The Chronometal Wars

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Page 12
This page contains the rest of Year 2 of the Black War.
This page also contains some of Year 3 of the Black War.
This page also contains several -???- Question parts, taking place in a wierd heavenly zone.
This page also contains a vision of the future: The Ancient War


The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2

It’s very dark here.

Pools of blood lie everywhere. Bodies are torn asunder, some barbarically, others quite surgically. They line the floor, they line the walls, dead bodies are more common here than individual pieces of furniture, which at this time is mostly all broken. Only two people are alive in here, one of which is a scared man in a pool of blood, shivering like a frightened puppy though the man’s body size and facial features make these actions seem especially pathetic.

This man is, or at least was, a head of a very respected and feared crime organization. It wouldn’t take much deducing to come to the conclusion that all of his right and left hand men are in pieces around him. But as for the other person whose alive, is none other than a rather eye catching young woman, wielding very inconspicuous, easily hidden firearms.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve left you alive?” The man does little more than shiver at the question. “Quickly realize that the only reason you’re still alive is that you are of some use to me, or else not even that will be true. SPEAK.” – “Y-Yes? Why?” – “Good boy, you can do tricks. Now listen very closely-“ The woman whispers, coming within direct body contact of him, every minute touch sending shivers down his spine as her lips reach his ears.

“Know… that only I rule this place… I won’t have pathetic trash like you stinking up my city.” – “Y-You…?! You’re that mayor lady! M-Mayor M-Mandy!” Her eyes go doey and she wears a face of obviously faked kindness. “This is my home- these are my people, and only I pick and choose when and how they die. Your actions, although minor, are in direct conflict with my interests. But now, your organization is…” She looks around the room and her permanent scowl breaks for a short moment to show a single hint of a grin.

“… Indisposed, at the moment. I recommend that you tell everyone you know that this is my city, and to leave… before they end up like your lackeys.” The man does little more than dart his eyes around the room and shiver. Every time he makes a subtle movement his hand falls into a puddle of blood, or his foot touches another body part. “I don’t think you understood me. I don’t think you’ve been listening. I don’t think you appreciate the life I have yet to take from you!” This man is broken. His mind and will have gone blank. Mandy rolls her eyes and shoots him clear in the forehead! He fades into the piles of bodies seamlessly, and she groans.

“Crime lords, so addicted to control that they have no idea what to do when the tables are flipped… truly sad creatures.” She flips a fire alarm in this building and walks out. Word will spread that this entire crime syndicate was taken out in a single day. If not a direct message to those remaining in Megaville, it will certainly come as nothing less than a stern warning.

“Now… I have to prepare for tomorrow. I have a plane to catch to India.” She says casually, wiping specks of blood off of her face with a rag.


-Less than an hour later-

The Fire Department has all but left the location, but the Police and several ambulances are on the scene. Crime of this kind has been absent, or at least rare for the past few years, so this comes as a big shock to the people of Megaville. Bubbles is here, no longer with Brick as she usually is. Something was irking her to come here.

“Ah, a superhero. I would say your timing was great, but at this point we’re just identifying the bodies. No monsters or anything to fight here.” – “Mmm.” Bubbles mumbles, walking onto the crime scene like it was her own front yard, the person in charge not bothering to raise an objection. Most of the bodies are removed and replaced with white tape, as to signify a crime scene and to preserve not yet found evidence.

But a piece of paper with a specific insignia held by a forensic detective tells her all she needs to know. “You there, would you mind letting me take a look at that?” She asks the person. “W-Well, so long as you wear gloves, I don’t see why not.” She rolls her eyes and slaps on a single glove and takes the paper. The reason she was so instantly drawn to it is due to the wax insignia on the back.

A frowning skull. A calling card, if you will, to a serial murderer that the people of Megaville are not acquainted with yet… at least they don’t realize it at this time.


“Bubbles? Is everything alright?” – “No, not particularly.” She says, casually giving the piece of paper back to the man and taking her glove off. Without another word, she leaves.



-Several Years Earlier, before the First Chronometal War-

“The future…?” Mandy asks, no longer indistinctly drinking from her school’s provided milk. Bubbles merely nods. “I don’t know why… but I feel like I can trust you, Mandy… A girl from the future told me that the end of the world is coming. She told me not to tell anyone, to keep it to myself, but I just can’t.” Mandy stares blankly at the torn Bubbles.

“I’m… glad you came to me with this.” – “Wait, you believe me?” She diverts her eyes for a moment, in legitimate thought. “I like to think I’m an excellent judge of character, and I don’t remember a single instance where I recall you telling a lie, and besides, it’s not like time travel is something I’m not aware of. Neither of us have lived perfect lives of little girls, after all.” Bubbles nods, but frowns at the same time.

“Please don’t tell anyone…” – “About that, why did you tell me? What do you expect me to do with this information?” – “I… don’t know. But the way she made it sound, even from the future and as a superhero, everything seemed hopeless. You seem like someone who can set things straight.” – “Well… I do have rather strong connections with rather strong people.” She says, casually sipping from the milk in front of her. Her eyes are closed and in deep thought.

“Maybe…” – “Huh?” – “Oh, it’s… nothing. Just… a passing thought.” – “No, please… tell me!” Bubbles pleads. Mandy opens her eyes and looks at Bubbles. Bubbles hates when people look at her like that, the look that people give before saying something really… bad.

“If this ‘Black Mother’ is right, then the people of the world are the ones that bring this upon themselves, right?” – “W-Well… I don’t know about that.” – “But what exactly did she say?” – “That… people tried to bring Mandark back to life, and other people… and create a kind of… G-God.” – “That’s what I thought. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, Blue.” She says, motioning Bubbles to follow her as she leaves this room. Bubbles obliges, quickly leaving the cafeteria to be quickly swept out of the school and into a secluded location.

“I have my own plans for the future. I have gone through a lot to solidify my connections with... the ‘supernatural.’ The information you have given me will help, a lot. But I may still need your help to ensure my future is made a reality. Join me, Bubbles. Together, we can sweep the garbage of this world away and ensure that we can protect it.” – “Protect it…? Garbage?” – “This isn’t going to be easy. From what you’ve told me, the people of this world are the ones that give the coming end the spark it needs to ignite. Together, we can snuff out that spark.” – “Y-You’re talking about… killing people?”

Mandy glares at Bubbles. “Yes, Bubbles. I am. I have ambitions that will be thrown into jeopardy if petty criminals scurry around, making havoc for everyone.” – “Well, why can’t we just imprison them?” Mandy once again glares at Bubbles, sending a shiver down her spine. “A new world is coming, Bubbles, you’ve told me yourself. Not to mention I’ve been feeling it myself. They cannot be left alive. They will get in everyone’s way.” – “N-No, I can’t do that-“ – “Shh.” Mandy hushes Bubbles up before she continues.

“You don’t have to decide now, if you don’t want to. After all, I am truly thankful you gave me this information, but I have to prepare.” – “Prepare…?” – “Keep an eye out for me in the future, Bubbles. The name ‘Mayor Mandy’ may become a household name. When it does, I want you to come to me with your answer.” – “…”

Mandy walks back off into the school, leaving Bubbles to wonder if she made the right decision in telling her about what The Black Mother told her of the future. She makes a mental note to keep an eye out for ‘Mayor Mandy’ in the years to come.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
Claire’s Fresh Eyes, Bubbles’ Resolve

Claire lies in a bed, covered in bandages and casts.

It used to hurt a lot when she first woke up, but thanks to everyone’s help, she feels better. The blonde woman that was here left a while ago, and the red haired boy is asleep at a chair. The only person here and awake is that girl that Claire heard ever since she woke up, and who helped her survive this whole ordeal.


“Claire? Are you alright?” – “Huh…? Oh, yes… thank you…” Olga pauses. “You don’t… seem… alright. Is there something I can do to help?” – “W-Well…” Claire pauses. “I… want to go outside.” Olga ponders the request for a bit. “Are you sure you’re okay to walk?” Instead of answering it with words, Claire motions her body to slowly slump out of the bed. Her chest still hurts a lot. After all, she pretty much got impaled. She stands up slowly, wobbling all the way.

She looks almost exactly like Bell, but her hair is a silverish color, her eyes matching. Her hair is also very long, probably never having been cut in her life, they nearly reach her ankles.

“I see. Well, I suppose a short walk couldn’t hurt.” Olga gets up, a lot more lively. She’s surprised even herself with how much color has returned to her face, and how much she can feel now. Olga is almost back to her old self. “Take my arm. I’ll lead you down the stairs.” Claire, who is slightly taller than Olga, grabs into her arm and uses her for balance. They slowly make their way down the wooden staircase into the living room, and shortly they are at the front door, Claire already seemingly winded.

“Are you okay? Should we stop for now?” – “No… I want to go outside… to see it.” It’s hard to believe, but that event only happened yesterday. She’s recovered so fast. There is certainly something superhuman about this girl, and she seems very curious about the sunlight. Is this the first time she’s ever seen Daylight?

Olga reaches out and opens the door, the midmorning light momentarily blinding the off guard Claire. But shortly, her eyes adjust and they walk out. It’s chilly, small packs of snow are on the ground, but most everywhere else is dark green grass. She looks around, unfamiliar of this kind of sunlight, as she looks into the sky and winces. “Don’t look directly at the sun, Claire. You’ll hurt your eyes.” Olga chuckles. Claire shakes her head and smiles. “Now you tell me…” – “Is… this really the first time you’ve been outside?” Claire nods, the smile on her face quickly fading.

“Yes. I don’t remember anything else… if there ever was anything else.” – “Do you remember your parents?” – “Parents…?” She puts a finger to her lip and shakes her head. A bird chirps from the ground, looking at Claire and Olga. Claire jostles Olga’s grip free and kneels down to it. To Olga’s surprise, it doesn’t fly away. It simply turns its head. Claire reaches her hand out and before Olga can say anything, Claire is petting the bird. The bird seems to think Claire isn’t a threat to her. In fact, while Claire pets it the bird always looks at Olga, as if Olga is the only human here out of the two.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s just an animal, Olga might feel a little offended…

“Bird…” Claire says, beckoning a response from the bird on the ground, as it flies away. “Sun.” She says, looking into the sky. What is she doing? “Tree. Grass. Water.” She says, looking at things around the yard. The tree, the grass, the pond. “Claire?” Olga asks. Claire looks back at Olga, more specifically, Olga’s face. “Scar.” Olga cocks her head and runs a finger down her face.

Yes, her scar… she remembers. She got this when she and M****** tried to create Model * for the first time…

… Olga’s memory is still a little hazy, but the small stuff doesn’t matter. She still remembers her brother, Susan. Though, she doesn’t remember Bubb*** and Bri** that much. She shrugs, and gets back to the matter at hand.

“What are you doing, Claire? What’s with the words?” – “I know these words…” She says enigmatically, looking at herself. “Bandage… clothes… blood…” – “So?” – “Why…? Why do I know these words? Who taught them to me?” – “…!” Olga realizes what this is all about now. “Claire. What is the ‘first’ thing you remember?” – “Huh? First…?”

She stands up, wobbling all the way, beckoning Olga to come to her side and once again give her an arm. “I remember… a lot of pain. In my stomach… nauseous too. Throwing up… convulsing…” That doesn’t sound pretty, but Olga almost seems to know what Claire is talking about. “I remember… your voice too.” That reminds Olga. How did she even do that? Bubbles and Brick were no help in attempting to figure that out. All she knows for certain is that Claire’s voice was indistinguishable from the thousands of very faint voices constantly buzzing in her head.

Claire kneels down to the grass. “Grass…” She feels it and sniffs it, almost like she remembers what it smells like, even though she knows she’s never even seen it before.

At one point she thought she was just insane, but Claire’s survival has taught her that this is just a very annoying, but infinitely useful gift. “I don’t remember how I managed to contact you in space like I did, all I know is that I could feel you calling out to me, and I answered.” – “I… think it was you who finally woke me up.” – “Are you sure? I don’t think that’s possible.” – “Huh? What do you mean?” Olga thinks to herself for a small bit, looking up into the sunny sky, the moon barely present behind the clouds.

“I heard you before you woke up, like you were talking in your sleep. You sounded very lonely. That’s what initially made me focus on you when you became more fluent with your words.” – “I… don’t remember doing anything like that…” Olga shakes her head and pats Claire on the back. “Does it matter? You’re here, and so am I.” – “Y-Yeah.” Claire gets up and wipes the grass off of her knees. “But I’m still curious as to why I know what I know… and where I really came from, and why.” – “We can find all of that out later. What matters now is that you’re okay, okay?” – “Okay.” Even though she didn’t get the closure she wanted, Claire actually does feel a lot better.

Her stomach grumbles and Olga gets an idea. “Do you remember what good food tastes like?” Claire smiles and nods. “Let’s wake Brick’s lazy butt up, get him to make us some lunch.”


-Several Years ago, during the Chronometal Prologue-

“Mandy? You wanted to see me?” – “Blue, take a look at this.” Mandy seems to have a nickname for Bubbles. It’s beginning to grow on her. Mandy doesn’t socialize with many other people from the school they went to years ago… or many at all during that school as well. A lot of people wanted to be friends with her, but only a scant few made it past whatever ‘screening’ process she has going on. But beside that point-

Mandy is pointing at pictures and words on a strange looking document. “What am I looking at, exactly?” – “This is a military file I swiped. It’s showing that something really big is about to happen.” – “Military…? Swiped?! You stole army stuff?!” Mandy looks over at Bubbles. “Look.” She repeats. Bubbles looks closer.

“Secret… base… huge weapons… … … civilian casualties? Mandy, what is this?” – “A Military operation is in effect now. Apparently there is a base in the mountains around Megaville, and that’s not all… word has it that it extends underneath all of Megaville itself.” – “What? Who built this?” – “Another document came back a while ago saying they called themselves The Knights, led by one ‘Micheal’ who used to work for the Military. They’re weak. Apparently a group called The Three already infiltrated this base and caused massive damage. A kind of civil war broke out among the civilians in there and things got messy. If we’re going to act, it should be now.” – “Act? What do you mean, act?” – “Blue, I told you before, I am going to sweep the garbage off of this world. If we act now, we can kill them before they recover.”

Bubbles blinks and shakes her head, rubbing her arm. “K-Kill… why is it always kill with you?” – “Do you know how many people they’ve already killed, Bubbles? Dozens? Hundreds even? We have a chance to stop that, now!” – “NO! I will not help you kill people, Mandy!” – “…” Mandy goes silent before rolling her eyes and taking the file.

“You disappoint me, Bubbles.” She says before walking away.


Bubbles sits on a chair, looking at Mandy’s skull calling card, wondering about what could have been.

“If we killed Micheal right then and there… how much of this could have been prevented…?” She closes her eyes, deep in thought. “But she won’t fool me. This was never about cleaning the world up. It was all for one goal.” She opens her eyes back up.

“Mandy just wants this world for herself. Micheal was just someone in her way.” Confident in her life choices, Bubbles throws the card away and moves on. “I think it’s time I paid ‘Mayor’ Mandy a visit.”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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Sorry for the long delay.


The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
To Rebel and Revel

“She’s not answering her phone…” Lynn says, troubled. Dexter comforts her .

“It’s alright; she’s probably just running a little late. The bus probably hit bad traffic.” – “It’s been two hours, I-“ She tries to say as baby Blossom comes running into the room, screeching, like some children randomly do, completely snipping their conversation.

Ruby has been gone for way too long, Dexter and Lynn are getting worried. The babies, Blossom and Bell are about a year and a half old now, being born in June of last year, and this year nearly coming to an end. Their personalities, although still in their literal infancies, are different from a standstill. Blossom is energetic and loud, rarely wanting to be stopped or held until she’s completely out of energy, while Bell is calm and quiet. At least compared to other babies. The complications with Bell’s birth, although terrifying at first, have not proven to slow her down, although along with her eyes…

Her hair is also white, lacking color pigmentation. Dexter theorizes it may have been due to proper pigmentation development, or perhaps yet another result of the abnormal birth. Either way, she is still unable to move her legs, though that doesn’t stop her from wandering when she wants to. Her skin is also a tad more pale than Blossom’s but not by much, and while Blossom is louder in everything, including crying, Bell has shown herself even at this young age to be very emotional.

Perhaps being unable to run around and cause havoc to her heart’s content has caused her naturally curious mind to mature far before it was expected, resulting in a calm baby, who seems to only cry when she needs something, or is lonely. Lynn and Dexter have had their hands full for the past year and a half, but even amidst the constant work, they noticed a lack of punctuality of Ruby’s part. She still hasn’t come home.

A new fear grows in their heart as a school bulletin is updated on their phones, allowing parents to keep an eye and an ear on the goings on in the school their children attend.

“Several guns have been stolen. Some boys claim to have been nearly shot by a high schooler.” Lynn’s face loses color.


“Anywhere but here.” Ruby says to herself. “Go west. West to Megaville.” She continues, the sound of the train tracks drowning out a few of her thoughts.

She has run away from home, and not in the cute way where a kid gets down the street and starts crying. No, Ruby is on a train bound westward. This isn’t so much running away from home as it is trying to find a new life. She has grown disgusted of her lethargic parents, who have the power to be heroes but refusing to utilize that power.

There are a few people on this train as well. Mostly adults, but a few kids are present. She sits at the opening to the train car, her legs dangling out and being tickled by the quickly passing wind. Her backpack is still on, but she’s discarded all of the useless books and replaced them with food, water, and of course… ammo. Her iron is still on her hip in a holster. It’s cleverly hidden using baggage around her shirt to cover it, but some people have seen it.

She’s going west to Megaville, the city of heroes. Known now to everyone to be one of if not the single most dangerous place on the planet, where monsters, demons, and villains run rampant. But that’s why she’s going. She’s tired of sitting on the sidelines. She’s grown up now.

Or at least in her eyes she is.

It’s been a few years since she was legally adopted by Lynn and a few more still since Lynn married Dexter. At first she was happy to have a full family again, but it was all at a terrible cost. She imagines all of the people who die every day to monsters, and how many her parents could have saved. It makes her sick. They would rather stay at home and play the family game then get out there and use their talents for good.

“They’re no family of mine.” She answers a delayed question from another girl in this train car. A girl a few years older than Ruby, looking about eighteen years old, while Ruby is a soft sixteen. “So that’s why you ran away… but… your dad is ‘the’ Dexter? Boy Genius?” – “He’s not a boy anymore.” Ruby trails on. “Well, yeah, but it’s hard to shed a well-known title like that.” The girl says, interested in Ruby. “So… sorry to get more personal, but did you leave anyone back at home?” – “What do you mean?” – “I mean like… you know, friends… boyfriend… boyfriends…” The girl’s eyes wander, in thought.

“I had a few friends once. Some of them died. Others completely disappeared. It makes no real difference to me. There is nothing worth going back to; I’ve left them all behind. And no, I never had a “Boyfriend.” No one like that.” She trails off, mentioning the word boyfriend, as if she seems initially resistant of the word itself.

“Alright, alright. I see you have your reasons.” – “Well, what’s your story?” – “Oh… me?” The girl looks surprised. For so long the conversation has been about Ruby. She’s the youngest person on this train who isn’t here with a family member. “Well, I’m here with my grandpa. We’re almost done with our coast to coast adventure. Once we hit California, we’re taking a boat to India to live with one of my grandpa’s old friends.” – “India, huh? Well, I wish you the best of luck.” – “No, I wish you the best of luck, Ruby. Going to Megaville and all by yourself… you’re brave…” – “…”

The conversation ends and the young woman leaves Ruby alone, heading back into the train car as the wind gets a bit cold. “I guess it’s a good time to sleep…” Ruby says to herself.



Neil’s sword slashes down, nearly hitting Kally! The Saints are training while aboard one of Baron’s private ships. They should reach Indian waters by sunup, and should be in New Delhi by the time noon nears.

For now, a very interesting training session is in place, everyone is looking on in awe, even Izzy, who is almost three years old now. For the longest time, Kally, Barrett, and Rose were considered the strongest fighters in The Saints, but with Neil’s new sword upgrade, he’s confident he can take Kally’s title! Even Alex is getting jittery watching the battle unfold!

Kally’s energy rapier and buckler are a lot faster than Neil, but as you may remember, Neil’s natural skill means that his Alphametal hasn’t had the time to evolve yet, so anything could happen. Should Neil actually be pushed to his limits, an incredibly powerful warrior could be born!

He strikes down, his divine sword of unknown creation grinding against the solid energy born of Kally’s buckler! She pushes it off and begins to jab at Neil, who bounces backwards! But she’s so fast that no matter where he jumps or moves she’s already right on him! He uses his thick sword for defense as well as offense, using it to block light attacks. An opening presents itself and Kally jabs her rapier into Neil’s leg, instantly grounding him!

The blade is a solid, but it’s also incredibly hot, sizzling his leg as she keeps him down. “Yield.” Is all she says as he winces and looks up. Noss and Alex can recognize the look in Kally’s eyes and they look over to Barrett. “Yo, Barrett. Did you tell her she could do what I think you did?” All he does is smile and cross his arms.

A while ago, unknown to Alex and Noss, Baron sent Kally at them in a “training” match, but they didn’t know that she was authorized to kill them, all in the labor of allowing you to unlock the hidden powers of the Alphametal. Kally and Noss could barely hold her off before Baron called the fight off, Kally gave them the same look she’s giving Neil now.

If Neil doesn’t give up, she might actually kill him!

“Never!” He yells, grabbing hold of the rapier and bashing it out of Kally’s grip! He stumbles to his feet and brandishes his holy blade once more! She cracks her neck and picks the weapon back up, now about twenty feet away from Neil. “Very well.” Is all she says as she goes into a battle stance once more, this time her blade pointing at Neil instead of at the ground.

She swerves around him at high speeds and lunges, only to have the tip grind against Neil’s sword! His sword spins around and he cleaves down at Kally at full strength! She blocks against it, only to have it actually lock into a power struggle! She winces and grunts as the sword is pushed against her! To everyone’s surprise, this power actually forces her to her knees as she blocks! Neil’s sword, held with both hands, is grinding against her electrified blue buckler and exerting a huge amount of energy!

Soon, her power is so low that he finds a time to whip the sword and strike the shield out of her hand! At this point he briefly considers himself victorious, until Kally rises to her feet and starts stabbing at him wildly! He barely has the speed to avoid any of them, as a few poles get punched in his arms and legs! “AND NOW, THE END!” She yells, her needle going in so fast that a shockwave is born around it! It’s going right for his heart!

For a moment… time seems to stop for him. “What is she doing…?” He wonders to himself as he realizes the trajectory of the attack. She’s going for the kill, that much he knows, but he doesn’t know why. A voice in the back of his head whispers to him.

“You. Can’t. Die. Here!” – “Die…? She’s… trying to kill me…? But… why?” A heat builds in his heart as he feels something new coming over him.

A rust colored aura is born around him as he explodes backwards! Even while wounded, he stands on his feet and looks Kally in the eye, her face showing pure shock. Noss looks on, more envious than ever.

Did he just unlock some power in his Alphametal…?!
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
??? ????? ???
???? ?

“… … … … …”

This land is silent and serene. Obelisks made of smooth stone expand into the sky and disappear behind the clouds. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the wind is calming. Though even with all of this, a foreboding atmosphere of the utmost importance surrounds it.

A single man is in motion in this land. Though there are countless other individuals here, they are all sitting down, he is the only one moving. His boots crack against the grass, where he steps, the grass seems to grow even stronger, surrounding his boots and attempting to crawl up his leg.

He always found this place annoying.

He nears a door he’s neared many times before. It opens at his mere presence. There is only one other individual here, a young woman. She is sitting down on the grass next to the white door. The door itself is in the middle of this vast expansive meadow, though connects to no walls or towers. The only places here that aren’t grass are the occasional lakes and obelisks.

There used to be nine Obelisks here. But one has broken, shattered completely to dust, leaving a pile of ash and salt the size of a very large building. After that happened, this white door grew bigger. This man initially found the broken Obelisk to again be something annoying, but he has learned to accept the truth of the world around him.

The door opens all the way and he takes what looks like a small hand-made statue out of his pocket.

“Another one…?” The girl by the door asks, catching him off guard. Normally he responds to all things unexpected with explosive anger and violence, but he has learned a lot since he began.

“Yes. Another one.” He simply responds, about to throw the statue through the open doorway, with the innards of it looking like a distorted portal to another realm of existence, but he pauses. New emotions overtaking him. None pleasant of course, he is who he is, but nevertheless he gives pause and looks over to the sitting girl.

“This is another big one.” He says simply, causing her to look up into the palm of his open hand. The first one looked like a kind of Chimera, or Gryphon. But this one looks like a coiled serpent. She looks over to the Obelisk behind her, miles away but still large enough to make details out. Carved along all of its four major sides are engravings of a giant snake, coiling a world until it breaks, devouring cities… not much unlike the Gryphon, who had a burning planet beneath its wings, mountains crumbled to dust under its hooves and talons.

That obelisk is dust now.

“That one will fail too.” She says. “I’m sure it will.” He swiftly responds, looking back into the doorway, still holding the small statue. As he stands there, emotions of pride welling up in him, a small tremor is felt on the ground beneath them. “Oh? It appears another font of soul energy is being processed.” He says, noticing a clearing behind him is sinking into the ground, becoming one of the many lakes.

Come to think of it, of the many individuals here, none of them are by the lakes. The lakes seem to have no bottom, and appear to be blackening into nothingness. To look at it head on is… kind of scary. “Another Chronometal…?” She asks. “I’m not sure. I haven’t paid enough attention to the pathetic dregs that make up your world.” – “Maybe you should…” – “Perhaps.” He says surprisingly.

“Beelzebub…? You’ve… changed.” – “…” Statue still in hand, he pauses. He used to not even give this girl the time of day, now he almost looks forward to talking to her, he loved seeing the look on her face when more people are swept into this realm, knowing they can never escape. It gave him a twisted pleasure, but now he legitimately looks forward to talking to this young woman.

“Perhaps I’ve learned to take pleasure in all things, not just torture and death. But I sure hope you don’t expect my motives and goals to have changed.” He says, once again bringing emphases to the statue in his hand. The second he throws it into that doorway, Earth will face another Raging Beast, and even more people will die.

She smiles and sighs. “I guess not. But we both know that you enjoy my company now, no?” – “That’s rather high handed of you, Blossom, to assume that I come here for you.” He spits, attempting to divert the truth of her words. “But that’s okay-“ She continues without heed for his words. “The talks you come to me with break the boredom. I look forward to your visits as well.” – “…”

Beelzebub… has no idea what to say.

“If you don’t mind me asking… why do you still look like Dexter?” – “His is the avatar I can most easily channel. When I turned into the Chronotitan, his soul was the closest to the abyss, the closest to the breaking point. To be quite honest, I didn’t choose to take his visage, it chose me.” He says, looking back at Blossom, who is looking at him.

His skin is pitch black as is his hair. His eyes however… are starting to show color. Blossom could swear that his eyes were also black at some point. His clothing is also a carbon copy of Dexter’s normal Boy Genius wardrobe, consisting of lab-boots, lab-coat, and gloves, with an astute black tint.

“Though channeling this avatar makes me infinitely weaker than my true form, it does allow for some interesting abilities, such as the ability to travel through time instead of being anchored in one place, like The Arks. While in this body, I have several of the characteristics of being mortal, with all of the positives and negatives included.” He notices he has still not thrown the statue in. He smiles, maybe he just wants to talk some more.

“Is that a good enough answer for you?” He asks Blossoms, who merely nods. “For now.” She says with a weird smile. “Well, let me ask you a question, Blossom.” – “…?”

“Why do you hold on? Why not just give into the claws constantly trying to drag you down? Surely you must know that your time here is not infinite.” – “That’s simple. I’m not ready to die yet.” – “You’ve died more than most people, Powerpuff. You died during the Chronometal Wars, and the Chronometal Panic. Now here you are, refusing to let go once again.” – “So long as you still walk the Earth or any plan in between, I will not die.” He breaks into a toothy smile. “So you wish to face off against me one last time?” – “Not here, not now… but perhaps the near future.” She says with a tired grin.

Beelzebub, against all of Blossom’s expectations, sits down next to her. She looks over to him as he stares into space. “Why do you think this all started, Blossom?” He asks. He obviously knows the answer, he just wants to know if Blossom does.

“Mandark said something about God testing us.” – “As did Micheal.” – “Right, right… so… it’s all a test?” – “Well, it might have been at first, but it became so much more.” – “Wait… so there ‘Is’ a God?” – “Yes, Blossom. There is. There is a God, I’ve met God myself.” – “Is… it like the religions of Earth say he is?”

“I will save that answer for another day. But I will say this, Blossom. You’re lucky to still even be here. Everyone on Earth is. Mandark and Micheal were working according to God’s plan to create the Chronometals, and then destroy the beginning of Time. If it wasn’t for Buttercup and Him, your entire outlook on what life even is would have been shattered. Ever since the gates to both Heaven and the Hells have been closed, Him has taken to creating his own version of the Afterlife… a giant crystal brimming with energy, energy enough to keep me out of your world for the time being.”

“Him has been working this hard… to keep us all alive?” – “To what end, I am not sure myself. But he has become my sworn enemy. If it wasn’t for his constant meddling with that crystal, I could have destroyed the Earth by now. Instead, I’m having these statues slowly whittle the Earth down, bit by bit, before I come in and claim what is rightfully mine.” – “How long is that going to take?” – “From this point… about eight years. I have learned patience through my constant failures. Even losing to Otto truly put things into perspective. I grow weak when I fight the crystal head-on… but if I can get the Crystal to shatter… or its power to fade, then I can casually step to the planet and tear it asunder.”

He stands up and finally throws the statue into the doorway!

The serpent Obelisk begins to glow brightly as the clouds in the sky swirl around it!

“Whatever you may think of me, Blossom, remember this.” He says, diverting his no longer black, but instead blue eyes to Blossom’s own pink eyes. “My quest to dethrone God has not ended, but instead… everything I do now is for that goal. I have already destroyed Time Squad, ended countless timelines, and now even Him and his grand crystal are growing tired after just one statue. I have just sent another Raging Beast at him, and I still have seven more in my possession. Once the world above is in ashes, and Him is at his knees, I will separate his head from his shoulders, shatter the crystal, destroy the planet… then finally take my rightful place in the high heavens as the one true God.” He smiles, finally letting someone know the truth of his plans.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
The Fruits of Hell’s Training

The battle still rages on.

Neil has unlocked a segment of power within his heart, but he can’t help but feel weird about it, like something was broken because of it. Like… in his heart he feels like some kind of abyssal lake has been formed, where all life dies…

But regardless, he stands, his extremities bleeding and burnt, facing down Kally with a holy sword drawn! She is still panting from the battle a few moments earlier, but she smiles as the copper aura comes off of Neil. She knows that look. “It looks like I don’t have to hold back anymore.” She says, picking her buckler back up. “What do you mean?” Neil asks, his sword still at a defensive position.

“It’s simple.” She says, a devious smile crossing her otherwise innocent face.

Kally is a girl who looks like she has never killed in her life, but she hides a lot of demons. Ever since joining Barrett, a lot of insane people have tried to hurt them due to thinking their armors were Chronometals. Needless to say, they no longer exist. One specific event triggered something in her.

The room explodes with blue energy as Kally’s Alphametal also emits an aura! “WHAT THE?!” Noss lets out. “SHE CAN DO THAT?! She was capable of beating all of us without so much as breaking a sweat!” Noss exclaims. He’s surprised to hear that Alex isn’t responding, and he looks over at her. She’s…


“EN-GARDE, NEIL!” She yells, as her boots unleash a brilliant azure laser and she takes to the air! She dives down, thrusting with her Rapier, only to have it blocked by Neil, but the attack is so forceful that the sword is blasted right out of his hands!

