The Chronometal Wars

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Page 5
This page contains the Epilogue to the Barasian War.
This page also contains the Epilogues to all three tangents of the Chronometal Panic.
This page also contains the aftermaths after all of the Epilogues.
This page also starts the next story: The First War and its Chapter 1.

Here is the Epilogue to the Barasian War. You might want to get like some popcorn or something. It is about as long as 4 parts. That's a chapter and a half! It's pretty damn long. Go at it at your own speed.


Chronometal Panic Sub-story
The Barasian War
The Black Hearts Spare None

Recovering from whatever that explosion was, the androids stumble to their feet, but not without being battered to the ground again in what looks like another explosion!

As they constantly try to regain their footing, Three notices that the metallic being is actually causing the explosion! A being of such ferocious power seems too much for them at this time:

“We must fall back! Now!” She yells as she opens fire on the strange being. It doesn’t even flinch, but Three gets an idea and begins to aim at the infant, causing the being to recoil and protect it, giving the Barasian enough time to fly away.

“Blossom, don’t think you're safe- we will be back... and we WILL kill you! We promise!” She lets out in one last act of defiance.

After a short while, it kneels down and flips Blossom over. He touches her face and a soft blue aura permeates his hand. After a few short moments she begins to moan and wriggle. She opens her eyes to view the Baby in his hands and she quickly stumbles to her feet:

“LET HER GO!” She yells, brandishing her blade. The being merely hands the baby out as if it were an item to be traded, perhaps less. Blossom gently; yet quickly takes the baby and holds it in her arms, as it finally begins to stop crying. She looks down to Luca, a glazed look in her dead eyes.

She looks up to the being. Seemingly pure metal. It wears no clothing, yet has nothing apparent to hide. It has a large metal wing on its left side. It hangs, folded up as if it were an awning. His face is seemingly devoid of features, other than being completely metal. He has eyes, but they are pure and deep metal and lack pupils.

“Th... Thank you... but, who are you?” She asks with a mixture of thanks and suspicion. He bows graciously to Blossom. “I am but merely a servant, lady Blossom.” His voice seems laden with what would seem like a mixture between sarcasm and haste.

“Does my savior have a name?” --- “Briarus of Ark.” --- “That’s... a strange name...” --- “I am, how you would say... a strange person; no?” Blossom, seemingly agreeing with the logic drops the issue of his name and looks to Luca.

“Why did this happen? What are those demons? What do... what did they want?” Briarus pauses. He does not fidget, nor look around. It seems he just stares at Blossom in between his words. “I am not sure... but I am certain that we cannot let them continue this.” --- “I agree...” She states quickly, before walking out of the burned shack.

She turns to the castle before she is interrupted by Briarus. “You know you cannot fight the darkness.” It lets out; knowledgeable of Blossom’s motive of the coming millennia. “How do you...” --- “I know many things, Blossom. I know of whom that baby is, I know what you plan to do in ten years... I am here to tell you that you cannot do that.”

She snarls; “Thanks for your help, Briarus, but can you kindly depart? I have a kingdom to protect and a daughter to hide.” --- “Your kingdom will burn and your daughter will be slaughtered should you continue down this path, Blossom.” --- “Wh-What?” She sputters, turning around.

“It is her destiny to hold the world on her shoulders... but should she be barred from her destiny, and be mantled as a forgotten princess of the Earthly throne; the world will burn. Should you turn away from the demons, and your daughter be shunned from her birthright, all will know flames in the end.”

She looks down to the baby in her arms. “But...” --- “Blossom. I know of your love of your daughter. I have known the love of all the incarnations and their mothers before the days of the apocalypse. It all ends the same in the end, with or without their mother’s protection.” Blossom pauses, and looks to the corpse of Luca in the shack.

Blossom shakes her head and closes her eyes as she embraces her baby. “Luca said the same thing... she insisted that I share Blossom with the world... but...” She pauses again... “There has never been a savior this young before... those chosen into the next millennium were barred from copulating... but...” She stops as she views the baby in her arms.

Briarus walks toward her, but he lets off a gentle aura. “I have been with you all this time, Blossom.” She looks up into his metallic eyes. He smiles as he disappears into a blue haze, and her wristband begins to glow!

“N-No... it can’t be... are you...?” --- “I am indeed the very essence of the Holy Artifact, Blossom.” She merely gawks at her wristband. She begins to smile a small bit.

“Okay... I’ll do as you say Briarus... I will show King Leon Blossom... the world will know she is the chosen one.” --- “That is most pleasing, lady Blossom... now, if you excuse me...” He says, as the energy of the device seems to fade.


“DAMN IT!” Eight yells, slamming her hand on a nearby steel table. “Who the hell was that?! He wasn’t human! What is going on?” Three shakes her head. “I don’t know... but he was stronger than any of us...”

“We HAD Blossom! With her dead we could just pick off the remaining humans for sport! But NO. Some iron asshole comes in and ruins EVERYTHING!” She rubs her arm. “And the holes that were punched into us are going to be a very large burden...” --- “Yeah, we don’t have any spare supplies... we can’t even cover the exposed holes...” --- “Well, we still have those robes from the town... we can use those to make some bandages...”

Ten and Twenty begin tearing robes to pieces and tying them to the open holes. They do not have blood, but exposed circuitry is a hazard, especially from moisture. Three begins to walk away, catching the eye of One-Fifty.

“Where are you going?” --- “I’m going to form a battle plan.” --- “B... Battle plan?” She turns around with a terrifying presence around her, commanding all nearby androids to look at her.

“That machine was strong- but none of us were seriously injured. He wanted us to stop, he wanted the Baby to live, but everything he did was within very finite bonds. He barely had time to react to my attack on the infant. He has weaknesses- THEM!”

“Blossom and her child are both our target and our strategy! If we can get a hold on that baby- we can bring them all to their knees! This world will be ours, no matter what some iron freak has to say about it!” Several androids shuffle and cheer!

“YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING!” A roar is heard across the labyrinth!

It is Briarus!

“YOU!’ Three yells out going into a battle position, as do her androids. “I thought you would save this world... not destroy it...!” --- “What are you talking about?!” Three spits out.

“I protected you from the ages, and you repay the world with blood?” --- “It’s in our nature, if you stand in our way we will destroy you!” --- “Pathetic beings! I will eradicate you all...” One-Fifty gets off of the wall she was slouching on, but does not retain a battle posture like the others.

“Why? Why must you kill us? Why do we all have to fight?!” Her words catch several Barasian off guard, and catch the eye of Briarus. “You said you protected us from the ages... why?” She asks timidly.

Briarus follows it without ever breaking his posture. “I felt that there... was a glorious soul within you androids long before you ever awoke... I thought you were the key to saving this world- I guess I was wrong.” --- “DEAD wrong! You fucked with the wrong machines today! The human race is ours for the taking!” Eight roars out, fangs bared.

One Fifty merely slumps her head down, confusing Briarus. “I...” He says reluctantly, before Three bolts for him, along with nearly a hundred other Barasian!

He flies backwards out of the cavern of Floor One and engages them in the jungle outside! He deflects their punches with his arms and wing, and their firearms seem to have little to no effect on him. He seems to successfully duel hundreds of them at once, before Three notices he is glowing blue.

“That glow...” She says before she stops attacking, others following her queue. “I’ve seen that before... on Blossom!” Briarus smirks maliciously.

“Can you put the pieces together, Barasian?” He hisses with a metallic toothy grin.


Kneeling down in the throne room, the King seems very displeased and seems to be fidgeting on his throne. He views the baby with mixed emotions in his eyes.

“I... see...” He pauses a great deal before continuing. “Blossom... what’s done is done... we will adorn her... we will educate her, train her and protect her... until the day comes when we will need her...” Blossom stays silent as Leon views the infant.

“She will be... so young... by then...” He painstakingly says, before leaving the throne, and returning Blossom’s baby. “That’s exactly what I thought... that’s why I’ve been hiding her until now...” Blossom says with reluctance and regret in her voice.

After a few moments of shocked silence, a voice is heard in the corner.

“Good, Blossom.” Both Leon and Blossom bolt their vision to the source of the voice; it is Briarus, standing there with the same emotionless look in his face.

“Who is this?!” Leon yells as he brandishes his blade! Blossom puts her hand on his shoulder and shakes her head, as he notices Briarus isn’t acting aggressively and takes Blossom’s hint.

“Who are you?” He asks simply. Briarus bows graciously and says: “Briarus of Ark, at your service...” He rises and flashes his wing before putting it back into its original position.

“I have come to warn you all... the Barasian are uniting... tonight is a night none of you can afford to lose!” Blossom quickly gasps before regaining her composure and responding. “They are coming? To what end?!” --- “They seek to destroy your kingdom and watch all of you burn.”

Leon speaks up: “How can we protect our kingdom?!” --- “Follow me into a holy battle.” --- “Holy battle? How many soldiers do you need?” --- “At least two hundred... and Blossom.”

“M-Me?” Blossom asks, surprised. “Yes, you... you will once again lead your men... this time into one final battle.” --- “Final battle? What do you mean?” As she asks, Briarus disappears from sight.

“Final battle...” She says to herself as King Leon leaves to the balcony to address the people. “You are going to rally the troops... yes?” --- “Of course...” Leon states quickly. “You believe him?” --- “You don’t?” Leon responds, confused.

She shakes her head as a hand-maiden enters the room. “Handmaiden, take baby Blossom to her newly prepared chambers...” She bows graciously as the baby is gently turned over to the handmaiden and Blossom merely looks at her, as she seems to fade away.

Soon after she leaves sight and Blossom is suddenly left without her child... it is an odd feeling to have everything so neat and clean, even though she is now left with nothing... and now she is going into a ‘final battle’ of sorts...

“Has everything I’ve been doing been wrong...?”


Just outside the complex, hundreds of Barasian prepare for something.

“This being... Briarus is the reason we exist... or ‘was’ the reason we exist. Now he seeks to exterminate us. He is strong, but he is not strong enough to destroy us on his own. We have intelligence that he is gathering an army of Humans, as well as Blossom to attack us.” Three addresses to the mob as it begins to rain.

She looks to the horizon: In it, she sees the outlines of castles and towers.

“These humans are the chosen ones of fate... not us.” She rips the religious textbook and half and throws it into the mud as rain-water courses over her head and face.

“He will attempt to exterminate us... but we are stronger than anyone who has ever existed, or will ever exist can possibly know! We will not go quietly into the night! This world is ours, and we will prove it; NOW!” She roars as the Barasian shuffle and cheer!

She floats as the rest of them do the same!

“Some of you may die... I may die... hell, all of us could die- but I am not going to let some stuck up ‘fate-jockey’ decide who lives and who dies! We alone will fight for our right to live! A contract written with blood, the human’s corpses being the parchment!”


As the rain picks up to a nearly blinding state, Leon says one last thing to the troops, as well as their general: Blossom.

“These beasts are beyond anything any of us have ever witnessed... but with the divine at our back we cannot fail! We will not go quietly into the night! This world is ours, and we will prove it; NOW!” He roars as the knights’ shuffle and cheer!

Blossom marches into the rain toward the ruins of Petra, confident in her abilities, and those of her brothers. Outside the gates, Blossom gives a speech.

“Some of you may die... even I may die; but we must remember who we are fighting for! What we are fighting for! This world, our world, will be protected! Our blood may spill, but upon these demons it will go! Our holy blood will burn them and they will fall before us! We cannot fail with the angels watching over us!”


Merely a few hundred meters from each other. The armies stare each other down. Single beings from each group meet in the middle. Blossom and Three.

“Stop this demons... no-one has to die today!”
“Sorry, but Briarus made it abundantly clear our existence cannot continue!”
“If you stop... he may not want you all gone...”
“Sorry, but either way, my people deserve a world of their own. A world without humans.”
“I see...”
“Yeah... this world isn’t big enough for the two of us.”
“We aren’t going to go quietly. Defend yourselves!”

As Blossom says that, a blue aura permeates her and her army as a familiar being floats above the battlefield! It’s Briarus! He addresses the entire battlefield:

“Being of flesh... beings of steel... hear my words. This battle will decide the fate of all those who have ever lived, and whoever will live after this day. If you humans fail this night, the world will know only fire!”

“Bullshit!” Three yells out at the top of her lungs!

“We know everything! Why don’t you tell them all the truth, Briarus?! This entire religion, this ‘evil being,’ all of it is just a lie! Even the end of the world is nothing but a ruse to prevent ‘IT’ from escaping! We know everything!”

Briarus pauses before responding. “Even if we did tell them all the truth, what would be the difference?! If it were to escape, the entire world; no... the entire universe would be destroyed!”

“Just tell them the truth! That YOU and HIM are the reasons this world is like this in the first place!” She yells out!

“They will all learn in time, now is not that time!” Briarus yells out!

“Fine, suit yourself.” She says as she returns to the Barasian. “This has been a long time coming.” She says as she turns around and points her finger to the battle field.


As she says that hundreds of Barasian fly off at once, causing Three’s hair to bank and flutter constantly. She lowers her finger and hand as she watches the androids attack the humans.

Blossom parries and attacks several of them, before being knocked back!

“HYAAAA!” She roars as her hair glows a brilliant gold, illuminating the rainy battlefield! After the roar she charges and cleaves an android in half!

The mere sight causes Three’s eyes to dilate! She rushes for Blossom, only to be intercepted by Briarus! “OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!” She yells as she musters hidden power to send him flying at a supersonic speed! The mere action causes a sonic boom as Blossom eyes Three.

The pure hatred in her eyes is staggering, but it only serves to inflame Blossom’s purpose... if she fails here, all she knows will be destroyed!

Blossom roars as she attempts to cleave Three only to have her catch it in between her hands, and have it ripped out of her grasp! She punches Blossom in the jaw strong enough to send teeth flying and blood spilling to the ground!

Three doesn’t even give her the time to hit the mud as she attempts to pick up the sword, only to have it burn her hand! “What the Hell?!” She yells as she drops it in recoil!

Blossom rolls from her falling point to reclaim the sword and attempts to once again slice Three, but she dodges nimbly. “This sword cannot be used except by the Bloodline, demon!”

A thunderbolt illuminates the battlefield as Humans and Barasian litter the ground; red and black blood flooding the area.

Briarus causes multiple explosions at the scene, blowing androids away, before one of them notices something! “Briarus isn’t causing explosions... he is moving faster that I could ever imagine!"

“You are right, Barasian... It is my Zero-Shift! Something that is beyond mortal comprehension!” --- “Yeah, well we aren’t mortal!” Three yells as she lunges for Briarus! He seemingly disappears, but now that Three knows what she is looking for, she can track his movements and what seems like- download it...!

Her eyes glow a faint blue color, as do all the other Barasian! After a mere instant, they are moving along the battlefield at speeds untraceable! Humans are being killed left and right and Blossom cannot see the attackers!

“NO!” Briarus yells as he extends more energy to the surrounding humans, seemingly slowing down the entire world!

Blossom can see the raindrops seemingly frozen in mid-air... through the frozen battlefield, Three lunges toward Blossom in blood-thirst! She extends a blade from her weapon arm and they duel for what seems like eons!

From an outside standpoint, the battlefield looks like a bunch of blue and black lights zipping across the battlefield as blood sprays in all directions! The storm picks up as tornados begin to sunder the battlefield!

“I WON’T LET YOU WIN!” Blossom roars as she deflects Three’s light-speed attacks! Briarus takes several androids by the head and crushes them alive, letting them slump to the ground... seemingly suspended in mid-air to the light-speed combatants!

Human bodies also fly in the air as a mere twenty are left alive as the remaining fifty Barasian surround them! Briarus is also in the group, and from an outside standpoint, everything seems to stop...

All of the bodies hit the ground at once, and the tornados circle the battlefield. Thunder booms in the background and lightning flashes; blinding all those it sees.

Three holds her injured arm as she views Briarus and Blossom.

“Just... just give up... we have you out-numbered...” She says, huffing and panting. Before she knows it she is on her knees... and she cannot seem to rise up!

The humans in the field also fall to their knees... some merely slump to the ground; lifeless. “Zero shift...” Briarus merely mentions as he too begins to show weakness, his giant silver wing receding to a resting position.

Blossom is the only one who isn’t incredibly weakened, and stands over everyone with her glorious golden hair. She takes her sword and walks to a Barasian, and executes her in front of everyone! Three growls and tries to rise to her feet, but she cannot find the strength!

Humans behind her seemingly die at the seems, their bodies overexerted as the blue glow from Briarus fades and he struggles to stand on his own! Blossom executes android after android as a morbid feeling hits Three’s stomach.

The feelings of helplessness and sadness as those she love are killed in front of her. Before she knows it Blossom is standing over her. Golden haired, blue eyed, and with malice splaying across her face as a grizzly smile breaks through.

“Do it, Blossom... fucking kill me, like the animal I am!” Blade at her neck, Blossom pauses. She smirks a small bit as she removes the blade, causing confusion and anger to cross Three’s face. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

She skips Three and continues to execute the other Barasian, all the while looking Three in the eyes! Three begins to tear up, but her weakness makes her unable to stand!

“WHY?! WHY ARE YOU LETTING ME LIVE?!” Three yells as tears fall down her face. Briarus looks upon Blossom with a strange feeling permeating his being...

“THIS IS FOR LUCA!” She says as she decapitates 55.
“THIS IS FOR MY DAUGHTER!” She says as she kills 105.
“THIS IS FOR ETCHUA!” She says as she executes 9.

She nears One-Fifty as Three begins to huff and growl. Blossom notices that she sees One-Fifty as different from the others, and looks upon her.

One-Fifty merely looks back, tears in her eyes and a quivering lip. She raises her sword to kill her, as a ear piercing scream is heard behind her!

“RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Three yells as she rises to her feet and the ground rumbles! Blossom looks back to see she has opened her hand to display her weapons!

She opens fire, but Blossom does not have the time to guard as a giant cannon shell pierces her heart!

Blossom stands in place as her hair fades from gold to red...

She falls to her knees and looks Briarus in the eyes... as he looks almost... disappointed... she says one last thing before she closes her eyes...

“Bloss... om...” She slips out as she collapses into the mud...

An eerie calm covers the battlefield as the rain begins to let up, and the only three people left alive are Briarus, One-Fifty and Three. Briarus rises to his feet as Three collapses to her knees once more.

“Do it... finish us, you fucker... we never had a chance at life with our fate...”

“Fate...” Briarus lets out. “There is such a thing, yet... mortals cannot perceive it...”

“We aren’t mortal... you know that...” She snaps back, all strength leaving her being.

Briarus pauses, pondering the situation... “I thought that you would all save the world... then I thought you would all destroy it... but then... Blossom...”

“Blossom...?” Three spits out. “What about that tyrannical bitch?”

“She... turned away from the light... she abused her power... she killed some androids that they themselves have never killed a single human... why?”

“Because humans are scum...” She gags as she spits up artificial blood. Three faints and falls into the mud.

Briarus views her, and turns around to view One Fifty who is still in shock.

“What of you, kind Barasian?” --- “K... Kind Barasian? There isn’t such a thing...” --- “Are you sure?” --- “There aren’t kind humans either... everything... everyone... we are all evil...” She says, tears coursing down her face.

During her sobs she seems to just... give up... she too; falls into the mud. Briarus is left alone, surrounding by the bodies of countless humans and androids... the only two left alive are unconscious... one saying humans are scum, the other saying everyone is scum.

“Perhaps... not even I know the real truth...” He says as he seems to fade away.

“The Barasian... the chosen ones of fate, have almost all fallen this day... only two remain... 150... and 3. There are two others that have yet to be activated... 2, and 101. Perhaps... any one of these could have been the force I felt all those years ago...

The Messiah... Until then, there is nothing we can do but wait for the coming millennia... it is there that whatever fate has in store will be unveiled, and even we... The Arks will have to fight for humanity... for the world... for all that live... perhaps... even the Barasian.”

As he completely fades, light begins to hit the battle-field as the humans seem to fade away... floating toward the center of the world itself. The Barasian, merely stay in the battle field. Dead... dying... or forgotten...

Two... Three... One hundred one... One hundred fifty... these are the only Barasian left... what roles will they serve in the near future? None alive, not even the divine know that. All they can do... is pray...


And with that, the Barasian War comes to a close. Only a few Barasian remain, and only a few people know of their actual existence...

Blossom is dead, but her infant daughter remains. The kingdom is on edge as the youngest savior the world has ever known is crowned. The tales of ancient times are coming to an end, and humanity will buckle under the weight of its own history...

Theme Reminder: Barasia 101's theme.
Remember from page 2? The theme that was chosen. Perhaps the song means more now than it did then. That's up to you- the reader, after all.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Damn this took me forever to read but hey its gotten really interesting!
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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grimjr1234567890 wrote:Damn this took me forever to read but hey its gotten really interesting!

Glad to see you think so! Sorry about the length and there are actually 3 more after this one that are just as long, maybe a little shorter.

Yeah, sorry in advance. ^_^;
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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No no the length is ok. i've been in school lately so i've had to read it in segments for 10 min at a time. so theres no need to shorten the segments up.
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Junior and Minnie are off on another adventure but this time its from a different point of view.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Incredibly shameful bump and update:

I haven't been releasing/writing the next epilogue for several reasons. Silly, superfluous reasons that need not be disclosed to the faint of heart or easily enraged.

I am just about 80% done with the next part however, and should be out between 1 day to 2 weeks. Big window, I know... everything is rather vague right now. Anyone who has read far enough through my story to be reading this:

Good job- and I love you.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Epilogue of Tangent 1. The end of Dexter's Vision. Enjoy, it's another doozy.

Maybe bring some more popcorn. Extra Butter.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 1: Dexter's Vision
Severing the Chains of Fate

Dexter looks through the glass panels that make up most of the control room of The Hangar. He sees Blossom... Buttercup... Him... Barasia... all following him on his perhaps mad quest to exterminate Humanity for the greater good of Earth, and perhaps that of the entire Universe.

In his solitude as he begins to spin up the Environment altering cannon, he talks to himself.

“Well, this is what this all adds up to I guess... ha.” He spits monotonously.

“From the beginning... almost three years ago... my little slice of heaven crashed down on me again. And from what? Some guy named Michael, and his ‘ideal world.’ Well, there’s no telling how it could have been if we didn’t stop him. His ‘pet’ Model M is on the loose and this time it’s going to kill everything...”

He sees the war machine closing in with Bubbles in toe. She seems so sure that Dexter is wrong. Dexter has no way of knowing whether or not he is wrong or right, but he knows that only one path is available to him now.

“For the sake of tomorrow...” He mutters to himself.


The War Machine, as well as Bubbles stop short of the Blockade.

“Bubbles...” Blossom slips out, almost in tears.

“Stop!” Bubbles yells out! “You can’t tell me what to do anymore! I won’t let you do this!” She yells as her entire being glows a blue coloration!

“Is there no way we can convince you to stop?” Barasia asks.

“’Convince me to stop?’ Is that all this is to you? A freaking business arrangement?! As if there is anything in this world or any other that would convince me to let you kill the entire planet! Do you WANT Ruby to suffer?!”

“Of course not... but, she is going to be killed anyway...” --- “SO GET DOWN THERE AND PROTECT HER!” Bubbles screams out!

“It’s not that simple! There’s no-where on Earth that is safe for her! I may survive the attacks, but she is just a little girl! There is no running from that!” --- “So to stop her from being killed you are going to kill her?! Do you have ANY idea how insane that is?!”

“I will stop her from being enslaved, tortured and murdered by giving her a peaceful, painless and instant end...” Bubbles laughs and spits to her side, having it instantly crystallize in space and fly off at speeds untraceable. She raises her arm and goes into a battle formation.

“I will save the world from you all... I will save the world from Model M...”

“That; is impossible.” A manly voice is heard behind Buttercup, who smirks at the words and lets Him talk.

“There may have been a time to stop the Model M invasion through other means, but that was a long time ago... now the one way to save this world is in front of you, Bubbles...” Bubbles snarls-

“Even you, a being of ultimate power comes before me and tells me I can’t save the world... well here’s what I think of that!” She says as she lifts her middle finger to the entire group before continuing; “I’m so sick of you guys; I will take you down for your own good!” Bubbles yells as she takes off along side the War Machine!

... ... ...

The three girls split into a tri-formed formation and flank both of them at the sides! Blossom and her Model B hold off the War Machine along-side Barasia, as Buttercup engages Bubbles! At first, Buttercup keeps un-amused; but before long she notices that Bubbles is keeping up with her attacks perfectly!

The War Machine bats Barasia away as it opens fire on Blossom, forcing her to defend with all her limbs! Before long the attack stops and it punches her away at unbelievable speeds! Barasia attempts to attack the machine at whatever conceivable weak-spots it may have, with very little results.

“How did you get so strong...?!” Buttercup asks as she fails to land even a single good hit. “It’s been in front of you the entire time, Buttercup!” --- “What has been...?” She asks, still trying to land any real blow.

“My power... my untapped potential, an amount of energy not even I knew I could control... until now... my sisters, my best friend... even the Professor has turned their back on me... the rage, the sadness I feel... it gives me a purpose. I AM THE HERO THE WORLD NEEDS!” She yells as she punches Buttercup hard enough to cause her to cough blood!

The War Machine lands a heavy attack on Barasia, sending her flying into the canon, sending it lazing in the wrong direction! The ramifications just as apparent as the horrified look on Barasia’s face as she realizes what just happened.


“DAMN!” Dexter yells to himself as she tries to send the cannon back into the correct position! “It was knocked out of the sweet spot! Damn... DAMN!” He slams the controls as they refuse to respond.

“Let me help!” A voice is heard behind Dexter. He the turns around and smiles. “Always a pleasure, Professor!”

