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DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:14 pm


The legends may be true...

There is a temple in the far east that bears the power to control the world. To destroy or sustain life. Everyone ignored the warnings.

No one wanted to bother with the truth. But when a pair of archaeologists re-discovered the stones. Word got out. The villagers were against it. Hell literally broke out. And that’s when G.L.A.D.E decided to take them off their hands.

The M.O.M were sent in to infiltrate the base and retrieve the mythical stones that were said to either destroy or save the World. But all anyone wanted was to control the world. The power to rule the world. Not if G.O.D (Governors of Disdain) could help it. So they sent their best....


Marron tightened her grip gloves, wrapping up her wristbands tightly. She used her teeth to pull the ties back, almost paralyzing her hands. She clenched her fists and thrusted it at a wall, smashing the rock in, watching it crumble.

She sat on the boulder, head down, waiting. Why the hell were they taking so long? She slowly rose to her feet, walking past a puddle of blood on the floor. The caves were dangerous at this hour. Who knew such a Dead Temple would hold such a dark Secret. Below in these chambers people have been tortured and made human sacrifices for these God-forsaken stones.

Now the G.O.D wanted them. Marron, stood still as she heard something slither up on the walls near her. She stood quiet, not breathing as a huge snakelike creature with a dozen legs swarmed around her, clearly sensing her body heat.

It kept hissing at her and she turned her head slightly to hear soft footsteps, lost to any normal humans ear.

"About freakin' time." She hissed under her breath. Verifying her presence the Creature roared and lunged at her.

Only moving her arm, she pelted it with silent bullets, not turning her head away from the entrance. She holstered her gun and walked swiftly to the cave's receiving tunnel.

There she saw the 4 Women of the M.O.M run through below her. Hardly making a sound. Almost ninja-like. Marron kept her thoughts inside, and grabbing a rope that she had hung earlier using a Snaptor's thick veins. She grabbed the squishy "rope" and swung down, almost tarzan like, without a sound.

She landed a few feet in front of them landing on a rocky ledge. The 4 came into view and she stood up, waiting.

Rynge lead the group in, they quickly scoured the area.


“Infiltration complete. All clear.”

“Good.” A voice replied from the com.

“Now Let Marron lead the rest of the way.”

Rynge narrowed her eyes. “ Yes sir!” She replied back. She turned to look at Marron. She had just finished coming in.

“ Marron, you stay here and watch base. We’ll be back.” Rynge called over her shoulder and ran off with the girls following her. Saneh snickered at her. “ You just hang tight little bird and don’t try to play with the big kids now.”

Juni looked at Saneh. “ You shouldn’t talk to her like that. One day you will regret it and I won’t help you out.”

Saneh grinned.” Sure.”

How could anything bad come out of an inexperienced M.O.M? She was New. Saneh just shrugged it off and followed Rynge deeper into the caves. Marron watched them leave. Why couldn’t she go? Was she really just supposed to stay here? This isn’t what Rusuda had said. This was not the deal! She gripped the rope in her hands, tightly.

Damn them. She'd show them ...


Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:27 pm

Woa, love the start boss!

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:38 pm

****************************************CHAPTER 1**************************************

A tall woman with long dark hair named Rusuda walked into Caesar’s office. She bowed at the waist, then straightened up, straightening her black navy Uniform.

“Sir. The Black Brood, M.O.M, have successfully infiltrated base. I made your request. May I ask why Her?”

A man sat behind a desk with a large luminated screen aimed at him, his back to her, so she only saw the top of his head. Caesar didn’t look away from his computer screen and continued typing. “ I have never heard you question my methods. Marron was sent to me on special request.”

Rusuda nodded firmly. “ I understand sir.”

Only that Marron was untested and had been brought back directly from base. Marron was to lead the base operation. But she was much younger than the other members of the Black Brood. Rusuda couldn’t help worry that the rest would treat her without respect. Marron was literally unknown.

“ I sent for her, for security reasons. Black Brood will obviously ignore my orders and do things their way. But they have never been in this situation before. A 1000 year old temple may have some ‘unwanted’ company over the years. If the legend is true, then there will be guardians protecting those stones.” Caesar stated.

And what? Marron was supposed to protect them?


Sure enough, creatures rose from the grounds and walls and hurled at the M.O.M. They did not back away, instead they rushed to meet the threat head on. Making sure each blow connected with deadly aim. Saneh torched the pieces, so they would not rise again, like most undead guardians did. These girls did their homework. But nothing could prepare them for what lay ahead.

