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Rowby: Halo: Reach (Multi-Stories); Fanfic [PG-13]

Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:28 am

Hello, this is actually my first time entering here. I read all those proper ways how to properly do a writing style, but will go my own way for now. This isn't my first time writing a story like this. The whole "---" is my way of ending it and switching to another set of group. Which means, I'll switch up either between them or end it there.

Anyways, like any other Halo fanfic, I made my own, similarly to the game Halo: Reach. I've been working on this a month prior before the game released, but I took waay too long to finish it and was gonna finish it on the same day as the release of the game.

My story talks about 4 Spartan-IIIs along with 1 Spartan-II called "Team Dragon" doing a similar fashion to the known "Noble Team", going deep into enemy territory and sometimes never come back. A five man team of Spartans going up against a possible Covenant Invasion of Reach, the central hub of Military of both Fleet Command & Central Command and Scientific findings of Forerunner artifacts.

I also made other halo-related stories as well. I'll be posting them along with this main story of the Fall Of Reach main storyline. The other stories are part of my Halo story timeline. Some of them are basically ODSTs, Marines, and Army. I'll be putting those as an extra to the story, giving off a background to the Fall Of Reach event.


Cast Of Characters:


Lieutenant Commander Roku-A052 (Dragon-One) - A brilliant Tactician who matches of a great leader and also a rival to the Covenant Sangheili Generals. He is the leader of Dragon Team. He is one of the youngest Spartan-IIIs in Alpha Company before being pulled out from OPERATION: PROMETHEUS. His weapon of choice is the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle and wears the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/K variant. Similarly to Spartan-A259, Carter of Noble Team except that Roku's armor is White with blue streaks. http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/2798/vanity63426245709582000.png

Lieutenant Keith-B148 (Dragon-Two) - An aggressive & laid back soldier of the team. He acts of those being a joker and also a serious soldier. Some soldiers don't want to cross paths with him, likely to beat them up, injuring them, or even death. He is the Team Heavy Weapons Specialist. Mostly holding a Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle. He wears the variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/V variant (Steel colored armor). http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/6510/vanity63426245617247000.png

Chief Warrant Officer Rin-011 (Dragon-Three) - The only Spartan-II, who is one of the quickest hacker and one of the fastest sprinters of the group, second to Spartan-II, Kelly-087. She acts on her own and survey the area, sometimes during critical/suicidal missions. But remains loyal to the group. She is the Team Hacker which she is able to slice through terminals with ease. Her weapon of choice is the M6G Personal Defense Weapon System. And she also wears a modified variant to the Mark VI(A) MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, which is closely resembled the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R variant (Grey colored armor). http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/2412/vanity63426245870790000.png

Warrant Officer Takeshi-B117 (Dragon-Four) - A silent but deadly sharpshooter of the group. A new addition to Dragon Team. He is the most "Ghost-like" of Dragon Team. He doesn't say much, but only informs others by the old ways of "Morse Code". Rarely within the UNSC uses this as a means of communication with other branches of the military. He is a true silent protagonist and also the a true sniper. Nothing much is known from him, but he was a close friend to Sarah-B009 due to being part of the Headhunters Group. His previous engagements with Sarah-B009 during the UNSC Army Operation, codenamed: BLIZZARD on an unknown Covenant Controlled Planet that houses a huge Refueling Station for Covenant Fleets took place in 2539. Luckily, he and Sarah survived the near suicidal mission before being reassigned to Dragon Team. He has a weird collection taken from all of their engagements before and after becoming part of Dragon Team. His weapon of choice would be either a M392 Designated Marksman Rifle or a Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel Special Applications Rifle. His armor design is the new prototype armor, MJOLNIR Mark V [G], GUNGNIR (Olive colored armor with secondary steel color for the GUNGNIR faceplate). But his former armor was used to be the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R variant, which he used during the Operation: BLIZZARD in 2542, which he was 16 at the time. http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/1585/vanity63426246010660000.png

Warrant Officer Sarah-B009 (Dragon-Five) - An demolition fanatic. She loves to blow stuff up. And another addition to Dragon Team. She acts more of a joke when she competes with her superior, Lieutenant Keith-B148 in humor. But she is hyper lethal during in combat. She will even risk her own life like a Japanese Kamikaze Zero Fighter of World War II. She has a crazy way of saying "hello" to the Covenant as she brings out her Frag grenades similarly like the Suicidal Grunts does when in doubt and she runs towards her enemies in a mad dash. She is being overwatched by her superiors, even to her partner, Takeshi-B117, who they once were called Headhunters. He cares for her well being as if to protect her as she is like her sister. Her previous engagements during the Operation: BLIZZARD in 2542, made her one of the few lucky ones to made out alive along with her partner, Takeshi-B117. She was 16 at the time. Her main weapon of choice is her favorite weapon of all, the M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon. She wears a cross between the MJOLNIR/JFO variant and the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/EOD variant (Orange colored armor). http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/6641/vanity63426246155537000.png


Table Of Contents with Chapter descriptions:

AUGUST 8, 2552
Dragon Team must infiltrate a heavily fortified Covenant Base and destroy it from within.

AUGUST 9, 2552
The defenses of Quezon has been broken and the evacuation commenced. Dragon Team must enter the city from the outside and destroy an A.I. before the Covenant gets their hands on it.

AUGUST 12, 2552
A Covenant Assault Carrier looms over the desert horizon. It's up to a band of UNSC Army & Marines and Dragon Team to board it from its Central Grav Lift. With a UNSC A.I. on board their Carrier, they must do whatever it takes to get it back.

AUGUST 12, 2552
Within the Carrier's Grav Lift, they must escort Spartan-B009 through its ship and get to the engine core and detonate a FURY Tactical Nuke while escaping the ship from destruction and getting the precious A.I. out of the ship or destroy it within.

AUGUST 14, 2552
Noble Team takes the fight to the Covenant and Dragon Team volunteered. Jumping into Sabres, they must defend Anchor-9 upon waves and waves of Covenant Space Forces. And they must destroy another Carrier and aid Noble Team to get their job done.

AUGUST 25, 2552
The UNSC FFG-332, Valiant-One, is launching an ODST Drop Mission to save an ONI Base on an Island Fortress besieged. Dragon Team joins along with a surprise guest joining them.

AUGUST 30, 2552
The end is here. The Fall Of Reach. And how Dragon Team fell apart one by one.



Halo: HAYABUSA is about a five man Spartan Team, "Team Dragon", who are called upon to defend the Planet Reach with the possible outcome of the Covenant Invasion to the planet. Which is a doorstep away from Humanity's Homeworld, Earth. They fight to the very end as they struggle to defend it with their lives as to which it is their home. And will also reveal how they became part of Project: HAYABUSA.
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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:30 am



The attack was an ambush. They never saw it coming. Shot after shot downed almost half of the Jackal Patrol. A lone Spartan Sniper sat upon a rocky perch overlooking the whole area down below him. Spartan-B117 sat there quietly and moving all at once. Firing in a quick succession after each shot fired from his SRS-99 Anti-Matériel formerly known as the Special Applications Rifle, 14.5mm, SRS-99D. He scanned the area for more leftovers, but found nothing.

He switched to his comm and contacted his Team Leader, Spartan-A052, Dragon-One, through the old ways of communications, Morse Code.

"Can you say again, Dragon-Four? I can't pick it up." Dragon-One asked. "And can you stop using that!"
Dragon-Four didn't say a word and continued with his Morse Code.
"Ha ha. Very funny, Dragon-Four. Is the area clear?" he asked once more.
Again, Dragon-Four replied with that.
"Good. We'll handle this from here, Dragon-Four. Cover us as we get inside the building. Dragon-Five will stay with you." He ordered. "It would be like old times with you and Dragon-Five. Headhunters."

