Elemental Knights: PG-13: Chapter 1- Initiation

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Elemental Knights: PG-13: Chapter 1- Initiation

Postby blueyfooey » Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:24 pm

Been taking a long break to think up of ideas. Tried some stories before and they just faded. Finally, I've come up with Elemental Knights.

Chapter 1~ The Initiation:

“Congratulations on your initiation in the Elar Academy!” a teacher shouted as I and a few other new students walked into the gated courtyard. Confetti twirled to the ground, twisting and turning in the air. Everyone was shouting and laughing as the courtyard of this prestigious school began to fill up with Elar students. Everyone here is a first-year student, just accepted. The warm sunlight bathed us in heat, giving off an impression of a hot summer day even though it was Fall. Though laugher rang throughout the air, the atmosphere seemed unusually tense. That was probably because of the magic coursing through our veins and this school. Oh, I neglected to mention that. Everyone here is granted with a special ability… what you people like to call “magic”. There’s no such thing as an easy way out of life though. For magic, you need to have the beginning components to convert into something much more captivating. For fire, you would need air. For water, you would need a source of water. For light, there needs to be light. Those who can make those without the beginning components are the 4th year students and the adults who know “magic”.
We’re not sorted into houses. It’s not Harry Potter or something like that. We don’t need wands or broomsticks. We can use magic through our hands. It’s much harder than it looks. It requires incantations however, and those incantations can be in any language you want as long as it conveys the spell. That’s all I know about magic so far. We learn the rest in our period of stay in schools which teach magic.
A pretty, blond woman walked up to me briskly, clucking her tongue and tapping her clipboard with a pen.
“Name?” she said in an impatient manner.
“Holim Darcy.”
She held out a clear card with my name and a picture on it. I looked at it closely, recognizing the familiar, curled-back brown hair and that sarcastic smirk. Definitely me. I took the card and she scribbled something on her clipboard and walked away.
I turned and ran right into someone. The person fell back onto the floor and looked up at me angrily. It was a young, paled-skinned, purple-eyed, and black-haired girl. She looked to be around my age, 14.
“Watch where you’re going! I almost broke a hip here!” she ranted at me after she got up.
“Sorry. I didn’t see you.”
“No, I don’t think you did,” the girl said in a snarky manner.
I walked off, not wanting to share another word with that insufferable girl.
“Hey! Hey, you!”
I turned back and saw her still there, calling at me.
“It’s rude to bump into someone, but it’s even ruder to not give your NAME.”
“It’s Holim Darcy. Any more questions?”
“Don’t you want to know MY name?” she said crossly.
“Not especially, no.” I said coolly.
“It’s Mia Thornserg. Remember that,” Mia said, walking off in a huff.
First day at Elar Academy? Not so good.
A shrill noise pierced the air and I clapped my hands over my ears as it seemed to be coming from the large, double-doors only ten feet away from me.
“I’m Caressa Lucila, but you will call me Professor Lucila. I will be giving your instructions for now. Students, gather here in a straight line. We will be organizing you into your groups to send you to your dorms. I will call your name and then a number. Once everyone is in their groups, you will be sent off to your dorms. ” The pretty woman from before was calling out.
“Arivia Arda, number 5!”
An Indian girl stepped out of the tight line and walked up to Professor Lucila in confusion.
“Umm. Professor Lucila? Where are the numbers?”
Professor Lucila looked up and snapped her fingers. Multiple numbers blazed above certain spots in the courtyard. The fiery numbers danced in the air, crackling merrily. Arivia looked surprised and walked off to where the number one was, right beside the fountain. The fiery one exploded and faded into the air. Already magic could be seen in the school grounds.
This is going to be an interesting year all right.

Thank me later :3
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