finally stop existing once she erased it from existence? What else is there that she doesn't know? What else is there that she cannot stop?

Beelzebub's words haunt Barasia. Mortality... it scrapes the back of her mind. At one point she truly thought herself immortal, having lived the greater half of a thousand years, but during The Panic she realizes that she is indeed mortal. So afraid for her own life, she desperately tries to find a way to stay on her world for thousands of years, just in case Beelzebub were to ever return.

Is it enough?
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Story Over


The Story Of Other Otto:

Otto travels to his own time and goes on patrol. The closest thing he gets to fun nowadays is being out in the green grass of his own time, not so much the chrome metals of Time Squad HQ. While there, he encounters a strange girl who tells him her name is Barasia. Otto spread this information to his superiors and life continues as normal... for a time.

Later, Otto meets with Drax, one of the three Chancellors and leaders of Time Squad. After answering a few questions and asking a few himself, Drax heads back for Time Squad, leaving Otto in his own time to patrol. Drax, Elly and Micheal form a devious plot to trap Barasia utilizing the young girl she is so interested in- Ruby, as bait. This leads to a confrontation Otto barely becomes a part of and Otto manages to save Drax's life, and in the action... earns a promotion. Time Squad now has four chancellors!

However, after a few weeks of down time and days to reflect on his new responsibilities, "Chancellor" Otto is summoned to Micheal's personal chambers to discuss a new problem. Several timelines have reported discrepancies at the same time and Otto is sent to his own time to check out what one of them was, while he was there he met with normal people from that time who gave him a letter. Most definitely from Barasia! Otto reads the letter and takes it to Micheal, stating she wants Otto to meet her alone. Micheal insists to tag along, but remain unseen.

Otto meets with Barasia to discuss various things. Barasia and Otto discover that Barasia is indeed from another plane of existence. Barasia once again brings up an "End of the World," but it goes over Otto's head once more. Micheal overhears what Barasia calls herself. "Barasia." Micheal attack Barasia, stating that she was a monster he saw in the past during something called "The Barasia Project." Micheal and Otto successful incapacitate Barasia, but Otto is bogged with guilt after submitting her to Elly's "care."

Not even a day passes and the Chancellors take a preemptive measure, placing Otto under house arrest as they interrogate and torture Barasia. Otto eventually convinces Larry and Tuddrussel to help him escape and break Barasia free! They run through Time Squad, taking down any in their way and break into the interrogation chamber, rescuing Barasia, a single thread of her life away from death.

An inevitable confrontation between Otto and Micheal ensues. However, Otto doesn't wish to fight. Instead, with backed threats and burned bridges, he limps with Barasia over to a time portal. Before he has a chance to activate it, Micheal sends Elly to kill him as punishment for letting him go. A raging battle ensues, and if it weren't for the help of Barasia, Larry, Tuddrussel and even Elly and Drax themselves, Otto and Barasia would have certainly died.

After barely surviving a several mile foot drop atop a massive platform, Otto and Barasia fall into Otto's timeline. Otto manages to shake Barasia to consciousness, but Otto himself passes out from exhaustion and injuries.

Several days pass and Otto falls into a deep fever ridden sleep, coping with nightmares and fighting his own will to live. Barasia tends to him in his sleep with water and medicine. She feels guilty that she may have to leave him, but once he weakly awakens, she puts that guilt aside and decides to stay with Otto. They talk about what all of this fighting is for. Barasia shows Otto a time recording of Ruby, one of the main reasons Barasia fights.

Standing in the orphanage, a kind of inspiration even to the adults, she brings courage to a young girl's heart. Her name is Kally, and she leaves the orphanage to find her parents, only to be attacked by Model M. She is saved by a bald scientist using an "Alphametal" and uses one of her own that her father stored for her in case something like this happened. Both Barasia and Otto have no idea who these people are, but they agree that the Second War also took their lives and move on.

After several more days of contemplation, Otto and Barasia set a trap for Time Squad agents to claim their patrol schedule. However it quickly becomes less about the schedule and more about simply surviving once they realize that they themselves have been trapped! Barasia is thrown into her original timeline through a portal very much to her dismay and Otto chases after her, blowing the portal out and stretching it.

Otto is successful in saving Barasia using quick thinking among strange aggressive robots, but on his way out, the planet they were originally on is torn asunder by the out of control portal. Otto and Barasia are intercepted by Elly and Drax and it becomes a battle to the death, them being unable to hold back any longer. A world was destroyed; there can be no more holding back!

The battle takes place in the sky, on the ground, and everything in between. Otto outsmarts Drax and manages to blast him into the out of control portal, supposedly killing him on contact. Elly flees and a kind of Zombie Drax rises from the portal! A voice in Barasia's head bellows out for her to flee, but the voice's source materializes in front of them, introducing himself as The Ark. Barasia convinces him to give himself a name, he chooses Briarus. Briarus effortlessly cleaves the abomination of Drax in half and informs both Barasia and Otto of their destiny.

Several hours after that ordeal, Otto's Time Squad device allows him to travel to the Unknown Temporal Timeframe; Barasia's home. There, he and Barasia get comfy in a kind of hotel, but Otto needed time alone. He reflects on the fact that he's killed Drax and it doesn't sit well with him. Barasia shows up and comforts him, convincing him that this is his home and that they don't have to move too fast if he doesn't want to.

Otto goes to the roof of the hotel and watches another time video with Barasia, this time it is about another Otto that Barasia had to kill. What drove him to kill Blossom in his own fallen timeline. After watching that horrifying video, Barasia leaves Otto alone. As soon as he's alone, he sneaks into the future, the year 2070; the year Barasia killed Otto in the future. Lynn hears this and follows him in on her own.

When he arrives, the crater of Megaville calls to him, a kind of itch driving him to find something. To find "hope." Something his fallen double had none of anymore. He meets with Barasia once he reaches the ruins of the orphanage and convinces her to help him explore a nearby base. Inside, they realize that humans survived in this horrible waste for over twenty years, until a major nameless catastrophe killed them all. Ruby was apparently one of the leaders of this enclave, and she had a girlfriend. The girl from the orphanage: Kally.

They leave the ruins, sharing a moment together. Sharing hope. But shortly after that, a zombie not unlike the crystal zombie Drax they had fought prior shows up. This time it is a zombie Otto! A crystallized version of the Otto Barasia killed! The zombie is invincible, no attack doing any damage! He impales Barasia and forces Otto to his knees, begging for hope as those in this fallen world have also similarly begged. To his amazement, someone answered his prayers!

Micheal, the person that they have been fighting all this time comes to help them, imparting equipment and wisdom that helps them effortlessly kill the crystal Otto. Micheal warns Otto to discontinue chasing after The Ark, but he leaves Barasia alive. Both he and Otto knows that if he wanted to kill either of them, that would have been the time. Instead, from some freak gesture of good will; he simply leaves instead.

After that encounter, Otto and Barasia train for the greater portion of a year. They prepare for the time that they might have to fight again, but also prepare for the possibility that they may never have to fight again. During one of their routine training exercises, Elly stumbles upon them in critical condition! Were it not for the hasty actions of both Otto and Barasia, she surely would have died.

Elly explains what has happened in Time Squad to Barasia, about the botched public execution of Micheal and about how Ezekiel took over all of Time Squad, and especially how he serves a man named Beelzebub. After mentioning the crystal attacks, Barasia puts the pieces together and realizes that they have to strike soon. Mobilizing Otto and herself, they march for Time Squad.

They set up traps and stage distractions all around Time Squad. Otto and Barasia storm Time Squad at the same time, striking everyone off guard. They split up and march for different objectives at first, but then meet up and charge down the core of Time Squad together, they charge down The Ark! Along the way, they meet up with Micheal, who before that moment were unsure was alive or dead. Otto forces Micheal and Barasia to get along and they all march off at once.