They work at different consoles, one for cannon control and the other for booster navigation. The heavy hit is still causing the space station to laze out of its position, but on such a large scale, even an inch could mean the difference between a perfect chemical deployment and a complete failure!

“We can’t regain attitude without expending all our energy to stop the movement!” –- “Then we have to compensate for it!” Dexter yells out.

“Compensate? But we will only have such a small window to aim for... if we miss, there is no second shot!” –- “If we expend our energy to stop our movement, we may not have high enough power to deploy the chemical to the right area! We have to try!” Utonium nods and returns to Booster control.

“Tracking trajectory and scanning for the perfect window... this is going to be close...”


The battle continues as Barasia and Blossom begin to feel weak.

“D... Damn...” Barasia slips out as she lands several ineffectual attacks against the machine. Blossom uses her B-Saber and slices into rivets, but the machine is so large she can’t do any real damage! They are both smacked away as the machine draws closer to The Hangar!

Bubbles kicks Buttercup out of the hundreds of different times, before she too begins to show exhaustion... but Buttercup is incapable of feeling such a thing with regenerative energy and immortality.

“Give up, Bubbles!” --- “N-Never! I will save this world!” --- “Stop saying that, it’s impossible! GIVE UP!” Bubbles pants and huffs through her clenched teeth. “GIVE- UP!” She yells as she charges for Bubbles!

“HYAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Bubbles roars as she fires a giant laser from her hand toward Buttercup, incinerating her and blinding all who look at it directly! The laser grazes The Hangar and causes one of the floors to depressurize, sending it further out of orbit!

Floating in space, Bubbles merely views the charred Buttercup.

“B... Buttercup...?” She timidly asks as her mighty aura begins to wane. But before her eyes she begins to snap back into place and her skin reforms to its original position... a truly disgusting display, only serving to enrage Bubbles further!

She grabs Buttercup by the head and yells at her body! “COME OUT AND FIGHT ME YOURSELF, HIM!” As she yells that, Buttercup regenerates fully and looks her in the eyes no longer sure she is a match for her... she eyes Bubbles, who is obviously her superior. She has a mixture of fear, sadness and pride shown on her face.

Her clothes fade from brown to green and the man himself floats in front of Bubbles. His arms are crossed and his face is twisted, obviously agitated. He looks down upon Bubbles.

“Such an arrogant display, Bubbles... challenging me. Have you forgotten who it was who saved you in Townsville those two or so years ago? Who saved your sister, Blossom and Buttercup multiple times?” Bubbles’ face scrunches-

“Who seeks to destroy the entire world?” He merely laughs and covers his face in the gesture! “Don’t you see, Bubbles? From the beginning of these wars, it has ALL lead up to this! One single line along time’s torrential river, leading to this one moment!”

“Time is a tricky thing, who can say this is even real...?! That THIS is the one true path?” Bubbles spits out, almost philosophical.

Him raises an eyebrow...


“Almost... Got it...” Utonium grunts as the cannon reaches peak power, but auxiliary energy is nearing 0% fast! He views the panel as the aiming subroutines constantly try to lock on, but always slip out at the last second before Utonium finally notices a pattern! The level that depressurized affected the orbit on a Y axis, while the hit affected their X! Compensating for the hits, he gets the closest thing to a stable lock that he is ever going to get!

“Dexter, this is it! It’s going to be like getting a home-run with a stick hitting a golf ball through three donuts from a mile away, but this is the best we are going to get! We have to fire, now!”

Dexter aims, but the battle outside is directly in front of them! Auxiliary power is at 1% and dropping before he gets a semi-clear window!



The Hangar unleashes a soft pink laser that pierces the battle-field; everyone’s eyes are on it!

“NO!” Bubbles yells out as she fires to intercept it, only to be backhanded by Him! “You are going no-where!”

The War Machine also lunges for the light, under constant resistance from Blossom and Barasia, but also this time Buttercup! They attack the engines, but they are so big they can’t do any real damage! That is, before they hear someone behind them!

“Sorry I’m late!” Dexter yells as he fires a giant ball of energy for the War Machine! It slows down, but turns around for a small moment to bash all of them away, but doing no real damage.

The light traveling very slowly, due to actually being a canister of some sort. A modified nuclear missile specially designed to change atmospheric settings! In this certain shot, it is carrying the concentrated chemical! If it detonates above the Amazon Jungle will cause a circulation throughout the entire planet, causing rapid spreading if it reaches...

The war machine aims its right arm as it opens up into some kind of cannon!

“That is the secret weapon! It only has one shot, but it can take that canister out easily! We have to stop that attack!” Dexter yells as he dashes in front of the machine to try to bash his way into the cockpit, with no success!

Bubbles constantly tries to stop them, but she cannot break out of Him’s blockade! “Dammit, let me GO!” --- “I can’t do that, Bubbles.” --- “Yes you can! You helped us all the time! Help me!” --- “Sorry, but I only helped Buttercup. Helping you along with her was just a bonus.” He says flatly, continuously batting her away, but not doing any real damage.

“I don’t believe that! What about in Townsville?! You saved us both and you served no-one but yourself!” --- “That was a long time ago... things change...” --- “WRONG! This is the same thing it’s always been! Saving the world from Model M!” --- “Buttercup never wanted me to help her save the world; she wanted me to save her sisters... you and Blossom. A world where you can all live in safety from Model M!”

Bubbles chokes up with rage and tears before she thinks of something. She breaks into an unsettling smile. “What is it, girl?” He asks before she starts to choke herself!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He yells as he tries to loosen her grip, but she only squeezes tighter, forcing herself to cough up blood! “STOP THIS!” --- “ eef, yew lhet... mee gohhh...!” She says as she unflinchingly inflicts serious harm upon herself! Her fingers are imbedded into her very neck, to force them away would kill her!

“Model M may win if you stop them...” --- “I... musht... shtawp dem from... doing... dish...!” She huffs as she continues to choke herself, blood coursing over her entire being!


The machine aims its attacks, but is constantly interrupted by the gnats buzzing around. The heroes are stunned at just how ineffective they are at combating this menace!

As if things couldn’t get worse, a bloody visage of horror bellows over the machine! BUBBLES! Her face, neck and body so soaked with blood and eyes so filled with rage it is impossible to know what she is thinking. But they can take an educated guess-

“DIE!” She roars as she fires a giant beam from her hand, completely engulfing Barasia! The others around her had barely enough time to react or be caught in it themselves!

“B-Bubbles, you killed-“ --- “An enemy of humanity...” She sneers with anger dripping from her fangs. “You’re next...!” She yells as she charges for Blossom, knocking her far away from the Machine and she begins to charge after her before an interrupting voice is heard from behind her.

“ENOUGH!” Dexter bellows as his D-Saber blasts her other arm off! “HYAAAAAHHHHAHAHAAA!” She lets off a blood curdling scream as her divine blue aura instantly fade and blood crystallizes in space as crimson snowflakes. As she screams Dexter grabs her by the bleeding throat and looks her in the eyes.

“Is enough...” He finishes as he impales her with his sword. He retracts the sword and pushes her dying body into the spatial vacuum. Buttercup looks upon his actions in shock and disgust. “B... Bub... Bubbles...? B-Bubbles? BUBBLES!” She stammers and screams as she flies to her body!

Dexter merely gives her interjection a passing glance before chasing the War machine down once again.

“BUBBLES SPEAK TO ME!” She yells at her unfocused eyes as she struggles to even keep them open. She coughs red snow as she tries to respond, but her body is too far damaged. No words can come out; only blood. “H-HIM! SAVE HER!” --- “Alri-“ --- “No...” Bubbles spits up.

“Bubbles...?” --- “Him... don’t...” She lets out simply as her eyes close and her pulse wanes. “DO IT HIM!” --- “She has denied it...” --- “I COMMAND YOU TO FUCKING DO IT!” --- “I CANNOT!” He yells and imposes over her, but she doesn’t startle or falter.

“I cannot embody another being if they do not will it! She has denied my intervention... she is gone, Buttercup...” --- “FUCK THAT! FUCK YOU!” She yells as she punches Him away and embraces her dying corpse. “BUBBLES! BUUUUBBBBLLLLEEEESSSS!!!”


Dexter finally catches up with the machine- the canister is mere seconds away from deploying! He tries his best to attack the weapon, but his D-Saber just isn’t strong enough. Blossom shows up, having chosen to chase the machine rather than check her sister’s fate.

They don’t speak to each other, but they both focus their energy on the weapon. They keep the machine occupied long enough for something to appear above it.

“RAAAHHHHGGGG!” Buttercup, in her now demonic form yells as she digs her gruesome hands into the cockpit and rips the Pilot out! She tears him in half and the machine finally stops in its tracks. She slams it into the atmosphere of the planet and it begins to burn up.

“Great going Buttercup!” Blossom lets out, happily! There is no response from Buttercup however... “Buttercup?” Buttercup turns to Dexter- still in her demonic form. She seems to have rage and regret in her eyes.

“DEXTER...” She says loudly. “AFTER THIS IS OVER... YOU WILL NOT RETURN TO THE PLANET TO DIE TO YOUR OWN CHEMICAL... NO... I WILL BE THE ONE TO KILL YOU WHEN THIS IS OVER...” --- “B-Buttercup, what are you-“ Blossom tries to ask before she is cut off by Dexter. “I understand...” He says plainly causing Blossom to sputter.

“What the hell are you guys talking about?” As she asks that a bright light engulfs the open space! Dexter and Blossom can barely look at it, but Buttercup is more than capable without even squinting. The missile has detonated...!

They have won...!

A voice reaches their Chronometals. “Great job everyone!” It is the professor! “Y-Yeah...” Blossom says, before the mood sours again. “Look... I know that what we did seems evil... but it had to be done.” --- “Yeah, Professor... I know...” A short pause engulfs the space.

“What happened to everyone? Is everyone alright? I can’t see you from the station...” --- “Dexter, Buttercup and I are all fine.” --- “That’s good...”

Another pause permeates the area as Buttercup and Dexter stare at each other. Her large demonic wings splayed out and his saber still drawn but they aren’t attacking each other yet.

“What about... Bubbles?” Blossom looks to her left and right, but doesn’t see her anywhere. “I... don’t know, Professor.” --- “Did she run away?” They are both cut off by Dexter.

“No. She’s dead.” Blossom gasps! Buttercup and Dexter still eye each other. “D... Dead...?” Utonium asks timidly over the intercom device. “Yes... she killed Barasia... and I killed her.” He says before he rips the intercom device from his Chronometal and throws it to the Earth. Blossom seems speechless, as she frantically looks around.

“We aren’t done yet... there is still one thing that needs to be done.” Dexter says as he points to The Hangar. “We need to crash it into the South Pole and take out the Mother Model M. It has been weakened with the Chemical’s distribution, and we should be able to easily take it out.” After he says that he flies to the landing bay and enters The Hangar, leaving Blossom and Buttercup.

“Dead?” Blossom asks. “YES...” Buttercup somberly hisses. She then begins to fly away. “Where... are you g-going...?” Blossom asks, choking up.


“I... I see... I just... I-“ --- “You don’t have to forgive me. This entire endeavor was to save Earth...” He looks out the window to the Planet. The chemical is spreading quickly, killing more and more humans by the second. Within the hour it is likely that they will all be dead and they will have never seen it coming.

“I knew she would resist us, but I didn’t know she would resist us to her grave. She was a hero, I was the villain, yet here we are.” --- “Dexter...?!” --- “There is one last thing we have to do. I am setting this base to crash into the South Pole Model M. I have one question for you professor.” As he punches in the last command, he turns around.

“Do you want to be on this station when it happens?”


In the mountains, outside Megaville, Buttercup in her demonic form places Bubbles in a tomb. A tomb labeled ‘Here lay the heroes of the Chronometal Wars.’

“Bubbles...” Blossom whimpers to herself. Buttercup closes the tomb and sighs.

They leave the tomb and look into the sky. They see what looks like a meteor crashing down, but upon closer inspection, it is The Hangar! “I guess this is it...” Blossom says.

“YEAH. BUT, WAS IT WORTH IT...?” Buttercup growls sadly. Blossom shakes her head. “I don’t know... but, the world is finally saved... right?” Buttercup begins to fly back upward into space.

“W-wait-“ --- “DON’T FOLLOW ME BLOSSOM... I’LL BE BACK...” She bolts off leaving Blossom behind. “Dexter...” She says to herself in hushed tones.


Dexter has his saber drawn and stares down Buttercup. “I guess this is it...” He says, getting no response. He takes an aggressive stance as he stares her down.

“I’m sorry, Buttercup.” --- “I DON’T CARE!” She roars as she charges for him! He attempts to parry, but she grabs into his saber and shatters it with one snap. The battle seems horribly one sided.

She bats him away, but he does not fly away, instead he sticks to her hand and he launches himself onto her back! His gauntlets open up to their secondary weapons and he strikes her in the head with the frost-turbine, freezing her!

He jumps away, but she breaks out of the ice faster than he expected and she grabs onto him! She attempts to snap him in half with no mercy, but he flares his armor and fires out of her grasp! She charges him down, but he activates his power-piston and sends her careening backwards!

While she is flying away Dexter catches her by the tail and rebounds her back, where he power-pistons her in the face! The pain is short lived before her rage returns and Dexter is once again embraced. “This is totally unfair...” He thinks to himself.

He manages to wriggle one of his arms free and he arms his D-Pistol and shoots her in the eye- causing excruciating pain! As Dexter once again barely makes it out in one piece he notices his armor is at less than 20%. “Well I guess this is it...” He thinks to himself again.

As Buttercup regains her sight, she sees Dexter just floating there. “WHY AREN’T YOU ATTACKING?!” He says nothing and does nothing, his right hand behind his back. “WHATEVER, JUST DIE ALREADY!” She bellows as she careens for him, her demonic wings tucked in and her demon tail snaking its way behind her.

As she approaches to land a terrible blow, Dexter lets out a battle-cry of his own, showing his right hand! “DRAGON FIST!” He yells as his gauntlet fires forward of its own power at over the speed of light! It lasts for less than a second... then they are both left with what has happened.

He has punched through her core, a look of terrible pain crossing her face. “DAMN... YOU...!” She whimpers as she backs away, Dexter almost looking sorry. Her demonic form wanes, and she is left with a gaping hole in her chest.

Him leaves her body as well, but not as an observer, an attacker, nor does he seem all powerful or omnipotent.

He is also in terrible pain, panting and wheezing.

“That... That hit was extraordinary...!” Him coughs out. He begins to regain his posture, but Buttercup’s vision begins to fade and she coughs up blood. “Buttercup...!” Him exclaims. Dexter looks to Him and asks: “Why don’t you just regenerate her?” --- “Because the damage you did knocked my energy out, I will be spent for at least an hour... *cough*”

Her eyes close, with a bloody scowl across her face. “Dexter...” Him says under his breath, and he makes a most un-characteristic demand. “Save her...” He says as he fades into a red mist. Likely returning to the Ark in which his power is still kept.

Dexter floats to Buttercup and holds her in his arms. He can feel her pulse waning.

“Well... I guess it’s up to me, again.” He says as he taps his counter. “5%... enough for two round trips. Better make it count.”


*Hours pass and Blossom Looks into the sunset- worried.*

“Where are they? I haven’t felt either of them in so long...” She says to herself. “And... Bubbles... and the professor... everyone...” She begins to breath quickly and shallowly, showing signs of fear and anxiety.

“Am... Am I all alone? Am I alone? Is the world empty...?!” She huffs to herself as something spooks her! She looks over and sees that it is a Deer.

She’s not sure why, but the Deer seems to calm her down. She looks around. She sees insects building a nest... she sees and hears birds flying and singing. The sunset reaches the mountains in the distance and it casts a beautiful auburn sheen.

“Even... even if I am alone... this is the world I... we fought for.” She says to herself as she notices something in the distance. A smoke plume... coming from Megaville elementary. “DEXTER?!”


She walks through the lab doors, noticing the lights are very dim. “Hello? Dexter? Where are you!?” She yells, noticing it is unusually loud in here. She thinks to herself why Dexter would even be on Earth... won’t the chemical kill him if his Chronometal loses power? Maybe it’s not Dexter? So many thoughts.

She sees something, and almost dismisses it until a stray thought possesses her to stay. It is a large tube, with thick bluish green liquid in it. She views a monitor by it. It all seems very familiar to her... before she remembers.

This is where she woke up! She looks as hard as she can into the pod, and can barely make out a being inside. It looks female. As she observes it, she notices another pod behind her. She walks to it and the same is apparent. A female is inside, but she cannot make out details, before she notices something ghastly!

“DEXTER!!!” She yells as she sees him lying on the ground! She turns him over, and her expression almost completely turns around.

He is dead... but he is smiling. His mask is open as well, not circulating the air if he were alive. “Dexter...” She whimpers as she embraces his lifeless body, before she hears something behind her. A beeping noise, a very faint one she hadn’t heard until now. A monitor has the words “To Blossom” splayed across it.

She gently lets his body down and approaches it. She accesses the file.

“ *cough* if you are reading this... and I hope you are, I want you to know that... *cough* your sisters are safe... *hack* I, however... am going... The Chronometal is failing, its power is so low... *cough* that it’s letting a little bit of the chemical in... I’m not dying fast... I’m dying... slow... ha, I guess I deserve it... and besides, it is giving... me enough time to save... your *inhale* sis...ters... If you are hearing this, I want... to say I’m sorry... I love you... and thank you for standing... by my... side...”

The recording doesn’t turn off, but continues as she hears him walking away from the recording device and coughing all the way. She hears footsteps and then a jet of air. “Fresh... Air...!” Dexter yells... Soon after, a giant thumping noise is heard, and the rest of the recording is empty noise.

Blossom clenches her fists, though she is not sure why. She turns around and walks to Dexter. She picks him up and begins to fly away.

*Several minutes later, Blossom is seen leaving the grave of the Chronometal Wars, Dexter’s body now within.* She inhales a deep breath of fresh, chemical laden air that is not fatal to her in the slightest. She lets out a sigh, as night animals begin their usual routine as if nothing has changed. She can feel someone behind her, but she knows who it is and merely smiles.

“I guess it’s just us now, eh?” --- “Not true. Once Bubbles and Buttercup awaken you will have your sisters to share this new, fertile world to share.” --- “Ha... yeah...” She takes another reassuring deep breath.

“I don’t know... I think... I think everything is going to be okay...”

And with that, this chapter closes. Dexter has died for what he believed in and he has given those he cut down a chance at a new life in this new world. Bubbles and Buttercup will awaken, not nearly as long as it would have taken Blossom to awaken, but it will still be a few years.

Blossom has the entire world to herself, as Him remains contented in his underworld castle. As the world came to its end he ran a few errands. Yet he is still baffled about the area Briarus had locked off from the rest of them.

“I don’t know Barthandelus... maybe Blossom is right? Maybe everything will be okay?” He says, sitting on his throne. To his back, the enormous crystal, a faint single winged being present within. “Perhaps, Him. The next generation will be free of Model M... even the Lunar Model M has retreated, knowing there is nothing this planet has to offer. Perhaps the future is secure... for now.”

Him closes his eyes and chuckles.

“Good work, kids. You saved the entire world. Now what? Now I watch... don’t throw this blessing away!”


The world is now free of Model M's Tyranny. The Hangar has crashed into the south pole, and all Model Ms are now destroyed. The Lunar Model M has retreated and will likely never return... at least not for a few thousand years perhaps? The world is green and lush. The only people remaining are Blossom, Bubbles and of course... Buttercup. They will awaken to a Green World.

But what happens next? History!
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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I love this story.

could i be your editor?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Sir Soulchild wrote:I love this story.

Very glad to hear you say that! Other people say they like it, or the part of the story was good... I've never heard someone come right out and say they loved it.
Sir Soulchild wrote:could i be your editor?
Interesting Question. I'll bring it into PMs.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Next Epilogue. Only one left after this.

Yes it's long, not quite as long as the other one posted, but still pretty freaking long.


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 2: Model M’s Return
Magnificent Dawn

Alone in her yard, still in mid day- it seems like an odd place for Barasia to be considering such ultimatums, such important scenarios and events. Almost completely oblivious to the fact that she has company, she mutters to herself.

“I can cause a... ten year causality loop. I will live for ten years, but by the end I will... kill myself, but in doing so- save the world with the newest of Chronometals...”

“Huh?” A voice behind her chirps. Barasia twirls around, completely baffled by the fact that she was so focused on the Ark that she didn’t even hear Ruby walk up to her. Even more amazing is the fact that she is already back from school. It has been 8 hours already, and the sun is already more than half across the sky.

“Oh, uh... I was just thinking out loud.” Ruby frowns, causing Barasia to worry. “What is it?” --- “You are going to go do hero stuff again... aren’t you?” Barasia pauses and thinks for a moment, and then she kneels down to Ruby and puts her finger to her chin.

“Hey. It’s going to be alright. I’ll just be gone for a minute or so. I’ll be fine, I promise.” Ruby says nothing back. She is incredibly uncomfortable with Barasia continuing to be a ‘hero.’ The concept of her being killed and leaving her alone just like her mother did continue scar her to no end.

“Look, I’ll even bet you I’ll be back in less than a Minute. I’ll bet you... this entire week’s bedtime!” Ruby is nearly set aback by the bet- almost as if she has heard this already. Her eyes regain their normal composure and innocence as she speaks up.

“I know never to take that bet ever again! You always win!” --- “See? Even you know I’ll be back. Now, be a good girl and run along. I have something to do.” --- “O-Okay. See you in a minute!” --- “A Minute! Got it!” Barasia happily states as she flies off.

However, after she is out of eyeshot of Ruby, her face sours and regains a serious demeanor.

“God damn it... I’m really about to do this, aren’t I?” She mutters to herself as she views the Ark, deadly seriousness crossing her face.

“I’ve never so much as MET myself from another time-line, and here I am about to go and... Kill myself...” She shakes her head and swallows her fear.

“Now is not the time for hesitance. Now is the time to save the damn world- again!” She opens an orange rip in space and time and flies into it!


Using a device, Utonium tracks the location of the Lunar Model M. It has just now left the dark side and is now approaching Earth. The sheer size of it is baffling.

“Yeah, this is definitely the place. *ACHOO!*” Buttercup says- and sneezes. Walking around aimlessly, she lazily eyes devices. They are all frozen over, but still seemingly functional.

Dexter walks to a red button- and presses it. Within moments, lights burst on and heating vents are reactivated. The second one turns on and blasts Buttercup, she lets out a very large sigh of relief.

Shaking the ice out of her hair, she turns around and meets up with the rest of the group.

“So, this is the other cannon. Are we going to use it to shoot the Model M out of the sky?” --- “That’s the idea. We don’t know how powerful it is, nor why it chose to avoid detection for so long. But it’s coming now. We are going to destroy it, and hopefully the South Pole Model M at the same time.”

Dexter taps the device a little bit with a grin on his face.

“There’s a little something special about this certain cannon.” He states as a device shoots out of the core. It seems to be a very large scale adapter of some kind, but the hole to put something in is so large. What could it possibly be used for?

“Professor, did you bring what I asked?” --- “Yes, Dexter. Here it is.” He states, rummaging through his bags and getting a hold on something. Blossom eyes the familiar technology. “Isn’t that the Chronometal to Energy adapter?” --- “Yes, it is.” Dexter says as he puts it in the perfectly sized hole.

He puts the slot back into the core and returns to the firing console.

“So... we are going to charge our Chronometals into the cannon?” --- “That’s the idea... but it can only be used by one person at a time. Given that you nearly died last time- I will gladly go first.” Blossom nods as she looks at the roof of the cannon.

The dome is opened up slightly to aim the protruded barrel and some snow is falling in. Blossom can barely make out something next to the mid-day moon. It must be the new Model M.

“So, when are you going to fire this thing?” --- “Well, given the precarious nature of the ‘fuel’ it uses and the fact that it can only be used, say about two times; One for me, one for you, I will only fire it if I have a perfect shot. Nothing would be worse than a Miss.”

“It’s so big...” Buttercup spills out. Dexter looks up to view the moon as well. “We don’t have a lot of time.”

Dexter activates the cannon, and large mechanical noises are heard all around them. “I will charge the cannon. You guys have to stop it! Keep it in one place!” --- “We don’t even know anything about this Model M! Is it safe to just engage it like this?”

“Does it look like we have another choice?” Bubbles lets out as she begins to fly off. “I guess not.” Buttercup also says, before flying off.

“Don’t overdo yourself, Dexter.” Blossom says with a quick nod, before she too flies off.

Confident in his own abilities, Dexter begins to charge the cannon using the set adaptor to make his own energy into the fuel for the cannon. “This is it...”


Halfway to intercepting the Model M, they are met by Barasia!

“W-Wha-? Barasia?! What are you doing here?” Bubbles slips, both worried and ecstatic to see her! “I came to help you guys.” --- “You couldn’t have picked a better time!” Blossom says, pointing to the moon.

“I know, Him told me.” Barasia says as Buttercup raises her eyebrow. “Him?” As she asks that, she feels herself surge with familiar power, as her green trademarks once again transforms into brown.

As they float there, Bubbles notices something behind Barasia, something she is hiding behind her back.

“What’s that?” She asks, inquisitive. Barasia shyly moves it toward her front for viewing. The group goes completely silent, with looks of awe across their faces.

“A... A...” --- “A Chronometal, Yes.” Barasia lets out. “Who?” Blossom lets out, asking who the Chronometal could have once been.

“No time, Bubbles, take this!” Barasia says as she throws the Chronometal to Bubbles, who catches it in one hand. “F-For me?!” As she asks that, the Chronometal- as well as her entire body are engulfed in dark light!