Dragon-Four remembered. This was like the time when him and Dragon-Five nearly escaped an unnamed Covenant Controlled Planet that was used as an Outpost for the Covenant. A small campaign which turns out that the UNSC Army's Big Red One Infantry Division was initiating their operation there, OPERATION: BLIZZARD.

Dragon-Three sprinted across the open field where Dragon-Four shot every Covenant in the area. She is one of the fastest Spartans ever in the team. Matter of fact, she's the only one Spartan-II of the team. Big and bulky like the other Spartan-IIs, but she preferred lightweight gear. With only her M6G Magnum Pistol PDWS up to bear, she sprinted across the field with nothing to shoot. As she got to the target building, she began to do her specialty. Hacking.

"Hacking now, sir." Dragon-Three said. "It'll take awhi-"
A Skirmisher appeared out of nowhere and was going to kill her. Dragon-Four quickly and without warning, fired his Sniper Rifle upon the lone Skirmisher's skull. He slumped over as purple blood splattered everywhere.
"Good shot, Takeshi." Dragon-Five cheered.
"There's more, Sarah." Dragon-Four finally broke silence. He only talks when he's around Sarah-B009. They were really close when they had to destroy almost every Refueling Depots during back in the campaign of the OPERATION: BLIZZARD, from the UNSC Army's 1st Infantry Division. From that point on, they gained a really close brother-sister relationship more than the other Spartan-IIIs. "They're just hiding. Watch my back, Sarah. I'm sensing some weird aura behind us."
"Got that, Takeshi." as she looked back with VISR turned on in her helmet visual display screen. She can see a silhouette of an Elite in active camouflage slowly creeping up on both of them. She then swithed to helmet comm. "We got one like you said, Takeshi."
"That's good, Sarah." he replied. "Sneak some explosives on this location. As soon as he gets in range, we slip down this perch and detonate the explosives."

She gave a thumbs up as she prepped up with two frag grenades holding in both hands like she always do. As when this lone Elite came closer, more Skirmishers popped out from their counter attack down below as Dragon-Three finished her hacking. Dragon-One & Dragon-Two came and aided her as she got inside.

"I'll cover you, Commander." as Dragon-Two fired upon them with his MA37 Assault Rifle ICWS. "I'll be waiting for Dragon-Four and Five, sir."
"Negative, Dragon-Two. We Spartans stick together and we're getting out of here." Dragon-One said as he also fired his M392 Designated Marksman Rifle getting pot shots on each Jackals he found. "I'll radio them over he-"


An explosion rocked the rocky perch as Dragon-Four and Five jumped off from the steep rocky hillside as they saw a body of an Elite Major pummeling down the hillside. They nailed him straight in the face. Dragon-Five switched to her M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon and fired two slugs of Rockets upon the Skirmishers attacking Dragon-One and Two. As when she did that, Two Phantom dropships swooped in dropping off 3 pairs of Hunters.

"Hunters on your six, Dragon-Four and Five." said Dragon-Two over the TEAMCOM channel.
3 pairs of Hunter groups paired up in a phalanx formation and proceeded to slowly moved forward as they deflected Dragon Team's gunfires. Dragon-Four and Five dodged their Fuel Rod beams streaking through the air and over their heads. They ran fast to the rest of their teammates in the building but only to be cut off from a falling debris of the roof collapsing blocking off the entrance.
"Dragon-One, we're completely cut off." said Dragon-Five as she switched to her MA37 Assault Rifle ICWS and returned fire onto the incoming of Covenant troops as well as Hunters getting closer to them. "We'll meet you around back, sir."

Without hesitation, Dragon-One acknowledged her. "Got it. Be careful, Dragon-Four and Five." Leaving his Spartans behind was a hard decision for him. After what happened to Noble Team member, the former Noble-Six, Thom-B293, Dragon-One didn't want that to happen to Dragon-Four and Five. But they're doing it for the cause to defend Reach no matter what to them. Dragon-One proceeded on mission as they were told to do so. Destroy as many Covenant equipment and supplies as nessesary to postpone the invasion of Quezon City just 120 klicks away from where they're in now. "Dragon-Two and Three, let's go. We're leaving them behind for now."
"Are you mad!?" Dragon-Two confronted him. "Why are you leaving them behind?"
"Because I have faith in them. You know, before they joined my team, they were used to be in the 'Headhunters' group. So I know they can deal with it."
"But that's suicide for them." Dragon-Two was angry. "Letting two young Spartans die in front of you."
"Shut it, Keith. We got our orders and we follow them. Let's go, Dragon." He reloaded his M392 DMR and went on with Dragon-Four and Five. "Rin, take point."
"Yes sir, Roku." Dragon-Three went ahead doing recon for now.
"Orders my arse..." Keith muttered to himself as they left Dragon-Four and Five behind.


"Remember how we're in a pitch like this, Takeshi?" Dragon-Five asked. "Back on that planet with the 1st Infantry?"
"Please don't remind me about that, Sarah." Takeshi dropped a Bubble Shield to protect them from Covenant plasma fire and fuel rod rounds. "What you got in stored, Sarah?"
She brought out her M41 again and reloading their barrels and ammunitions. "Get ready for the ride of your life, Takeshi." She smiled behind her visor.
"Here we go again..." Takeshi sighed.

The Bubble Shield depleted & collapsed and Takeshi activated his Hologram to make the Covenant fire at the holographic dummy of himself. He then switched to his sidearm and fired upon a dozen of Grunts. Getting potshots after potshots. Then going back to his SRS-99D and fired his rounds on the Elites skulls and torsos. Killing them one after the other. And letting Sarah behind him fire all her rounds on the phalanx formation of Hunters. After she fired her last one in the barrel, Sarah immediately dropped a drop shield as they recovered and reloaded their ammunitions. They continued like this for awhile until Takeshi again activated another Hologram and they make their narrow escape from the firefight.

"I wanna kill with at least a Spartan Laser right about now. Everything would get interesting..." Sarah laughed at little.
"Oh god no..." Takeshi sighed again.


Dragon-One lead them through an old rundown facility that was used to house Mining Equipment for Miners who would build shelters here in case of Covenant Glassing. The diggings was halted due to an early visit from the Covenant when they arrived in atmosphere on Reach. Just yesterday too. He lead them through a narrow hallway with shards of glass and debris of the ceiling all around them.

"I don't like this one bit, Roku." Keith said in paranoia. "I'm getting a feeling that someone's watching us in here." He levelled his MA37 down the range. And to its empty hallways left and right as they went in slowly.
"Pipe down, Two." Rin said softly. "You can't hear them as much as One and I can."
"Hear what?"
"Shhh..." Roku halted them. "Eyes up front, VISR on. Now." whispered Roku through TEAMCOM. "I got two Elites. Ultras with Energy Swords."
They didn't say a word and watched two silhoulettes of active camouflaged Elite Ultras. Their blades hidden with them with their active camo. It's harder to see with the naked eye, but with VISR system it's not.
"Three, create a distraction. Improvised, at least." Roku ordered. "Two, flank them somehow. I'll do the shooting as when Three timed her distraction."
Two green lights shoned on his visor. And they went off to do their assigned tasks for now.


Both Takeshi and Sarah ran off and away from the Hunter pairs. They managed to get 4 out of 6 of them along with dozens of Covenant Troops. They ran as they found another group of Covenants in another area. With their weapons near depleted, they used fallen Covenant weapons whenever possible.