Micheal convinces a kill squad of former soldiers to serve him instead of Ezekiel and their group of 3 quickly grows to 7. They reach Time Squad's core, only to be ambushed by Ezekiel who manages to blow all of them away with Dark Magic! He attempts to kill Micheal before anyone has a chance to react, but the soldiers Micheal enlisted manage to distract him long enough to for Micheal to get away.

Ezekiel goes into one on one combat with Barasia and sprouts four wings from his back that unearth traumatic memories of Barasia's Past, her encounter with The Chronotitan. Right before she is struck down, Samurai Jack's sword blasts through the darkness and stops Ezekiel in his tracks! Barasia uses the blade to cut him down, but not without taking mortal damage. The Ark promises to revive her, but only if he can be defended long enough.

The core comes under attack once more, but this time by Beelzebub himself! The 7 heroes escape from the core, in an attempt to escape and come across a falling portal. They attempt to access it, only to have it explode, knocking the four new heroes to their deaths. Micheal, Otto and Barasia barely manage to stay alive to see Beelzebub materialize into a physical form, a form that looks like a black haired and black skinned Dexter with red eyes.

Beelzebub makes short work of Micheal, then makes short work of Barasia. Later in the battle, he also makes short work of Elly. Were it not for Otto claiming Jack's Sword, he also surely would have perished. Locking into personal combat, Otto manages to reach the heart of the blade to unleash its full power, landing a true killer hit on Beelzebub. But Beelzebub is not dead. Instead, after a long speech with his "Brother" Briarus, Beelzebub retreats back to whence he came, but the damage was done. Time Squad was left a stormy and turbulent ruin. Life is no longer possible there.

Briarus revives all of the fallen heroes and tells them all their destinies within the Chronometal Universe. Micheal and Elly are sent back to Barasia's universe as souls. Now that Time Squad is destroyed, conventional Time Travel is now impossible. Micheal and Elly will grow up in a world of hardship, and eventually spawn the Chronometal Wars themselves with help from Barasia. A horrifying yet necessary creation loop...

Otto and Briarus take their leave of Barasia for only a moment, only to reappear over a decade older. Otto explains that he is now a watcher of Barasia's World, yet can never live in it any longer. After a very heartfelt goodbye, Briarus turns himself into The Ark and gives himself to Barasia so that she can finally save the Omniverse.

What happens next... was already foretold. History... in the making...

(7 year gap)
First War
Second War

Second War {Renaissance}
The Panic
The Red Story
(10 year gap)
The Black War
The Ruination
(5000 year gap)
Barasian War
(10 year gap)
Ancient War
(7 year gap)
Justice War

The Eternal Watcher takes place in multiple timelines, so much so that placing it in one singular place is nearly impossible.

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:50 am

I felt like I was reading a comic book! Very exciting and interesting :)

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:07 am

Oh, thank you for reading, Kitten! Glad to see another face to put on my readers. How long have you read my story, if you mind me asking?

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:04 am

Just barely when I started back up in the lit forum and decided to read!

Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:50 pm

The Eternal Watcher is now over.

This should tie up a LOT of loose ends within the story, leaving very few questions before the Black War. Now we are in the perfect spot to move forward. There is still a pretty sizable story left out. Chronometal Prologue. Taking place before the First War but after PPGD, technically after The Eternal Watcher. But we've been doing prequels for far too long.

I originally made that story into a game that got very little traffic. I've all but completed work on that game, but interest is still too low. So I've decided that (At some point) I will explain everything that happened within the game as a story. Covering the actions of the enigmatic "Three," it explains the origins of Malevolence, Mother, Malignancy, and Magnificence- as well as the more complex origins of the human side of the Chronometal Wars.

But we are moving on from that. All that is left to do at this very moment is The Black War. Taking place after both "The Panic" and "The Red Story," The Black War is a unique story that instead of having chapters and parts, focuses on ten major years. From year 1 all the way to year 10 after The Panic, this new story focuses on the next generation of both heroes and villains, though older heroes and villains are still present.

Perhaps the story that has had the most planning out of any story prior; The Black War has large shoes to fill. Promising interesting character interaction from the strongest heroes, to the most ambitious villains, to the most unlikely of civilians, this new story promises surprise characters, closure for characters that still exist, romance... and tragedy. Because, after all. When it comes to the Chronometal Wars: Tragedy is the ONLY certainty.

Thank you all for reading up to this point.



