Māchinīs ex Deus

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Māchinīs ex Deus

Postby theaboriginalone » Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:51 am

Here's a quick peek of my new story. Just gives a backstory. I hope you like it.

It's a hot day in this city, then again, it's always hot in this point of the city, with too many buildings close together and whatnot, but this day seems to be the hottest.

This part of the city looks like an industrial complex mixed in with a little war-torn scene. The streets and walls are a dirt-drenched gray with a darker gray patch mixed so finely that it looks like it belongs. Metal dust looms the street like a weed telling a story of who it once was. Caution tags steam in the air like banners.

This place is no doubt a slum. Built underground for reasons unknown, it has three sections, all lower or higher than the others.

The Atomic is the highest of the three where the rich thrive, getting their full on sunlight and pomp. There are the people who wouldn't dare go lower than the need to. Why would they? Every thing they wanted is right there. In a place where all are “created” equal.

Then there's The Compound. This is where they house the police. They seem to however, serve only the folks in The Atomic. Their only job, it seems, is to keep the people below the Compound from reaching The Atomic in a world where we were “created” equal.

Last, but not least, in some eyes, is Terimux. Terimux houses the Symbiotes. The Symbiotes are considered rejects to society and are sent there, presumably to die. Without sunlight, we cannot thrive. Without sunlight, we cannot survive. Sunlight is out food.

It wasn't always like that. There were plenty of food available, once upon a time. Then all the wars killed the animals. After the wars, the remaining governments decided to gather up all intelligent minds to create a alternate source of survival. The product of this gathering is a type of nanobot that inhabits your bloodstream. The nanobot eventually multiplies to the number all every cell in the human body. The bots then connect to the cells and function as a net work, starting from the skin cells, who gather energy from the Sun to sustain the host.

I was told it hurt for the first people, but soon they adopted to it. The nanomachines did what they were designed to do: channel energy and regulate every cell, bodily fluid, nerve, and membrane. What the government didn't tell us is that they were designed to posses you...

In one fell swoop, the entire world population are now Sentinels, emotionless shells filled with programming.

Generations have passed. Some groups of nanomachines changed their programming for various reasons. Some felt human emotion and decided to ally with their host. Some felt pity for their host and decided to let them live their lives. Some just didn't want to take over a mind. Either way, instead of “sentinizing” their host, they “merged” with them to become symbiotes.
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Re: Māchinīs ex Deus

Postby mithra » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:09 am

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