Why Not You?

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Why Not You?

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Branching Out

I own the character currently known as Number Three, I don't own anyone else referenced in this story.

Chapter 01

"...-ord?" Voices were nearby. Deep voices.

"She- ... -ware-... -ate" Were they too far, or just too soft? She couldn't make out much of what they were saying.

"The -ody, -own fast en-" They were getting clearer.

"-ctivate soon." Her eyes opened, but all she could see was white.

"Can her backpack thing be protected against magnetism?" This voice, it wasn't as deep as the other. She tried to move her hand. It felt strange, it didn't feel like it used to, and it was bound down at her forearm.

"We have a spray that would coat it, wh-" The voices were getting farther away again.

"...-aking up!" There was some scrambling, she could hear boots clanking against metal, and the white faded from her vision. Bright lights moved away from being almost directly in her face and the spots started to fade from her vision.

There were two things in front of her, dressed in white hospital clothing. Gloves and smocks and facemasks, all in that godawful white.

"So is she coherent enough for me to talk to, or do you wanna drug her to the gills first?" The one on the right asked. He was shorter, and his voice wasn't as deep.

"STU- *SMACK*" Her head jerked to the side. The short one had slapped her. How dare some insignificant worm such as he even deign to touch her!

"Yeah, I'd say she's coherent enough. Is this going to take a while?" What kind of place was this? The taller one was deferring to the shorter one, and both looked like disgusting Hyumans.

"HOW DA- *SMACK*" Her head jerked to the other side, and this time instead of just flat pain she felt five definite lines.

"She's Irken, of course this'll take a while. Sandwiches?" The smaller one pulled a pair of goggles up to it's forehead, showing off one filthy human eye, and one gaping wound. Next he removed his gloves. One normal hand, on the opposite side of the head as it's normal eye, and the other lacking in flesh. A cyborg?

"YOU- *SMACK*" His normal hand hit the right side of her face.

"Alright. Don't kill that body while I'm gone." She watched the tall one leave the room and turned her focus on the only one left. His eye betrayed nothing.

"WHO- *SMACK*" She felt three tears left behind from his fleshless hand when he smacked her this time. She could feel her circulatory fluid slowly leaking out, staining the sheet and- For the first time since waking, she looked down. She was wearing a white gown, but her feet... They were so far away! She was tall now!

"What did you do to me?" It was still said loudly, somewhat shrilly, but it wasn't screamed out. She could see his grin through the facemask. It made her feel as insignificant as a food drone.

"You mustn't have been considered very smart on your planet, it seems like you can learn." That didn't make sense to her.

"What did you do to me?" Answer me. ANSWER ME!

"Why should I answer, when you may not be alive enough for it to do any good?" She stared at him, her large purple eyes blinking slowly.

"It's rather simple Tak. I saved your existence, because I have a use for you. You've actually already been as useful as I need you to be, but, I always have need of more people, more help. Helping you may have helped me, my friends here found you and, well, I suppose you can say your mind, to be extremely fascinating. Your body and PAK are only put together now, instead of in many small pieces, because they wanted to know if they succeeded." She was getting irritated. He was moving so slowly! Get to the point. Get to the point! GET TO THE POINT!

"GET TO THE- *SMACK*" Her hands jerked to try and hold her cheek. It throbbed in pain, she could almost feel it swelling.

"I can do that all day Tak, and I will. Screaming is a no-no. Do you understand that?" She gingerly nodded. He could at least pretend he wasn't amused by this.

"You were dead Tak. Your body and PAK were both dry of anything resembling life, be it electronic or organic. My friends here are some of the most scientifically advanced in most known universes and realities. They took apart you, and I mean that both ways. They decoded the genetics of the miniature meatsack you were running around in, ripped apart your electronic brain, and then rebuilt you. You're alive, you're the melding of wetware that currently defines your race, and you're better now than you used to be. Your weaknesses have been removed... and that's just about all that they'd done. I asked them to make your current body taller, but now I want you to listen to me." Isn't that what she'd been doing? What more could this long winded idiot want?

"I want your help. I have a lot of people that I need to neutralize, and one of them may interest you. Zim, I'm sure you remember him? He's one of the many that fill my list." She opened her mouth to scream something, but found just one of his fingers, cold and fleshless, pressed against her lips.

"I'm offering you a chance at vengeance. If you take it, you get to live a little longer, as long as you don't make an enemy of the those who could kill you, or do something stupid. Should you choose otherwise, then far be it for me to deny these over-eager scientists a chance to carve up their latest experiment." Her purple eyes narrowed. What kind of choice was this?

"I will help you, worm, only for my chance at him." He loosened the bonds on her forearms and shins and stepped back to let her stand on her own. And then he actually had to look up to meet her eyes.

"I really need to learn to specify, or I need to plan things out better." She was over six feet tall, well over what her race was normally able to structurally support, and flexing her much longer fingers and toes. Most striking, and perhaps disturbing, was the imperious smile filled with her glinting, square teeth.


“You left her with the scientists?” Number Two was a bear of a woman, dressed regularly in dinted, dull platemail and more often than not, armed with a plain long sword.

“C’mon, I know metallurgy, not advanced bio-chemical engineering. The upper limit of what I understood was that the Irken external nervous system is primarily made up of a potassium-fluoride base with extreme chemical reactivity to water, leaving behind a small salt-like residue after the recombination of the elements.” Just tighten this screw here a little bit.


“Do you actually care if I try and explain it to you, Lady War?” The alloys making up the shell of a PAK were fascinating in their own right. Able to withstand a lot of damage, remain relatively lightweight, and eventually returning to it’s original shape. Humans where Three was doing the majority of his work were only on the cusp of such technology.

The internals of the PAK was an entirely different story. One of the internal mechanisms capable of recombining an internal block of highly tempered metal through energy manipulation of the atomic structure. First glance said it was some type of Aluminum, but a more thorough investigation showed that it was a super conductive Silver/Aluminum alloy.

“Considering you want me teaching your newest pet, I think you can at least try.” Why were all the stupidly powerful women that he knew either working against him, or getting snippy at the drop of a hat?

“You know what happens when you drop a piece of potassium in some water, right? It smokes and fizzes. It’s letting off gas and heat. Well, the external part of the Irken nervous system, its skin, is completely alien, and so it has an alien structure to pretty much anything you’re familiar with. No demons actually share any of these traits. Put simply, an Irken’s skin will burn under water.” There we go, now we just have to sand the metal edges smooth and apply a non-reflective finish and PAK-Beta 2.0 is done.

“That seems like a rather glaring and obvious weakness.” Three jumped almost half a foot in the air. He hadn’t heard her sneaking up behind him at all, and that’s saying something considering Two wears plate armor.

“It’s less useful than you might think. It instantly freezes in space, doesn’t transport all that well, is almost non-existent in any appreciable quantity and availability off of Earth.”

“So the humans have the home field advantage, but little else.” Three’s hand stopped and he finally looked over his shoulder into Two’s visor clad face.

“Could you, could you not look over my shoulder, please? You’re making me nervous.”

“No, I absolutely have to watch what you’re doing.”

“…Bitch.” A loud clang, and Three was blinking stars and green lights out of his vision while two was readjusting her gauntlet.

“Just because my sister can’t force you to speak properly to a lady does not mean I won’t.”

“Duly note… I think you broke a tooth.”

AN/ The First chapter to the continuation of “Why Me?”
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