The Fall of Sonic

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The Fall of Sonic

Postby BreadWave » Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:04 pm

Season 1 - Chapter 1

Song: God Knows
Artist: Hirano Governess
Album: The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

I woke up something confused: how had it come here? I did not remember anything. I took the right hand to the head and for my surprise I discovered that it was completely metallic: was I a machine? The screen of forward was saying to me that if, a few lettering was floating opposite to my eyes that I could not touch, but I yes could read.


After it disappeared, I realized whom I am ... I am Tails leader of the current resistance against Eggman and old friend of Sonic, the big hero of this world. I started remembering everything, as Eggman after so much efforts managed to eliminate Sonic (that so much it had given problems to him in the past) and with our only hope to live in peace, after that it was not late in all dominated the world. We are the only ones that we stay to fight against Eggman and his army of machines.

I looked for myself in the mirror at a few moments, I could meet as an aberration to what I had been earlier, half robot half meat. Although I wanted, I might not forget this moment in which I lost big part of my body, it was on the verge of obtaining it, something that would finish with Eggman once and for all, but that accident had to happen. I had to replace the half of my face (even one of my ears) and my right arm by cybernetic pieces. Blow the furious mirror, I could not detain a tear that I escape of my only good eye.

- Tails? - I gave rapidly turned, there was Amy, the only girlfriend who had Sonic although he never recognized it. To tell truth, Amy was a little annoying, but you cannot imagine all that loved it.
- What happens?-
- We have found a millennial temple: why was not I surprised? Often in the past, we find so many things in our adventures with Sonic that I was already not surprising to find anything how a temple, a floating city, another dimension, gems of incredible power and so many things usually appeared.
- You will have to see it, it is possible that it serves us as something - I look for a long time in silence and then she added.
- Shadow thinks that it can be a door to another dimension-
- I am already constructing something with that we will be able to travel to other dimensions, with the power of Chaos Emerald-
- Do you want to stop thinking about these damned things?! - Amy shouted me fighting for the shoulders.
- They have us put into this! - she kept on shouting me - we do not need them, forget them of a damned time - I did not want to keep on looking at his eyes.
Up to a point Chaos Emerald is the causers of all this.
- This Shadow waiting in the hangar, come soon - she said before going away.

Our life had changed very much during these cruel 15 years, of some form or other one, we were already not the same. Now Amy is a rough girl, expert in all kinds of weapon, she wears a blue tape tied about his forehead in memory of Sonic and it always carries a belt with ammunition. I already told my history, my body is not the same. Cream now is an expert hacker, she helped me to programme our base of operations and you scheme someone that we have found and Shadow as they heard now is in charge of guiding all kinds of airships. There are many people more accompanying ourselves in this struggle, but I already will tell something on them soon.

While we were traveling in the airship I consulted the GPS to know exactly where this temple was located and according to the images of the satellite, it was in the middle of a jungle. If really there was something that he might send to us to another dimension, I would have that of some form to install multiple defenses so that Eggman taken possession of the temple and he was deciding to attack other worlds.
- Tails - if the temple is completely of stone as I was imagining, it would be very difficult to install the defenses.
- Tails? Do you hear me? - The only serious option to destroy it after the first trip, but not any trip, have to be a trip...
- It seems that Tails does not listen to me, Amy - In any case it might use it to obtain iron or other minerals, since the little that stays of natural form him belongs to Eggman.