She does not resist, or scream. She knows what a Chronometal Transformation looks like. But after a few moments, she begins to feel strange! The transformation is very bright, regardless of the blackness that envelopes the light. The others cannot bear to look at it dead on.

After the light dies down, Bubbles is left wearing a beautiful bladed ebony Chronometal! The energy of which is staggering. It is slightly stronger than Dexter’s Chronometal, seemingly the strongest of the Metals- except M of course.

She feels the back of herself, she has long Black hair.

She flexes her arms and hands, pulsing her muscles in both her arms. “This feels great...!” She says happily before she notices something.

‘Arms.’ ‘Hands.’

“I-I...! I have by arm back!” Blossom and Buttercup look upon Bubbles’ new Chronometal, and she does seem to have an additional arm! “It feels just like a regular arm but... I know it’s fake.” Bubbles lets out with a mixture of satisfaction and sadness.

She messes around with her right arm for a couple seconds, also viewing the glorious black accents on the armor. Barasia speaks up:

“Model B-2. The second in line.” –- “B-2? Does that make mine B-1?” Blossom asks, getting a nod from Barasia. “If Bell was B-1... who is-“ Blossom tries to ask as an ear splitting roar pierces the entire planet!

“Not now, later!” Barasia yells as she points to Model M, who is nearing Earth! “Right!” The three all say in unison. They begin to fly off, but Bubbles notices Barasia isn’t following.

“What’s the matter?” Bubbles asks and Barasia floats up to meet her closely at eye level. “I cannot follow you, not this time. I have a daughter to look after.” After a short pause, Bubbles nods. “Okay... thanks for the Chronometal.” Barasia looks away, almost ashamed... but nods. “You’re welcome. Save the world, Bubbles...” She says as she flies off.

Blossom, in Model B-1. Bubbles, in Model B-2. Buttercup, with the divine powers of Him. They all fire at this new threat. Are they powerful enough? ‘They better be.’ They think to themselves, leaving no room for doubt or compromise.


They burn out of the Planet’s atmosphere, and the blue sky disappears as they near the Newest of the Model Ms! It doesn’t seem to have any arms, legs... wings, or even a head. It seems like an amorphous mass of Iron and Steel. Blossom puts her finger to her ear.

“Dexter, you seeing this?” --- “Yeah, it seems pretty unconscious and easily traceable. I can line up a perfect shot in no time.” He says through the comm. device.

As they scan the device and Dexter begins to charge the cannon, something horrifying happens! “D-Dexter! Hold off on that! Something is happening!”

The amorphous metals coalesce into various shapes and patterns, before they see what seems like a torso, with arms and a head protruding from a ghastly iron comet!

“You have all come I see...” It hums, the group surprised it wasn’t a roar or screech. “Yes, we have come to destroy you!” Buttercup yells out, with new-found vigor and purpose!

“Destroy... me? Magnificence knows no weakness. I am unstoppable, perfect. The absolute epitome of the Power that is Model M!” --- “Magnificence, huh? Kind of a pretentious name for just another casualty on our list!” Blossom taunts.

“I see you are all prepared... more prepared than I thought.” Magnificence states as he views Bubbles. “But it is of no matter. I will crush you, and claim this pathetic planet- and all its inhabitants as my own!”

Its arms lash out at the group who dodge nimbly! They attack him in perceivable weak points, such as the head and heart; but nothing seems to work! As the battle pushes on, they notice the Comet that is Magnificence is still moving toward the Earth!

“Blossom, you guys can’t let him break the atmosphere!” Dexter yells through the comm. device. “I’ve gotten a good reading of it! It feeds off of the residual life of all things living! Neither their death- nor their emotions! This thing will continue to exist as long as life does! If it nears Earth, it’s power would at least double! You have to stop it while I charge this cannon!” --- “Got it!”

“Girls! We have to push him back! We can’t let him reach Earth! If we do, it’s game over!” The two nod, as Bubbles uses her new-found power to charge into Magnificence’s chest in an attempt to halt him!

Buttercup crosses her arms and begins to glow red! Divine flames engulf her as she emerges in her demon form! Multitudes bigger than she just recently was, she charges for the base of Magnificence’s torso and begins to beat him back!

“Such Barbarity...” He lets out as he bats them away effortlessly. “HRA!” He roars as chains burst from the comet and flies at mach speeds toward the Earth! “THE HELL IS THAT?!” Buttercup roars!

On Earth, the chains crash into mountains and buildings before digging into the crust of the planet and seem to be swirling in red energy! As the chains remain, Magnificence seems to gain in size and strength!

He is absorbing the power from Earth itself! “We have to break these chains!” Blossom yells out, attempting to break them, but her strength is too little! Same for Bubbles, but Buttercup in her demon form snaps through the chains with ease!

As the chain breaks, it burns away into a dark red light, but before they begin to pat themselves on the back- more chains fire out and impale the Earth! “YOU GUYS STOP MAGNIFICENCE; I WILL STOP THE CHAINS!” Buttercup states as she flies off, splitting chain after chain!

Bubbles uses her newly acquired B Saber to slice at Magnificence as he attempts to bat her back, but her speed is also heavily accented! They succeed in holding off Magnificence, but the chains continuously gouge the planet. The repercussions unknown.

“Blossom! Come in!” --- “Yeah Dexter?” --- “The Model Ms on Earth have begun acting erratically! They are attacking in large numbers, but they are also turning on each other! Something is causing them to go insane!” Red mist seems to leave the south pole of Earth and float toward Magnificence!

“Dexter, this Model M up here seems to be sapping the life energies from the Model Ms! We will continue the fight, if we can win this... we can take out Mother and Magnificence in one blow!”

Blossom readies her B saber as well and joins Bubbles in her attack on the Human-Meteor-Hybrid that is Magnificence. “Annoying gnats...” It states as he expels a large amount of energy to blast them back with a red wave! Chains continuously fire out from the core of the Meteor, but most of them are being stopped by Buttercup!

They put up ample resistance, but their energy is reaching its limit, as does Magnificence. “This is insane... why am I so tired...?!” Blossom huffs to herself, panting. Magnificence also pants and huffs, but is also chuckling under his breath.

“Red... Mist...” It lets out simply. The two of them look around, noticing the mist from the South Pole has stopped going into Magnificence, and is instead swirling around them in space! It’s sapping the energy of everything in the area! Before they can run away, they are already so tired that they cannot move.

“Hahaha...!” It cackles manically! It raises its hands in an attempt to smash them, but it is blocked by Buttercup- who seems completely immune to the red mist! Being blocked and Battered by Buttercup, Magnificence merely grins as more chains fire out!

“GRRR!” She growls out as she is forced to once again tend to the chains!

“Blossom... I am... so tired...” Bubbles says, barely keeping her eyes open. Blossom, more attuned to her Chronometal has slightly more power than Bubbles. She weakly floats to her and grabs her by the chest.

“What are... you...?” She tries to ask as she passes out. Blossom gives her a forceful push and sends her out of the red mist, toward the Earth! Struggling to stay conscious, she looks back at Magnificence, who is also seemingly drained. He raises his arms, and the red mist is sucked into him!

After a short moment, he seems to be back at near full power.

“Pointless...” He spits as he fires more and more chains at Earth in baffling numbers! Buttercup cannot even stop half of the chains anymore! She blasts them in half, one by one. They burst into crackling sparks, but are always replaced with newer chains!

Blossom puts her finger to her ear. “Dexter... how’s the charge... coming along?” --- “Almost done! Are you alright?!” He yells, worried. “I’m... fine... Tell me when it’s ready!” She shakes her head, trying to psyche herself back into the battle.

Her vision ebbs and churns in an out of focus as her consciousness becomes questionable.

Magnificence swipes at her and she still has enough energy to dodge around, but Model M doesn’t care. He is amused as the barely conscious husk that continues to resist him.

Chains continue to crash into the planet, giving him more and more energy. The chains break sky scrapers, level bridges, crush mountains... they are ruining the entire planet!

The life energy coursing up the chains cause storms and rains! The entire world is engulfed in a hurricane of sorts! What was once day is transformed into a violent night! Quakes begin to shake the very foundation of the planet, as not even the South Pole is safe from the tremors! The rogue Model Ms turn on each other and break apart as the storms cause flash floods to wash them away!

Panicked civilians run to bomb shelters and wherever they can go to save themselves and their families!

“Blossom! It’s ready! Tell me when it’s safe to fire!” Blossom thinks to herself with a barely conscious brain. She begins to fly off, but is caught by Magnificence. “I heard that... You aren’t going anywhere!” He laughs to himself as he embraces Blossom to his chest.

“Now, Dexter...” --- “A-Are you safe?” --- “NOW DEXTER!” She yells!

A large drum shattering explosion is heard, and even the clouds and storms part as the giant cannon fires at Magnificence! Pure gold energy engulfs the entire sky as the chains burn away!

Buttercup flies up and holds Magnificence in place as it tries to coast out of the way. “END OF THE LINE!” She yells as she holds the entire comet!

“RAAAAHHHHG!” Magnificence roars in pain as it is engulfed in the pure energy of the Chronometal Cannon! Blossom, also caught in the blast is suffering! Magnificence’s fingers burn away and she takes the brunt of the attack! She is blasted so harshly, that she is burned into Magnificence!

Her Chronometal fuses to the tyrant’s iron as the beam begins to waver. Magnificence is left barely alive as the beam fades, but he is still alive!

With a mangled jaw and melted frontal half, he begins to cackle. “Gha gha gha! You have accomplished NOTHING!” He roars as he begins to fly toward the Earth again!


Burning through the atmosphere, but now out of the red mist, Bubbles wakes up in a free fall. “W-What the?! She asks herself as she manages to stop herself before hitting the ground. She looks up to see a melted and burnt Model M in the sky, but it is still alive- and being held by Buttercup!

She notices the residual energy from the cannon and dashes for it!

She bursts in, noticing Dexter is panting on the floor. “DEXTER!” --- “No... Time... Cannon... ch-charge...!” Bubbles; afraid, nods. She reaches the cannon and freezes.

“I... don’t know how...” --- “Hands... box...” She views the console, there are two hand sized slots to put her ‘hands’ in and she does just that. “Okay, now what?”

Dexter, with barely open eyes, staggers to one leg as he activates the aiming protocols. As he punches in the last action, the cannon begins to spin up again. Bubbles feels her energy burn away, and course into the cannon!

“What happened up there?” She asks with her hands in the conduit. Dexter, barely even leaning against the console manages to blurt out- “Console went out... radio silence... I don’t... know...” He passes out from sheer exhaustion.

“Blossom... Please be safe!”


Stopping the chains at the source, Buttercup begins to wrap Magnificence in his own energy sapping chains! Yet he says nothing, he only laughs. “WHAT’S SO FUNNY?!” Buttercup roars, un-amused. “You will see... in time!” He lets out enigmatically.

Another large explosion noise is heard and another laser is fired! This one is a stark black color instead of gold! As the laser approaches, Buttercup once again pins him in place, but this time... all he does is laugh. And Laugh. AND LAUGH!

The laser hits and this time- it hits even harder! His entire front side is blasted away while the chains flail and burn into nothing! Blossom, still melded to the front, does her best to defend herself, but it’s no use! The cannon fire is too strong and her Chronometal is completely blown off! Her skin is engulfed in the dark energy!

Magnificence’s energy reaches a critical low as a voice is heard from behind it!

“NOW BUTTERCUP!” Him yells, declaring she deliver the Coup de grâce! She roars as she punches into his very core, and blasts him toward the atmosphere with all her energy!

Magnificence begins to burn up in the atmosphere, and the storm caused from the loose energy begins to tear him to pieces! The darkness of space disappears as the flames of the atmosphere engulf them.

“This is it... you know...” He states quietly, addressing only one being. “Y... yeah...” Blossom says hoarsely, her throat- and pretty much everything else burned beyond recognition.

“You killed yourself to kill me... was it worth it?” --- “I... had to... stop you...” She coughs, as the flames begin to engulf even where she is. The pain, excruciating... but being a super-human, she doesn’t instantly die.

The flames build and build as Magnificence lets out one final question.

“Do you think the world you left behind will be safe, Blossom? I am but one of many problems...” Blossom has not the strength to respond, although she would love to.

The flames grow in intensity before she is completely blinded by fire. She closes her eyes and takes it all in.


“WHERE’S BLOSSOM, HIM?” Him remains silent. “ANSWER ME!”

“I...” He stalls. “WHAT IS IT?! WHERE?!” Him retracts his power and she fades back into her original form. She looks down toward Earth.

Magnificence burns away, and pieces of it shatter and separate from the original mass and incinerate in the atmosphere.


“Dexter...” Bubbles gasps as she disconnects herself from the cannon. “We won, Dexter... Haha... We won...” She looks up, as pieces of the cruel machine that was Model M burn away. The larger pieces crash into the surrounding area, but missing vital areas of the town. Casualties are kept to a minimum...

“But... where’s Blossom...?” She asks herself as she too passes out upon the floor.

... ... ...

*An hour passes.*

“I still can’t find Blossom...” Buttercup whimpers, nearly breaking into tears. Bubbles and Dexter as still far too exhausted to do anything, but they listen and share her worry. “I... I’m sure she is fine...” Dexter says, upon the hospital bed, out of his Chronometal. As is Bubbles.

“I’ll... keep searching.” Buttercup says as she is interrupted by one of the Military men.

“Report...” Buttercup says sadly. “We found... something...” She raises her head, fearing the worst.


At a nearby lake, she takes the ‘thing’ and nearly breaks into tears. She collapses to her knees.

“Leave me... alone...” The soldiers merely nod and walk away. “You too Him.” She fades back into her Green Coloration.

She holds it in her hands, looking at it deeply.

A singed red bow. She looks at it in her hands. Tears begin to hit it. She breaks into sadness, and holds the bow to her chest and cries.

“Damn it Blossom... Why? This was all for you! Why?! WHY?!”

She squeezes the bow and roars-

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She slams her fist into the ground, breaking it all to pieces...

*Several hours pass, and everyone meets up in the Chronometal Tomb.*

A quick funeral passes and eulogy is passed, but those performing the ceremony seem to have a very large schedule. Blossom was not the only person killed by this event, nor was she even in the first hundred.

Buttercup, Bubbles, Utonium and Dexter all stand over her grave, with her bow placed over it.

Dexter looks to the ceiling. It was caved in by one of the many pieces of Magnificence falling to Earth. The urns and tombs were untouched however. The gash in the ceiling extends all the way into the horizon.

The sun is setting. It is still raining slightly, but it is dying down. Most of the people here have remained silent. The crying and mourning has ended, now they simply look into the sunset.

Model M has been destroyed... Magnificence absorbed so much energy from the South Pole that even Mother was destroyed. There is nothing left on the planet that could possibly pose a serious threat anymore...

But Blossom is gone, for good.

*As the Hours pass, the only person left standing over the grave is Dexter.*

Night has fallen, and a midnight mist flows in through the gash in the wall, as does someone else.

“Dexter?” He turns around, and looks at the person talking. “Barasia...” --- “I heard what happened...” Dexter says nothing, still standing over the large internal grave.

Barasia stands there too. “I’m... so sorry...” Dexter clenches his fists and begins to tear up again. Barasia nears him in an attempt to comfort him- and he lunges at her!

He embraces her. He does not cry, but he holds on for dear life. Barasia does so too, she knows what he is feeling. For the longest time, she thought of herself as a mindless Killing machine and one of the few people she could ever call friend has died.

It was Blossom who helped summon her to this universe in the first place. It was Blossom who saved her from herself. It was Blossom who went back and forth through time to save the entire omniverse. Everyone on Earth has lost Blossom, not just them.

The fog engulfs the area, and their silhouettes seem to vanish into the night.

The panic has ended.

The Chronometal wars have ended.

The world is safe, but it came at a catastrophic price. Dexter doesn’t know why Blossom chose to kill herself. Given only a few more moments he could have compensated for her location... but perhaps that would have let Magnificence live. Without the time given to have actually made the decision, it is impossible to foresee what would have happened...

So many variables, but there are a few things that Dexter knows now.

He knows he is one of the few people left on Earth to protect it. Even the People who he swore to kill will look upon him as a hero. The fallen hero. The 'only' hero. He looks upon the dark horizon. The world has turned its back on him, and he turned his back on it... but what is left is all that is left. They need each other.

Neither side is too ecstatic about this, but with the quick appearance of Magnificence, and the price at which everyone had to pay in order for him to be destroyed... the world cannot afford to not have such a hero. The hero the world needs...

And he will never make the same mistakes again... He will never lose anyone else!
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Epilogue to the final Tangent. Took a while, but it was worth it in my opinion.
(Yes it's long.)


The Chronometal Panic
Tangent 3: The Hero...
Atonement for the Dark

The battle blares outside, even through the vacuum of space they can hear it, even through solid titanium they can hear it. The echoes of the end.

The cannon is charging to full power in a matter of minutes and within the control chamber are two individuals.

Blossom and Dexter...

Without so much as a word of objection, Blossom fires toward the cannon control, only to be intercepted by Dexter who draws his saber and nearly slices her! Recovering from the dodge she draws her own and strikes back only to be locked with his blade!

They slice and cut at each other, but they continuously parry and dodge. Precious time is being wasted and Dexter knows all he has to do to win is play a good defense. Almost breaking into a smirk, Dexter notices Blossom trying to fire over him to get to the control panel!

He quickly jabs her in mid air with the hilt of the blade and bats her away onto the floor of the station. She tries to rise, but Dexter moves the blade to her chin and looks her in the eyes...

In doing so, puts him off guard from her eye beams! Dexter is blown back a short distance, giving her the perfect opportunity to rush for the console! As she reaches it she isn’t sure what to think. The term ‘it isn’t rocket science’ doesn’t apply here.

This is more complex than rocket science.

In her frustration and the short constrained time limit she put herself in she bashes the control panel! Pieces of it go flying in all directions!

“Is that all, Blossom? Just breaking things isn’t going to stop it.” Dexter taunts, with his D-Pistol drawn and pointing to her.

“It’s not too late to stop this...” Blossom lets out, also drawing her B-Pistol. “That’s my line.” He spits. A Mexican standoff in space, this time with lasers. Truly not what most people would think of when they think “End of the World.”

Blossom diverts her aim and fires toward the glass panels to depressurize the deck! Through the fissure, she flies into space to initiate direct attacks on the cannon!

Dexter chases her out of the hole as everything not bolted down; such as the debris from the console as well as Dexter’s papers fly out into the vacuum.

The battle is continuing without their interruptions, Bubbles, Barasia and the machine fighting with the devil once known as Buttercup. Whether at this point Blossom considers Buttercup a victim or a culprit of these wars, she does not know herself.

She nears the canon only to be targeted by Dexter’s Chronometal Power!

“WIND BURST!” He roars as the now icy wind of space completely blows her away! Dexter arms his Pistol to fire concentrated Leviathan energy to freeze her in place and fires!

However, as it hits Dexter is no longer sure Blossom is even there. The ice is completely translucent and Blossom; if she is in there at all is incredibly hard to see.

He darts his eyes around in an attempt to find her, but he can hear her instead! On the other side of the cannon He can hear explosions. “Clever...” He says under his breath as he fires to the cannon.


The war machine, now almost completely powerless, fights not to attack the cannon any longer, but instead stay alive!

“Leave him alone!” Bubbles yells as she is flicked away by Devil Buttercup. She rips the arms off the now defenseless machine and begins to scratch at the cockpit window.

“PREPARE TO DIE!” She giggles demonically as she begins to pierce the cockpit! “I SAID STOP IT!” Bubbles continuously yells, trying to get Buttercup to stop!

As she probes and breaks the cockpit, the air inside fires out causing the man inside to suffocate! “NOOO!” Bubbles roars as she musters hidden strength to strike Buttercup out of balance and Bubbles dives into the cockpit to attempt to save the man!

Gasping for breath and eyes going red, she summons a blue wind around him! Although the wind is dangerous and coarse- seeking to tear his clothing to pieces and cut his skin, it does gives him a small amount of air to breathe! She pries him out of the cockpit and fires toward the Earth!

However, she is intercepted by Buttercup. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, BUBBLES?! HE IS ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO KILL YOU- WHO TRIED TO KILL ALL OF US! THIS MACHINE WAS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO KILL US!” Not seeking to answer her question, Bubbles completely ignores Buttercup and enters the planet’s atmosphere. However, surprisingly... Buttercup doesn’t pursue her.

She looks back to view Barasia, who is merely in a defensive stance- not an aggressive one.

“I DON’T WANT TO KILL YOU, BARASIA... BUT I CAN’T LET THIS GO ON...” --- “I know, we all have our reasons... as do I... as do Bubbles and Blossom.” --- “WHY WON’T YOU LET US KILL THE HUMANS AND SAVE THIS WORLD...?!” --- “I have a daughter to look after. Although I’m skeptical myself over whether or not humanity can survive this conflict- it’s not my concern. I have a family to look after.”

“FAMILY...?” Buttercup asks as she begins to fade back into her normal form. “Ruby... you remember her, right?” --- “Ruby... huh? Yeah, I remember her.” Buttercup says, looking toward the twinkling blue star entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Cute little red headed girl. The one Bubbles was talking about when you joined us during the start of the Chronometal Wars.” – “That’s right... remember after the battle with Malignancy? We were talking about how all this happened.” Buttercup laughs a small bit.

“Yeah, I remember. It’s complicated.” --- “Very, if it wasn’t for Ruby, I probably never would have learned the value of life... and in so, this could have turned out a lot worse.” --- “Worse, huh? How?” She says, laughing and looking at the world and the rubble of the war machine as Blossom and Dexter fight over the cannon.

“Should we go help our respective sides?” Barasia suggests. “Nah... I’m sure they can work it out.” She says as a large scale explosion takes out one of the upper decks of The Hangar.

“...I’ve been wrong before...”


Constantly parrying and attacking each other with ferocity and speed, the two who at one time considered each other friends, or even lovers are now locked in a battle of life and death.

They lock blades continuously and then Dexter flares his blade against her while he ignites his power! He roars out as she is sent flying into the ark at nearly untraceable speeds! But she recovers expectantly, yet she finds herself once again on the defense as he attempts to blast her with his D-Rifle!

She expertly dodges, but Dexter is aiming in a way to make sure not to hit The Hangar! Blossom notices this and eclipses herself within the Hangar’s cannon! Before Dexter has a chance to realize shooting her would be foolish, she is already charging down the barrel of his gun sight and complements her strategy with a quick boot to his head!

His Chronometal has seen better days, but the attack wasn’t nearly enough to break anything substantial, just a crack on his visor and a dent here and there.

The cannon behind them spins and spins, nearly at the firing point!

“Come on, Blossom! This is hopeless! Just stop already.” He proposes with a slightly smug face. Blossom knows his Chronometal is more powerful than hers, but that is no excuse to lose here! Not now!

“Sorry, Dexter. This has to stop!” She yells as she bolts for the cannon with her B-Saber drawn! Dexter gives chase, but Blossom predicted his movements and set a small trap behind her before she flew off!

“Surprise!” She yells as Dexter is engulfed in spatial fire! It was a fire trap, something Dexter almost completely forgot about.

“Damn... Fire...” He says as his armor buckles and heaves. “WHY IS IT ALWAYS FIRE?!” He blubbers as Blossom reaches the cannon.

It is spinning incredibly fast, but she knows a good cure for fast. She throws a blue orb at the Cannon and freezes it in place! The hinges lock and buckle as the spinning stops and the coolant vents burst as the cannon refuses to turn, even when it should be.

She throws more blue orbs at the spinning parts of the cannon and they lock up and buckle, blowing more vents. Buttercup and Barasia on the other side of the cannon viewing it at full capacity.

“Wow... I didn’t think she had it in her.” Buttercup slips out to Barasia. “You aren’t too mad, are you?” Barasia asks. Buttercup has a hard time thinking and even her facial expression suffers from this, as she cannot retain any frame of being for too long before slipping into something else. In the end, she merely sighs and looks over.

“I was ready to die for this cause... but I wasn’t ready to let my sisters get killed for this cause; that includes any inclusion from me. You saw what Bubbles did, she overpowered me when in my demon form... even if it was just for a moment; and for what? To save some random person’s life...” Buttercup looks back over to The Hangar. It is wildly exploding in certain places, depressurizing in others... and the cannon itself is completely frozen and jetting out steam.

“I have completely forgotten what it feels like to save random people... the people I used to save all the time. Those were good times... even if it was just blissful youthful ignorance. Hell, that’s probably what made it feel so right; so fun, was the fact that we were kids. But Bubbles... she took the worst from these wars, I mean... she’s missing an arm for crying out loud! If anyone here should be spiteful or enraged, it should be her... but she's not... those two are the only ones still fighting for what we ALL used to fight for all those years ago...”

Barasia looks over, almost sympathetic. Buttercup is having a very hard time with all of this, but it seems she is finally coming to terms with what has been going on all these years. She looks over to Barasia as well, her hand gripping her own chest out of emotional pain as her speech becomes fatigued.

“W-What the hell have I been doing...?! I w-was about to kill everyone on Earth... a-and for WHAT?!” She fights back her sorrow and rage filled tears and quickly snaps her head away from Barasia’s gaze.

She not so quietly takes on her actions alone, looking away from Barasia. Her hand constantly constricting her chest as she fights back the pain. Her eyelids shut so tight that it hurts, the tears rolling out and freezing in space. “F... Fuck...” She huffs to herself. She then feels something on her shoulder and looks back. It is Barasia, with her hand on Buttercup’s shoulder, looking right into her eyes with an almost ‘thankful’ look on her face.