The Chronometal Prologue. The Story of Shaun and Micheal, blue haired enemies that share a similar life goal. Origin story of The Three and the earliest mobilization of The Knights. Debuts Malevolence, Malignancy, Magnificence, and Mother in their prototype stages. Also origin story of Ruby, Rose, and Randal, the family that is tragically torn apart, only to be marginally put back together by Barasia. Also highlights Lidia, the strong, intelligent female leader of The Three who has a bloody past with Elly, who blames her for killing her father. A blame not so misplaced. In the end, Shaun, Randal, and Lidia get help from who we now know is "Other Otto" so that they can teleport to the future to help Dexter win his fight against Mandark. Unfortunately this costs their lives, and they are forgotten forever.
First War
A story of great strength, but foretold apocalypse. After the entire city comes under attack by strange beings, Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls, alongside various other heroes march to Megaville's defense. Dexter claims a strange item which is eventually called a "Chronometal." The Chronometal holds the soul and memories of his late sister Deedee, as well as a reservoir of untapped energy. Starring Dexter in his new adventure, discovering how to fight hand to hand and becoming more and more bloodthirsty, The First Chronometal War shows Dexter's descent into darkness and doubt. A seed planted, to bloom another day. Stopping the world from being consumed by the out of control Model M, Dexter succeeds in stopping it along with Olga, who leaves afterwords. Three Knights lie dead; Micheal, Elly, and Drax. Their death will be short lived however.
Second War
After the earthshaking events in Megaville, Brisbaine enlists help from the Rowdyrough Boys in subduing the Powerpuff Girls for suspected genocide. Taking place at three places at the same time, The Second War was a story of a three different perspectives upon the glaring problems that arose with the Chronometal Wars. For Dexter, it was the problems that arose within himself and his own feelings towards Mandark, Olga, and Blossom. For Blossom, it was the problems that arose with Dexter's decent into darkness, as well as her own personal identity as a hero. For the Rowdyroughs, it was a soul searching experience that led them down the path of the righteous, the problems they see that plague the common helpless people, who they help. In the end, Olga tricks all three parties into serving her intentions, which was to charge the remaining Model M's to full and spawn a perfect Model M. All three parties group together in an attempt to stop her and all of World's End, but it's too much. They trip at the finish line, too much infighting leads to a disformation of arms, and the world is swallowed by the darkness. In the end, a crazed Demigod named Beelzebub is born. Buttercup survives long enough to help Barasia out in her time of need, allowing her to flee this timeline.
Second War {Renaissance}
After claiming the Ark from the now destroyed Time Squad, Barasia travels through multiple timelines to enlist the help of the shattered souled Blossom, who is traveling through time with her very soul. After ensuring that Blossom and Otto indeed cause Barasia to come into their universe in the first place, she then enlists their help to once again attempt to stop the Second Chronometal War, where she witnessed first hand the the total destruction of Earth. Traveling to that fated moment with Blossom, Dexter, and Otto, they once again match wits with Olga, this time talking her down from her position. Phantom also attempts to fuze with Model M, only to result in his own destruction, and the final permanent destruction of all of the Bio-Symbiotes. Dexter overcomes the mental trials set in place by Mandark and Malignancy retreats to the beginning of time with the help of the Sleeping Ark. With the True Ark within their possession, Dexter, Blossom, Buttercup, Him, and Barasia all storm Mandark for a final showdown at the beginning of time. The battle ends with everyone's deaths except Dexter, who barely survives thanks to the help from The Three, who sacrificed themselves to buy Dexter the so precious seconds he needed to finally kill Mandark once and for all. In the end, his friends are all revived and placed back on Earth, back in Megaville, only to discover there is a whole new Model M waiting in the south pole causing the entire world to Panic.
The Panic
Following up several weeks after The Second War, our heroes waste no time in combating the newly discovered Model M, now identified as Chronometal Model Mother. Along the lines the heroes are betrayed by humanity and Bubbles is nearly killed, her arm being blown off. Dexter and Buttercup separate from the original group for a time to attempt to cut Model M's food supply off at the source, only to be drawn back to Blossom to save her life. Instead of fighting over ideological opinions, they instead join forces to find out more about Mother, only to find out that there is a lunar Model M, Chronometal Model Magnificence on a collision course with Earth. They head to the snowy mountains of Colorado to access a prototype Chronometal Cannon, capable of blasting Magnificence out of the sky. They attempt to enlist Barasia's help for a moment, but after a short discussion between her and Bubbles, it is made apparent that she is now a mother, caring after the recently orphaned Ruby after her parents died during the First War. Instead, she donates a completely new Chronometal, Chronometal Model B-2 to Bubbles, which is discovered to be perhaps the most powerful Chronometal yet! The Powerpuff Girls go into combat with Magnificence and are successful after a long arduous battle, but Blossom sacrifices herself to allow the cannon to line up a perfect shot. Everyone mourns for Blossom's death, but from the ashes, new life is born. Barasia proposes marriage with Dexter.
The Red Story
Taking place at the same time as The Panic, The Red Story champions Brick, the once thought dead member of the Rowdyrough Boys. He awakens alone, his brothers dead, only to be met by Brisbaine. Brisbaine foreshadows Operation Heroesbane, the operation that causes The Panic. Brick runs off in search of Heroes only to find Professor Wakeman, creator of XJ9. Her compound comes under attack by military groups following Heroesbane and Jenny is killed, much to the torment of Brick. Brick claims a robot arm from Wakeman to replace the one he lost fighting Blossom in the Second War and then heads to Townsville. There, he stumbles into what he now identifies as his greatest nightmare, where he envisions a world in complete ruin. His brother he once thought was dead; Boomer, is now a being of completely unknown prowess who effortlessly decimates Brick, to show him that alone, Brick is powerless. He commands Brick to set aside his hatred in the future, and focus on making allies and becoming a true hero before "The Black Wars come." Brick also finds Raven of the Teen Titans, who also dies due to Heroesbane. Brick develops a burning hatred for Brisbaine and goes into hiding for a few weeks, long enough to eclipse the entirety of The Panic. He enlists help from former General Skarr and stages an attack of Brisbaine's private complex. The attack goes well, but an unknown enemy, Cranston Utonium AKA Doctor X makes an appearance, killing Skarr and his entire army and unleashing his secret weapon; Shira Starfire. Brick barely manages to subdue Starfire, and were it not for Buttercup's help, he would have certainly died. In the end, he puts his hatred of Brisbaine and his previous rivalries with what's left of the Powerpuff Girls behind him.
(10 year gap)
The Black War
(To be Further Disclosed)
The Black War is a ten year long ongoing story that takes place after The Red Story, with main characters spanning from Dexter, Buttercup, Bubbles, Brisbaine, Brick, Olga, Dexter, Professor Utonium, Professor X, and an entirely new sect of heroes and villains with their own complex motives and schemes. Along the lines, new characters arise- from either creation artificially, or creation biologically, new characters are born into and sculpted by a world after The Chronometal Wars.
The Ruination
(To be Further Disclosed)
The Ruination, taking place shortly after the Black War, circles around a newly uncovered prophecy that promises the death and rebirth of the world. A kind of global Apoptosis. Beings of unknown power, an enemy of unknown origin, a planet of countless millions upon billions of humans, all blown down to merely thousands. The entire world becomes a graveyard, and over time all collective knowledge of the world before is lost. The world is shattered, to be forgotten for what seems like forever. Only the stories passed from generation to generation about angels stopping the great evil are saved. The Legends of "Blossom."
(5000 year gap)
Barasian War
Barasian androids, robots built to Barasia's exact original specifications awaken in a new, green world 5000 years after the world ended. These androids have the same memories, but different personalities, and soon a hierarchy is formed. Barasia 3 takes the place of leader and the androids scout out the immediate area, only to discover humans still alive on the planet, even though they all should have been dead. After ransacking the small village, they come into contact with a hero of impossible strength: "Blossom." Taking several androids on at the same time, she manages to save several villagers and her own child from The Barasian. She retreats back to the capital and drowns her sorrows in booze, until she is discovered by an undercover group of Androids. They force Blossom to comply to their demands on account of death threats to both her child and her best friend. Blossom is nearly killed on the spot were it not for the timely rescue from a strange being called Briarus, who tells both her and King Leon about the impending battle to end all battles. Briarus, Blossom, and Leon's Royal Army meet the Barasian androids on the field of battle, where a battle of super powers collide. Briarus boosts the human soldiers to super-human level and the battle of the gods ends with only two survivors. Barasia 3, and Barasia 150, not counting the two Barasian androids still within the old complex, Barasia 2 and Barasia 101. Blossom's Death heralds a new age for Leon's Kingdom, where now her not even 1 year old daughter will be championed to fight the darkness that will appear in 10 years.
(10 year gap)
Ancient War
(To be Further Disclosed)
Taking place 10 years after the Barasian War, a witch hunt has broken out in the kingdom of lions. All of those with black hair are persecuted, judged, and in some cases outright murdered on suspicion of being Barasian. Blossom Junior undergoes the trials her mother once did to become the Chosen One. Normally taking over twenty years, she must cram the entire process into less than five. Her training began when she was five, to end when she is ten. The training breaks her heart and her will, and the kingdom is distressed to hear that Blossom may be unprepared when the darkness returns to destroy the world. The story circles around Blossom's rise to power and acceptance of her role in the greater things to come.
(7 year gap)
Justice War
(To be Further Disclosed)
The Final Story before the Final Story. Championing Barasia 101, she awakens into a world completely unaware of what has happened in the past 17 years. As she awakens, she is constantly being convinced to join sides with people. A pair of individuals claiming to be her friend, another Barasian Android who claims to know her best interests, and a strange force that calls itself Model M. In the end, Barasia 101 carves her own destiny out, and in the process unearths a terrible power. She and whatever allies she has made must combat the power to start the ultimate comeback. The battle for the heavens draws near, and Barasia 101 plays a far bigger role than anyone could possibly have expected, not even Briarus could foresee her role in the greater things to come.
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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 0

A nostalgic feeling washes over them.

The hospital doors open and the sun beams hit their eyes, as they are slightly unprepared. They squint, one of them moving a wheelchair outside. On the wheelchair, there is a young woman roughly twenty to twenty five years old. Her hair is black and her expression is vacant. Her long time in bed has made her hair long. The person pushing the chair is a man of similar age.

He has long red hair in a large ponytail that nearly reaches the ground, and although he frequently wears a hat, he is not today. He is wearing modest clothing, pants and a coat that don’t catch any glances. His left hand is robotic, as he has lost his real hand a while ago. His expression is one of genuine happiness, he’s finally leaving this Hospital... leaving it on good terms this time.

There is a third member, her eyes still squinting as she uses her left hand to block the sunlight from hitting her eyes directly. Short blonde hair. She usually wears them in pig tails, but during a recent image change, she has decided to wear her hair down now. Her blue eyes, once so full of innocence and childish happiness are now filled with a jaded composure that occurs when one lives a life of hardship and betrayal. But her face is also smiling, she feels good, warm on the inside for the first time in a long while.

