E-Genius, "Were-",Pg-13(I-guess),Original work, Part 1

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E-Genius, "Were-",Pg-13(I-guess),Original work, Part 1

Postby Evilgenius122 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:22 pm

So, yea. This is one of many Ideas i've been rolling around in my head. I get bored alot, and when I play video games, or read comcs when i'm bored... bad shit happens. Mainly in the form of story ideas. I never write them out though because, well i don't think like that. I'm much more of a visual person, which is why i hope to get into movies or hopefully video games (though I'm not getting my hopes up). If i'm not busy daydreaming, i often get up and act out my ideas. It's kinda depressing I guess but, meh i'll live. So since my art skills suck I decided to write stuff anyway. But enough belly-aching lets get to the first part of my story, enjoy!

“Moons out…” a figure said, the pale light from above barely illuminating his facial features. “Don’t get any crazy ideas Marcus,” the second smaller figure said, his back hunched as he bent over the window sill in front of him. “we’re just here for a recon mission, remember?”
“Don’t think I’m some kind of idiot!” Marcus hissed at his companion, who remained in position, un-wavered by the sudden hostility. Marcus scowled to himself, it wasn’t that he was upset at the remark, it was that he actually had been thinking the way John believed. Night were always tense like this, when the dense silence made every small scuffle sound like a stampede. Marcus had never enjoyed the new life he led, though he had little choice in the matter. He looked over at John, still fixed in position. Friggin John. Of all people it had to be friggin John! There was never any liking between the two of them, Marcus with his rather bulky body, and John with his thin sleek physique. Anyone would have been better. Even Luther! That Goth bastard scared the living crap out of everyone, but he was still more likable! You knew you were in trouble if you were wishing he was around. On the other hand He was the leader of the “stealth force” or whatever the hell they were calling themselves these days, and that would be a lot more helpful in these circumstances.
“Look are you done yet?” Marcus growled, letting out a little more hate than he probly could have.
“Keep it in your pants!” the hunch figure said, obviously not enjoying the experience either. It was John’s idea to go on the mission in the first place, and he would not let anyone hinder it. The only reason Marcus was there was because Mr. High-and-Mighty-Leader, had decided they needed some muscle on the trip. As if he couldn’t handle himself! His kind was always being looked down upon and it sickened him! It made him feel like….
His thoughts were cut short, movement had been made below. Of course there had always been movement, but this was different. John watched the group below. What at first had seemed like an amassed crowd had split, revealing a path down which a man was being dragged. A Prisoner.
“That’s-!” Marcus began but was instantly shushed by John. He knew perfectly well who it was. One of the scouting parties that went out the past week had reported in an attack just before it went missing. There was no doubt this was one of those men.
The prisoner was led up before the leader of the group, a very large man draped across a makeshift throne. John gritted his teeth. “Bato,” he said “what the hell are you up to?” The leader of the group raised himself above the crowd, standing as a dictator would before his people. The crowd began to beat rhythmically. They knew what was happening; soon another brother would be joining their ranks. Bato raised his hand, containing something that was obscured from view, and the crownd roared for it was in their nature. Marcus stood dumbstruck, he had no idea what was going on. Staring at John he saw the same look of bewilderment on his face. It was always Marcus’s belief that If you don’t understand something, then leave it alone. And that’s exactly what he intended to do, turning his back to the window.
John on the other hand stayed rooted to the spot as always. The previous stoic behavior of his mission, had given way to mystery, intrigue, and fright. He had never seen them so organized, so focused. As he pondered this, a fierce light burst forth from the window. John covered his eyes to shield himself. He had never known light to have a feel, but this time he could not help but feel a menacing presence within it. The light illuminated the entire district briefly, before settling back into the darkness. John let his eyes readjust before staring back into the darkness below. At first he made out shapes, than faces, than-.

“Oh my god.” John stuttered, his eyes growing wide in horror and disbelief. “So this is how it’s done, those bastards!” He slammed his fist into the rooftop, with all his force, creating a small crater.
“You may wanna focus your strength on something a little more important.” Marcus said, his eyes focused on a new crisis on the horizon. John stood up. A comment like that could only mean one thing, they had been discovered. He removed his jacket and turned around, cracking his knuckles. Marcus did the same, readying himself into position. They both looked at the creatures pulling themselves onto the rooftop. The recon was over, it was now time for a more…physical mission. After all…

The were-beasts were coming.
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