Sushin grenade assaulted a wall. Diving for cover, Rynge created a shield to cover them all. The whole place shook violently.

Marron looked around confused at the walls shaking. What on Earth were those females up to?

“ Good job Sushin, those custom made ones do the job.” Rynge stood up from the rubble. Her GPS detected something coming at them in high speed. “COVER!!” She yelled. The girls instantly leapt up about 15 feet to avoid the swarm of Scarab beetles the size of Warthogs, that came rushing out to meet them. They began spewing acid at the girls.
Grenades went off non stop. Saneh hung from the temples ceilings by her knees curled up over a beam. She pulled out her weapon and hurled her scythe boomerang, that could cut through steel. Bug Bodies were halved and Juni had to leap out of the way to avoid the whistling weapon.

“Saneh! Control that!”

Soon a million carcasses of dead Scarab beetles lay all over the ground. The girls climbed on top of the carcasses and ran through the opening that was not so much of an invitation. They stopped and saw a larger beetle within. Huge egg cases hung from every inch of the cave, and inside they could see the archaeologist team, barely alive. The Hell?!

“ We have to let them out!” Juni cried out. Saneh stopped her. “ You will be the first to go. We have a mission to do first. So we kill that Damn thing first got it!”

Rynge just pulled out her gattling guns and fired repeatedly. The rest followed pursuit. The creature screeched and spewed acid at them. They dove around and fired continuously. Sushin threw bombs after bombs and that part of the cage gave in, causing another Earthquake.

Silence and nothing moved in the caves. The archaeologists were now probably dead by that blow now. Saneh was first to rise, with a mischievous grin. “ So easy.”

Rynge, then Sushin and Juni arose, but Juni had a unconscious man on her arm. Saneh freaked.

“ Juni! Drop it! It is no longer Human!” Saneh yelled and blasted it’s head off. But too late. In Juni’s attempt to save the man, she had been bitten on her throat. She was hobbling and panting, trying to stand, as green goo slimed down her left side. She staggered a moment, eyes rolling back in her head then She fell forward on her face.

Saneh scrambled to her but Rynge and Sushin held her back, forcefully.
“ No! You want it to happen to you!? Let’s move!” Rynge and Sushin hauled out a screaming Saneh who attempted to fight to run to Juni who lay in a puddle of green goo and blood. "WE HAVE TO HELP HER!"

Rynge battled her with death like vice grip. “ Sushin! Torch the place!”

Sushin pulled out her torch gun and the place combusted within seconds. As they ran to the other exit, Sushin threw another bomb to seal the flaming room. As the boulders fell, Saneh saw Juni stand amongst the flames and turn to them. “ JUNI!” She screamed and was again hauled to take cover.

Marron heard a roar, an otherworldly scream along with rumbling. Just what the heck was going on!? She was anticipated to go look herself. But they were claimed to be the best. But then if they were then why was she here?

After everything had quieted, the girls arose, one member less.
“ Damnit!” Saneh yelled. “ We are supposed to be the best! Goddamit! Juni shouldn’t have saved him! I knew it! I knew it!”

“Calm down. Juni knew the risks and did it anyways. So it’s on her. Don’t worry about it.” Rynge assured the remaining group. Sushin was silent through it all. She had seen Juni stand as well, but did not mention it.

Saneh knew what she had seen.

“ Is everything alright?” Came Marron’s voice over their intercom. Rynge remained calm. “ We lost Juni in the fore room. The cave was torched and collapsed. No way to enter or exist. I will need you to look for an exist from the exterior for us soon enough. Await further orders.”

Long silence. Finally. “ … Roger.”

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Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:39 pm

Glad to see you back my lady.

Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:42 pm

BlazingBarrager wrote:Glad to see you back my lady.

Thank you dear~

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:45 pm

*kneels* The pleasure is all mine.

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:57 am

Nice intro and first chapter, BossyGirl! Keep this up!

Fri Feb 29, 2008 2:36 am

Love it, my lady. Love it all.

Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:48 am

Yeeouch, a person dead from the start. Harsh.

The starts is real swell and... have I seen you before? :unsure:

Is this a fanfic of some sort or original writing? :unsure:

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Fri Feb 29, 2008 9:22 pm

Kusang_Manalo wrote:Yeeouch, a person dead from the start. Harsh.