“Damn it…” Alex huffs. “What is it, Alex?” Noss asks. “She’s been holding back on us this whole time…? How… how am I supposed to get stronger when I can’t even provide her with a challenge?!” – “…”

Neil scrambles for the sword, his aura providing his back with a kind of wind allowing him to run at lightning speed, even though the wounds on his legs cause him great pain! She strikes at him again, but he slashes at her, forcing her to block with her buckler! The copper and azure auras collide and lightning spits out from the impact zone! Everyone has to get back as a lightning bolt hits the back of the room!

But Kally has no problem smacking the sword away and jabbing at Neil once more! The blade goes clean through his arm and sizzles as it does so! “GAAAHHHH!!!” He screams as if in bloody murder! He falls to his knees and his aura completely wanes. She chunks the sword out of his arm with a disgusting noise being made. All he can do is wince and barely open his eyes to see her looking down, panting from the battle.

But she’s still smiling, genuinely. Like she just saw an old friend again, a kind of warm happiness.

“Good fight.” She says, extending her hand to him.

In between gulps of air and pained grunts, he accepts the gesture and she helps him to his feet, her aura completely fading. She won that battle through and through, and even though she was allowed to land a killing blow if she felt it was necessary, she was pleased with his progress. “You’re very strong, Neil.” She helps him walk over to Barrett, who takes him and nods.

“I’ll bring him to the infirmary. I’ll treat him there. We’ll be in Indian waters in less than an hour. Prepare yourselves for the battle to come.” As Baron walks off, Kally exhales and collapses on a bench, her energy completely spent, small beads of sweat dropping off her forehead. She looks at her armor.

Alphametals are white, devoid of any real color. There is a kind of extension that comes off of their right arms, but not very high. Roughly a half of an inch. This extension feeds data straight from the air into the armor itself, where the internalized artificial intelligence is able to make minute decisions, such as speed, or toughness. The battle suit, not much unlike a Chronometal, encompasses the entire body. Unlike the Chronometal however, it does not cover the head, nor is it heavily metallic. Instead it’s a sleek, almost rubbery suit, with armored rivets along joints like the elbows or the knees.

All of these are scuffed and broken on her armor. Neil was strong. Not that fast, but immensely strong. His power ran out near the end, as his armor only just now unlocked just a shred of its power, but if he can harness it competently, Kally has no doubt that Neil would be able to beat her.

“You did good, Kally.” Rose says, with Izzy in close toe. Izzy at this time is little over two and a half years old and is still learning the ins and outs of proper human behavior, but he jumps onto Kally’s aching lap and looks up at her. He knows basically how to talk, but still suffers from inexperienced ‘child grammar’ “How you make light? Again?” – “Haha… maybe later, Izzy.” She pats his head and sets him on the floor. “Thanks, Rose. To be honest, Neil really surprised me.” – “Yes, you showed just the required amount of ferocity to unlock his heart. I’m sure these lessons will help him in the future.” She closes her eyes and lays on the bench in this yacht.

But, just a room away, emotions boil.

“DAMN IT!” Alex screams, alone in this room. It’s another training space that Barrett had built a while ago. But in here is an assortment of devices used for high stakes training. Barrett copied this from a Townsville Professor he heard of in Townsville. Apparently it can generate incredibly powerful and numerous enemies in a small controlled environment…

…with optional safety features.

Alex sets the dial to the highest number and rips the safety button off as she presses the activation switch! This causes a series of loud noises to permeate the yacht as a generated environment takes place around Alex! It looks like Megaville, but it’s burning and only a handful of giant monsters are to blame!

“Alex?! What are you doing?!” Noss yells, bursting into the room, unwittingly getting involved in a quick attack by one of the simulated monsters! The door automatically locks itself behind Noss! “Damn it Noss! Why are you here?! HA!” She yells, slicing at a monster with her glowing red energy katana. “I heard that you activated the simulation room! I knew you were gonna do something like this!” He exclaims, his energy crossbow letting out a beam of amber light, impaling one of the monsters and causing it to fall to the ground!

One of the smaller, but more fearsome looking monsters near Alex! It is heavily armored and has bladed claws, looking kind of like a very evil and large armadillo with blade hands! She sheaths her weapon and stores energy, red mist building around her! The beast cleaves down on her and she lets the energy loose, causing a shockwave of sharp red wind to trail her katana, instantly blasting the seemingly defensive monster in half with a single attack!

“IS THIS ALL?!” She yells. She stomps over to the difficulty meter and looks at the options. It’s set to one person… but she’s had enough of Kally. She’s had enough of everything she stands for. She sets the dial to NINTEY NINE people!

Noss sighs as the last beast falls, but to his horror, what were once about four monsters soon becomes a thousand! All more vicious and dangerous looking than the last! “A-Alex…? Wh-What did you do…?” – “If you don’t like it, get out! I’m going to get in touch with this armor even if it kills me!” She says morbidly, knowing the possibility exists! Her black hair spills over her face, emotions of pure anger and jealousy crossing it.

“Look, I’m envious of Neil too, but you’re going to get yourself killed. And more importantly, ME!” He yells, bouncing back from an attack, launched from one of the monsters! They all attack them and he can feel his palms starting to sweat.

Barrett bangs on the door, but it’s locked. He doesn’t have his Alphametal on! It could take a few moments to put it on and break down the door! He runs to his private chambers!

Alex and Noss slice and shoot innumerable amounts of monsters down! But several of the monsters are able to damage them, small barbs or laser blasts grazing their armor or skin. Noss does what he can to maintain a safe distance, but Alex constantly pushes harder into the horde! “Alex stop! You’re going to get yourself killed!” – “SHUT UP, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?!” She yells, an unleashed blast of red energy slicing four monsters in half in a single attack. But after that, a boulder hits her in the back and forces her to the ground! Monsters spill all around her! “GAHHHH!” She yells, barely mustering the power to get the stone off her and go on the defensive!

She can’t even rise to her feet as she blocks constant attacks while on her back! “IT’S… STILL… NOT… ENOUGH…!” She roars, her Alphametal proving unresponsive to her peril. Thousands of monsters take to the sky as the holographic city of Megaville burns around them! The sun is blocked out by a shroud of a thousand wings! She bounds to her feet as Noss shoots one after another out of the sky! But a creature bursts from underground and attempts to skewer him! He takes two energy machetes out of his boots and blocks the beast! He makes short work of it, but screams of pain can be heard within the battlefield!


A red energy explodes from the center of the battlefield, but Alex isn’t happy. Her face is one of anger and fear. Monsters are ripping at her arms and legs, one got her eye and now she can’t see! She can only fear that her eye is gone! But all of that doesn’t matter! She only now feels fear for her own life, completely overwhelmed and outgunned!

Noss does what he can, but for every monster he takes down, a hundred thousand take their place! Everywhere he looks, a shuffling mass of malevolent monstrosities surround them! For every one he aims at, two enter melee range and he has no choice but to defend himself!

“KYA!” Alex yells, constantly slicing at the enemies surrounding her! Taking ten, twenty, thirty out with one hit, but it’s no use! Even the huge amount of powers she’s exerting does nothing! The red energy she’s unlocked burns in her heart, but it’s not enough! She takes the katana and the sheath in each hand and dual wields them in an attempt to fight from both sides at the same time! The sheath bashes are enough to crush the skulls of monsters, while the katana blows red wind, decapitating and obliterating others!

Her muscles cry in agony as her sight literally goes red, blood spilling over her face, blocking vision! She roars to the sky in pain as more and more enemies surround her, tearing her flesh and breaking her bones! She is forced to her knees as her senses go hazy.

She has completely lost the ability to fight. The color fades from her eyes as monsters completely engulf her being!

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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
Buttercup and the Twin Universe

She finds herself on the mountain again. It’s been almost a year again.

The second battle of unity is about to begin. Another battle where an entire city of people will be smashed beneath the Earth, and for what? Buttercup stands here, her clothes once again brown, but she’s no longer frequenting her dress that she did when she was a kid, or was partial of during most of the Chronometal Wars.

She now wears fingerless gloves, a vest with patches and ornaments on it, tight fitting shorts leaving an exposed midriff and legs. All of the articles of clothing are a distinctive red, with shades of green and brown within. To most people, they may not recognize Buttercup anymore, because of a key defining detail.

She’s starting to grow her hair out. She’s braided it into a single ponytail. It’s not as long as Blossom’s was, as she is still growing it out, but it’s a lot longer than she normally wears her hair. It’s almost as if she’s trying to emulate Blossom.

She’s felt very lonely after the first battle of unity… she knows Otto and for some reason some other people are trying to find her, but she doesn’t care, even in the slightest. She’s already tethered to Him for what seems like eternity. She looks at the orange, sun burnt soil she stands on, a kind of sadness crossing her face. She remembers the very reason she joined Him in the first place.

To keep Blossom and Bubbles safe. Well, Bubbles lost an arm and Blossom lost her life, and Buttercup almost completely lost her mind if it wasn’t for Dexter. She’s become introverted in her age, almost 25 years old. She’s been with Dexter and his new family a few times, as well as meeting up with Bubbles, but it always ends the same sad way…

Buttercup always blames herself solely for Blossom’s death. It skewers her heart and causes her endless sorrow, any meet ups that have any kind of reminiscing always end with her trying to choke back tears before eventually leaving. She finds that alcohol dulls a lot of the pain and allows her to be happy, but while under the effect of Him’s energy, her body cannot be poisoned.

She does not feel hunger, she does not suffer permanent wounds, and she can’t get drunk. So here she stands, completely sober and left to nothing but her own grief as she presides over the now in disrepair tomb of the Chronometal Wars.

Megaville used to tend to it for the longest time, but the city has lost more and more people, and now all tertiary things like this grave are permanently on hiatus, no longer being kept. Small green plants can be seen breaking through the stone walls of the tomb.

She thought she met… Blossom here once. She wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not, but it felt very real. A different kind of Blossom, one who was left alone to a world that wanted her to smile, even though she lost Buttercup and Bubbles.

It almost seemed like that Blossom was even more torn up than Buttercup is.

“Buttercup?” A male voice behind her speaks. She turns around, her newly instated ponytail flitting lightly at the sudden gesture. It’s Otto.

“Otto.” She says. “What are you doing here?” She continues. “I finally found you…” – “Maybe you should take a hint, I don’t want to be found.” – “I know, I’m sorry, but we really need to talk-“ – “No, we really don’t. I want to be left alone, and I want you to go away. Whatever apocalypse you’re going to tell me about, believe me when I say this, I already know. I’m working with Him again.” – “I know, but it’s even more than this, more than Him. I think I know the kingpin behind all of this.” – “… What?”

As she says that, the sun seems to disappear as a different state of existence ebbs into this one, mists whipping up and engulfing the mountain. “What the?” Otto exclaims, before his jaw drops as a new person enters the fray. Buttercup sees her too and her eyes go wide and she breaks into a huge smile.

“B-Blossom…! You are here!” Blossom’s eyes also equally go wide. “So… you weren’t an illusion…” She says to Buttercup as they near each other once more. After exchanging a few more looks at each other, they embrace once again. Buttercup is still a little taller than Blossom.

Blossom is currently wearing a white lab coat, apparently she is working with science related things, but something brought her to this mountain once again. “How… have you been…?” Buttercup asks, choking up. “I’ve been… hanging in there… barely… I’ve been so lonely without my sisters…” She looks at Buttercup and her lip begins to quiver before she coughs. “It’s… so good to see you again.” She says, with a wet but smiling face.

She turns over to Otto and wipes her eyes. “O-Otto…?” – “B-Blossom…? But… you’re dead…!” She blinks and looks over to Buttercup who looks over to Otto. Otto can see Blossom? Blossom can see Otto?

At first she just thought she was going a little insane, but this is a lot deeper than she first thought. “I’m… not dead.” Blossom confirms, holding out her arms and hands, turning them over as Otto nears her and touches them. “But… you were killed by Magnificence…” – “Mag… what? Wait… M? Model M? I was…” – “…” Buttercup pauses and looks around her, this timeless mist blocking all vision to everything except the Chronometal Tomb.

“But… the way I remember it… Bubbles sacrificed herself along with all the Chronometals to destroy Mother… then you, Buttercup… you simply… left me…” – “Blossom… I would never leave you.” – “I… I know… but… you did…” – “…”

“We’re… from different universes. There is no doubt about that.” Otto says, Blossom nodding. “But… why are we able to meet… above this Chronometal Tomb?” – “I don’t know. Something, or someone must be letting us, but we have to use this to whatever benefit we can.” – “Huh…? What do you mean?” Buttercup asks, interrupting.

“Buttercup, this is what I was trying to tell you, I know finally, once and for all, what it is we’re fighting. Or, should I say who it is we’re fighting.” – “Beelzebub…” – “Huh? How did you-“ – “Don’t underestimate me, Otto, Barthandelus told me everything.” – “Barthandelus? Then that means… he must be the ‘other’ Ark.” – “Other Ark?” Otto nods, his small amount of hair bobbing at the gesture as he straightens out his glasses.

“Micheal and Elly came to me from another universe. They explained to me everything they experienced, and why all of this happened. It started off as a kind of divine test, to see if Humanity was capable of creating a suitable successor to God.” – “What…? That’s… M-Micheal…? Elly?” – “I’m not done. Apparently a great beast called The Chronotitan was created in an Alternate Universe where World’s End struck the Earth and eventually ended all life on it. It was composed of Model M, Model D, and all the Bio Symbiotes. But it was more of a casing to an ultimate being inside than anything. That being, Buttercup, was Beelzebub.” Buttercup blinks, not sure how to keep up with this, but Blossom nods and speaks up.

“Uh huh… go ahead.” She says patiently. “Well, in our universe… World’s End was prevented from falling by using Barasia to help Blossom’s soul through time and mature. Once she was finally ready, she, Dexter, Barasia, and even I all met at World’s End to put a stop to Malignancy, the main catalyst to Beelzebub’s birth. Even with all of that prevented however, it seems that he wasn’t destroyed.” – “What? But if we stopped him from being created… then how?” Buttercup asks.

“Briarus told Micheal as he was reborn as Francis that Beelzebub was born of his brother Barthandelus… the Sleeping Ark. Corrupted completely, losing all sense of self. But The Arks are omnipresent beings that cannot exist in more than one timeline at once. Unlike us mortal beings, mere side effects to time’s endless march, The Arks are constantly in a state of singular existence. But Barthandelus was corrupted while asleep in a fallen universe. The corruption was one of mortal powers, Dexter’s Soul, Mandark’s Soul, even Micheal’s, Olga’s, Elly’s, Drax’s… everyone’s. The being that was born was a being so black that his skin absorbed all light around it. His name was Beelzebub… a…” He pauses…

“… Mortal Ark…” – “Mortal Ark? But you said that that the Arks were omnipresent! If he’s a corrupted Barthandelus, how does he even still exist?! Barthandelus is alive, uncorrupted!” – “That is the single reason he is so dangerous. He was born of the Ark’s Shell, corrupted by human’s souls. A being of near infinite power within a finite mortal shell.” – “Then where is he?! How can we stop him?” Otto smiles, looking over at Blossom.

“Briarus told Micheal a long time ago that you were the key to all of this, Buttercup.” – “Huh?” – “I knew that if I followed you, I would somehow find one of the impossible chains I needed to link.” He says, still looking at Blossom.

“Blossom… do you still have Model B?” – “Yes… yes I do.”


??? ??????? ????? ?? ??????

Six people sit in a circle together. In life, they would never consider meeting like this under good terms. But… it’s a beautiful day out, as it has been for the past several years. The grass is slowly disappearing and being replaced with lakes of endless water, but this place is safe for now.

“It feels like it’s almost time…” A young man with blue hair lets out. They all sit here in tattered clothing, the clothing of what they wore when they died. Some are in bits of destroyed armor, others in little to no clothing at all. The man is very young, his face bears no scars, and his hair is short. There are two people at his side, a man and a woman. The man is very large and muscular, and the woman is dark skinned and well-toned. Their hair colors respectively are red and brown.

“Almost time… not quite… but… nearing…” Another man, dissimilar from the other younger man, but similar enough with blue hair lets out. His hair is much longer, very vibrant. They all sit cross legged facing each other. To the left and right of this blue haired man are also a man and a woman. Hair colors red and green respectively.

The two women eye each other, as they have for some time now. They hated each other in life, the feelings are still rather alive here in… whatever this is.

“Beelzebub still has seven statues to send at the world.” The large red haired man lets out. “And then…” The grown haired girl follows. “…Darkness…” Finished by the opposite sided red haired man with dreadlocks. “What can we do…?” The green haired girl asks, as she has probably thousands of times before.

“All we can do is wait.” The blue haired young man lets out, as if in meditation. “Otto told me to leave everything to Dexter.” He says, with full confidence. “Dexter…” The older blue haired individual spits. “If it wasn’t for him… none of this would have happened… Model M would rule over the world… there would BE no Beelzebub…” – “Be that as it may, Micheal, there is a Beelzebub, and for some reason, he takes after Dexter’s visage.” Micheal nods.

“If we get any ability to break out of this place, and help the world of the living in any way… we shall. Right, Drax? Elly?” The red haired man and green haired woman nod, facing towards the other three.

“Shaun? Lidia? Randal?” – “Of course you have our support… we will do whatever we can to aid what’s left of humanity.” Shaun says coldly, looking around him as more and more people pop into this realm of existence. More people are dying and being placed here. Why…?

“I wonder how my daughter… Ruby is…” Randal states, looking over the endless horizon, large obelisks stretching into the sky. At the end of the horizon, an endless storm of black clouds churn, but here it is bright and windy.” – “Otto told us that Dexter would take care of her, Randal. Trust Otto, trust Dexter.” – “Yes… of course…” Randal says, somewhat reassured.

The Knights.

The Three.

Two groups; they both wait for their time to come. This paradise has grown wet and crowded. The horizon is no longer sunny. It may still be a few years, but compared to this eternity, feels like it is so much closer. Everyone shudders with anticipation. A voice has reached them as they sit here.

A new voice… a man who calls himself Barrett Electus. Somehow, he is reaching this realm. Everyone is going to help him when Beelzebub is finished throwing in his small statues, and the world undergoes its final trial. Blossom, over near the door also awaits, her clothing torn, her Model B shattered, but with a smile on her face, she too puts her faith in Dexter. Even if her last action may be using the last of her power to help this new person, Barrett, she will never forget Dexter.

She secretly hopes that a new possibility opens up for her… but she doesn’t hold her breath. She is already dead, this new chance she’s been given is far more than she could have ever expected. She’s okay with this. She really is.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
The Second Battle of Unity (1)

“I don’t have it with me right now.”

Blossom, Buttercup and Otto all stand here, with a foggy goal in mind, but unable to enact upon it. “It’s still good to know that you have it. If when we meet again… I would enjoy having it.” – “But why? It’s punctured; powerless.” – “In its current state, perhaps, but in our universe we may be able to whip it back into shape.” Blossom nods, her lab coat swaying in this misty breeze. “Okay, Otto. And… Buttercup…” – “…” – “Soon isn’t soon enough. I really miss you.” – “How did the me of your universe leave?” – “After Bubbles died, you went into seclusion… I mean, she went into seclusion… she went to Him’s realm… and when I tried to visit her, she insisted on staying, saying one day she would explain why she had to leave me.” – “Has she?” – “No. I haven’t seen her since. It’s been almost three years. I’ve gotten a new job with Dexter, but I still feel empty inside. I know he’s trying to help, but it’s not enough. I want my family back…” – “…”

Buttercup wonders to herself how this Blossom feels so terrible about all of this. Is it possible that she feels even worse than Buttercup did when Blossom died? Come to think of it, the Blossom of Buttercup’s universe sacrificed herself to save all of us. This Blossom likely would have done the same.

Buttercup nods to Blossom. “I’ll return as soon as I can, but I’m afraid that could still be a while. This time next year, perhaps.” – “I’ll… be waiting.” Otto nods as well and beckons Buttercup. “I’m sure you have somewhere to be, yes Buttercup?” – “Yeah. I’ll meet up with the others in India.”


People huddle around a medical bed.

Her heart is barely beating. Her face is horribly disfigured. Most of her bones are broken. Her weapon, however… seems to glow with an otherworldly energy, as does her armor. “Rose… can… can you save her?” Noss pleads, paying no attention to the gashes along his body which compare to little more than bumps and bruises compared to Alex’s damages.

“Her eye is unsalvageable, but her heart is stable and her armor is acting as a cast to her bones. It’s already setting them straight and keeping them in place.” – “It… can do that?” – “I guess it can.” Rose says, previously unaware of this adaptation. “It must be unique to Alex, I’ve never seen an Alphametal adapt in such a… specific way before.” Although the armor is doing wonders for the broken bones and open wounds on her body, her face and head, the most damaged areas, are completely unaffected by the Alphametal’s healing touch and is still critical.

“She’s okay for now. I’m going to need you all to leave me to this. We’ll be docking in India in less than half an hour. I want you guys to go on without us.” – “Wait… we’re going to take this thing on without you or Alex?” – “I don’t think Alex is going to do much fighting here, do you?” Noss looks down and sighs. He turns out of the room and locks eyes with Baron.

“Thanks… Barrett. If you didn’t break in, she would be dead… and so would I probably.” – “Don’t mention it.” He dismisses. “You should take Rose’s advice. We must prepare to dock. We got a pretty long walk to New Delhi, where the Raging Beast will emerge.” – “Y-Yeah…”

Noss walks down to his chambers, wondering to himself. Alex certainly managed to unlock something within herself… but at costs Noss is not sure he is able to accept for himself. He fought until arms and legs screamed for him to stop, and yet nothing broke through with Noss. He truly thought he was going to die several times, but his Alphametal didn’t unlock anything within him. “Why?” he wonders. He’s not as jealous as Alex was, to go this far, but the question still gnaws at him. “Maybe different things unlock Alphametals for different people?”

So far for Neil and Alex, it seems to be self-defense and a true fear of death. He doesn’t know exactly how Kally unlocked hers, but his main point is that he truly thought he was going to die and his Alphametal didn’t even twinkle. These questions bog his thoughts. He has to prepare. He heads to the barracks on the yacht.

There he finds Kally, casually preparing her armor while she stands outside of it in her underwear. Minor maintenance, polishing, that kind of thing. For a sixteen year old, she’s kind of short, and not as developed as other girls of her age are. Her muscles are toned and she’s very athletic looking. Her long blue hair spill over her back and obstruct vision of most of her upper torso.

“Have you been in here the whole time?” Noss asks, Kally turning back only enough to make eye contact as she works on her armor. “Yeah.” – “Did you hear about Alex?” She turns back to her armor. “Yeah.” – “You don’t care about her wounds? Her instability on the emergency table?” – “Care? Yes. But I have more important things to worry about, as do you. I recommend you perform some maintenance on your Alphametal, keep it loose. We have a very… very long and dangerous day ahead of us.” Noss pauses, almost at a loss for words.

“How can you be so uncaring?” – “Uncaring? I don’t know what you mean.” – “She could have died- she could STILL die! But you didn’t try to save her or provide her moral support?” – “She went into that chamber of her own free will. In fact, I would say her goal was to ‘almost’ die, so that she could unlock her hidden powers. You didn’t have to follow her.” – “What…?!” Kally stands up and turns around to face him, her sports bra and boxers a light blue coloration.

Her striking blue eyes look straight into his soul. “Baron on multiple occasions gave me direct orders to try to kill you, her, and Neil. While I would be sad if any of you really did die, they were risks that existed, and still do exist. Need I remind you exactly why we’re heading to India in the first place?” She scowls. Before Noss has a chance to respond she continues.

“We’re going to face a Raging Beast, a monster strong enough to destroy the entire world on its own, and this time we’re doing it without nuking the city from orbit, an action I will remind you, not even Barthandelus gave us his blessing for. It was just that Briarus guy, and he imbued Neil’s sword so we can attempt to take this beast down without sacrificing a city.” She furrows her brow, but turns around and shrugs.

“If you want to completely waste any meaningful time preparing to chit chat or provide ‘moral support’ then be my guest. It would be a shame to see you decimated by the enemy we’re going to face in-“ She looks at the clock on the wall. “-six hours.” She gets back to working on her armor as Noss is left speechless.

Maybe… she’s right. Alex made her choice, and Noss made his choice to help her, and all that earned him was a few scars. Who knows if the monsters he brought down were what caused her to barely survive? It’s possible it was all for naught.

“If you want my opinion-“ Kally says out of the blue, as Noss thinks about her previous words. “-fuck Alex. I’m serious. She’s proven to be a danger to herself and others, and while she may live this time, there is no guarantee she can even fight again, she certainly can’t help us in the battle to come when we most need her.” – “Isn’t she like a sister to you?” – “She was adopted by Barrett, I simply joined him. I’m still looking for my father. We’ve butted heads a lot, but she’s made it clear that she wants nothing to do with me but fighting. While normally I would relish the opportunity to push her to her limits, she gets on my nerves. Gets in my head. Wastes my time. All of our training sessions have been pointless and amounted to nothing but me hating her more and more, and only just now did she unlock any kind of power within herself, after nearly killing herself. What a God damned waste of time.” She finalizes a few things in her armor and stands up.

“That should do it. I’ll head to the changing room.” She passes Noss, brushing shoulders with him.

“Think about what it is you really want, Noss. You can’t save her from herself. Perhaps it’s time you started thinking about yourself.” – “…”


Neil stands on the deck of Baron’s yacht, a salty wind blowing in his hair.

They are very close to docking, the land envelops his vision. He has never been big on geography, he wonders exactly where New Delhi is. “Mumbai.” A girly voice behind him lets out. It’s Kally, now in her Alphametal. It looks shiner than usual. “Excuse me?” – “The city we’re about to dock near. It’s Mumbai. A few hours north will take is us New Delhi. If we make good time, we may even have an hour or so to relax until the shit hits the fan.” She used a rather coarse phrase, she doesn’t curse much.

“Are you okay?” He asks, his sword glowing in its sheath. It’s a very dense sword, wide too. Not very long, less than a yard in length, but over 10 inches of solid metal wide. The sword is almost like a shield in of itself when used properly. As he asks that question, she can’t help but stare at his sword.

“Briarus put a lot of faith into that sword of yours.” She says, avoiding his question completely. He takes the sword out, it lets off a soft white shine as it leaves its sheath, before settling into its reflective steel coloration. “It doesn’t feel much stronger… but it does feel- different.” – “We’re not using The Hangar this time. It’s very possible that this sword is literally our only chance at stopping this Raging Beast.” – “Do you think we can do it?” – “Are you nervous?” She asks, noticing he’s not trembling at all.

He is really a much different boy from Noss, a boy so unsure of himself and insecure of others that he second guesses everyone, and even himself.

“Nervous? Maybe a little. Mostly scared, but I don’t let nerves get to me, a swordsman can never lose their edge, even when staring down their own certain death. My father taught me that, a kind of code our family went by back in the old country.” – “Where are you from?” – “England… I think. I grew up in the United States with my mother, until she passed and my Father came to raise me, even though our bloodline had never left the old country before. He brought the sword with him and gave it to me. His hands were wrinkled and pruned, shaky too.” – “How old was he?” – “Almost a hundred.” – “A… a hundred…?! And he was your father? Not your Grandfather?” – “That’s right. He married very… very late in life, and was apparently virile enough to conceive a child. He never told me why, I just assume the time was never right until it was right.” Kally wonders, looking off to the coast of Mumbai, they’ll be docking in a few minutes.

“We started training immediately, he taught me everything about sword fighting and tactical warfare. Apparently my mother left our home to come to The States to try to break me of the fate my bloodline has always had. Maintaining and watching after this exact sword. Apparently it was all worth it…” He says as it glows once more from Briarus’ blessing. “Even a god finds it worthy of its power.” Kally nods.

“I’m really glad you’re along with us, Neil.” Neil almost blushes. “Thank you. That means a lot.” --“Not long now.” – “…”

The yacht blasts out a horn as people on the dock begin to scramble at its arrival.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
The Second Battle of Unity (2)

“I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Mandy- no, “Mayor Mandy”… what is it you want? What are you after?” She says bluntly. Mandy knows she means business, so she cuts out all of the cryptic bullshit. “You and I both know what it is I want. I’ve told you several times.” – “An entire world under your thumb, I get that. But why?” – “Maybe you’ll never understand, Blue… but you’ve surprised me before.” Mandy turns around. She’s in a very formal outfit that suits her incredibly serious demeanor, but does little to show off her admittedly voluptuous curves.

“What do you mean, surprised?” That last word almost being spat out by Bubbles. “When we first started talking about all of this, when you told me about Blossom and the Time Travelling girl, Lynn… you were frail, weak. Admittedly, you were also very stupid.” Bubbles growls at her direct insults. “But a lot of that seems to have changed. I remember that you lost your right arm in one of the many wars we were swept up in. It seems you’ve obtained quite a piece of art to replace it however.” She says, calling focus to Bubbles’ mechanical arm, specially designed by Dexter.

“My arm before, as it is now, was just an extension of me. I haven’t changed at all, I’ve just grown more experienced.” Bubbles insists, but Mandy isn’t buying it. “Bullshit. Your entire stance is changed, your eyes are striking, your muscles are more toned, and you bear the scars of many battles, and what is that on your back?” Mandy calls attention to a tool on Bubbles’ back. She grabs onto it with her left hand, having grown ambidextrous with the loss of her right arm in The Panic. It’s a solid, almost archaic looking black sword. “Nothing… but yet another tool at my disposal.” – “Bubbles, I must say… you’re exactly the kind of woman I need at my side.” Mayor Mandy extends a hand out, but she isn’t holding her breath.

A few moments go by before Bubbles simply shakes her head, dismissing the gesture altogether, her hand still gripping the sword. She is not in her Model B-2, instead all of it is channeled straight into its base form, this black sword. In this state, the blade is incredibly powerful and nigh indestructible, but does not provide Bubbles with the speed and defense increasing Chronometal.

“Do what you will, Blue. You’re not going to stop me, not that you would in the first place.” – “And just what is that supposed to mean?!” Mandy shrugs. “Face it, this world has gone to hell faster than either of us realized. You know that people look up to me, even with their dreams and loved ones literally crushed around them. I’m a hope to them, a flock of sheep I can control without even trying, the most honest and effective form of control. I’m their HERO, Bubbles. You can’t fight a hero, can you?” – “You’re not a hero.”

Mandy scowls. “What you or I call it is irrelevant. Completely irrelevant.” She repeats for emphases. “You know that eyes are watching us, don’t you, Blue?” She says, hinting at the dark room they stand in. Bubbles can’t see anyone, but she can feel prying eyes. What normally is a gut feeling is reverberating through her whole body, like they’re almost touching her. There is certainly a kind of presence watching them. Mandy yawns and picks up a file.

“Well, now that this is settled, I have a speech to make before the next Raging Beast appears.” – “Settled? We’re not done here, Mandy!” – “Oh? If you attack me now, the entire world will recognize you as an assassin to one of the world’s last remaining “human” heroes, and all of the political progress you made after The Panic would be wiped away, and you would be a target again. No one will trust you, all of your loved ones will be thrown in jeopardy, like the terrorist Olga.” – “…?!”

Mandy knows about Olga?! How the f-

“I have eyes everywhere, Bubbles. Now, as I said… it’s settled. You can’t stop me. This entire world, the unenlightened masses turn to me and give me power of their own free will. Even if I wanted them to stop, I couldn’t make them. I’ve yet to use even a single act of force, but that’s just America. After I save India, the entire WORLD will give me all they have.” – “AND THEN WHAT?!” Mandy laughs out loud at Bubbles’ flustered outburst.

