Marauder's Work: Short Story In Progress

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Marauder's Work: Short Story In Progress

Postby Marauder » Sun May 17, 2009 11:18 pm

Hi all. I've been an overall SNAFU fan for a while and have decided to see if some of my writing work is any good. I deal mostly with plausible SciFi stuff. I've written a few short stories that I've been a little self conscious about sharing. So i decided why not get an opinion from a total stranger on the internet. This one is a "Work In Progress" that i've just started.

Oct. 17. 2013

I've never had a Journal before. I guess i'll just wing it. I can't help but wonder how this all started. The lab was supposed to be impenetrable. A fortress to keep the containment in. My question is how did he do it. I guess that's everyone question. I guess i should fill you in a little bit before we get into the details. My name's Kyra Ward and I'm 16 years old. The year is 2013. The lab I'm talking about was a containment lab. It was housing a form of the Rabies virus. It was engineered to help find a cure for AIDS. It was still in it's primitive stages at this time. The only thing that the scientists were able to modify it was the time it took for the virus to make the host completely lose control, and become more aggressive. Rabies normally took a few months to take over a person. This form takes over in only a few minutes. The "He" I'm referring to is my brother, Rowdy Ward. He's always been a little off. He's only 17. He was a little unstable. Insane possibly. He was always writing. He wrote a lot about life and death. He always said tat people needed to earn their right to life. We all assumed that one day he was going to do something drastic, but we never thought he's go so far as to blow up the lab. He set off the bomb and unleashed the virus onto the world on Dec. 12 2012. No-one's seen him since the explosion. We assumed he died in it. It took the virus only a month to completely engulf the U.S. At least the populated areas. At first the U.S. Government assumed that since rabies will eventually kill the host, they didn't have to worry about it too much. Just keep the virus quarantined and the infection will kill itself. But it didn't. It mutated. It allowed the virus to generate oxygen. The rabies virus would normally kill the host due to respiratory insufficiency, but with the virus Generating oxygen, the host was able to live. The more rural areas, like the town I live in, were still somewhat intact. The town is in the middle of Utah. It's called Huntington. Much like the name suggests, it's full of hunters. Rednecks with guns and alcohol. Surprisingly the mix is a good defense against the crazed "Zombies" if you want to call them that. Most everyone was able to defend themselves fairly well. The casualties were few and far between. Only 4 have died so far. But it's only a matter of time before we have to move. Can't be too hard. It's only my Dad and Me. My Mom left us when i was 2. I don't remember anything of her, and i don't even have a picture to know what she looks like. As for my Dad, He's a Giant. He towers over everyone. He's nearly 7 feet tall. He works in the coal mines around here. Or used to anyway. He hauled machinery around for them. Dragging it in and pulling it out. They recommend a machine to load most of those heavy pieces of equipment into the back of the trucks, but my dad did it all by hand. He's earned his nickname. They call him Tank, and he can live up to the name too. He got the nickname when he was in his late 20's and now he's in is late 40's so i don't know his real name, and he gets emotional every time i ask him about it. So i've learned to stop asking. As for Rowdy...well i can only hope for the worst.

"Damn it Krya. Grab your shit and lets go! Everyone's moving north to see if we can find more supplies." My dad is a loud guy. Loud enough to start attracting attention from the people slowly moving around us. Their stares are cold. I guess they need a scapegoat for this entire thing.
"Sorry Tank. I''ll hurry." I grab my pack and haul it on my shoulders. It's an old army pack. We managed to get it from the old army surplus store on the outskirts of town. The town only has 1000 or so people in it, so it was easy getting some supplies.
"Don't worry about them. None of this is your fault. This entire thing is out of our hands. We had no choice in what he was doing." His voice was a dull whisper as he spoke.
"I know. I just don't get why they have to blame us. I mean, it wasn't even us who blew up that damned lab! If he wouldn't have done that..."
"Don't take it too harsh. Your brother might have done something stupid, but he was still a good kid." I was surprised. Even after all of this, he still cared for Rowdy. I know I hated him for what he did. Why would someone go and unleash something like this on the world?
*Humph* I grunt a lot when i've been shown up.
"Anywho, lets see if we can make some pace today. Hell, i'll even let you drive if you want. Not like any of the cops are gonna pull us over anyway."

Bare in mind this is still a work in progress. I'm open to suggestions/criticism/etc. I just want some feed back! Thanks!
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