Sam4books: "The Doorway" (ORIGINAL); PG-13 ---- Chapter 1

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Sam4books: "The Doorway" (ORIGINAL); PG-13 ---- Chapter 1

Postby sam4books » Sun May 16, 2010 12:54 pm

(Okay, so I'm going to try my hand at a new story and try and update at least twice a week, although given my schedule it will probably just be once a week. I was going to turn this into a comic, but I think it will be wiser to save this for later and instead write a story like I wanted to. I just started seriously thinking about this story and drawing images that pertain to it, so maybe I'm ready. We'll see.

This story will revolve around the town of Chimera and its secrets, as well as the dreams of a boy named John. Soon, he will discover that his dreams are not his own, and the doorway his conscience warned him about does not in fact contain his worst nightmare, but something far worse....)


"The Doorway"-------------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------Chapter 1: "That Perfect Day"

The day just couldn't get any worse.

It started out with the sun shining through the window's glass of a room that belonged to a boy named John. He had slept like a baby the night before, and was able to quickly get ready for school, with time to spare. John lived in the town of Chimera, a town founded in the woods of Pennsylvania, near a nice and rich creek that flowed from the mountains. Many call it the "Hurdle of Dreams", for good reason too. It is said that this town was the place where dreams became reality.

However, it simply isn't true. No one saw their dreams made real, and eventually a dream would die along with another life. Only the young were allowed to harbor their dreams, for the most part. It was the middle of the 1950s, and the young walked to school those days, their school books in hand. The eldest would bring their younger siblings with them, being put in charge over them until they reached the school house. Jim was the eldest in John's family, with him being the second eldest and Jill being the youngest. Every day they walked to school, hand-in-hand, without a care. That day's walk to school went extremely well, for the three children had time to stop at the town's playground for a minute or so.

The town's playground was a popular spot for children on weekends and days off. If you went there on such days you could very well be met with the sight of many children laughing and playing. The playground had almost everything a child needed, but its most wondrous attraction was the swing set. The swing was also John's personal favorite. While his sister went on the merry-go-round, and his brother went on the jungle gym, he always went to the swing set. It was very early in the morning, so there was no other child at the playground yet. Just like any other day at play, John found himself without a swinging partner.

That should have been his first warning.

It came to past that it was time for school, the first bell ringing loudly throughout the town as a large rush of children walked the streets. The town had at least seven school houses, two of them for segregated groups. The school house nearest to John's neighborhood was also nearest to the town's central park (which was where the playground was located). It was also located near the Town Hall, built with the addition of a clock tower, designed by an architect who spent his childhood in Chimera. After it was built, the clock tower was revered as a symbol of the "Hurdle of Dreams" and was thus named Big Bode. The schoolhouse on the other hand had the tallest bell tower out of all the schools that was known as the twin of Big Bode, and was thus named Big Banji. The school itself was called Holy Victory. The only question was... where is the "victory"? The school was filled with strict nuns for teachers, who actually preach more than they teach. Getting a 100 in such a school was illegal. Although, the school's grading system never really bothered John. For he never had more than an 80 in his life. Fate had it that his troubles would first begin with a grade. It was unavoidable really. In his single classroom, when his teacher passed out graded tests, he found that he got a 40 on his math test. Such trivial things, would influence John's growing belief that this was not a good day. No, definitely not. In fact, this could very much led to one of the worse days in his life. John only knew his life that well.

The failed math grade was his second warning.

His third warning came during noon, when the children were sent home for lunch. Then afterwords, they would come back with their tummy's filled, or not. John and his siblings would bring lunches to school. That way, after they were released for lunch they could simply go to the park to eat, and then come back to school. Other students would do the same, for such a plan was dreadfully convenient. It just so happened that Joshua, the "Hot Headed Kid", was at his play place waiting for him. Joshua was the regional bully. His hair was a fiery red, which complimented his personality quite well. He was a jealous boy, not of John to be sure, but he did held a grudge against the playground's famed "King of Kickball". No one was ever able to win against this "king", who held with pride a winning streak of zero losses so far. People would often say this "king" was a sport's prodigy. This king's name was Jason. So yes, of course Joshua was not jealous of John. For how could he be? John was only a loser, he posed no real threat. No, John was only a kid to take his anger upon. The kid did not fight back, so he was the perfect victim. And that day, Joshua needed money for the candy store. But there was this one problem with mugging that poor kid... his older brother.
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Re: Sam4books: "The Doorway" (ORIGINAL); PG-13 ---- Chapter 1

Postby Ronin » Tue May 18, 2010 2:50 am

It's running along nicely, but there isn't anything really captivating so far.

Waiting for more.
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