“Oh, Bubbles. Bubbles, Bubbles… Bubbles…” She pats Bubbles’ head briefly, sending jolts of rage down her spine. “This world is ending. I’m just making sure it goes out in style. You’d best plan six billion apologies and funerals. You can’t protect this world anymore. You put it on your shoulders, and you will be crushed by the same force that crushes IT… … Yet you stay.” She pauses, that last sentence coming off as genuine confusion.

“You’ve asked me a lot of questions, Blue. Now answer one of mine. Do you really think this world can be-“ – “Yes I do, and I’m tired of constantly saying that.” Mandy raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms. “You’ve had to say this before?” – “Many times, even to Dexter in fact. Even to my own sisters several times. All of you guys who lose your way once the going gets tough.” She makes a fist.

“Those are NOT the times to come up with a new plan, those are the most important times to stick with the people, to continue fighting crime, the forces of evil, everything. The world needs heroes, and Dexter almost completely abandoned them when Heroesbane went into effect, and I saw that Blossom almost went with him. How easily our so called “heroes” or “friends” abandon you when things get hard.” She spits on the floor and turns around.

“You have my answer, “Mayor Mandy.” I will continue to fight with this world, even though you treat the worst catastrophe we’ve ever seen like a God damned game.” Bubbles storms out of the building, all the while feeling like she’s being watched.

Mandy stands in the room, a finger to her chin, her eyes darting around in thought. “I so wish you would join me Bubbles, but it seems you’ve given this more thought than I imagined.” She pauses, looking into the darkness in the back of the room.

“Grim. Give me your scythe. I may need it later.”


The Saints march through the roads of Mumbai two heads short.

Alex is gone, and surprisingly enough, so is Baron. Rose, Noss, Kally, and Neil are off to New Delhi as Baron takes care of Alex. Noss is quieter than usual, he hasn’t said a word since they disembarked off of the Yacht. He kind of wishes someone would ask him if there’s a problem, that kind of innocuous question people always ask when someone is obviously upset.

But no one is saying anything. Maybe what Kally said was true, maybe now is not the time to really be thinking. Everyone is nervous… though they express it in different ways. Though Neil doesn’t really express it at all, if he’s feeling it in the first place. They pass people in the crowds before the people around them slowly start to realize who they are. They’ve seen those suits of armor before.

“Chronometals…?” – “Chronometals!” They don’t run however, they simply give them a wide berth as any sense of blending in quickly fades. Noss wants to explain to them that these are Alphametals, not Chronometals, but quickly realizes that this, like everything before, the rest of the group is completely ignoring.

Eyes forward, hands fidgety. They are all very focused. Neil keeps his eye on the sun as it starts to descend from the noon sky. “We’re making good time.” He says. “When should we get there?” – “A few hours, given of course we can catch a bus or something.” Kally says. “I… don’t think that’s going to work. We stick out too much.”


? What was that? It wasn’t so much someone laughing… as it was Rose feeling that someone was ‘thinking’ of laughing from nearby. As more and more people get out of their way, a small group of individuals actually approach them, causing her to raise an eyebrow.

“Hello? Who are you?” She asks. “I am Kimball… from America. I heard the group responsible for stopping one of the so called Raging Beasts was coming here to India… why, I wonder?” – “…” Rose knows that no one else realizes what’s about to go down in New Delhi. If she told people, they would panic, and the casualties from people all leaving at the same time would vastly outpace the casualties that a well controlled raging beast would cause.

… Assuming of course they could indeed control it.

“Silent? No matter… I heard you were looking for transportation… to New Delhi, yes?” – “You were eavesdropping?” – “Not at all, I simply… hear things that happen around me. Nowadays, those deaf to the words of others live short lives. Surely you understand.” – “Of course…” She says, unconvinced. The man is bald with a twisted face, Caucasian and speaking in a way that is fluently American. Upon his vest, a small American Flag can be seen. He’s not very tall, but he is broad, a man who was worked out or perhaps fought his entire life.

“I think I can offer you a safe… quick way to the city of New Delhi… if you wish.” – “That would be grand, Mister Kimball. But, what would you want in return?” – “Oh please, think nothing of repayment. We’ve heard of you Saint. I say your actions, what you fight for, and how you fight for it, are all we ask for in payment. Just keep doing what comes naturally… and we will be willing to help you.” – “You speak as a member of a group?” – “I do.” – “What group might that be?” His face twists into a disturbing smile, before he takes a hat out of his vest and puts it on, blocking out his eyes and shading his face.

“It’s always darkest before the dawn.” – “Excuse me?” – “Ah, there’s your ride.” Before their eyes, an incredibly flashy chrome car pulls up, stopping on a dime from a heated speed. There is no doubt something like this could get them to New Delhi in time, granted traffic won’t get in the way.

“And don’t worry about traffic… we’ve also taken care of them- er, it.” Rose raises an eyebrow. This man has been finishing her thoughts for her, talking as if he’s been reading her mind. As she thinks that, Kimball smiles widely again, but this time covering his mouth.

“Thank you Kimball…” – “Think nothing of it, Rose.” – “…”

Rose didn’t tell Kimball her name.

Regardless, they get in the chrome vehicle, knowing that there is not even a single minute to waste. “Darkest before the dawn, eh?”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 2
The Second Battle of Unity (3)

“It’s time.”

Buttercup stands on top of a tall city building. This is not America, as she already knew, but didn’t expect such a change of infrastructure. Advertisements along the brown and white brick buildings are mostly in English, but others are in languages she doesn’t recognize. But besides the sight-seeing, she can already feel that the ground is vibrating.

Him and Barthandelus said that the solid portions of this world are within their visions, but these Raging Beasts, and Beelzebub are outside of their vision. Though they see a living breathing future, these Raging Beasts are each individually capable of completely destroying that vision. While Him and Barthandelus usually stop the smaller crystal monsters from breaking through, only to have one occasionally slip by, the Raging Beasts are too powerful to even attempt to stop. The shell of it bursts through the world crystal in Him’s Domain and crawls up the crust.

It will be here in less than ten minutes, until then the tremors will increase in power until the entire city is moving.

“Buttercup?” A nostalgic soothing voice lets out from behind her. She turns around, her newly instated pony-tail flitting from the movement. “Bubbles…! You’re here!” – “Yeah, I am… but why are you?” – “You mean… you don’t know?” Bubbles pauses for a second, her hair drooping down over her back, covering the bulk of her black sword. “Mandy said something about a Raging Beast. The terminology sounds familiar. Something is coming, isn’t it?” Buttercup nods. “Yes… something horrible.” – “…”

Bubbles can feel tremors in her feet. “It’s coming from underground, just like that creature at Houston…” – “You don’t have to stay here.” – “What?” – “I’m immortal, I can’t die, but this creature can break this world in half if we aren’t careful.” – “All the more reason for me to stay!” – “Bubbles… what if you die?” – “What kind of stupid question is that?” She asks confidently, catching Buttercup off guard.

“Bubbles… hah… you’ve changed.” – “So I’ve heard.” She rolls her eyes, remembering Mandy’s words. Though she wonders if Mandy remembers ‘her’ words or not.”


“So you’re the fabled Saints of Crystallus?”

“I see our reputation precedes us. You grace us with your attention, Mayor Mandy.” Rose says, curtseying politely. “Think nothing of it. You’re the real stars of the show here. I take it you Saints claim to be able to land a killing blow in this beast without sealing it beneath the city like in Houston?” – “Y…es… Mayor, might I ask how you got this information?” Mandy blinks once, wondering if she overstepped her bounds.

“Why do you ask?” – “Only that another individual I passed, one that helped us reach this city quickly… also knew much about us. I don’t recall ever disclosing such vital information to him, nor you. No offense…” – “None taken… I have a very webbed network of informants. It’s because of them that I know to be here in the first place. A Raging Beast will be here soon, I can feel it.” The saints look around.

Rose can feel it, though she worries for the city. Can they really stop this thing without using The Hangar?’

Noss can feel it, though an unsettling feeling is coming over him, as if he feels as though he’s being forced to risk his life here.

Neil can feel it. His hands grow sweaty as he grips his sword harder and harder, his heart beginning to beat faster and faster.

Kally can feel it most of all, to the point of her being able to almost “see” with her body the trajectory and size of the beast. It’s enormous… the First Beast was the size of the City of Houston… but this monster is as big as a mountain… Needless to say, she worries.

“Yes, one will be here soon.” – “And you hope to fight it directly instead of using The Hangar?” – “What happened at Houston could have been prevented if we took more direct action. I won’t say I regret the decision, but now that we have more information and more tools at our disposal, we no longer limit ourselves to such… ultimatum decisions.” – “I see. Well, you have the full support of my military unit.” Mandy reassures, looking up to see one of the giant machines her newly (and rather brilliantly) instated private military built according to secret government blueprints.

“I’ll refer to you the best means to handle the civilians in this city.” – “The beast is coming, and it is far larger than New Delhi. We have no choice but to bring it north, into the mountains. We honestly have no idea where it will explode out from, so forcing all civilians in this crowded city into one spot is relying solely on luck that the beast doesn’t wish to kill them all in one swoop. As morbid as it sounds, they should be kept in the dark to minimize casualties as we bait it into the mountains.” – “I see. That’s a logical way of thinking.” – “…”

Rose wonders to herself something not so dissimilar to what her daughter, of whom she has no idea is even still alive, wondered before jumping on a train, to not be seen to this day. A world so blinded by logic that human lives are little more than numbers to be calculated, pawns to be thrown away in a game of chess in favor of a more desirable piece. Is it really the most human thing to do? … Perhaps not, but unlike Ruby, Rose is in a position of power, and like it or not she has to make these decisions.

But a beast the size of a mountain… to be taken down by a sword that would rival nothing more than a splinter to it? Maybe less? It seems impossible.


Micheal and Elly stand in Megaville square.

They bide their time until they are truly needed again. They need to unite all the Chronometals, old and new under a single banner, but not now. Not until later, when the world is on its last legs. By then it is very likely that most cities like Megaville will be ruined, smashed beneath the ground, burning from the fires of beasts, perhaps destroying themselves from the inside out…

But for now, depressed guideless masses shuffle along unto another day where they survive. Micheal wasn’t sure what Otto meant when he told them that all sense of a normal world has long disappeared, but now he does. He stands in awe of the situation, remembering his actions in Time Squad.

“Our Otto fought with Barasia to save… this?” Elly looks over to him. His body, once malnourished and timid is now beaming with power and health. He almost looks like the old Micheal, only his hair is much shorter. “Otto knew what he was doing. This is his home now.” – “But… where is he? Briarus sent us off without him, and we found this universe’s Otto. Ours is… nowhere to be found.” – “You know him, Micheal. He has everything planned out. He will show up when the world needs him most.” Micheal nods. “Yes… you’re right…” – “You miss him… don’t you?” – “Don’t be silly, Elly.”

Micheal looks around the city square. He knows that the Mayor is gone, she has gone to India to fight the second of the nine beasts. From what Briarus has told them, they will be victorious, but a series of small losses will eventually lead them to the final beast, where the only resistance left is found in the Far East. The last city of Earth to fall.

“If only we helped Otto sooner.” – “Micheal?” – “I resisted his attempts to get close to the black- … Barasia, for so long. Thinking that her universe was just one of many, but I had a bad feeling in the pit of my soul once I realized that THIS was the unknown temporal timeframe. A seemingly normal world, overcome by probably the single most dangerous being I could imagine. A mortal ark with aspirations to take over the throne of God. If only I had helped them sooner… perhaps we would have more of a force to stop this…” Elly shakes her head.

“No. Briarus has told us that this all happened for a reason, that to defy this was to defy all.” – “Then why is he helping us?” – “I… don’t know. Maybe there is something going on that not even Briarus understands?” – “Is… that even possible?” They ponder to themselves before they hear a voice behind them. Not directed at them, but loud nonetheless.

“GET OFF ME YOU CREEP!” A young girl no older than sixteen yells out as a rather homely man attempts to take something from her! She attempts to reach into her pack to pull something out before an officer of the law forces him to the ground and she conceals what she was about to take out.

“Are you okay ma’am?” – “Y-Yeah… thank you…” – “This place is dangerous. Are you here alone?” – “Alone? Ah… yes…” – “I recommend you return home. I would offer to escort you, but we are spread thin as it is.” He says, handcuffing the sad man and raising him to his feet. “I see… thank you.” – “No problem.” The officer marches off of the man as the red haired girl exhales.

“She looks familiar…” Elly says to herself. “Oh?” – “Yeah, but I’m not sure from where.” The girl wipes herself off and looks back into her bag before talking to herself. “Not exactly what I wanted as my first meeting in Megaville… but damn it, I came here to help people, and I’m going to.” She takes something out that makes Micheal’s jaw drop.

“Th-That’s a CHRONOMETAL!” – “WHAT?!” – “LOOK! It’s silver, just like Dexter’s Model D. There is no denying it… I know this girl now! There is no way she could possibly have contact with Model D unless she was-“ – “Wait, that’s RUBY?” Upon whispering loudly to each other, that last word ‘Ruby’ reaches the girl’s ears as they perk up and she looks over to them, seeing them look over at her as she carries the condensed Chronometal.

At first she wonders if she should just go away and do this somewhere more secluded, but there’s something about the man with the blue hair that intrigues her, like a very far off memory.

They stare at each other, speechless and motionless, before the ground begins to shudder slightly. Then quake heavily! “Wh-What is happening?!” People in this square yell out!


The ground beneath their feet shudders and quakes!

Clouds in the sky churn and twist as a tall building sinks into the Earth, only to explode upward into the aether! A being of white scales blasts out of the ground as lighting strikes off of it, blinding all of those who see it! Magma bursts from the hole in the ground and the beast splays feathery wings along its snakelike body. Countless pairs of wings, the beast already several miles into the sky and still emerging from the pavement, the hole extending into a kind of expulsive volcano!

“Everyone get back!” Noss yells, getting the nearby people away! Neil takes his weapon out and grips it with sweaty palms, knowing that this will be the deciding factor in fate, a blade to defy all expectations! The biological behemoth with crystal scales lets out a horrifying hiss as its face touches the storm clouds above, causing lighting and rain to pour down!

Its body continues to blast out of the core of the city as it already coils in the sky, hundreds of broad birdlike wings along its serpentine spine.

“How… am I even going to fight this…?” Neil blubbers, now completely unsure of his own abilities. Even the snaky body of it has the width of an entire building, not even to mention that it’s so large that it encompasses most of the sky he can see! He struggles to look up at it as rain gets in his eyes, and the storm clouds and its broad body block out what was once the sun.

“It’s body is still coming out of the ground, try attacking it from there!” Kally suggests! “A-Alright!” Neil rushes up the volcano, avoiding the magma pouring down and sizzling the rain into steam. “HAH!” He yells, slicing at the serpentine body and causing a white flash of energy to cross it. He wasn’t sure if it did anything, until the snake begins to hiss again.

“WHAT… ISssssss?” – “IT CAN TALK?!” The blade left a scar in the beast’s belly, as it entwines with the rest of its colossal body, a glowing white wound can be easily seen. “It worked, Neil, keep attacking!” Rose says, knowing that she personally can’t do much to this thing. It opens its maw and a torrent of pure lightning blasts out, engulfing the surrounding area! Neil attacks again, but the tail finally pops out and the beast is fully in the sky, resembling a Chinese Dragon!

The city rumbles from the lightning breath and Buttercup takes to the sky! Along with her, many giant war machines also surround the beast! The monster prepares to blast them before they take off dead north! “FLEEEESssssss?” It hisses out, consuming the pent up energy and turning around to follow the machines. There aren’t as many heroes here as there were at Houston, Mandy kept this very low key.

It swims through the air, every minor movement causing static filled reverberations to echo through the air, short circuiting minor appliances and electrically charging stone and metal! The six war machines Mandy brought turn around and start to fire upon the beats head, explosions filled with black smoke clogging the sky and smothering sight of its head, but it’s so large and abominable that it simply wafts through the attacks as if they hadn’t existed in the first place!

It opens its mouth to unleash an ear splitting laser that instantly flashes one of the machines into a black crackling husk! “Mayday Mayday! I’m going down!” His static filled microphone lets out as he free falls! Bubbles flies over to his aid as Buttercup lands on its head and takes out a green and red demonic blade from Him’s gifted armor! She impales the beast in the skull with it, but it seems to have no effect. The monster is simply so big that even the first layer of scales are several feet thick! That’s not even counting the skin and bone beneath!

Bubbles succeeds in getting the man out of the machine before it hits the ground with a hazy explosion! This dry mountain begins to whip up a dust storm with the conflicting weathers, the rain and heat causing tornadoes and thunderbolts to whip around!


The Saints of Crystallus can’t even imagine a possible vantage point! Without The Hangar, their energies are simply too weak to be channeled into anything useful against a beast this big!

“Hey, it’s you guys! It’s great that you’re here!” Rose, Neil, Noss and Kally look around trying to trace the voice as a young man lands behind them from the sky. He looks up at the behemoth eclipsing the sun and looks back down at them. It’s none other than Brick, the man they met when defending Megaville against a Crystal Serpent! Now they’re defending New Delhi from another Serpent! Only this time it’s much bigger, and slightly less crystally.

“Brick? Rose lets out, remembering his name- “What are you doing here?” – “What does it look like I’m doing? A little birdy told me something big was coming here, so I came!” – “Thanks, I guess, but we have no idea how to take this thing on!” It bites into one of the machines, instantly destroying it with no hope of saving the person within!

“Wait… how did you guys stop it last time?” – “Well, we used a concentrated bolt of energy from our Alphametals, from the cannon on The Hangar.” – “Alphametals… right… and those are like Chronometals, yes?” – “Kind of? Look we don’t have time for this-“ – “Make time, follow me I have an idea!” Brick runs off, not flying, knowing that the rest of them probably won’t be able to follow. “Where?” – “I know a place where you can use your Alphametal’s soul energy!” They look at each other and back to him. They look back to the snake in the sky. It’s only a matter of time before the machines bore it and it turns its fangs into the city once again.

“Fine, you better be right about this!”


Buttercup transforms into her demon persona and jams her hands into the monster’s mouth, forcing it open as she launches a barrage of energy attacks into its gullet! It chomps down, nearly taking her hand with it! “It’s so strong, it’s unreal!” – “What are The Saints doing?” – “I don’t know, keep this thing occupied!” Buttercup responds to Bubbles as they both attack the monster as best they can.


Brick leads them to an abandoned dome on top of one of the mountains. “Isn’t this…?” Noss lets out, knowledgeable. “What is it, Noss?” Kally asks. “This… is a Chrono Cannon! It was built after the Second War with cooperation from the United States Government to construct many different weapons in places all around the world! This was made to destroy Model Ms!” – “You’re very smart, Noss. That is indeed what this is.” Brick confirms.

"It’s in rough shape, but if we can get the dust off and warm this bad boy up, I believe that your Alphametals could punch a hole in this monster… though…” – “Though?” Kally asks. “Though last time this thing was used, I heard that it only scraped the armor of the Model M it attacked. We would need to strike a weak point or something, a hole in its armor.” They ponder for a moment before Brick stops them. “We can figure this out later, we need to get this think working!” – “Right!”


The Raging Beast rumbles and hisses. “ANNOYING… GNATSsssss…” Its scales begin to shudder and fly off, impaling the mountain and city! At first seeming like a light attack, the scales soon come to life and start skittering around! The War Machines are too busy distracting the monster to deal with those things, but Bubbles and Buttercup seemingly have no choice as they spring to life and start chasing people!

Even Mandy has to involve herself, taking two handheld guns out of her suit and taking aim. They seem low caliber, but as she pulls the trigger dark energy punches a hole in the creature, flooring it instantly! She does this another dozen or so times before a large huddled group of scared civilians find their way to Mandy and taking cover.

She looks down on them, a strange feeling coming over her. But she shrugs as it passes. More of the scale insects crawl over the buildings and Mandy quickly finds herself a disadvantage. She lets out a sharp whistle as something from the shadows rushes out. To the civilian’s horror, it seems to be an arsenal of armored Skeletons! The skeletons start attacking the insects at melee and Mandy takes them out from afar! They huddle next to Mandy who ignores them as she shoots at the crawling scales. She looks up at the Beast above, wondering how much longer this is going to last.


Another machine falls out of the sky, Bubbles barely able to save the person within. She wonders to herself if this is even possible. She’s frustrated and fatigued, panting and gulping in between major actions. She and Buttercup have been fighting this colossal serpent for almost an hour, and she’s starting to feel weak, though this beast has shown no sign of weakness.

Only two machines fight the beast now as more and more scales fall off of it. Somewhere down its torso is a glowing white scar, when the scales fall off from that location, the wound is made more evident. Perhaps that could be a kind of weak point?


“Alright, that should do it!” Brick yells, punching a code into the main terminal as the cannon begins to spin up. However to his dismay, insect like scale creatures come crawling in! They quickly mount the cannon and begin to claw at it! Before anyone says anything, Noss is already at work putting holes in them, causing them to fall dead instantly.

“I got these things, you guys get this thing charged up!” – “Right!” Kally says with a nod, running over to Brick along with Neil. “Tell us what to do, Brick.” – “If I’m reading this correctly, this cannon wasn’t designed to shoot a laser, unlike most of the American cannons I’ve seen.” – “Is… that a bad thing?” – “I’m not sure. It seems to infuse a projectile with the soul energy then fire that instead of just unleashing the pure energy. The attack will be devastating, but we need something to use as ammunition.” He ponders, Noss still working hard to kill these things.

“How big is the ammunition we need?” Neil asks. “About as big as a person. Loaded directly into the tip of the cannon. It was apparently designed to shoot large artillery shells the size of people.” – “What about my sword? Could you launch that?” Brick looks at the blade. It’s very well made and solid, but it doesn’t look aerodynamic. “I don’t think so. It would lose its way halfway through the flight. It would need something to stabilize it, like a weight at the base.” – “A weight…?” Neil looks at his sword and grips it hard.

“What about me?” – “What?” – “I will be the bullet, along with my sword.” As he suggests that, Kally turns him around. “Are you serious? What kind of crazy idea is that? How do you even think of this stuff?” Before he has a chance to respond, Brick speaks up. “That may work. The cannon uses a railgun to launch metal objects, so you won’t be put in direct contact with any launching mechanism, but you will be launched very fast. You will need to grasp the sword very hard.” – “I got it.” He says. “You guys are serious, aren’t you?” – “Yes we are-“ Brick reassures.

“And since Noss is Busy and Neil is the cannonball, that means you have to power this bad boy yourself.” He says, patting Kally on the back as Noss shoots more and more. “GUYS, HURRY UP. THEY ARE SPILLING OVER!” – “God damn it, FINE.” Kally caves in and nears the base of the cannon. Neil slashes his way up the barrel and plants himself inside.

“Ready when you are!”

“So how do I do this?” Kally asks Brick. “Unleash your energy, burn it through your hands and funnel it into this casing here, that will charge the weapon with the soul energy. Let’s just hope than an Alphametal’s soul energy is comparable to a Chronometal’s…” Kally nods and puts her hands into the base of the case and begins to funnel her power through her fingertips. Before long the cannon begins to sputter and churn! The scale monsters are all over the place and Noss can barely keep up, but now he has Brick on his side. “Sorry that I took so long!” He jokes around, fighting alongside Noss as they destroy beast after beast.

“G-Gah…!” Kally grunts, the cannon taking a lot out of her. “Noss, you’re up!” – “I’m on it!” Noss runs over and channels his energy into a single burst and shoves it into the cannon as it finally reaches full power. Neil holds his sword upward as the cannon points at The Raging Beast.

“Alright, it’s ready! Now I just need to find the perfect place to hit it…” He says, taking aim at the head. “Wait.” Neil says. “What?” – “I caused a wound to it before it took to the air. It should be while and glowing around the middle of its body.” – “White… middle of the body… ah, there it is. Are you sure about this?” – “Briarus told me, it can’t fail!” – “If you say so. I’m starting the countdown!”

The beasts begin to clamor around the tip of the cannon as Noss shoots them off!

Kally huffs from the exhaustion, but is able to beat a few of the beasts down with her buckler.

Brick launches red energy from his hands, burning several monsters to a crisp!

Buttercup is blown out of the sky by the beast’s lightning breath!

“BUTTERCUP!” Bubbles yells out, seething with rage!

“HAAAAAAH!” Neil yells as the cannon emits a brilliant light, engulfing his entire body as well as his sword with golden energy before the sword is fired out of the cannon along with him in tow! He barely holds on as the blade drags him along, but he stabilizes it in mid-air! Bubbles only catches half of a glance at him, as he looks like a golden fireball. He crashes right into the white scar and an explosion goes off, causing the beast to hiss in pain, its many wings going limp!

As he gains his bearings, he notices he is inside the beast! There are crystal bones, but the rest of it is completely hollow! He runs up its spine, slashing at it all the way, causing flashes of white lightning to shoot up the creature! It writhes and spasms as he causes internal damage!

“Now’s our chance!” Bubbles yells out, retracting her Chronometal back into its Sword Form. She rushes for its head, now that it’s completely distracted at the invader within its own body! She yells and musters primal energy, cleaving at its eye, a large black shockwave emitting from the sword and causing black liquid to pour from its wound! It roars in pain at the two pronged attack as it begins to charge its energy at Bubbles! She breaks into a cold sweat as she attempts to defend herself, only to be smacked out of the way by something.

The blast rips the sky in half and Bubbles barely opens her eyes to see that Buttercup, in her human form saved her! Neither side saying a word, they get back into the battle, the beast still twitching from the pain within. Bubbles and Buttercup can see the white flashes along the beast’s back! Neil is INSIDE its spine! He reaches the Neck and enters the Skull. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but it wasn’t this…

It’s a forest…?

Neil knows that time is a factor, so he tries to ignore the splendor and finds his way to the center of the room. Trees, rocks and flowers are scattered around. It’s raining slightly, and the trees carry an usual blue tint. He finds what looks like a pedestal in the middle of a stone clearing. He notices 9 humanlike statues next to it. One of the statues is broken. Floating above the pedestal is a crystal in the shape of a heart. That must be the core of this monster! He readies himself to strike it as he hears something behind him.

He turns around and faces the enemy, only to notice it’s an unarmed young man.

“Hey.” He says with such nonchalance that it almost makes Neil blush, remembering that the world is literally ending outside. “Uh huh. I’m going to break this crystal now.” He says snappily. As he turns around and readies himself to destroy the crystal, the young man speaks up. “When you get back, tell Dexter I’m sorry.”

“…” Neil pauses and turns around. “Who are you?” – “My name? My name is Susan Astronomonov, though I went by Mandark for most of my life.” – “Wait… you’re THE Mandark? Model M?” He sighs and shrugs. “I was, once. Though Model M was merely a vessel to hold my soul. Now that Beelzebub had a hold of my soul, he made an example of me. Now I’m the second Raging Beast.” – “Wait… the Raging Beasts are people?” – “Their souls are, yes. The Raging Beasts are more powerful than regular crystal monsters because they have a mortal soul within them. A kind of energy you cannot replicate through any means, so Beelzebub forces it into them, then sends them to Earth to kill or be killed.”

“Who was the first Raging Beast?” Neil asks, curiously. The light rain in this azure forest plopping on his brown hair. “A girl I’m sure you’ve never heard of. A young, kind girl by the name of Bell. Beelzebub also took a hold of her soul as the first to test the Raging Beasts.” – “What will happen when I destroy that crystal behind me?” – “I don’t know. Maybe I die, maybe I simply disappear. All I know is that it will destroy this Raging Beast. So you better hurry up, your friends are fighting as hard as they can.”

“You… want me to tell Dexter that you’re sorry?” – “Yes. About everything.” – “…” Mandark stands here, bare feet, and strangely enough, he’s in a kind of dress. It’s natural, seemingly made of fibers from this very forest. His hair is long and wild, as if he’s been in this forest for months. He looks so tired…

Neil turns around. “I will tell him.” – “Thank you.” Is all Mandark says as he closes his eyes and looks into the sky. “HAAA!” Neil slashes down, shattering the crystal into a million pieces!
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
??? ????? ???
???? ?
T?? ??????t ????? ?? ?????n

The obelisk of the snake within this grand expansive green meadow begins to shine, much like the Gryphon one from before did. However… it is not crumbling. Instead, the white symbols on the black obelisk instead grow an intense red color and the obelisk begins to very slowly rotate on its axis.

Blossom looks up at this. “What is… that…?” A bone chilling feeling crosses her being as she feels someone next to her, the only person capable of creating that feeling. “Now ‘that’… that I did not expect.” The voice says as she turns around, only to once again be met with the body of Dexter, but mind of one who calls himself Beelzebub.

“What is going on? What has The Beast done?” – “It… has died…” – “But… shouldn’t the obelisk have crumbled?” – “No… the last Beast was sealed, its energy seeping back into the crystal from whence it came. Most of it anyway, all that is left is a hibernating shell. The minute it is freed, the soul within it will be unleashed and the beast will awaken. But this, Mandark has been… slain.” – “Slain…? You mean…” Beelzebub’s blue eyes blink as his black face grins.

“Someone on Earth made the terrible mistake of killing Quetzalcoatl. Now its black energies will seep into the nearby areas and poison it for thousands of years. Its corpse on that mountain will spread plague along the winds. The city they tried to save will become a wasteland. Water will grow fetid, and earth will become untamed.” Beelzebub begins to chuckle, before breaking out in laughter. “What’s so funny?” – “THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, AH-HAHAHA!” He blurts out, laughing almost childishly! Blossom looks back over to the Obelisk. The same seems to be true for this world, the green grass near the stone tower begins to wither and turn brown.

Through his attempts to sound like Dexter, his inhuman tendencies slip off his tongue, coming off as far more sinister. “In an attempt to defy fate, they made things far worse than they could imagine!” – “But the city is saved, the people are alive!” – “Oh, sure, the buildings are still standing and the people are still breathing, but soon that place will become too toxic to even be near, and the near billion people left in the entire subcontinent will need to relocate. How many do you think will die in this transit, hmm?” – “What…?” – “What, did you think that people just teleport across the globe like some heroes do? No, they use roads, paths, trails in the forest to move along. With so many moving at the same time, and without anyone being able to supply them with food and water, many more are going to die than if they simply Sealed Quetzalcoatl.”

Blossom blinks once. “That’s horrible…” – “Trust me, Blossom. The horror hasn’t even begun. Though this may provide me with much needed entertainment, it will do little to speed up or slow down the inevitable. For now, I will create the next statue.” – “Who will be the next one…?” She asks, causing Beelzebub to raise an eyebrow. “And what makes you think I would dignify your pointless questions with an answer?” – “…” Blossom says nothing, causing Beelzebub to laugh out loud.

“Pathetic girl, it could be you for all you know. You’re all in MY realm now. Enjoy it while it lasts.” He walks off. Blossom looks at him as his black boots crunch along the now drying grass of this once brilliant meadow. His brownish red hair, now perfectly alike Dexter’s hair sways in the breeze, unbecoming a man so vile and evil.

As Blossom sighs, her shattered Chronometal still attached to her body, she notices a small shape in the clouds above, just above the now spinning red Obelisk.

“Is… that some kind of… floating white gate?”


“With Bell and Mandark out of the way… the next person on my path of revenge… is Dexter’s sister.” He hisses, looking across the horizon, seemingly able to see a solitary woman at the edge of this place. Beelzebub is patient, however. He does not run nor fly, but instead relishes the horrified expressions that he garners simply by coming within sight of his terrified subjects. Some skitter out of the way, others cover their eyes, others still stay perfectly motionless, as if that would prevent Beelzebub from paying attention to them.