“W-What are you doing?” – “I know that you put it all on the line when it counts... when it counted...” – “Huh? What are you t-talking about?” – “It was during the Second war’s end... the one that destroyed the world that is... the one we prevented.” – “That one again, huh? I told you I don’t know anything about it, everyone experienced it but Bubbles and Me...”

Out of the darkness of space, Him materializes in front of them both. “I think I know what you’re getting at, Barasia...” Buttercup, wiping her eyes looks at both Him and Barasia.

“When the Titan... attacked me, you... saved me... you saved my life.” – “S-So? We saved each other’s lives plenty of times... what made that time so special? Especially since I can’t remember...”

“At the time, you called me Lynn. You saved my life by, what I thought at the time was ‘giving your life.’ I felt so shocked and confused that you, of ALL people sacrificed yourself for me. I didn’t even know you on a personal level at the time! Then, you returned to life... something I have never seen before and called me by a name I have never heard before... Lynn.”

Him speaks up in remembrance. “Ah, yes... to be honest, there was something off about ‘Lynn’ that day, but at the time I didn’t know what. It turns out that you were only just now exploring this universe at that moment- a bad moment to be sure... if it wasn’t for Buttercup’s selflessness, it is very likely you wouldn’t be here right now.”

Buttercup looks over at Him and Barasia back and forth, listening to what happened in their own alternate timeline. “I... I see...” – “I never got a chance to thank you.” – “Well... I would say ‘you’re welcome,’ but I don’t really remember doing it...” – “The capacity for doing it... your heart and your sense of justice and kindness... it was always there- and always will be!” Buttercup merely looks over at Barasia and breaks into tears without being able to hide it.

“Damn, ha-ha! Fuck...!” She huffs as she happily weeps in front of them both, something neither of them have ever seen.


Sitting on the Cannon as Dexter finally makes it over with his metal badly burned and barely mobile, Blossom has a little smirk on her face.

“Happy now, Blossom? You’ve destroyed the world’s last hope...” – “No I didn’t. We are still alive.” – “What are you- oh... ha, whatever...” – “What? Was this entire ‘plan’ in order to save the world, or destroy all of humanity?” Dexter scoffs and looks away. He has been beaten, and to make things worth- it seems Blossom is in the mood for a little taunting.

“It wasn’t a trick question, Dexter.” She spits. “Save the world, of course.” – “Then why are you acting like this chemical was the ONLY way to save it?” – “Because it is!” – “How about the station itself?” Blossom exclaims as she pats the cannon she is sitting on. “What about it?” – “Why not just crash it into the south pole?” – “Your planning skills could use some work, Blossom...” He lets out, annoyed.

“You got any better ideas?” – “I did, you broke it...” – “Stop being such a dick!” She yells out! “I won, okay? The cannon is broken- FOREVER! Now let’s think of something quick to save this world.” Dexter stretches and gets the kinks out of his heat intolerant armor.

“Yeah, yeah... whatever. Your plan could use some work, but it seems like it’s all we got.” – “Let’s do it then!” Blossom says as she casually floats into the control room.

Dexter merely stays put, almost stunned at how scatter-brained she’s being. As if on queue, she comes back out with a remembering look on her face. “Oh yeah, I broke the control room... all of it.” – “Yeah, you did...”

After a while of doing nothing, Buttercup and Barasia float into their airspace, now sufficiently confident the fight is over.

“You guys okay?” Buttercup lets out. “I guess...” Dexter sighs. “So... what’s the plan?” Barasia asks. “We are going to crash The Hangar into the South Pole and take out the Mother Model M!” Buttercup raises an eyebrow. “So let’s do it?” Buttercup lets out, confused as to why they haven’t done it already.

“Well... I sort of broke everything...” Blossom lets out, scratching the back of her head. “No problem!” Buttercup lets out unexpectedly. She flies off behind the Station and transforms into her demon persona!

“HAAAAAH!” She roars as she begins to push the entirety of the station into a southern orbit of the planet! The three of them follow.


From his cushy cell on Earth, Utonium looks up into the sky. A smile breaking across his face.

From the city of Megaville, the people look up into the sky. Looks of horror crossing their faces.

From the military bases of America, the people look up into the sky. Knowing that the Neo Powerpuffs were successful.

From the wreckage and carnage, the Model Ms look up into the sky. Preparing for their final battle.

A red meteor, in tow by a Demon! Most people run for safety, others scream and stumble others, some stand mouth agape and others still drop to their knees and begin to pray.

“IT’S NOW OR NEVER!” Buttercup roars as she kicks it into high gear and begins to break through the atmosphere! Dexter, Blossom and Barasia in pursuit- and out of nowhere comes Bubbles! They cut the greetings short; especially since she notices everyone is working together once again. She merely gives a small smile and joins them to the South Pole!

The flames of the atmosphere die out as they reach the frigid air! “HERE IT GOES!” Buttercup yells as she punches The Hangar directly into the amalgamation of Iron and Steel below her!

Dexter begins to charge his energy, as does Blossom! Barasia and Bubbles begin to perform an attack they do in unison they have only ever done one time before; The Rolling Blackwave!

As The Hangar hits the crust of the Earth, everyone; Buttercup included unleash their full power upon the explosions! The dust consumes everything around them, but the raw energy of the attacks break through the blinding debris! The Blackwave charges in last, blasting a giant hole in the crust!

A large smoldering crater is created as all of them halt their attacks and an ear splitting roar is heard permeating all of Earth!

The Iron and Steel wriggle and Writhe as a being rises from the wreckage!

It has feminine features, long black hair that in front is cut to shape an ‘M.’ Large red eyes blast through the hair and look upon the group as foul beings pore from its iron skin.

“I foresaw your arrivals... pity that everything has to end like this...” It coughs, damaged by the initial attacks.

“It ends now, Mother. Lay down your defenses and let us give you a quick death.” Blossom lets out. “My defenses? YOU THINK I AM ON THE DEFENSIVE?!” It roars out as the icy crust of the Earth breaks as giant Model Ms rush at the group!

With barely any time to react, the group is quickly separated from each other as they dodge and weave through the attacks! Buttercup rushes for Mother and it raises its foul claws and locks into battle with the Demonic Powerpuff!

Tendrils of iron and corpse rise from the foul underworld and engulf Buttercup! To her dismay, even her Demon form cannot withstand the evil barbs! She growls as she is forced to the ground and Mother sets her eyes on someone else.

“This is bad!” Dexter lets out as more and more Model Ms rise from the ground and do battle with them! They are all suffering heavy blows and gashes, blood and oil spraying across the air as if it were raining death.

“They are... too strong...!” Blossom says as she blasts through them, only to have them regenerate. Off the horizon, the small clawed Model M swarm joins the battle!

“Oh no, those are the ones powered by people! We can’t kill those!” Bubbles blubbers as she is constantly under duress by beings she simply cannot strike.

The battle rages on for only several minutes before the Powerpuff girls realize they are in way over their heads! “D-Damn... This is insane!” Barasia yells out, becoming fatigued. Bubbles is smacked to the ground and Blossom is engulfed in Iron and Blood.

“BLOSSOM!!!” Buttercup yells as she musters divine strength to rip from the cage she is bound in! She rushes to the group and rips the Model Ms off of her, then she rips them in half; oil spraying everywhere!

“Th... thanks...” Blossom lets out weakly, her armor pierced and blood leaking from every conceivable hole.

“D-DAMN! HIM, EMPOWER BLOSSOM!” – “What about you...?” He asks. “FORGET ABOUT ME! SAVE MY SISTER!” She yells as she constantly bats Model Ms away! “Very well...” Her demon form fades and her dress is once again Green. Even with her power gone, she still smacks the lesser Model Ms out of commission.

As Him enters Blossoms body, she can already feel her wounds healing as everything around her begins to shimmer red. Her energy returns and she feels at one hundred percent, but she cannot say the same about her Chronometal.

“It’s ruined...” She says as she discards it and throws it at Mother, who merely smacks it away.

Being held down by Model Ms, Bubbles is also under attack! Before she can scream for help, the Model Ms on her are blasted away by Blossom!

“Thanks...” – “Don’t mention it...” She says enigmatically as she looks up at Mother. The dying Model Ms returning her power to nearly maximum potential. Regardless of The Hangar which broke through and nearly killed her itself.

The battle rages on and on, as the heroes make some sort of Progress, Bubbles stands over the discarded Model B. She feels drawn to it, like it was asking for help, like it was calling to her. She picks it up and is flooded by memories, strange memories of those that were not her own.

She closes her eyes, even amidst the carnage of battle and finds a strange calm. She envisions... Bell... the strange girl who was present during the First Chronometal war, who suffered a fate worse than Death at the hands of Model M. Her body skewered and impaled... and to make things worse... she never even got to say goodbye to her father.

The images and memories flood into her mind as rage begins to fill her heart.

The battle continues as Blossom catches eye of Bubbles and her actions. Her eyes go wide as the Chronometal begins to glow and spin around Bubbles. Dexter notices this too, but also notices another feature of what is happening!

“The Chronometal is shattered and reforming around Bubbles! What is...?” He pauses slightly and comes up with and idea. He lands on the ground and discards his own Chronometal. “Dexter?” Barasia asks. Before she gets an answer he chucks it at Bubbles!

“I see...” Him says within Blossom before also leaving her body. “What the...?” She lets slip out.

Mother would have taken this time to strike if she didn’t feel an enormous power from nearby!

Model D shatters and swirls around Bubbles as well, who also claims their memories... the memories of, Deedee...

She envisions yet another horrible death, a death from a sister trying to protect her brother! From Mandark... Model M! To make matters worse, Mandark would eventually come back as Model M and terrorize her brother once more! The sadness and anger in her heart grow to nearly uncontrollable levels!

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA---“ She screams out in rage, blowing snow and ice away as she screams! The fragments of the Chronometals and the memories with them Coalesce onto Bubbles as Him also enters her body! She begins to glow a deep purple as the Chronometals combine to form a Super Chronometal, one so glorious it is blinding to all that see it!

The air around them electrifies and the light dies down to reveal the War Goddess within. This new Chronometal, gold and white envelopes her being. Pure rage across her face as she opens her mouth-

“MANDARK! MODEL M!” She roars out as her very voice blasts away ice and cracks the ground! “YOU KILLED DEEDEE! YOU KILLED BELL! YOU ALMOST KILLED YOUR OWN SISTER! AND NOW YOU ARE TRYING TO DESTROY THE WORLD!” She points at Mother as tears grows in her eyes and she bares her fangs-

“I WILL NOT LET YOU DO THIS ANY LONGER!” – “Brave words for a-“ Mother tries to say as her arm is blasted off by Bubbles traveling at unknown speeds! A sonic boom roars out as Mother screams in pain.

Model Ms around the battlefield swirl around Mother as a whirlwind of death! Everyone backs away as the tornado itself tears the Earth apart! But Bubbles merely stands within it, her eyes filled with pure rage.

Demonic wings sprout from the Chronometal and are engulfed in holy light. The Chronometal, now giving her an additional arm as well glows and churns with burning anger. The tempest of death around them engulfs everything.

The battlefield glows red with Him’s power, but it eventually changes to blue! “Wh-What the hell is going on?” Buttercup stammers as the ground shakes! Everyone tries to keep their footing as the tempest of death is blasted away! The Model Ms hit the ground and burn blue!

As the flames die out, all that is left is Bubbles Flying over Mother. “You fool; I have penetrated the entire planet! You cannot stop me!” It laughs as the ground shatters as tendrils and chains break through the Earth and surround them! “I WONT LET YOU DO THIS!” Bubbles roars as she charges her energy and crashes into Mother!

The light blasts with black waves and electricity engulfs the entire area!

“We have to get out of here, now!” Barasia exclaims, picking Dexter up against his will and flying away. “LET ME DOWN! BUBBLES! WE HAVE TO HELP HER!” – “WE CAN’T, DON’T YOU GET WHAT SHE IS DOING?!” As she says that Dexter’s face goes white as he continues to view the battlefield, with Blossom also flying away from it.

“Are you sure about this, Bubbles?” – “It is the only way...” – “I see... you truly are a Hero, Bubbles... I never knew it could end like this.”

“DIIIIIIEEEEE!” Mother yells as she reaches full power and attempts to blast Bubbles away, only to receive even more power from her end!

“No, it’s time for YOU TO DIE!” She bellows as she engulfs everything in blue power! The energy grows and grows! “N-No... this can’t... be...!” Mother blubbers as her limbs are blown away and the energy of the Earthly Model Ms fade and break, but it is not enough power to kill her yet!

“This is it... for Deedee... for Bell... for everyone you killed! FOR MY SISTERS, FOR MY FATHER! YOU WILL DIE!” She yells as her very Chronometal is blown to bits as she taps into the last of her powers! Even the wings placed on her from Him’s blessing are burned away! Mother fades from reality as even her silhouette vanishes from sight.

The last of her power leaves her being as she directs the rest of it to the Earth! She screams in both rage and pain as her body tears itself to pieces as she taps into unknown power!

The entire planet heaves and quakes! Tidal waves and hurricanes form in an instant as every Model M is killed and their energy released! The world buckles, buildings shatter and skyscrapers topple! Animals flee for safety and the sky goes dark!

Above the South Pole, blizzards whip up and engulf the entire area as Bubbles begins to feel incredibly weak... but proud of herself.

“You will never be forgotten...” – “I... know... Him...” She falls, burning with black energy. Before she even hits the ground, her entire being fades into red light, leaving only a torn fragment of blue clothing in the crater of Mother Model M.

The storms of the planet die down and the quakes cease as the heroes hastily return to the crater to find Bubbles.

They all scramble around trying to find her. “See anything?” – “Not yet...” They moves rocks and rubble as it begins to snow and the sun begins to set.

“Damn it, where is she?!” Buttercup yells. After a few moments, a red energy appears in front of Buttercup. “Him...?” Everyone stops scrambling around to find her and instead stands and looks at Him.

He raises a piece of blue cloth from the rubble.

Buttercup rises from her knees and takes the scrap. She rubs it around in her hand and looks to the air. To her own surprise, she doesn’t feel like crying.

“Buttercup...?” Him asks. She looks over with a smile on her face. “I’m ready to go, Him.” She states, to the dismay of the rest of the group. “Go? Go where?” She turns around and looks at everyone.

“Model M is gone, forever. It’s time for me to go with Him.” – “G-Go?” Blossom stammers as Buttercup begins to shine a red color.

“What’s happening?!” Blossom yells as she runs to Buttercup and grabs her hands. The bottom of Buttercup begins to fizzle and fly off, as the rest of her grows transparent.

“We will meet again, I promise, Blossom...” After she says that she completely fades, her essence flying over the entire area. Dexter, Barasia and Blossom all left gawking over what has transpired.

The Chronometal wars have ended, but Bubbles and Buttercup seem to have vanished. All they have to go on is the fact that Him seems to be involved. He disappeared without another word.

The enigmatic actions of those two lead Blossom to an illogical conclusion... that neither of them are really dead.

The entire world breathes a collective sigh of relief as Model M and every trace of everything even relating to it has finally been destroyed. The world has a lot of rebuilding to do, but everyone knows that this was the right path.

Blossom dedicates the rest of her life to preventing anything like this from ever happening again alongside Dexter. The war has taken much from everyone, but Blossom can’t help but feel that no-one has really died... She never said goodbye and Him never returned to enlighten her.

Those around her call her... optimistic. A nicer word for foolish. But she does not falter; she knows what she has seen. This world is too complicated to just have things end like this.

She faces forward, never turning back.


And with that- ALMOST every conceivable thing involving the panic draws to a close. There will be one final thing after this that explains what happens JUST after every epilogue.

As I said in the recaps, only ONE of these tangents is the true tangent, the other two are merely 'what if' scenarios. Which one is the real one? Well, there are several hints scattered around the story for you to figure that out on your own.

Use the Barasian War as your compass, it takes place in the true timeline. Absorb its message. The answer may surprise you. Enjoy the rest of the story as it takes place. I have an idea what to do next, but I'm gonna take a little break first. Thank you for reading.

If you have anything to say, any criticisms or perhaps spelling errors or the such you pointed out- or if you simply wanna drop in and say hello, do not be afraid to comment.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Nice very nice.

What happened to me being your editor Mr. Bird?
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Sir Soulchild wrote:Nice very nice.

What happened to me being your editor Mr. Bird?
Eh? I sent you several PMs asking you about it. You didn't respond. I took it that you didn't want to as soon as I asked why.

As always, thank you for reading by the way.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Ok then. I will read them.
"Small muscles, big brain, the heart of a lion."
—Anthony DiNozzo on Timothy McGee
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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The Chronometal Panic


After Tangent 1:


There is a slight drizzle in the air. A lone girl in the middle of an expansive forest cups her hand in the air, catching the rainwater. She drinks it down and then ends it with a satisfied sigh.

She wears old clothing, ratty and tattered, almost un-wearable, intolerable to wear. Yet wear it she does, she has chosen to wear nothing else for several years.

She has spent such a long time alone, but she has kept herself busy. To her own surprise, this area overgrew in such a small amount of time. She keeps it tilled and pristine, regardless of how the rest of the world looks.

She sits atop the building with a blank expression on her face. The weeds are tilled, the sprouts are moved... she’s not hungry or thirsty. Everything for the day seems more or less done, so she finds herself once again with nothing to do.

“I could use a hobby...” She says to herself. She jumps from the top of the building to start her rounds over again. As she falls the large banner labeled ‘Megaville Elementary School’ passes by her vision. She walks in, but regardless of how thorough she was in her ‘gardening’ she couldn’t help but let a few plants break through the walls.

The desks lay either on their sides or rooted in place, the wooden tops rotten and covered in bugs. She remembers what it looked like when she came in years ago. There were bodies, everywhere... but not in a way that would entail slaughter or cruelty... if anything they looked slumped over their desks asleep.

She single handedly buried everyone in Megaville in a single day, a truly biblical act if she does say so herself.

As she walks down the empty halls, a deer scampers out of one of the rooms and runs down to the entrance. She enters the library and heads through the rotten bookcase to a hollow in the walls.

The stairs echo endlessly as she walks down... and before her eyes the once closed off lab of Dexter’s past is little more than a great atrium! Birds and wildlife fly and crawl around as the entire lab has been broken into by nature, well, almost the entire lab. The section holding her sisters are completely weed free... give or take.

She begins her rounds again before she notices something... both of the pods are open! She darts her eyes across the room to view anyone who might be in here, to no avail.

“Hello?” She asks, her voice echoing down the halls, but quickly drowned out by birds and other wildlife. Something catches her eye and she looks up. Two silhouettes stand over a gaping maw in the roof of the lab. One of them relents their standing posture and sits down, looking down but not seeing Blossom.


“I never had a choice in the matter... I told Him not to revive me, but Dexter did... as if it were a cruel joke to bring me back in a world I failed to defend.” She continues to look down, somber.

“To make matters worse, the only way to escape from this hollow shell of a world would be to die again, but who’s to say I’m even alive...?!” She seethes as she looks at her own arms and body. “THIS ISN’T ME!” – “Calm down... look here.” The other girl says as she points to something on the other girl’s shoulder.

“What the...? A... bunch of buttons?” – “There is a pattern here, it’s very long... but it looks like an Off Switch of sorts.” – “Isn’t that convenient... Dexter put in a damn off switch...” She sighs.

They merely sit and stand around, not really doing much else but soaking up the scenery. “Beautiful... isn’t it?” The green one lets out. The blue one raises her head to look at the forests around them. “How long have we been out? A hundred years? Is Blossom even still alive?”

“Oh I’m still alive!” Blossom says as she fires out of the lab, scaring the two causing them to recoil! She lands on the ground and they all seem to merely gaze at each other. One of them finally breaks the ice soon after.

“So uh... how’s it been?” Buttercup asks. “Boring as hell... these years have been taxing on the mind, but now you guys are here!” – “How long were we out?” Bubbles asks. “Three years, almost on the dot.” They merely exchange small-talk for a while, before Blossom reaches out slowly and rubs Bubbles’ hair.

“Y-Yes?” She lets out, confused. Blossom says nothing as she continues to feel Bubbles, making sure she is really there, making sure she is really alive. She switches to Buttercup soon after, who seems to have no real objections.

Hours pass, they talk, they laugh and they cry... time goes by. Before that is, someone breaks up the little reunion.

A red haze mists over the area and Buttercup’s ears perk up. A being coalesces into focus and everyone looks upon it. Him, of course... who else could stand to wear such gaudy clothing, even in an apocalyptic future?

“So the gang’s all rounded up, huh?” Buttercup merely nods and gulps, conveying uncertainty across her face and body. “What’s wrong, my Buttercup?” – “Wh... why are you here, Him?” He raises an eyebrow and breaks into a small scowl.

“You know why I’m here...” – “Can’t I spend a couple days... weeks with them?” He rolls his eyes and shrugs. “Why not, sure, whatever. It’s not like it’s lonely down here or anything. Everyone who ever was is here! It’s fun! But whatever, come at your leisure, my Buttercup. Enjoy your world... I’ll be waiting.” He says as he fades into red mist once more, with a grin slicing his face.

Buttercup gives a sigh of relief as the other two ask what that was all about. Buttercup shrugs it off and they all drop the issue and begin to talk of other things.

The rest of their days are spent like this. Sunrise, Sunset, with no real goal in mind. They press on. It’s not a bad way for the world to end... but boy it sure is boring!


After Tangent 2:


Several weeks have passed, everyone close to Blossom still come to this grave every day, some to pay a passing respect... others make it much more personal.

Buttercup merely stands outside of the tomb most of her visits. She comes for Blossom, but never seems to make it inside. She is still brown colored, but she hasn’t talked to Him since the day Blossom died... she always has a far away look in her eyes that even perplexes Dexter. She seems to have some demons that need to be conquered...

Life moves on for the rest of the world. The rebuilding from the Panic and the battle with Magnificence will take a long time, but the entire world is united in this endeavor. Having all faced tragedy at the same time, the entire world’s entire political view has shifted to a global nationality almost overnight.

A truly humbling event has transpired, after all. The world and the people within it are fragile and irreplaceable. Bubbles has forced her way into the American Government to ask why they sanctioned such an attack on her family, herself included. Her armless figure is powerful to behold, but even louder than words is the fact that she continues to fight for Humanity, regardless of what has happened to her and her family.

Having paid his respects, Dexter leaves out of the grave and walks down the mountain path... along the way he encounters Barasia sitting on a nearby bench. Before he can let off so much as a ‘hi’ she begins to talk.

“I’ve been thinking, Dexter... now that this whole mess is over, have you thought of getting out of this? Out of being a hero?” Dexter, having pondered this question himself multiple times sits on the bench besides Barasia and sighs.

“Yes, I have. You have too?” She nods and opens the locket around her neck. It is made of gold and holds a picture inside. It is of her and Ruby, smiling and waving to the camera. “Is... is that?” – “It’s Ruby, yes. She is the little girl I met a long time ago right as the first war started. She's the one you helped me adopt, remember?”

Dexter raises an eyebrow and straightens out his back to show his interest. “I... never actually saw her.” – “It's okay... After all all of this was the least I could do for Ruby. The wars have taken so much from all of us; I couldn’t bear her being all alone because of this.” He looks forward, to the horizon of Megaville. Skyscrapers and clouds... scenic.

While he’s looking, he sees someone walking up the trail to the grave. It looks like a young girl. “Here she is herself.” Barasia says. The girl is holding a bunch of flowers in her hand and looks at Dexter and Barasia.

“Hi, Mom... who’s your friend?” – “Ruby, this is Dexter. He was Blossom’s...” She stops and looks over to Dexter, who seems to have a pained expression. Before she can continue, Dexter rises off of the bench. “Nice to meet you, Ruby... but I have to go.” He says firmly as he begins to walk away.

Barasia rises from the bench and instructs Ruby of where to put the flowers. She nods and walks up the path as Barasia chases Dexter down. “Dexter, wait!” She protests before he completely turns around, still with a pained expression on his face.

“I’m Blossom’s what?! Her Boyfriend? Her lover? Her KILLER? These wars took her away from me, you and everyone else! D-Damn it!” He sputters as he diverts his eyes and continues.

“We were talking about starting a family, you know that?” Barasia looks away, shocked and sorrowful. “But we never had the ability to do it... these fucking wars would never end...! Now look... I’m Blossom’s what? I’m Blossom’s nothing... She’s gone...!” He states as he begins to walk away again.

“It doesn’t have to be this way, Dexter...” Barasia says. He moves his head back to view her, but not his entire body as he still fully intends on walking away after this. She continues:

“You can still have a family...” – “With whom?” – “Ruby and I...” – “Are you asking me to-“ – “It’s only logical, Dexter... Ruby needs a father figure. You are the best I can think of.” Dexter completely turns around with a shocked look across his entire body and face.

“I... uh...?” He stammers as Ruby walks down the path. “I’m done, Mom!” – “Okay, Ruby.” She states as she grabs her hand. “Let’s go home...” She looks over to Dexter as she walks away. “Think about it, Dexter.” She states as she passes Dexter, leaving him to himself.

“F... Father...? Barasia...?” He clenches his fist and thinks deeply. “Barasia...”


As sun begins to set, Buttercup stands in the middle of a large clearing in the woods, a place she discovered recently to think. She sits on a stump, thinking long and hard to herself. Out of the blue she says- “Him. Come.”

On queue, he rises from red mist in front of her. He says nothing and neither of them make eye contact.

“She’s dead...” – “I know...” The breeze picks up and pine winds blow, but it doesn’t make Buttercup feel better... not at all.

“The deal’s off...” – “I know...” – “Why didn’t you tell me she was in the line of the blast?” – “She made the choice herself. She wanted Dexter to fire; she wanted you to hold Magnificence in place. She didn’t want to die... but she didn’t want anyone else to get hurt... it was not my place to go against her wishes, Buttercup.” Buttercup stays silent and buries her face into her hands as the breezes dies down.

