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Stim's Spooky Stories

Postby stimtheone » Wed May 27, 2009 1:38 pm

This is made inspired by ioji's thread entitled "Spooky stories"

I wrote some good ones from time to time and I thought that you should read some...they're good.

My first one:
One night I was returning from a party downtown and I left pretty early, so I had nobody to go home so I cruised home by myself.
I stopped at a shop in my way and got myself a chocolate bar, and being non-trash I placed the wrapper in my pocket.
When I got to my street I just got at halfway the distance to my home and then...Suddenly all the street lights had gone dark and I heard a sound behind someone was trying to sneak on me...and again, and again...and then I heard almost hundreds of crawling sounds, I closed my eyes and...

I woke up in front of the place where the party was and when i looked at my watch...the time was like the one when i left the party. Was it all a dream? But then I took out of my pocket something that made my heart stop...The wrapper of the chocolate bar...and it was full of blood!


One night(Yes, Night) I had to go up to my attic to get something.
Our attic opens from the outside(it has a door) and you need a ladder to get up there.
I had to take my flashlight because There was no light up there. So, I started looking for what I needed, But then I've dropped my flashlight, therefore breaking it. I left the door open, and the moonlight was pretty strong that night.
Then suddenly, I heard a creak, a floorboard creak actually, we had a floor up there, but I knew it wasn't me because I just froze in panic...
I looked at the darker side of the attic...the side where the noise came, and the light couldn't get there, but I saw something shiny...two small shiny things...I slowly walked towards the door, seeing as the two shiny things kept coming closer as more creaks were heard in tune...then I just popped out the door and locked the door behind me only to hear that there was something hitting the door on the other side...
I could see that the lock won't hold...
I went down and called my dad, we came up...there were no more hits heard, but the lock almost broke...
When we opened the door, there were Huge claw marks on the other side...we looked all over the attic for something...but the only thing that we found was the flashlight that was still working...Strange

Third(I can't believe I wrote these):
One night(yes night, again) I was just trying to go to sleep, it was like 2 A.M. and my room was on the first story(i live in a house) with a window facing the back yard, and the window was to the left of my bed, I left it open hoping that some fresh air would just tire me. It was very quiet, Too quiet I suddenly heard't explain what...but it was like something was digging itself from under the ground...more than one.
I tried to think at something else, hoping that it was just my imagination going wild because of boredom(i started doing the carpeting puzzle from PP) bu the sounds didn't stop..until...there were sounds like something was just walking through our back yard(it was autumn and the dry leaves were very dry...I couldn't help myself, I stepped out of bed and I looked out the window...I froze up....I saw at least a dozen of...things...they were just like pople, just that they were covered in dirt, some of them were just missing limbs, or even whole body parts....I tried to scream...I couldn't move...i couldn't even blink...I just stared at how they were just getting closer...and closer....I finally gathered my strenght and tried to scream...I woke up...But somehow I didn't scream...I looked out the window...
The yard was almost partially dug up...I tried to go to sleep hoping that It really WAS a bad dream...or wasn't it...?