She is wearing a light blue tee shirt, but the right sleeve droops down with no arm to fill it. She lost her right arm a long time ago. But at this time, she considers herself master of whatever body she has left. She hasn’t worn a dress in a long time, though several years ago you would never catch her wearing anything else. Instead she wears baggy pants, the dark blue coloration matching the light blue of her shirt. All three of them have left the Hospital, all of them admitted for different reasons, all of them leaving for the same reason.

They are going home.

“It’s beautiful out today isn’t it, Bubbles?” – “It’s a little bright...” She says, responding to Brick, still squinting as the mid day sun hits her hard. “Do you think Olga will be okay?” – “What do you mean?” – “I mean she has been bedridden for months. Are you sure it’s okay to just wheel her directly into the sun like this?” Before Brick has a chance to respond, Olga weakly looks over.

“It’s... okay...” She says with a faint voice. Bubbles nods. “Okay, Olga. If you say so.”

Brick looks around for something resembling a car, his face showing one of confusion. “Now this is the part I don’t get. We can fly, right? We’re superheroes? Why can’t we just fly home with Olga?” Bubbles responds, walking in front of him and closer to the street. “Because after that press conference, it was made abundantly clear that the entire world is still uncomfortable around superhumans. We can’t just call attention to ourselves like in the old days... times have changed...” – “You got that right...” Brick agrees, remembering everything that has happened recently.

“Alright I get it now, but where’s our ride?” – “Right here.” Bubbles says, turning around. To Brick’s absolute astonishment, she is right next to a limousine. “You... you have a LIMO?!” – “I’m a celebrity now. I have my own money. I didn’t have a use for the stuff for the longest time, but now that I’m keeping a lower profile... I need it now.” – “I get it, I get it. Any food in it?” – “Of course.” She says, opening the door to the back.

She turns back to Olga and kneels down to meet her on eye level as she sits in the wheelchair. She moves her eyes slowly to make eye contact with Bubbles. “...?” – “Can you get in yourself or do you want us to help you?” – “...” Olga sits in the chair motionless for a while. But then she gets up slowly, supporting her body with her wobbly arms as she gets out of the chair. Her shoe clacks on the road as she takes her first step in a long time. Then she moves into the car, sitting on the closest seat and sighing, the movements taking a lot out of her. Bubbles closes that door and opens another, beckoning Brick inside. He obliges quickly.

Bubbles circles around the limo and enters from the other side, sitting next to Olga. Brick is left on the other side as the limo driver speaks up. “Back home Miss Utonium?” – “Yes, please. Thank you.” Bubbles looks over at Olga, who is still very distant. She scoots a little bit closer and strokes her hair to get a stray leaf out of it. It must have blown in there when they wheeled down. Olga looks back at Bubbles a little bit.

“Why... are you doing this...?” She asks. “Because it’s in your hair, silly. Can’t just have it in there. Ah, got it.” She exclaims, throwing the leaf out the window. “Not that... this... me...” She says, looking at her hands. She is showing magnificent improvement. Just a couple of hours ago she couldn’t even talk.

“What do you mean...?” – “My... memory isn’t... perfect... but I remember a lot...” She says, her face showing pain. “I’ve done... terrible things... to both of you...” – “Shh...” Bubbles says, talking Olga down softly. “That was a long time ago. We’re okay, all of us. All that’s important now is that you’re okay too.” – “... Thank you...”

As the limo starts down the road, Brick notices there is some prime alcohol on ice. “Hey, Bubbles-“ – “Yes, you can have some.” Brick, satisfied with the answer, pops the cork and pours some in a glass. He nears the cut to his lips, but pauses, looking over to Bubbles. He parts the glass and sets it down.

“Hey...” – “Hmm?” Bubbles mutters having been staring in a random direction, his sudden noise catching her off guard. “Thanks. For all of this. I mean it.” – “It’s the least I can do. I can’t have a new world hero wandering out of a hospital with nowhere to go. It wouldn’t be right.” – “Hero, huh?” Brick asks, looking out the window. “What you did with-“ She pauses, stopping herself. Brick looks back, his chin still on his knuckles. “There’s no kind way to say it, I know...” Brick reassures.

“What you did with Starfire... you’re a hero, Brick.” – “Had things been a little different, I could have saved her. Maybe Raven, too. Maybe even Jenny.” – “Brick...” – “But it’s okay. If I’ve learned anything from these damnable wars, it’s everything happens for a reason... and wanting to change the past... wanting to bring the dead back to life only leads to more suffering than before.” – “...” Bubbles nods.

Olga looks up at Brick, who almost doesn’t even notice her because she is so sluggish and quiet. Once he finally does notice her, he speaks up. “What’s up, Olga?” – “My head... hurts...” Bubbles looks over to her and puts her hand on her shoulder. “We’re almost to my place. I can get you something.” – “Thank you...”

The limo pulls up at the Utonium residence. Brick exits the car and stretches. “I didn’t leave the hospital bed to be confined to another seat.” He says, his last bone cracking into place being followed by a pleasured sigh. He looks at the house. It looks kind of like the house the Powerpuffs were living in back in Townsville, only a little bigger.

“Who else is living here? I don’t really remember.” Brick asks. “Just myself. The Professor is off doing something in Colorado. And, honestly... I haven’t seen Buttercup in a few days. I wonder what she’s doing...” – “Trust me, she’s fine.” – “I know, it just gets lonely here.” She walks through the door, opening it with her left and only arm. She beckons Brick in. Olga follows slowly, still weak. Bubbles flicks on the light switch and the house comes to life.

“Make yourselves at home. I have something to do. Do you need anything Olga?” – “I’m... okay... just the headache medicine...” – “Right. Coming right up.” Brick walks over to a desk nearby, a couple of papers strewn across it. A headline catches his eye.

“New Mayor’s Aide makes headway at the young age of 15. Bright eyed highly ambitious ‘Mandy’ to set records in her field.” Brick reads out loud. “Oh you’re interested in that?” Bubbles says from the kitchen, overhearing Brick. “I guess so?” – “I’ve been keeping my eye on her for a while now.” She says with a weird tone of voice. “Is that so?”


Meanwhile, in a cold abyss...

Electricity surges down wall panels. A current of forward leading energy guided to a core, the energy all serving a single purpose. The lights in this place are broken... the ventilation systems are in disrepair... all tertiary systems are beyond help.

There is only one thing he cares about now.

He stands, his huge hands straddling an iron bar as he looks upon his new life’s work. Three individuals, one in a pod, two on a table. The two on the tables look barely alive, their bodies still broken and battered, their souls not much better in comparison.

“A soul once without a body, bursting with energy, limitless potential... a Body once without a soul, untapped capacity but nothing to fill it with. Body... Soul...” He mumbles to himself, his inhuman hands bending the iron bar as he squeezes down.

The kids are stable... but barely. A single mistake, a single surge of energy would spell certain death. He is in a terrible hurry, but he knows the risks of forcing his hand. So, like it or not... he waits... but until then, his side project is still running at full steam. A small little dog robot hops down the hall.

“X! X! The pod is ready!” – “Hng? Oh, Gir... thank you.” He says with his demonic yet calm voice. He stomps down the hall, the small bot doing figure eights around his legs. He reaches a small circular pad on the floor. The dog jumps up and pounds a red button and before they know it with a crackle of electricity, they are in a completely different area.

Gravity here is much lower, and the halls echo a lot more due to just how empty this place is. “You have been careful up here... right, Gir?” – “Of course of course! You says it, I does it!” – “Hmm... good.” He grunts as he lumbers towards the innards.

He passes one door and enters a room. He makes eye contact with nothing. There is nothing here important to him anymore... just failures... A1-01-XR... A1-22-LE... A2-49-PK... All failures. Nothing is magic like the first time...

“Bell...” He says to himself, Gir beginning to whimper a small bit. “But this next one is stable! More stable than the last ten attempts! You’ll see! It’ll work!” – “Your optimism is... comforting, Gir...” They enter another chamber. Similar failures present in all.