"I'm out, Takeshi." as she threw away her M41 Rocket Launcher and drew out her M6G Magnum Pistol PDWS. "Should've saved it, huh?"
"Why you even bother being a demolition fanatic, Sarah?" Takeshi fired his last rounds on his M6G Magnum and threw it away as well and grabbed a Needle Rifle nearby. Charging as they go and firing at the same time. "At least we can finally use these high tech stuff, huh Sarah?"
"But I'm hoping for at least a Laser or something..." as she said spending the last remaining ammo for her M6G. And now she is weaponless. "Now, I'm screwed, Takeshi."
"That's what you get, Sarah." he laughed. "You can have my-"
A beam of light passed over them. It was being directed to them.
"What the hell was that?!" Takeshi panted as he recovered from a near miss. "I don't know what weapon is that from the Covenant database."
"My lucky day, Takeshi." she smiled menacingly. "One of those Jackals should have them."
"Or an Elite, you know." He sighed again. "Come on, I'll cover you on your approach on that weapon."
She cheered happily and in excitement in a crossfire of trade fire between Dragon-Four and the Covenant Troops.


"Got them, sir." Keith said. "But I don't think they're Ultras from what they're wearing, One."
He was right. Roku examined their armors and color variations. It looks like them. Covenant Elite Zealots. Seems like they're here for excavation as well. To find what exactly? Forerunner artifacts beneath Reach's soil?
"Zealots, Two." Roku replied. "Just by their looks and armor permulations, they're the real deal. No lie."
"But why Zealots, sir?" Rin asked. "Why would Zealots be on Reach?"
"Maybe its got something to do with Quezon." Roku theorized. "Probably a hidden forerunner structure beneath the city. If not, maybe in Sword Base or CASTLE Base, Three."
"Well, we can't tell from here, sir." Keith reloaded his MA37 Assault Rifle and his M45 Tactical Shotgun and holstered his Assault Rifle on his back. Equipping with his M45 Tactical Shotgun. "We better proceed on mission like you said. We'll tell the brass and ONI about all this."
"Agreed, Two. Move out." As Roku made a last glance on the two dead Zealots and went back to their mission.


Sarah ran fast as she could. Flanking and confusing her shooters. A beam of light flickered on her shields and it was depleted halfway. She immediately disarmed the Skirmisher holding the rifle and killed him with a knife kill. Taking his rifle, she started to inspect it as her shields recharged at the same time.

"Wow, new weapons, huh." She scanned it with her personal datebase of both Human & Covenant. "Type-52 Special Applications Rifle, huh? So what's so special about that?"
"You know I'm getting fired at, Sarah." said Takeshi being covered by a small rock. His shields flickered as plasma bolts streammed towards him and all around him.
"Time to play." Sarah turned around and started wild firing the rifle. Every Covenant that got in her way were dead except for the Elites.
"Lucky shot, Sarah." Takeshi was jealous after his shields recharged. "Better not get too carried away with that."
"Yeah, I won't for your sake." she smiled behind her visor. "So where are we now, Takeshi?"
"Hell if I know." he suddenly replied. "We got separated from the group and I lost track of our current location."
"Why do you use your overview mapping of the place in your VISR?"
"Why are you asking me this? You have one too, you know." Takeshi facepalmed. "Well, I'll check it then-"

A couple of Elites charged and fired towards them. Both Takeshi and Sarah immediately returned fire. She went crazy again with the rifle she took from that Skirmisher she killed.

"After we're done with these guys, Sarah." Takeshi continued. "I will get back to our location, sounds good?"


"Target aquired, One."
Roku saw them. Dozens of Covenant Troops mobilizing everywhere.
"It's them. Winter Contingency, alright. Just like Noble Team said." Keith cursed. "What do you want us to do now, sir?"
Roku looked towards Rin and his second-in-command, Keith then to the Covenant troops down below. Too risky without Four and Five here. he thought. Suddenly he looked over to the Assembly area of Wraiths and Revenants in one area being sabotage by explosions of unknown magnitude. Chain reaction erupted. There was no Air Forces in the area. And Roku and his team stood there confused from all the chaos down below.

Roku and his team heard a Morse Code come by through their helmet communication relays. It was a stunning surprise to hear Dragon-Four and Five again.

"Dragon-Five and Four are here and rendezvous with the team, Dragon-One." Sarah reported as she, down below, fired volleys upon volleys of Needler rounds onto the Covenant Troops being disoriented from the confusion of the explosion. "And needing of additional assistances, sir."

Roku nodded. "Agreed, Five." He rosed as well as his team. He gave a hand gesture to his left and right telling both Keith and Rin take his flanks and move up. He then jumped down from the cliff side and slid down the rocky hillside. So as both Keith and Rin.

As he fully got down, he fired his DMR and made potshots after the Jackal Snipers and Skirmishers while Keith ran up to an Elite without him noticing he was being assassinated by Keith's Combat Knife. Rin ran really fast to one Grunt and another by sticking two plasma nades onto their Methane Tanks on their back and then a confetti of blue plasma sparks erupted behind her.

Keith, after assassinating that Elite Minor, he then turn to the next Elite in the area, firing from his M45 Tactical Shotgun and meleeing them as they got closer to him. Rin continued to run and taking some shots from her M6G Magnum Pistol PDWS killing dozens of Grunts and Jackals in her way. And Roku keeping up with his squadmates as he reloaded his M392 DMR. He saw a Ghost coming straight at him as he activated his Armor Lock killing the Grunt Driver of that Ghost immediately as the Ghost exploded from his Armor Lock.

Takeshi detonated another set of explosives destroying another batch of Wraiths in another area. As he was finished from that, he took out his Needle Rifle and made his potshots on another group of Covenant Grunts and Jackals. Sarah being close by, firing her new weapon, the Type-52 Special Applications Rifle, or the Focus Rifle. Shooting out a beam of light onto a group of Elite Majors and Minors as they tried dodging the plasma streak of her Focus Rifle.

They returned fire by Elite Majors wielding three Concussion Rifles. They managed to deplete Sarah & Takeshi's shields down. Takeshi was injured from the blast, when Sarah immediately dropped a Drop Shield for them to quickly recover. She went out of the shield and fired again to hold them off as the Elites tried getting closer to them.

Roku sprinted to their location as he fired his last few rounds in his DMR before reloading again. Being followed by Rin firing her M6G and knocking out more Grunts with the mag of her pistol as she threw it at them. They covered fire for both Takeshi and Sarah as when the Drop Shield collapsed. Sarah went ahead of Roku and Rin firing again from her Focus Rifle before running out from that rifle. They were being overrun by more Covenant Troops as they hid behind debris of Covenant vehicles left behind by Takeshi's explosive charges.

"Where's Keith when you needed him!?" Rin said almost forgetting about him.
"Yeah, where's mister big shot with his-" Sarah stopped suddenly as two Brute Chieftains wielding Gravity Hammers charging in.
"Brutes on our twelve o'clock." Roku warned the others. "Fall back, Dragon."
"No need to, Dragon-One." A Brute Chopper came launching through the air and into the firefight. Keith was in it managing to kill one Chieftain when it landed on him. "Calvary has arrived, sir."
One more Brute Choppers and a Revenant came crashing through the lines of Covenant Troops behind them. Roku identified them and it was TEAM NINJA. Relieved from Keith's arrival and the other Spartans, he immediately went on the offensive.

"Dragon Team advance!" He ordered his Team around him.
They acknowledged as they pressed forward and firing at once. Sarah finally replaced her Focus Rifle for a Concussion Rifle where they were attacked from 3 Elites which they lied dead from Keith's sudden surprise attack. She smiled of joy as she tested out the Rifle which she is satisfied with it. Takeshi, found more ammo for his Needle Rifle and reloaded it and fired from way behind his team as usual. Rin covering fire with just her M6G then finally switching to her MA37 Assault Rifle as her M6G Pistol ran out of ammo, and Keith blasting through with his Brute Chopper.


Just as Team Ninja were facing impossible odds, they finally broke silence.
"Dragon Team, we got this." said Ninja Team Leader Lieutenant Alice-A124 piloting the Revenant. "Head back to HQ, they got something for you all."
"Negative, Lieutenant." Roku denied. "We're staying here and finishing this up."
"It's from Command. They need you guys to evac the city now."
"But what about you guys?"
"We can take care of everything here. We'll mop up from here, out."