“I... I see. I guess it’s over between us, huh?” – “It doesn’t have to be... there is... something you can still do for me.” – “Still want my soul? Sorry, but it’s not for sale... not this time.” He raises his head to view her eyes and wears a serious expression, as if asking her for help.

“Buttercup, I... need your help... I NEED it. Everyone needs it.” – “What are you-“ – “I will explain soon enough... not here, not now... but I need you...” He says enigmatically before disappearing into the ground.

“Him? Him! HIM!” She yells over and over, trying to get him to come back. “What the hell was he talking about?!”

Days pass. Weeks pass. The world enjoys its fleeting peace like after every other major catastrophe before this one. But as is always foretold... there is always trouble in paradise. But this time... they have a little bit of breathing room... a couple years to regain their bearings...


After Tangent 3:


Months have passed since the Model Ms of the planet were all wiped out overnight. The chemical Dexter planned on using fell short due to Blossom’s intervention and Mother was defeated due to the selfless sacrifice of Bubbles. However, Bubbles disappeared and Buttercup faded into a strange red glow... Him also refuses to show his face.

All of these events tied together lead Blossom to a startling conclusion that neither of them are really dead. She has spent every waking hour since that event studying the blue scrap left behind by Bubbles and any trace material left behind at the South Pole Crater.

“Blossom, have you been in here all day again?” Dexter asks, entering the lab. He looks around her lab; it is even more developed than before. Higher definition scanning devices and trace mineral detectors. Blossom says nothing, still glued to her work.

“You haven’t left this lab in over three days... it’s time for some air, Blossom.” He says as he puts his hand on her shoulder. “DON’T TOUCH ME! Leave me alone, okay?” – “Blossom... this isn’t healthy... they are both gone.” – “But gone WHERE?! WHY?!” – “Blossom, we were both there that day, we both saw what happened to Buttercup... but we can’t know for certain unless Him tells us!” – “He won’t... he won’t come, he only came for Buttercup all those times...”

Dexter sighs and looks around the room. Not quite as advanced as his own lab, but it is not shabby at all. He puts something down near Blossom’s workstation. “At least eat this, Blossom... keep your strength.” She pauses her work slightly to look over. “Pancakes...?” – “Your favorite.” She hesitates, but eventually goes back to her work.

“I’m not hungry.” Dexter merely walks out of the room without so much as a word. The lab doors shut and Blossom is left to the Pancakes. Her stomach growls and she looks over.

“Can’t work on an empty tank of gas, now can I?” She caves in and begins to eat. As she chews and tastes, it occurs to her this is the first she has actually eaten in days and begins to scarf it down as if her life depended on it!

She remembers the taste... it is just like the professor used to make, well, almost like it. It’s missing the chocolate chips- Her eyes go wide as she bites into the second pancake. “This is... just like the old days... this is his exact recipe!” She eats and eats, then stops herself in thought.

“Old days... Old days... Old days...” She repeats to herself as she puts the plate down. “Demons...” She mutters to herself.


“Did she go for them?” – “Not right away, but I know she will give in, she hasn’t eaten in days.” – “Thank you, Dexter...” – “Hey, I’m just as worried as you are, Professor... she needs to stop this... it’s going to kill her!” They both talk over coffee.

Hours go by and Blossom still hasn’t come out. “I’m worried...” – “Don’t be... she’s hungry, but she still looks healthy... she’s a superhero after all!” – “Haha, yeah... you’re right...” The hours continue to go by and the sun goes down.

Soon, though... the two of them begin to feel warm... “Do you feel that?” – “Yeah... did someone turn the heater on?” – “Hold on, let me check.” Utonium says as he walks over to the thermostat. It says 90 in the front room... but the lab is over 200!

“D-Dexter! The lab, it’s boiling!” He stammers as she scrambles to the door! They both rush in and are blasted by a heat wave! “The hell is this?!” They fight back the intense intolerable heat to the inner lab!

“Blossom? BLOSSOM, WHERE ARE YOU?!” They yell out, trying to find her as they spot red wind circulating through the lab. “What the... Him?” Dexter slips out. The two of them grow dizzy and begin to feel faint. “We... can’t stay in here! It’s too damn hot!” – “I... I agree... Blossom... can take care of... herself...” Utonium responds as they scramble out of the lab back into the main room of the house.

The thermostat reads over 110 and rising! “This is insane...! We have to get out of here!”


“WHERE ARE THEY?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THEM?!” Blossom yells down the red maw, blood dripping from her hands.

“Buttercup is with me, as the pact entails... Bubbles on the other hand... is merely dead, Blossom.” A familiar voice sizzles though the maw. “Did you really do all of this merely to check in on us?” – “WHY IS BUTTERCUP WITH YOU?! TELL ME!” Blossom roars!

“Buttercup is my servant forevermore... it was her idea after all. The world is safe, you are safe... she is mine.” – “What are you talking about...?” – “Farewell Blossom...” – “NO, WAIT! I WON’T LET YOU!” She yells as she jumps into the gaping portal into hell itself!

Ghosts and spirits pass her by as she falls down the endless amalgamation of suffering and torment. She finally reaches the bottom of the screaming abyss to be met with a giant brilliant Crystal. “What the...?” She sputters.

Him appears behind her and spins her around, enraged. “How dare you, little girl! Have you no idea who I am! I AM THE DARK LORD! You dare invade my realm and for what? Your sister?!” – “You’re damn right! Bring me to her, NOW!” – “You arrogant little-“ – “STOP!” A familiar voice is heard behind them.

They both look over to the being who said that. It is none other than Buttercup, holding a small blue crystal in her hand. She jumps down and walks toward Blossom. Buttercup is seemingly different at a glance. She looks as if she is in her demon form... but she is the size of her normal form and her muscles are far less pronounced... as if she were something of a demon of lust.

“Blossom... you shouldn’t have come here... it’s okay, I’m okay! Really! This was all my idea to save you... guys... from the Chronometal wars! I paid my price, so here I am.” – “Buttercup...! Why?!” She pleads. “You of all people should know how much more this war could have taken out of this world! I gave up my eternity to have Him help us as much as possible! Now look! The world is safe- forever! It’s okay, Blossom... now please, go back.” Blossom looks down and clenches her fists.

“Where’s Bubbles...” – “She’s dead, Blossom...” Blossom looks up with tears in her eyes. “So, what... after death, we all just disappear?! This is Hell! Isn’t this where spirits go?!”

Buttercup raises the blue crystal into the air and it floats on its own as it gently wafts toward the even larger crystal. It attaches itself to it and begins to emit a small blue glow before becoming one with the crystal itself.

“That was Bubbles, Blossom.” – “Wh-What?!” She sputters as she turns around to view the crystal mass. It is enormous, larger than she can see completely in any direction. “This thing... is where all life goes...?” – “Now it is.” Buttercup exclaims. “Buttercup... why are you telling her this?” Him asks, not sure what is driving her in this direction.

“Blossom, there is something that Him never told us during the wars.” – “DON’T TELL HER! She must not know!” She diverts her gaze, knowing she isn’t supposed to say anything, yet she feels that she must.

“Blossom!” She yells, grabbing her hand. “You must live! Don’t worry about us! Everything will be alright in the end! Just... just go back and live your life and be happy!” After she says that Blossom begins to float upwards.

“What’s happening?! I don’t want to go, not yet! Buttercup!” She exclaims with futility. “Goodbye, sister... we will meet again, by that time I will tell you everything... go have a nice life...” – “BUTTERCUP!!!”

She is flown out of the red portal and it closes around her. The lab around is in ruins, with molten machinery and singed papers. There is blood on the ground in circles and patterns, Blossom’s own blood she used to grant an audience with the Devil himself.

Her hands burn, open wounds coated in demonic soil. She weakly walks out of the room, never looking back.

She never tells anyone about what she has seen or what she has heard. Days, weeks, months... years pass and the world is finally back to normal. Model M a fleeting memory, but its lesson; Omnipresent. Blossom however, can never force herself to actually enjoy this life she has...

But she pushes on, knowing that’s what her sisters want. Maybe someday she can even fool herself into being happy again.


Once again, only one tangent is the true tangent. Maybe page two of this thread has a giant glaring hint as to which one is the real one. But maybe figuring it out on your own is half the fun.

Note: After this story, I will go back and do the entirety of the First War and maybe the second war as well. That will be the next story I write.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Story Recap 4

The Chronometal Timeline is as follows. This is story 2: The Panic; In the pink. Which takes place after the events in 'The Chronometal Wars', which Included The Prologue, the First War, and the Second War; In the orange. Later into the story, the Barasian war; In the purple is also added into The Panic.

(1-7 year gap)
First War
Second War

The Panic
(5-10 year gap)
The Black War
Ruination War
(1000-5000 year gap)
Barasian War
(10 year gap)
Ancient War
(7 year gap)
Justice War

The Chronometal Panic takes place in 3 Major tangents:

1: Dexter's Tangent.
2: Model M's Tangent.
3: Bubbles' Tangent.

These tangents tie into the main story, but are branching out and do not affect each other. They have very different core elements, however the layout remains the same. Updates will update a full chapter for each Tangent, then cross into the others. There is also a side story that belongs to none of the tangents, and takes place in the Future, this is called:

The Barasian War. Taking place roughly 5000 years into the future and does not affect any of the stories. However it does in fact take place in ONE of their futures. The other two are simply for fun and story wholeness.


The first two chapters belong to all of the Tangents:

Chapter 1: Shared Pain
   The heroes fight in South America against an invasion of a new breed of Model M androids. They learn that the androids are being powered by human hosts, and should either the host or symbiote die, the other does as well. Humanity turns its back on them all as they come under attack! Then, a new Chemical is unveiled... one that can destroy all of humanity!   

Chapter 2: The Unstoppable Force
   Dexter leaves the group to pursue nothing less than the complete annihilation of all Humans, including himself using a Chemical along with unknown practices. Buttercup tears from the group as well and joins him, leaving Blossom and Bubbles in the dirt. Emotions course as a decision is finally made...   

Tangent 1: Dexter's Vision

(Blossom accepts Dexter's philosophy and follows him on his quest to administer the chemical with the intention of destroying all of Humanity, thus saving the rest of the world from Model M.)

Chapter 3: The Ends, the Means... Dexter
   Blossom sides with Dexter, and discovers how he will enact the elimination of man-kind. The Hangar. The lab they were in comes under fire as Dexter realizes there is little time to waste, and they attempt to put their methods into action. The government already knows all of their plans due to planting a tracking device on Blossom's person.   

Chapter 4: The Prospect of Extinction
   Dexter and Blossom leave the destroyed lab and meet up with Barasia and form a very rickety alliance with her as they all leave for Area 52 in an attempt to destroy the Prototype war Machine. They are intercepted by Bubbles, who against all odds provides more than ample resistance for the group and nearly lands a killing blow on Dexter, were it not for Barasia's saving grace. The war machine fires for The Hangar as Blossom, Barasia, Dexter and even the professor access an experimental rocket to quickly board The Hangar. With barely any time left, they prepare for their final Battle.   

Epilogue: Severing the Chains of Fate
   Bubbles and the War Machine attack The Hangar alone! Everyone fights them off, but Buttercup does not go into her Demon form! Bubbles puts up massive resistance and breaks through their defenses. During the massive battle, Barasia is killed. After the Hangar fires the Chemical, Dexter kills Bubbles and drives Buttercup to insanity. The chemical is disbursed, but Buttercup forces Dexter to a battle to the death! Dexter manages to land a blow so keen that it damages even Him and knocks the power out of him! He uses the last of his energy to put Bubbles and Buttercup into robotic stasis for the resurrection of the world. Blossom is left alone within the now healing world.   

   Several years in the future, Blossom finds herself in a boring predicament. She works day after day, but finds herself without anything fun- that is until she notices the Tanks holding Bubbles and Buttercup have opened. They shortly re-unite before being interrupted by Him who drops in momentarily to remind Buttercup of something she refuses to disclose. The world goes on, with the Powerpuff girls watching over it as it heals.   

Tangent 2: Model M's Return
(Blossom rejects the idea of all out extermination of humanity, but she tolerates Dexter's actions to a fault in order to hunt down and destroy Model M by any OTHER means.)

Chapter 3: Darkest Before The Dawn
   Blossom, Bubbles and the Professor re-activate one of his Chronometal Scanners to fully envision all of the South Pole Model M. Blossom and Bubbles head to a nearby military base to convince them to stop demonizing them, with outstanding success; they help them against another Military sting in the future. The Professor notices something odd in the scanner before Blossom Overloads it.   

Chapter 4: Dawning Upon the Truth
   Having barely survived the overload, Blossom wakes in her bed to realize Dexter had saved her life. They all learn of a new Model M behind the Moon, and Dexter as well as Buttercup put their elimination of humanity on hold. They learn of a remaining cannon in the Colorado mountains and begin their travels there after discovering the Lunar Model M has begun moving toward Earth. Barasia claims Ark Beta and Him returns to a strange area in the center of the world to commune with a mysterious metallic being. Barasia learns that she may have to somehow turn herself into a Chronometal.   

Epilogue: Magnificent Dawn
   The Lunar Model M, now known as Magnificence commences his attack on Earth. Everyone begins to work together, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Dexter! Barasia shows up and presents a new, dark Chronometal for Bubbles. They initiate the defense of Earth as Magnificence starts summoning chains to puncture the world and sap it of its energy. As the battle continues, Dexter charges the Chrono-Cannon and at Blossom's command, fires it right into Magnificence's heart where Blossom is melded to him! Bubbles powers the cannon with her own Chronometal and fires an even more powerful blast, utterly annihilating any of the Model M's remaining energy, but in the process... killing Blossom. No-one knew that Blossom was there, but the damage has been done. Barasia shows up after the funeral to meet with Dexter.   

   After paying his respects, Dexter leaves Blossom's tomb once again and heads back to Megaville on foot. On his way down he meets with Barasia and eventually Ruby. They both lament over the loss of Blossom and consider stopping the hero business once and for all. Dexter admits to wanting a family, but with Blossom dead he simply walks away, interrupted by Barasia who asks him to be the father for her adopted Daughter; Ruby. Later, Buttercup talks with Him about the 'deal' they made after the First War. The deal is called off due to Blossom's death, but Him admits to needing Buttercup's help more than ever before. He never discloses why.   

Tangent 3: The Hero...
(Blossom's inner zeal bursts out as she fights to stop Dexter from his quest to kill all humans. Be it through coercion or force, they cannot know for certain. But he MUST be stopped.)

Chapter 3: Dexter's Darkest Hour
   Blossom and Bubbles make it abundantly clear that Dexter's actions cannot be tolerated in any light, and the Professor agrees, and turns himself into the military- but not before leaking the location of Dexter's location to the government. Using files the Professor left behind, Blossom and Bubbles track down the lab, and use it to get to the moon. However, Blossom is too late, and Bubbles goes to the moon alone to fight Buttercup. Blossom crashes in Megaville and reunites not only with Ruby, but Barasia as well!   

Chapter 4: Eyeing the Dark Heavens
   Now reunited with both Barasia and Bubbles, Blossom sets her sights on the military base in an attempt to get Humanity on their side. Using the looming threat of Dexter's plan as leverage, they get what they came for and the Prototype War Machine is launched against the hanger with the 'Neo Powerpuff Girls' in escort. The battle begins as Buttercup retains her powerful Demon form to nearly destroy the War Machine. Blossom and Dexter ready themselves for a battle neither of them wished for, and neither of them can afford to lose.   

Epilogue: Atonement for the Dark
   Blossom fights Dexter in The Hangar over the fate of the world, as do Bubbles, Barasia and Buttercup outside of The Hangar. Both battles rage on and Bubbles musters inner strength to fight back Buttercup in order to save the life of the Pilot of the War Machine. This act reminds Buttercup what it feels like to be a hero and she laments over what she now regrets with Barasia. The Battle within The Hangar breaks out into space as Blossom and Dexter's battle escalates and destroys the cannon. They then use The Hangar itself as a weapon against the Polar Model M and throw it through the atmosphere to strike it directly. The battle against Mother Model M begins as Everyone teams up against her. Throughout the battle, everyone grows tired and fatigued. Blossom nearly dies, but has to discard her Model B and throws it to the ground. Bubbles claims it and is flooded with memories and then also absorbs the Power of Model D as well as Him's power to form a super Chronometal the likes of which the world has never seen! She musters the last of her strength and defeats Mother Model M, as well as every other Model M on the planet at the same time, but at the cost of her own life. Buttercup vanishes with Him, leaving everyone perplexed.   

   Blossom, consumed by the events at the South Pole and the strange disappearance of Bubbles and Buttercup dedicates her life to finding out why what happened, happened. She opens up a portal to hell itself and flies into it to find that Bubbles is merely dead, but Buttercup seems to have made some sort of deal with Him, in which the payment to said deal is her Eternal Servitude. Blossom is Kicked out of Hell, but not before witnessing a giant Crystal formation which is apparently what happens to all beings after they die and are sent to hell, now that the Heavens are Blocked off from humanity. Buttercup hints to Blossom that there is a massive problem with the world that will require a large undertaking, but discloses no details. Blossom lives the rest of her life in sadness, pretending to be happy.   

The Barasian War.
(5000 years in the future, the world is under siege by a familiar, yet at the same time, unknown force. All of those alive heave and quake at the mere mention of the Barasian.)

Chapter 1: The Black Eyes See All
   Androids of familiar descent wake up in an unknown location in western America, they have certain memories implanted but nothing substantial and they all seek answers as to why they exist. They were led to believe that all of Humanity was destroyed, yet some remain in a village that they eventually ransack. Through-out the Battle they come into contact with Blossom, one who is supposedly of divine lineage. Blossom returns to the capital to warn the king of the Androids.   

Chapter 2: The Black Hands Control All
   Three reads up on the history of what is left of humanity, and in doing so learns that Blossom may 'in fact' be of holy or divine descent. The remaining androids quarrel with each other over how to deal with the humans, before it is decided that eradication is the true way. Blossom warns King Leon of the 'demons' and afterwords drowns her sorrows in a bar, only to be ambushed by the androids and forced out into a destroyed hovel. Her lifelong friend Luca is killed, and if it wasn't for the timely arrival of a mysterious metal being, both Blossom and her daughter would have been killed.   

Epilogue: The Black Hearts Spare None
   After being beaten away from Blossom's child, the Barasian flee back to their labyrinth. The strange Metal Being, now known as Briarus tells Blossom about the fate of her, her child and indeed; the entire world. Blossom concedes to Briarus's words and tells King Leon of her daughter's existence. Briarus appears and tells them both that Blossom needs to lead a crusade against the Barasian or risk losing everything to the flames. The entirety of the Barasian force, as well as the entirety of the Royal army meet up in battle, the Royal Army backed by Briarus. During the battle, the Baraisan scan Briarus's attacks and copy them, turning the tide in a cruel way. The every human is killed except Blossom. Everyone, Briarus included is exhausted as Blossom rises up and executes the Barasian survivors in cold Blood, only leaving 3 and 150 alive, due to her being shot in the heart by 3 in one last act of defiance. Everyone, save Briarus, 3 and 150 are dead and the world anew will barely remember the Barasian. Blossom's child will be cared for by the royal family and in only ten years time she will carry the entire world's fate on her shoulders.   

Alternate Endings.
(Endings that have little or nothing to do with any of the three tangents. Stand-alone beginnings and ends that have no chapters, and serve only to tie up loose ends, make the story more whole and shed light on subjects that didn't get their deserved spot-lite.)
(I only did one, I was going to do another but decided against it later on.)

Alternate Ending 1: Humanity, by Humanity, for Humanity.
Takes place in Chapter 2, part 2.
   Before Dexter leaves, Blossom provides a plan that would require them to forgo any involvement in the Chronometal Affair in exchange for safety and stability. All goes well for a few days, until startling news is heard and the world comes under siege like it never has before. Blossom and Him talk about why Him is helping Buttercup, and come to the conclusion that no matter what happens; Buttercup will know only despair in the end. Humanity is forced into the north pole as Blossom shortly re-unites with Barasia, only to go into one final battle against Model M, resulting in the death of all remaining heroes. The world is lost as Buttercup and Him are the only survivors to continue a pointless fight over a soon to be lifeless planet.   
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Bumping with an update!

I have started working on a Game for this story recently, and made a thread for it being created Here. If you have questions about the game or the story, ask them either in a Personal Message or in either of these threads.

Thank you for reading and catching up.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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Another bump with a large update on the game!

The game is now more or less 50% complete, and a Demo is available either in The Game's Thread.

Or directly downloaded from THIS link.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

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While I will continue to work on my game, I will not neglect the story at hand, so I created a little something to hold readers over and/or get you caught up to all the actions RIGHT before the first war, you know... before I actually do the story for it.

Now, none of this is original; everything you see in this next giant super-part is actually from pages one and two, however, it's lined up perfectly now. Originally, they were all separated about 3 chapters apart, so now they are back to back to be read and absorbed quickly. Also made a lot of grammar and spelling corrections, so this is actually of much better quality than it was before.

Enjoy! New parts coming soon! Yellow Text represents the beginning of the next chapter and the end of the previous chapter. After all; the stories were plucked from creation and put into here, so treat them like bookmarks. Green and Red represent in what order they go in. (Green/Early to Red/Late) From top to down, really- but it doesn't hurt to have it there.


The Chronometal Wars
Total Recap


Sub-Chapter 1: Before the War

The date is June 20th, 2002... soon, the first Chronometal war will scar the world. But until then: a lone scientist is in a strange lab several layers of earth beneath Megaville.

"Everything is here... but...!" He slams his hand against a desk. "The catalyst is... nearly impossible to find! I tried boosting the combination process itself, but without a strong enough soul it just won’t WORK!" He hits the desk again! He leans against the desk with his elbow and places his fingers to his eyes, deep in distraught thought...

" *Sigh...* I didn't come this far just to fail, there has to be SOMETHING... SOMEWHERE. A soul strong enough to both withstand the binding process and then provide enough feedback power to not only support itself in the chamber, but create abundant energy for things like... movement and speech. But how?!" He looks at scattered notes strewn across the table in front of him.

"If my notes are correct- in which I have full confidence; The stronger the emotions of the dead human, especially that of hate and love- the stronger the energy... but other emotions like jealousy and pride... they too are more than acceptable." He keeps going through the papers, sure he has done this exact thing way too many times...

"The problem is knowing who expressed ALL of these emotions right before their death! Perhaps... a death caused by a... battle fueled, by a loved one? That has anger, jealousy and love... but no pride! After all, the person needed to die, first. Why be proud in death?" He darts his eyes around the room and gives off an innocent smile... "Maybe a... Spartan?" He chuckles slightly at his own joke and looks around the room- he is alone...


"C'mon, Mike! You can do this, I can do this- just... think about it more, look around, there HAS to be something I'm missing..." He scratches his head... then he scratches more... then his teeth grit and he nearly rips his scalp off! In his furious fit he scatters papers around- "Oh! Damn!" He leans over to pick them up, but then he stops...

The papers are all aligned in certain phrases side by side...

-Relative killed, causes sadness and anger. Especially a brother or sister and-
-Lover is killed, causes sadness and anger- possible jealousy if the lover was-
-Also; with unfairness. Unfairness, usually in death means unfair advantage with-
-Being killed by their own hands, an accident perhaps? Self loathing and Sadness.-
-Causing depression, but not just depression- Anger, the lust for revenge! And in-
-Their own hands they wrought their own death. But it was a just death. Or he thought-
-So at least; I've established that teenagers, with their new found emotions are the best catalyst.-

"Wait... that... situation..." He thinks to himself deeply about the circumstances of his hypothetical situation...

"The catalyst killed someone's... brother or sister- possibly a rival's... but It was also his, Lover? And it was an... accident... Causing depression? Then anger... forced him into battle... with the rival? And it... Killed him, but right before his death- he felt proud of himself..." His eyes widen! "Y-YES! That has it all! Hate, Love, Anger, Sadness, Self loathing, Jealousy, Envy!"

He puts his finger to his lip and goes into deep thought... He gets off the chair and runs to the next room and accesses his large Computer. "The only people I might think be able to pull of this kind of messed up charade is a late adolescent, Maybe fifteen or sixteen years old... maybe male and completely dominated by his emotions; time to check the obituaries... AGAIIIIIIIN..." In the past year only 3 males of that age group have died in Megaville city... the names are as follows.

-Victor Clausewitz-
-John Peach-
-Susan Astronomonov-

"Susan? I'm sure I checked it into 'Male Only,' Let me just fix that..." He double checks the configuration and runs the scan again and he shows up yet again. "Hmm, interesting..." He clicks the name and it shows the face of a young man, Black hair, Glasses and an obviously devilish back-round, just from looking into his eyes...

"That name... Astronomonov... it sounds so familiar... but- no time to dawdle!" He says to himself, moving to the next step.

"A name like Susan might also cause shame... Yet another negative emotion..." He prints out a picture of the young man and the residence of his living parents. "Time to check in to see if this is worth another $50,000 of materials..." He walks out of the lab, carrying with him only a small waist-bag.

(Several Hours of travel Later...)

He is a safe distance away from the house of the young man; Susan. Simply by looking at the house and it's presentation, it is clear the parents have a strong tie to nature... not just a love for animals- as a lot of people interpret, but their entire front yard is the perfect habitat for certain squirrels and hummingbirds. They didn't even skimp out with imitation bird feeders shaped like flowers, it is truly plants filled with nectar that they nursed themselves... "Cute."