Someone struck me in the head (in the only part that could hurt me).
- What demons does it spend?-
- Cream wants to speak with you Tails, but you were like out of this world and did not hear her-
- Since that speaks now when I have returned - The first thing that Cream did was to seize the notebook that it had between the hands and after some pulsations in the keyboard, she showed me the temple of different form. For my surprise, according to the image of the satellite it was almost completely done of metal. I looked at her astonished, she simply was smiling.
- That happens to you for not looking at the temple well, that's why I go with you - she said to me.
- If what Shadow says is true, they should need someone who programmes the portal-
- This person it is you who are-
- Exact! - she answered smiling. It makes me happy to know that someone can be still in a cheerful mood in these days.
- before I forgot - It is a saying, now it is impossible that I forget something unless I want it this way.
- I am going to need you it helps in another thing-
- In what another thing?-
- I need that you programme me-
- What puts me in your head? You know that I do not like doing it-
- I know it, but I am tired of this one temporary amnesia that I have every morning - I answered him rapidly, she never to wanted work at my cybernetic part. I have had always to do it only, but for what I try to do I cannot do it only.
- I need that you programme a small independent memory, which is the first thing that is loaded when I wake up, only it must have the most essential thing, who I am and this type of things-
- Cannot you himself do it?-
- For it I have to be "switched off" so I will not be able to do anything while it happens-
- He programmes something that does it for you-
- Not, I want that you do it. I know very well that you do not want to do it, but are the only person to whom I can entrust this task - Cream looks for me in silence at a few moments, to take this decision it is very difficult, even for me. I do not like meeting same how a robot into which you can get and do what you want. I am a person, I it have always been.
- Personally I would not like doing it, but equal I will do it. Do not ask me for a lot of time for this: do you want?-
- It will be slightly small, inside your own limits, if you see that you cannot do it, you are free to leave it-
In this moment the alarms sounded, surely it was stemming from the robots of Eggman.
- Be careful and do not fall down, that this will be quite blurred - Shadow said without releasing the control panel of the airship. He did a few air stunts trying to evade to the robots, but nevertheless they continued after us. I tried to find out if there was a place where we might lose them of sight, but the majority was a forest area and the ship was not very small as to cross it without effort. Then I discovered that it surrounds there were a few automatic turrets that we could use in our favor.
- Shadow, go to the left! It can be our opportunity - Shadow did not ask and put course for there.
- What is there there? - Amy wanted to know.
- It is a small place, where I was keeping some reserves in case of emergency - Shadow had to bring over a little to be able to activate the turrets for remote control.
- More quickly Shadow! - I shouted.
We were still not sufficiently close to activate them, the sign was turning out to be too weak at this distance. We feel a strong shake. They had given to him to one of the engines, we would have to do an emergency landing and for worse it was not yet sufficiently close to the turrets.

Song: Hanabi
Artist: Ikimono Gakari
Album: Bleach 7 Ending

Season 1 - Chapter 2

Song: God Knows
Artist: Hirano Governess
Album: The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

I noticed that the ship was losing height rapidly, until finally we smash in the forest. We leave the ship immediately, with the robots of Eggman flying over it. Fortunately the turrets were already not that far and I could activate them finishing with some of the robots, but some of them survived and went on to terrestrial way then to chase us.
- Shadow and Amy defend, Cream and I will go forward while I guide them up to the base-
While we were running, the robots of Eggman were not stopping shooting, were approaching rapidly for the flanks and soon they had us embattled. Shadow used his power so that the robots were going off between them, while Amy kept on shooting them. I remplace my arm for a cannon of protons and finish with some of them.
- We go! - shout when I believed that no robot was already staying and started running, but just me one appeared face one. Thanks to Amy's accurate shot it could not damage me and soon we come to the small base.

It was not very big, scarcely it was preserving a small number of weapon and a central console with which I planned a strategy. Our best opportunity was to go directly to the temple raised in the Extreme Gears that I had hidden here (modified with small cannons of plasma and with major potency).
While they were looking for everything necessary to continue our trip I made use of the time to contact with Knuckles.
- Tails? So that you call shit me?-
- I need that you support us in our trip, I will send to you the coordinates of our position. Come quickly-
- To where do they go?-
- There is no time for explanations, come with support and then I tell it to you - cut immediately the communication, it is possible that Eggman already there intercepted and he sends to his robots here.
- We have to go away now, there is no time to gather anything more-
- So soon? - there complained Cream - We have just come-
My suspicions were correct in this moment the screen was showing a numerous retinue coming towards us. The turrets were already taking charge of them, but they also were finishing with our defenses, I programmed rapidly the base so that it was self-destructing later that we were going away.
- Our only hope is a long tunnel that will extract us far from here - I said to them and we set off immediately, I neither stopped nor looked behind trying to know the luck that these robots had.