"You heard the lady, Dragons." Roku hesitated. "Fall back A-SAP."
They did not questioned why but did so leaving Ninja Team to take over the fight. A lone and unguarded UH-144 Falcon Transport was sitting outside from the base. They all got on and revved up and left the area. They can see Ninja Team getting the upperhand as they eliminated every Covenant on the ground.

Keith pitched around hoping for both Takeshi and Sarah manning the side gun turrets aided their fight as they hovered around them. Acting like air support for them. Keith then moved the aircraft away from them as Ninja Team quickly dispatched their explosives on every Spire they found.

All of a sudden, a Nuke went off in the distance to their left as they headed to Quezon City. And another in near their location. And finally a Nuke right behind them. It was a blossoming of fiery blasts of Three Tactical Nukes being released like one big chain reaction.

"Didn't know the brass got them all." Keith chuckled through the COM Channel from the Pilot seat while steering them to Quezon City.
"So why need us, sir?" Sarah asked. "They got Marines down there to evac the city. Why bother with us to defend it?"
Roku though of that just now. Why Command wants them in the city as soon as they were sent to destroy a Covenant Base Relay just outside of Quezon City? And why would they leave Ninja Team behind?
"Whoa...look at that Commander." as Keith looked above from their Falcon Transport.
"What the hell? A Covenant Assault Carrier? How the hell they got through?!" Sarah panicked.
"Seems like those Spires houses a teleportation grid for Covenant Fleets to enter in-atmosphere, Dragon-One." A voice came through their channel. It was Urban Holland himself. "Noble Team had the same problem."
"Holland, you better explain why my team was pulled out." Roku questioned. "And why us?"
"ONI directive. Your orders will be sent to you only, Sierra-A052."
He switched to private com and heard the orders from Holland.
"Yes. Understood, sir." Roku agreed. "Will be there less than five min-"
Three Banshee fliers swooped down at them. Firing at them as Takeshi and Sarah returned fire upon them in both sides of the Falcon.
"Make that twenty minutes, Holland." Roku added.
"Sorry sir, com's jammed." Keith said while dodging the Banshees plasma fire.
Roku cursed.

One Banshee flier shot out from his Fuel Rod Cannon and damaged the left wing rotor causing the Falcon to spiral down to the ground. Just a few meters from a lone building, crashed into an open field from where they were shot. Dragon Team got out of the Falcon as a lone Covenant Assault Carrier looms over head and into the defenses of Quezon City. Launching upon waves of Covenant Phantoms towards the heavily defensive line.

"Let's commandeer a vehicle, Dragon." Roku ordered. "Dragon-Two, get one, now."
"Will do, One." Keith acknowledged. "Dragon-Three, your with me."
"On it, Dragon-Two." as Rin took lead.
Roku, Takeshi, and Sarah stayed where their Falcon was shot down.
"So how are we going to save a city, Commander?" Sarah asked.
"We don't, Sarah." Roku replied. "We let it burn down. Like how they did to our homes..."



Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:09 am

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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:09 am

I forgot to add that, but I posted this up on the halofanon wikia site.
It's still under Halo: HAYABUSA title, but they're wearing different Mark V armor variants.
The Quezon City part was also in the Remember Reach 3 short vids trailer showing the Patrol, the family, and the departure trailers. It showed all three cities, but they're mentioned only.
So the Quezon City part, I added it into the Reach story, instead of using New Alexandria as the setting.

This story is set after when Noble Team investigated the Comms Arrays and discovered the Covenant on Reach. The Winter Contingency was in effect. The Dragon Team were investigating a different area similar to Jun-A266 and Noble Six's recon mission on the Spire. Dragon Team had delayed the Invasion to Quezon City, sitting at the eastern edge of the Viery Territory. But their mission was a failure when an Assault Carrier came in and invaded the Besieged city.

I'll post up Chapter 2 soon to show how Dragon Team do their job and joining along with the ODSTs defending Quezon City.

Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:11 am

Here's a link to my story in the halofanon site:

Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

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That's take forever with the rate of my character level. I need to unlock all the armors and take those pics.


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Oh cool, thanks.
I can probably use this for the characterizations of my Spartan Team.


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I've posted it up on my FB account. Too lazy to post it here.
I only got Chapter 3 partially finished. Chapter 2 is up in my notes as well.

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"Barely enough room thanks to Dragon-Two here."
"Are you saying I'm fat, Dragon-Four?"
"No, nothing at all." Takeshi lied. Which is odd he finally spoke with his team members. Since this is the last time they'll be together when Reach has fallen.

A flatbed truck have streamed down from valley to valley in an off road trail as they reached the perimeter defenses of Quezon City. Only to be in a crossfire of Covenant ground troops and Gun platforms as artilleries criss crossing their fire to one another. Facing waves of Covenant Troops as the same Covenant Troops bombarding them with Wraith Barrages onto the perimeter defenses.

Dozens of SOEIVs has dropped to their location. As it turned out to be the 105th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 7th Shock Troops Battalion. ODSTs. Armed to the teeth with high tech gear that matches any Spartan-IIs. They went gun blazing as their Anti-tank units destroyed most of their Wraiths and Revenants vehicles. Dragon Team got out and provided extra fire support.

"Dragon Team, provide fire support." Roku ordered. "Help them push them back."
"Yes sir." They all acknowledged as they scrabbled out of the flatbed truck.

Takeshi stayed behind and found a high enough perch for him to scout the area and provide sniper support while Rin sprinted to one of the ODST Squad engaging a squad of Covenant Grunts and Elites. Sarah finally shot her Concussion Rifle to a couple of leftover Revenants and destroyed two out of four of them bunched together as Keith found a Spartan Laser lying on the ground to be used and fired an AA Wraith as it came in. Roku ran across an open field to reach an ODST commander.

"Spartans? Didn't expected you guys showing up."
"We got orders from Holland, but we got shot down on our way here."
"Seems like it, Spartan." as that ODST giving off a somewhat hatred to the Spartans around him. "I'm Lieutenant Donald Anderson of the 7th Drop unit. We've been sent here to soften up their attacks towards the city."
"Lieutenant Commander of Spartan-III Dragon Team. Pulled out from the Spires outside of Quezon."
"Dragon Team, Commander?" Anderson said as the fighting continued around them. "Same as Noble?"
Roku nodded. "Yes, Lieutenant. The very same."
"No shit, Commander. Didn't expected Dragon Team being with us." Anderson laughed. "We can handle everything from here, Commander. Get your squad inside the City and do whatever you guys were suppose to do."
Dozens of Ghosts and Shadow Troop Transports came hovering low and fast towards the ODST group.
"We got incoming, Lieutenant."
"Seems like we got their attention."
"No doubt, we can handle. We got this, Spartans." Anderson said with a badass expression through his blue tinted V-shaped visor.
"Negative, Lieutenant." Roku denied. "We're staying here to fight along side your men."

Roku immediately ran out of cover and surpressed fire for the ODST squad being trapped behind two solid rocks from Two Elite Ultras firing at them.

"Spartans on Reach?" One of the ODST in confusion.
"That's right...?" Sarah replied asking for his name.
"Lance Corporal Bronson Miller, ma'am." Bronson stated his name.
"Sarah-B009 of Dragon Team. Dragon-Five. At your service." as she layed waste to her attackers when finally found a new rifle to use.
Bronson recognized her voice. It can't be the same Spartan from OPERATION: BLIZZARD, can it? "Don't bother answering this question, but were you in OPERATION: BLIZZARD by any chance?"
Immediately she remembered that engagement on that Covenant Refueling Planet. She stuttered asking why. "Yeah, why'd you asked?"
"Do you remembered by any chance meeting my brother when he was in that operation? Deep inside a Covenant structure with a friend of his?"
"Y-yeah..." She started to suddenly remembering that time saving two other soldiers in that structure when it was going to blow. "Again, why'd you asked?"
"Nothing. Just wondering." as he threw his remaining grenade onto a Grunt Pack.
"Enough with the chit-chat, Sarah." Takeshi walked up to her as he aim down his Needle Rifle firing at the same time. "Better get your gear up, Soldier. We're moving away from this spot."
Bronson didn't say a word as he was told to go with Sarah and Takeshi. Remembering seeing him as well as her. But didn't bother asking him too.
"We got incoming, Spartans!" Bronson shouted.