A short girl, probably no older than thirteen with pigtails the color black catches his eye. "Same hair color, young age... standing by." She walks by the house and he cancels his mental note, but then she walks into the yard and starts tending to one of the flowers. After a few moments she rises from the grass and nears the door. "Bingo..." He runs across the street and yells; "Hey little girl! Wait up!" --- "Huh...?"

His only fear of the meeting would be she would run away, but she does not. "Who are you, Guy?" --- "I've come to ask a few questions about your... umm... Brother..." She looks away from his words, clearly hurt. "I-I didn't mean to-" --- "It's fine... It's just, you are probably one of the only people who asked about him..." --- "Oh, I see." --- "What questions..."

The scientist of blue hair speaks up- "This may seem oddly direct, but how exactly did he die?" She looks up at his eyes, not with teary eyes like that of someone reliving a horrible tragedy, but of suspicion... "Why...? Who are you?" --- "My name is Micheal and I study... the afterlife- cutting my profession short with your well-being in mind." --- "Afterlife? Like... paranormal? Ghosts and stuff?" --- "Not exactly, mine is much more science based..." --- "And you need to know about my brother and more specifically, his death; why?"

The blue haired scientist looks around, making sure no-one is in sight- or earshot. "I think I..." He looks around once more... "I may be able to bring him back-" The girl clenches her fists, seemingly in anger and turns away from the man. "Go away... I have nothing to say to heartless assholes like you who would mess with people's emotions..." He grabs her arm and turns her around, as she is all around he grabs her right hand with both of his hands.

"I promise you, this is no ruse little girl, I am truly onto something ground-breaking... world-changing! And I need to know everything about your brother and his death!" She tugs her hand away from his grasp, but tolerates his presence more... "How." --- "Come again?" --- "How will you bring him back?" --- "The power of the best science the world has yet to see!" The girl looks away, seemingly wounded by the words. "Science huh...? ... One condition..." --- "Okay, what?"

She looks over to his blue eyes; he is still knelled down and at eye-level with her. "If it has to do with my brother, I see everything." The man gulps and looks in her eye... he has dealt with children before in his long quest for the perfect soul, but none were nearly this... inquisitive... or persuasive. "V...Very well..." He rises from the ground. "But I have my own condition." --- "Oh yeah? What?" --- "You tell me exactly how he died, where he died, who killed him; if he was murdered and why."

"It's a deal."

(Several hours of travel and talking later.)

"So, he went by the name, Mandark? Because he met some geeky kid who insulted his name one day? And he never dropped it? Seems pathetic, yet at the same time it seems perfect..." --- "That's my brother for you..." She says holding a coffee mug to her lips, unknown weather or not there is anything in it, but as she sets it down- it certainly sounds like she is drinking something... black. Coffee perhaps?

"So you still never told me exactly what you are going to do with this information- let alone how you are going to help me get my brother back..." --- "All in due time, but there's no time like the present- so let's get started!" She raises an eyebrow, as if she was expecting it to be a bit more... subtle...

They walk into the other room and everything seems prepared, some odd antennae are sticking out every which-way and there is some strange material on a nearby shelf. "What's that?" --- "Nano-steel, incredibly dense without adding too much weight- but more important than that... It is incredibly flexible." --- "What's that got to do with anything? Are you making a robot?" --- "Not exactly..."

He flicks several switches and then the unexpected happens. "You're up." --- "... ... ... Huh?" The scientist looks at her. "Usually when I get information on a soul I have the relative give me something treasured to them that reminds them of the dead, in your case... you are that treasured item." --- "O-Okay, what do I have to do?" --- "Simply walk onto that disk you see on the floor and picture Susan in your mind." She timidly walks toward the pad, once she is on it she turns around to face the blue scientist.

She closes her eyes and goes into deep thought, her body language gradually shifts from a neutral stance; arms at both sides... to a more emotional state, her hands grabbing each other at the chest... "Yes, it's working, don't stop..." Heavy electric noises go on in the back-round, the scientist thinks it may impair her thinking, but in fact- the machine is actually powering up; is the noise of loud electric equipment nostalgic to her? Does it help her remember Susan?

A glowing figure appears in the chamber next to the girl- "Yes, YES! I've only ever gotten this far once! But it failed a couple seconds forward! This could be it!" A deep rumbling goes on, the place is shaking- he is sure that this will ruin her concentration, but to the contrary it is yet going up! 'Did... did he die in a way that makes a deep rumbling noise? Is that what she is remembering...?' He thinks to himself.

He looks at the machine, the figure is almost human looking, he looks upon it as if he is seeing the face of the almighty... But then the readings go down, they spike very fast! "N-NO, NOT NOW! DAMMIT! I'M NOT GOING TO GET ANOTHER SHOT AT THIS!" He frantically presses whatever buttons he finds, but before he can even do that he hears a foreign noise behind him.

"Move aside." He looks over and in shock, it is a young girl, dressed in black, carrying a pair of broken glasses. He obliges, knowing it is hopeless to continue trying to salvage the situation... He slumps out of the room, knowing what is going to happen... inevitable failure...

The Black girl nears the girl in pigtails, she grabs her hands and loosens her grip and puts the glasses in... "S...Susan..." She lets out quietly. The room eventually stabilizes, but the noise of nothing all but causes the scientist to fall and weep and the Black girl come walking out. She nears him and lets out stiffly; "Your task is complete. Claim the soul." He looks up to meet her words, seemingly breathless. He runs to the room!

The girl is sitting on the pad, holding a pair of glasses in her hands and the machine has a fully functioning Catalyst. "Th-There's no way..." He runs to his desk and punches in a few commands and the soul leaves the chamber and into a different chamber. "Th-This is it!" The small girl looks up at him, she quietly get up and walks to see what he is talking about...

She views the small metal device with sadness... "W...What is it...?" --- "Susan."

The strange girl who appeared from nowhere looks to them with no emotion in her eyes. She nears him and extends four small balls in her hand. One orange, one purple, one green and one blue. He looks over and takes them and asks a single question. "Who are you?" --- "I am the Black Mother, the birth giver to all Chronometals." --- "Ch-Chronometals?" --- "What you see before you on the desk, the fruit of your research will bring upon the world an ultimate power."

His eyes widen as she continues to speak. "Those four balls are catalysts... souls, that you can also use to form something that syncs to that Chronometal... They are called Biosymbiotes; and they are the key to Ultimate Power, although, they themselves are very weak in power." The scientists eyes squint as she continues... "Use them as you see fit, the rest is up to you." --- "W-Wait! Why are you doing this?"

"It is in my knowledge that what your research carries with it is exactly what I've wanted all my life. You can fill in the blanks of my reason yourself as you see necessary." She walks away, as cryptic as ever. The man views the balls he was given and the metal object before him...

"This is it, everything I worked for is finally possible... Now, it is time for action!"

The Girl with the Pigtails eyes her new-found cohort; it seems they are bound for life... "I've never asked for your name yet, what is it, little girl?" --- "Just call me Astro, I don't care for my name... or any nickname I've earned in the past.”

-Several Years Later-
(After my Game involving The Three)

Chronometal Wars Chapter 3
Turning Point in Fate

The sound of machinery clicks, whirs and beeps in the back-round... Not a soul in sight, though this area is suited to such a defiant existence... Primitive robots tend to the essential upkeep of the machinery here, though it is in perfect repair. The air in this place is kept a steady 71*, the ideal setting for Dexter.

The sound of a wrench tightening a bolt into place is as common as the quiet, it seems he is always working on something new- in or out of the lab. However, a noise is heard off to the distance... one he hasn't heard in a long time. A long, loud and invasive siren has been echoing down the labyrinth, drowned out only by the sound of fevered footsteps at a fast pace.

"Computer, status report!" Dexter yells as he runs down the endless halls. "Accessing... Dexter, a large energy surge is occurring right outside the town of Megaville. It is steadily growing in power, radius and heat and will; considering it does not stop growing; consume, burn and obliterate all of Megaville." Dexter continues down the hall, almost at his favorite chair!

He jumps as he lands in the computer chair, spinning in it once and moving himself to the keyboard. The sound of keys being hit are also common, though not usually at this speed. "Hmm, so it's right there eh? Better call Blossom... Computer, send a priority one emergency message to the Powerpuff Girls,and continue scans on the anomaly and notify me of any changes!"

He then catches himself in mid thought: "Computer, where did this energy source come from? What is it?" --- "Dexter, it seems to of come from the base of the northern Megaville mountains. A large amount of electrical interference can be felt from there, which opens the possibility of electronic devices present. As for what it is: that is unknown as of now."

As he continues his work on his report of the energy source, another- more pressing alarm goes off! "Dexter, many mechanical beings are less than a mile from the lab and closing at a 15 Mph speed." --- " What? How many?" --- "Scanning... ... 851 and two larger mechanical tank-like devices." --- "Where did they come from? Who's robots are they?!" --- "Unknown."

"Computer, did you send the message to Blossom?" --- "Affirmative." Dexter wastes no time; he enters a command into the computer panel that will cause 99% of the lab to become virtually impregnable. But right before he can put in the final code, an explosion goes off near the Lab wall! As he puts in the code, the lab goes into a constricted and highly defended state, except the area where the explosion went off is malfunctioning and will not lock down!

"Computer get repair bots over to the hole and repair it as fast as possible, priority one!" --- "Understood." The air is buzzing with energy and stress, alarms are going off and the lab itself is flashing red and white! Robots divert their constant duties to the hole in the wall and work at an electric pace, clearing the immediate area of rubble and debris...

They are coming...

"Time minus one minute to mechanical confrontation." Dexter is scanning the area and making calculations... "Robots times immediate repairing material divided by one minute... plus robots to make it here by that time..." He does calculation body language, but it doesn't add up. "Ergh... dangit it won’t work! There's not enough time!"

"Time minus 20 seconds to mechanical confrontation, exercise caution Dexter." Dexter climbs a ladder to his armory; he's not losing his lab without a fight. "Computer, initiate robot defense mode omega strategy, blockade that hole!" --- "Yes, Dexter." The first robot makes it in and Dexter's robots use whatever tools available, be it a repairing torch or a stray stone to attack it.

As he digs through his only weapon cache, he can hear the battle just yards away, it starts off tame, but as more robots make it in the sounds are nearly cacophonous. Armed now with his laser blade, plasma rifle and energy shielding, he runs to the catwalk overlooking the gaping wound in his lab!

He flicks a switch on his vest and a blue haze envelops him as he arms his plasma rifle and fires with pinpoint accuracy at the increasingly numerous robots! The lab's own tenders are being torn to shreds by large beetle-like robots with almost impossible blade sharpness! They are making it in almost as fast as they can walk!

"Computer, where are the Powerpuff Girls?!" --- "Scans are not picking them up within a one mile radius." That comment sends a shiver down Dexter's spine, he won't be able to hold his lab- or his life out very long, if they aren't on their way he might not make it, or worse... he will have to flee his one and only working lab.

One after another, the robots fall and one after another, the robots advance, ignoring Dexter due to his high-ground advantage. They are ignoring his machinery, give or take a scan and they continue into the womb of his life's work. "Die you abominations of science!" He continues his assault on the machines, but the entire floor is blanketed in a writhing dark-chrome color that is the robot invasion!

His rifle is now out of ammo and he is left with both going back and restocking, or jumping down and beam-sabering them! Dexter's inner rage forces him down the ladder and onto one of the robots, he takes out his beam-blade and stabs it into the core of the machine, ending it instantly. Though he is now on par with the robots, they continue to completely ignore him.

He is destroying them at a much slower pace than he normally would, but now it seems the robots have all made it in... "Computer, Powerpuff girls, NOW!" --- "They are within 4000 feet of this lab and closing." --- "Thank Einstein..." Dexter follows the robot beetles into his own lair, but stops as a grizzly noise is heard only a few yards away.

The sound of a large vehicle is approaching, fast and Dexter remembers that the computer scanned two large tank-like mechanical objects approaching. Dexter is at his wit's end, over 500 robots are still functional and running rampant through his lab and titans approach to do god-knows-what. The large tank is now creeping into the hole, though it is immediately apparent that it is too large.

It continues in as if the wall never existed- breaking it to dust as it moves. Dexter merely stands there in the shadow of the great construct, Sword in hand- with no hope of rescue. But just as all hope leaves Dexter's form, a sonic boom can be heard just outside the lab and just after that the tank stops moving in its tracks, only a few feet from Dexter.

A red haze fires through one of the cracks in the wall. "Dexter, are you okay?!" Dexter looks up and meets the only consolation to his doomed situation, the leader of the Powerpuff Girls: Blossom! "F... fine and you?" She fires down and picks up Dexter in her protective arms. "Just swell, let me get you out of here!"

As she leaves through the crack she came in, they catch a sight of Buttercup, the green Powerpuff Girl holding the tank in place as Bubbles, the blue Powerpuff Girl, standing in place with a large Blue aura around her. "Don't worry, they will take care of it, lets get you to the professor to cure your paralysis." She smiles wryly as Dexter merely nods...

*Several hours pass...*

The Powerpuff's humble abode on the outskirts of Megaville is jumping with energy now that the two other girls make it back home and Dexter scrambles for every grim detail of his lab. The green one speaks up. "Well it wasn't too much trouble to break the things, but what was all of that anyway? That wasn't the reason we came." Dexter's face shows confusion for a short moment and he snaps back into reality.

"Oh that's right! The energy reading!" Dexter lets out now that he remembered the very reason he called the Girls. The blue girl says playfully: "Well we would of checked it out if there weren't two big tanky things crushing the neighborhood, so we went to your lab to see if it was you... unlikely but still possible right?"

Dexter called the girls to investigate the anomaly roughly ten seconds from the proximity alarm, if he called them any later he would of been... well- crushed. "Well I'm glad you guys came when you did, I'm gonna head back to the Lab and check the damage." --- "By yourself? Are you sure?" Bubbles let out worried. "Thanks but you guys did enough, I can take it from here... Hmm..." Dexter looks around the room before he leaves the house.

"Where's Blossom?" He asks. Footsteps can be heard going down the stairs. "She said she was going to take a shower real quick." It's the professor, he walks to the door and escorts Dexter out. "Thank you for the pick-me-ups Mr. Utonium, see ya." Dexter then walks off into the distance toward his possibly non-existent Lab.

The hour is Nine, the rest is not important; It's dark is the point. Dexter walks down the sidewalk, eyes to the ground, deep in thought having traveled this way many times before he needs not look to make it to his lab, but he hits a road block not even half way. He looks up to see the commotion, the towns-folk are yelling, talking, screaming and just plain making noise just up ahead. No doubt from the panic of tonight's events.

The town police: which Dexter has a deep brotherhood with, block the people from passing this point. Dexter makes it to the front of the line, without exchanging so much as a sight lock the yellow tape is risen and Dexter passes. "So it wasn't just my lab eh?" Dexter says before leaving the police line.

"Nah, the entire block this'way down's been c'pletely flattened Dex." The moonlight reflects off the bits of metal strewn across the streets and wreckage of the houses... Dexter continues down, sure his Lab has met the same fate. His mind-etched route, now changed causes Dexter to become a little more careful and slow with his steps, his lab is more than a good five miles away.

His mind wanders into corners he would rather not venture again...


A long time ago Dexter met in combat with his arch-rival; Mandark. This battle- fueled over the death of Dexter's sister and Mandark's love; Deedee, caused a lot of death and destruction on both sides, but Dexter had a net-win... being the only one of the battle to come out alive. Just after Deedee's death, Dexter was traumatized and created an android that looked just like her... it was made of donated human organs and a Nanosteel frame: virtually indestructible...

It was the epitome of everything Dexter never wanted as a scientist... it was an abomination and he knows that his sister would despise the device, yet he created it... and kept it: forevermore. Why? Not even he knows...


His house, just a few yards away catches Dexter's eye, most of it is untouched... partly because this was once his lab, but is no longer. He created a second lab after... Deedee's passing... in secret inside his school in Megaville and used his old, destroyed lab as a shortcut to the new lab- should the need arise. This was not the main target of the machines; therefore the house... and his family within were left unharmed.

He enters the house, greets his worry-struck parents and heads to his room. Moving a book, the entire bookcase moves to show a ruin... his old lab, his foul... horrible... guilt-struck and deathly feeling carcass of an old lab... He does not intend to stay here longer than he needs, so he runs to the Ver-tram and fires into his new lab quickly...

The long ride gives him time to think... but all these things, his lab being destroyed and him being in his old destroyed lab... him almost dying... nearly brings Dexter to tears. All the memories he has tried so hard and long to keep from resurfacing and ruining his NEW life are coming back all at once and it brings Dexter to his knees and he takes off his Glasses...

Dexter sighs as he fights back the tears, his head angled straight up in an attempt to stop them from inadvertently rolling down his cheeks. He closes his eyes, the sliding pressure forces them out and he cant stop it, he falls to the floor and cries...

and cries...

For minutes... he cries and he can find no release, this isn't the only- first- or last time he wishes or will wish that he was dead... all of this pain and suffering and death because of him... because of his past. The things he has done, the people he has harmed-

"Damn it all Dexter, forget this... please!" He says to himself over and over again, but he cant seem to break the cycle... He punches the floor of the Ver-tram as it makes its next and final turn to his new lab. Lights flash up above through the glass ceiling of this mobile room. He gets up from the floor and leans on a corner.

Dexter sighs and sniffs, he can't handle this anymore... but when he seems to just about snap she comes to the rescue again... "Dexter? Is that you or a recording?" Dexter's eyes light up, he looks around and sees a camera in the corner of the moving tram. He rubs his eyes frantically in an attempt to cover his sorrow.

"Y...yeah, its me, Blossom... not a recording..." --- "Oh... good... I came to your lab after I heard you left, I can see you from this screen, where are you?" Dexter sighs. "Coming to you Blossom..." Blossom nods to herself. "Okay, I'll be waiting for you..."

As she leans on his giant computer, the chair right in front of her shoots sideways as the floor itself opens up and a large cylindrical- glass object raises from the floor. A door slides open to show Dexter, he lunges out and hugs Blossom. "E-EH?! A...are you okay Dexter?" He says nothing, he clings to his entire world and doesn't let go. Blossom stays still for a minute and then hugs back...

If she hadn't come at that moment...

Dexter lets go of Blossom after a short while. "Thank you for everything Blossom, I needed to hear your voice to put things back into perspective..." He looks up at the ceiling of his Lab. "I just need to keep going for Deedee's sake-" He looks at Blossom. "And for my sake, I need you." Blossom nods. "Want to take a look around now?"

Dexter snaps out of his negative/positive spiral of emotions and stands up straight. "Yeah, lets see the damage..." They walk down the lab's halls... 2-A, 2-B, 2-C... They reach the index and the same destruction is apparent in every room, the robots were looking for something. As they come to a fork in the lab they decide to split up, Dexter heading down the continued index, Blossom into the heart.

Dexter utilizes voice activated wall conduits to keep in continuous contact with Blossom. "Find anything that they might of taken yet?" --- "No, I'll keep looking." They both continue their boring jobs. Dexter passes into the final index after some time, all the rooms have been ransacked and over half the inner lab has been combed. "I didn't find anything on my half of the lab; I'll head to the mouth and see what’s up, Dex." Dexter looks back, it’s gonna be a long walk...

As if Dexter needed more time alone, he continues by himself, down the shattered remains of his labyrinth. "Computer, status report." --- "Over 30% of the lab has been misplaced, moved, destroyed or in any way affected by the foreign robots." 30% is a very large amount, almost six square miles of machinery as well as spanning several floors; it will take Dexter months of 'uninterrupted' work to repair it.

Dexter passes the time walking down his now apparently too big Laboratory by making calculations. Thirty Percent of 33,450 square feet, most of which are delicate machinery or holding cells for past inventions... Helper bots destroyed, total repair rate reduced by 98.5%. Total time estimate to total repair: 6 months, assuming he spends 6 hours a day repairing. He sighs.

His mental train of thought crashes into a mental 'wall' with a worried Blossom blasting her voice through the intercom. "Dexter! Come to the front of your lab now! Something IS missing!" Dexter thinks about what could possibly be at the fro-

His eyes widen and Dexter runs off as fast as he ever has down to the entrance of the lab!

As Dexter runs down his lab, he keeps thinking to himself about his most guilt-stricken invention ever devised, the one placed at the maw of his lab. He makes a sharp turn causing the rubber in his boot to smoke as a squeaking sound echoes down the halls, before the echoes of running are once again heard.

He pants wildly, as if things couldn't get any worse, he slips several times and corrects himself before he falls, but he loses his balance and he then lands on pieces of metal left from the Robots. "Ahhg...!" The very sound of that causes a sonic boom to echo throughout his lab. As he rises to his knees and holds his arm in pain, Blossom shows up and airlifts him to his medial lab.

A few agonizing moments later, medic-bots are tending to his arm, riddled with metal shards and toxic waste. "Th...Thanks Blossom- Oww..." Blossom stares at him a moment, deep in thought. Dexter stares back, considering that she is probably finding the words to use regarding the missing machinery in the front of his lab.

She opens her mouth, but quickly closes it and goes back to thought. Some moments pass before Dexter breaks the silence- "Is she gone...?" Blossoms eyes weaken, now she is trying to find other words. "Yes Dexter, she is gone." Dexter lets out a deep, wrenching sigh. He closes his eyes and lays his head back against the surgery-bay's pillow.

Blossom turns her back and sits on the stool next to the bed. Dexter looks over, seeing only her red hair and deeper red bow. "Blossom...?" She turns her head around curiously. "Do you think that something really bad is going to happen?" Blossom ponders the question a bit, but then he speaks again. "Mandark is gone, but for some reason, I found his beetle bots in my lab earlier..."

Blossom quickly responds. "Do you think that someone is using his lab?" Dexter inches off of his back to lean on the pillow, causing a medic-bot to made all sorts of noise. Without breaking his sight on Blossom he pushes a button on the droid to cause it to go silent again as he continues. "Its very possible, but I'm not sure who, or why anyone would want to take them over and send an assault on my lab and take out some of Outer Megaville too."

Blossom goes over a list of villains she has seen over the years, the most reasonable choice would be Mojo-Jojo, but he has never shown his face since she moved to Megaville. "I think I know someone who might of done it, perhaps someone followed me from Townsville." He jumps off the bed and reaches for a syringe and some medicine.

"What are you doing Dexter?" Blossom asks as she rises from the stool. "Packing a shot of stim and going to Mandark's old lab." --- "But you aren't better yet!" --- "No, not completely- but all of the shards are out of my arm and the bandage is set. It's gonna get better on its own, but I'm packing stim just in case." Blossom scoffs and rushes to his side. "Dexter, what if someone IS at Mandark's lab, don't you think going there alone is... very VERY stupid?!"

"Well I'm not going to argue that its not a thing a man of science would do, but I'm not going alone." He looks her in the eye. "I'm gonna call on an old friend." He walks out of the pale-white operating room as the Medic-bots go into standby; Blossom in close pursuit.

He reaches the heart of the Lab where he sits on his computer chair and boots it up. "Man, I hope this thing still works..." The computer loads up successfully and Dexter blushes slightly. He thinks to himself- "Oh, man... I forgot my desktop is a big picture of Blossom in her two-piece!" Without ever making eye contact he keeps perfectly natural as he accesses the internet.

"Was that me at the beach with you and Olga?" Blossom giggles slightly at Dexter's awkward body language as he fidgets in his chair. He coughs, as he accesses his account. As he imprints his password, Blossom looks at the keyboard in pure curiosity to catch the password through sight memorization, just for fun.

But to her amazement his fingers moves extremely fast: even for her and before she knows it there's a 47 digit password punched in. Among his... rather small friend's list- is one who is still online. Dexter clicks it to enter into chat.

(Wizkid says: Hey coop, you still on?)

After a short delay...

(Lordofthelargepants says: yeah big man, whas on yer mind?)
(Wizkid says: I'm going to need Megas again.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: whaaaat? wy?)
(Wizkid says: I need to check out Mandark's Lab.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: yo mean that geek wit the giant bee robo?)
(Wizkid says: Yes, but not the same place Coop.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: i dont meen to be unsensitiv ,but isnt he ded?)
(Wizkid says: Yes, well, maybe. I'm not sure; I just know I was attacked today by his robots.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: forreel? well i supose i can help you again.)
(Wizkid says: Thanks Coop, you are a lifesaver.)
(Lordofthelargepants says: you no it!)
(Wizkid says: In case you forgot my address, here I am- the sooner the better coop, I may be a dead man tomorrow.)

He punches in a file and sends it to his friend and he exits out of the program, causing another short slip of Blossoms beach image to fly across the screen before he forces the computer off. "Well that's that, He will be here in a couple hours, by then it will almost be daytime... you should head home." --- "I'm a superhero too Dexter, I'll come with you!" Almost as if he was hoping for those words, his face lights up a bit. "Thanks Blossom..."

He turns away and heads into a part of the lab. Blossom asks curiously- "What are you doing?" --- "Getting supplies" But as soon as he starts walking, his intercom lets out a loud static! When it breaks a voice can be heard coming from it- "Attention Megaville! Attention Megaville! This is not a drill; there are Unknown Flying Objects and mechanical things of unknown origin running wild in the Suburbs! Be sure to get to a safe location and/or seek the police and await further instructions!"

The intercom loops after that endlessly as Dexter and Blossom locks eyes and a seemingly constant low-pitch rumbling is heard, as if it was an elephant stampede. Something really bad is going to happen...

-Shortly After-

Chronometal Wars Chapter 6
The First War

The two of them scurry around for supplies before one of them lets out:

"We're going, Blossom!" --- "Of course, I'll be waiting for you, I'll see if I can save whoever is in danger... or see what it is the danger actually is..." Blossom and Dexter eye each other. "It's just another day, Blossom- we will be fine..." She nods sheepishly and flies off at high speed. Dexter thinks to himself: "Alright, Coop will be here soon- come to think of it, my timing was really great on that note."


