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Soul Frontier

Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:32 pm

And so, I am new to this site, I read pretty much all the comics on here, and saw that Soul Frontier hasn't been updated. I had some good ideas so I decided to rewrite it. I'll be posting Chapters up every so often, due to the fact that I have to get them typed. But, I am up to about chapter fourteen hand-written. I hope you guys will like it. Plus, I can tell you which of my characters are the characters in the comic.
Ian= Ian
Mia= Firos(I stole Firos as the name for one of the continents.)
Isaac= Varga
Ivan= Rener
Felix= Zain

Chapter One: A New Earth

The fire danced before my eyes. I stared back, watching it's movements as it jumped across crumbling twigs.

"Ian! Your daydreaming again!" Mia shouted at me, waking me from the hypnotic movement of the flames.

"Yeah. I guess I am." I replied. She's always been like that, scolding me. She acts like my mother, even though she's only my half-sister.

"So, we're stuck here, huh?" Ivan mumbled to himself.

"Yeah. Sorry for bringing the three of you along." Felix said.

Felix and Ivan. The two seem like best buds now. Ivan was the cool kid back in school, and got every girl he wanted. Well, except for Mia. Now he's just trying to make friends out of us. Felix was the person I met a few seconds before the earthquake. He's still a mystery to the rest of us.

Isaac who was sitting, staring into the fire like I was, spoke up, "Are you sure this is still Earth?"

"This is not Earth!" I shouted before I knew what I was doing. I found everyone staring at me. "Sorry, I-it's just too hard to imagine that the Earth that I knew is gone." I mumbled as an apology for the outburst. Isaac just continued to stare at me. He was the genius back in school, but now everything is real, not just something you read in textbooks. I could tell he was frightened. I was too.

"Yes, well, the Elders will answer all your questions when we arrive." Felix said.

"Where are these Elders located?"

"On the continent of Internus, in our capitol city Aramyial."

"How far away is that?"

"We must trek across these jungles" he swept his hand out over top of the trees that we could see down the cliff side, just barely see in this fading sunlight "Then we will arrive at the port city of Aust. At least one half of it." He then pointed to the south-east where we could just barely make out lights in the distance. "The other half is located across the Agarian Sea, and when we reach that half we will be in Internus.". As he finished his speech he looked at the group, trying to read our expressions.

There was a long silence, then Isaac spoke up, "Go on."

And so that's the end of chapter one.

Re: Soul Frontier

Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:56 pm

I made a thread about Soul Frontier already.

Re: Soul Frontier

Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:21 pm

Well. I'm sorry then. But I think this deserves it's own thread. Obviously because it's a story, not just a fan thread about what people think of it. But for anyone that reads it:

Soul Frontier

Chapter Two: The Jungles of Firos and the Savages of Horridus

A wolf howled somewhere in the tangle of trees. War cries were heard and we all turned our eyes to the jungle, all except for Felix. He was on his feet, staring at the ground, fists clenched.

"Those Horridusians! Hunting on sacred Firos ground!" Felix said as he grabbed his spear, his purple hair blowing in the wind.

"Felix come back!" Mia yelled at the dissapearing image of Felix.

"We have to go after him guys!" I said, listening to the cries in the forest.

"Ha!" We all jumped to our feet and looked for the source of the voice. A kid around our age stepped out from behind the rocks. He brushed his blue hair out of his eyes, and spoke again with a voice that sounded like ice shattering, "Go after him? You know nothing about this place and yet you think you can play the hero. Listen, your best bet is to stay here and wait. He'll be fine on his own."

"You think you can just come in here and order us around? Who do you think we are? Listen to me instead. I'm going after him. Try to stop me. Anyone." I said, looking around the camp.

"Go if you want, I bet these three are smart enough to stay here."

"Tell me one thing before I leave, what's your name?"


"Very well, Piers, remember my name well. It's Ian." I then turned and ran down the path that Felix took.


I was running. Running though the jungle. I saw dead bodies, all bloodied and mangled. I saw blades sharpened beyond my imagination. I picked one up. It was light in my hands, it fit perfectly in my hands. I saw flames up ahead, and a dark light. I picked up the sword's sheath and headed towards the light. There was something moving beyond my eyes, following this light, or rather, creating it. I saw red glowing eyes and a wide gaping hole filled with rows of teeth. The hole swallowing me up, but never touching me...

"Wake up Ian! Please!"

"Uuuugghhh..." I moaned.

"He's awake!"

"I hardly think that moaning counts as being awake."

I opened my eyes and saw Mia's tear filled face. "Mia, there is no need to cry for me."

"I'm sorry, I just thought you might have died."

"What happened to me anyways?" I say as I try to sit up. Then I see it. My shirt was soaked in blood. "That doesn't look good" I said as I laid back down. I then saw Felix and Piers talking. I could make out some of their conversation.

"Never again Felix." Piers said.

"Sorry. Is he going to be ok?" Felix said, looking worried.

"Yeah. He's not too bad off." Piers says, then notices me. "Ahah! He's awake!"

"Yeah. Thanks for noticing." I said between moans of agony.

"Come on brother, I've got to tend to the hero." Piers says, motioning for Felix to follow.

"B-Brother? You guys are brothers?" I said, and looked at the others, and met their surprised faces staring back at me too.

Re: Soul Frontier

Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:00 pm


theres already a soul frontier thread

you sir must and will stop this thread

and otherwords you must get a avatar or these guys will ignore you for good for thinking you are a bot or whatever
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