Crackling boom and gunfire blazes all around them. Bronson and Takeshi were knocked out of their feet and dazed from a nearby Plasma Mortar concussion. Bronson staring and trying to get into focus of Sarah of what looks like firing all her M41 rockets onto a Wraith that knocked out both Takeshi and Bronson. His also noticed his helmet was missing and searched everywhere for it.

He scrambled around to finally find his helmet and put it on. Takeshi slowly scrambled to his feet as well.

"I hate close combat." Takeshi mumbled to himself.
"I hate it too." Bronson acknowledged as they both tried orient themselves from the concussion of the Plasma Mortar. "But you know, I'm a Helljumper. So I gotta get use to this anyways."
"Sucks to be you, Miller." Takeshi replied. "But, I too, have to deal with this."
They both have a momentarily brief moment until Sarah interrupted them.
"Armor taken out!" as Sarah was pleased and excited from the firefight.
"Seems like your friend there likes to party, huh?" Bronson said as he got into the fight.
"Yeah, too much. You better be ready cuz she's not done yet." Takeshi replied.
"She's one helluva soldier, you know." Bronson said as to fall in love with her. "She can be one helluva Helljumper too."
Takeshi sighed. "Yeah, sure..."


"On your feet, soldier. Now." Rin ordered one of the ODSTs. "We need to press forward if we can get this area cleared."

That lone ODST sat in a fetal position. Rin knew that she was a volunteer and was from the UNSC Marine Corps. She is the ODST medic of the 7th ODST Battalion. She was likely in her early 20s when she was deployed here. That lone ODST looked up and stared at the metallic clad suit of armor. She nodded and got up to her feet.

"I'll cover you, Medic." Rin said as she fired short burst from her M6G Pistol onto a Grunt Pack ahead of her. "I see a couple of your guys wounded right behind us. In a smoldering crater just 12 meters away. I can cover for you for a short while until you get there. Got it?"
"Yes, Spartan." The female ODST answered to Rin. "Tell me whenever you're ready, okay?"
Rin nodded.

As when she gave a hand gesture for go, the female ODST immediately dashed to the wounded ODSTs. The female ODST Medic beeline through the crossfire of Plasma and Bullets. She managed to get to them as Rin charging forward towards the Grunt Pack. The female ODST will have to thank her for that someday. She went to work to help the wounded.

Rin began running towards the Grunt pack until finding out it was lead by an Elite Minor and a small Brute Pack. Facing impossible odds this time, she went in without any backup and fired her Pistol. She switched from weapon to hand-to-hand combat as her enemies were close together. The Brute Chieftain whipped around his Gravity Hammer almost taking out Rin's head. She targetted him as the top priority before engaging the rest. One by one, the Brute Pack fell as well as the Grunt Pack. The Brute Chieftain swung his Gravity Hammer missing again but purposely killed his Elite ally. She knew there were tensions between the two races.

She made a right hook as the Gravity Hammer was slammed into the ground knocking the Chieftain's hands off of the Hammer. She immediately grabbed hold of the Hammer and turned it over to make it face the Blade end to the Chieftain's head. She then upward swung the Chieftain's head and splitted the skull in half killing the Chieftain instantly. Rin took Chieftain's Gravity Hammer and charged forward with lightning speed into another Brute Pack. She swung the Hammer as she hit in the middle of the Brute Pack causing the Gravity Hammer to distort the air around the Hammer base to make a concussive blast which can disable any, if not kill them instantly.

Swinging the blade end again to a Brute Minor but he dodged it and killed a Grunt who was stucked instantly to the blade end of the Hammer. She swung once more as the Grunt ragdolled from the Hammer as the air distort again releasing the Grunt hung by the Hammer killing two Brutes in one swing. And she came charging down to another group of a Brute Pack not caring about her life at all.


Keith used up his last remaining shot from his Spartan Laser to a Hunter pair killing that Hunter and leaving one left. He threw away the Laser and backpedal to a nearby rock where he hid behind. That lone Hunter charged up a Fuel Rod shot and it burst out of its gun. A streak of green light had burst into molten fragments near his position splashing really hot plasma everywhere. His shields flared and was three quarters drained. He quickly got out of cover and sprinted really fast to the lone Hunter with an M9 Fragmentation Grenade at hand.

That lone Hunter charged as well towards Keith as the lone Hunter was about to bash him with his heavy shielding. Keith managed to dodge its attack and punched a hole into the exposed back area and primed the frag inside of it. He doved out of the way as soon as the frag exploded spreading wormlike tentacle matter everywhere as Keith's armor was covered in orange blood-like substances. The lone Hunter was splitted up into two as Keith ran back to his team, but only to find a small ODST squad ahead.


Three ODSTs took potshots after potshots towards a group of Covenant to their left flank and their front. Not only realizing that two Grunt Kamikazes priming their two grenades and came charging at their location.

"Suicide Bombers on our 3 o' clock, Gannings." said one of the ODSTs.
Sergeant Major Rachel Gannings turned back and saw them charging at them. She switched to her sidearm and fired the lead Kamikaze Grunt causing him to explode in a blue fiery blast which was a couple meters away from them.

"We got a Spartan coming through. Watch your fire." SgtMaj. Gannings said to her small team. Sergeant 1st Class Trenton Christian and Private 1st Class Nana Kim Nishidake was with her covering the Runaway Spartan coming straight at them.

The lone Spartan came towards them as they take refuge from an overturned M12 LRV Warthog. He sprinted almost about a half mile away from his team and the ODSTs, which he was far away from the group.

"Good to see you Spartans here." Christian was relieved.
"Better not get all flattered with me, soldier." Keith replied with a aggressive tone. "I can kick your ass and not care what happens to you."
"Cut the chatter, guys." Gannings tried focusing onto a incoming of Covenant Troops going over a hillside. "We got more coming, Spartan."
Gannings lend out her DMR to him as she switched to her MA37. Keith took the offered rifle and fired alongside her and Nishidake.
"Rachel, we got another Hunter Pair." Nishidake reported. "And more suicidal Grunts coming in fast."
Gannings looked around again and sprayed the Grunts to cause a chain reaction of Plasma Grenades blowing up in the distance. "Done."
"You better not get too carried away, Sergeant." Keith advised him.
"And you shouldn't say shit to my men, you Spartan Freak." Gannings said annoyingly.
"Don't make me rip your arms up, Sergeant. You know I'm higher ranking than you."
"Ranks are for pussies, Keith."
"H-how'd you know my name?" Keith asked in sudden surprise.
"I know my way around, idiot. And people too." Gannings replied as she checked her left eye patch which contains intel report of everything and to see info of every personnels around her. Notifying Keith she has an eye patch which reads out his background. "Part of Dragon Team and as Dragon-Two, correct?"
"Stalker." Keith said as he spent another clip from his DMR. And he sprinted away to draw the fire away from the ODSTs to him.
"What a crazy mutha fuckin' Spartan he is." Gannings mumbled.
"I can do that too." Christian grinned.
"Don't you do it again, bro." Gannings denied him as she pulled him back.
"Not like we're doing the Kamikaze Team again, huh sis?" Christian sighed.


"Dragon Team to Dragon-One." Roku said clearly through his TEAMCOM. "Dragon Team to Dragon-One, fall back to the Rally Point Alpha being marked now."