High above the buildings, Blossom can see a few small machine-like things floating and moving over the city, she flies down to get a better look- and to her dismay, they are chasing down towns-folk from Megaville. She rushes at the machines and takes one in each hand- then smashes them together. "Dust to dust... you guys alright?" --- "Y-yes, thank you Blossom!" --- "Head to Megaville elementary, you will be safe there!" And with that: she flies off toward central Megaville, the sun breaking through the night sky, it is almost day-time. It has been one hell of a night...


"Okay, all set!" Dexter straps in his beam-saber and loads his electro-pistol. He walks out of the lab and he notices several frightened people flooding into the school. He thinks deeply about what is best for the endangered populous... "Look's like privacy is no longer an issue..." Dexter says to himself. He rushes down the halls to meet the people. "B-Blossom said we would b-be safe here?" --- "Yeah, follow me over here; there's... uh... a bunker set here!" --- "In... a school?" --- "Don't ask questions- just come!"


"What's happening?" --- "Oh, Blossom! Great timing- we don't know what these things are, or where they came from, but they've already totaled several police vehicles and wounded nearly a hundred people!" --- "So just smash 'em?" --- "That's been the plan for now- and getting the civilians to safety!" Blossom flies off, toward the core of the city- which is now blocked off at certain points.


"Fancy bunker..." A seemingly dim blonde civilian says as Dexter leads them into his 'formerly' secret lab. "Yeah, well with all the superheroes and super-villains nowadays not even schools can be 'TOO' cautious." --- "Well I guess that's true..." Dexter chuckles slightly- not knowing why he is insisting on keeping his lab a secret... "I'll lead you into the deepest part- where no-one can get to you unless they know exactly what this place is; and where to go!"


Blossom strikes several flying machines into each other- causing small scale explosions and removing their threat- but she looks down in horror at the sight she sees. Massive machines- shaped like worms drilling through the road and earth as if it were swimming in water. She flies down and rams into a worm head-on, but it doesn't to much more than move the worm a few inches away from where it once was. She decides to ignore the worm and focus on finding more civilians.


"Alright, here we are- now do any of you know any details on what is happening?" --- "There's machines everywhere and not just small ones- BIG worm-like things practically- EATING our houses!" --- "W-What?!" Dexter looks around at the other civilians who are nodding- they have all seen the worm robots. "D-Damn, I need to get out there! Stay here, you are safe here! If something does somehow get in, use that room over there- it leads to my ver-tram which fires at high speed to the outskirts of town." --- "Bless you Dexter..." Dexter smiles slightly at the gesture.


"It's about time you guys got here!" --- "Sorry, we were kind of busy ourselves Blossom!" Buttercup exclaims. "C'mon, we got work to do!" Blossom flies off toward the densely packed part of Megaville with a green and blue trail following her usual red. The three power-puffs destroy any small machine they come by before they reach the main apartment building. Machines are absolutely swarming around the building- which is also on fire. "Bubbles, go in the building and get whatever children you can find first, Buttercup; Destroy the surrounding robots- I'll use my breath to extinguish the flames!"


Dexter finally manages to leave the building, with more and more people shuffling in, he directs them to the lab- which he has marked with ground drawings and cones- which lead all the way into the safe room where the other civilians are. He fiddles with his wrist-watch a bit. "Computer, initiate semi-full lockdown, left, right and back sides. Initiate anti-enemy algorithms two and four- protect all human life-forms at all costs." --- "Of course Dexter." He runs off, stopped by the sound of roads being smashed, he looks toward in in horror, but it is then lifted with a face of pure joy!"


"Building is extinguished- I'm going in to help whatever stragglers Bubbles left behind- cover me Buttercup!" --- "You got it!" Blossom flies in to the frosty and unstable building, all the while Bubbles is rushing out of it with a seemingly inhuman amount of children on her back and in her arms. "D-Don't worry about me, I'm f-fine!" She breaks into a lying smile as she struggles to stay airborne. "Geese Bubbles..." Buttercup lets out under her breath, she kicks a metal machine into another and looks around. "All gone, let me help you, Bubbles!"


"How have you been, man?" --- "Great, man- you?" --- "Can't complain, but the city is under attack." --- "Wait, didn't you want me to take you to... uh... what's-his-name's lab?" --- "I did, but then Megaville went under attack, come to think of it- me calling you and getting you here at this time was good luck, Coop." Coop takes a bite out of a monster-sized sandwich and continues; mouth full. "Well, jusht anosher day for ush heroesh, Big Man." --- "Amen, brother." They fist-bump and Megas then rushes off toward Megaville.


"This is all we worked for... no regrets yet?" A burly, cocky looking man in a fiery orange battle suit replies. "Hell naw, this is all for the future kingdom; our kingdom!" A woman in a similar suit, but much more slender, seemingly aerodynamic and colored green continues on his statement. "He's right, there is no turning back now- the city will be in ruins soon enough- we just need to feed Model M now, hehehe... Not long now and our perfect world will be within reach!"

The leader of the group looks around and sees the fourth and final member on the edge of the building looking down- arms crossed and resting on a single leg on the ledge. "And you, Astro?" --- "I've explained all I wanted from this, I don't want your damn world... I want my brother back..." The strange purple armored girl lets out.

The leader, in a large blue seemingly aqua-dynamic battle suit, lets out pleased; "Then it's settled, now we initiate phase three of our plan... hopefully with no more interruptions from those three... people..." --- "I think we are fine... I took care of 'em." The exclusive purple-bladed knight lets out- still looking down the building at the carnage in the streets. The blue leader follows: "Really...? Wow; well good Job, Astro! Then let us not waste time." He claps his hands together.

"Let's get this done!"

A blonde girl in a pink dress seemingly out of place in the middle of the carnage looks up the building- right into the purple knight's eyes- but she tears her gaze away. "The promised day has come... Find me brother... Find me...”

Megas crashes into the pavement mid-Megaville and Dexter gets out- now wearing sunglasses; hair blowing in the breeze. "It's a good day to die..." *CRUNCH MUNCH, GULP... SLURP* ... .... ..... "Dammit Coop you ruin everything..." He takes of the sunglasses then throws them into Megas' cockpit and slams the door. He then slides down the arm of the machine until he eventually hits the ground. He raises his head and opens his eyes-

"OH CRAP!" He bellows out and flails backwards as he is looking into Buttercup’s eye barely an inch from his face! "You're late, come on already." --- "S-Sorry, hehe..." He follows Buttercup into the center of the city, which has no lack of robots flying around in the air. "Dexter's here!" The blue girl, Bubbles lets out exited, robot debris in her hair! "Yeah, now he can finally help us." Buttercup spits out. "Hey, I was busy getting civilians to safety!" --- "Yeah, after we already saved them... in the middle of a large scale battle no less."

"Buttercup, stop it!" Blossom lets out, passing over the top of the large building they were scouring for civilians. "We all need to work together and get along, now work together and GET ALONG!" She barks out before leaving sight again. "Psh, fine. Four-eyes, you get that street, there are a couple of machines over there, Bubbles and I will work on clearing this block for survivors, got it?" --- "Yep."

As both Bubbles and Buttercup leave sight, Dexter mans his cell phone. "Coop, you there?" --- "Yuh-Yeah! *gulp* I'm 'ere!" --- "From what I've heard from the people at Megaville Elementary, there are giant mechanical worms loose in the city and the surrounding suburb, think Megas can take 'em out?" --- "You 'kiddin? I'll make mince meat out of them!" He turns his cell phone off and runs down the street Buttercup told him to clear.

"Aha, there's a live one!" Dexter lets out, exited after locating a flying-machine. He pulls out his laser pistol and nails it in mid-air. "Ha, still got it!" he blows the tip of his gun; cocky and eyes closed. But as he opens them his heart picks up really fast. Where there was once one machine, there are literally dozens. "Dear Einstein..." As they all open fire on his location he scampers for cover.

Back to a wrecked car he re-arms his pistol and fires from sub-safe cover. One, two... three machines go down in what seems like a single second. They all open fire again, forcing him to take cover. He pops his head out and to his dismay- there are even more machines there. He ducks back down and sighs. "Dang, this is gonna be tough..." But right after he says that, the sound of many small scale explosions goes off where the robots were. He sees a few robots fall near his location; dead.

"Hey thanks Bloss... eh?" Dexter rises and sees that Blossom isn't there; it is possible she didn't do it at all. As he eyes the wreckage, he notices a Blonde girl standing in the road. "H-HEY! It isn't safe here, get to safety!" He yells out in an attempt to make her run to the police barricade, but she doesn't budge. "Get going, are you insane?!" She still remains resolute. Dexter groans deeply. "Guess we gotta do this the hard way, I'm saving you weather you want me to or not!"

He leaps from his car-wall and runs to the girl, constantly checking the corners for threats. As he is about halfway to the girl he squints. She is also wearing a pink dress and she seems to be bleeding. "Dammit, what is she DOING here?! She's gonna get herself killed!" He says to himself, before continuing to run to her. He is barely a hundred feet or so from her location, noticing all the robots that were destroyed are all filled with a glowing red hole that signifies that they were hit with something very hot and fast.

He finally gets to a point where he can sprint to the girl's location and he goes for it. But not even halfway there he stops in his tracks. His grip on his pistol loosens before it eventually falls to the ground. His eyes are widening as his hands rise as if trying to touch the far away girl. "D...Dee...Dee...?!" He lets out frantically.

"The day has come, Brother." The girl lets out simply. Dexter's eyes seem to relent back to their normal state as he reaches back for his gun and aims it at the girl! "I... I know those wounds! You are the unfinished android of my dead sister... so that's where you went..." --- "The day has come, Brother." She lets out again.

Dexter takes aim. "You are not my sister, you are a monstrosity!" He fires and it grazes her left shoulder. The robot looks at the wound, which is letting off electricity. "Yes, it is to be this way. You must be stronger than me, Brother." --- "Stop calling me that!" Dexter fires off several more shots, but the machine rushes side to side, nimbly dodging the attacks!

It then rushes along the ground with inhuman speed toward Dexter and he barely has enough time to pull out his Beam-Saber to meet in contact with her arm! "Kill me, Dexter!" --- "W-What the hell are you?!" Dexter flares his saber, nearly incinerating the machine- were it not for it jumping back. He re-arms his gun and fires at her again, but now he is backing up trying to find a vantage point to fight her in without getting pinned.

She once again avoids every attack and rushes at him again, but he throws a small adhesive device at her which causes a giant electrical surge to go off once it hits her chest, causing her to scream in pain! He uses the time to nearly fly up a nearby ladder to the top of a small drive-through. As he reaches the top, the machine rips the device off and locks eyes once more with Dexter, who is aiming for another shot.

"If you wish to defeat me, you will have to do better than this..." She lets out as she extends her arms to her sides. "Going stationary eh? I'll make this quick!" Dexter aims the gun at her head, but her arms open up to show a lot of smaller holes that expel a bright light. "Live Dexter, Live!" She says with her body betraying her words; as it lets off a large amount of red lasers at the building Dexter is perched on! One of them fires so close to his head that it singes his hair!

He takes cover but it is of no use, the entire building is coming down as the foundation melts at the seems! He scrambles as it heaves under its own weight, he nimbly jumps off before the roof collapses unto itself!

He rolls as he hits the ground and as he hears cars being destroyed in the street he once again arms his Beam-Saber. And sure enough, one comes flying his way; and he slices it in two with surprising skill! The haunting visage of what was supposed to be Deedee walks calmly to Dexter, but not in an act of smugness or overconfidence, he can tell by her eyes, she is looking for a weak-point while keeping a close eye on his weapons.

"Why are you telling me to kill you while you are trying to kill me?!" --- "Because, I was made to serve you, only after you are made strong enough to defeat me without my power." --- "What the hell are you talking about?!" The robot inches ever closer to Dexter, as he backs up, never looking behind himself should the robot attack!

He stumbles- and the robot uses it to her advantage and rushes at him! "Bad move!" Dexter lets out as he completely regains his stance- it was a decoy! He lunges his saber at her and it pierces her chest cavity! She tries to grab the saber, but he flares it while it is in her, causing her to incinerate! "Rest in peace already..."

He pulls it out as she slumps to the ground. He looks upon her, she is exactly as she left him before... blonde hair, pink dress... and a giant gaping hole in her stomach. "D...Dexter..." He meets her words and she raises one hand, without so much as thinking he grabs it. "It is time you fulfilled your destiny..." --- "What are you talking about Dee- *ahem* Android?" The android starts to electrify and glow and he backs off from it!

As it gets brighter and brighter he takes cover to shield his eyes from even looking in its general direction! Several moments later after the light fades he looks back and an odd metal object lays where she once was. He inches toward it, being very cautious... The machine is pristine, even though the previous machine had a gaping hole in it...

*The machine starts floating in the air*
*A voice permeates Dexter's head*

"The promised day has come, accept my power and bring this world into the light dear brother!" The machine fires at Dexter and he has no time to recoil!


*Electricity and energy fluctuate in the air as stones begin to float around Dexter*

The machine is binding to Dexter's arms and feet, He cannot resist its grasp as it forces him to be stationary! It engulfs his chest and legs as he uselessly tries to fight it and before he knows it he also has a helmet molded around him too! "W-What is happening?!" He screams, addressing no-one.

A few moments later he notices he can move. He waves his arms around, as if in test of his new 'armor'. It is a very light gold color, so light that it is almost white instead of gold, with obvious pigmentation of the precious metal. "A... Mech-suit?" He says to himself, as he now tries to use his legs. "W-Wow, I feel weightless!" He starts running and then he jumps- "WHOA!" He nearly yells out as he jumps a dozen feet in the air and lands- breaking pavement.

"HAHA!" He laughs as he starts running and jumping around the city, before he starts a collision course with a wall! "OH NO!" But as he nears the wall, the machine itself lets off a rotational energy that gyrates the air around his collision zone so he is practically sticking to the wall, even in his suit made of solid metal.

He leaps from the wall and tries to gyrate the air around where he lands on the ground and it softens his fall as to cause the pavement not to break! "Deedee... Is this what you were saying?" He views his arms coated in the metallic suit. "Either way, I could DEFINITELY get used to this!"


"It's coming along quite well. Chronometal Model D has been completed as the Black Mother requested, now it is time to initiate phase four of our plan." The blue leader of the group lets out, addressing the group of the details. They all take small gray diamond-like objects out of their pockets and eye them.

The red, muscle-bound person lets out in question: "So we won't be in contact for a while?" --- "Correct, but if all goes according to plan, we should meet up in three days time at Megacorp's main building- the tallest in the entire city and unleash phase five." The leader responds with, addressing all of them- while answering that individual's question.

A giddy laughing spree is heard coming from the slender green knight. "I can hardly believe we are finally about to do it! It is so close and everything is going perfectly! Heeheehee!" The leader lets off a smile. "Yes, everything is perfect... but..." The leader's hesitance catches the ear of the exclusive purple knight. "But...?"

The leader scoffs. "The Black Mother is my only worry right now." The Purple knight, Astro walks away from the wall she was resting on an approaches the leader. "You think so too?" --- "Yes, it all seems so complex... yet so simple at the same time, she is giving us everything... but what does she get out of it?" --- "Your... our world?" He shakes his head. "I would love to think so, but she came and went, giving us exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it."

The purple one lets out in rebuttal. "If everything goes as planned, then even if she is against us we will be far more powerful then her." --- "How can you be so sure?" She looks at her arms, coated in a fine purple Nanosteel mesh. "The Biosymbiotes are more powerful then she gave them credit for..." She looks back up to meet the leader's eyes. "Phantom is the very reason I could kill those three... alone no less. He told me the secret to ultimate power."

The leader raises an eyebrow. "Well don't keep me waiting, what's the secret?"
She lowers her head to view her body: "Sacrifice...”

Dexter spends a large amount of time looking at every aspect of his new armor. He feels around everything, it's incredibly powerful despite it being relatively light- yet still hundreds of pounds it bestows Dexter with many more hundreds of pounds of power. As he feels around his back, he feels something strange; he flicks it around for a while before dragging it across his neck into his view.

"Blonde hair...?" Dexter looks above his peripherals, his hair is still red, yet looking at the hair in his hand, it is a bright blonde. He feels around his right side and sure enough, there is blonde hair there too. He grasps both locks of hair and brings them into his vision. "This is..." Dexter closes his eyes and almost in a trance, he instinctively smells the hair... "Deedee..." He says to himself with deep concentration and meaning.

He looks around the wreckage and finds a broken car, he rips off one if its side mirrors in an attempt to get a better look at himself. He parks the mirror to his side and it gives him a full view of his back. "It is coming from the armor, an entire head of hair, covering my own. Strange..." As he takes a better look at the hair, several strange images trickle into his mind... images of; his sister...

Brushing her hair...?

"What was that just now?" He says to himself, looking into the distance, yet at the same time; looking at nothing. He shakes his head and regains perspective; "Well, at the very least I cleared this street, might as well check up on the girls!" He runs off, faster than ever before- the armor makes him really fast, but as he goes so fast he almost loses balance several times.

As he loses his balance again, the armor starts gliding on the ground. "Okay, THAT is cool." As he sits still to observe it his armor once again touches ground. "Hmm..." Dexter starts running again, but this time he tries sliding his feet along the ground and sure enough- the armor starts floating at high speeds along the ground as if it were a futuristic vehicle. He sways his arms side to side and he is actually sliding along the ground as if it were ice!

As he nears fallen cars, he flares his feet and they cause him to jet side to side incredibly fast, avoiding the obstacles nimbly, even at high speeds! He slides off at very high speeds, avoiding all obstacles and before he knows it he is already back in central Megaville, but he is having far too much fun to just stop! "Let's make this cool!" --- "What the?" Buttercup lets out, somehow missing his arrival.

Dexter jumps from the ground and then using air gyration, breaks his collision on a nearby building and then bolts off of it to other nearby buildings, quickly gaining height. Before long, he has jumped over 20 times and landed on the top of one of the highest buildings in Megaville in a scant ten second period. "Howdy." He lets out simply.

Buttercup floats up until he is on the same level as him, but she retains some degree of distance, roughly 50 feet. "Who are you?!" --- "Can't ya tell?" Buttercup looks him over, up and down, but she seems to focus on the blonde hair. "D... Dexter...?" --- "Bingo." She gradually floats closer to him, keeping a penetrating eye on him, with deadly curiosity!

As she is eye to eye with him, she finally asks the obvious question- "What's with the get-up?" Dexter looks at his armor a bit and then he looks back up. "Believe it or not, I didn't make this." --- "Okay, that doesn't answer my question..." --- "You didn't expect that I made this?" --- "Not at all, it actually seems cool!" --- "HAR HAR HAR." --- "So where DID it come from?"

Dexter places his armored hand to his chin and goes into deep thought. "Oh 'cmon now! You were only gone like 30 minutes!" He shrugs and let’s out with a flat voice; "I killed a robot that looked like my sister, then it turned into some kind of machine. It proceeded to bind itself to my body for no apparent reason, now I'm really fast and strong."


"Fair enough." She lets out simply. "Fast and strong huh? Care to test that out?!" Buttercup punches her hand and gives off a deadly smile. "Sure." Buttercup recoils from his quick response, as if he was hoping she would ask. "Meet you at the bottom!" Dexter sharply states as he is already in free-fall. Buttercup follows and catches up really fast, but Dexter angles himself down and fires his air gyrators straight up causing him to go even faster!

As he approaches the ground, he flips and lands softly on a bed of circulating air, Buttercup on the other hand lands roughly- on her feet of course; but roughly none the less, breaking pavement upon impact. "Looks like I win the first round!" He spits out, taunting her. "Yeah well it's all about round two! The lightning round!" Right after saying that she rushes at him, fist extended!

Dexter catches the fist and bends it into submission, causing Buttercup's knee to strike the ground! "G-GAHHH!" She screams out! She unleashes her eye-beams on him and he flies back from the impact! He lands on his feet and slides at her very quickly, she jumps in the air, as does he- as he nears her she quickly flies around him! "No fair, I cant move in mid-airOOOF-" He tries to say as he gets smacked into the ground, shattering his landing zone!

She looks down, half worried, half proud of herself, but then Dexter gets back up... she looks half relieved and half pissed! "Gotta hand it to ya, you're a lot stronger than I thought, But you ain't no SUPERHERO yet!" She fires off at him and he quickly parries all attacks, but the collisions are forcing him backwards, ripping through asphalt even as he maintains his stance! But then seemingly out of instinct, he extends his arm and opens his hand-

A large red laser fires out of it sending Buttercup on a one way ticket to Pain! He looks at his hand. "Huh... didn't know I could do that..." As he looks back up, Buttercup rises from the smoke, with a certain deadly look in her eye... "I... AM... NOT... GOING TO BE BEATEN BY A NERD!" She swings her head back and lunges it forward unleashing a giant laser beam and Dexter retaliates with his new-found hand-laser!

They collide in mid-air and give off a deep red aura, neither party giving an inch, but then a familiar noise sours the mood- "BUTTERCUP!? STOP!" The commanding tone is none other than the leader of the Powerpuff Girls; Blossom. Dexter relents his laser and sidesteps Buttercup's. She eventually stops as well and looks up to the self-proclaimed leader, then gestures her head to Dexter.

Blossom shifts her gaze from Buttercup to Dexter and she flies down in curiosity... "D... Dexter? Is that you?" She lets out confused, looking at the back of his... blonde head. As he turns around and his eyes meet her eyes she cocks her head. "Why are you blonde?" Dexter looks up and tugs his forehead a little bit and pulls a tiny strand of hair out. Upon inspection- it is a red hair. "It's just the armor, it makes me look like a fairytale hero."

"Strange... but I guess you have built crazier things in the past..." --- "Ohh I didn't build this." --- "Then who did?" --- "No idea..." She eyes him inquisitively but then shakes her head. "I guess it doesn't really matter, how goes the hunt?" Buttercup walks up to them. "You mean destroying the robots? Could be better, I can't even touch these giant worm things." Upon hearing these words Dexter pounds his palm as if remembering something!

"Coop! He can stop the worms with Megas, let's meet up with him!" --- "Where is he?" Blossom asks. "He 'should' be near the suburb" --- "Should...?" Buttercup lets out, clearly not amused. "Well, there no knowing weather or not he stopped for a bite to eat." --- "AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!" She continues, seething! "Hey, he's a big, BIG man, with a big, BIG appetite! ... All joking aside, we should look for him." Blossom lets out a sharp whistle and within moments Bubbles shows up.

She doesn't even ask what's expected of her and they all fly off at once to the suburb. "Y... Yeah, I'll... uh, catch up!" Dexter says in vain. He shrugs. "Ohh well, at least I can continue to test this thing's mobility!" He fires off, gliding along the ground and walls.


A single silhouette stands atop a building, eying Dexter as he dashes off... it's the green knight.

"Hmmhmmhmm... He's already as strong, if not stronger than Buttercup and he hasn't even unlocked a single shred of power in Model D!" She rubs her hands together... "He's going to be a fun boy to play with... Heeheehee!" Her armor opens up at key ends and it lets off a familiar rotational energy, allowing her to fly off at high speeds!

She nears the wind turbines in the Megaville outskirts and she places herself at the top of one. She closes her eyes and maintains a disciplined stance that is unusually unlike her energetic personality.


A few moments pass and the wind seems to pick up dramatically...


"Is anyone in here? If there is... I give you one polite chance to leave- or die. Your calls though!" Several workers in the electrical plant scamper off as the orange knight sets the place ablaze. "LAST CALL! SURVIVORS; 'GIT OUT!" He bellows as his arms open up, spewing large spheres of energy at the walls, causing them to come down at the seems- people running from rooms he was aiming at that would of surely perished if they stayed in for more than a few moments.

As he is alone in the building, he spots a door labeled; 'Authorized per- "Good 'nuff." He breaks down the door without so much as reading it and heads down the stairs.


The cool air of an approaching sunset wafts through Megaville woods, right on the outskirts of the city... The orange setting sun casts shadows on the many trees. The shadows get deeper and deeper, even though the sun has yet to set... A single person; Astro, the purple knight, sits in the forest clearing- eyes closed and cross-legged as if meditating.

The winds slowly die down, as the shadows get even more intense, soon the sky isn't even visible anymore... not even the stars shine in the forest... "Let there be fear, feed M..." She lets out, eyes still closed, then all vision of her is removed as the forest goes into eternal darkness... A single faint glow appears where she once was, a small gray glow...


A single man sits on the harbor, next to the water purification plant. He is out of place, looking into the water with an entire suit of armor equipped for no discernible reason to passers by. He kicks the water, deep in thought. As the water is in mid-air it freezes into snow before hitting the water again and melting. A middle-aged man in a trench-boat walks by and addresses the man;

"Something wrong, partner?" He tears his gaze from the water and looks into the setting sun. "A lot of things are wrong..." --- "Is it something you can fix, partner?" He closes his eyes and smiles. "I'd like to think so, but it's gonna be hard..." The kind gentleman squats down next to the man.

"The harder a problem is to overcome, the better it feels in the end, partner... It may seems tough, it may seem impossible- heck, even if its a woman you can get her, partner! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, just... go for it!" He opens his eyes and meets his with the stranger's. "You have had to overcome a problem concerning your life-long dream?"

The blue knight rises- as does his new-found cohort. "Shoot, It was always my dream to become a big-shot lawyer, but people back in my hometown say that it was just 'fer city folk!" --- "How did it work out?" The man takes a card out of his pocket and hands it to the knight. He reads it... 'Bill Jackson, attorney at law.' The knight closes his eyes and smiles.