B1-02-AM... More failed attempts, all of them. The room is chrome and circular. The walls are lined tightly with pods. The only portions of the room that aren’t packed with pods have thick glass windows that show a barren gray wasteland outside. “Cold emptiness...” He mumbles again.

He passes through the door into the next chamber. Chamber C.

C1-17-VX... it gave in last night. Another failure. “...” He says nothing as the bio energy is absorbed back into the facility, the pod shutting down shortly after. He passes pod after pod before he comes to the one Gir is jumping by.

C1-41-RE... He looks through the glass to the being slumbering within. He places a clawed hand on the glass and slowly caresses it, his eyes wide. “It’s been weeks now... and she hasn’t rejected the energy, this frame has not rejected the soul or the Chemical X... the data I mined from the Starfire test, it worked... a soul and a body without a source...” – “See? I toldya!” – “Indeed... this is indeed one our best attempts yet... I have great hopes for her...” – “Bell Bell Bell Bell!” Gir bounces around happily as X stomps out of the room.



Something is terribly wrong...!

Bunny gasps as the blue sky breaks into a pure black, pieces of the sky falling down as if they were glass, monitors and static present behind what was once the sky!

Is... is the world ending...?! “Boomer!” She yells out, running across the shattered glass, only to realize the lake is dried up and fetid. Boomer always frequents this lake. The meadow...! He must be there! Bunny jumps over toppled logs and newly risen computer monitors. Her purple dress flits and banks at every sudden movement. Her white scarred skin becoming harder and harder to see as the light in this area begins to fade.

She reaches the meadow only to see giant technological spires rupturing the once peaceful ground! What horrifies her more is the fact that Boomer is being hoisted between all five of them by cables! “Y-You?! Who are you?! HELP!” Boomer yells out, once again losing his memory to the point of forgetting Bunny, but she doesn’t care, she has to save him!

She rams into one of the spike with her shoulder! It doesn’t budge, so she does it over and over! It begins to tilt, a surge of electricity shooting to Boomer, locking his body up, forcing his eyes open and clenching his jaw! “BOOMER! HOLD ON!” She grunts, mustering hidden power within her inner self.

“Grr... grah... GAH!” She yells, her strength peaking... the spire begins to heave, the surge of electricity leaving Boomer and instead entering her! The pain is unbearable and she falls over, losing grip on the spire as it begins to topple. It crashes into another one and knocks it out of order! Three spires are still shocking Boomer, but Bunny is completely out of energy... she can’t do anything else...

She looks into the falling sky with tears in her eyes. Boomer screams in the background and her muscles cry out in surrender.

“It will all be over soon Boomer... I promise...” She says, her eyes closing as her mind begins to swim...


“WHAT IS WRONG?!” X yells at the console, Gir jumping around in a panic. The two kids on the medical beds, ceasing, writhing, convulsing... they...

They are dying...

“They are not READY!!! This cannot happen! I... I have to activate one of them to stabilize the other...” – “But you said-“ – “I know what I said, we don’t have a choice... we are going to lose both of them!” Gir whimpers and backs out of the room, seemingly fearful for his life. Cranston also shows a small amount of fear, an emotion he rarely ever experiences.

The kids foam at the mouth and their empty eyes shoot open. If he doesn’t do something now, they will most certainly die! He flips several switches and punches in a three layer authorization code. Machines with beakers, vials, and needles descend from the ceiling.

“Which one to activate...?!” He mumbles to himself. But just at that moment, the boy begins to cough up an alarming amount of bile, if he chokes on that, he will be dead within the minute! “Him!” He barks at himself, punching in the final code.

His arms spasm and his legs flail, both bound very tightly upon the medical table. The devices near him and inject him with a stark black Chemical. First one, then another... then another... before long, his heart stops. His glazed eyes staring off into the distance. An astute emptiness crosses his shell.

He is dead...

The girl seems to have stabilized, but her heart rate is still dangerously high. “Medicbots... tend to her now...” He says, defeated... “He... wasn’t ready...” Gir lightly steps into the room and looks up at X. “It’s okay... our backup plan will work... we will get Bell back, don’t you worry... we don’t need Shira...” X says to himself, slowly walking out of the room.

But... suddenly...

The room grows cold, colder than a station like this should. The lights explode and X covers his head to avoid the glass falling on him.

Suddenly, the heart rate monitor for the male skyrockets from zero to three hundred in less than a single second! The boy’s eyes go wide as his skin begins to steam! “BLOSSSOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!” He roars out, shaking the entire station and blowing his table to pieces! A window is broken and the vacuum of space begins to force its way, sucking everything out!

“GIR, LEAVE, NOW!” – “OKEYYYY!” He squeals, hopping off into a different room. Cranston slams his fist on the ground, rooting himself in place as the wall to this part of the lab begins to crumble. Yet the naked boy just stands there, completely unaffected by the powerful vacuum that forces Cranston to his knees. He looks over to the growing hole in the wall and he raises his hand;

He makes a closing motion with it, as white energy from nowhere materializes along the cracks and the window, forcing it shut and causing the items in mid flight to suddenly drop to the ground. His short golden hair begins to lose color, as if it bleeds off of his person. His skin also bleeds, red blood dripping to the ground. Cranston rises to his feet, but the lad looks up at him, his eyes blood red!

“WHERE... IS... BLOSSOM...?!” He growls, his voice breaking electronics in the room. His newly white hair starting to wave off of him as if the entire room were statically charged. “She... is dead.” His fangs begin to show; even his gums are bleeding, his skin still letting off a white steam.

“Are you telling me... that you remember? Everything...?!” – “BLOSSOM... KILLED... MY BROTHERS...” He rubs a bleeding finger down his chest. “ME... TOO...” His voice, still shaking with pure rage booms out, shaking Cranston with every word. “Blossom... IS... dead... and you will be too if you won’t settle down.” – “DON’T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” He roars out, teleporting in front of X and kicking him into the monitors in the back, causing sparks and explosions to go off! Cranston falls to the ground and begins to cough, all of his many eyes wincing in pain!

The super powered naked boy kneels down and picks him up by the chest and looks in his main eyes. “WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY AM I HERE?! WHY AM I NOT DEAD?!!!” – “I... revived... you... Boomer...” He says with little breath. “WHY...?” – “Does... it matter...?” – “IF YOU DON’T TALK IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS, THIS ENTIRE STATION IS GOING UP IN FLAMES. ONE-“ – “TO BRING MY LITTLE GIRL BACK!” He blubbers out.

Boomer drops him on the ground and then coughs up blood. Boomer himself begins to feel weak and cold. “I told you... to stay calm...” – “Grr...” – “Please... listen to me... I can’t afford to lose you... I need you... LISTEN...!” Boomer shoots another angry eye at Cranston, but his expression is neutral. “What do I have to do?” Cranston rises to his feet and nears a locker and brings out a black cloak.

“This... should suppress the destructive nature of the Shira.” He hands it to the bleeding Boomer and he shivers as he puts it on. Almost immediately, he feels better, like his excess energy is being recycled back into him...

Boomer lets out a malicious grin and looks back at Cranston, who returns the gesture. “Haha...” – “Haha...” – “HAHA!” – “BWAHAHAHA!” They both exchange maniacal laughter.

Boomer has returned...

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 0
Fragile Family Lives

A small light hangs above them.

This room is kind of small, filled with mechanical devices to the point of being hard to move.

“Are you sure about this?” – “The Chronometal Wars are behind me. But I still feel them in my skin... I’ve been in this body for hundreds of years. It’s time to leave it behind.” – “Alright, I understand. Ruby just left, so she will be back from school in about seven hours. I should be able to round this out in less than six. You will be unconscious the whole time... is that okay?” – “Y-Yeah...” She sounds uncertain. She’s lying on a table, stripped completely down. Dexter kneels down.