Roku had marked their fallback point as the Firefight slowly ceased. He marked the area where a lone M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle as known as the Elephant Transport as their makeshift base which has rolled in front the Defensive Perimeter of Quezon City as their marked area for regroup of all members and ODSTs alike.

They acknowledged his orders and went off and fell back as they were to do so. At the same time cleaning up the fight as it slowly disipated with their ODST counterparts.

A lone ODST Commander came out from the rear ramp of the Elephant as it came down. His armor was metallic black with gold stripes along his shoulder pauldrons. He was the real Commander of the Unit here. He glared at everyone and finally took off his helmet revealing to be a female commander.

"It's strange meeting a Spartan Team way out here, Lieutenant Commander..?" she said as she's trying to figure out Roku's name.
"Sierra-A052, Lieutenant Commander Roku of the Spartan Dragon Team. Dragon-One." he stated his name. "We're here for orders of the ONI Directive within the City beyond, ma'am. Orders to retrieve the A.I. from the City before the Covenant get their hands on it."
"Well, you're in luck, Commander." she said as the rest of Dragon Team came by and heard the ODST CO's conversation with Roku. "I've already sent in an ODST Squad to retrieve it and meet them on their Island Fortress EUPHORIA in the Aszod Continent."
"Who's 'them'?" Keith butted in the conversation. "The 'Spooks'?"
The female ODST Commander nodded.

"Ma'am!" an ODST panted. He came from 1st Recon Unit that were scouting the area ahead of the defensive perimeter of the city. He was bleeding in one side from a bleeding arm that was nearly severed. His leg was bleeding as well as he limped to his CO in the area. "3 Scarabs have been spotted up ahead. Heading to this now."

"We need medical attention, Fowler!" the ODST Commander shouted.

"Commander, we're here to help your men. We can take care of those Scarabs and we'll be on our way to the City later." Roku said to her calmly. "My team will split up to take the first two Scarabs. But if you may, bring at least your highly trained elite Troopers with us to take the last Scarab that will be following the first two."
"Well, that's one helluva plan, but I make the call and we're ODSTs. We do things crazier than you do." she joked. "But since you want to do that. I'll send in a couple of UH-144 Falcons with you and your team. Good?"
"That's what the Spartan-IIIs were made of. Crazier and comparison to your ODSTs here." Roku smiled through his Blue Tinted Commando Helmet Variant. "Dragon Team!"

Keith, Rin, Sarah, and Takeshi lined up behind Roku and the female ODST Commander. They were all set and grabbed whatever weapon they had upon the Elephant Transport Command & Control Center. They were all ready for this mission they got. Completely ignoring Holland's orders at the same time. Roku had to risk it as well. Help defend the city and evacuate the civillians out of the city's starports.

"Saddle up, time for some hazard pay!" Roku shouted to his team.
"Hoo-ah!" Keith cheered. He was excited for this daring mission.
So as Sarah herself while Takeshi and Rin held their cheers within.


"Why me?" Takeshi sighed. He looked out on the rightside of the Falcon Transport as Keith's Falcon followed behind. Being lead by Roku's Falcon Transport heading into the 3 Scarabs last known locations. "Why am I still stuck with you, Sarah?"

Sarah looked out through the leftside holding the side gun turret, a MG460 Automatic Grenade Launcher, MG460 AGL. She was satisfied with this weapon she is wielding on the side turret of their Falcon Transport. They spotted their target. A lone Scarab out in the middle of the spread out lines of the other Scarabs. Its "eye" had spotted them and fired its AA Plasma Gun to Takeshi and Sarah's Falcon. Roku and Keith's Falcons proceeded to take care of the other two on both of their flanks. Their Falcon pilot fought back with her chin mounted machine gun while Sarah fired her AGL as the pilot's support.

Takeshi cocked his Sniper Rifle and aimed down the sights hoping to find its crew of that Scarab they're targetting now. A trio of Grunts caught his attention as they returned fire towards the Falcon. The Pilot rotated around the Scarab and firing her chin gun at the same time. Sarah had made her mark as the AGL ignited the same trio of Grunts that Takeshi was aiming on.

"You stole my kills, Sarah." He said over TEAMCOM channel.
"You gotta be fast, Spartan." Their pilot answered to him as she pitched around to escape from the Scarab's AA Gun's plasma fire.
"She's right, Takeshi. Get them while the getting is good."
"You two be quiet and concentrate on firing."
"Hey, I'm only saying, Spartan." Their pilot chuckled as she returned fire with another volley from her chin gun.
"I wonder how Roku and the others are doing now..." Takeshi thought to himself as he fired his rifle onto a Brute Captain aboard the Scarab.
"They'll be okay, Takeshi." Sarah replied as she returned fire once more destroying the back end of the Scarab revealing a weakpoint. "Bingo! Weak spot spotted, Pilot."

Takeshi saw the blue glowing and pulsating orb. Sarah immediately fired all her AGL rounds onto it breaking the shields apart as the Pilot finished it off with her Chin gun and Takeshi's Sniper Fire.

They did it. The Scarab is lowering down and beginning to break apart and a low pitch whine echoed throughout the desert valley. They got out of the way before it self destruct into a big blue confetti. Which Sarah remembered the times she had in Camp Currahee on the Planet Onyx. One down, two more to go. Their pilot pitched around and headed back to ODST HQ near the frontlines of Quezon City.

Takeshi hopes the others will do better than them.


"May day, may day!" Keith's pilot panicked. "I'm going down. I repeat, Echo-024 is going down hard."

Keith and the three volunteered ODSTs were with him. All three of them as the same ODSTs he met earlier. And they were crazier than ever to hold on as their Falcon crashed landed besides the Scarab's rightside. The Scarab continued to crawl forward and heading to the ODST HQ stationed outside the city's defensive perimeter.

Keith was covered by dirt and debris while the others knocked out cold. SgtMaj Gannings stood by Keith and helped him up. Moments later, LCpl Christian and PFC Nishidake got up as well. They're okay from the crash landing. But their pilot didn't make it. Keith and the others went off to chase after the Scarab as they found a flipped over flatbed truck.

Keith flipped it back over and started the ignition of the truck. Satisfied hearing the engines roaring, he told everyone to get on and hold on tight as they went speeding down the dirt road heading to the trail of the Scarab ahead of them. Going over small bumps from rocks and dirt hills, they finally caught up with the Scarab and trying to figure out a way how to board it.

"Any ideas how to get on that thing?" Keith asked while driving the truck.
Gannings and Nishidake looked to one another, but Christian made one crazy idea.

"I got one." as Christian brought out his M41 Rocket Launcher and launching a salvo onto the Scarab's left rear leg and waiting to fire again as it kept on moving. The moment when the leg landed again, he fired immediately, just 2 seconds before the leg came completely down. The second salvo rocket streaked through the air and made an impact to the left rear leg and finally the Scarab made its repairs to its left rear leg joints which made itself drop down for them to hop aboard the Scarab and fight the Covenant.

"Good job, Kamikaze." Gannings cheered as she got off the flatbed truck as the Keith stopped right behind the Scarab. "Just like old times, bro."
"Why they call you 'Kamikaze', Corporal?" Keith asked as he lifted Christian and Nishidake aboard the Scarab.
"He's just like your Spartan friend, Keith. A Demolition Fanatic." Gannings replied. "But he's not the only one who's crazy. We both are. We act more crazier than any ODSTs back then. Jumping from high places and landing on our feet onto the enemies-"
"Heading into battles and not care at all." Nishidake concluded. "That's why they're the Kamikaze Team, Spartan."
Keith was impressed by them. They would be one helluva Spartan-IIIs like himself. But he doesn't care for that now, all he cares is to assault the Scarab from the back opening.

Keith found a two Brute Ultras and stuck them both with a Type-2 Plasma Grenades behind their backs. They detonated leaving their scarred remains from the grenades. As the grenades alerted the rest of the Covenants onboard, Gannings and Christian began peppering from their MA37 Assault Rifles ICWS on both of Keith's left and right flanks as they all pushed upwards on the top deck of the Scarab. The Scarab began to rumble as it returned back to normal and continued to crawl forward. It now became shakey when they got on and it became harder to shoot.

