Lightstarr gets bored and writes lame journal (2277)

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Lightstarr gets bored and writes lame journal (2277)

Postby LightStarr » Fri May 22, 2009 10:29 am

of my adventures in the Wasteland! Oh yes.

Dates mean little anymore. Monday? Tuesday? It is the same thing; irradiated water and raiders. I've never seen D.C before, but I can only imagine at one point it was a beautiful home to many. Now all you can see in every direction is the devastation. Very little stands as a testament to man's will. There are high rises here and there, but they are mostly burnt out and collapsing under their own weight. The downtown area is fraught with dangers. The danger springs forth mostly from the mutants who inhabit the area and the occasional raider you may find.

The suburbs, where I have spent the majority of my time exploring and writing this journal is another story. Well, not so much another story but another chapter in the same relentless tale.

Today was a strange day as far as the wastes go. I was exploring west of Tenpenny Tower and discovered a place called the Dunwich Building. The strange part was not all of the ghouls screaming for my flesh. They looked hungry every time my pip-boy's light crossed their faces. Frightening, terrifying and quite horrifying; you can hear them before you ever see them and they can smell you. I shudder whenever I hear one of the cry out. What was strange were the other things I saw. I entered one room and the fan sitting on the desk lifting into the air and flung itself unto the ground. This was not the first thing I saw in the building. I could have sworn I saw a man just before I was attacked by one of the glowing ghouls. Strange. I need to find a better place to rest.

Today Mr. Tenpenny learnt a valuable lesson. You do not attempt to have my life exterminated. I do not take kindly to people putting hits out on me. I found out it was Mr. Tenpenny. I then went to his ritzy apartment building out in the wastes and executed him. I show no mercy for those who would do me harm. I pray this is a lesson to others and especially Talon Company. Fucking Mercs.

So there I am. I'm wandering the burnt out ruins of downtown Washington D.C. I know, a normal day in the wastes; at least that is what I thought was going on. I come up out of the sewer, after killing about thirteen feral ghouls and by God I hate those things. They sit there in the dark and all you can hear is heavy breathing and then a guttural growl and finally you have a ghoul in your face crying for your blood. It is frightening every time, the light on my pip-boy is never enough to light a good area to see the damn things, and I jump a little bit every time I hear their growl. Today, I explored the Capital Building. I had no idea it was so large and full of Super Mutants. At least the ghouls are small and they die pretty quickly, but the Super Mutants are huge, stupid, but huge. As we know big and stupid things are dangerous. I managed to clean out the place. I did not find much of anything interesting in the building. A few books, but that was about it. Oh. I suppose there was that Mutant Behemoth. The Super Mutants might be big and dumb, but the Behemoth is monstrous. The damned thing walks around wielding a fire hydrant still attached to the water pipes. I managed to kill it and get out. There was of course the weird a weird incident near Pennsylvania Avenue. I'm wandering around and suddenly this voice echoes off the rubble. The guy is screaming about some sort of giant worm eating the planet. He is losing his shit in the ruins of a building. I found this other guy, scared out of his wits, hanging about. I asked him what was going on and it turns out that crazy worm guy has rigged the alleyway I'm staring down with explosives. Explosives he of course controls from up in his rubble, a place I cannot get to. So I do the next best thing, I convinced the frightened guy to go talk this guy down. That plan backfired when Captain Worm set off the explosives and ended his life and the other guys. I quietly backed away. And thus ends another day in the wastes.

So that about does it for the journal. My roommate saved over my file and I lost the character.
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