“We can do this at any time. It doesn’t have to be now.” – “No, it... it has to be now. I can’t keep putting it off. Her birthday is tomorrow, and I want to show her we are capable of being a completely normal family.” Dexter smirks, a smartass comment boiling in him. “What is it? What are you thinking?” – “Her mom morphing bodies in a single day doesn’t strike me as normal as normal can be, you know?” She furrows her brow. “Dexter...” – “Fine, I know, this is serious. When do you want me to begin? Is there anything you want to do before I send you under?” – “... No. I’m ready.” – “Alright... see you in a few.”

Within the side of her head, Dexter fiddles around with a few actions. A short electric connection later, and her eyes close. Her body is completely inactive right now. Barasia has told him that she can still kind of feel in this state, and that her body never truly shuts down. If her overriding functions detect an irreparable change, she will be forced awake. He has to be very careful.

She lays completely balanced on a flat surface that is a cross between a surgical bed and a workshop one. Dexter begins with the dangerous meticulous parts first. Starting with the face. They have been planning this for a long time, now.

Barasia is a mother, and a wife. Yet she still looks barely a day over eleven. People are starting to ask questions, her facial scars don’t help. Dexter places parts of the aesthetic surface in a holding area for now. The light sways from Dexter’s constant back and forth. In a corner are several premade parts, designed by Barasia herself along with Dexter. Made with Nanosteel salvaged from The Knights, they are elongated and even slightly improved versions of the limbs she has now. But they are only in their base forms, frames if nothing else. Things both within and upon must be handcrafted by Dexter.

But there is a feature about them that Barasia insisted upon. They are completely deweaponized. No wrist blade, no hand canon, no eye lasers... No reason to possibly return to that lifestyle...

The first hour passes and Dexter is ready to move onto the more delicate parts of the first and most important operation...


The School bell rings and she is outside. Waiting... He’s late. She looks at her phone; the time says 2:00. Most kids are already home by now. She sighs as one of her friends shows up. Or at least, someone who calls himself her friend, she doesn’t really care for him.

“Where’s your da- uh... guardian, Kally?” – “He’s late... he’s never late...” She says with a worried voice, still sitting on the steps down, looking for his car. It doesn’t show up. The normal and otherwise nondescript kid sits by her and she looks back. “What about you?” – “Oh, I’m taking new afterschool classes. There’s a problem in the gym though, so we have about ten minutes to do whatever.” – “Unsupervised?” – “Well I’m so well behaved that they don’t worry about me.” – “Is that right...?” She asks, bored. “Maybe I should worry about them.” She says in jest.

Her head itches and she takes off her hat to scratch it, her now short blue hair spilling out. She puts it back on and settles it. It’s... like she’s going out of her way to look like someone else. “Do you wanna do something until your dad shows up?” – “I’ve told you before, he’s not my dad.” – “Sorry, sorry... I keep getting confused.” – “It’s okay. But no, I think I’ll just wait until he shows up.” The kid looks away before getting up. “Well... bye then.” – “Yeah, see ya.” She says.

Kally knows today is special, although he hasn’t quite told her why. But she gets this sinking feeling in her stomach like she will never come back. Someone leaves the school after staying for detention. She goes down the steps, her long red hair banking after every stair. Kally gulps and speaks up, trying to speak to her before she leaves.

“B-Bye, Ruby...” She says in a cracked voice. Ruby looks back. “Oh, Kally. I didn’t see you there. Bye, see you tomorrow!” She waves with a heartwarming smile. How does a girl like that get detention anyway? Kally waves back, her heart wrenching. ‘Will’ she be back tomorrow? “Y-Yeah, see you...”

The detention bus shows up to bring the kids home for the day. Though it seems like Ruby is the only one today. The doors close, the bus steams and then drives off. Kally sighs...

Soon after, a car pulls up and her eyes light up. “About time.” She says to herself.


Dexter is just about done. The pressure in the air is palpable, but all that’s left are the arms. The surface is just about done. She looks similar, though different, like a young girl who suddenly aged ten years. She looks twenty now, maybe a little older. Her face no longer has any scars, per her request. They even went clothes shopping earlier for the new specifications.

An adventure Dexter thought he would enjoy more than he did. Though he was in good company, among other men lost in the clothing isles as their better halves string them along. It’s a kind of awkward companionship, really.

The front door opens and Dexter hears it. “Mom, Dad, I’m home!” Dexter lets out a sigh of relief, finally done. He activates her waking sequence with an electric current. She slowly opens her eyes, looking into Dexter’s.

“Ruby just walked through the door. I’ll distract her. Are you ready for this?” The struggles to form a smile with this new face, but shows legitimate happiness. “Of course I am. I’ll be ready soon.” Dexter nods and leaves the room, going up the stairs to the living room. “Ruby! You’re home. How was school?” – “Lousy. I got detention again.” Dexter rolls his eyes, Ruby hanging her backpack up in the closet and collapsing on the couch. Dexter sits next to her as she looks over.

“Where’s mom?” – “Lynn’s just freshening up. She’ll be here soon.” – “Freshening up? For what?” – “Oh, never you mind. They handed out report cards today, right?” – “Uh... uh huh...” She says with a great deal of pause in her voice. “Come on, let me see...” She takes it out of her pocket and sighs. Dexter unfolds it and his eye is drawn to the two A’s. One in P.E., the other in Creative Arts.

“Good... good...” He says, working his way down the list. A couple C’s catch his eyes, but nothing too bad. That is until history shows up.


Dexter sighs, hoping that this would have improved by now. “Ruby...” – “I know, okay?! I just don’t care about history.” – “Ruby, that’s not good. We have to know about history or we’ll-“ – “Repeat the mistakes, yeah, I know. You’ve told me this like a hundred times. I’m just not good at it, okay?” – “Of course you are, you just aren’t doing it. You always skip classes or doze off. Why don’t you care about History?” – “Because it’s boring and stupid. Who cares about the past? It’s the future we have to worry about.” She says in a huff, crossing her arms and looking away.

Dexter blinks, unsure of how to respond. “What do you mean?” He says. She does a double take to look him in the eyes before looking away again. She’s tapping her foot and breathing a little heavily. She’s worried about something. Dexter realizes what it is and sighs.

He scoots next to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. “Look. Ruby... the Chronometal Wars aren’t coming back.” – “You don’t know that.” She says, still looking away. “Your mom and I made sure of it. Nothing bad is going to happen to you, your friends, us, or anyone else. I know you’re still scared, but I promise you... it will never happen again.” She still looks away, defiant. But her lip begins to quiver.

“I’m going to my room.” She says, bolting off the couch. “R-Ruby...” He says in vain as she already goes up the stairs. *Sigh*

In the other room, Barasia can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror. She does a little twirl, her dress fanning out. She nearly trips, still getting used to her new body. She looks ten years older! Dexter really outdid himself... She raises her arms and smiles when she realizes she can’t open them anymore. She’s still really strong and she can still fly... but that’s okay. All the better to be a “Super Mom!”

She leaves the room and looks at Dexter on the couch. “Where’s Ruby?” – “Upstairs.” – “Uh oh... did she have another episode...?” – “Nothing too bad, but she’s still worried about the wars returning. How can I convince her that they wont?” – “I don’t think you can. We just have to wait. She will realize it won’t happen soon enough, don’t worry.” Dexter sighs and leans back in the couch. “Okay, alright. I’ll trust you.” – “Thanks...” She says, walking off. Dexter looking back.

“You look great, by the way!” He says as she walks off. She smiles as she nears the stairs, putting more emphases on her hips as she walks. “Good lord what have I done...?” Dexter laughs to himself.


Later, in a strange underground complex.