Nishidake came from below with her M392 DMR as she fired all her rounds onto a Jackal Sharpshooter way above and near the AA Plasma Gun which they got shot down from. She reloaded her rifle and proceeded to aid her both Keith and her friends going towards the back end of the Scarab.

All of a sudden, two Grunt Kamikazes primed both their plasma grenades and charged forward to both Gannings and Christian. They both were surprised from this last ditched effort as they both killed the Grunts on both sides of the Scarab. Keith went on ahead and checked the area. It was cleared for now. They all went in afterwards and found the weak point. A glowing and pulsating blue orb covering a worm-like colony which was controlling the Scarab itself. Nishidake found a Plasma Pistol nearby and charged up the shot and fired to disabled the plasma shieldings which it already dispersed from her Plasma Pistol shot. Revealing the worm-like colony of the Mgalekgolo inside of the Scarab.

"What now?" Gannings questioned.
"I'd tap that." Christian joked.
"Disgusting, Kamikaze." Keith said in disgust. "Why the fuck would you do that?"
Nishidake gagged as when Christian joked.
"Trent, place the charges and get ready to blow it up." Gannings ordered.
"Got it, sis." Christian answered. He immediately set a foam from a C-14 Canister and foamed up the surrounding areas where it almost touches the Mgalekgolo worms.
"Everyone, get down to the below deck and wait for Christian's signal and we can jump off before that happens. Understood?"
"I like your way of thinking, Gannings." Keith praised him for the first time.

Christian is finally done as the others moved back down to the below deck and to the back opening of the Scarab. Christian made his adjustments as he threw his last remaining M-9 Fragmentation Grenade. The grenade exploded, so as the charge which erupted leaving a big wide opening above where Keith and the others were waiting below. A giant piece of the Scarab's back blew off all due to the C-14 charges Christian made.

They all jumped as the Scarab lowered itself to the ground, Christian was following behind them as he detonated the charges. Running away as it began to hit critical stages and finally detonating into a giant blue white hot plasma explosion which causes the Scarab to blow up and into smaller pieces of the Scarab before.

"Great job, Christian. Now we must report back to ODST HQ." Keith said as he marched back to the flat bed truck and restarting the engines again. He got everyone aboard and went off to the East to head back to ODST HQ with Takeshi and the others after what he heard from his helmet communications. "It's great working with you fellow Helljumpers."

"It's been an honor serving with you, Spartan." Gannings lied. "Then again, we might meet up again later in combat, in a different playing field."

Keith chuckled as he tried getting them all back home to the others.


Roku's Falcon had hit its mark to the Scarab's AA Plasma Gun as it crashed into it. Roku was left alone facing against a sizable Covenant Group aboard the Scarab. He's the last survivor from the crash and must face them alone. With only his MA37 Assault Rifle ICWS which showed his Ammo counter down to 12 rounds left in the Assault Rifle. He had no time to relaod in time for 2 Brute Minors coming out of the Scarab's below deck to see the commotion of Roku's UH-144 Falcon crash to the Scarab's AA gun. Finding out it was a Spartan aboard their Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform a.k.a. Scarab Walker.

"Damn, my luck just ran out." Roku bluffed.

He switched to his side arm and fired away on the incoming of the Brute Pack coming up and out of the lower decks. He realized he should of ordered Rin to aid him in this daring assault on this Scarab Walker, but he choosed to be on his own. What a bad move for him. He continued to fire away as he came around the back of the Scarab. Luckily finding the weakspot, a glowing blue plasma shielding that controls the Scarab by the Mgalekgolo worms inside of it.

He threw two M-9s in and got out of the way as he stumbled and tackled a Brute War Chieftain making them both fall off the Scarab hard. As he did that, the Scarab suddenly exploded and all that's left was Roku and the unconscious Brute War Chieftain. As they both got up, the Brute War Chieftain stared at his Scarab in vain and including his Brute Pack lying dead all around him and the same Spartan who blew it up.

The Brute Chieftain was furiously angered of what Roku did to his Brute Pack and came charging down with his Gravity Hammer readying an downward smash to Roku. The gravity around the Hammer distorted launching debris of rock and metal everywhere as Roku dodged its lethal attack. He came up close and gave the Chieftain a really fast punch in the gut. The Chieftain staggered but recovered quickly as he tried swinging another time with his Blade back end of the Hammer with a horizontal swipe nearly slicing a piece of Roku's chest plated armor. Roku fell back from the swipe as the Chieftain got ready for another downward smash again. Making Roku use his Armor Lock ability to encase him with a glowing blue-white shielding that protects him from harm and to recover for a period of time. The Chieftain was again staggered and somewhat paralyzed from Roku's Armor Lock as he staggered back from it. Roku got out of the Armor Lock and took out his Combat Knife that was holstered on his left shoulder pauldron. And gave a quick stab to the Chieftain's rhino-like torso. The Chieftain bled and was trying to swing again with his last breath before succumbing from the chest wound from Roku's blade.

"So uncivilized, you Ape." Roku shooked off the blood stains on his Knife and sheath it back to his left shoulder pauldron that held the knife's sheath. He keyed in the COM channels to give the report to ODST HQ. Along with that, he contacted his Team for the situation of the other two Scarabs. "SitRep, Dragons."


"Dragon-Two and the ODSTs had taken out Scarab number two, One." Keith answered.
"Dragons-Four and Five had taken out Scarab number three as well, Commander." Sarah replied.
"I've taken out Scarab number one as well on my own. My crew didn't make it." Roku said in short grief. "But I had a little fight with a Chieftain."
"On your own, sir?" Keith was amazed. "War Hammer and the likes, Commander?"
"Indeed, Two." Roku said. "But I need a lift back to base. I'll call you guys back when we get back to base. Out."

Roku switched frequencies to the ODST HQ. Contacting the same female ODST Commander, Commander Serah Sison. And at the same time checking his HUD for additional Intel of the Situation at the city.
"Dragon-One to ODST HQ. Repeat, Dragon-One to ODST HQ, over."
"We hear you loud and clear, One. Everything's cleaned up on your end?"
"Affirmative, Commander. All three Scarabs are takened out with ease. It feels......too easy for us and your ODSTs."
"Something smells fishy and I'm not talking about haha fishy, I mean, this looks so easy for us both. I smell a trap, Dragon-One."
"Indeed." Roku thought about the same thing. This was too easy for both ODSTs and Spartans alike. The Covenant has sent in only three Scarabs in and heading towards the city's defensive perimeter rather than placing down 12 Scarabs to overrun the city. But the odd thing is, that the Scarabs are far away from the city, same distance of where they destroyed the Spire encampments. As the defensive perimeter has modified Mass Accelerator Cannons for heavy armament of anything heavily armored such as the Scarabs, dozens of pill boxes and bunkers, and AA batteries scattered throughout the walls of the city. "Anything you heard from the perimeter of the city? Any reports?"
"I found none...wait-" She ran through the battlefield camera feeds facing towards the defensive walls. "The walls have been breached, Dragon-One."
"How can this happen?" Roku was stunned to hear this sudden report.
"This was actually a diversion. The Covenant Main Forces was 12 Scarab Walkers jumping inside the walls of the city." She cried. "I'm getting report of a Covenant Assault Carrier has breached the walls and entered the city destroying every AA batteries around it."
Roku was shocked to hear this. He didn't say a word when it happened all so suddenly.
"Seems like my ODST squad that was sent to retrieve the A.I., were lost. No contacts from them since 2 hours ago, Dragon-One."

Roku had to think of another plan to retrieve the A.I. before the Covenants do. And fast.


