Æther: Untitled, original short story

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Æther: Untitled, original short story

Postby Æther » Wed May 20, 2009 1:47 am

I Am the Killer of Happiness

It did not start off easy as they said...

No, it was damn near impossible but there was a slight window of opportunity in which I caught.

And, let me tell you, things changed.

If it was not for that split second move, I would have been back at square one and with even less limited resources to use.

I never am one to complain, but that shit was tough. Yet, the reward was ten times what they had said it would be. They do not know where to even begin to comprehend the spoils that I had obtained. Something is different than what they had anticipated; and it is all mine to profit from. You see, I am a Demon. A Demon from some forgotten level of Hell that I would rather not mention here; for that is a story for another time.

For what it is worth, Hell is a place where Demons can be tortured also. Humanity thinks that "Satan" or "The Devil" is the great tormentor and has gathered henchmen to do his malicious bidding. While there is partial truth to that belief, it does not take into account several very... important factors. One, to which, is that Lucifer has gathered an army to conquer all levels (or rather, realms) of Hell. Yes, that is correct: Lucifer does not fully control all of Hell. And so another key factor is that there are demons that are... rebellious to joining other demons amongst the ranks of Lucifer.

Why? Why would demons not cow to the "Champion of the Dead"?

Well, a simple explanation would be that since all demons are "created" or "born" out of some element of sin. Most humans understand that once upon an era, Lucifer was a righteous and powerful angel for God. That eventually he became corrupted by his own ego, so to speak. And therefore God punished him by banishing him and any like-minded angels from Heaven down to the abyss of the underworld. This is the first instance where Hell was mentioned in any human text or lore.

Hell, my shallow friend, goes long back before that singular notion. I am one to know.

How does this tie into your first question? Good point. I suppose I was slowly becoming unfocused. Try not to mind that since being a Demon, you are always somewhat distracted by what is going on in Hell.

At any rate, I told you that Demons are "born" out of aspects of sin. That is fact. When Lucifer committed the act of Blasphemy: that is, he wanted to be worshiped as if he were God. It opened up a whole knew dynamic of inhabitants in hell: Fallen Angels. While Demons are "born", Angels are created by God's own hand. When they fall, it causes ruptures in Hell since they are things of beauty and grace. So when big ol' Lucifer came tumbling down to our realm, it was a damn near cataclysm of sorts. Not that it would have destroyed Hell, oh no... let us say that it spiced things up.

Lucifer saw fit to shape Demons into foot soldiers (pawns, really) for his little army. He slowly started succeeding since he was able to keep the Fallen Angels on his side because he is one himself; the strongest of them all. Droves of Demons bought into his army because they just wanted fresh meat to get their hands on and they're entitled to their decision. It is not like I am going to protest, most Demons only fend for themselves. I, on the other hand, was not impressed by Lucifer's rag tag of rejects. There is absolutely no point in trying to conquer Hell, the human realm, or even Heaven; if the pompous ass thinks He can accomplish the latter. The smart Demons know to stay away from the action. To lurk in the shadows because there is no fighting what cannot be beat. We just try to enjoy what little pleasure we can get.

Which is why my window of opportunity was so slim. It might not even have existed, but it was there. This window was a gateway to the human realm...

Need not fret. Demons can and have entered your realm many a time. They have possessed people, they have cause numerous events of chaos, and much more. Most of humanity shrugs it off as something else; whatever they can think up. We know better. So, I will bide my time and wait. To wait for the next, smallest chance to gain more benefits while I am here before I enact upon my plan. So there is naught a worry for your kind... yet.

Insanity Creeps

And you wonder why a certain percentage of the human population descend into insanity.

Of course, Demons possessing a human vessel can cause the human to loose its mind. But, by that time, the Demon's use for that vessel has all but shriveled up. So a new host is required if the Demon's purpose has not been fulfilled in the human realm. However, it is very possible that the Demon is forced back to Hell by certain events.

Would I tell you what they were? No... I think I will refrain from spilling all the beans here, as one could say.

You see, since you are my vessel. You can experience what I telling to you. You fight with all your might to eradicate me from your mind, and body; but not your soul, mind you, that is a sacred thing. You make little headway with that course of action in any case. Eventually, your anger and determination will dissipate and you will then suffer the throes of despair as time goes on while I possess your fleshy, odorous being.

Not to worry, you should not be of enormous use to me for the time being. You will serve your purpose and I shall move on. That is, obviously, I do not kill you just in case someone does end up believing you or if I slip up in my tracks. To the latter, I am a professional and I am in full confidence that my plan is on schedule. To the former, there is a slight chance of it coming to fruition. Do not bet on it, though.

Now where was I? Oh yes, humanity. Such a fail thing, it is. Such weak-willed, ignorant, dull beasts they are. But there is the creme of the crop for everything, I suppose. And if it is of any consolation to you, you are not far from the top. You do have a strong will, as I had first sensed. However, you were unprepared for what I have done and what is in store in the near future. That is what broke you in the first place. Such a shame, really. Don't trouble yourself too much in that squishy brain of yours, you will only make it worse for yourself in the long run if you want to live.

Your doctors and disciples of science and medicine thing that insanity is all chemical and psychological. I will not deny that. Even still, there is more to it than that. It damages on the spiritual level (for lack of a better term so you can comprehend). It is the result of the slightest corruption of your soul that a Demon leaves behind; somewhat like a mark. Yes, I have said that the soul is sacred, but, you have to remember that your kind is still capable of sin and very much so. Each little sin "erodes" your soul, little by little. Those who have sinned greatly on average usually end up taking a one trip express "downstairs" because the immensity of the sin committed is directly proportional to the amount of "erosion" your soul takes.

There are some exceptions to the rule. I would chalk that up to God's servants actually giving a care for that particular human. For whatever reason why, I would not have the faintest idea. Every human has and will sin in their lifetime. That is fact. You could say it is part of your nature to do so. Doomed to fail from the start. I know, it is not fair.

Was it fair that I was "born" as this? Was it fair for the Almighty Creator to cast his eye away from the abominations that have spawned from the sins that His beloved humans He has created? No, I think not. We are considered a by-product, and can sit and rot for all He and His cronies care. So do not even get me started on what is considered fair in your puny little brain. I can always move on to another vessel and leave you for dead, do not forget that. If you make through this relatively in one piece, I just may consider relinquishing my right to destroy you.

But wait, how are we His beloved creations if we are doomed to fail.

The only thing I will shed light upon in this matter is that you have to figure that out for yourself. That is your challenge.

But enough of this banter. Let us take a trip...
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