GreenLight: Acolytes of Heaven: PG-13: Original Work

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GreenLight: Acolytes of Heaven: PG-13: Original Work

Postby GreenLight » Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:31 pm

So... This is my first time posting a fiction story so I'll try to make it good.

The light turned on in the room. A boy could be seen fighting with an inanimate dummy. His brown hair was flecked with sweat and his eyes were large with adrenaline, their black irises shining. He was kicking furiously at the dummy, killing it five times over. A voice crackled from the intercom saying sharply, "That's enough Monta!"
"We'll begin our real training right here."
Two dummies came out from the side doors and this time, they were moving. Moving oh so fast, with blades whipping out at Monta.
"Remember, you may ONLY use Magic against these foes, no physical attacks," the voice chided him.
"Yeah, yeah, I get it old man..." Monta muttered darkly.
He held the chain bracelet around his wrist and began to chant quickly, seeing as the dummies marched on solemnly toward him.
"Oh Light of Dawn, reveal yourself to me... I, Monta Alcard, command you! Release!"
The bracelet broke into multiple pieces and began to reform, this time in the shape of a short staff that curved into a small ball at the top. Monta reached into the pouch attached to his hip and took out a Card randomly from the small deck he had.
"This Card won't help... but it can buy me some time to get another," Monta thought furiously.
"Reveal your true self! Draw!" he threw the card into the air and slammed the staff onto it. Light exploded from the card and a pencil with wings flew out from the card, growing larger until it matched the dummies' blades.
"Make a wall!" Monta commanded.
Four walls sprouted around him, encasing him, but keeping the dummies out. He drew two more cards out from his pocket and smirked this time.
"Perfect. Reveal your true self! Storm, Relocation!" he threw the cards into the air and swiped the staff at them. Suddenly, a large, thunderous storm appeared above him and began to roar. It moved around until it reached the dummies and began to strike lightning and rain hail upon them.
"And, I'm the winner!" Monta cheered as he canceled Draw, Relocation, and Storm's effects.
That's why he didn't notice the blade emerging from his ribs.
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