"Delta one five is prepped up and ready to go."
"Bravo two four has evacuated the civillians and heading the starport now."
"Bravo two three heading to the Sinoviet landing pad to drop off UNSC troopers."
"Hitman two one is clearing the ONI building and needing assistances. Be advised, Covenant Zealots are in the area armed with Type-one weaponries."

Dragon Team had fanned out from the Pelican dropship and into the ONI building's landing pad located on the 74th floor of the 120 story building. They must head further down to the 67th floor and retrieve the A.I. from its monitoring module where they decrypted any forerunner-based glyphs.

Splitting each up a two man team to search for the A.I. faster. One team, Keith and Sarah heading the Northwest section and the other, Roku and Rin heading into the Southwest section of the building and descending down the stairs and each floors clearing out every Covenant along the way. While Takeshi in a UH-144 Falcon to circle around the building and provide sniper covering fire support. Being supported by a UNSC Marine manning the side gun turret.

"Picked anything up, Commander?" Takeshi asked as his bird flew around the building slowly. "I'm not picking up anything on Thermals, as of yet."
"Nada, Four." Roku whispered quietly as he is trying to hear any other noise on the 69th floor. "So far, no one's around."

Roku and Rin checked every office cubicles and found nothing but dead Marines of Hitman two one or what's left of them.

"Commander, I'm picking up movement on thermals. Looks humanoid, sir." Takeshi alerted him. "On the next floor below."
"Dragon-Two and Five, do you read, over." Roku keyed in his mike and frequencies.

"We're engaged." Keith replied with gun fire washed over the COM channels. "Stea-"
"Dragon-Two and Five, can you copy?" Roku didn't have a response. "Say again, over?"
No response came afterwards. "We've lost Two and Five. Heading to the next floor down. Rin take point."
"Yes sir." as she lead Roku to a staircase leading down to where Dragons-Two and Five were.

Roku aimed down their left and right flanks as they headed into a doorway towards the 68th floor. It was eerily quiet when they got there. They crept in slowly watching for movement.

"I've picked up a faint signal around that corner, One." Takeshi informed him. "Not really sure if it's a threat or not."
"Copy that, Four. We're heading there now. We'll be on the look out for-" Roku paused and found two unconscious bodies of both of his Squadmates. "I'll take that back. I found them. Four, cover us as we get them out. If you find anything else moving, don't hesitate to shoot. Understood?"
"Got it, sir." Takeshi replied. "But what about any UNSC survivors?"

Roku ignored him while he aided his two squadmates Keith and Sarah.

"Two and Five." Roku said trying to get them back up "Can you guys hear me? What happened?"
Keith was still dazed and knew something crept up behind Roku. "Can you get up, Two?" as he checked over to Rin helping out Sarah.
Keith nodded as he drew out his pistol and fired surprising Roku when he almost shot him.

Shooting over Roku's shoulders as he jumped. A silhuoette figure shimmered in the dark as its energy shields flickered. Roku managed to turn around to see what he is shooting at, only to find out it was a Covenant Elite Zealot Class. Roku was 8 meters away from the enemy and fired a short controlled burst from his MA37 Assault Rifle ICWS. Rin aided as well as she also fired from her Assault Rifle.

Another silhuoette figure appeared as he decloaked himself as he came charging with his Type-1 Energy Sword towards Sarah's right flank. Takeshi fired his sniper round clean through the charging Zealot's skull as he protected her from the charge. He continued to cover fire for the rest of the team that were inside and him being inside firing from a hovering UH-144 Falcon Gunship Transport.

"You better hurry up, Dragon-One." Takeshi said over the COM channels. "I think they're trying to protect their friends down below getting to that AI."
"Affirmative, Dragon-Five. Take things up here. As soon as your done with that, cover us when we get down there. Got it?"
"Understood, sir. I got everything under control from out he-"
"Banshees spotted on your 3 o'clock high, Spartan!" As Takeshi's UH-144 Pilot alerted him. "Attack formation. They're about the fire. Evade, evade!"
Roku can hear the pilot veering off and losing the Banshees trailing them.
"Sorry, Commander. You're on your own. We got our hands tied up out here."
"Understood, Five." Roku said as he got his team ready for the fight one floor down. "Better ot die on my watch, Five."
"Well, if I did, then see you in Hell, Commander..."


"We've been engaged!"
"Frag out!" Sarah threw her M-9 frags and managed to kill 2 Zealots out of 5 of them. She returned fire with her MA37 Assault Rifle.
Roku lead his team and found them inside the AI Core Processing Chamber within the room that has already taken the AI from its core processor.
"Don't let them take that AI!" Roku barked as he threw himself forward to the next cover. "Advance, Dragons!"

Keith and Sarah had pushed forward from cover to cover as the Zealots tried to find a way out of the room. Rin emptied her sidearm as she slapped on another clip before the empty clip hit the ground. The Zealots got desperate as they drew out their Energy Swords and came charging at them. Firing at the same time from their Plasma Rifles on their opposite hand.

Dragon Team returned fire as they tried blocking the doorway, but they managed to get through them. Dragon Team's blockade towards the only exit was breached and now the Zealots have what they wanted from the ONI building.

A Phantom swooped in as the Zealots hopped on its open side doors. The very same Phatom that also attacked Dragon-Five's Falcon with Banshee aid. Dragon Team was unsuccessful of retrieving the AI when the Zealots got away.

"So what are we going to do now, Commander?" Keith said as Sarah and RIn mopped up the rest of the Covenant inside the room. Roku and his team looked out from where the Elites jumped out and found a Covenant Assault Carrier looming over the city as it began to glass the city. The lone Phantom turned around and flew towards the Assault Carrier.

"We gotta get outta here, Dragons." Roku said. "We need to regroup and evac, now." He looked over to Keith as he immediately contacted an evac dropship to pick them up.

They heard radio chatter on their COM channels saying Noble Team is assembling a massive land war against the Spires they were attacking yesterday.

He looked up and out again to see the Assault Carrier once again glassing the downtown district miles away. He must figure out a way to get aboard that thing and how.


Yeah, I had to rush this chapter a bit, sorry.


Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:44 pm

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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:04 am

Chapter 6 is gonna be like a surprise. They're gonna team up with ODSTs once again


Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:16 am

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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:40 am

I'm actually busy with my own work at the moment.
One of them is from the Halo Universe, basing on another ODST story, The 52nd Bullfrog Battalion.
New characters and battles. But it is also ties with this story as well.

The surprise guest is the one I wanna try and do. Idk who would try and take this place, so I have to find someone that is non canon to the Halo Story, maybe. Or have that same person being a non canon part in my story. I don't wanna use the Master Chief though, he's overused. lol You'll see who it is when that chapter comes.


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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:08 am

Rosso Rose wrote:It's also quite agreeable because officially, he's either in Cryostasis (Easter Egg) or is fighting at another part of Reach (Halo: Fall of Reach book). But I never thought that The Chief was so overused. Good move on that part.

That probably be Linda, though. You know when Master Chief put her in there too.


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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:35 am

I'll be posting my Halo: Bullfrogs story as a break from the HAYABUSA story in some point. lol


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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:06 am

Yeah, let's go with that. lol
But it's actually a partial tie-in to this story which the 52nd Battalion teams up with Team Dragon


Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:04 am

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Re: Rowby - Halo: HAYABUSA [Team Dragon] (A Halo: Reach Fanfic)

Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:25 am

I haven't watched that far yet. Still following the dubbed though.

Anyways. The Bullfrogs story follows a 5 man ODST troopers into Sigma Octanus IV and into the Fall Of Reach. After the battle on Sigma Octanus IV, they help secure it until the Covenant attacks Reach. As soon as the 52nd Battalion reached to the Planet. They were too late and starts joining into what's left of the fight. Spreading to New Alexandria, Quezon City, and the Chapter 6 part, where they're deployed into the ONI Island base in the Aszod region, where they'll meet Dragon Team and their special guest.


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