He stops in mid pace and smiles, the nearby people screaming and running away as he picks up a woman by the hair. “Tell them who they all belong to…” He whispers in her ear, the very words causing tears to rush down her face. “Y-YOU…?!” – “What was that? Was that a question?” – “YOU!!! YOU!!!” – “AND WHO AM I?!” – “BEELZEBUB!” – “GAHAHAHAHA!” He roars as he rips her in half with a blood curdling scream, scarlet liquid spraying around as he throws the body pieces aside.

“And never forget who you all belong to.” He begins to walk off again, the patches of grass he was standing in now only green where he was standing, the rest sunk in thick blood. To be quite honest, he didn’t even know that woman. She was just one of the many masses chosen a long time ago to reside in Heaven… before its ruler suddenly vanished. Now Beelzebub has full control of these people, and to combat the boredom… he makes routine executions. Helps keep the people here sufficiently terrified until he can bend the rest of them to his will.

“I will take full control of heaven, but for that to happen… Barthandelus’ crystal must be engorged. Even now I can see the gates above.” He says to himself, still walking to the woman in the distance. “Broken and empty, as I left it all those years ago, but still not under my command. Soon that place will recognize me as its master, then finally I will dethrone him. I’m sick of his tests, but I’m nearly there… just a few more years…” He cracks his knuckles, finally reaching the woman at the edge of this place. It looks like a steep fall off into a dark pit surrounding this paradise.

“You…” She seethes. She turns around, her white heavenly dress swaying from the sudden motion. He opens his arms. “Sister!” – “DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT, MONSTER! You are NOT Dexter!” – “Harsh, Deedee. All I’m doing is God’s will. Surely you understand.” – “Go to hell.” That insult causes a laugh to explode out of Beelzebub. “HELL! Right, right…” He coughs into his hand to regain composure. He takes a gulp of air and rubs his eye to clear it of the humor borne tears.

“But I wasn’t joking, Deedee. I am doing God’s will. You should accept that.” – “I will never accept that, he would NOT allow the Pearly Gates to fall to the likes of you, and I know that for a fact!” – “Is that right? Jehovah gave humanity a test, and it failed. Mandark and Micheal were getting ready to end all of time as the final nail in the coffin of heaven. Then finally I would be appointed its ruler, ruler over all things. But then Dexter put that final decision on hold. God halted the initial judgment and decided to give humanity another chance, all because of Dexter…” As he says that, he looks at himself.

“I can choose to take many forms, but his likeness I find appropriate, don’t you agree?” – “You son of a…!” – “Temper, Deedee. Cherish these moments, for they will be your last.” Her eyes go wide. “Wait…-“ – “That’s right, I have chosen you to be the third Raging Beast.” – “Grr…!” Deedee growls, knowing she is powerless. Her arms shudder from the force of her clenches fists and her teeth grind against each other. She’s never felt so angry… or so sad in her life, or her afterlife.

“You… bastard…” – “As I was saying: God was going to grant me my destiny, but that was before Dexter finally destroyed The Angel Mandark and Buttercup created one last sliver of eternity. A universe that would grow into three universes, a far cry from the limitless there once was, but that is the price they pay for their arrogance. Briarus and Barthandelus hold onto their convictions, doing their initial duty God gave them to look over the mortal races of Earth.” He smiles and begins to chuckle.

“As am I. My role is no less holy than theirs, I am simply a vessel that enacts his divine will. His “human” experiment has come to a close, and he was displeased with the results. But seeing a pure blooded mortal fight back the end of the Omniverse intrigued him. His initial order to destroy all sin before wiping the slate clean was put on pause and he instead granted Dexter, and the rest of Humanity its freedom… just to see what would happen.” – “Is… that true?” – “It is, Deedee.” He says, seriously. His face, although pitch black, still looks like her brother’s.

“But to what end? If he was truly ready to wipe the slate clean, as I was prepared for along with Mandark… what is he hoping to find?” – “To be quite honest? I’m not even sure ‘He’ knows, which is where I come in.” – “What?” – “Though I was ripped from my destiny as the successor to heaven, I was given a new goal. KILL… THEM… ALL… though to my great surprise, it has been much more difficult than I thought. I began to grow as intrigued to humanity as God himself has. After fighting against Otto, even after destroying all of Time Squad, I found myself unable to fight even a single mortal. I underestimated them at every turn, now I find myself here… biding my time… waiting…” He says looking back at the 7 other obelisks in this land.

“They ‘are’ interesting, but they are not immortal, and I know that as soon as Dexter dies, the rest of the world will follow. I can afford to wait. But until then, I must weaken the gates to heaven. Once the final obelisk crumbles beneath the submission of the last Raging Beast, the clouds will part, and I can claim it as my own finally.” – “But you already destroyed the gates, dragged all those in Heaven down to this plane. Why can’t you take it now?” – “There is the million dollar question. As I said, my role was to take over Heaven, but now it is to exterminate all of what’s left of Humanity. Once I have done that job, and the final Beast lay resting beneath the world, waiting to awaken again, then all I need to do is step into Heaven and activate direct control. I won’t need permission once its power falters and gives itself to me willingly. Heaven will grow dependent on someone sitting on The Throne, and as God waits upon the Akashic Record, I will serve as the only viable candidate.” – “Akashic… Record…?” Beelzebub shrugs.

“You need not worry yourself about that, Deedee. Now, come quietly… or entertainingly.” He breaks into a toothy grin. Deedee gulps, knowing her fate, but still denying it. “God… he wouldn’t possibly allow this… you’re lying…” – “Who can say?” He says, stepping towards her and grabbing her by the arm. “Now. YOU ARE COMING WITH ME.”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

Postby Birdofterror » Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:23 am

The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
New Year’s Eve (3)
The Monster is Dead

It’s finally over, for now at least.

Maybe the next Raging Beast will come by the end of the next… wait… Kally checks her wrist, noticing it’s now 12:01. It is next year already. She looks out the window of the cannon. The beast fell upon the mountain, lifeless. They have not heard back from Neil in almost an hour. Everyone is too scared to move. The city seems to have finally calmed down, and the rain continues to fall down. The beast’s smooth, no longer crystalline body seems to sizzle the rain as it hits it to a purple smoke. Its eyes are open, though one is horribly gashed and milky, the eye that Bubbles slashed with her Black Blade.

Buttercup and Bubbles are still poking and prodding the beast to make sure it’s really dead, and if this last hour was any indicator, that seems to be the case. This one was really strong, nearly claiming their lives at multiple levels. But Brick’s quick thinking allowed them to use this Indian Chrono Cannon to finally put this monster to rest… but Neil is still away.

But finally, with a slash and a gasp, a boy is heard emerging from the beast’s head to the surprise of Bubbles, who recognizes him. “Hey, need a hand?” – “Thank you…!” He says thankfully as she pulls him out of the corpse of the monster’s neck with a disgusting schlorp noise. He’s covered in what looks like purple guts and he shivers all over. “God this feel w-weird… like it’s wiggling on me. I need… a sh-shower.” – “Haha, you did good, kid. What’s your name?” – “N-Neil… Nice to meet you…” – “Ah, you’re Neil. Brick told me about you guys. Didn’t think this world still had such capable human heroes left. All of India, perhaps all of the world owes you their thanks.” – “Th-That’s nice… do they owe me a shower too? I feel really gross.” Bubbles chuckles and picks him up. “I’ll bring you to the city.” – “Actually, can you take me to Mumbai? I have friends waiting there at the docks.” – “Sure.” She flies him over the city, sparing a passing glance to a woman below.

It’s Mayor Mandy.

People scramble around her and cheer, those she defended from the scales now hailing her as a hero, both in English and in Hindi. The rain is still pretty strong, but not strong enough to drown out what she’s about to do. She gets back up to the stand and taps the microphone. “Good people of Delhi, and all peoples around the world watching this broadcast. The Second Raging Beast has been not only stopped, but completely killed, as you can see from the mountains behind me, off into the distance.”

The camera pans off and tries to focus on the far away mountain, seeing a large winged serpent collapsed upon it. From so far away, it looks like a snake coiled around a rock. Its size is truly humbling. A purple haze is swirling around it, as if the body is rapidly decomposing.

“So long as I am at the forefront, these Beasts will never win! I ask for your cooperation in the following year to predict the movements of the next monster, and collaboration in ending it, as we ended this one, today!” Cheering and clapping is heard among the crowd. Mandy truly seems like a hero, and although it was a joint effort, she seems to be taking all the credit.

… Not that The Saints really care about all of this. They’re just doing what’s expected of them. Though, one of their number is starting to lose faith.

But, perhaps that is for another time. For now, fireworks, imported from China to celebrate the New Year, are going off in the city, even through the rain. Casualties were kept to a minimum, and the city still stands, people are viewing this as a huge victory, one to eclipse the Horror that was Houston one year ago.

In the audience, Mandy can feel there is someone in there of some significance, though she does not recognize any of their faces. Among the masses, one man with a black hoodie, a small American flag apparent on the front, and one Blazoned on the back is in the audience. Perhaps the person Mandy can feel. A small grin crosses his face as he looks at the dead serpent in the distance.

“Good job, Saints. One step closer to The Dawn…”


“Uwaaah!” Claire screams, waking up from her fevered sleep, drawing the attention of Olga, who comes in from the other room. “Claire? Are you okay?” – “M… Muh… M-Muh…” Claire cannot form solid words and her hands are trembling. “Claire!” Olga runs in and holds her by the hand, her entire body now shaking. She must have had a horrifying nightmare, one that seems to paralyze her from doing anything but tremble and mumble.

“Shh… shh… It’s okay…” Olga sits on the bed beside her and rubs her head, each touch causing Claire to gulp. It’s almost as if she’s still having the nightmare, her eyes blinking quickly and darting all around. But soon, after a few hiccups, she calms down and closes her eyes, breathing loudly through her nose. “Are you okay…? What happened?” – “I… the… snake…” As she recalls the dream, she shakes her head and starts to tremble again.

“Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to tell me. You’re okay. You’re alright. You’re safe…” Claire nods and looks over to Olga, who is acting like a mother to her. Her white eyes and silvery white hair all making her look eerily like Bell, who passed away long ago. To Olga’s sorrow, she can vaguely recall that she had a part in Bell’s death, and feels very guilty about it, even though she doesn’t remember any specifics. She remembered everything at one point, after Dexter and Mekel helped heal her body and soul, but since then, she’s forgotten more and more, and become more in tune with some strange spiritual energy. But now, she’s found a satisfying balance as someone whose going through their own pain, and helping someone even less fortunate through theirs.

Olga has grown to love Claire as a daughter, and appreciate Bubbles’ and Brick’s help on that front. Though they have been gone for a few weeks and Olga has been taking care of Olga by herself. Olga is an adult, like most of her friends now are, though it seems like just yesterday they were all kids. Now Dexter has children, and Olga has Claire. Claire is in pain and is admittedly a rather troubled child, but Olga has formed a connection with her. They both seem to be able to communicate empathetically or perhaps telepathically using some method neither of them understand yet.

As she finally, truly calms down, Claire begins to feel tired again. It’s about 1:00 in the morning here in Megaville, the New Years’ fireworks are being rather quiet right now. Or perhaps they’ve never gone off. It doesn’t matter to them. Claire rubs her eyes childishly and looks back at Olga.

~You’re okay, I’m here.~
~Thank you…~

They say with no words. Claire yawns and climbs back under her blanket. She knows tomorrow is special, though she doesn’t know why. Olga has something planned for her. A small paper is in her pocket, a kind of writ of acceptance.

Claire is going to school tomorrow! Olga even prepared everything for her. Claire is very curious and wants to know more about the world outside of the walls she has known her whole life, so now that she is (relatively) calm, Olga is setting her up in a special program which helps older children who’ve been abandoned by the system quickly catch back up before being placed in a higher grade more suitable to their age. She hopes that in only a few months, she will see Claire happy in Megaville High.

She kisses Claire on the forehead before leaving the room. She doesn’t sleep much anymore. Olga, to her own surprise, seems to have almost inhuman stamina. She hasn’t slept in almost a week and is not tired now, and when she does sleep, it’s not for very long. She’s taken up a few hobbies, such as sculpting, which she isn’t that good at, drawing, a small amount of poetry which she also doesn’t seem to have a knack for, and she’s recently picked up Martial Arts, which she surprised herself at how good she “is” at that.

Using Bubbles’ support (and money) she’s built a kind of training studio in this Mansion’s basement, where she trains alone, or sometimes with other people from her public class. She’s no longer introverted and bedridden, and has taken to socialization rather seriously. Claire’s presence has gradually matured Olga into a responsible adult, even if she still carries some dark baggage in the back of her mind.

She still cannot remember much about the Ch***me*** War*. Whenever she tries to remember them, her mind goes fuzzy, like the memories were completely gouged out, leaving spots in her memory where all she can remember are specific moments regarding unspecific people. She almost forgot her brother once, Susan, but through sheer power of will, she forced herself to remember. Since then, she has tried to get the full story of what happened from Bubbles and Brick, who seem very hesitant to tell her anything. All they told her was:

“You don’t want to know. All we do as the days go by is want to forget. We envy you, truly.” – Bubbles
“I’m sorry for what happened. But knowing what happened won’t help. It will only make things… complicated. Please understand.” – Brick

What are they hiding from her? Do they think she can’t handle it? Olga turns her questions and doubts inward, channeling it into martial energy, as she strikes a wooden test target, shattering it instantly!


“Shira Boomer… Shira Bunny…”

Cranston talks to himself, looking at a monitor of Earth. The Raging Beast has fallen, and his presence is more and more forgotten. No one remembers the name DOCTOR X anymore…

Boomer is content to sit at Bunny’s bedside for all eternity until she gets better… but X has grown impatient. He knows that his Bell is on Earth right now, unknowingly going by a faulty name… Claire… where did she even get that name? How dare that Olga Girl fill her mind with lies…?!

“Shira Boomer… Shira Bunny… soon…”

He continues to mumble to himself, completely lost to the inner machinations of his own mind and the drive his work has brought him to. Although he hasn’t done much on Earth yet, his latest projects are still in progress.

Shira Boomer was a success, though his activation was ‘supposed’ to be alongside Shira Bunny’s awakening. But now, she sleeps and he watches. Time is creeping along far too slowly. He knows what caused all of this. Who killed his Bell. Who drove him to this madness…

“Ol… Ga… OL… GA… ASTRONOMONOV!” As he yells out that last name, his mind flashes with visions of Susan “Mandark” Astronomonov, the young man who was like a son to him. The brother of the girl who know presides over Doctor X’s perfect clone of Bell, treating her like her own daughter, infuriating Cranston Utonium to no end! SHE is the reason BELL is dead! Now she takes the role of MOTHER over this CLONE of Bell? HOW DARE SHE!


His inhuman, monstrous claws grind along the metal workbenches as he looks at the monitors he views the world with. The Raging Beast is dead, Olga is training, Bubbles is talking to The Saints…

“The Saints…” He says to himself. “Barrett… leader of The Saints…” He says from memory. “Micheal… leader of The Knights…” He mumbles similarly. “Francis… deserter… all keys to the puzzle that is Chronometals… but now… SHIRA…” He hisses.

“I will finish their faulty work… Shira… the next step in Spiritual Augmentation, of recreating soul energy… of transcending one’s natural fate! I’ve done it many times already! Boomer was just the most successful one yet… there are still two sleeping… Bunny… and…” He says, trailing off, looking at the back room of this Black Eden.

“Her… if I cannot have my Bell… I can at least have my… my…” He blinks. “MY… BARASIA…!”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Ruby’s Motivation

Several days have passed, and Ruby finds herself in the protective company of someone that she’s met a long time ago… and some woman she’s only just now met.

She’s a little frustrated that her wings were clipped so early, but as she sips from a coffee mug, she knows that it’s better this way. Now that she’s had time to calm down, she remembers how… how insane she went. Pulling a gun on some kids, even though they were bullies, if they pushed her just a little bit too hard… Ruby would be a murderer. She sips some more, seeing her reflection in the beverage.

She’s grown up rather fast. She’s seventeen now, having missed her birthday on this excursion to Megaville to do God knows what. It made a lot more sense in her head before she got here and was nearly instantaneously mugged. She sighs and puts the mug down, looking into the blue eyes of the familiar man.

“Thanks, Francis.” – “No… problem, Ruby.” He says with a small hint of some strange emotion in his voice. Ruby shrugs it off, always remembering that Francis was kind of an odd duck whenever she would visit Kally’s house. Although Micheal knows he looks like this Francis fellow, on the unfair account of having actually completely taken over his body, he knows that he can’t just “say” that to Ruby.

“No really, thank you. I mean, I don’t know what’s gotten into me. My family really… really let me down.” – “I understand how you’re feeling, but you have to return to Dexter. Give that Model D back.” – “Yeah, I know…” She says sadly. “I just wanted to be able to help… you know?” – “Ruby…” – “I mean… my parents have the power to help, but all they do is sit on their asses all day and pretend like we aren’t going FUCKING EXTINCT!” She blurts out with rage and passion! She attempts to calm herself down again, catching the eye of the green haired woman across the table.

“Elly, yes?” – “Yes, Ruby. I… know exactly how you feel, to be in a family, to feel trapped by it. The same thing happened to me, when I was about your age.” – “Huh…? And what happened?” – “I ran away too. Only when I did, something terrible happened to my father. When I heard about it, I felt so guilty…” Elly looks down at her own drink. However, she does not sulk, instead taking a large gulp from it. “What happened?” – “I… uh… would you happen to know what happened near Megaville almost seven years ago?” – “Seven years…? Wasn’t that when the Chronometal Wars started?” – “It was known mostly as The Prologue to people who experienced the Chronometal Wars in person. But before any of that happened, a few months before that, a major terrorist organization was wiped out by covert military forces.”

Ruby tries to remember any of that, but she just can’t. “I don’t think I was told anything about that, or heard about it on the news.” – “It was awful. The operation, although known now as ‘successful’ was horribly botched. Civilians got in the way, word got out, innocent people died. I don’t blame you for not knowing, all the news articles that published the story were usually too small to be taken seriously, as all the major publishers knew not to stick their noses in military business.” – “And… your dad?” – “One of the people who were visiting a relative of the crime lord on that day. Paying respects…” She looks down at her hands, tanned skin with green hair pouring over one of her eyes.

“I suppose it was for the best, honestly. If I didn’t run away, I could have died. And… ha… after all, he was with a terrorist organization. It was his fault, wasn’t it?” – “I… I don’t know, Elly.” Ruby says, diverting her eyes from the apex of the sad story. Micheal looks over at Elly who looks back.

They both know that specific story was actually of this universe’s Elly, and not this specific woman’s story. Elly of Time Squad doesn’t really remember her father, to be quite honest. It’s possible it was the same man, with only a few minor differences.

“After I heard he died, I almost smiled. Through all of the tears of course. He made me… so mad. So guilty about my life choices. He took away my friends, my hobbies, my happiness, and he was killed. But he was my dad, and I wasn’t there. I blamed myself. After that, I made very poor life decisions, and nearly got killed myself.” – “What…? How?” – “The Chronometal Wars were… harder on some than others.” – “…” Ruby is not amused by that answer.

“You’re not trying to lecture me about LOSS… are you?” She says with a very aggressive bite to her voice. Elly diverts her eyes. “That was not my intention, no, Ruby.” – “Good. Because I’ve lost a lot, too. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but I think I have lost more than most. My father, then my mother… now my adoptive mother has completely lost her way, and my… adoptive father-“ She says with a rather angry twist of the tongue- “-would rather spend his free time doing nothing. I have no family anymore.”

“Your mother and father-“ Micheal follows up. “Dexter and Ba… Lynn, yes?” Micheal finishes, nearly calling out Barasia’s real name. He’s personally not too sure if Ruby is aware of Barasia’s name, but he’s rather not take chances. “Dexter and Barasia, yeah.” She says casually. “Oh… you’re aware of her name…?” – “When they think I can’t hear them, they talk to each other. I’ve heard her name slip out a lot. Just another lie she told me to make herself feel better.” -- “Ruby… don’t you think you’re being too hard on her?” – “After what SHE DID TO ME…?!”

Elly and Micheal look at each other shocked. “What… do you mean?” – “Don’t play dumb God damn it, did you wonder why I finally left? I finally found out the truth. I know what Barasia, the BLACK MOTHER did. How this was all started by her.” – “Ruby…! How? You… please just calm down, we can explain.” – “I don’t need any more explanations. I got my answers straight from the source.” – “You mean… she told you?” – “Not quite. Barasia has quite a diary.” The way Ruby no longer says mom, or even Lynn comes off as incredibly aggressive. Instead calling her ‘Barasia.’

“A… diary?” – “You didn’t know? And here I thought with all of what you knew, you knew everything. Well, we lived in another house a while back, back here in Megaville before we moved to Denver. Yesterday I visited our old house, only to realize that the front door was not only unlocked, I saw my “mother” come out of it.” – “Barasia was here, in Megaville?” – “If her diary is to be trusted, she’s been coming here rather frequently. Her diary was rather… scary to use at first as well.”



Ruby yells out, trying to touch her directly, only her have her hand pass through her. “H-Hologram…?” All around her, images of the Second War blasting her innocence away. Horrible memories of what happened causing her eyes to go wide and pupils to shrink. She backs away before hitting the metal wall of this place. She knows it’s just a hologram, but the memories flooding back to her, it’s all too much. She can see that Blossom is fighting some kind of mechanized monstrosity while in her Model B.

This is a data projection of The Second War, this can be no doubt. Lynn created this…? “M-Mom…! Why are you making this thing…? How are you making this?!” The picture soon shifts to an earlier part, showing Megaville thrown into the sky by Micheal’s ocean vortex. The large amounts of machines spilling out of Megacorp and attacking the civilians below, leaving no one alive save the few being hunkered down in a bunker protected by some of the Powerpuff Girls and Megas.

She… she remembers being here! SHE CAN SEE HERSELF! Her mind goes blank as her hologram talks.


“It’s okay everyone, Blossom and Lynn will protect us…!” The ten year old Ruby lets out. To no avail, everyone in this crumbling building are screaming and panicking, some bumping into her, but everyone incredibly fearful for their own lives. To her shock, a person scrambling to enter the building gets blasted with a laser from one of the flying machines, a gaping, sizzling burn punched through his chest. He coughs up blood and instantly dies, causing everyone in the building to scream as more lasers shoot through the walls, winging others!


The real Ruby, watching this projection from this 3-D computer diary that Barasia has built trembles, grabbing her arm and gulping. Cold sweat forms in beads on her forehead.


She grinds her teeth as the fear turns to anger. “GAHHH! WHY DIDN’T THEY HELP US?!” She yells as the computer projection shows that The Powerpuff Girls are on top of the building, not down here with them. But the image switches to something that drives her even more insane. It’s Lynn… Barasia, standing in this building like she’s some kind of normal human being.

She walks up to the hologram and punches it, only to have her hand go through. “YOU COULD HAVE HELPED HIM, AND HER, ALL OF US! WHY DIDN’T YOU MOM?! WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?!” She yells with anger and sadness born tears forcing out of her eyes. The image switching finally once again to Barasia and Dexter, alone.

This image however, is serene.

Her rage and fear cool down as she gulps. The Chronometal Wars still cause her great fear to this day. She listens to the holograms on this holographic night speak.

“I can never tell her who I really am… what I’ve really done…” – “I know, Lynn. I know. You’ve left Barasia behind.” As Dexter says that, she looks at her right hand. The hand she rebuilt after it was torn off. She thinks back to everything that happened, she remembers what Briarus told her a long time ago. “I’ll always still be Barasia, Dexter…” – “…”

“I caused all of this. The Chronometal Wars… the reason her mother and father…” – “Stop. Don’t go there, Lynn. This is far deeper than you or I. Something malevolent is pulling the strings behind the scenes. You were just a pawn, like I was, like we all were. It wasn’t your fault.” – “YES IT WAS…! I could have stopped, I could have never built Model M, Model D, Model B… but I just kept doing it, and now Blossom is Dead… everyone… dead… dying… all because of-“ – “Lynn, stop!” – “…”

What…? Ruby looks upon the visage with horror on her face.

“M-Mommy…? D-Daddy…?” She says with her mind stuck in the past, remembering her birth parents. “Y-You’re lying… Lynn, please… mom… no…” She says to herself in futile denial, knowing the holograms cannot speak back.

“She may learn the truth one day, Lynn.” – “I… can’t let that happen. We have to protect her, Dexter. No one has to learn something like that.” – “Do you really think that’s best?” – “What choice do I have? Tell her what really happened and have her run away? Hate me? Or worse, sell me out?” – “She would NEVER sell you out, Lynn! Get a hold of yourself!” – “Dexter… please… I’m scared…” Dexter embraces Lynn and holds tight as she begins to weep.

Mouth still agape, Ruby stares at the projection as it ends. The holograms finally ceasing. Random chapters from this holographic journal coming to an end. A header floating in mid-air appearing briefly before fading away.

~1: Regrets~ ~Harpuia – Powerlessness – Lying to Ruby~

“This… can’t be true…”


“I can never go back.” – “…” – “I WILL NEVER go back.” – “…” Micheal and Elly stay silent. Ruby stands up and takes her backpack and puts it on herself, Chronometal Model D within. “Ruby…” – “I’m taking this, and I’m going to do the job they’re too afraid of. Afraid of the damn truth, like they always were. I have no family. My family is dead. She killed them.” – “…”

She walks out of the door leaving them behind, neither of them mustering the logic or force to stop her. They both know what she says is the truth, even if her hand is being guided by pure hatred. “That poor girl… what dark path will she go down?” – “I hate to say this, Elly… but she is of no consequence… we still have to prepare for the next Raging Beasts. If she calms down, or even turns into a murderer… it’s none of our business anymore.” – “…” – “This is her decision. I hope she makes the right ones in life, but it is not our place to interfere. This world needs us, now.”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3

Dexter watches the news. It’s not good news.

“Due to a recent crystalline entity emergence, all railroads and train stations in Denver have been put into a state of repair hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. To quote loosely a small interview we had with an industry expert, we are not expecting to be repaired… ever. The recourses and time it would take for the benefit it would provide would not be higher than that if they redirected their energy and recourses into other avenues.”

He remembers that people from Ruby’s high school said that they last saw her heading to the train station. This breaking down was recent, but they recalled seeing her leave several weeks ago, the exact day she didn’t return home. They tried to stay calm and alert authorities, but they finally came back with a response yesterday. The response is on the coffee table in the middle of the room, outside of its letter packaging and splayed angrily in the middle of the table.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are shorthanded as it is, and with the countless missing person reports we have, we cannot afford to leave the state to search for one person. We hope you understand, and we hope she returns. Our condolences.”

His fingers intertwine one another as he goes deep into though, the bad news of the television simply becoming white noise. He breathes slowly, allowing calming breaths to overtake him. He is worried, very worried, but his experiences in life lead him to be able to think rationally and calmly even in the darkest of hours. He is still the same Dexter who survived the Second War’s horrible aftermath, only to go back in time to prevent it from occurring. Though his body is roughly twenty seven years of age, his soul is almost triple that. Fifty years of isolation within darkness gives one the opportunity to meditate and learn about self-control and patience.

Lynn, on the other hand, spend her inhuman amount of years a long time ago on the moon. More than Dexter had spent in limbo. Though she spent most of it trying to prevent herself from inadvertently committing suicide due to faulty goals and programming thanks to her creator. Lynn has also not been home in days. She left to look for Ruby and has not come back. Since then, Dexter has continued to try to live the normal life, but when he returns home to an empty house… no wife… no daughter… nothing feels right.

The television continues to let out massless noise as his eyes remain closed behind his glasses, deep in thought. He wants to go in search of Ruby… but to do that would put him back into a lifestyle he’s not ready to accept again. He didn’t tell Lynn, and he never will… but he and Ruby had a talk the day before she left…


“WHY?! Why are you guys hiding stuff from me?! What else haven’t you told me?” – “Ruby, it’s for the best. The Chronometal Wars killed so many, orphaned so many others, destroyed the entirety of the southern hemisphere… please just calm down.” – “Gah…! Why are you so calm about this? We’re talking about extinction!” – “No. There are other heroes out there. Everything has been prevented. This world was put in the range of extinction many times, but heroes always prevented it. They will prevent it again.” – “But dad, YOU were one of those heroes! Who knows what will happen if you don’t get back out there?!” Her red eyes staring intensely at Dexter.

“I’m so sorry, Ruby. I hope you’ll understand when you’re older, that what your mom and I are doing is for the best.” – “Maybe for you and Barasia, but not for me!” – “Ruby…? Why did you… call your mother that name?” – “Because that is her na-“ – “She left that name behind, Ruby. It caused her a lot of pain in the past.” – “What KIND of pain?! Why won’t you tell me?!” – “ENOUGH!” Dexter yells, finally getting forceful, his voice morphing from one of a caring father to that of a much louder caring father, instantly forcing Ruby down with words alone. He breaks into a scowl.

“You think you’re the only kid to grow up in a world like this, Ruby? What about your friends? That Kally girl you told me about?” – “…!” – “What about her parents? What happened to her?” – “I… I don’t know…” – “She left to find them and never came back. I don’t want to hurt you, Ruby, but she’s probably gone.” – “!!! – D-Don’t say that!” – “This is the world we all live in now, Ruby, and I’m so sorry this is the case. But it’s so dangerous out there that I have anxiety waiting for you to get home from school every day.” – “You call that school? It’s nothing but a bunch of drills on how to survive an apocalypse!” – “As it should be! Lessons to teach you how to survive! This world isn’t safe anymore, and it NEVER WILL BE!” Ruby’s facial expression changes to one of shock. She never saw this cynical side of Dexter before. He’s always been a paragon of ideals and optimism… but now…

This is the face Dexter wore for most of his life. A face of dread and logic. “You’re old enough to understand this now… aren’t you, Ruby?” – “I… I…” – “Please… just stay safe… you’re going to be late if you don’t get moving soon.” – “…” Ruby almost tears up. Dexter puts his hand on her shoulder, causing her to look up. “I love you, Ruby. And so does your mom. Please stay safe.” – “…”


One of many facts Lynn told Dexter not to share with Ruby was the fact that this world may be irreparably doomed. A constant spiral of life and death, where catastrophe is the only certainty. After that day, there were reports of a gunner at the school, then reports of Ruby running to a train station… then nothing.

Still calmly collecting his thoughts while sitting on the couch, Dexter wonders where he went wrong. Was it with Ruby? Was it the conversation? Was it before then? Is he still making a mistake sitting here? Maybe the lessons he tried to impart on Ruby were false, and Ruby was the one who was right all along. Maybe sitting here, pretending that the world is ending around them is wrong.

There wasn’t even a New Year’s Eve party this year. No fireworks, no celebration, nothing. The world seemed to collectively sigh a relief that they didn’t vanish into the night. The news on the television spreads into something about India and something about a poisoned water supply, but Dexter turns the television off and stares into space.

“… I’m going to look for my daughter.” He finally says to himself with conviction. With that, he gets up and heads into his *new* lab which is little more than a glorified workbench he had installed when he first moved here. He stored his Chronometal there. Perhaps it will finally stop gathering dust and he can find a use for it. A smile almost crosses his face as he walks down the hall. He had spent so long hiding away in this house, that going looking for Ruby with Model D… it seems silly.

He opens the door to his lab which he hasn’t used in the longest time, only to have his eyes go wide and his mind go blank.

“… … … Where is Model D?”


“What…? Another Blossom?” Him says.

Buttercup nods, now in this crystalline realm that Him and Barthandelus inhabit. “Do you know anything about this other Blossom, Him?” – “Hmm… I… guess it’s possible that she…” – “That she… what?” Him thinks to himself as Barthandelus fades out of the nearby crystal mass. His right wing flaps a small bit before he stands upon the same solid ground as her. This place used to be hellish, Lava and screams as far as the eye could see and the ear could hear. But now it’s completely different. It wasn’t a sudden change, but rather a gradual one.

