Total Drama Island: The Next Generation (title pending)

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Total Drama Island: The Next Generation (title pending)

Postby mario72486 » Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:00 pm

Greetings, all.

A project I plan to take up is loosely based off of the hit animated series Total Drama Island. Think a ‘reality show’ similar to Survivor, but in a summer camp setting and with challenges far more sadistic than what would be showcased on normal television.

In terms of chapter plots and challenges, the process is about 80% complete. However, I am in need of characters to take part in the bid for $250,000.

That’s where you, the Snafu community, come in.

For anyone who would like to participate by submitting a character or challenge ideas, feel free to send me a PM, or contact me through Instant Messenger. This page is reserved only for questions people may have, so please don't clog this post with your entries, for I will ignore them.

Here’s the information I will be looking for:



Age (16 is the minimum, 19 the maximum):


Looks (Height, hair/skin color, scars/tattoos, etc.):

Clothing (Include everyday wear, swimsuit(s) and sleepwear):

Accessories (jewelry, electronics, etc.):


Background (A paragraph is enough, but you’re free to include more. Just try not to go overboard):



Fears (up to 3):

Dare (See this as if he/she is in part of a game of Truth or Dare. The crazier the dare, the better):

Paired up with someone? (If yes, what kind of person would you want your character to end up with? Whether or nor a pairing happens depends on which characters I choose for the project):

Why they wanted to join TDI (What's in it for them besides the fame and fortune?):

Audition Tape (no limit to what they can be doing, so long as there are no more than 250 spoken words from the character):

Anything else you feel needs to be included:


Here's an example of a character submission, using an OC of my design:


Name: Pedro

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Looks: He’s about 5’9” tall with an athletic build. He has dark brown hair, that’s almost always untidy, and brown eyes. His skin is tanned due to being out in the sun quite often.

Clothing: Constants are jeans and white running shoes. He’s been known to wear different color shirts, mostly white, red or blue. For sleepwear, it’s the shirt from the day before and blue or black boxers. His swimsuit it blue, and Olympic-style.

Accessories: He’s always seen wearing a pendent his grandfather gave him, a gold one in the shape of a luchador mask.

Personality: Most of the time Pedro is a very ambitious guy, always looking on the bright side of life. However, he also has a one-track mind. Once he’s got an opinion or an idea about how to do something, it’s really hard to get him to change his mind. He has a relatively shorter fuse than most people; if he gets even a little mad, you’ll know it. Once you get past these ‘defects’ and get to know him better, though, you’ll find that he’s a great guy. One of his best qualities is his ability to judge character. You’ll know you’re a good person if he wants to be friends with you.

Background: A Mexico City native, Pedro’s early life wasn’t easy. It was tough for his parents to support him and his older brother, but they got by somehow. While not the best student in school, Pedro is one of its better athletes. He loves soccer, and led the team to victory in several intercity tournaments. When not on the soccer or baseball field, he’s on the mat wrestling. He’s racked up quite a few victories under his belt; if he didn’t choose to play in the nation’s pro-soccer team after getting out of school, wrestling would be his second choice. Due to being active in a variety of sports, he’s got plenty of strength in both his legs and upper body. He also has a lot of stamina, so holding his own in a fight isn’t much of a problem.

Likes: sports of all sorts, anime, sci-fi movies

Dislikes: party-poopers, stuck-up people, being left out

Fears: Bugs, open water, being on his own for extended periods

Dare: Run a New York Marathon-length distance in under 3 hours.

Paired up with someone?: He’s looking for a girl who’s outgoing, can understand him and his needs, and can hopefully keep up when his mind and body start to accelerate. So long as she isn’t a queen bee or overall b***h, he’s happy.

Why they wanted to join TDI: It’d be a new experience for him, and a chance to show everyone back home what he’s truly capable of in a competition of this caliber. The grand prize would be more than enough to get him through college, with money on the side left over for other interests.

Audition Tape: (The tape begins showing a boy in sports attire standing in the middle of a playing field.) Hola, chicas! The name’s Pedro, and I’m raring to go! I’ve got the speed…(He dashes to a conveniently-placed soccer ball, kicking it into a nearby goal) the eyesight…(picks up a bat and hits a baseball that’s pitched to him) and the strength…(a guy in wrestling attire attempts to tackle him, but he easily forces him down and pins him) to blast through the competition. So consider adding me into the mix. I promise you won’t regret it! (salutes) Adios!

Anything else you feel needs to be included: If there’s one thing that Pedro likes more than sports, it’s animals. With his family owning several different kinds of pets over the years, it’d be hard for him not to like them. He has that special ‘knack’ with taking care of them. This may play a big role if any of the challenges involve wildlife.


Alright, ladies and gents. Have at it!
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Re: Total Drama Island: The Next Generation (title pending)

Postby k_money516 » Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:08 pm

Say that you have, like, more than 1 character in mind?
Can you PM that, too?
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Re: Total Drama Island: The Next Generation (title pending)

Postby mario72486 » Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:11 pm

I didn't put a limit on how many characters people can send in. But keep in mind that I'm hoping to start the fic within the next few days. If you or anyone you know (spread the word) has characters they want to submit, the time is now.
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Re: Total Drama Island: The Next Generation (title pending)

Postby PunkyChipsAhoy » Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:12 pm

This seems more like something you'd ask the RP community.
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Re: Total Drama Island: The Next Generation (title pending)

Postby Thiamor » Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:37 pm

I second that.
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