Mutant Falllout (Ghost Written by D.L. Rated R)

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Mutant Falllout (Ghost Written by D.L. Rated R)

Postby DisturbedLeader » Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:36 am

Note: This a popcorn story my brother wrote with a friend of his two years ago. I simply typed what I could before halting because I couldn't continue due to the fact that I focused on finding a publisher for my own book.. Warning: Mild language involved, and lots of it. This is not suitable for individuals under 17 for Adult Content and poorly constructed plot. You may even lose some intelligence in reading this so Viewers Digression is advised.

I pushed my way through the huge crowd of students, as I saw Krow. "Come get some!" I yelled, as I blasted him through the glass window, down to the courtyard, as Damon landed on his feet. I jumped down to the courtyard, and that's when the real fight began.

"Bastard!" I exclaimed as I made a few hand signs, then aimed my pinky and my index finger at Krow. "Hell Fire!" I roared, as a sharp gust of dirt is kicked up around me. A ball of roaring, crimson-orange flames is launched from my hand, and explodes as it hits Krow's body, and engulfed him completely. He then fell back, as the flames began to eat through his shirt. The flames then died out, as he lied on the ground. "How's that for an opening, bitch?" I chuckled as I stood over him.

Quite well, but I never showed you my attack." I said as I stood up, and faced Damon. " Now, check this out!" I suggested as I clinched my fists. They then changed into iron, as I charged towards Damon and unleashed a barrage of punches to his torso, and face. I then knocked him into the sky with an uppercut, before I pulled my fist back, popped my knuckles, then leaped after him. I then knocked him back to the ground, as his body cracked it on impact. The ground had been bashed so bad, that Damon was laying under twenty pounds of rubble. I snickered as I began to stand, lifting the rocks off of me. I then grabbed the largest rock, as I glanced up at Krow. "Let's play a game of catch!" I exclaimed as I threw the rock at Krow, and knocked him out of the air. I then started pelting him with rocks as he plummeted to the ground. I then dashed over to Krow, as I snatched him by the collar of his shirt, pull him to his feet, then kick him away with my right foot. Krow then stumbled to his feet, as I dash over to him, and drive my left fist into his liver. The impact sent Krow flying through the glass door. window, and out the portable, where he landed, and slammed against the portable door.

I picked up a stone table top from the courtyard, and Frisbee toss it, as it smashes into Krow's torso, knocking him through the portable's back wall. I saw him laying in the football field with the table on top of him.

I picked up the table top and tossed it behind me, as it smashed in the top of a car. I then stood up, holding my arm, as blood trickled from my mouth. "It feels so good!" I laughed as I raised my head, and looked at the sky. I then turned my attention to Damon, as he had this confused look on his face. I then zipped over to Damon, and dashed behind him, before I pushed him. I then zipped in front of him, and kicked him in the face. As he fell back, I placed my palm in front of his face, and unleashed a huge wave of energy. Damon flew across the football field, backflipped as he landed on his knees, as I dashed towards him,and thrust my foot into his back. Damon then fell to the ground, as I grabbed his hair, and tossed him through two cars. Damon then fell on his back, as the two cars collapsed and exploded. "Is that the best, 'The Mighty Damon' has to offer?" I yelled. "I've seen wrestlers fight better than you! I guess 'The Mighty Damon is just a little Bitch!" I laughed, as I walked away. I then stopped, and looked back, as I heard a noise. Damon then stood before me, with a confident grin on his face. "You want some more? I asked with a scowl. "I'll gladly give you some more!" I exclaimed as charged towards Damon. I swung at Damon with my Iron Fist, as he caught it, twisted my arm, and pushed me back. "Hm, so it is true. The Damon I heard about is mightier than than I thought." I said as I pushed my shoulder. "Well I'll just have to end that rumor."
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