The entirety of this place once called Him’s Hell is now a kind of nursery for this great crystal. Lava still pours from the walls, but it seems to almost feed into the crystal and swirl around it, as if gravity around the crystal obeys its own rules. She remembers the first time she ever saw this crystal. It was about the size of a large house, now it’s larger than any mountain she has ever seen. The caverns of hell contort around this creation, the crystal always seeming to nearly touch the wall, but never quite making it. The walls around this thing constantly expanding to support its growing mass. An orange tint permeates the crystal with all of the lava constantly surrounding it. To Buttercup’s relief, as it has been for a while, it is not hot in the slightest here. In fact it’s almost cold, the ground she’s standing on once hot to the touch has now gone fetid and cold.

Barthandelus speaks up. “When you all fought Mandark at the beginning of time, you failed to prevent his main goal from being achieved. That goal being the destruction of the seed of all time, reducing all existence to nothingness.” – “Yeah… but didn’t The Arks, er, you guys… fix that?” – “Fix? Not quite. Dexter and Mandark, as well as the angels of that time were all outside the cycle. To them, it was as if time simply moved on… from one story to another. But to you…” – “I do remember the fight. You guys punched a hole in the darkness and a single light emerged. That was our universe, wasn’t it?” – “Yes, for lack of a better term, it was. Or rather, it was three universes.” – “Huh…? Three?” Him looks at the great crystal, looking at the swirling visages within it. Boys and girls, men and women, spirits of all sizes and shapes dance within, seemingly happy. With a small smile on his face, Him picks up the conversation.

“The Arks had not the power to repair the entirety of the Omniverse. Rather, we all started from scratch, using the actions after Mandark fled from Megaville during the Second War as a seed. From that seed, but three universes budded into existence. Ours is one of those universes.” – “And that other Blossom…” – “Undoubtedly a member of one of the other two universes. A universe where Bubbles died and you joined me indefinitely in Hell. In that Universe, it seems that the ever present threat of Beelzebub does not exist.” – “Yeah… why is that?” Buttercup asks, curious. Barthandelus answers.

“Beelzebub, like Briarus and myself, no matter how attached to his mortal shell he has become, cannot be in two places at once. I have no doubt that this Crystal exists in that Blossom’s universe as well, but Beelzebub is not using it, nor is the Him of that Universe using it to subvert Beelzebub. Instead, the crystal in that universe is used to…” Barthandelus says, tapping the crystal which at first looked incredibly solid, only to have it ripple like water. To Buttercup’s astonishment, it ripples back. But not even relevant to that is who is doing the rippling.

“Wait… who is…?!” She says, looking at what looks like a reflection. “That universe is able to communicate with us using the same crystal. This crystal, like The Arks, are timeless things that can interact with one another through the folds of time. I’m sure you can see her.” – “Y-Yeah…” Buttercup says, looking at the person within the crystal as she waves at her.

“H-Hello…?” – “She can’t hear you, or should I say, you can’t hear you.” – “Don’t do that.” Buttercup says. “Yourself from that universe seems to be working hard on something. We’ve spoken to the Hims of the various universes, and they are working with us with coming up with an idea to stop Beelzebub. The idea of getting the Chronometals from the other two universes has crossed our minds, but without Time Squad, conventional Time Travel, and the ability to shift dimensions is left as a near impossibility.” – “But… I could talk to Blossom.” – “Yes, that is what we are currently talking about.” – “You mean, you don’t know how it happened either?” – “If I had to guess, I would say it might have something to do with Barasia’s landing.” – “Barasia’s… … what?” Barthandelus turns away from the crystal and looks Buttercup in the eyes.

“Barasia utilized The Ark several years ago, as the universes split into three separate entities, to travel into the deep future. This future, our future. Her younger self will meet with her older self in about five years. They will meet at the Chronometal Tomb. They will fight. Then our Barasia will die.” – “Die…?! Why?” – “Did you not wonder what Model B-2, Bubbles Chronometal was? How it was so powerful? What made it so… black?” – “Wait… you’re telling me that Barasia went into the future, an unknown future, to kill and turn herself into a Chronometal?! That’s fucking insane!” – “Insane, perhaps. But her efforts paid off. She created B-2 from her own corpse and delivered it to Bubbles in the past. That Chronometal was crucial for stopping Model Magnificence from destroying Earth.” Buttercup shakes her head. She’s never been good at digesting large amounts of information in good time.

“Okay… so… that is causing what’s happening at the Chronometal Tomb?” – “We think it may have something to do with it, yes. The power of The Arks still permeate that area, even though we are no longer present there. That residual energy must be allowing some kind of temporary dimensional shifting.” – “And through that, we can get those other universe’s Chronometals?” – “Maybe. Though you’ve only been in contact with one of the two universes. Getting in contact with the next one will be… tricky.” – “Tricky?” – “Well, that universe doesn’t have many people who can fade into the time wrinkle like that other Blossom could. That is a universe where Dexter actually used the Chemical. All of humanity now rests within that universe’s crystal, dead.” – “A universe where Dexter and I actually pulled it off… eh?” – “With Blossom’s help.” – “…?! Wait, that didn’t-“ – “The main differentiating factor between the three universes, was Blossom." Barthandelus finishes, having Him pick up where he left off.

“It’s true. The entire universe, for one exact moment, rested on Blossom’s shoulders. Her actions split the universe into three sections, which Briarus and Barthandelus have painstakingly kept active for the past several years. It is very difficult to empower an entire thread of existence. Blossom’s choices changed based on minute factors in the fabric of time, which led to very different outcomes from the exact same source. Blossom had achieved three major events in three major timelines. Ours is the timeline where she chose to sacrifice herself… yet you and Bubbles survive.” – “So she was telling the truth… I really ‘did’ leave her… and Bubbles too…?” – “And in another universe, you along with her and Dexter succeeded in deploying Dexter’s Chemical, causing the Model M’s of the Earth to starve to death instantaneously, forever stopping the emergence of Model M.” – “Wait, didn’t we stop Model M in this universe as well?” Him and Barthandelus look at each other.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Buttercup gulps. She doesn’t like the sound of that. The very concept makes her scared and angry. ‘Blossom… you sacrificed yourself… but it might not have been enough…’ She thinks to herself.

“So what do we do?” – “If we can claim Model B from Blossom, there is something we can do to stop Beelzebub from using this crystal forever.” – “Sounds good. What’s the catch?” – “The catch… is that…” Him says before stopping himself. “What?” Buttercup asks. “…” Him refuses to continue.

“There is no need to tell you now. It will only make things more difficult.” – “But-“ – “Remember what we have said, Buttercup, and next you meet Blossom, tell her what we’ve told you.” – “Him-“ – “Goodbye for now.” Him says before fading into the crystal with Barthandelus.

“What was that all about? What are they hiding from me? What is so bad that they can’t tell me? I’ve been with them every step of the way. Do they… not trust me?”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3

Claire is in her specialty school.

Only a very few of these kinds of schools are in working order nowadays, most people estimate it will be put out of commission within the year’s end. Most “schools” are nothing more than glorified boot camps that teach kids how to survive and rely on one another than their ABC’s and 123’s. This school, however, in the center of Denver, is privately funded and run by a staff of experienced teachers and faculty. Even Bubbles had a hard time bending to Olga’s hopes of getting Claire in here. Bubbles has a lot of real, paper money and a lot of real, human connections. It still took quite a few favors and greased wheels to get her a single year of this school. Though Bubbles doesn’t mind, most of the food they get at the mansion is free anyway… though that’s starting to fade.

As the years go on, farms and hunter’s lodges work double shifts due to the infrastructure of most of the world economies are shaky, to use a polite word for “On the verge of collapse”. Food is simple and entertainment is educational. Children sing death songs before going home in their very protective neighborhoods. Vices, such as smoking and drugs have become rarities, their prices shooting up so high even on street corners that some people have stopped cold turkey, and others have turned to darker crime to fuel their habits. Though the police of the world have equally doubled in power, and all crimes are met with stern opposition, though even then in many places there is little law and some places where there is law, it is spread too thin.

But enough about that. Claire is learning about history. The children in this room vary in age, from as young as Eight to as old as Eighteen, this school is teaching a base of what is mostly orphans who have been out of the system for years. Not so much keen on the micro as much as it is on the macro, getting kids caught up as fast as possible to return to regular school… or whatever counts for regular school nowadays. Claire is not very good at history, she doesn’t seem to care for it, nor does it seem to connect with her. She is, however, great at math and the sciences. She’s made a few friends, but she’s mostly a loner.

One thing she stands out as truly exemplary however, is the philosophy class. Not one that is particularly graded as much as it is a time for people to mull over the intricate details over what has been going on for the past several years. Others finding reason within the blind slaughters of the Chronometal Wars, others finding peace in a possible future for humanity. Claire finds herself in the optimistic children, their words truly touching her heart.

The last class of the day is physical education. Though even as inexperienced as she is, she knows that she has to be careful here. She is… well… much stronger than a normal human. As a game of dodgeball gets chosen for the activity of the day, she finds herself on a team that appears to be made up of mostly girls. Perhaps it just formed this way accidentally, or she naturally gravitated to anything that seemed somewhat familiar. She hasn’t made a strong connection to any boys in her life yet, other than Mister Brick, who always seems to look at Claire funny. Olga and Bubbles however are very kind to her, and most of her friends at school are also girls. Maybe it was just coincidence. Maybe she hasn’t met an exemplary boy yet.

As a whistle blows, dodgeballs fly across the room, many people on both sides getting hit and getting knocked out of the game. Claire, unsurprisingly, gets hit by none. She throws balls weakly (compared to her normal capacity) and knocks a few of the opposing team’s members out before she realizes she’s the only person left standing on her team, and has been for the past minute or so. She sighs and lets the last ball hit her in the chest.

She loses.

She shrugs and the final part of this school day comes to an end. She learned a little bit about American History, although she couldn’t honestly care less, but she also learned that some kids in the Philosophy class have heard the same things she has. One of the boys in her class, the youngest one there possibly, no more than six or seven tells her about the ghosts he’s been hearing. Most people would be scared or annoyed at the boy’s antics, but Claire couldn’t help but light up. ‘You can hear them too?’ she would ask, being met with happy nods from the boy. Something so unreal seemingly helping them bond. But as the class ends, she realizes she never learned his name.

She once thought that only Olga and she could hear spirits, but it makes Claire more comfortable knowing that other people can hear them too.



Mandy’s eyes shoot open from their normally half closed state. There are a few people in this entire world who can make Mandy feel any kind of emotion, and the person who is in this room is one of those few people. Her head turns up to view the man in the room. It’s a blonde man with a starkly black coloration of his eyes. He frequents a suit, as he has for a long time now.

The normally indomitable, abominable, and otherwise horrifying bodyguards Mandy has in the room seem to flip sides on her instantly, from following her to their proverbial dying breaths, to following this man at the drop of a hat. These soldiers in her office are all stronger than her, and they are as limitless as the nights are dark. She knows that when it comes to “this” man, all concepts of using power for persuasion fades. To this man, only the truth matters.

“Grim…” She says to the blonde man. He sits on a chair opposite of her desk as she takes out a cigarette. “Why are you here, bonehead?” – “Something has come up.” The man says, looking at the soldiers in the shadows of this room. They don’t like light that much, even the radiant light from her now burning cigarette cause scowls to cross their skulls. They have promised their unending lives to Mandy, but only on Grim’s authority do they ever act. Though they would die a thousand deaths for Mandy, they know their place in Grim’s world, and would kill a thousand Mandys if he ordered it so.

“Something has come up, you say? Well don’t leave me in the dark. If you’re here, it must be something I can help with.” – “It is, Mandy.” He says, reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out a picture. It’s not like him to be so formal, especially when he has the mystical powers of the hells at his fingertips, resorting to physical items are usually beneath him. He would usually conjure whatever he needed out of thin air and hand it to her, but instead the picture slides across the desk and Mandy raises an eyebrow before taking it.

“Another criminal syndicate? The… Megaville snakes? I’ve heard of them. They were among some of the gangs I tried to take down officially, rather than in my spare time. What happened to them?” – “They are no longer alive. They were killed.” – “Well, saves me the time of doing it myself. So what?” – “Aren’t you going to ask who did it?” Grim’s natural accent not breaking through this human disguise he has worn for the past several years. For the longest time, Mandy has caused Grim to forget who he was, but as The Chronometal Wars beat down both the mortal and the immortal, he has put all thoughts of such in his back pocket… for now. Instead working with Mandy to reach some kind of solution to this Chronometal nonsense.

“If you’re even here, I would imagine it would be someone rather high profile.” – “High profile? Not exactly. Though it is very interesting.” – “Just spit it out already, unlike you, I don’t have all day to dick around.” – “Watch your mouth.” He snaps, his eyes letting out what seems like hellfire. Mandy doesn’t blink, however. She is well aware of the power this “man” holds, but she doesn’t fear him. Rather, she has formed a kind of twisted respect for him. The only person on this planet she doesn’t believe that in one way or another, she has complete control over. He brushes his suit casually and continues.

“It was a young girl. I know exactly who she is, as I know the identities of all mortals. Her name is Ruby.” – “Ruby? Doesn’t ring a bell. Though a young woman taking on an entire crime syndicate… heh… what’s the catch?” – “She was using a Chronometal.” Mandy’s eyes shoot open and she bites down on her cigarette, nipping it at the bud and causing it to fall onto the floor and instantly flicker out. She spits out the filter and looks Grim in the eye.

“And you’re sure?” – “Mandy…” – “…” He’s sure. One hundred percent. A Chronometal. “A Chronometal unaccounted for… the last time something like this happened, The Chronometal Wars began. What Model is it?” – “Model D.” – “D… D… wait… didn’t someone already have Model D?” – “Yes, as a matter of fact. Dexter did.” – “Dexter… Dexter…” Grim waits as she goes through the information in her head.

“Boy genius… worked for the government… was in my school that one time… was also on the most wanted list during Heroesbane, now struck from the records…” – “Indeed. This girl now has his Chronometal, and has used it to kill a criminal syndicate- albeit a small one.” Mandy puts a finger to her lip. Few things cause her to go silent in the middle of a conversation, but this is certainly one of them. If there’s one thing that destabilizes a world she wishes to take over, more than the crime lurking in the underbelly of the various civilizations she wishes to rule, it’s a rogue Chronometal user.

“Did you bring this information here yourself so that I do your dirty work?” – “Dirty work? Whatever are you implying?” He says with a small chuckle. “Making me spell it out- you want me to kill this girl?” – “That is one possibility. She is a threat to your coming world, and a threat to your world is a threat to my ideal end as well.” – “Indeed. But you say this as if there’s another option?” – “But there is, Mandy. She is young, and in pain…” – “…” – “You were young once, you know. And as much as I hate to admit it, you are very charismatic. If your killing style isn’t enough to solve your problems, your words have a power that the divine themselves would kill for.” – “So… turn her to my side?” – “Was that… doubt I heard in your voice?” Mandy growls and rolls her eyes.

“I’ll deal with her my own way, bonehead.” – “As you always do. Well, I’m sure you have a lot of work to do.” – “That makes one of us.” She sneers. “My time will come, Mandy, but so long as Beelzebub yet draws power, the mere concept of death is in peril, not to mention life. My… associates… are working on a remedy to this situation. Until then, I expect your usual finesse when it comes to these kinds of issues.” He walks away, his blonde hair the last thing to disappear from sight as he seems to vanish into the shadows, and the soldiers in this room once again feeling like they are under her complete control.

She looks at the picture front and back before setting it on the table. It wasn’t a big criminal organization, but Mandy has to give the girl props on her ruthless style. The artistic placement of the spine almost brings a tear to Mandy’s eye, as if it were sculpted just for her viewing pleasure.

“This Ruby girl knows how to make a museum out of a crime scene.” She says with what would be the beginnings of a faint smile.


I haven't done one of These in a while. A writer's note.
The Grim in this story you have just now read may have confused some readers. Mayor Mandy, as I have drawn inspiration from Grim Tales rather than PPGD, the basis of my fanfiction, met with a blonde man in This Page of Grim Tales as well as the page right after. This man, though obviously human (and not speaking with any Jamaican accent) turned out to eventually be Grim. I utilized this form of Grim (if not permanently, than just for this part of the story) because it seems that in the main story of Grim Tales, Grim would take this form to meet with Mandy in a formal environment, where it would seem ODD for a Mayor to be talking with THE GRIM REAPER. Drawing inspiration from this, I included this very brief form of Grim into my story. I am making this writer's note because some readers may have forgotten this small part of Grim Tales because it was only two pages long, and served as nothing more than a small factoid, rather than a full blown plot point.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Those who weathered the storm

The yacht is about halfway done with its journey to American waters.

The news has spread fast. The dead beast seems to have poisoned the surrounding area to some extent. The specifics of which are uncertain. Apparently the water within well over one thousand kilometers of the death zone is undrinkable, and another thousand- unsafe. People have started moving out of Northern India and going south into familiar lands such as Mumbai, or west into very unfriendly territory. Needless to say, no matter which way this is cut, this is not a good scenario.

Neil wonders if they’ve all done the right thing, while Noss seems lost in thought. Ever since the beast was killed he’s always had a faraway look in his eye. Neil hasn’t personally seen Alex since her incident in the training room, but he’s not sure whether to be angry or sad when it comes to her. On one hand, she left them behind to take on a beast more than capable of killing them all, and on the other hand her life was hanging on by a thread.

She was technically dead for more than a few minutes. Though the concept of death doesn’t bring as much fear to Neil as it used to in earlier years. His encounter with that young man in the belly of the beast made him consider what it means to really die. His eyes are constantly darting around, himself wondering why there aren’t enough hours in the day to ponder on this incredibly unsettling subject.

“Hey. Can I talk with you for a sec?” A male voice comes up from behind Neil as he looks at the ocean. “Noss? What’s up?” – “I’m… thinking of leaving.” – “…!” Neil looks shocked but can’t find the words. “I… don’t… why did you come to ME with this?” – “I don’t know. I feel like Kally or Baron would let me have it for even bringing this up, something tells me Rose won’t care… and well, Alex both wouldn’t care, and in this situation simply is not able to care. I just wanted to tell someone.” – “You’re thinking of leaving?” – “Thinking. Yeah. What happened up there really made me scared. I felt like if I died in that cannon that you guys would move on and no one would remember me.” – “Noss, that is a stupid thing to worry about, we would never forget about you.” – “Believe it or not, it wasn’t being forgotten that was the scariest part. It was the real chance that I might die there.” Neil diverts his eyes. He’s dealt with this in his own way, intrigued with the afterlife, but maybe that’s only because he’s been surrounded by death, suicide… murder… his entire life. Noss is just a kid, a kid who’s probably not been involved in things like this his entire life like Neil.

“You’re afraid to die?” – “Damn it, you’re gonna just ask that question like it’s something strange, aren’t you!?” Neil raises his hands in apology. “N-No, that’s not… well… we knew what we were getting into when Barthandelus summoned us.” – “Don’t remind me. It doesn’t make me feel better knowing that I’m a pawn to be used by some underworld voice. I know he doesn’t care if I die. Shit, he might not even care that I leave.” Neil sputters, trying to pick the right words before giving up and sighing. “Well, I won’t stop you if you leave. I understand how you feel… but that monster back there was only the second of… I don’t know how many. Being just one head short with Alex was scary enough, the next one will be stronger… and we won’t get a second chance.” – “It’s not like I did anything to help, anyway. Everyone is already unlocked except me.” – “Is… is that what this is all about?” – “Of course not- I’m not like Alex!” He says with a bitter bite to his voice. Kally is getting to him, he’s felt like Alex has been more of a detriment to this team than anyone.

He cares for her, sure. Even fearing his own death he went in and did his best to save her. She’s still alive, and so is he, but her actions speak louder than her words, and her burning words are plenty loud enough. Alex does not feel the same way. Alex is all about power, even if it gets herself or others around her killed. But why is her path such a bleak one? Surely there can be no end to a goal that is always growing. Then again, maybe her attitude regarding growing stronger is just what The Saints need to stay one step ahead of these Raging Beasts… but regardless, Noss has felt anxiety ever since that beast drew its last breath.

“I felt like I was holding you guys back. Your powers allowed you to punch into the snake, Kally’s allowed her to power that huge cannon in less than a minute, even though I eventually topped it off. I’ve feared my own death so many times, and felt like I was nearing it… but I haven’t unlocked my true powers yet. I’m just a kid, not much better than Izzy…” – “Enough. I’m not going to listen to you wallow in self-pity!” Neil bites, causing Noss to recoil. “You think you’re the only one who has it hard!? Get over it. Alex nearly died pushing herself to the limit and you’re scared to even get your feet wet? And you just want to abandon us- abandon the entire world because you’re afraid to do what this event is going to do to the entire planet!?” – “I-I…!” Neil looks like he’s about to continue, but stops.

“If you’re staying, fine. If you’re going, go. If you came to me looking for a shoulder for you to cry on, you came to the wrong place.” He says, gripping his sword adamantly. “I was chosen to bring freedom to this world. Freedom from the pain this Blackness is spreading. My armor knew that, and knew that dying to Kally’s attacks would make it so I couldn’t accomplish that goal. You have no drive, no goal. You fear death, not fear of leaving things undone, not fear of leaving behind an existence of regret. If you want to no longer fear death, find what you most cherish, and live for it.” He turns around and goes down the stairs into the center of the yacht, leaving Noss alone. Noss sighs, almost ready to burst into tears.

He looks at his hands and remembers his mother. His mother who fell to her death after Noss failed to save her. Even knowing she was going to die, the last thing she ever told him was that she loved him. Noss couldn’t find the words, or even the air to scream as she fell through the clouds and vanished from sight. Maybe she was worth saving, something that would activate the core of his Alphametal, but Noss wasn’t strong enough…

“Hey…” A soft voice lets out from behind the mast of the yacht. “You heard all that?” He asks, knowing that there is no way up or down from this level past the point of this staircase. She must have been here since Noss first showed up. “Yeah…” – “…” He didn’t want Kally to know that he was thinking about leaving. Kally is already the strongest person- or at least was the strongest person among them, and her drive and valor put Noss to shame. He’s expecting a traditional Kally verbal barrage, but instead gets silence as the salty sea air wafts past them.

“I saw you were looking at your hands… what were you thinking about?” – “My… my mother.” – “Oh… you told us about her, how she fell off of Megaville when The Knights propelled it above the clouds.” – “Yeah. What Neil said…? I was thinking about it, about not having something or someone worth giving my life for, something that my armor would recognize as worthy of its full power. Then I realized that everyone I loved from before these wars started died. I’ve been alone for so long, a kind of lone wolf. I took my dad’s weapons and made a living, stealing and scavenging things.” He puts his hands in his pockets and lowers his head. “Since as long as I can remember, it’s always been just me and my mom, and now it’s just me. It’s been hard to find the drive to wake up in the morning, the only thing keeping me going is knowing that I would let a lot of people down if I quit. Now not even that is doing it. I’m so scared…” He looks into the water, his own reflection being impossibly distorted by the motors underneath the boat.

“Sometimes I wish something would come down and give me a reason to fight, you know…?” Kally has stood silent for his pained words, but something comes to mind. “Follow me.” She says, motioning Noss to follow him into the yacht. They walk past several doors before Noss realizes where they’re going. “Kally, I’m sure she doesn’t want to see me.” – “Maybe, but you want to see her, right?” – “Is she even awake?” – “Yeah, she has been for a few hours.” – “Oh…” Noss says, having been avoiding her for the longest time. Before they reach the door to the infirmary, Kally turns around. “You’ve been scared for a long time, but you still went after Alex, didn’t you?” – “I-“ – “Go to her.” – “But… you said-“ – “I know what I said. She’s been getting on my nerves recently, but there’s a kind of glint in your eyes.” Noss rubs his eyes nervously. Kally laughs and continues. “It’s okay. You guys have been paired up since you met. You could do worse.” – “K-Kally!” – “See you later.” She says with a smile before passing him in the halls.

Noss sighs.


On the other side of the planet, Ruby finds herself alone.

Blood stains her once divine armor. Her normally red hair being eclipsed by this new head of golden blonde hair, her muscles accented by the padded armor. Even her fingers feel filled to the brim with untapped potential. From her head to her toes, she feels like a complete weapon. Something she’s missed for so long, the ability to fight back, to really take things into her own now blood stained hands… so long has she been powerless.

Now she finds herself with a twisted expression on her face. Was this brooding in her for her entire life? Or was this just a recent development? It doesn’t matter to her, the screams of terror from these horrible men are like ambrosia to her, not even a single doubt or feeling of remorse crossing her mind as she ends their lives with her bare fucking hands!

These people are responsible for a new age kind of slavery, murders, hits, trafficking, and generally just being rather unpleasant individuals. It brings a grin to her face so powerful it threatens to rip her mouth open from excessive overuse. She was nervous about equipping her “dad’s” Chronometal for so long because of her fears of the Chronometal Wars, but it just feels so good, the anxiety is channeled straight into rage and the rage itself- power!

She wonders to herself if she should feel guilty, but she simply doesn’t. Every time she sees their dead bodies, she doesn’t feel cold, she doesn’t feel fear, she doesn’t feel remorse, and instead she laughs! The laughs and revels in it, every blood curdling scream from these inhuman monsters like a Christmas morning!

She hasn’t figured out how to activate the D-Saber or D-Pistol or any weapon or power her father mastered during The Chronometal Wars, but the power granted to even her hands is enough to kill anyone on this planet with ease, it gives her enough power to fully fulfill her ambitions! FINALLY she has the power to do what she kept telling her parents to do! To go out and be a HERO!

“HERO!!!” She yells to herself, her bloodstained face cackling again. Part of her feels like she’s lost her mind, with another completely different part of it is crystal clear, never before has she had such clarity! As she looks at a blood drop drip from her finger, only one word crosses her mind. The redness, the scarlet beauty she’s beholding. “Scarlet…” She says as it falls into a blood puddle beneath her. "Scarlet..."

However, from behind her, she can feel someone watching. She cracks her fingers and turns around to see that there is a woman here in a slender suit of form fitting clothing. This woman seems somewhat familiar to her.

“Who are you?!” Ruby yells at her, the woman only rolling her eyes. “You don’t recognize me from all the papers? Or the T.V. commercials? Or anything? Man, the citizens of Megaville are rather dense nowadays, aren’t they?” – “I don’t live in Megaville! I came here to be a hero unlike my worthless parents!” – “Oh, and I guess standing knee deep in the blood of your enemies makes you a hero?” – “SHUT UP! You don’t know me! I’ve never felt so ALIVE! It feels so right, to finally take action with my own hands, the people I knew were crawling around this world, making it into their own personal pig sty! Finally, they’re dead! And what? Are you their friend? Did you come here to stop me?” – “Stop you? Yes, as a matter of fact I did come here for that very reason.” Ruby growls and the woman raises a hand to stop her from her inevitable attack.

“What? You’re going to attack ‘me’ now? I thought you said you wanted to be a hero?” – “You said you were going to stop me!” – “What kind of hero goes around attacking random people?” – “You’re preaching to me…!? How dare you!?” – “Believe me, girl. I know what you’re going through. But for every amount of power, you need an equal amount of self-control.” – “No.” Ruby says with the mental equivalent of a cool breeze, bringing pause to even this seemingly adamant woman.

“I’ve had it with doing nothing. This world is ending around me, and I have to make up for lost time. If I stop here, everything will be ruined. I can feel it in my bones, I can see it in their blood, this is WHAT I WAS MADE FOR…!” – “I know who you are, Ruby.” – “I don’t even care anymore, my name means far less to me than the feeling I get when I see the looks of terror in their eyes. Almost as if they themselves, the monsters who have killed countless people, believe that they deserve the life they have. They fear losing the lives they have no right to. I am simply an equalizer, a means of justice to those they cut down, this world NEEDS ME!” She roars! She revels in the sound of her own primal voice, nearly breaking into laughter again at how good she feels!

The woman looks Ruby up and down, seemingly admiring her armor, and the new ‘red paint.’ Ruby notices this and realizes that this is no normal woman. “You know who I am. You haven’t told me who you are yet.” – “My name is Mandy. I’m the mayor of this town, and I’m here to stop you, either through coercion, or force.” – “Stop me…? Mayor…? Why…? Why would you want to stop me?! I just ended these criminals for your city!” – “And I admire the form, no really, I do. But I can’t have someone like you running around causing hell. What if someone saw you? Then it would fall to me to make this official. And trust me girl, you don’t want to see me when I’m official.” – “Are you threatening me?” The woman scowls and firmly plants her feet on the ground.

“As I said, if you won’t come peacefully, I will have to take you by force…” Ruby laughs out loud, remembering the dozens of grown men she’s cut down in just one afternoon. This woman is hardly half the size of the average bouncer! However, before she can make any boasts, Mandy snaps her fingers and an explosion of dark smoke appears around her hands, quickly forming a Reaper’s Scythe!

“I see… you’re not a regular mayor… but know this, Mandy. I can’t afford to stop what I’m doing. If you’ll stand in my way, I’ll see to it that the road you’re blocking will be ashes beneath your feet! I will fulfill my destiny! It will NOT let it be ripped from me again!”

Ruby bears the claws of her Model D as a white energy encompasses her iron nails!
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Scarlet Red and Ghost White

Ruby’s pupils are shrunk, mimicking that of an enraged animal!

She lunges at Mandy, her beastlike claws trailing puffs of pure silver energy! The haze is electrified to the touch, and Mandy knows that even a single second of exposure to something like that would burn like hell, perhaps even leave a permanent scar. She makes a mental note to avoid getting slashed in the face. Ruby slashes and cleaves at Mandy at the speed of sound, but the agile mayor simply bounds backwards, unleashing a barrage of bullets down on Ruby from above! She lands and skids along the ground and reloads her dual pistols, but Ruby is completely unfazed even from the bullet that grazed her dangerously exposed face, and continues barreling down on Mandy as if she has gone into complete bloodlust!

Her newly blonde hair sways and banks in the pattern of a lightning bolt due to her erratic electric movement, before long Mandy finds herself at a wall and unleashes the Scythe once more from the darkness and clashes with Ruby again and again! To Mandy’s surprise, this monster of a Reaper’s Scythe, bane of all living things, isn’t even scratching Ruby! This has literally never happened before in Mandy’s career and as she wonders about it a second too long, Ruby charges up an extremely devastating punch, hitting Mandy in the kidney and grounding her! The force of the attack lets out a shockwave that causes the air pressure in the alleyway they’re fighting in to peel the paint off the bricks and blow open the outward facing windows!

However, Mandy is not down for too long, as Ruby attempts to slash at her face, Mandy rolls out of the way and stumbles to her feet, still clutching her side. To her horror, she coughs up a trace amount of blood. No enemy has made her bleed in her career of being mayor, Mandy has always been a perfectionist, the fact that Ruby can resist the Reaper’s Scythe and the fact that she can rip through her defenses is something Mandy has never considered any single enemy capable of doing before…! Ruby snarls and bares her claws once more, borne straight from the Chronometal she is wearing! Mandy visualizes the claustrophobic environment they’re fighting before Ruby bears down on her again! Mandy bounces off of the nearby walls, eventually reaching the top with Ruby simply flying after her! As she reaches the roof, Mandy is already waiting with a surprise attack!

A heavy, two handed pump action shotgun with a skull adornment blasts Ruby in the chest, sending her flying and Mandy skidding backwards, nearly blowing herself off the building from the sheer force of the blast! As she regains her balance, she realizes she’s lost track of Ruby, and if it wasn’t for a warcry heard above she probably would have been skewered then and there! But Mandy hears it an backflips to the other building, still clutching her kidney. Ruby has summoned an energy lance that glows a brilliant divine silver! It spins in her hands and she lunges after Mandy, the spear in Ruby’s hand making it seem like Mandy is Ruby’s prey as she goes on the hunt! Mandy dodges the thrusts of the weapon and flips over a horizontal strike, eventually landing a strike with her scythe to the back of Ruby, once again doing minimal damage!