While we passing for the tunnel solid floodgates of metal they were closing after us. The robots would have to do a big effort to cross all of them and we would be already much far from here. We go out of the tunnel close to the temple, but equal was remaining a long way for walking. Look behind and I saw a dense column of smoke, sign of that the base had destroyed. But there stayed some robots that, on having seen us rapidly, gave us hunting. We manage to finish with a few, but nevertheless they were overcoming us. Then there turned out to be some all the Airships that they devoted themselves to attack to the robots, that gave us the advantage that we needed.
We descended from the Extreme Gears before the doors of the temple. Cream rapidly started deciphering the code of the entry. We saw that the ships that helped us previously were lowering our front and since of them there were going out Knuckles and the rest of Team Chaotix.
- I see that without me you would be lost Tails-
- Thanks for the support, perhaps we had not come-
- Why have they come here?-
I told to him that we had found a temple that we might use in our favor, thank you a portal that was inside the temple. And also I told him to Knuckles what I was trying to do with the portal, something that had not told him to anybody up to the moment.
- Have you gone mad? Do you believe really that something like that is possible?-
- It can be a possibility, but if it does not work I have other two plans-
- What do you plan? To use the corpse of Sonic and to convert it into something similar to you? - It did not have to repeat it two times so that I was starting striking it. Amy was who separated us.
- Calm the two: Do you want? - later it spoke to Knuckles - sincerely I do not approve what Tails plans, but it is possible that it is our only hope - then spoke to me.
- Do not do anything to him to the body of Sonic, there is nothing that could bring it back. If I find out that you have done something to him, I personally will kill you-
- Very well, he will continue in his grave as he has done it for 15 years - I was I hope Cream it had ended with the door of the temple.
- It uses a quite strange machine code if I could interpret it it would go more quickly-
- Do you believe that you could obtain it?-
- Who do you believe that I am? Surely I will achieve it-
While Cream continued with that take the opportunity of recharging the cannon of protons of my right arm (in one of the airships of Team Chaotix), I had used very much today and very little energy was staying.

- Tails, wakes up Tails - someone said to me with face of crocodile. What was it doing so next to me? Who was? Soon I remembered who was and other thing, apparently I remained asleep. This damned programming had made me that was falling asleep automatically. Fuck.
- What does Vector happen?-
- the temple is opened, they all are already inside-
- thank you, soon I go - I disconnected the arm of the airship and followed it.

A thing was to know that the strange temple was done by metal inside and another age to see it in person. The place was turning out to be impressive, was immense and she seemed constructed by some foreign race. In the center of all this there was an enormous circle reached on an altar, I rose there to see the machine better, in the principal circle there was a series of strange symbols and nearby a panel in which it was possible to read "Stargate"

Suddenly a few lights in the roof ignited dazzling me, I could foresee immediately that Cream did under control of the temple.
- Well, I believe that the already this connected energy - said.
But soon the lights blinked and the light went away. A small red light was shining in a nearby place.
- It seems that there is no sufficient energy - We look throughout for some place where the energy was taking place, until Charmy found something similar to a battery.
- All looked for something that looks alike to him - I said to them - but with full load, it has to of being evident to simple sight as this one - The "battery" inside had a green liquid shining that it was possible to see to simple sight, this battery had very little left of this liquid. Others must be full of this substance.
- Cream waits!-
- What happens?-
- Do you remember what I said to you?-
- Of course-
- I want that you do it now-
- Why now?-
- Not that will happen when we cross the portal, so I want to take some precautions-
In my notebook it has an autonomy of a few hours, so I it had to tune in to the energy of my arm, like that the battery it would last approximately an entire month. Then without I could see it Cream connected some cables behind my head.
- Are you ready?-
- I am ready-
- Waiting, this asks me for password-
- It is A11Y0URBA53AR3B310NG70U5 - Cream sighed after stopping messing about on the password in his notebook.
- Good night - she me whispers to the ear.

Song: Hanabi
Artist: Ikimono Gakari
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Re: The Fall of Sonic

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Although I haven't read the entire thing, I can already spot a lot of spelling mistakes.
Plus grammar.
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Re: The Fall of Sonic

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All right. K maybe its me but was english a first language for ya? I got the story and I can feel it. but I cant help but wonder about the opening and closing music? weird but w/e. the story has its ups and downs I feel the char inroductions a little rushed.

BTW love the "All your base are belong to us" ref 10points
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