Fourth(I sometimes think of them before I go to sleep. YES, I make them up whist going to sleep):
One night i woke up being incapable of sleeping and went to the bathroom to ease myself hoping it would help sleep(the bathroom is exactly in front of my room across the hall and the entrance is to the left of my room) and anyway as I went in I didn't see too well because the light was off and I still had clouded vision.....then as I was doing my business I felt a smell(Wasn't me) of rotten meat combined with blood... I went out and as I looked better there were blood trails on the floor and the door was practically ripped from its hinges.... I took my trusty weapon(a blackjack, a bat shorter than a baseball bat...can be used with one hand...>Very Happy ) then I checked my aunt's room...which was empty...nobody inside..excepting the large blood marks and a lot of hair(not human) on the floor...I went out and what I saw was almost indescribable.....Hundreds of dogs....the only thing I fear....were rounded outside and were eating three bodies...I prefer not to tell who they might have been because I could not recognize them...Slowly I backed away, hoping to jump over the shed while they were distracted by plan failed....While the pack was charging at me I grabbed the smaller axe from the shed and took it in my right hand(I practiced with it) and the bat in the other hand and I started fending the first ones off..and the second ones...(I'm pretty good of a fighter...) But when It seemed that I could not continue the pack stopped attacking when a particular sound(I can't describe it) came through. Then the dogs pulled aside as between them came.....something...It looked like a big Half-Man-Half-Wolf-thing, But I would not say that it was a werewolf...the moon was completely unseen...probably a lunar eclipse... The Thing called me close as the dogs created a wall around us and then as I walked forward the Wolf-thing Howled and so did the other dogs, before pouncing towards me...I dodged it and a battle commenced and there was no clear winner, but in a great moment I stroke with the axe in the wolf's back, leaving him down for the count. In that moment the dogs howled, bowing before me...I dropped my weapons and fell to my knees not knowing what to do next, but in that moment I heard a crackle behind me and before I could turn I felt a great pain at the back of my head and passed out. The next day my aunt woke up telling me that I was late for school...But I was still in front of the damage could be seen..but the axe was still laying by my side, but the bat could not be seen....

One night in the middle of the winter I woke up due to a headache. As I went to the bathroom for some cure I felt incredibly light and did not feel the cold marble of the hallway. I looked outside the bathroom window. It was calm outside, tough it had snowed for two weeks before that time. Before leaving I thought I saw something strange in the mirror, but I didn't pay attention to it, I thought I was just sleepy. I wandered back to my room and as I entered the hallway I noticed blood footprints from my room to the bathroom. The bathroom has cement on the floor so it was unnoticeable, but it had seemed as if I had left the footprints. Strange...I had not noticed or felt anything. A cold shiver went down my back replacing fear. I tried to open the door that lead to my aunt's room, my grandfather's or even the door leading outside...but it's not like they were's just that I couldn't grab the knob. The doors to the bathroom and my room were already open..and I didn't notice.... I entered my room and what I saw was enough to frighten anyone, tough I didn't scream, I just froze here. In the bed from which I got up, my body laid cut up and full of blood, the image was of total nightmare, and for a second I wondered what I am now....I remembered hat I had noticed in the mirror: the background could be seen through me.....This was not right. I started to wonder what or who did that but the answer came right away.... A pair of big yellow eyes lit up besides my bed(the room was partially dark, my bed being in the light of the light bulb in the hallway) I thought for a second...if I am transparent, and immaterial, then how can the thing even hurt me now? It lunged at me and I thought of staying still to see the effect, but instinct made me almost dodge it. It scratched me on the arm. The pain was both strong and numb, I felt the pain of a sting twice amplified. I knew i had to run, but in its landing the beast which now I can see that its body is just like a medium primate(monkey) its head being at the height of my shoulders in the way it's standing, but instead of fingers it had four bloody claws, and its head being almost like a wolf's. But back to the matter at hand, in it's landing the beast blocked the door outside, behind me being the door to my aunt's room, I thought since I was a ghost I could just pass through the door, but if she was still there I didn't want her involved. I thought of how to get by it.... passing through probably won't work, passing through the floor...the floor was my only physical response(I could not pass through the floor), Jump? YES! I charged it head-on and as it did the same I jumped over it, and in the next second I passed through the door. I thought I could run and try to lead it somewhere where it could get killed or not follow me. I started running I heard the sound of snow compacting as I ran and soon after I heard the door break. Another cold shiver went down my back. Since no sound could be heard I listened to not be hit by the beast. It worked. I almost got to the gate, almost passed through it..... When I hit the gate it felt like a wall was there. I almost lost hope. I heard the beat behind me running towards me. backing against the gate I decided to at least face my killer.... I saw it coming towards me, but no more fear could I feel...When it finally lunged towards me I reacted weird...I placed my hand, fingers pointed at the beast, not knowing what I could do...I closed my eyes. A smooth tingle could be felt at the tips of my fingers. the beast mid-air.... I opened my eyes. What I saw amazed me. My fingers extended into long sharp spikes*, and although they were immaterial, they stabbed the beast from one end to another. I relaxed and the came back to their original form, the beast fell down and died in a pool of blood. I felt relieved. Then I thought of how should I at least come back to what I was. I returned to my room. In great effort, I turned the lights on. I stared a wile at my body, placed my hand on it, and a white light shined at the wounds, I could not see much as my hand started to be absorbed back into my body. Instinctively I pulled on it. but eventually I was pulled inside. I woke up...again. Although my pajamas were ripped in various places, there were no wounds and there was no blood to be seen in my room. But on the hallway something remained: bloody fingerprints, one smudged, and the door had a big, oval-shaped hole in it. I unlocked the door and went outside. It was cold....very cold, but I resisted. I saw footprints in the places where I presumably ran, and some oversize paw prints in various places. when I arrived at our gate there was blood, there was a mark in the snow where I sat, but where the body of the beast should have been, there laid only a note with MY writing on it: WELL DONE YOUNG WARRIOR, YOU HAVE PASSED MY TEST AND EARED MY GRATITUDE.