She stands upon the roof once more and pants. “What is with you…?! Why aren’t… you dying…?!” She says, frustrated that her weapon that severs the soul of the enemy she’s attacking from its body. The scythe would normally cut through the enemy’s soul, not their body, leaving an empty dead husk behind. But it just bounces off Ruby, as if it’s attempting to defend her using someone else’s soul!

“Deedee is no longer powering that thing…! I know that for a fact…! What is defending you?! What is in that armor?!” – “A being far beyond any singular entity…” Ruby lets out in a twisted malevolent voice. That was not a teenage girls voice, that was a ghost’s voice. Mandy has seen and heard ghosts before in her line of work, allying with The Grim Reaper, but how is this girl channeling one?!

Before she can get an answer, Ruby once again lunges and slashes at Mandy, herself barely having the physical stamina to deflect attacks with her scythe! She finally spots an opening and a glint appears in her eye, Mandy taking a pistol out and spinning past Ruby’s lunge and putting it to her forehead.

“Game over.”

Mandy shoots Ruby directly in the forehead, causing a red spray to blanket her vision, before Ruby falls to the ground, most certainly dead. Mandy tends to her struck kidney, which still hurts like hell. The corresponding side of the ribcage is most certainly broken in a few places as well. She winces and turns away from the now growing cold body of Ruby.

However… Mandy had a feeling that it wouldn’t end there. Ghost possession never does…

A cold feeling crosses her and she turns around, seeing that the hole in Ruby’s head has completely head, replaces with a layer of darker skin where the hole once was. “Who… are you…?” Ruby wipes the blood from her brow and looks at it, a grin crossing her face. “Scarlet…” – “You said that before… do you mean that-“ – “My name is Scarlet, and I have been guiding this young girl on her path to find herself.” Mandy furrows her brow, knowing that any continuation of this battle would simply devolve to another slug fest, resulting in this exact situation again and again. “Why?” – “Why?” Scarlet mimics, licking the blood from her finger and seeming to shiver from the taste. She slowly opens her eyes to show a much less aggressive face. “Surely your “friend”, the Grim Reaper is well aware that death is no longer so permanent.” – “So I’ve heard…” – “I am simply a result of that lack of permanence. Those who die cannot pass on, and simply find suitable hosts.” – “And this girl was a suitable host?” – “Not just for one, but for the souls of several others as well. You can call me a spiritual amalgamation… a greater end from lesser means.” – “Will you let that girl go?” – “Let her go? Oh, Mandy… you misunderstand who is holding onto who. She called for something, or someone to break her fear of Chronometals, her anxiety to do what is right. She called to us and embraced us with open arms.” Scarlet chuckles a small bit before looking to the setting sun.

“The girl you initially saw in the alley, drenched in the blood of the wicked… that was neither me nor Ruby. Instead, a brilliant cacophony of spirits, reveling in the blood as one. She called upon us further to kill you… knowing that if she stops, everything she worked for would fail.” Mandy can hardly believe what she is hearing. She knew that Beelzebub was making a mess of the underworlds, but the extent that some being like this could exist…?! “I can see you’re in awe of the situation. I must humbly request however, that you leave this girl alone. Your scythe has no power over the dead, regardless.” Scarlet walks upon the roof, brushing shoulders with Mandy and continuing without making eye contact.

“I’m sure you’re a busy woman.” – “Wait, Ruby. I know you’re in there, listen to me.” Scarlet looks back at Mandy with a puzzled look on her face. “I know what you’re feeling, but I can help you, without the need for you to stoop to possession! I know why you came to Megaville.” – “What are you talking-“ – “It’s to find out information on your mother, isn’t it?” Scarlet’s eyes go wide as what seems like a flood of colors fade from her eyes before only one color remains… Ruby red.

“… What do you know?”


Claire finds herself hanging out with that one boy from class. She’s finally learned his name.

“So… your name is Cain?” – “Yeah, my parents named me after a famous person from the Bible. Your name?” Claire blinks once, remembering the origin of her name. The strange symbols on the pod she woke up in. “Claire. My name is Claire.” – “Does your name mean anything? Did your parents name you after someone too?” – “I… didn’t have any parents.” – “Huh…? But everyone has parents. Well, maybe not taking care of them always, but everyone was always born from something… right?” – “I… don’t remember…” Claire says with a pained expression. Cain notices this and thinks a small bit.

“What about asking ‘Them’?” – “Huh…?” – “The-“ He says, looking around, making sure that no teachers or other kids can hear them. “The ghosts…” – “Huh? You think they can help me?” – “Sure! They can help with lots of stuff! Some of them even helped me with my homework! You just need to make sure that they know you’re talking to them. A lot of them are very lonely and will help anyone who will be their friend.” Cain smiles brightly as he makes that remark. What a strange situation this is, children finding comfort in ghosts instead of being afraid of them. Cain can’t be any older than eight or nine, but Claire looks to be about sixteen, maybe a little older. Though she realizes that her origin probably makes the concept of age irrelevant. She celebrates a kind of birthday, the anniversary where she landed on the hill that day and was saved by Olga.

The age gap is severe, but they feel a strong kinship with each other, a real one that they don’t have for many others. Claire has found comfort in Olga as well, who can also commune directly with the dead, but she didn’t know that people like Cain existed. Maybe she isn’t such a freak after all. From stories that Mister Brick told her, apparently Bubbles and himself were also born without the need for parents. She feels at ease knowing she isn’t such a freak, and she rubs Cain’s head. “Thanks, Cain. You’re a good friend. I’ll ask them tonight.” She says with a rather worried expression. Her silver, almost white hair almost reach the ground as she walks, and is rather thick. She’s leaving school for the day and opens the door to be met with the cold January Megaville air. She knows that some of her family friends, like Buttercup, are in Denver, but with the power of flight they can meet each other in only a few minutes.

She walks home, her white poofy jacket keeping her warm where her skirt more or less fails to do so. Her long leg warmers help there however. She passes people on the street talking amongst themselves, but she hears voices almost as clear as theirs when she focuses real hard. The ‘other side’… some are quiet, but in bustling places like this, their sound is almost as strong as normal peoples’.

Some can be scary, but in general, she has found nothing but comfort in their company. She hasn’t tried asking them actual questions, like Cain suggested… she just enjoyed the company.

Before long she finds herself nearing the Megaville outskirts. It’s one of the days where no one is home, even Olga, so she decides to take a walk instead, her white eyes viewing the dusty mountains on the outskirts of Megaville. She sees what looks like a tombstone there. It’s in a pretty large amount of disrepair, and she can only make out one word on its rough face. “Harpuia.”

Olga told Claire a little bit about some things called Bio-Symbiotes from before Claire was born. Apparently Olga had one named Phantom. Phantom was evil and took advantage of Olga, nearly killing her, and forcing her to stay in the hospital for many years. Harpuia however was apparently a kind Bio-Symbiote, one whose death made everyone who knew him sad. The two others, Fefnir and Leviathan, a rough bruiser and a beautiful woman respectively were apparently corrupted beyond saving, and their deaths heralded The Second War. Bubbles told Claire a little about that, she explained that it was a terrible event where even a strong warrior like Bubbles was scared. Claire has only never known Bubbles to be a strong, kind veteran who has shown nothing but confidence, but Bubbles tells her stories of when she was just a little younger, she was almost unwilling to fight- even verbally. Claire chuckles. ‘Yeah right.’ She thinks to herself, remembering this is BUBBLES we’re talking about, the single strongest hero this world has left, wielder of the Black Blade, savior of Megaville and veteran of The Panic.

She heard stories of a third sister of Bubbles and Buttercup. A girl named Blossom, of whom Uncle Dexter’s daughter is named after. Claire has seen them before, but they’re loud and annoying. Nothing to write home about. But the old Blossom is someone that Bubbles and Buttercup have no qualms telling stories about. Apparently a charismatic and wise leader that led them around without a single doubt in her heart. Bubbles told Claire about how hard Buttercup took it when she died, and she can’t help but feel a little sad. Then something comes to mind. She has been walking and thinking for a while, finding herself now at the top of Megaville Mountain, next to the Tomb of the Chronometal Wars.

Can she talk with Blossom’s spirit? She looks around, feeling that this place is spiritually intense and she drops to her knees and closes her eyes and opens her heart. The white noise that is the spirit world around her gradually becoming more intense as she focuses harder on it.


Th? C?????t ???c? ?? ?????n

Blossom opens her eyes. Her shattered Chronometal seeming to vibrate as she looks around. After a while of silence, she shrugs it off and closes her eyes again, leaning on the door once more. However, before long she can feel it again. “Hmm?” She grunts, looking around. Is someone trying to talk to her? She looks at the various people sitting in this great green field, none of them seem to be making eye contact. She tries to settle in again before she feels it once more. There can be no doubt about it, someone is talking to her.

“Hello…?” She says quietly to herself, as to not alert anyone nearby. “………………………..” Blossom listens intensely. “………………………” – “Are you trying to talk to me…?” – “………s…….” What seems like the end of the verbal confirmation word ‘yes’ can be faintly heard as she listens closely. “Who…? Who are you…? How can I hear you…?” – “……y name…….. aire…” – “Air…? Your name is Air?” – “lair…. Claire…” – “Oh, Claire…” Several moments of silence pass.

She’s heard about this from the people around her before. Some people here claim that some people left alive on Earth are capable of communing directly with them. Blossom wasn’t so sure about that until now. She can tell from the faint voice that the person she’s talking to is young, and Blossom decides to sugar coat her words to not try to scare her off or something.

“Hello Claire… my name is Blossom… can you hear me…?” – “Yes… it’s… faint… but I can…” – “You want to talk to me…? I don’t want to sound mean, but I don’t think we know each other, Claire…” – “I know… I want to get to know you, Blossom. I’ve heard so much about you…” Blossom looks around, looking to see if anyone can see the growing blush on her face. She’s never taken compliments that well.

“Heard about me, huh? From who, Claire?” – “Well, my mom Olga for one.” Blossom blinks once. “I’m sorry, who?” – “Can you hear me? I said, Olga, my mother, talks about you.” – “That’s what I thought you said.” Blossom can hardly believe it. Not only is Olga better, but she’s settled down and started a family? Blossom almost feels a little warm in the chest after hearing that, she was always a little worried about how Olga was doing before she passed on. “Your mommy is Olga? Whose you’re daddy?” – “My dad…? Well… I don’t really have one, but I suppose that Mister Brick helps a little bit.” – “Brick? Of the Rowdyrough boys, Brick?” – “The rowdy… what?” – “N-Nothing. Does he have long red hair and wear a hat?” – “That’s the one, yeah!” – “Huh.” Blossom knew that Brick was still alive when she visited the Citysville hospital that one time. She was so sure that she killed him, and the guilt was crushing her. Now he seems to be a kind of father figure for this Claire girl.

It… almost seems like everything is fine back on Earth… it brings Blossom a little bit of peace.

“Anyway, I wanted to talk to you. Everyone spoke so highly of you, and… well, as you can hear, I can communicate with spirits. I wanted to get to know you a little better.” – “Well, what do you want to know, Claire?” – “Um… do you know… where I came from?” – “I’m sorry, no.” – “Ah… should have known. Everyone seems to give me weird looks, but no one will say why.” – “Well, if I could see you… I could probably tell you.” – “Huh…? You can’t see me?” – “What do you mean…?” – “Usually when I talk to ghosts, they’re around me. But it’s hard to talk to you, like you’re very far away…” Blossom looks across this field, she looks into the sky as well, a very very faint visage of the pearly gates above her.

Perhaps the closest place to heaven.

“I am in a very strange place, Claire. I’m trapped in a wide open field with thousands of others. We all want desperately to get out, but an evil being named Beelzebub won’t let us go.” – “…! Beel… zebub…?” – “Huh? Do you know him?” – “I can hear spirits yelling his name out almost every day. He’s a very bad…” – “… Huh? Claire?” – “… … …” Claire seems to have been interrupted by something. Blossom blinks once and looks around.

She knows that she now has a connection to Earth. She wonders how she can utilize this, but for now, it seems like Claire is busy. She smiles, thinking of Olga before drifting to sleep, leaning on this door once again, the only person in this entire plane brave enough to be this close to where Beelzebub comes and goes.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Those caught in the middle

Noss takes a breath and opens the door to the infirmary.

There he is met with two individuals, Barrett and Alex. Alex sits on the medical bed facing away from him, metallic protrusions splaying out from her body and a rather unsettling gasping noise constantly emanating from her every couple of seconds. Barrett stands over her and helps her along before noticing Noss and looking over.

“Noss? I didn’t hear you come in.” Upon hearing this, Alex turns around to view Noss, before needing to turn her head even farther to see him, her right eye being covered up by a kind of eyepatch. Noss had heard that her right eye took a huge hit during the training… if the eyepatch is any judge, it didn’t survive surgery…

A small almost unnoticeable tube leaves her mouth off of the left side, trailing across the bottom of her face and into the side of her neck, leaving her mouth slightly agape on the left side. The gasping noise can be heard coming from it. Her body however almost looks completely fine, though as mentioned before, there are metal protrusions and obviously grafted pockets of metallic skin present.

“Noss…” She says, an airy hiss being heard at the end of the word. Noss can barely stand to see her like this, but he is really happy she is alive, especially happy to see she is okay enough to sit and talk. “A-Alex… how are you doing?” – “Mmm.” She grunts, gulping and gasping. “It… hurts… but I’m fine.” She says with a hoarse voice and strange genuine softness to it. Barrett takes his rubber gloves off and turns back to Alex.

“As I said before, if you wish… a specialized mask is being crafted for you back at base. It will cover the bottom half of your head and face, and also serve the essential purpose of maintaining and calibrating your implants. “Mmm. Yes… thank you, I’ll take it as soon as it’s ready…” She grunts, her voice still barely coming through. She takes a gulp of air and coughs into her hand, of which the ring finger is metallic.

‘This is fucked up…!’ Noss thinks to himself, seeing Alex like this. Every other part of her body has been damaged and replaced with something metallic. She opens her mouth and pokes around with her tongue, Noss seeing that her mouth is filled with blood, and all of her teeth now metal. “It… tastes like coins…” She says, wiping her mouth of the bloody drool. “Yes, they should settle in soon. Here, drink this.” Barrett says, handing her a bottle of water. “Mmm.” She simply grunts again.

Noss, realizing he’s not needed and seemingly ignored, turns to leave.

“Wait…!” A loud broken voice lets out, being followed by coughing. “Mmm…” She gets off of the bed and walks slowly over to him. She’s wearing her underwear now, as nothing else can be worn until the grafts fully settle. Noss diverts his eyes, trying not to stare at her implants, but she gets his attention when she speaks up.

“Look… mmm…” She grunts, in pain, but adamant enough to walk over here and say this to his face. “Thank you…” – “…!” Noss almost goes agape, but mentally corrects himself before it happens. “I know… I said some stupid things in there… but I know that if you weren’t there with me, I would have died.” – “No, that’s not true. I didn’t do anything, you were the one who saved your own skin. I was just on the sidelines…” He says with self-pity. She shakes her head and puts her hand on his head. He’s rather shorter than her, a few inches, even though they are both about thirteen years old.

“Look… I’m not good with these kinds of things. Just say ‘you’re welcome’… okay?” – “You’re welcome, Alex.” She smiles faintly, the small tube off the side of her mouth distorting the facial expression a small bit as she retracts her hand. Her left eye is the only one that works right now, and even then it seems to cry a small bit of blood. She rubs it away and turns back to the bed. “I’m still… mmm… a little tired… gonna get some rest. Baron says that I gotta do it here, only place for him to keep some of my stuff working for now until we get back to base.” – “Yeah… okay… bye.” – “Bye… mmm…” She says with a pained grunt as he leaves the room.

As soon as he’s out of the room he turns to his private chambers down the hall and locks the door behind him. She falls to the floor, leaning on the wall with his back and tears begin to form in his eyes.

“What am I even doing…? Why am I sad…?”


“Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?”

The short repetitious words of a toddler lets out. “Huh? What is it, Blossom?” Dexter asks, fighting back a small frustration induced headache. “Where’s mommy?” She asks for quite possibly the fiftieth time. “I don’t know, Blossom.” As quickly as she asked the question and got the same answer again, she’s already in the other room, running around and bumping into things.

She usually isn’t this hyperactive, but she’s been missing a kind of outlet for a while, and without Lynn or Ruby here, she’s making her own destructive outlets. Ruby has been gone for nearly two months, Lynn now for a few weeks. Dexter has been left to take care of Blossom and Bell by himself. He wanted to hire a babysitter and go looking for Ruby himself, but it appears she stole his Chronometal.

The implications of this are dire, but he can’t very well leave his kids alone, nor is he too ecstatic about getting back into the hero lifestyle. The same kind of lifestyle that killed Mandark and started this whole mess. He groans and leans back in his chair as a familiar squeaking slides up behind him. He turns back to see the white haired Bell in her wheelchair. “Oh, Bell. What is it?” – “Are you sad?” She asks innocently. She doesn’t talk much, not nearly as much as Blossom, but she can definitely cry as hard. She takes that after her birthmother, Bubbles. Behind her unnaturally white eyes, one can make out a very faint blue tint.

Her small toddler to small child sized wheelchair rolls up to a corresponding couch and she limberly places herself on it. She definitely has Powerpuff strength in her, as does Blossom, but her complicated birth has rendered the lower portion of her spine and body completely numb. Blossom and Bell however do not seem to be able to fly. Maybe it’s the mixed blood, but while they maintain their mother’s strength, they certainly maintain their father’s humanity.

“Yes, Bell… I’m… a little sad.” – “…” Bell simply looks at the floor. She usually spends most of her time in her room, watching TV or brushing her hair in the mirror, or playing with various dolls. She’s a rather contented child, almost a laughable contrast to Blossom to be quite honest. Bell seems to be matured many magnitudes beyond her age, to the point of almost being able to hold real conversations with Dexter, while Blossom does your average toddler shenanigans. They are almost three years old, and will be in a few months.

“Do you really not know where they are…?” Dexter sighs. “I think I might know where mommy is, but not Ruby… she didn’t even leave a note.” – “Like… a letter? A paper?” – “Yeah, Bell.” – “Oh… are you going to call the babysitter again?” – “No, not tonight. I’m gonna stay with you guys until one of them gets back.” – “Okay!” She says with a small grin on her face. Dexter chuckles a small bit. He’s still very anxious about what’s going on, but there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do about it. Though in his mind…

‘God damn it, Lynn! You wanted this family! What ever happened to what we were talking about?! You CAN’T JUST LEAVE LIKE THIS! This is exactly what we were talking about when we started this family! This is why we left the hero life behind!’ He says in his mind, but he can already hear her response.

‘But Ruby ran away because of this lifestyle! We have to find her and make this right!’ To which Dexter already has a response. ‘But there are two kids here that need us, Lynn! We can’t just leave them! I care for Ruby too, but we can’t just abandon them!’ Dexter blinks once before groaning and fighting back another headache. This is killing him.

“Lynn… where are you?”


“I made a huge mistake…”

She says to herself, welding something to something else. Nano-Steel and wires are present in this area. She’s several stories underground now. “I’ve made a huge mistake… and you’re my way of reprimanding this…” She almost seems to fanatically chant. She’s working on something incredibly important. What was once a passing idea to her has now grown to consume her in the passing weeks.

She takes more sheets of Nano-Steel and melds them to shape, forming a chassis that vaguely resembles a human skeleton. “You… you will be two… Barasia two…” She says. There are other skeletons and incomplete creations in this lab of hers, but none of them are as far along as this one. This one is special, very special. Of the countless dozens, almost hundreds of machines she is working on here, this one will be very special, even if it’s only because she’s now choosing to work on only one instead of the almost two hundred being created now.

She bonds more pieces together and turns over to a computer, a welder in her mouth as a result of multi-tasking. “One part metal, two parts mind.” She says, almost as if from memory. A name of the file she’s uploading to a very durable hard drive says ‘BARASIA-2’ in bold letters. This lab is below her old house. She entered this place weeks ago, but hasn’t left here since. There are a few secrets in her old house which lead to this area. The house isn’t up for sale yet, as Barasia has been very particular about paying just enough to keep people off her back. This place is more important to her than any money.

Unknown to her, Ruby has entered this house once and entered the basement to access Barasia’s private computer diary, but Ruby doesn’t know that this place goes even further down. So much farther down that it eventually reaches a hollow in the earth far, far beneath Megaville. The Shrine of the Ark. An area that Him showed Lynn during the beginnings of The Panic. The newly awakened Ark had been present there. Even now, Lynn is still is possession of The Ark. It is among this iron labyrinth she has created. It has since been powered down, almost as if it no longer wishes to be used anymore.

She remembers Briarus from when she worked with Otto. Otto’s memory brings pause to Barasia’s electric work and she puts her tools down. She closes her eyes and remembers the lessons of everything she went through with ‘Other Otto’ back before she claimed The Ark for the first time.

She remembers the torture she endured at the hands of Elly, her life being saved by Other Otto of whom Barasia promised she would kill for getting in her way. She was so torn that day in the forest about whether she should leave him to die, or to save his life. She knows for a fact that if she were still pinned down by her basic programming, that she would have left him to die without question. But since she entered this universe and began to call it home, a lot has changed.

Barasia. A killing machine developed by Cranston “X” Utonium in Barasia’s original universe. An artificial lifeform to match Professor Utonium’s own biological lifeforms. Or to put it in direct terminology, from Barasia to The Powerpuff Girls. Barasia’s origins were rife with complications, and the first attempt at creating her was a complete failure. Cranston scrapped her and essentially left her to die. After a long time, a strange spark ignited in Barasia’s heart, and she was given life…

And a purely unique drive to kill.

Cranston was a wrathful man who instilled the directive for death and discord into his creations. He surmised that the many weapons and directives he gave Barasia were what caused her initial creation to fail. His next creation, Bell, was created with a much larger blank slate. What the result was a being as powerful as Barasia, but not anywhere near as driven. Bell would do anything Cranston Utonium said, but by herself, was a largely enigmatic individual, while Barasia prides herself at being violent and direct. One thing the original Barasia and Bell had in common were the capabilities to have explosive outbursts of emotion. Bell had prided herself at being the strongest thing alive for the longest time, that was until Barasia, the newly spark revived and death driven Barasia met her.

In her own universe, Lynn remembers what she did. What she did to her creator. She ripped his spine out with her bare hands. It felt good. Very good. Not even Bell could stop her, even if Barasia did eventually have to flee, she did what she wanted. For even the smallest moment, she turned Bell against Cranston, and in that small window of weakness, she attempted to kill them both, but only succeeded in killing one.

Since then, Barasia was filled with a forced directive to destroy all human on Earth, a primitive unfinished directive that Cranston placed within her, and didn’t care to replace or edit since he was so sure she was broken. That directive almost led to her death once she was shoved into this universe by Blossom and Otto. Her drive to see all humans dead before her drove her to create the Chronometals and the Bio-Symbiotes. She succeeded, more or less, at achieving this archaic desire of hers at the end of the Second War, where the Chrono Titan and World’s End had ushered in a true apocalypse.

However, to her horror, the Chrono Titan she had spent so much time and effort creating turn its gaze on her, and if it weren’t for Buttercup, one of the individuals she had sword her lie to kill, she would have died. After that, Barasia took a very hard look at what she had done. She was fulfilling the drive of a dead man. A man she killed, and man who broke her and made her like this. She forced herself into realizing that living is more important than killing. With that, she sought out to end the Chronometal Wars she created, because surely, there could be no surviving in such a world on her own, not with something like the Chrono Titan seeking her death.

To achieve that drive, she initially attempted to enlist the help of Blossom, a unique time traveling girl that seemed to be working towards the same goal as Barasia, who at the time of meeting her, called herself The Black Mother, symbolic of her giving birth to the Chronometal Wars. While they did not succeed at stopping the Chronometal Wars, they did eventually get help from Bubbles, who swore to keep their time traveling a secret, while simultaneously promising to help Barasia in Bubbles’ future, Barasia’s own past, where under the name of Lynn, she met with the young girl Ruby.

Ruby, although admittedly not key to the wars, was a helpful component in allowing Barasia to not only fight against the killing urge inside of her, but instead building a kind of emotion that would bud into kindness and compassion. From then, alongside the time traveling Blossom, Barasia found herself at a loss, with no way to end the Chronometal Wars. But she remembers the words of a strange futuristic Otto who she mercifully killed upon the sands of sadness.

“The Ark…” A relic beyond any mortal comprehension, something that Otto mentioned was no longer present. Something, or someone, had stolen it, and made the Chronometal Wars impossible to stop. From that inspiration, Barasia traveled through many timelines and dimensions, eventually coming into contact with who she can only call ‘Other Otto.’

With his help, she was able to claim The Ark and return to this universe and stop World’s End, eventually saving all of creation.

But now it seems to all be swiftly coming to an end. She has foreseen her own end, and she is running out of time. “Six years…” She says to herself. She knows that in six years, what must be done… will be done. But until then-!

“Barasia Two! You will carry on in my stead! You will ensure that they all survive! I will not let it end like this!”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Claire and the Shadow Dawn

She stopped talking to Blossom abruptly because she was interrupted by a strange woman.

Her hair is long, brown, and luxurious. She is definitely Indian, but she’s wearing a strange suit of armor. It binds to her skin as she wears no other clothing. It’s deep black with some yellow accents sticking out. She stands completely still, back straight and eyes intense. To normal passersby it would look like these people are simply staring at each other, but to Claire’s horror, this woman is speaking to her through her own soul!

“I’ve heard echoes of you, Claire…” – “How do you know my name? Who are you, and how can you speak to me like this?!” The woman lets off a mock shrug and wears a smug grin. “Who can say? In fact, it’s only because you’re so interesting that I’m not killing you right now.” Claire nearly stumbles backwards as her heart begins to race. “K-Kill me?! What for?! What have I done?!” – “Oh, don’t make a scene. After all, it’s not like anyone here can see or save you.” – “I-I’m warning you! I’m not a n-normal teenage girl! I have p-powers!” As she thinks that last telepathic thought, the Indian woman snaps her fingers on both of her hands, black pistols phasing in from nothing!

They rest in her hands at her hip as she speaks more to Claire. “You are an intriguing girl, and while I will admit, you haven’t done anything wrong, you’re far more useful to us dead, than alive.” – “Who are you?! Why are you doing this?!” – “I am Zira, of the Cult of the Shadow Dawn.” She says with the grin being replaced with a scowl. “Your being alive, contacting Blossom? It puts a damper on our plans.” – “C-Contacting Blossom? That was only a few minutes ago… you heard me do that and came all the way here in that amount of time?” – “The Shadow Dawn works faster than you can possibly comprehend. We are all connected through Beelzebub’s spiritual web. We can hear and feel everyone along it… and you are a threat to us… it’s only through sheer amazement that I haven’t killed you yet.”

“A-Amazement? At what?” – “You look exactly like her…” Zira says, looking Claire up and down. “Like who…?” – “The web tells me of a powerful and influential young girl named Bell-“ Before she can continue, what feels like electricity firing through Claire’s mind forces her eyes wide open, as if something in her just unlocked. That word, Bell, has opened Claire’s mind to the screaming spirits around this Chronometal Tomb. Zira raises an eyebrow as she feels the spirits howl around here.

“As I thought… it’s not just a coincidence that you look like Bell… the spirits here also feel you. Who are you, Claire?” – “Huh? You mean not even you know that?” – “It’s curious… but even through the web, none can tell me how you came into being… you must be outside the cycle somehow, a being given life from an unknown source…” As Zira says that, Claire is reminded of the Pod she wakes up on, the station she fires out of, it all makes sense.

“I… don’t know…” Zira looks shocked and backs off a small bit, holstering her weapons. “You are a great threat to us, Claire, but your complicated origins could be of great help…” – “…” Claire says nothing, still in fear of losing her life. “Artificial life forms, although possible, are incredibly difficult to create. Only a small handful have ever been created, but very few of those have actually been given souls… but yours… yours is completely unique…” – “Unique…?” – “Most artificial life forms are given a proxy soul, something to replicate your humanity. Something to give you a consciousness beyond death, even if for just a small moment. But yours… yours is a genuine soul, as if you were born… but we both know that is not the case…” – “I… I really don’t know…”

Zira shrugs and takes her pistols out again, causing Claire to flinch. “We both know that killing you will simply put an end to your physical body. Once you’re dead, you’ll have all the time in the world to tell me what you know.” – “PLEASE, NO!” – “Good bye, Claire.” Zira says, pointing the weapons at her!

But a black flash of lightning crashes in between them!

The air around the Chronometal Tomb grows electric as the spirits themselves seem to be blown away, leaving Claire and Zira both completely spiritually deaf! Claire was already in a state of fear and shock, but now Zira, now out of sync with Beelzebub’s web now wears of a face of horror as well!

A being rises from the crater born of the lightning bolt, raw energy leaving its form. Its face cannot be seen, but it’s obviously human, seemingly a man. Black shoes, black gloves, and a large black trenchcoat complete with cowl. Around its hands a white energy bolts around. It cracks its neck and speaks up, a masculine voice coming out.

“I cannot have you harming Bell, Shadow Dawn.” – “Y-You…! You’re what they called, A-Ameterasu?!” – “Amaterasu? My name is Boomer. Shira Boomer.” – “Shira! The Shining Rays of Ameterasu!” – “Is that what it’s called? I don’t seem to CARE!” He roars, the excess energy of his outburst blowing dust around him and knocking Zira off her feet, falling on her back. “Wh-Who is she to you?!” – “Nothing. But Cranston would be very sad if you hurt her.” – “Cranston…? Wait- Cranston Utonium? Creator of… Bell?” Boomer goes silent. Behind his face blocking cowl, one could imagine he’s wearing a confused face.

“How do you know so much about him? About Shira?” – “Those within Beelzebub’s web know everything any one human has ever known! We are the heralds of the new day to come!” – “Is that right? Well, I hope you know that you’re going to die.” – “Do what you will! My soul will return to the web and my death will be pointless!” – “Oh, you mean the web you can no longer hear?” She darts her eyes around, realizing she still can’t hear their voices.

“It’s strange. My Shira powers seem to drive away spiritual energy. I wonder what would happen if I killed you with a Shira blast? Would your very soul fade?” – “WH-WHAT?!” – “Think about it… a true death… does that sound comforting to you?” – “PLEASE! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!” Boomer chuckles a small bit, wiping dust off of his coat with his black gloves.

“Then do something for me.” – “A-Anything!” – “Return to your web, and tell them what you saw. If I see any of you come near Bell again, I’ll be sure to erase you all from every plane of existence. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise!” – “Y-Yes! I’ll do that!” She pleads. “Go.” – “What…? Now?” – “Yes. Now.” Zira stumbles to her feet and runs off.

Claire rises to her feet as well and begins the long drawn out process of thanking someone who frightens you, but as Zira gets to a certain distance; she stands still and puts her hand to her chest. Boomer can hear her from this far away. “Oh thank goodness… I can hear them again… yes… I’m with the web again… they know everything…” She says to herself. Before Claire can say a single word, Boomer raises one gloved hand and a white energy builds around it. Zira turns around for a split second to see this and her eyes go wide.

“She’s passed the information on. Now it’s time to prove that I’m not bluffing!” Boomer explodes at Zira, blowing Claire back and he grasps her by her face, his white energy seeping into her skull! She lets off a blood curdling scream that forces Claire to cover her ears! He forces Zira to the ground so hard that the back of her head begins to break the stone beneath them! She scratches at his arms, but his very skin seems to burn her fingers to the bone!