"What's your name, partner?" --- "Micheal and my friend here is Leviathan." He lets out. Before the man asks who that is he speaks again;

"I'll remember your words, Bill Jackson." --- "Well, if 'yer ever in trouble, gimme a call partner!" Bill walks off leaving the knight to his business. He opens his eyes and views the card again and sighs. He throws it into the harbor and looks off into the sunset again. "Sorry, Bill, but my dream is for a better world with me as it's founder... and you have no part in it. As he says that the water seems to tide in and out ominously...



Sorry about this being so big. But it's worth it to recap before I continue. Also; in relation to the game I made, It takes place after Sub-Chapter 1, but before chapter 3 and 6. It ties up the loose ends between Model M and the Knights to now.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:32 am

And here is the first part of the next saga! The entirety of the First Chronometal War! Keep in mind this is before the actions of the first story, so no-one here other than Bubbles and 'Lynn' even know what's going on yet.



The Chronometal Wars
Chapter 1: Knight in the Daylight
Part 1: First Response

Zipping down the roads, catching the eyes of panicked passersby, Dexter quickly reaches the outskirts of town. His new armor he has claimed that gifts him major boosts to mobility and strength glistens in the morning sun. Hard to believe that just yesterday he heard a siren that started all of this.

Something happened outside the northwestern mountains right before this all happened, but now is not the time to think.

As Dexter nears the group he hears something close by, the sound of giants fighting! He quickly speeds to the source of the sound.

“Coop!” He yells out as he jumps over massive piles of debris and wrecked cars. Megas is laying the smack-down on a giant mechanical worm. Right when Dexter thinks Megas is in trouble, he turns himself around and lands a killer blow, punching the head off the worm.

“BOOYAH!” Coop yells through his speaker system on Megas. The Powerpuff girls fly down to assess the damages. This entire block has been completely leveled; even flying over it took time. They fan out to find stragglers caught in the mayhem.

Dexter bolts up Megas’ arm and nears Coop’s cockpit. “Whoa Big man, what’s with the get-up? One of your inventions?” – “Sort of? It was mine at one point... but someone stole it and remade it. Now it’s like this. It’s really weird.” – “Yeah well, just another day.” – “Just another day...”

The Powerpuff girls fly off with armfuls of people and Dexter takes that as his queue. “We will meet up again, until then; keep breaking these worms.” – “Will do!” Dexter blasts off Megas at sub-sonic speeds and quickly meets up with the Girls at Megaville Elementary School.

“This place is getting packed, Dexter.” Blossom lets out as she instructs the scared populous to the safety of his lab. He notices that it has almost reached capacity, but it’s not yet full.

“Yeah, I know... we need somewhere else. What about my old lab?.” He lets out, scratching his head. “Not a bad idea, but it’s in disrepair.” Blossom lets out.

“It’s not exactly fortified, either.” Bubbles lets out, remembering the ruined lab. “Well let me check it out, make sure it’s safe. Come with me, Bubbles. I’ll need backup. The rest of you; Stay here and defend this bunker.”

Bubbles and Dexter rush into the city! They quickly spot robots flying over the city engaging with the police and make quick work of them. With no time for formalities, they tell them that his house is going to be a base of operations and about the Elementary School Base where people are. They quickly move themselves to said locations to defend any civilians stationed there.

Never a dull moment in this wreck of a city, destroy robot- save person- move person- destroy robot- save person- move person...

“Damn, out of ammo.” Dexter says as he still grips his gun. He hears screaming over the corner- and the Powerpuff girl is nowhere to be seen; likely helping someone at this very moment. He quickly discards the weapon and charges over the collapsed building!

Two large hulking robots tower over a small group of people! He takes out his Prototype beam saber and skates down to the robots! As one of them begins to crash down, the group of people scream and close their eyes- sure that they are about to meet their end!

“HYA!” Dexter exclaims as he slices the robot's arm off as clean as it gets. The other robot ignores the people- who scamper to safety and begins to double team Dexter. He nimbly dodges every attack and burns their extremities off with his saber.

As soon as he thinks that they can’t pull anything out of their hats- their fallen pieces begin to crawl around on the ground and begin to pursue the hiding people! “NO!” Dexter yells, knowing he can’t catch them all in time!

However, as if through primal instinct, Dexter reaches for his hip- and quickly draws a weapon that previously didn’t even exist and without thinking he lands expert shots to each of the machines pursuing the people! After they are all red piles of molten slag, Dexter turns his attention to the larger beasts still remaining and makes expert work of them with combinations of Saber slices and blasts from his new weapon.

They quickly go down with red holes burned into them, breaking pavement and astonishing the people around him. He pants and wheezes, never putting this much physical exertion on himself before.

“I am a man of science... *huff... huff* not a man of the sword...” His armor's artificial blonde hairs dangling down across his shoulder, making him look like some sort of mechanical Norse warrior. The people come out of hiding, scared yet thankful. Before one of them says: “Hey, I-I know you... you’re Dexter!”

“Yeah, I’m *huff... huff* Dexter... go... go to the School... you will be safe... there...” – “Th-Thank you! We will! Thank you...” They thank the tired hero and quickly make their way to the suburbs.

Dexter takes a knee and begins to relax his over-tensed muscles. Bubbles flies overhead and notices Dexter. “Are you alright?!” She asks worriedly. “I’m fine... just kind of... overworked... I’ve never done anything like this before.” Bubbles helps him to his feet, before he jostles her off. “I said I’m fine... we have work to do.” – “Okay, I was only trying to help.” – “Thanks, but we need to focus our energy on THEM, not us.” He says as he walks into a run, before finally breaking into a full skate, regardless of how tired he is.

Bubbles flies over to make sure he’s okay and of course, to see anyone in trouble.


Over the windmills north of Megaville, a woman in a green suit of armor stands in the middle of a gale that continues to grow in power.

“Soon... we will take this city and erode the will of everyone in it! Our new world is so close- I can smell it within the winds.” She says to herself as the wind spins and slices the areas around them. Windmills cut and break, clouds swirl and storm and lightning bolts strike the ground.

“Harpy, give me your strength. Call Model D over here and let’s get this done!”

Her armor glows a bright green as tornados form and crush the silos and buildings around the outskirts of the city. People running for their lives. Power in the city fluctuating due to the transformers and windmills being destroyed.

She flies into the storm and enters the largest windmill on this energy farm and begins to sap energy from it. She places the small gray crystal she has had with her near the top of the tower and it begins to emit a small glow.

“Soon, Model M... soon you will be reborn. But this time, there won’t be anyone to stop you... Haha! HAHAHA!”


Just remember, a lot of details involving the knights are explained within the game I am making- demo still currently hosted. If you are interested in the full story- it's there for your perusal. There's nothing forcing you however, the story is just as strong without the game.
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The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Havoc » Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:58 am

Dude, I love this story, it's awsome. I wanted to give you my insight, ask a few quetion, and pitch an idea or two about it (I did know if it was okay to suggest content here or to PM you about it). But it took so long to type, the website logged me out automaticly and I lost everything before I could submit it.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:14 am

Havoc751 wrote:Dude, I love this story, it's awsome. I wanted to give you my insight, ask a few quetion, and pitch an idea or two about it (I did know if it was okay to suggest content here or to PM you about it). But it took so long to type, the website logged me out automaticly and I lost everything before I could submit it.

That's great! I always like to meet a fan. It's more than fine to post whatever you want in this thread, but if it's something such as a suggestion, do it through PM so if I do decide to add it into the story, it isn't spoiled by your post.

As for the automatically signing out thing? Yeah, sorry man. That tends to happen a bit. When it does, you can just go back a page and copy everything you have done before continuing. But hey, what's lost is lost.

Criticisms, compliments and everything else can be posted in this thread, but suggestions should be in PMs only. I'm looking forward to your posts.
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:25 pm

Part 2/3


The Chronometal Wars
Chapter 1: Knight in the Daylight
Part 2: Entwined Fates

The city street lights explode and rain glass upon the already dangerous streets of Megaville. The fluctuating power levels causing electronics to burn and break. Entire transformers combust and energy towers crackle and burst!

To make matters worse, robots still infest the entire town! Dexter and Bubbles can only do so much! They haven’t found a survivor in several minutes of constant battle and searching and they decide that staying here any longer is a waste of time.

“Let’s move to the north, let’s get to my house.” – “Got it!” Giant robots, small robots; it doesn’t matter. But there are a LOT of robots. Too many to remember, too many to not exhaust the two heroes.

As they move north through the battalions of robots, they notice that they have seen wreckage... but no casualties yet. No-one is dead. The worst they have ever seen were people being carried away- only to be saved by the two heroes. But the robots open fire on police and them, as if they only attack people with weapons, but kidnap other people.

‘Who designed these things...?’ Dexter thinks to himself. To his knowledge, there hasn’t been a single casualty yet. Before he can think more, a nearby power tower explodes and begins to fall! Dexter barely has time to react before it smashes into the pavement, opening up a hole into the sewer, loose wires falling into the water and short circuiting.

“What the heck is happening to the energy? I mean, sure... the city is being destroyed... but it’s almost as if the energy is constantly being sucked up and spat out from somewhere.” – “I... don’t know...” Bubbles says apologetically. She’s not very tech savvy.

“It’s fine, let’s just get to my house.” Dexter says before they move off again.

As they near the northern suburb, they notice the houses nearby are in pretty much perfect condition. “Why hasn’t this place been touched...?” In all other major directions, there is carnage. The western city, the northern city, the southern- Then it hits Dexter.

“Only the city is under attack by the robots!” – “But what about the giant worms? We saw them near the houses!” – “Maybe the robots attack the suburbs...?” – “Then why aren’t they here?” Bubbles asks, raising a good point.

“I don’t know. Let’s just get to my house, its right over here.” Dexter quickly rushes up the stairs and opens the door. His mom and dad are there with extremely worried faces. “Dexter!” – “Are you okay?!” – “Yeah Mom, Dad, I’m fine. But you guys need to get into my lab.”

“Oh- okay... what’s going on?” – “I don’t know. Just please listen. The city has come under fire by a lot of robots. I don’t know why and I don’t know who made them. We need to get everyone to safety.” After he says that and rushes to his room and moves the bookshelf, he and everyone else enter the lab.

He looks around, unsatisfied. “There are holes in the walls and ceiling. I need to repair this place until it can support people and defend them. This could take a while, but we can’t afford to waste time.” He immediately turns to his power tools, but as he tries to turn them on- they constantly power down and power back on.

“Damn fluctuations...! Bubbles, go back to your house! Take anyone else you find along the way with you- along with my parents. The school has gotten way too crowded, your house is the next best area. Defend that place until I can get this place under control.” – “Alright... please come with me... uh- Dexter’s parents.” – “O-Okay... Dexter?” He looks back from his work to address his mom’s question.

“Be safe...” He nods and returns to his work. They leave out of the house as the carnage can still be heard outside. Buildings toppling and sirens blaring.

Left to himself, he thinks and thinks... “Why is this happening? Who would do this? Who would want this?” he thinks out loud, unintentionally claiming an answer.

“Because if people get scared, if this city gets pulverized- we can make our new world.” A quirky feminine voice is heard above Dexter! He bolts his head up to view the intruder, but is quickly kicked across the lab, crashing into broken machinery and dusty shelves.

He rises from the wreckage and wipes the blood from his face. He pulls out his seemingly non-existent gun and points it at the girl.

She has green hair, red eyes and is wearing an aerodynamic suit of armor. Not too much unlike Dexter’s. “Who are you-“ He tries to ask again as she launches a lightning bolt from her hands hitting Dexter directly, causing him to yell out in pain as the thunderclap deafens him!

Barely remaining to stand on his wobbly thunderstruck legs, he covers his busted ears and looks over at the girl with squinting eyes, barely open. She makes a following gesture and flies out of his lab.

Dexter has every intention of chasing her down, but as soon as he moves- his legs lock up and he falls face first into the flooring. Ears still ringing, muscles still sore, Dexter tries to force himself off the ground, but he can’t muster the strength.

He passes out...


People rambling and shuffling around the Powerpuff Girls’ house, Bubbles flies over to address Blossom.

“Bubbles, any word from Dexter?” --- "Yes, Blossom... he says the shelter got over-stuffed so he sent people over to us until he can open up his old lab." Blossom takes note and looks over the rabble below. "Alright, we need to keep open watch on this entire area; there is no telling when a robot could show up at any moment!" Bubbles nods and lands on the ground as Blossom keeps her eyes in the sky.

Bubbles looks over to the group of people before one of the people within the group catches her eye. She is sure she has seen her before and as Bubbles eyes her deeper, the girl looks confused and looks around her making sure she isn’t looking at someone else. The girl she is staring at has black hair, black eyes... she is certain she has seen her somewhere. Somewhere important...

The girl uncomfortably lets out a question- “C-Can I help you?” Bubbles relents her stare a bit and looks around, as if making sure the coast is clear. “No, I just... thought you were... someone else." Bubbles shakes her head and smiles. "Where are my manners? Hi, I'm Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls!" --- "Oh, uh. I'm Lynn and I'm new here." --- "Lynn, huh?"

Bubbles nods to herself and smirks slightly, but not completely sure of herself yet. A woman aside Lynn walks up to them. "Bubbles... would you consider having Lynn here help you?" Bubbles looks over to her. "Well, anyone can help, but-" She tries to say before she interrupted by a little red-headed girl with an enthusiastic overtone: "She's a superhero too!" After hearing that Bubbles looks over to Lynn with a smile. "I knew it..." She says to herself.

Lynn looks at her confused. "Knew what?" --- "Nothing, if you ‘are’ a superhero, there are some major things I have to tell you about in private... the masses can't hear this or they will panic." --- "Of course..."

Bubbles leads Lynn into their house. Lynn and that little girl exchanging signs of encouragement. Bubbles’ mind is racing a mile a minute.

‘I guess this really is it after all...’ She thinks to herself.


Playing the other side of the fence: The newcomer; Lynn. Let's see how she plays into this whole story, eh?
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Havoc » Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:31 am

I have some questions about your story, somethings I would like more details about.

First of all, Buttercup's situation with HIM. I would like to know more about it. What's she doing exacly, is she like a warrior of hell or something? Also, is she being tormented like Mimi was, or is she okay like she kept telling to to blossom? That thing with Bubbles on tangent 3, what's with that? In the Barasian Wars, what's up with Blossom's sword? I thought it was just a regular long sword (or katana) until one of the barasian tried to pick it up. The other tangent, the ones that don't lead to the Barasian wars, will you be working on them some more? That other story you talked about. What was it called, Tales of Megaville? I'm very interested in this, and would like to hear more about it. Finaly I thought I read something about the RRB in the first story?(and I hate to be "that guy")But will they be in the story at any point?

Don't feel obligated to answer anything if it's a spoiler.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:12 am

All- every single one of your questions are very interesting. I think I like you.
Havoc751 wrote:First of all, Buttercup's situation with HIM. I would like to know more about it. What's she doing exacly, is she like a warrior of hell or something? Also, is she being tormented like Mimi was, or is she okay like she kept telling to to blossom?
Several chapters and excerpts from my story point to this being a mutually beneficial transaction. Without spoiling too much, I can say a few things. No; she's not being tormented... at least not too much- and yes, she is now a sort of warrior of hell. It was part of her deal- after all. A deal that will get fully detailed if and when I start writing the Second War.
Havoc751 wrote:That thing with Bubbles on tangent 3, what's with that?
Before or after she died?

If Before: All of the Chronometals as well as Him himself empowered her to be the only hope to stopping Mother. In doing so, she died and all the remaining Chronometals were destroyed as a VERY unfortunate side-effect.

If After: To put it simply- without spoiling too much: It would be very simple to say 'that's simply where people go when they die...' Or at least, that's where they go where they die Now.
Havoc751 wrote:In the Barasian Wars, what's up with Blossom's sword? I thought it was just a regular long sword (or katana) until one of the barasian tried to pick it up.
The sword is a special sword. A hand-me-down left from generation to generation of Blossom's bloodline. What makes it so special? I will give more details naturally in 'Tales of Megaville' after I'm done with the Second War.
Havoc751 wrote:The other tangents, the ones that don't lead to the Barasian wars, will you be working on them some more?
Nah... I made them as the crux of the Chronometal Panic. The hook- the thing that made it interesting. One tangent leads to the rest of the story, the other two simply answer questions that weren't asked in other tangents and show us 'what would happen' if our heroes didn't go along the real path. The ramifications for not doing so almost immediately apparent. The other two stories not only don't lead to the Barasian war, but they also don't lead to any of the other major wars either. (Except the Black War. That happens anyway.) They are stand alones in their own timelines, that if I were to continue with- would simply be for theorycrafting.
Havoc751 wrote:That other story you talked about. What was it called, Tales of Megaville? I'm very interested in this, and would like to hear more about it.
That I can't really afford to spoil... Just know it will act like The Barasian War- in that it will come out and be its own story... but very little details will be given out other than that. It is a high point of the story in my opinion. One worth wating for. One that is also MUCH longer than the Barasian war. At least 4X the length.
Havoc751 wrote:Finaly I thought I read something about the RRB in the first story?(and I hate to be "that guy")But will they be in the story at any point?
Yes. In fact, let me quote from my own story back at the Epilogue.
Buttercup lands after hearing those words, catching everyone by surprise. "Lynn is absolutely correct, Bubbles." She regains her posture and continues, looking into a blushing Bubbles' eyes. "Even with my Immortality, I barely had enough power to fight anyone in this war. Right before World's End was at full power, I couldn't do anything to the Roudyroughs but hold them back before Blossom came and swept them out. I may have been immortal, but that didn't mean I was better... not at all..."
This entails that: Yes, they are in the story. They are in the Second War. ONLY the Second War. (The colors match the details of the other matching colors.)

All of your questions made my day. I hope these satisfy your curiosity until I make the story naturally answer your questions. Nothing here was especially spoiled, if anything, they are used to whet your appetite until the details reach fruition.

Thank you very much for reading!
"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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Re: The Chronometal Wars...

Postby Birdofterror » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:14 am

Part 3/3 End of the first real chapter.


The Chronometal Wars
Chapter 1: Knight in the Daylight
Part 3: Atop the Throne of Thunder

“Wake up! Dexter! WAKE UP!” Dexter hears as he mumbles on the ground. He barely musters the consciousness required to slightly look around the room. He sees no-one and closes his eyes again.

“WAKE. UP.” Someone screams into his ear, jolting him awake to his knees. He looks around the entire lab. There is still no-one. “You have to find her.” – “Who- where are you?! Show yourself!” He yells as he rises to his feet. There is still naught a soul in sight.

Dexter hears an explosion outside and decides it’s better to chase her down than track down whoever’s talking. He bolts out of his lab and out the door of his house only to be greeted with several giant worms crushing pavement! Megas slams their heads into the sewer and promptly out of commission.

Dexter spare no time for formalities and looks around, wondering where that girl could have gotten. The power-lines are still fluctuating and entire houses are lit aflame from the stray sparks. Off the northern distance, Dexter spots what could be the culprit.

The windmills are spinning faster and faster and it looks like an isolated thunderstorm is above it.

“What the hell...?” Dexter asks himself as the clouds get bigger and darker, encompassing more of Megaville by the minute. He skates over the fallen worms and jumps over Megas on his way to the northern wind farm. He’s going faster than ever before. He doesn’t know why, but something is irking him about this certain calamity.

Something big is going on... something really big.

He goes faster and faster, until his skates are virtually transformed into rockets! He bolts from building to building, gravity being more of a tool than a certainty to his high altitude travels. As he crosses the threshold of the storm, wind, raid and hail immediately bombard him.

Though they do not stop him. He attempts to jump straight to the top of the Windmill, but some sort of barrier stops him clean in his tracks. He hits the pavement hard, face-up. He looks into the eye of the storm. He quickly rises to his feet and runs into the Windmill, which is swarming with robots!

He pulls out his newly discovered weapon as if it was now conventional and blasts cannonball sized holes into the robots. He doesn’t skip a step, as shooting with this gun is as natural to him as breathing... though he does not know why.

He quickly makes his way up the tower to be intercepted by more and more robots! He makes quick work of them and they scatter around the ground, making him wonder why such weak robots are even here. Before long, one far too big to be taken out by a simple pistol- even a magical pistol appears!

It crashes into the walls that Dexter bounces off of moment after moment, going too fast even for a computer to trace. He lands on the ground; the robot still trying to find him before he pulls something else out of pure energy! The pistol in his hands combines with the raw matter in his other and transforms into a rifle!

But he’s not done there; he takes aim and charges his shot with a source of power he is unfamiliar with! The robot turns around and lets out a roar, right before Dexter unleashes the power of his canon right into its mouth, blowing its head clean off and making a gigantic hole in the wall.

“Wow. This stuff if crazy. I’ve gotta practice this-“ As he says that a giant thunderbolt hits the ground, nearly deafening him. “L-Later.” He says to himself before running back up the stairwell. Before long he opens a hatch and is greeted by a serene sight. The top of the Tower is completely outside of the storm. Straight within the eye, it is dry and calm.

He cautiously rises from the hatch and looks around, before something catches his eye. It looks like a giant silver crystal covered in iron plating, floating in the air and letting off an ominous black glow.

“Beautiful... isn’t it?” A feminine voice behind him purrs. He turns around and adopts a defensive position. “You again...” He mutters as he views the intruder. Green armor, Green hair- Red eyes. She is floating just over the ledge of the windmill, seemingly unaffected by the barrier in place. She casually wafts over Dexter’s head as he pulls out his gun, but does not aim it at her yet.

“Who are you?“ After he says that he takes aim and gets ready to dodge any lightning bolts. “Once bitten twice shy?” She mutters as she lands and begins to walk over to the floating crystal, electricity following her every step.

“I wanted to talk a little before fighting this time. After all... you came like I wanted- like a good boy.” She says as she turns around, looking him right in the eye.

“Well here I am...” He mumbles, gun still pointed at her. She shrugs and turns back around to rub the iron crystal, almost sensually. “You see this...? This is the answer to all our problems.” – “What is it, anyway?” She turns around and pats the crystal on the ‘head’, as if it were a child. “You will know soon enough.” She says as she goes into a battle formation.

“You still never told me who you were.” – “I am Elly, Biosymbiote H! I seek nothing more than to remake this broken world in a light unbeknownst for eons!” She yells as she charges Dexter down and attempts to skewer him with an electric spear!

He dodged nimbly, but as the spear hits the wall, the entire Windmill electrifies and claps! Dexter is shocked and forced to his knees in one fell swoop.

“Not very in tune with nature, are you, Dexter?” – “How... do you... know my... name?” He pants out, looking up to the grinning woman. Her vampire-like teeth and red eyes making her look like some kind of predator.

“I know all about you hero types. The only reason you’re even alive is because of his plan.” – “His p-plan...?” She walks off, twiddling her spear around, lightly tapping the ground all the way and causing short electrical bursts to strike Dexter from the paneling.

“It was his idea to fix this broken world. We all knew you would resist. But we gave you a means of doing so.” She turns around and points at his armor. “Model D!” Dexter looks at his thunderstruck armor, barely able to move as all his muscles are tensed and paralyzed. “You... did this?” – “All according to plan. You got the armor and you came here. Now you saw this.” She says as she once again points to the crystal as it saps electricity from the tower.

Dexter remains on the ground, completely at her mercy.

“But... then again, our only orders were to give you the armor and show you Model M... after that we are allowed to do whatever we want.” After she says that she grins slightly. “Do you know what I want, Dexter?” She hisses as she casually strolls over to the paralyzed boy.

“I want you...”

“DEXTER!” He hears screaming into his ears, seemingly from all directions at once! “You can’t let her stop you! You need to rise up and defend this world! Now is the promised day! You can’t give up!” A familiar voice yells into him, before he begins to feel strong again.

Seemingly unaware of the verbal escalation Dexter has been hearing, Elly is within striking distance of Dexter before she opens her palm over his face. “I really though you would be more fun, but oh well- can’t have you ruining our world. Good bye!” She fires off a large electrical bolt that completely engulfs the roof of the Windmill! Crackles of electricity and energy ebb and flow from the impact zone before she realizes he wasn’t hit.

“What the?” She turns around to a gun pointed at her face. “You lose.” Dexter says as he pulls the trigger. However, halfway through he has a crisis of conscious and at the last second he re-aims for her leg as the shot is fired.


“OH, DAMMIT! You actually shot me!” She yells as she collapses on the ground, her armor fully pierced much to her apparent surprise. Dexter turns back to the Iron crystal and muses. If that is absorbing the Electricity, it must be the source of the distortions! He takes aim with his charged rifle and fires! However, Elly jumps and pushes it out of the way and only a sliver of it is shot! The part hit flies off and hits the ground.

“I... I didn’t know you could rise from my attack like that... This isn’t over- I promise! You haven’t seen the last of me!” She yells as she nears the rest of the crystal and seems to disappear from sight instantly. Seemingly satisfied, Dexter walks over and picks up the crystal. He looks up and notices the clouds begin to part and the fluctuations cease. Though the city is still is large danger, at least he can begin repairs on his lab now.

He looks at the crystal in his hand as it lets off an eerie black light. He is not at all comfortable with its presence... He looks around, almost as if he was expecting someone.

“Whoever you are who keeps talking to me... giving me this power... thank you...”

He looks down the Windmill, certain he can make the jump and he does just that. He needs to start repairs on his lab if the people of Megaville are to be safe.

This is going to be a long night.


And with that, Dexter had his first run in with his 'little guardian angel,' he met up with one of the four knights, he solved one of the many problems plaguing Megaville and he did it all without getting killed.

Good for an afternoon, I must say.
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"It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

The Chronometal Wars, a fan-fiction taking place in the PPGD Universe. Catastrophe is the only certainty.
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