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Postby Higarashi » Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:36 am

Well, hey there everyone! It's been quite some time since I've been on, and if none of you know me from that brief moment in the PPGD and the Role Play Thread, I'm Higarashi.

Well, I thought I'd tell everyone that the setting is based off of the Massive Online Role Playing Game or MMoRPG called Ragnarok Online, if any of you have memories of it! At the moment I already have main characters set up for the story, BUT! in many ways, if those who wish to have a minor and brief role later on in the story, you can PM me. This is just a way to make people feel happy and incorporated since their own character is in the story.

For that brief annotation, I'd like to announce what I'd like to see in the sheets, and it is easy and simple.

Name -
Age -
Hair Color -
Eye Color -
Gender -
Personality -
Class -
Alignment - (Good, Evil, Neutral)

By following these short standards within my story, I'll find a way to add you into the story. However I'd like to say first hand that these go to PMs. And with that said, the brief thing on character depends on how early you choose to start out in classes, the earlier stages, possibly sooner or later. Now, these first few chapters may or may not include your character, and I, unfortunately, will not tell you whether or not I will add you. For this reason is because, I want it to be a surprise!

For those of you who do NOT know about the MMoRPG known as Ragnarok Online, which, noting out now, is the first one, the reference site is http://iro.ragnarokonline.com/game/jobintro.asp

A final note, I will not be incorporating transcendent classes until very later on within the fanfic, if I ever get there, because of their strength in power. Transcendent classes will be incorporated into the actual story when a better plot plays out, Okay? So, those who wish to add a minor character into the story, please bare with me ^^;.

Sorry, last note, this fan fiction may include obscene usage of foul language, so be advised those who are under 13. If you are under 13 and is have not heard the word "fuck" before, well, guess what. You have now.
Page One: The Departure

Rune Midgarts, the largest kingdom of the world was filled with all sorts of wonders; yet few has chosen not to venture out into the marvelous world. Within Rune Midgarts lies a wide variety of guilds, which is filled with adventurers, who have set out to figure the mysteries of the world, and they all gather mainly to one place, Prontera. Prontera is a large city, home to King Tristan, and is said to be the root of all adventurers. There are also guilds, created by these adventurers, who have increased their strength in numbers; these guilds are filled with people in a wide variety of classes. With that said, this is the same town that our adventure, sets itself in.

“Oh no, I’m going to miss him! Please wait…” cried out a blonde girl as she dashed her way out of the crowd, clutching something in her hands as she pushed it against her chest. Weaving across the people and merchants, she made her way to the southern gate of Prontera, calling out to a boy with blue hair. “Soriian!” she screamed out, catching her breath.

“Jessica?” he said with bewilderment as he turned his head to the girl, with a grin as he said out playfully, “Darn and I thought I was going to be able to avoid you today.”

“That’s not funny Soriian!” she said with a sigh as she walked towards him. Now standing face to face, she pulled his right arm and uncurled his fingers. He blinked at his hand, and then looked at Jessica’s blue eyes as she went for her side pocket. She pulled out a golden locket, which shimmered in the sun, and placed it in his hand. “Happy fifteenth birthday you idiot.”

His right hand balled up into a fist and he took a step back. “Yeah, happy birthday…” his voice was depressed, but he soon seemed brightened as he looked at Jessica, holding onto the locket. “Look, I won’t wear it ok? After all, I’m not a girl, but I promise you, I’ll take good care of it! After all! I’m an adventurer” he said, flaunting his knife.

“Oh yeah, you’re an adventurer, novice,” muttered Jessica with a low voice. Soriian frowned and turned around, starting to walk out. “Come back soon alright!”

“Yeah, don’t worry, here’s another promise. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Waving his arm out, Soriian made a dash out for the gate, screaming out a woohoo as Jessica smiled. In the southern part of Prontera fields, there was nothing but porings, a pink jelly-like monster, and lunatics, which resembled a rabbit. The boy looked around and pulled out his knife and grinned. “Alright Izlude, bring it on!”

Seeing a poring hop right by him, he pulled his knife from his back and thrusted his blade forward at the little blob… The blade struck into the Poring and Soriian pulled the blade out. Just as he was about to slash at it again, it hopped up and hit him right at the nose. With a grunt, he fell backwards, holding his nose.

“What the hell? There’s no way in hell am I losing to a-a damned pink blob!” yelled out Soriian. He shuffled his feet and stood again, looking at the Poring, then with a loud cry, he stabbed the blade at the top of the monster, hearing a loud pop! he looked back at the poring to see that it had exploded (like how they always do in the game when they die). He grinned and lifted his hand triumphantly. Then, he heard a taunting voice, which would ruin his mood.

“You can’t be serious! You actually got hit by a Poring?”

“Yeah, who’s talking?” Soriian retorted as he looked behind him. He saw a man, twirling a knife as he had a smirk on his face. His short black hair easily made him able to blend into a crowd, but his orange eyes were what set him apart. His clothing seemed strange, it was a sand-like color, and on his head were goggles.

“My name’s Shin,” he said proudly, then looked at his knife, placing it back into its small sheath; he then spoke with the same, brash tone, “I’m going to help you. You can’t venture off without a partner! Where are you headed?”

Soriian looked at him, with an intimidating gaze, giving off the feeling of distrust. “Izlude, why?”

He laughed. “Izlude? Why there? Go to Morroc, the guild of thieves is a great place.”

“Thieves? Forget that! I’m going to Izlude to be a swordsman, got problems with that?”

“Fine, fine,” he said sarcastically. “I’ll help you get there, you got a map?” the man grinned, but he seemed alright to Soriian that time.

“Yeah, I do Shin.” He said, crossing his arms. Shin waved his hands and pointed passed the tree. “Well, let’s go!”

Soriian looked at Shin, soon following him. He had a slight frown on his face, but tried to make it not noticeable. I’m not trusting you he thought, but at that time, he guessed he might as well, since someone was willing to help him get to Izlude. But, he still had the new challenges of life as Soriian was now officially, a Novice. He looked back at the large walls of Prontera again, with a disheartened feeling, but he shook it off with a smile and laugh as he dug into his pocket and pulled out a locket, staring at it.

“I’ll be back here a swordsman Jessica, I promise.”
A brief talk about this chapter.

Sorry it was short, it was late, and hey, it's only an introduction right? I'll put more the next chapter, See you guys soon!
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Re: Ragnarok.

Postby Higarashi » Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:07 am

Well, at the moment I am rewriting the part itself for various reasons.

First, I reread it and thought that it wasn't complete at all. It had no real action, no excitement that a real page or chapter would have.

Second and final reason, it's too short! Well, That's it for my ranting about how I dislike what I wrote, and will most likely improve the storyline.
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