“HA!” He yells, a single surge of white flame flashing her entire body to a crisp, a demented hissing sound heard shortly after as no trace of her body is left. He can feel that there is no spiritual energy is nearby. She’s gone. Forever.

Boomer’s energy calms down and Claire takes her hands off of her ears.

A few tears drop off of her face as she can once again hear the spirits around her. Boomer walks up, his presence no longer subverting Claire’s ability to commune with the dead. She rises to her feet once more and darts her eyes around as Boomer gets closer. She makes no motion to run, and instead closes her eyes and winces, expecting him to hurt her. Instead he does nothing, causing her to open one eye. She can vaguely make out a young man’s face through the cowl. His white eyes and white hair remind her of herself.

She fully opens her eyes and looks at him. The spirits seem rather calm around him when he’s not angry, in fact they seem to be drawn to him, almost drawn ‘into’ him. “Thank you, Shira Boomer.” She says, bowing politely at him. He however, does nothing similar in response. She looks around, feeling rather unsettled at his motionless manner. She opens her mouth to say something, but he interrupts her.

“Bell, you are a disgrace to your lineage.” – “H-Huh?” – “You need to learn how to defend yourself, not cower like a damned child.” – “My name is Cla-“ – “YOUR NAME, IS BELL.” He snaps, causing her to flinch. “I don’t know where you got a name like Claire, but Cranston created you in the spitting image of his first creation, Bell. Your name, as was hers, is Bell.” – “Bell…?” – “You were created using a process not so dissimilar to mine, though yours was on a micro scale, over the course of a long period of time. You are his pride and joy. I saved your life because Cranston is still useful to me, and your death would paralyze him more than he already is.” – “Wait, you know who I am? You know where I came from?” Boomer remains motionless for a while, before putting one hand on her shoulder. The mere action sends a shiver down Claire’s spine.

“Your progress here pleases him, although he would never admit to it. Your schoolwork warms his icy heart, knowing that Olga is helping you to become a real girl, just as he always wanted with the original Bell. From your body, to your mind, everything about you is in the spitting image of Bell… though your soul, as that woman back there said, is unique. The only thing you and Bell don’t share.” – “My name… is Bell…?” – “How you define yourself is up to you, but you were created as Bell. That was the name Cranston gave you. I don’t know how you came to calling yourself Claire, and I don’t care. I’ve said my piece.” He takes his hand off of her shoulder and begins to float upwards.

“Wait, where are you going?” – “Back to Cranston’s Lab.” – “Wait! Where is that?!” He looks down at her and stops in mid-air. “Do you want to follow me?” – “…” She remembers the scary thing she saw when she first woke up next to her pod. The thought of seeing that thing again is not comforting. “That’s what I thought. Goodbye, Bell.” He blasts into the air, quickly leaving sight.


Claire is left to herself as the sun begins to go down. She has to be home soon. Olga is going to want to hear about this… “Bell…?” She says it to herself a few times. Is that who she is? What she is supposed to be?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Black and Blue


Bubbles yells, slamming Mandy against the wall by her forearm and choking her. “Blue… you may want to calm down before you do something you regret.” – “SHUT UP!” She yells, pushing her down harder, causing the first subtle sounds of a person being choked to emanate from Mandy. “I don’t care what media crap you spin on me, Mandy, you will tell me where Ruby is, NOW!” – “I will do no such thing!” Mandy yells, kicking Bubbles square in the chest and getting some breathing room. After that, the skull soldiers in the shadows quickly burst from the shade and grab Bubbles by the arms, quickly immobilizing her. She grunts, trying to break free, but can accomplish no such thing.

Mandy rubs her neck and turns her head, a satisfying snap heard. “Ah, that’s better. You’re lucky you didn’t give me a crick, or I might not have let you leave without a black eye or two.” – “WHERE. IS. RUBY?!” – “Why do you even care? What is she to you, huh?” – “A family friend, Dexter’s daughter!” – “Rose’s daughter, actually.” – “Who?” Mandy rolls her eyes. “Oh, Blue, you disappoint me. Fighting for a girl you don’t even know the parents of?” – “Ruby was an orphan, her parents are dead!” – “Her dad is, yes, but not her mother.” – “Huh?!” Bubbles grunts, still trying to break free of the grasp of Mandy’s underworld goons. She snaps her fingers and they let Bubbles go, confusing her.

“What are you-“ – “You know, you and her are much alike. Ruby, I mean. She charged me down and eventually backed off once I told her the truth. To be quite honest, it’s getting really fucking annoying.” She says, her face twisted into one of frustration. “Who is her mother? Rose? Who is Rose? Where is she?” – “Straight to the point? Don’t you want to at least want to know where Ruby is?” – “Stop toying with me, Mandy!” – “You barge into my office and pin me to the wall and expect me to welcome you with open arms? I want you to remember whose home turf you’re standing on, Blue.” – “WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING ME THAT?!” – “Oh, I can’t be bothered to remember anyone’s name, Bubbles. In fact if it wasn’t for you reminding me a while ago, I would be calling you that simply because I didn’t remember you. Now it’s because it’s a great metaphor for what you’ve become.” – “What are you talking about?” Mandy diverts her eyes and goes deep into memory.

“Do you even remember what it’s like to be happy, Bubbles?” – “…! What does that have-“ – “Even back, a long time ago back when we were still pretty much children… even with the death of Mandark, the kidnappings, the criminals, the attempted murders, the everything around you… you always found a way to stay almost annoyingly optimistic. But now, you always seem so serious. It really pisses me off you know, bringing a negative attitude into my office like this.” – “Like I give a damn.” – “Like that.” Mandy taunts, causing Bubbles to roll her eyes. “You’re always either sad or angry. There doesn’t seem to be anything left.” – “You don’t know me, Mandy!” – “Maybe not, but it’s not like you’re showing me anything else.” – “Like I’d ever give you the luxury!” Mandy furrows her brow, sitting down at her desk.

“You always come at me like I’m your enemy, yet to this day I’ve yet to lay a hand on you. It’s always you who draws first blood.” – “I gave you the information Lynn told me to share with no one when we were kids, and you turned it into something disgusting! You’re JUST like Dexter was back in The Panic, always seeking to end something big by doing something even bigger! NEVER do you think about any time but now! You want to take over the world? Over my dead body!” – “That can be arranged, but that’s a corpse to be saved for another day.” – “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” – “You’re here for Ruby, no?” – “Tch…” Bubbles’ face is red; this woman is really pissing her off. She cracks her knuckles and takes a breath.

“Where is she…?” She states, not even as a question. “She should be in Townsville right about now.” – “Townsville…? Why?” – “Have you heard of a group called The Saints?” – “I… yes, I have. They were present during the two Raging Beast awakenings. What about them?” – “What if I told her that Ruby’s mother was a member of that group?” Bubbles’ eyes go wide. “Y-You’re joking.” – “No. It’s possible that you’ve already met her, but simply disregarded her as yet another face in the crowd.” – “And they are in Townsville?” – “They will be docking there shortly, yes, and then making their way back here to Megaville. Their base is here. I told Ruby everything… while holding some things back. She’s off to see her mother now.” Bubbles turns to leave the room. “I wouldn’t go after her if I were you.” Bubbles looks back with a familiar anger in her eyes, as if every word Mandy speaks is fuel to ignite a blast the power of which the world has never seen.

“But it’s your funeral. Give Scarlet my regards.” – “What are you talking about now?” – “We both know you’re not going to listen to me. Go and get yourself killed, it will let me check one person of my to-do list.” Mandy playfully threatens. “All I know is I saw you fighting with her, and now she’s gone. Who’s Scarlet? Tell me!” – “A being living within Ruby. A rather formidable fighter with a ferocity I’ve never seen… and the only person to ever beat me in a stand-up fight. Or rather, fight me to a draw.” – “You act like that’s some amazing impossible thing. Still, thanks for the warning. I’ll see what’s up.” – “And if you want more information later, like I know you will?” – “I’ll just choke it out of you again. Bye.” She flies off, leaving Mandy in the room feeling dumbfounded.

“Did she just say bye? That’s a first. What a stupid girl.” She says, straightening out her suit and getting back to boring mayor work.



“Claire?” Olga says from the other room. “It’s almost 8:00 PM! Where have you been? Why are your clothes so dusty?” – “…” Claire seems to have been crying. “Claire… what’s wrong?” Olga says, walking over to her. Although Olga is much older than Claire, beginning to near the end of twenty to almost thirty years old, she’s not much taller than Claire. She uses her index finger to help raise her chin up. Claire’s cheeks and eyes are red from what Olga can already confirm was heavy crying.

“Mom…! Who am I?!” – “What are you talking about?” – “Who’s Bell?! Who am I?!” She bawls, burying her face in Olga’s chest. Olga embraces Claire, but the name she’s saying seems to almost bring physical pain to Olga. ‘Bell…’ She thinks to herself, her mind scraping by with fragmented memories. The name is familiar, and Olga feels like she knows that girl, and it brings her great sorrow to remember, or at least try to remember the girl.

There was always something about Claire, something that seemed familiar and somewhat sad to Olga. But that doesn’t matter. “It doesn’t matter.” Olga reassures, hugging Claire tighter. “B-But…!” – “You’re you, Claire. If there’s anything this world has to teach us, it’s that we need to accept the cards we’re given. You are whoever you choose to be, and you told me who you were. You’re Claire, and you’re my daughter.” – “M-Mommy…!” Claire begins to cry again as a familiar man walks into the house.

“Oh, I’ll… come back later.” – “Oh, Brick. What is it?” Olga asks, still hugging Claire back in an attempt to calm her down.” – “It’s just… Dexter sent your shipment for the year. I’ll just leave it… here, for when you want one of us to put it in.” – “Oh, thank you Brick.” – “Yeah… is there… something wrong?” Before Olga can answer that, Claire wrestles her way out of her embrace and walks over to Brick.

“Who is Bell…?” She says with watery eyes and a quivering voice. Brick’s eyes go wide and he backs up, looking to the door. “Please don’t go! Please tell me!” She begs. “Claire… I…” Olga looks on, Brick seeing that she too is also kind of curious. “Olga… you didn’t tell her?” – “I… don’t remember either…” – “Man… you guys… fine. Sit down, both of you. I’ll tell you.” Claire’s eyes go wide and she obeys, sitting down on the couch, Olga following and sitting next to her. Brick sits on a chair opposite of the couch. The end tables next to his seat having an alcoholic drink and shot glasses. He quickly pours himself one and exhales from the burn.

“Bell was… an enigma. She was for the longest time, one of the greatest enemies of Megaville.” – “Enemies…?” Claire asks. “Yes. While she, at least from a glance, wasn’t completely evil… she was at least a pawn of someone who was.” – “Cranston…?” Claire asks, making Brick spit some of his drink out all over his legs!

“How the *cough cough* gah… do you know about Doctor X?” – “I… just do… please continue.” Brick rubs his mouth. “Fine… Doctor X, or Cranston Utonium, was the creator of Bell. His motives were largely an enigma to me then, but his actions meant little to me until after the Second War. For the longest time, I was an enemy of the Powerpuff Girls, and even Olga here.” – “Wait… what?” Olga interrupts.

“You… don’t remember that either?” – “N-No. No I don’t.” – “I think its best that we straighten this stuff out now. I was hired on by a man named Brisbaine, for the longest time I was a government assassin. My target during the Second War was Buttercup, who we were tipped off as a co-conspirator to a mass genocidal plot by Dexter.” – “Dexter…? He wanted to…” – “It was a long time ago, but yes. After the Second War and Operation Heroesbane, Dexter and Buttercup conspired against humanity, but ultimately discarded their attempt at it when another Model M reared its ugly head.” – “Model M… that was… Mandark… my brother…” – “Indeed. Model M was the key factor in all of the major wars. During Heroesbane, there were two largely present Model Ms. Mother, and Magnificence.”

Olga’s eyes go wide at the mention of the final one, but Claire exclaims: “That’s real cool and all, but what about Bell?” – “Bell was present as a neutral party for most of the First War, where she was working loosely alongside The Knights, before they turned on her. They killed her and turned her into a host for Model M.” Olga’s face continues to change expression, as if many of her memories are coming flooding back. “Bell was killed during the First War, but brought back temporarily during the beginnings of the Second War, where Bubbles’ sister, Blossom claimed her as the Chronometal Model B. Bell has been dead ever since Blossom has been now.” – “Oh…” – “I… didn’t want to bring her up, as you look so much like her, almost as if you were a…” – “Clone…” Brick diverts his eyes.

“Your words, not mine.” – “It’s okay… I think I’m starting to understand why I’m here…” – “Huh? What do you mean? Wait… are you saying-“ – “I don’t know yet… but I want to. Thank you, Mister Brick.” – “A-Anytime, Claire…” Claire gets up and walks out of the room rather swiftly, leaving a flustered Brick and a silent Olga.

“Are you okay, Olga?” – “Yeah, I… just need some air…” Olga too walks out of the room, leaving Brick alone. He shrugs and takes a swig from this high society stuff Bubbles gets her hands on. “Take your fresh air all you want, all I need is some-a this!”



Olga says to herself. She’s outside. It’s night now. That word is burning into the back of her head as her heart beats faster and faster. She clenches her skull as information floods into her mind. “And… Bell… was killed… by the Knights…!” Her pupils have shrunk from the intense memories, her emotions flaring into physical pain!

“EVERYTHING I REMEMBER IS STATIC! BUT NOW, IT’S SO CLEAR!!!” She yells, scratching at her head, it feels like something is inside her own head, trying to bust out, it hurts so much! “I KILLED BELL! I CREATED MAGNIFICENCE!” She shakes her head, falling to her knees as the light of the moon falls down on her.

From high above, someone can hear her weeping, and more importantly… heard her confession.

“Boomer…” – “Yes, Cranston?” – “I have a target for you.” He says monotonously. “Oh, and who would that be?” – “The so called mother of my daughter…” – “Olga? Are you sure that is wise? That would traumatize Bell.” – “No. Bell will learn the truth soon enough, and she will revel in Olga’s death in ways only she can comprehend.” – “Is that right? Very well, don’t forget our deal, Utonium.” – “Deal…?” He asks. “Have you forgotten already? You are to help me awaken Bunny, and after that… you help me find and kill Buttercup.” – “Ah, of course. I had nearly forgotten. Go, do this for me. I have tests to run.” – “As you wish…” Boomer says, unsure.

He looks at the screen showing Olga grasping her own cranium. He almost feels sorry for her. But so long as Cranston holds the secrets of Shira, and Bunny’s life, his actions are directly related to Doctor X’s interests. Olga is merely a side character in this play that is Boomer’s life. Someone he neither hates nor loves. Simply a means to a much greater end.

Though, Cranston’s demeanor lately has been… more aggressive. This is the first time he sent Boomer out to directly kill someone. Did he see or hear something about Olga? Boomer is unsure, though honestly, he doesn’t care.

Olga dies tonight.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Olga’s Phantom

Without missing a beat, Boomer is already descending upon Earth once again.

Though, he feels a strange energy emanating from Bubbles’ mansion, where Olga, Brick, and Claire also share residence, though it does not concern him. Olga is still on the roof, grasping her skull and huffing to herself, seemingly being split in half by a migraine. Doctor X ordered him to kill her, and he will oblige… for now. Boomer has no love for the man, but he knows the secret to Shira, and with that knowledge, he may finally get his revenge upon Buttercup- when Boomer boils it all down, all of this is really her fault.

He lands next to Olga who seems to not even notice him, even though his energy causes static to build to the levels where small items begin floating off of their surfaces. “You’re making this simple. Good.” He says. He reaches a glowing glove over to Olga before a voice cuts him off. “WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” A familiar girl runs up. “Bell, this is none of your concern.” Boomer says. “What are you doing with my mom?” – “Your mother? This is Olga; she has no ties to you.” – “She helped me escape the… ugh… whatever it was I woke up in! She saved my life when I crashed on Earth! She took me in like any mother would!” – “I have no time for this.” Boomer snaps indirectly, once again reaching for Olga, only to be pushed away by Claire!

She is not that strong, and it does little more than cause Boomer to stumble. She stands over Olga and splays her arms out in a gesture to ensure Boomer does not pass! She knows how strong and dangerous this individual is, but she feels like she can reach him! “Why do you want to hurt her?!” – “It’s of no concern to you, Bell. Step aside.” He orders, standing his ground. Not a single visage of his flesh breaks through the black attire. “Is HE telling you to do this? Cranston I mean.” – “Bell, I’m warning you. I will not kill you, but if you will not move, I WILL move you.” That last part makes Claire take a hard gulp, but she’s not moving.

Boomer’s gloved hands ball into fists, white electricity surging from them. He walks up to her as she stands adamantly in front of the pained Olga. She simply angrily looks him in the cloaked eyes and stays put. He grunts and smacks her out of the way, causing her to fly off the roof and fall into the yard, a small trail of dirt following her!

He nears Olga once more and prepares to execute her with his bare hands. But he can feel a strange energy coming from her. It almost feels familiar, a faint memory of something, or someone he has met before. He tries to brush it off, but Olga’s head snaps up to look at him.

Her eyes hold a strange power, and even Boomer is caught off guard!

From her spine, the implant that Mekel and Dexter designed for her, a single wing explodes! It fizzles and crackles with unstable energy, but it is a dark purple! She rises to her feet and Boomer backs away slightly. Boomer can feel that this person in front of her is not Olga…

“Who are you…?” Boomer asks, Olga turning her hand around and viewing it, gigantic amounts of excess energy burning off of her pale skin. Olga or rather the being standing in front of Boomer says nothing and instead snaps her vision to him. Her aura is incredibly intense, almost as powerful as Boomer’s. “Fine. This was just going to be an execution, but looks like it’s gonna be a FIGHT!” He yells, charging Olga down, only to have a large ethereal being lunge out of her chest and stop his punch with a ghostly palm!

The hit strikes the fist so hard that nearby windows explode from the sheer force, but the ghostly being itself remains completely unmoved! Olga rushes through the being and forms a fist, deep purple fire enveloping her hand as she does so! The impact is so devastating that the tiles on the balcony peel from the impact and Boomer falls to the ground next to Claire, leaving a small crater in his wake!

It hurt, but it wasn’t truly damaging. He rises to his feet to realize that Claire has already left her impact zone and is on the side of the yard, trembling. He diverts his eyes and removes his cowl, showing his face. “A ghost, huh? This is gonna be fun! I happen to specialize in spiritual warfare!” Boomer laughs, white energy permeating his body. He remembers what Zira and Claire said, Boomer’s energy seems to destabilize nearby spirits. A perfect weapon to fight one! Olga leaps from the roof, hitting the front yard with an impact which spits purple flame in all directions, quickly flashing the night time grass to a crisp! The fire almost reaches Claire, but not quite, and it simply wafts past Boomer, who is unimpressed.

“Enough special effects, let’s get to the main event!” He rushes at her, his aura at full power! The Ghost attempts to block Boomer’s attack once again, but it screeches and retreats back into Olga! But Olga is not dismayed, in fact she charges at Boomer as well, meeting his punch with a strike of her own! An explosion of purple and white engulfs them and they both blast back, skidding along the dirt and pavement.

Boomer raises an eyebrow. “Perhaps she is more than just that one phantom?” – “So much more…” Olga hisses, finally responding. “Who are you?” – “I am nothing more than the culmination of everything Olga has been holding back! I am her memories, I am her sin! I am her phantom!” – “I see. Well, PHANTOM… you’re going to die this night!” He rushes at her at the speed of light, only to be expertly parried and tossed into Bubbles’ mansion, breaking down the foundations of the front wall and causing it to tumble down! He growls and lunges at her again, this time striking from the air!

She blocks with her forearm and grabs him by the leg, her hands glowing with dim flame! She heaves forward, putting her energy into a downward strike, smashing Boomer into the ground so hard that an underground pipe explodes out of the ground and starts spitting water! He quickly kicks her off him and returns to his feet, seemingly unharmed by the attack!

“You’re annoying…” Is all he says as he cracks his neck, his white hair blowing in the dust of the battle. Black sparks flicker from the purple flames as the grass crackles into ash, Claire can only look on in horror. She doesn’t know what to do! All she knows is that Boomer is trying to hurt Olga! Something in Claire snaps as a power from deep within her becomes unlocked!

Boomer readies a laser attack on Olga before he is hit by a blast of white energy from behind him! Being caught off guard like that gave him no time to put on defenses, and he is quickly grounded from the sneak attack! Claire quickly runs over to Olga, who pays her no mind. “I-I’m here, mom! Please! Let’s stop fighting!” She says, white energy burning her hand.

Olga instead takes this time of weakness to pounce on Shira Boomer! She digs her claws into his neck as her purple wing flits! He grabs onto her arms and attempts to get her off, but she is in a position of maximum power! Her fingers burn with unholy flame as she chokes the life from him! Claire once again is unsure of what to do… but she knows that Boomer is dangerous. She simply looks away and trusts who she trusts to call mother.

“BAHHH!!!” Boomer roars, a blast of nuclear proportions quickly gets Olga off her and blows Claire away in superheated winds! When he rises from where he once was, his coat is half torn, his naked torso touching the air, and his gloves torn to pieces. His untapped power of Shira, only kept in check by the clothing begins to tear at his skin and bones, causing him immense pain! His once white pupils begin to glow bright as his entire eye shares the color; the pupil can no longer be seen as his entire face twists into one of rage! He puts one hand on his face, fighting back a horrendous migraine, but he looks at Olga, her one wing burning behind her.

“I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE… AND I DON’T CARE… I SHOULD HAVE PUT YOU IN THE GROUND LONG AGO, OLGA, BEFORE I BECAME LIKE THIS!” He stomps forward, his right hand still over his right eye as he fights back the splitting headache. “YOU BRING NOTHING BUT DESTRUCTION IN YOUR WAKE! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO KILLED BELL! YOU STARTED THESE CHRONOMETAL WARS!” Claire looks at Olga, whose eyes have gone completely dark, her hands still covered in royal flame.

“I NOW KNOW WHY CRANSTON WANTS YOU DEAD! YOU KILLED BELL, AND WILL DO IT AGAIN! YOU’VE MADE THIS PERSONAL!” Boomer explodes at Olga, everything behind him being blown into the air, the sonic boom so powerful that houses within two blocks have their windows implode! Olga raises her hand to defend once again, but Boomer’s power is so great that it completely tears through her powers and he grabs her by the neck with one hand, his other still grasping his own skull!

She flails and fumbles in his grasp, but nothing she can do- even with this new power of hers, can break her of his grasp! “STOP!” Claire yells, jumping on Boomer’s back and pulling at his arm, but her strength compared to him is like a gnat trying to stop the end of the world! He squeezes so hard that a grisly snapping noise is heard! “NO! AHHHHHHH!!!” Claire bellows, working with all her might to pull Shira Boomer off, before that same power from before comes back! Her skin begins to fizzle with a strange energy and she musters hidden strength into a single balled fist to the back of Boomer’s head, his apparent weak spot due to this migraine! She strikes him so hard that his grasp falters and Olga falls to the ground; limp.

Boomer snaps his elbow into Claire’s stomach and knocks the wind out of her. She falls off of his back and onto her knees, only to be kicked away by Boomer, through Bubbles’ Iron Gate to her mansion! She fumbles onto the street and passes out from the impact of the attacks, her breath still not returning to her.

But the migraine is too much; Boomer holds his head with both hands and stumbles backwards, Olga gasping for breath on the ground. “OLGA…! I WILL GET YOU… DO YOU HEAR ME…?!” Boomer flies off, leaving Claire and Olga passed out on the ground.

Various members of this gated community will come to find the two passed out later, as neither Brick nor Bubbles are present here.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
It Becomes Real

Meanwhile, in Townsville Harbor…

“That must be the yacht Mandy told me about…” Ruby says to herself, standing on a pier next to the coast. A large boat is on its way. On it is most definitely her mother. Ruby has no idea what to say. Maybe she would start with “Why?” or something to that extent. Why she would be alive yet never reach out to Ruby, even as she was in an orphanage, or worse yet, living with a robotic woman who caused these horrible events in the first place.

Just thinking about it makes Ruby’s blood boil. It’s the very reason she ran away from home, along with the will to be the hero she always looked up to, even if that person was all a lie. Lynn was a lie, there is only Barasia the Black Mother. Maybe if she meets her mom- her real mom, it will finally all make sense. Yet still she has planned no words for the encounter.

As she thinks about these things, someone off the side of her eye catches her attention. Could it be…? No way… why would she be here? Ruby furrows her brow and walks through a crowd of people before coming face to face with none other than-

“R-Ruby? Oh my God, baby, where have you been?!” Lynn lets out, extending her arms out in an attempt to hug Ruby who simply walks backwards a single step. “R-Ruby? What’s wrong?” – “Barasia… why?” – “…?! R-Ruby… please…” – “ANSWER ME PLEASE! WHY?! WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME ALL THESE YEARS?!” Lynn merely diverts her eyes, turning her head. “I know you could never forgive me. Trust me when I say, I’ve tried every day since it’s happened to forgive myself.” – “Why would ANYONE forgive what you’ve done?!” She yells out in the crowd, instantly causing a scene, people starting to stare and back off.

“Ruby… I… I…” – “Why did you never tell me my mother was alive?!” – “I only recently figured out she was alive myself!” – “How long have you known?” – “About… about three years, give or take.” Ruby’s fists shake and she grinds her teeth. Her Chronometal is silver and her hair, though normally red, is blonde. “And you never thought to tell me…?” – “I… please… I thought…” – “You thought what?!” – “I THOUGHT YOU WOULD LEAVE!” – “…!”

That statement makes Ruby’s blood boil even more than before. “WHAT?! THAT WAS THE REASON?! SUCH SELFISH BULLSHIT?!” – “Ruby, please, calm down! Let’s just go home-“ – “No. My REAL mom is on that yacht and is going to dock here any minute. I never want to see your face again, Barasia.” – “…!!!” Lynn looks stunned. Ruby turns and walks away. “WAIT! I NEVER WANTED IT TO BE THIS WAY! PLEASE, RUBY! I LOVE YOU!!!”

That’s it.

Ruby shoots a glowing red eye to Lynn, sending an electric shiver down her spine. “LOVE?! YOU CALL THIS LOVE?!” Ruby roars, her claws exploding in red fire! “YOU KILLED ME! YOU KILLED EVERYTHING I LOVED! YOU LIED TO ME AND MADE YOURSELF OUT TO BE A VICTIM!” – “Ruby, I-“ – “NO! I’M THROUGH LISTENING TO YOU, BARASIA! EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS A LIE!” Ruby explodes at Barasia, catching her completely off guard! Of all the things Ruby could do, Lynn didn’t expect this at all!

Her red claw blasts with such power and heat that Barasia’s shirt is torn to sinew. What’s left underneath can be seen as a flesh wound that extended to a mechanical frame, everyone in the crowds gasping! “FIGHT!” Ruby demands, punching Barasia in the face, knocking blood to the ground and causing shockwaves with every attack! She continues to attack, punching and slashing until she forces Lynn to a wall and kicks her through it! She stumbles into the water below and Ruby follows her down!

Lynn continues to put up no resistance as Ruby unleashes hell on her!

“ENOUGH!” A female voice booms so loudly it can be heard from the waters below! A blue shockwave splits this coast in half and Ruby and Barasia fall to the sand to have the blue blur scrape Ruby up! “LET ME GO!” She struggles, getting nowhere with the now visible Bubbles holding her. “No! This is for your own good!” – “I’M SO SICK OF YOU PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO! MANDY WAS RIGHT, YOU’RE ALL JUST IN IT FOR YOURSELVES, AND YOU DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANY OF US!” – “Ruby, calm down!” – “AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Ruby screeches in rage, a red aura overcoming her before Bubbles’ grasp is completely blown apart by a unique surge of energy! Bubbles lands on her feet, but looks up at Ruby.

From the air around her, Ruby conjures a red spear. A devious smile crosses her face and Bubbles raises an eyebrow. “You’re who Mandy told me about! Scarlet!” – “I see my reputation precedes me. I’M SO FLATTERED!” Scarlet, in Ruby’s body roars, cleaving down on Bubbles! She bounces backwards but the attack is so heavy that it causes a shockwave to rush forward and blast her into a nearby docked boat, causing it to instantly start sinking! Scarlet begins to walk towards Bubbles before a blast of red energy catches her off guard, causing her to backflip away.

“WHO GOES THERE?!” Scarlet yells, to see a young man with long red hair land near her. “I’m Brick, and I’m already tired of this, Ruby! Stop fighting! Bubbles and Lynn are not your enemies!” Bubbles rises from the water and shakes her head. “Brick? What are you doing here?” – “I don’t know, but I had a feeling that Butch was telling me to come here. Now I think I know why.” Scarlet backs away slightly. Even emboldened with spiritual energy, two on one is not good odds with contemporary superheroes.

“Tch…” Scarlet scoffs. “I’m not going to be stopped, or even slowed down. If I can’t work here, I’ll go somewhere else.” – “Oh yeah? Well I’m not gonna let you run!” Bubbles growls, extending her black blade, her Chronometal giving her black hair. “Run? Who said anything about that?” Scarlet says, snapping her finger, vanishing in a puff of red smoke.

“What the?!”

Before they knew it, Scarlet was completely gone. They look around, but they can see no trace of her. “Holy… if she can just do that, there’s no way we could possibly catch her!” Brick says. “How annoying…” Bubbles mulls, before she remembers something. “OH CRAP! LYNN!” Brick and Bubbles run over to the ruined beach to see her simply lying at the bottom of the water, the waves washing over her. Her eyes are open and she’s blinking; obviously alive.

“L-Lynn? Are you okay?” Bubbles asks, causing Lynn to simply close her eyes. Artificial blood from her chest wounds leak into the water. She seems to be suffering from something much worse than physical harm right now. Before long, she simply stands up and floats out of the water and over to them. She’s completely soaked and her hair is a mess. A distinct red coloration can be seen washing down the front of her shirtless body. Her eyes simply view the ground.

“L-Lynn…?” Bubbles asks, extending her hand and putting it on her shoulder. She simply stands there. “I should have told her the truth… f-from the beginning… now she hates me… I’m nothing to her anymore…” – “Lynn, calm down. Let’s get home. At least she’s safe, right?” – “…” Lynn turns her head to look at Bubbles, in her Chronometal B-2, the black one that always makes Lynn uncomfortable.

“Yeah. You’re right…” Lynn surrenders in agreement. “I’m sure Dexter is worried sick…” – “Yeah, let’s go.” Bubbles and Lynn walk off. “Brick? You coming?” – “I… don’t know. I have a feeling that Butch wants me to stay here.” – “Oh, okay. See you, then.” They walk off, leaving Brick to himself.

“What do you want me to see, Butch? What is here?”


“Last chance.” A commanding voice lets out. Noss turns around to see Neil walking up to the banister that he’s been leaning on. Barrett’s yacht is about to pull in, everything’s about to turn real. He wanted to run a while ago, but now, he’s not so sure. “I know…” Noss confirms, letting Neil know he knows what he’s talking about. “So? Are you going to run away?” He asks, a very small hint of anger lingering on the tip of his words, almost judgmental… Noss doesn’t blame him.

“No… no I think…” He says, remembering what happened in the medical bay. “… I think I’m fine.” – “Have you found your place here? Your purpose- your reason to fight?” – “I… I think I have.” Neil smiles slightly, to the point where it almost doesn’t even seem like he’s smiling, but he truly feels happy. He claps Noss on the shoulder and looks out to Townsville harbor.