It was a long day, longer than usual, 7 classes and a straight, no-break, 8-hour shift. I was ready for bed, didn't even eat, didn't even change, I just went to sleep the way I was. Tomorrow is Saturday, finally. I finally went to sleep, hoping for a nice dream before a day of relaxation, but I didn't get what I want. I woke up almost 1 second after I went to sleep, but I was not in my bed, but in a box. This "box" was in a deep hole, must have been six feet deep, and the night sky was clearly visible. Something was not right. I got up and out of that grave to see that next to it a wooden, rather old, cross stood there, with my name on it. This had to be a joke, but underneath my name there was written in fresh blood: "For you".The blood was still dripping down, as the lower part of the y was very long and curving down. A small, ivory cross was hanging from the bigger cross, and seeing my surroundings I placed it around my neck and turned my back to the grave.
I now noticed that I was in a cemetery, hundreds of graves standing in front of me, not seeming to end. I started walking onwards, trying to find a way out of this place. As I was walking I noticed that numerous graves were crudely dug out, dirt being splattered around the grave, but as I turned my face forward I found the reason.
A "person was standing in front of me about two yards away from me, his clothes ripped and filled with blood, he face unrecognizable, the flsh rotten and green, and sometimes completely gone, as in two places the bone was starting to show. My thoughts were dissipated as I started running away, only to stop two paces further, having another zombie in sight. I turned to my left and got the shock of my life as one was standing right next to me, and as our faces met it unleashed a horrible scream while grabbing me by my shoulders. I struggled to get free as its teeth rushed towards my left arm. I panicked. With a great burst of stamina I swinged my arms around my body, breaking the thing's both arms and as soon as I saw myself free I ran as fast as I could. this was almost hopeless, as everywhere I looked I could see the horrible undead creatures, but I ran, I just ran forward, whist the creature's broken arms were still grasping my shoulders. But my path ended soon, as a wall appeared in front of me, the things were still coming behind me, slow, but in a huge number. I climbed the wall to see that it was pointless. From where the wall was there was nothing,nothing, a black, infinite abyss stretched into the distance, I turned back, hoping for a way out but it was too late, they were here, and one grabbed my leg. Struggling to release myself I discovered my mistake in the last second. I fell into it, into the abyss. As the surface rushed away from me my vision started to blur, my senses to become numb. I...I passed out.

I woke up.

I was in my bed where I went to sleep. Nothing has changed. In a great relief I told myself that it was a dream, but as I rolled onto my left side something moved under my shirt. It was that ivory cross, but filled with coagulated blood.

I did not know what to think anymore.

I should write books.

I tried to write one but it was crap...still have the file around here somewhere...
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Re: Stim's Spooky Stories

Postby Thiamor » Wed May 27, 2009 4:03 pm

Pretty nice it seems.

Go to , for it helps out Authors and wannabe-Authors.

I'm trying to become an Author myself, but it will take me some time .
Working on another story other than Hellfire, called Geistauge, which can be found here.
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