Crimson Rain

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Crimson Rain

Postby darkrain21 » Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:58 pm

This is a story i have been working up and hope that i can get some advise of it sry bout the spelling and the punctuation this is only the good part of book one which i am trying to turn into a comic or manga please let me know what you think and enjoy also this is not recommend for younger ppls but hey its the internet i cant stop you enjoy.

Sun beaming down on the four cloaked figures walking across a seemingly endless desert with only leather cloths a few bottles of water strapped to strings a strewn over their shoulders. They walk in line faces covered water swaying to their movements and to the harsh winds that whip sand around as if it was the wind dancing with joy at the fact that it found earth it could shift with a breeze. In the distance a small town with a large white chapel sitting in the middle of it overlooking the entire area the four stop and look around.

They look from side to side at the ruined town as if the harsh winds had beat down on the town for more than a century with no outside interactions, yet in the center stands a brilliant white chapel that looks as if a scratch has yet to be made on its walls.

One of the figures moves to the ledge his cloak covered in symbols that resemble tribal and some demonic art. He leans down on the ledge and peers down at the entrance to town. A small old man sits on a stool drinking down a bottle of water and silently humming to himself with a smile on his face.

The figure stands up and looks back at the others...

This must be the town, he said as he pushed his water string back to the top of his shoulder.

Ok then let’s get going said another of the figures as he began to walk toward the ledge.

He jumps off the ledge and falls straight down and lands on the ground with a thud kicking sand and dust up, the old man sitting on his stool startles and falls off. The three others land behind the first one who has an upside down cross on his cloak.

They walk towards the old man who has stood up but is holding his back.

The man up front walks up to him and in a friendly gesture, I'm sorry sir I didn't mean to startle you, he said as he picked up the man’s water bottle.

It’s quite all right the man said as he brushed himself off.

He looks up at the one offering the water bottle back.

And who might you strangers be? He asked as he took the bottle and began to dust it off as well.

I’m Leon, the man up front says as he pushes his hood down and reviles his black hair with a long time holding his hair in the back he smiles and offers a hand.

The man shakes it and looks back at the other three.

What about them? He asks

well the shorter one is named Judah and the other two don't really have names, he says as the other three begin walking towards them.

The short one stops and lowers his hood as well to revel a boy not much older than 18 with blond hair and a robotic eye he offers his hand as well. The other two walk right past the old man.

So what brings you to Lee to not many visitors here anymore? The man says as he sits back on his stool.

Well we are looking for something and we got a tip that it might be here Leon says as he looks at the town gates that have worn down to the constant harsh conditions of the area.

Ah well good luck with that, not much hear other than sand.

Well I was wondering about that church in the middle of town. Leon says as he motions his hand around it.

Ah yes! The old man states with enthusiasm. The high chapel sent a priest here in order to help us rebuild.

Rebuild from what? Judah asks as he opens a bottle of water.

Well believe it or not this town used to be very popular with the darker crowed, it Used to be filled with Gambling, drugs and gangs, even the demons when they showed up found this place to be a place to come to. All that eventually caused the town to go to ruins. The old man says his story with a frown.

And then the temple sends a priest? Leon says with a look at the church. Can I speak with him?

Oh sure his sermon should be ending soon he will be outside of the church for a while and you can catch him there.

OK Thank you. Leon says with a bow and they all begin walking into town.
As they walk thru the town its becomes as if a war had been waged in the streets building with broken neon signs stand in ruin people peering thru the broken windows and shattered doors at the four strangers who are walking thru their silent street.

Some building show signs of being rebuilt and some still lie is ruble the smell of rotting corpses and mounds of shit fills the air as they cross a building with flies swarming it.

Judah Glances at it knowing that it is where they keep their dead. He looks away and continues on his way with the other three. They reach the foot of the church the building is made of solid marble and it is flawless all the way down to the gleaming oak doors with the wax finish that shines in the bright sun. Leon walks towards the door and is about to push them open when the doors open on their own a few seconds later a flood of people come out and rush down the steps.

They all hurry past the strangers as if they were just road signs that they quickly weaved past. As soon as the last of them have past the notice a young man standing at the entrance to the foot of the church smiling as if all the dirty people who just left were his children and he just let them out to play. Leon looks up at him he is young with red hair that is slicked back to make it seem neat and tidy. His robes though white don’t have a speck of dirt on them and his skin is as clean as the marble on his church.