Blue lights funnel into this place, more high tech than anywhere else on Earth, and that’s saying something considering the only place that could scratch this would be Micheal’s lab from back in the wars, or the core military institute.

Kally and a large broad shouldered man walk down this hall. Kally looks around, astonished. She’s been here once before, but it looks completely different now. “B-Barrett... what’s going on...?” She asks him timidly, still looking around. Huge walls open up as they near them, allowing them passage deeper into this vast complex. He says nothing, what he’s about to show her is of the utmost importance.

She has to know, now. There is no time left anymore.

One last door opens and someone is already in there waiting for her.

“Alex...?” Kally asks. The black haired girl named Alex looks back at her. She’s wearing something that strikes a memory within Kally. She’s... She’s wearing an Alphametal! “Barrett, what’s going on?!” Kally asks, standing her ground as he walks on. He turns around. Barrett is bald and wears a serious face. “Kally, I will show you. You will realize why words won’t do this justice in time. Don’t dawdle.” He says, moving on. He nears the center of the room to a circular computer. Punching a few commands in, Kally moves further in. “Don’t screw this up.” The young nine year old Alex lets out as Kally walks down. Kally looks back with a puzzled expression on her face.

Screw what up...?

“Kally. I’ve called you and Alex here for a single reason. Something has happened. Something... horrible.” Kally walks up the metal stairs to the center platform Barrett is on. She looks at what he’s looking at on the holograph. It looks like a globe of Earth, but there is a solid core of Crystal within it.

“What is that...?” She asks. Barrett says nothing, and instead walks off the platform. “Hey! Where are you going? What is it?” – “If you are worthy... you will find out.” Kally’s stomach drops. Did he really just say that- did he really just imply that? She might not be worthy?

Alex follows Barrett out of the room. “W-Wait!” Kally blubbers, the doors slamming behind them, leaving her alone in here. The holograph expands to encompass the entire room, blue lights dancing around. She gulps and walks into it to view the crystalline formation within.

She looks at it for a long time. Her phone isn’t lying, it’s been three hours... she doesn’t see anything. She’s surprised there is a solid crystal mass in the Earth’s core, but other than that... she doesn’t know what she’s looking for. But before long... she begins to feel light headed.

“Ugh, looking at this light is giving me a headache.” She mutters to herself, sitting down. She continues to think, but she can’t come to any answers, not to mention her head keeps hurting. She nurses it by rubbing her temples, but it’s not working.

“..............................................” – “...?” Kally grunts, certain she just heard something. “Hello?” She says. “Barrett? Alex? Come on, this isn’t funny. Are you done torturing me yet? I can’t find anything.” She says, directing her words to the closed wall. There is no response.

“..............................................” – “There it is again...” She says to herself, her headache getting more severe. “Okay guys, I’m starting to get really scared now, please stop...” She begs. Still no response. “Baron, come on! Please open up! This isn’t funny anymore!” She bangs on the wall, but it’s solid stone.

“..............................................help...” – “Huh...?!” She says, terrified, looking around the room. Her back is to the wall and her heart is racing a mile a minute. What he heck is going on?! “Guys, just stop! PLEASE!” She says, unable to take this, she begins to cry a small amount.

“You have to help...” – “H-Huh? Who are you...?” – “Please...” – “I... I don’t know what I can do to help...” – “You... will try to help...?” She gulps; certain this is what Baron and Alex were talking about.

And she’s certain this isn’t a joke anymore.

“I will. Please, just tell me what I can do... who are you...?” – “My name... my name is Barthandelus...” – “Bar... tan... del... us?” She sounds the name out. “My name is... Kally... what can I do to help, Barthandelus?” – “..........” Nothing. “Are you still there?” – “I don’t know if you will... it’s... hard.” Kally gulps.

“J-Just tell me.” – “I need you to...” Barthandelus lets out, choosing not to verbally explain past this point; instead he floods her mind with images and thoughts. Her eyes go wide.

Lava. Explosions. Plague. Death. Monsters, some giant, some even more giant than that. The Earth splitting in two. Mountains crumbling. Oceans drying. People dying. “S-Stop...!” She says, grabbing her head. One last image flashes in her head, the image of a grand dark being floating above all the wreckage. A being with a grand white sword and four vibrant wings. The being’s eyes open wide, shocking Kally back into reality.

“Beelzebub...” She says under her voice, speaking a name she’s never heard of to a person she cannot see. “You want us... to save the entire world... from Beelzebub...”


Ruby looks out the window. The sun is going down already; she has a really... really bad feeling in her chest. She usually worries about stuff like this all the time, but now she really feels scared...

She feels a knock at her door. “Come in...” She says. The door opens and a cheery voice follows. “Happy almost birthday!” Lynn walks through the door and Ruby looks back, a look of astonishment crossing her face! “Wh-What the?! What happened to you?” – “Don’t I look great?” She says, twirling around with a contented smile on her face. “Yeah, you do! I take it Dad did this?” – “Yeah, he’s a miracle worker.” – “Wow... you really look... grown up...” She says, remembering that just this morning, she didn’t look too much unlike her own almost nine year old self.

Lynn’s smile fades as Ruby plops on the bed and stares off into nothing. “Ruby, baby... what’s wrong?” – “Same old, same old...” – “No, that look in your eye. It’s something different. Tell me.” – “Look, I don’t know, it’s a feeling I can’t shake. I can’t help but think like... THEY are going to come back and get me...” – “They...?” – “The robots! The giant freaking robots! The Chronometal Wars were crawling with them! They broke the cities, they killed people and shattered-“ – “Hey, stop that. The wars are over, you are going to be safe, understand me?” She says, sitting next to Ruby.

“Lynn... I don’t know why, but I don’t think they are.” Lynn blinks, Ruby just resorted to a first name basis. “I promise you, with all my heart, I will not let ANYTHING happen to you, baby, I promise. Okay...? Remember that promise I made you?” – “...” – “I haven’t broken it, I will never break it.” – “But what about when you have to go...?” – “...”

Lynn puts her hands on her lap. “When I go... the world will be a better place. There will be no Chronometal Wars, and hopefully their memory will fade too. I promise you, I’ve seen it myself... the world will be fine until then...” – “But what about AFTER then?!” She asks, hysterical. She sits up and Lynn steals her into her arms, her own heart starting to beat faster.

“Then your dad will protect you. He will watch over everyone, as he always has. Nothing bad will happen, even after I’m gone. I promise... I... Promise... okay...?” – “O-Okay...” She says, sniffling within Lynn’s arms.

Nine Years. That’s all Barasia remembers. She’s sure that nine years from now, everything will be fine. The world looked so peaceful when she traveled to that time in the past to create Model B-2. Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay...

...Won’t it...?

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Mon Jan 13, 2014 8:32 am

The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 0
Domestic Destruction

A day has passed.

A lazy day it was. Brick yawns, waking up on the couch. The sun is shining through the slightly curtained window. He opens them up to let the full light in. Olga and Bubbles had the upstairs bed; Brick was fine with the couch. He yawns slightly and begins to feel the annoying bite of hunger.

He walks into the kitchen to notice the fridge is filled with condiments... but nothing to eat. “I guess living alone doesn’t really allow her to go grocery shopping all that much.” He wonders to himself about Bubbles. He looks on the table, more newspaper articles about that rising aide ‘Mandy.’ Bubbles does seem to be very interested in her. Brick can see why... he guesses at least.

She’s young, but incredibly skilled in her field. A person worth admiring. Brick shrugs and drops the newspaper back on the table. He looks in a bucket off to the side of the room with the sign “Food” on it. There’s a Fifty Dollar bill in it. “I guess she organizes her money, but doesn’t really get around to using it.” He wonders to himself a small bit, then takes the money and heads out the door.