“She’s gonna be alright.” – “I hope so.” They leave it at that as the salty sea air washes over them. It’s almost over. By the end of this year, over eleven months from now, another Raging Beast will arise. This one was hard, and Neil still has a message to pass on to Dexter: Boy Genius. Though he wonders how he could possibly pass that message along, how it would truly matter anyway. Call it a hunch-

But Neil has a feeling that there’s someone waiting for him on that harbor. Someone to pass on the message…
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
The Human Element

Ruby finds herself incredibly frustrated, and a bit lost.

She can see, hear, and even feel when Scarlet is in control, but Ruby can’t read Scarlet’s mind so when she decided to teleport out, when Ruby took control back she found herself in a city she doesn’t immediately recognize. Rather annoying, really. She wanted to meet her mother badly, but her FAKE mother had to get in the way. Even if it wasn’t for Barasia, the way Bubbles showed up leads Ruby to believe that she was looking for her too. Can’t they all just take a hint? With this armor, Ruby is far from a little girl anymore, and they don’t seem to understand that.

She wanders around the city, not really to figure out where she is as much as she is blowing off steam. She passes by a few industrial zones before crossing into a commercial area, some stores and then a coffee shop. There, she is hailed by what initially looks like a stranger. She squints as the young man is far back in this coffee shop and he isn’t immediately recognizable. However, his face seems familiar enough and Ruby thinks it prudent to find out what this man wants.

“Hello?” Ruby asks. “Hey, Ruby. Remember me?” – “Kind of… but not really?” – “Ha, that’s fair. I suppose since I know you’re just going to forget me in twenty minutes; the whole name thing doesn’t matter. I was in the orphanage with you during the First and Second wars.” – “Oh!” She realizes. “I knew you seemed familiar? How have things been in… uh…” She pauses, remembering she doesn’t know this place. “Citysville? It’s fine, one of the few cities on Earth almost completely unaffected by the Chronometal Wars.” Citysville, huh? Bubbles and Brick told stories about this overly industrialized fun-free zone. Neither had particularly good things to say about it, but Brick seems to appreciate its all business attitude, claims he went here when he was working for the government a few times.

Ruby sits down at the table with the young man who smiles that she took the time to slow down a bit. He hails a waitress and before Ruby can say another word, coffee and corresponding snacks are at the table, presumably on his tab. “So… any reason you called me here?” – “You looked tense. Looked like you could use a break. You drink coffee?” – “Thanks but no thanks; the last thing I need is more energy to burn off. I’m working through some heavy stuff.” The man nods, his somewhat spikey blonde hair bobbing from the gesture. “I know, trust me, I know. Though… it appears you have more baggage than you let on?” He states, looking her up and down. Initially, Ruby thinks he was ogling her, until the obvious realization of her Chronometal hits her.

“O-Oh, this? Uh…” – “It’s a Chronometal. Model D if I’m not mistaken, used to belong to Dexter.” Her eyes go wide, but he casually bites into a croissant and takes a small sip of coffee. “What? Did I offend?” He asks. “N-No, usually people I meet have no idea why I’m wearing a suit of armor that looks like it puts me back at least ten centuries, yet you got the Model and owner down in a second.” The man pauses for a moment and takes his sunglasses off, showing his somewhat blue eyes. His face looks like he’s about to say something heavy.

“You of all people should know how hard it is to come back from a life without parents without being smart. The orphanage taught us things, both how to be self-reliant, and that when the going gets tough… people turn on each other.” – “…” Ruby nods in full agreement, deciding to take a small swig of the coffee. “It’s bitter…” – “Here, have some of this creamer, it should make it better.” He says, sliding something over to her and taking something out of his pocket. As she adds creamer to her coffee, the man takes out a pack of cigarettes and begins to light one up. She looks around, noticing that this is indeed a smoking place, not many left these days.

“You partake?” He asks, offering her one. She eyes it as if it’s the most important thing in the world, causing intrigue to cross his face. It’s obvious from her expression that she doesn’t, and he considers retracting the offer before she takes one. “You do?” – “I do now.” She says, motioning him to pass his lighter. He smirks and gives it to the sixteen year old. “Really heavy shit… huh?” He asks, responding to her original statement when she first came over here, about having a lot on her mind.

“Yeah, the way I see it only this, good alcohol, or sex is what I need.” She says directly. “Hey, I don’t got anything going on.” He playfully states as she lights the cigarette and takes her first puff. It goes so much smoother than she thought it would and it really seems to help. “Thanks but no thanks. No offense, but you’re not my type.” – “Oh, and what type would that be?” He asks, curious. She looks him in the eye, a smoking cigarette sticking out of her lips. She looks him up and down and rolls her eyes at even attempting to get a good ley of his lands. She doesn’t personally consider herself a lesbian, but there was that one girl…

The way she looks off to the side, almost trying to hide something before she even answers the innocent question, this man has seen this look all too often. “You don’t have to tell me. I’m sure it was hard coming to terms with it yourself.” – “Huh?” – “Being a lesbian, I mean.” She tries to show some kind of surprise, but instead all she can do is smile and exhale, billowing smoke. “Was it that obvious?” – “Maybe not to the inexperienced.” – “Inex… wait, you-“ – “Not that I’m that interesting of a person, but yes, I am.” She smiles again, almost seeming more comfortable around this incredibly charming, now openly homosexual man. She takes a good puff from the cigarette before she realizes it already went down to the filter and the taste went from soothing to foul in an instant. She flicks it away. “Want another?” – “Sure.” She says, taking a sip of the newly creamed milk.

“So… how was life once you got out of the orphanage? I heard that you were some of the few kids who were actually adopted? Once I hit eighteen I headed out on my own, got myself a… stable job.” – “Y-eah… I kind of ran away.” He blinks and takes a sip of his own coffee. “It’s never the same, is it?” He asks. She sadly eyes her lap. “No… it will never by my real mom and dad…” – “Then again, there were reasons we were put in that orphanage. Our parents are dead.” He attempts to console her. “Not mine, not my mom at least.” – “Huh?” – “She’s alive… and I’m going to find her I’ve seen her around.” – “You know what she looks like?” – “I… … … …!” Ruby hadn’t considered the fact that it’s been so long, she may not even recognize her own mother- she may not even recognize Ruby! “No… now that you mention it.” – “Well, you at least remember her name, right?” – “Yeah, Rose.” She says, lighting the cigarette and really unwinding. She had no idea how much she needed some real down time.

“Why does that sound familiar… wait… Rose of The Saints?” – “The Saints? Y-Yes! Man, you know a lot. I know you probably don’t care much for this, but what’s your name?” – “Well, everyone knows me by ‘Summers.’ You can call me that if you want.” – “Summers? That’s… a strange name. Sounds like a last name, or a surname.” – “It’s a little nickname my friends gave me. “Warm like a summer’s day.” Some crap like that.” – “Well, you certainly are a comfortable man to chat with, Summers.” – “Thank you.” He smiles genuinely.

“Well, Summers, yes. My mom is a member of that group.” – “Well, if you want to meet them, get in line.” – “Huh?” – “They’re basically global celebrities by now, in case you haven’t noticed, everyone knows them. Especially down in Texas, for negative reasons, or over in India, for positive reasons. A real mixed bag of heroes that stopped two Raging Beasts. Everyone wants to thank them, shake their hands, stuff like that. They’re stationed in-“ – “Megaville, I know at least that much.” – “Well, regardless, they have some pretty good security, and their base is under heavy scrutiny. Most surviving heroes nowadays are living in the lap of luxury, especially now that things are getting worse. Though, I fear for a time when the people providing these things suddenly run out of things to provide for themselves, and it all comes crashing down.” Ruby finishes her cigarette and burns it out in a nearby ashtray.

“That’s exactly why I’m here. My adoptive father, Dexter, has turned in his hero wings for domestic ones, and lives off of a government salary while things turn to hell around him. I took his armor, and I’m here to make things right.” – “I wonder about that.” Summers cuts Ruby off with. Usually he was so agreeable, almost seeming to read her mind, but this comes as a real shock to her. “Huh? What do you mean?” – “Hear me out.” He says, bracing Ruby for some explosive realizations. He puts out his own cigarette and finishes his coffee before continuing. He’s about twenty one years old, quite a bit older than Ruby, but when the Orphanage was in full swing, they were fully equals. He was sixteen when she was eleven during the First War. His laid back attitude, while simultaneously being incredibly down to earth and serious makes him a very interesting person for Ruby to talk to.

“When do you think this all started?” – “The… Chronometal Wars? Well, my… adoptive… mother, told me this all started with something she calls the Chronometal Prologue.” – “The prologue, sure, that counts on the small scale. Micheal, a government agent runs off with some highly classified tech, disappears for almost a full decade, comes back inexplicably one day, and turns on a group of military agents and nearly destroys the station he created- The Hangar. All of this to cover up that he had already built a gigantic installation underneath all of Megaville. Using something we now know was called a Bio-Symbiote, he and a few individuals built what normally would have taken an entire platoon decades to build in just a few years. Inside of it were killing machines.” – “The robots that attacked Megaville…” Summers nods.

“Right. Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls were the first on the scene, fighting back the first wave of robots attacking Megaville, rallying the police and armies around the city to a central hub. Before they could stage a suitable counterattack, Micheal threw the city into the sky- actually, I’m starting to ramble. This actually all started a very long time ago.” – “Huh? How long ago?” – “Well, the spark that started this was a young man named Mandark, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. But it goes back even further than him, even further than Dexter, further than Micheal even. Back far before our parents or grandparents.” He continues, almost losing Ruby with how cosmic he’s being.

“Something that a lot of people forget about Chronometals is- look, right there, on your arm.” He rubs Ruby’s armored arm, she looks at the Chronometal. “What about it?” – “The engravings, they’re angelic.” – “S… o? … Wait, you don’t mean-“ – “You don’t have to believe it, I’m just telling you where that Chronometal REALLY came from, where these wars started, long ago, before the time of humans. There was a being you may know the name, or rather, the title of.” – “… … God…?” Summers nods and continues. Ruby is starting to feel uncomfortable. How does he know all of this?

“You see, it really all starts with him. Model M, the first real Chronometal, was both a test, and a failure to that test. The blame may not lie on you or me, yet we all pay the price. Dexter may not have told you, or anyone else about this, but he knows that this is all divine punishment. He may have even forgotten about it himself, but this universe was wiped clean once. It was only through sheer willpower and strength of both himself and those around him that he managed to hang on and create this…” Summers trails off, looking at this room they’re in. “…finite world. What was once a million, million, million different realities are now only a handful… and they’re in serious jeopardy.” – “Summers… you’re scaring me.” – “You told me you were going to make things right? Well let me explain to you EXACTLY what’s wrong first.” He leans back in his chair, balancing against the table with his foot, almost being playful as he says all of these grim and dark things.

“This world begs to be reset. Set to an age where humanity is fully reliant on one another to survive, so that true virtue can come alive again. This world is so bogged down in sin and filth that even when the going gets tough, people don’t work together! They steal, they murder! They do what they damn well please! These raging beasts, these crystal monsters, they’re all here because of one man.” – “What…?! Who?!” – “Beelzebub, the new dark father.” – “F-Father…? Do you…?” Summers blinks once and sits himself back down evenly on the chair.

“My organization is working tirelessly to help this world, truly we are. We aren’t bad people, Ruby… you have to believe me… we’ve just heard the same call that Dexter did long ago. The call to reset everything, only we know how to do it better than him.” –“S-Summers…! What are you talking about?! This is sick!” – “Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is going to die if we don’t do something, Ruby.” – “…” Ruby scowls, but doesn’t respond, at least not immediately. Summers continues.

“In a little over seven years, something called The Great Ruination will occur. If we don’t all stop it, this entire planet will be quite literally split in half, its molten core will bleed into space, and all life will be completely annihilated as the heavens themselves fall down upon is. It will be a dawn of fire so bright it will incinerate all who look at it. We look for a darker dawn, where we retreat back to a simpler time, but the world is still intact.” – “How do you know it will end up this way…?” She asks, giving him the benefit of the doubt, and taking his words with an amount of salt that would make the Pacific Ocean blush.

“We’ve seen it, if not through his eyes, than through our own eyes. There is a dark force stirring, our father Beelzebub will kill this entire planet unless we get on our knees and beg for him to spare us. It is truly the only way. If we want this world to live, we must deliver it unto the Shadow Dawn.” – “That’s… that’s i-insane…! How could you… even…?” – “I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it myself. This world is disgusting, its people self-destructive. We’ve grown too complacent of the world around us and too ignorant of others immortal souls. Once the hard times hit us, we won’t have the strength to survive anymore. We. Must. Prepare.” – “What about stopping Beelzebub altogether instead?” – “That’s… simply not possible.” – “Pff, that’s what I thought you’d say, but in reality you’re just a bunch of devil worshippers trying to justify you’re wasting time.” As she says that he goes quiet.

In fact, everyone seems to go quiet. The waitress has gone quiet, and those eating and drinking have gone quiet. They all turn to her and her face loses color, not so much out of fear of fighting them- she can probably level this entire city in a day- but sheer creepiness factor, her stomach ties itself in a knot.

“Ruby, please. You don’t know how powerful he is. He is… imagine an entire world created by something in its free time… then imagine that being, simply wanting to break it and start over…? How… how can you stop something that made us? Even if we became the epitome of everything we could possibly become, we are still a clay ball being molded by those superior to us. We have no power over Beelzebub, none of us do. If we want to survive, we must let him know that we love him, and that we accept him into this world.”

“IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN.” Everyone in the room says, creeping the fuck out of Ruby again before they continue like nothing even happened.

“Join us.” Summers says. Ruby slowly back out of her chair and reaches the door. “I… I… n-no…” – “It’s okay. Take your time. Hey, waitress? Can I get some more coffee? I got some more stuff to do here.” – “Sure thing hon’!” They talk casually as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. Ruby eventually makes it out of the Coffee shop and feels her heartbeat before realizing that Summers ended up putting the cigarette pack in her front pocket.

She needs it.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Black War
Year 3
Make the pain go away


“Huh…? Who are you…?” – “I’m… you…” – “Huh?” Claire asks, her eyes still closed instinctively out of fear. She can’t bring herself to open them. Since the moment she ever woke up in that weird place, she has only ever been hurt. The physical pain, the mental torture, and for what?! She shakes her head. Her body is numb and a faint heat can be felt in every part of her torso, like her heart was on fire, but now it’s only cinders.

“I know it’s hard… but you can’t give up. There is so much for you to do.” – “What…? Why?! I don’t want to be the one who has to do this stuff!” Claire yells, covering her ears, but the girl’s voice still makes it into her head. “ – “I’m so sorry it turned out like this, but you’re the only one left who can stop Daddy…” – “You… you said you were me? Are you…” – “Bell. My name is Bell, the first Bell.” – “Wh-Where are you? I can talk to spirits, but you never came to me!” – “I’m… in a very dark place, Claire… and if you don’t keep fighting, you will end up here too.” Claire winces harshly, even with her closed eyes; she can make out an intense light in front of her.

She struggles to open her eyes, noticing her ruined body, bruises and cuts everywhere. Her eyes turn to her chest, which is still smoldering with a small flickering dark flame. The light in front of her seems to be a kind of mirror. She painfully coaxes her body into floating towards it, noticing that she’s floating in a dark abyss, made twilight by this brilliant mirror in front of her. All around her is white, but away from her is a devilish darkness. As she reaches the mirror, her reflection shows, but this reflection is different from Claire.

Shorter hair, whiter eyes, and a very mature expression. “You... you’re Bell?” The being within the mirror nods. “Who… who am I?” – “You’re Claire.” – “That’s not what I mean…” She says sadly and continues. “I mean… who was I meant to be? Was I meant to be you? Why did I fail? Why is it that every time I wake up, something bad happens? I’m… I’m so scared of going back to where I was…” – “Claire… I am no longer in your world. You’re so in tune with the spiritual plane that you can hear ghosts from miles away, but only now in this sensitive state your wounds have left you in can I even attempt to contact you… this is a special kind of death I’ve been put in. I will be locked in here for a long time. Hundreds… maybe thousands of years. There’s nothing I can do, but I can talk to you, so please listen…” – “Oh… okay…” Claire says, face now wet with fear based tears.

Bell takes her hand through the mirror and gently grab’s Claire’s, a large surge of white energy flowing from Bell to her. The wounds on Claire’s body heal up and the fire suffocates and dies. “W-Wow…!” – “Claire, there’s something I need you to do… so listen very carefully…”


“D-Doctor! Take a look at this!”

An ecstatic nurse lets out as a male doctor shows up. His hair is an intense blue and his eyes go wide as Claire’s barely alive body surges with power. The bruises clear up and soon the electrical equipment in the room short circuits! “D-Doctor, should we leave?!” – “No… I think… I think I know what’s happening!” Claire’s body slowly floats above the bed and the wounds clear up instantly, white lights dancing all around her. Her eyes slowly open up with a single tear forming and falling. She promised herself she would never wake up again… but instead she finds new reason to live.

She turns in the air and lands on the floor with a gentle pat of her bare feet. The electricity around her dies down and all that’s left is a surprisingly solemn looking girl. “C-Claire is it…?” The doctor lets out, causing Claire to look up. “I’m Mekel. Are you okay?” – “…” Her eyes go watery and she wipes them clean. “Where’s… mom?” – “Ol- er… Lala Vava? She’s fine. She’s in the other room, come, I’ll take you to her.” Mekel extends his hand to Claire. She looks up to him again before looking to his hand. She takes it and they walk out of the destroyed medical room with a flabbergasted nurse in toe.

They reach the other room and they see Olga sitting on a waiting room couch with a very worried expression on her face. When she sees Claire her face beams with light! “CLAIRE! YOU’RE OKAY!” Claire wants to be sad and almost distrustful of Olga, but she knows that she’s all she has, so with a great mixture of emotions, Claire runs over to Olga and buries her face in her chest and weeps. She knows that there is a great monster living in her mom, but she doesn’t care. “B-Baby? What’s wrong?” – “She… looks like she had a big nightmare.” Mekel lets out. Olga looks up at him. “Thank you… for everything, doctor.” He opens his mouth to say something, but instead shakes his head and says something else.

“I don’t know how to say this… but it wasn’t me. Something from inside her brought her back like this, Lala.” Olga knows that Lala is a nickname she went by a long time ago, but after she woke up in this hospital, she has forgotten a lot about herself. Off the top of her head, she recalls the only things she’s 100% certain of.

Claire is her daughter. She’s living with Bubbles and Brick. She was an only child. She was once called Lala. There was someone important in her life she swore she would never forget, but she can’t remember. She shrugs it off, but the action causes hidden sadness to well in her heart, she doesn’t know why. She remembers this Mekel person fondly, and the way he’s calling her Lala brings a strange sense of security to Olga, as if he knows something she doesn’t… which is very possible, seeing as how Olga’s memory is starting to fail her.

“Are you okay, Lala?” – “Y-Yes… it’s just… my memory is a bit foggy…” She says rubbing Claire’s head as she almost seems to fall asleep in Olga’s arms. “Your memory again? Are you using the medicine Dexter and I have provided for you?” – “Medicine…? I… don’t remember…” – “Oh dear, you haven’t been taking it? A-And you’re still… okay? How do you feel?” – “I feel… I feel good. My body is strong and I’ve been full of energy ever since I woke up. I just can’t… seem to remember that much. Wait. I… I remember the medicine…” – “You do?”

“Yes… it makes me… throw up and feel sick all over my body… it makes me weak and it makes my memories come back… but feel like they’re ripping through my brain like razor blades…” – “I think those are side effects of repairing your broken soul, Olga. You have to bear with it.” She shakes her head, standing up and carrying Olga in her arms as she sleeps like a toddler embracing its mother. She feels so much stronger now, so healthy. This can’t be wrong.

“I don’t care about my memories. I know what’s important. Claire is my daughter, and I’m bringing her home where it’s safe.” – “Lala… your home was destroyed…” Olga blinks once and tries to remember. “Wait… why was I even in this hospital? Why was Claire here?” – “You… don’t remember even that? What’s the last thing you remember…?” Olga thinks hard with Claire still sleeping on her. She walks around the room to try to jog her mind with a little bit of physical activity.

“I remember… being on a roof… I had a terrible migraine. Then… I just woke up here…” – “That roof, that entire mansion you’ve been living in has been destroyed.” – “Wait…? Where’s Bubbles? Where’s Brick?” – “We don’t know. We tried to contact them when we found you, Lala, but we have no idea where they could be.” – “Cant… the house be fixed?” – “The union that was hired by Bubbles and supported by the government has stalled. They lost their funding a few weeks ago to pay for city repairs from the crystal monsters. That funding too will probably dry up by the end of the year and people will be out of jobs.”

“That… sounds awful!” – “It is. In fact, this Hospital we’re in is privately funded. I came by because, well, as you may or may not remember… I joined the Military as a kind of Spiritual Medic. A large surge of spiritual energy was found here last night, and that’s when we found you. You’re lucky I came along when I did, Lala… don’t you know that people are still trying to find you?” – “Huh…? For what…?” – “You… you mean you don’t remember even that?” Olga shakes her head. Mekel sighs once and takes something out of his pocket and gives it to Olga.

“I’m very sorry that there isn’t more I can do, but please take this money. It’s all I have on me right now. Get yourself and Claire into a good hotel at least. I’ll send a courier to send you everything you need to catch up. I may have a way to get us all out of this mess and help us all, okay?” – “I…” – “Please trust me, Lala.” – “…” Olga takes the money with one hand while supporting Claire’s sleeping body with the other. “Thank you Mekel.” – “…” Mekel says nothing as it’s apparent this situation has gotten him choked up. He turns around and they go their separate ways. Olga walks out of the building as the morning sun begins to rise. It can’t be any later than six in the morning. The January air is nippy, but nothing she cant handle.

She begins to walk off as the chilly air causes Claire to hold onto Olga tighter.

“What happened last night…?”


“Ngh… mmm… meh…” A girl struggles in her fitful sleep.

“B-Blossom…” Buttercup says scratching at the sheets and pillows around her as her uneasy sleep turns to an angry nightmare. Her nails dig into fabric and tear it easily. Within her dream, she can once again see a world underneath the soil. A world where very few are left alive.

But even here, there is a woman named Blossom. She tosses and turns in her bed as the foggy images become more vivid. She sees a girl that looks almost like her late sister growing up in a strange world. Men dressed as knights, peasants, and kings like something out of a renaissance faire, only lasting years and years. Every night her dreams grow longer, and every night they grow clearer, she can even hear Blossom talking through this pierced shroud. Through this veil of dreams, where does she stand?

Him tried to help Buttercup with her dreams, but they elude even him. “B-Blossom…” She thinks, her mind constantly darting from this girl to a point in the near future where she can see her dead on a rain-soaked graveyard. She grits her teeth and tosses in her sleep. Him says these may be visions.

She’s not going to wake up from this vision any time soon.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The Chronometal Wars
The Ancient War
Pre-Saga: Blossom and Buttercup

“It’s that time already…”

Buttercup sits in the middle of a primeval grove. Mortal footfalls here are rare, less than one per year that passes by. Her skin is a brilliant red coloration; underneath her ancient and brilliantly beautiful clothing hide two demonic wings and a small tail. Around her neck is a puffy pink scarf, not much unlike a certain someone’s. She sits cross-legged on a torn down tree’s now dead stump. She has been here for quite some time. Not incredibly long, but several months at least. The sky is a healthy blue, and the air tastes of nature’s spring bounties. This forest however, is known to be dangerous to outside people.

She rises to her feet, the trees and wind around her awakening to her call, as if the entirety of the Earth recognizes her as its child. She’s much older than she was when this all started, both physically and spiritually. She wears the body of a forty year old woman of royalty, well kempt and radiating an aura of sophistication and experience. She walks out of this vast primeval grove as the roots and hanging branches bend out of her way, and her footsteps causing buds to bloom into flowers. Her red tail follows just above the ground, being touched and tickled by the flowers that near it.

Her hair has grown long, but she has kept it well, most of it goes down her back, but two very long sections of her hair spill down the front of her two shoulders. As she reaches the border of the forest, a blast of mist hits her. She takes a breath and looks around, the northern mountains and the western sea both now very dangerous places. The only places to go would be east to the kingdom, or south to the camps. For now, she heads east. There is someone she’s kept an eye on for a while.

She wears a face of constant smiling, and if it weren’t for her demonically red skin, all who would look upon her would see only a kind middle aged lady who is more than happy to share wisdom to those who would ask. But instead the common people see something different from her, but not in a negative way. As she passes a nearby farm, a man grasps his hat and falls to his knees as if in prayer or worship, perhaps both. Buttercup simply walks past as kids playing games stop and run to her. She looks down and pats one on the head as a red faced parent runs by to take their son away.

“S-So sorry Madam!” Buttercup closes her eyes and chuckles. “It is quite alright, Gloria. Your youngster is growing up with a healthy curiosity of the world around him.” – “R-Really? Thank you…!” What was initially to scold a child for nearing Buttercup suddenly quickly turns to hugs and kisses. Buttercup walks along the cobblestone road as the grass in between the rocks grows and explodes into a healthy coloration. Buttercup’s very presence is a herald of life to these people.

Before long, Buttercup reaches a gate to a city, with hundreds of enthralled citizens in tow. Without even saying a word, the gates open up to her, her brilliant gold and green cloak shuffling along with her and her devil-like tail sticking out rather cutely. A town crier tells the people in the city that the Herald of the Beginnings has arrived! Everyone kneels to her as she walks through the brilliant stone cut streets, some crying, others screaming!

As she reaches the castle in this city with well over two thousand people following her and singing a kind of religious prayer, the castle opens up to show a man and a young girl, both with red hair.

The man who radiates strength and courage like that of a lion beams a large smile as the girl at his side seems to gulp and be nervous.

“Blossom…” Buttercup lets out, walking up the steps of the castle with the people below waiting for her. Blossom’s eyes shrink and she seems to shiver, but she walks over to Buttercup, and they both meet on a circular dais in the middle of the castle stairs. The girl looks so nervous she could die on the spot! “You remind me of the first…” Buttercup says with nostalgia in her voice.

“Th-Thank you Herald…” Buttercup smiles softly and opens her mouth to ask a question. “Have you brought the heirlooms?” Blossom nods and reaches for her pocket, but gasps and fumbles for her other one, her face starting to blush. “Is it… perhaps, there?” Buttercup asks, pointing to Blossom’s wrist, a bracer with a carving of an ivory letter of old on it. Blossom gulps and nods, Buttercup nodding and laughing. “Calm yourself child… you need not be nervous around me. Now… for the other…” Blossom nods again, beads of sweat coming off of her face from the motion. Being only ten or so years old, having a pretty large sword on her back makes her stick out.

She reaches for the sword, but her small arms make it hard to pull out completely. But after a little fumbling and grunting, the sword comes loose and chunks into the stone in front of her. Blossom has never been so embarrassed in her life…! She’s messed up not once, but twice in front of the Herald!

“The Black Blade… the White Ark… everything is here…” – “A-As they always have been, Herald.” – “Hmm…” Buttercup puts a finger to her lip and looks Blossom over. She is wearing royal traditional clothing as well, but it’s clear from her awkward steps that she’s not used to wearing dresses. The man at the top of the stairs raises an eyebrow. He has seen two of these proceedings already, but they usually end with a small prayer and a wish of healthy days after this.

The thousand year calendar IS ending, however. Is it… time? He wonders to himself, his heartbeat picking up.

Buttercup drops to her knees in front of Blossom and everyone around her, including the King gasps! The stone dais around Buttercup erupts with plants and flowers. “It is time… young one…” – “!!!!!!” Blossom’s face goes beet red and her heart is going a mile a minute while her mind stays completely still. Buttercup grabs Blossom’s hands with her own, even as Blossom struggles to hold the Black Blade in her hand. Blossom’s lip quivers and tears begin to fall down her face.

“You… are the one who will stop the end approaching this world… as I have seen it… as it shall be… your blade, your sacred ark, and your divine blood… all that shall become you in the turbulent years ahead. The end comes… but so long as you unite those around you this world shall be saved.” – “……………” Blossom is incapable of speech, but Buttercup smiles and gently caresses her cheek. “It shall be alright, Blossom. I have seen your strength. This world holds many dangers, but so long as you keep faith, you shall overcome them all…” Buttercup retracts her red fingers and stands back up. The civilians below roaring in cheers and chants, the King above clapping happily, but Blossom simply looks down at her feet.

To her… this is a death sentence… she is not happy… she feels like she wants to cry… but she can’t in front of the Herald, not anymore. Buttercup notices this and lets off a frown, something she hasn’t done in a long time. No one but the King can see it, as her back is faced towards the crowd and Blossom’s face is downtrodden. However, it quickly fades and Buttercup turns around and heads back down the stairs. The people give her a wide berth, and before long people go back to their old lives, Blossom slowly herded into the castle above by the King.

Buttercup soon walks all the way back to the grove to see that the sun is going down once more. She closes her eyes and sighs. “I hate it when they give me that look…” She says sadly. “Only children… and even they know what life has in store for them…” The middle aged Buttercup lets out, seemingly comforted by the cracks of the bark in this forest, as if acknowledging her sadness. “I know… thank you…” She disappears into the misty grove once more.


Blossom sits on a chair. The room around her is candle lit and smells of the nearby fireplace, the sword on a master craft oak table in front of her. The king is in the other room talking to adults, but in here she meets only one other individual, the prince of the kingdom, roughly five years younger than her. Even though much more of a kid than the ten year old Blossom, he’s really the only friend she has.

“Blossom…? Are you alright…?” – “…” She says nothing, instead burying her face in her hands, only to realize that the long sleeves of this religious garb is uncomfortable on her face. In a rage, she tears her shirt off, leaving herself bare as she storms off to her chambers beyond. She slams the door behind her and she falls to her knees beside her bed. She cups her hands together in a crying prayer she says through hiccups and sobs.

“M-Mom…! I… I don’t want it to be like this! Please… can’t you come back and save me from this? I… I-I’m so scared…! Momma… please…!” She says, praying harder than she ever has before, the strength in which she’s pairing her hands together hurting her fingers. “Why… did you have to die when I was born…? This… this isn’t a blessing! It’s a curse! I don’t want this curse… I… I want you momma! Please come back...!” She cries, burying her face into her bed, still only in her underwear. She grabs the blankets of her bed. King Leon has been looking in the room since the start of her prayer and he diverts his eyes, closing the door quietly behind him.

“Poor Blossom…” He says, knowing exactly why she’s doing this. The young prince walks up and tugs on his father’s armor. “Papa… why is Blossom crying?” – “She’s… I… you’ll understand when you’re older, Son. Come, let’s see to it that the chef prepares Blossom’s favorite meal.” – “Okay, Papa.” He says childishly as he is picked up by his father the King and they move into the back room.

About an hour later when the food is done, Blossom is already asleep in her bed, a noticeable wet spot on her pillow. King Leon sits aside her as she sleeps surprisingly soundly. He gently strokes her hair and frowns. “I… don’t even know how this must feel, Blossom… I’m sorry. I’ll try to have this be as easy on you as possible. Tomorrow… your life truly begins…” He says, almost choking up. He gets off the bed and walks out of the room, blowing out the candle on her dresser. In the shadows in the back of the room, Buttercup sits in hiding, watching Blossom. “Be strong Blossom… please…”

Before long, Buttercup’s eyes fidget and she finds herself waking up with a gasp on her couch once again. “…” She says nothing, the dream firmly implanting itself in her mind. “I’ve got to tell Him about this.”
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Re: The Chronometal Wars

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The holidays and the prep for them have really put a very hard damper on my writing. To any readers that have made it to the end and await updates, I apologize. I'll probably have something up in a week or two, but I cant promise anything. I will speed back up once the holidays pass, but I am completely swamped for now.

"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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