They stand there for a minute until the priest finally notices them.

Ah I can see you are all not from here. He says with a smile.

You would be right good priest. Leon says as he approaches him.

They shake hands then Judah approaches and bows respectfully. Soon after that the other two begin to approach and the priest losses his smile and looks at them.

I don’t condone your types in my church. But seeing as how you are with certain company I guess I could allow you in for a short while.

He looks back at Leon and Motions for them to enter. As they enter the main hall they look around. The pews made of marble and attached to the ground with a massive Obscure cross sitting in the middle of the alter at the front of the room many platforms run along the walls the floor covered with abstract art that run from the door to the alter to the ceiling. A goblet with red markings sitting on the altar. The ceiling holding a chandler that looks gothic in its art holding torches. The ceiling being the main point was all the markings connect and make up a strange gothic sun.

As they walk the priest asks, so what do I owe the honor of having an exiled Knight of the order come to my humble chapel.
To be honest I didn’t even know of an order to send a member of the priest hood to this town. Leon said as he looked at the menacing alter.

Well you wouldn’t see as how you are exiled you don’t have access to that information anymore.
In the back one of the cloaked figures walk toward a cast iron door that is in the far back and touches his hand the symbol threw the shadow that his cloak makes on his face you can see a red eye show up.

IM GOING TO HAVE TO ASK YOUR “FRIENDS” TO LEAVE NOW! The priest hollered as he pushed the cloak figure to the back away from the door.
As of matter of fact imp going to have all of you to leave my next sermon is going to start soon. He says as his bacons them to the doors at the front.
Leon looking back, OK we will leave I just have a question we are here looking for something that maybe you can help us with?

Oh yes and what is that? The priest asks while opening the great doors at the front.

We are seeking someone who is using a sacrifice seal.
I haven’t seen any seals being used in this town sense the wars and the last demon that showed up. Now if you would kindly leave my church so I can prepare for my next sermon.

Ok sorry to have bothered you and Leon bows and exits the church followed by the other three the last one with the demon markings on his cloak looks back at the cast iron door. While he is looking the priest shows up next to him and whispers into his ear.

I know what you are demon and if you try anything I will kill you.

The demon chuckles, yeah I’d like to see you try that.
Then he walks from the building the door slams with a bang behind them.
Later in the evening the four are sitting on the ledge that they jumped from earlier in the day around a fire that illuminates the area around them making it seem as if the darkness is trying to swallow them inside it.
Leon sits with his cloche off his eyes closed as he thinks to himself the demon parched on the side of the cliff looking at the church that seems to be illuminating itself in the darkness. His cloak down red hair showing marks all over his face and arms a look of hate covers his face.
The two others one sits with his cloak still on Judah laying by the fire looking at the clear sky. Humming to him a tune like a lullabies that a mother would sing to her child as they both drifted asleep in a chair.

Leon looks up at the demon that has stood up a large mark on his back that looks as if it has burned in to his skin.

Leon stands up and walks over to him, I know you are wanting to get down there but there is defiantly something going on with this place and we need to find out before we go and kill everyone.

He looks off to the distance the chapel standing proudly.

He looks at the demon dont worry it will work itself out.

At that moment a scream could be heard from the city, they all look in the same direction Leon grabs his weapons and jumps The demon and the other figure have launched from the cliff Judah fumbling with his cloak gives up and runs and jumps a glint of metal as he leaves the fires glow.

In the moon like a shadow launches from building to building with rapid speed and graceful movements. A few buildings back the demon and his partner land on the first building and then as fast as they land they begin moving fast towards the shadowy figure.

Leon on the streets below following with amazing speed. Soon after a figure slams on the roof tops smashing into them. Judah Coughing from the dust quickly starts moving after.

The figure lands on the church and goes in threw the bell tower the two lands on the side and launch up and go in threw the tower as well. Leon jumps from the ground and flies right into it.

They meet up at the bottom of the stairs in the tower and make their way out into the sermon hall they enter and are greeted by different markings from the ones earlier as if they had shifted making a menacing look that the room itself looks as if it watches the three as they enter. They look at the metal door way to the back of the alter and see lights gleaming from it the door swings open with ease they make their way down a spiral of staircases. A small wood door at the bottom of the stairs light bellows out of the cracks in the door.

Leon looks at the other two and takes out his sword in two swings the door slices in two and shatters.