He is immediately hit with a cool morning Megaville breeze. He stretches in the warm sun and sighs, before floating slightly. Then he realizes he’s not really supposed to call attention to himself anymore and immediately grounds himself. “I... guess I’ll jog to the store. Man, this is weird.” He says, all of these human activities suddenly catching up to him.


Dexter too wakes up in his bed alongside his new wife, but she’s still asleep. Dexter notices a lump in between them. Ruby snuck in again at night. Dexter sighs and pats the conspicuous lump and gets off of the bed, rubbing his eyes.

Today is the first day of the rest of his life.

Ever since the actions in what came to be called The Panic, he’s completely left the hero business. He even sold most of his machinery to the now struggling government. The entire debacle that arose with The Panic, Heroesbane, as well as their own agents such as Micheal going rogue and The Hangar going out of commission, their grasp on anything has been at an all-time low. But now that things have stabilized, Dexter realizes that in order for everyone to be happy, we all have to work together.

So, he’s left the bad blood behind and even got himself a job working for them, like he used to do when he was kid. It was never official back when he was simply Dexter, Boy Genius. But now it’s in writing. He’s employed!

As soon as he walks down the stairs, several automated systems have already prepared him breakfast. It’s like an early 90’s movie, except the machines aren’t going haywire. Dexter knows better than that. He smiles, taking a piece of toast and heading to get dressed.

In very little time, he’s already dressed to impress! He straightens out his tie, finishes his quick breakfast and heads to the door.

“Heading out already?” Lynn asks from the stairs. Dexter looks back with a smile on his face. “7:00 sharp. Don’t want to be late on my first day, eh?” – “Hmm... I suppose not... but I will be lonely here without you...” She says with a rather flirty tone of voice. “What’s on your mind?” Dexter asks. “Oh, nothing. I may have a surprise when you get home. So hurry up!” He chuckles and nods. “I’ll be back soon. Love you!” – “Love you too!” Dexter exits the house and Lynn sighs, leaning on a banister.

‘The domestic life? Me?’ She wonders to herself. But when she hears her little girl waking up upstairs, it’s all worth it. This is what she fought so hard to achieve for so long. A peaceful world, her world... She just... never thought it would actually happen.

She knows she’s not alone. She knows Dexter is kind of forcing himself into this role as well, but he’s adapting well, a lot better than Lynn expected. Lynn looks at the clock. The bus will be here in 30 minutes. She walks up the stairs to notice that Ruby is already in the shower. She smiles a small bit and heads downstairs again, preparing the automated breakfast maker.

“Dexter sure does find creative ways to adapt his past life into this family lifestyle. I mean, this whole breakfast machine may be a little much... but he already got a job. It’s only been a couple of days. I wonder... what can I do?” She wonders to herself. She is also very fluent in robotics. Well, considering her past... she DID kind of create most of the Chronometals... She rolls her eyes at her passing thoughts.

“Hmm... maybe I could create a robot... maid?” She shakes her head and heads upstairs to change out of her sleep clothes.



Boomer sits on a metal chair. His entire body is covered by the black cloak, not even his face, or hands are visible. Black boots and black gloves fade effortlessly into the rest of the costume. He sits, his ungodly powers churning out and back into itself, creating what feels like an infinite loop.

“What... am... I...?” He wonders to himself. Small robots fly around, scanning Boomer. X told him to wait here as he conducts tests. Boomer doesn’t care, but after that whole mess... he could feel his life slipping. For what it’s worth, Cranston DID bring him back to life...

“Okay, Boomer. We’re done.” X lets out through the intercom. Brick looks up. “So... now what?” – “Well... I will be honest with you. You awoke far ahead of schedule. My plans are still within the first phases. Your early awakening was unforeseen... but as we now are both aware, it was quite successful.”

“... What about Bunny?” – “The girl? She has a name...?” – “Yes... she told me within... within whatever the hell that place was.” – “It was a consciousness generator. One of my personal inventions for keeping near death people alive and mentally healthy for long periods of time. I didn’t expect either of you to even remember anything.” – “Well... I can remember everything now, but I didn’t within the machine...” – “Oh...?”

Cranston opens the door and walks down into the chamber with the black clad Boomer. “Are you saying that you forgot everything within that environment, but remember everything now...?” – “Yes...” – “What about... this Bunny? Did she forget everything as well?” – “As a matter of fact, no. As I was forgetting more and more, she was remembering more and more. She kept talking about the outside world and wanting to get out.” – “Hmm...” X puts a clawed finger to his chin.

“But now you remember... I wonder...” He says, lost in thought wandering back up the stairs. “Cranston, wait.” He turns back. “Your name... it seems familiar to me. What is... your last name...?” – “Hmm? Why ever would you want to know?” – “It’s Utonium, isn’t it?” – “Perhaps. But I have long since shunned my humanity.” – “You said that Blossom is dead. Is that true? Are they all dead?”

“No. Only Blossom is dead. She died fighting Model M.” – “Model M...? I thought...” Boomer pauses, his face still completely hidden in the darkness of his cloak. “I see... My brothers are dead, Blossom is dead... my entire world is empty now.” – “Well-“ X mutters before stopping himself.

“What...? What is it?” – “It’s... it’s nothing. Forget I said anything.” – “It’s not nothing. Nothing you have ever said has been nothing. Tell me...” – “...”

Black Eden goes quiet. Not even the sound of machinery is present anymore.

“One of your brothers yet lives...” Boomer steps forward. “R-Really?! Who?!” – “Brick. He is still alive. I have been watching his movement for a long time. In fact, it was his magnificent strength that gave me the data required to perfect The Shira, the technology that gave you new life.”

“Where? Where is he? Can... Can I see him?” – “He still lives within Megaville. But he’s living with...” – “With...?”

“He is living with Bubbles.”

“Wh-What?! Has he forgotten that the Powerpuff Girls are the ones responsible for our deaths?!” Still facing away from Boomer, Cranston raises an eyebrow. He may be able to use this anger...

“Perhaps. Perhaps he has simply forgotten the pain after all this time. Maybe he has grown weak, maybe she has brainwashed him. I simply observe them, I cannot read their minds.” – “Grr...!” – “But as I said, my plans are still within their early stages. We cannot make a move yet.” – “Maybe YOU can’t... but I’m a different story!” Boomer exclaims. X turns around. “What do you mean?” – “Tell me exactly where they are and I’ll show you!”


Bubbles and Olga are awake, bathed, and dressed. But there is an itch in the back of Olga’s mind. She rubs her head, beckoning a response from Bubbles.

“Olga? What’s wrong...?” – “Oww... something... new hurts...” – “New?” – “It hasn’t hurt like this before, it feels... hot...” – “Hot? I... don’t know... do you want some Aspirin?” – “No, it’s not a headache. I don’t know, I’ve never felt this before...! It feels like a fireball is coming for us...!” Bubbles looks out the window but doesn’t see anything. Olga looks over.

“Bubbles, please! Something is out there, and it’s coming for us!” Bubbles has no idea what to make of this, but she flies out the window regardless of her own advice and looks into the sky once she lands on the roof.

Olga was right... there IS something here... but what...? Bubbles defensively looks around the entire sky, looking for whatever is causing this energy. What feels like an electric shock crosses her mind and she turns around and blocks an incredibly powerful blast with her one arm! It knocks her off the roof and onto the ground! That blast burnt her hand something bad...! She growls and raises her hand to the house! Before long, a floating Chronometal flies out and combines with her!

As the black armor binds her to body, she looks back into the sky to view her assailant.

It’s a person in a dark cloak!

“Bubbles...” He hisses out...

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How do you keep all these timelines straight in your head? I would go crazy!!! Very fun to read :)

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Comic Kitten wrote:How do you keep all these timelines straight in your head? I would go crazy!!! Very fun to read :)
Haha, it's not easy! Thank you very much for reading, it means a lot, really.
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