They move in and see a woman unconscious on the ground in the middle of a strange marking that is glowing different shades of color every second the figure looks up with a start and a sword appears in his hand.

Leon looks at the woman, then without turning he says, thats a sacrifice seal, a very well built one be on your toes with this guys he has problem already made a soul connection with it.

Leon pulls out his sword and jumps at the figure that swings and knocks Leon back a smirk shoes up under the cloak the man is wearing.

With this power not even a servant of the light can beat me!

He swings his sword wind flowing from it kicking up dust and trash forcing the three back a step or two as the guard their faces.

They look up and the figure has disappeared they turn and he is behind them he swings down at the last of the cloak figures who jumps away with only a few inches between him and the blade his cloak gets torn and pulled off reviling a man with black hair that flows to his back a sash covers his eyes a whole with a spiral in it of crimson as if it is his blood spinning in an intricate dance of sadness were the heart should be. He lands the man looks at him and freezes.
I;.I knows who you are… the man says with a shudder and strike of fear.

Your Makayo the outcast. The wielder of kitetsu and the man who claimed over a million souls to his seal.

The man chuckles as Makayo unsheathes his sword that has markings all over it the blade is curved and rounded a spike bellows from the bottom of the grip.

The man looks at the blade, it doesn’t matter the father has given me the power to destroy you. He Launches at Makayo and a red line upward when

Makayo swings his sword the man splits in two from the middle e. a split second as if time hadn’t managed to catch up with what happened then a spray of blood bellows out coating the room as it hits Makayo it is pulled into the hole on his chest a residue seeping from the gore ridden and bloody remains of the man that the blade pulls into its tip.

They look over at the girl in the seal and see that she has been dried out of her blood a dusty empty corpses lie on the ground looking as if the last thing she did was cry. They re-sheath their swords and walk over to the girl.

Above Jodah is walking into the chapel, he looks up at the altar and sees the priest standing at it looking up at the seal that has changed itself. The father hasn’t noticed Jodah yet and begins talking in a demon scripture.

From what Jodah can understand the priest is saying:

I give you three powerful sacrifices from both armies take them as a gift and give me the power I was promised by the lord himself. The seal breaks from the ceiling and launches down and wrap’s the priest up in a black cloud. The priest stops and looks Jodah has walked out into the aisle.

So he was right you weren’t to be trusted I see were the people have been going now.

He looks around.

This entire church is a sacrifice seal.

Your very clever but from what I can tell is you are also the weakest and dumbest of your group. You don’t stand a chance against me.

Oh yeah Jodah says as he picks his arm up and reveals it as a cannon like weapon.
He strains and a blue light courses from the front and launches towards the priest who stands there as if he expects it to do nothing as it hits he realizes that its got density to it and it launches him into the wall and he falls down the stairs into the basement were the other three are. The other three turn around and see him he looks up and sees the cloaked figure lying on the ground the blood pooling on the ground he sees that Makayo has been un cloaked and sees his heart as the blood continues to pool inside it.

So you had a black heart with you then you must be a pretty important demon. He says as he stands up and looks at the one in the back. I told you to leave my church and watch yourself or id kill you didn’t I.

A burst of force breaks up the bottom stairs and then he slams into the cloaked figure punching him so hard he spits up blood, he then grabs him and shoots upward breaking through the floor making it explode into pieces of concrete and marble the pews explode above them as they enter back into the chapel The demon break away and jumps back to where Jodah is. The priest lands with a thud at the chapel were the black smoke is still bellowing. Leon and Makayo Jump from the floor into the room. The demon smirking I told you didn’t I also that I would love to see you try. He grabs his cloak and pulls it off reveling many symbols all over his body a gauntlet with a blade sticking from it a large sword sitting on his back he grabs the sword and pulls in down the sword looks as if it is made up of bone and eyes the grip looks like a spinal cord with a rib cage around it The demon grabs the handle and the rib cage bones sink into his arm blood flowing around the bones of the blade into grooves that seem to give the sword a life of its own the eye on the tip of the sword opens the other 6 remain shut.

The priest looks at the blade as the eye twitches in the socket. It locks onto the priest and stops twitching.
I....i know that blade.but you supposed to be dead! He looks at the demon who has pointed the blade at him.
Vallen looks up at him his marking have moved into the corner of his eyes like blades. He smirks.

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