The starts is real swell and... have I seen you before? :unsure:

Is this a fanfic of some sort or original writing? :unsure:

This is no Fanfic, it is my original idea I had for my own webcomic. Right now I have shelved it for later, but I will put the script here to wind up interest.

I will do the comic later next year or as soon as I finish this.

Maybe you've seen me on DA.

Thanks for reading.

Added after 7 hours 20 minutes:


“ Let’s move on!”

Rynge led the group on to the next room. God it never ends. A huge anaconda like creature with arms like scythes, glared down at them. Saneh was first to jump out at it. No one stopped her, when she was fueled, she did so much better. The Giant Scythe boomerang rang out and whirled all over the place, slicing the creatures limbs precisely. Sushin and Rynge didn’t even have to do anything. They stood back, alert for other threats. Then the decapitated head of the creature slammed near them.

None flinched. Sushin turned and tossed a micro bomb into it’s gaping mouth and ran. Flesh exploded everywhere. Rynge and them all ran to the end which appeared to be a cliff with no end.

Rynge looked at Sushin. She took the glance as a go ahead and conjured up a fireball in her hand and tossed it down. The ball dimmed and shrinked, then it was out of sight. They waited a moment.


The other side was too wide to just jump it. But Saneh was going to prove otherwise. She took a few steps back. Sushin just watched her.

Rynge shook her head. “ If you fall, it’ll be unlikely you’ll catch a ledge. And you won’t see daylight forever. Not to mention what else is down there.”

Saneh shrugged that off and ran as fast as she could and jumped, lassoing a hooked chain before her to the other side. It caught hold, but she had given it too much Chain and so down she went.

Whoa! Rynge again shook her head and called down nonchalantly. “ See? Now hurry back up.”

There was scuttling and jeering noises, coming from down below and slowly coming up. Rynge and Sushin peered down and Sushin fired up another fireball, but Rynge stopped her. All of the sudden they could see Saneh’s silhouette and underneath her a brilliant disarray of light… or … wait. Heat blasted up as the Light became a volcanic eruption. They all panicked. “ SANEH!”

At the bottom of the cliff was apparently a stream, a stream of flammable liquid and Sushin had unknowingly ignited it. Saneh scrambled up quickly as more Scarab beetles scuttled up from their disturbed slumber. As soon as Saneh went over the edge, Rynge conjured up the force field and covered the cliff gap and as the huge Flames rose up and toasted the Beetles. They screamed and screeched. Sushin backed away from the heat and her eyes widened as she looked over at Saneh.

Saneh dove to the other side. And something pierced her chest with sharp pincers. She screamed and pulled back, accidentally making it tear through her back. She gagged on her blood, but stood up with the a giant Scorpion’s pincer attached to her. She gripped the pincer in both hands. It had not yet injected the poison into her but the poison trickled down her back into her gaping wound as she twisted it the pincer off with pure rage. The creature screamed at it’s lost limb and she used it to stab it instead. It caught her in it claws and attempted to split her in half.

A flame ball the size of a beach ball smashed into it’s head engulfing it in flames, dropping Saneh. As she scuttled away, Rynge instantly grabbed her and helped her stand and backed away from the fire before them of the screeching living fire scorpion. Sushin torched it nonstop, until it stopped screaming.

Rynge helped Saneh lean against a wall. “ Here eat this, you’ll be fine.”
She pulled out a strange green leaf and hand fed it to her. Saneh munched slowly and choked it down. She gasped and sighed. She gave a grin from her bloody mouth.

“ Ironic isn’t it? We haven’t even seen the damn stones yet and at this rate, we may not even get to.”

“ You’ll be fine. Just be as rash as always and we’ll be okay.”

“ Juni .. Wanted to see those stones. Said it was her number one priority. … Damn …” Saneh spat blood cursing.


Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:49 am

Yeeeeep. I've seen you before. I have seen your GT comic aaand the gift for Griddles. :)


Man they suck!--those girls. >.>

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:01 pm

Nice chapter, BossyGirl!

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Sat Mar 01, 2008 1:20 pm

Naw. They're just up against a lot of dangerous creatures. No one has ever made it to even the caves first entrance, cause there are outside traps. So deeper in it would have to be incredibly dangerous. We'll see.

Thanks 4 reading~

Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:13 pm

A bit like Indiana Jones, isn't it...

Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:52 am

More than Indiana Jones... Prince of Persia?

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:12 am

More Like what???

Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:49 am

No, The Mummy. Nothing beats anything by being clobbered by a beetle.

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:19 am

Ditto on that..

No, no, no. More like Assassin's Creed lol lol lol J/k sucks >.>

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:14 pm

All Good I'm sure~

Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:16 am

interesting story

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:33 pm


Rynge tried to Help a hobbling Saneh as Sushin scouted ahead with a torch light. Their maroon uniforms camouflaged into the dense darkness. Rynge had to settle Saneh against a wall and ordered Sushin to go ahead of them and scout.

Sushin did as she was commanded.

Saneh's forehead was beaded in sweat, she leaned heavily against the wall, panting a shallow breath. Rynge, pulled away to chech her GPS, to see how far Sushin got. The dot stopped on her radar. Paused a moment and Rynge narrowed her eyes as the dot vanished.

What the hell was going on!? They were M.O.M!!! Things were supposed to be a cinch for them!

Rynge was prepared to call up Marron when a thought hit her like a bolt.

Marron had been watching them this entire time. She had not obeyed her orders to stay behind for her call, but had instead been hiding in the shadows directly behind them. Wasn't her mission to help them out even if she obeyed Rynge's orders?


Obviously Marron was ordered to only watch them get in deep water. Marron was to climb over their heads and reach the goal. They were the slaves in a Diamond or gold mine. Dangers were up to them to deal with and someone else was reaping in the goods.



Rynge turned around incredibly furious and whipped the communicator into the wall, smashing it to smithereens. Saneh noticed her.

"I knew it! I knew she was too young to be trusted!"

Rynge never turned to look at her. "Age has nothing to do with this. The G.O.D has always been in competition with The G.L.A.D.E. Obviously they would put in a spy for this." Rynge turned to look at Saneh.

"These stones in which we haven't seen yet are each worth 1,000,000 on their own. So of course there would be backstabbing and deceit. I have a feeling Rusuda was behind this."

"That Bitch!" Saneh yelled, all of the sudden well animated. "Well I wont have it! She wont get away with this! What about Caesar!? Hasn't he figured it out?!"

Rynge shook her purple hair. "Not sure. But if he does know..." Rynge looked away and looked towards the darkness where a behemoth monster roared. "Then we've just been assassinated."

Saneh swore under her breath and Sushin came running out of the cave. She spit out dirt, shaking her short hair from debris. She coughed a sec, straightening up. "That's a Dead end." She said, tossing back a grenade casing.

"Rynge thinks we've been set up to be killed." Saneh informed Sushin under her breath. Sushin swung to look at Rynge. Rynge gave no expression or answer. Sushin just gave her a nod and Rynge nodded back. Saneh let out a breath and stood up straight, hissing under her breath. They both raced down a different path, walls crumbling. They wouldn't rely on Marron to get them out.

They run off, Saneh leaving a trail of blood.


Marron had whipped off her intercom communicator from her ear when she hear it crackle loudly. Destroyed. So ... they might've figured it out. Rusuda had not expected this when Marron explained the situation into the tiny screen on her wrist. Rusuda Clenched her jaws tightly, trying to remain calm at the crowd that was behind her. Marron's face was expressionless like she was reporting the weather report.

After a long silence Rusuda said, '' Do You have it?"

Marron was also silent a moment until she brought up her fist to her face and opened her palm slowly, facing away from the screen. Her face lighting up a pink color from the stones glow.

Marron's eyes went open with surprise. They've done it!!

"Remember. These stones or even this one is not yours until you pay me the 10,000,000 that you owe me. We have a Deal." Marron narrowed her eyes as to be understood.

Rusuda nodded slightly. "Yes. Dispose of the M.O.M and the money is your's."

Marron shut the screen close and watched it disappear into her wristband. She stood awhile, silent. Problem was ... Marron had no Beef against these women. But ... Business was business.

With that last thought, she ran after them, silently like a ninja, with this stone in her hand. She had pried it from Juni's deathlike grip, the original finder. It took her life. Apparently one of the professors had discovered the stone and the cave had unleashed it's fury on them, killing the entire team and then once in Juni's grasp, it had killed her. Marron was all alert as she ran down the cave's corridors. Any minute now, the walls would spring to life to take it away from her.

The stone was like a pink rock, until Juni's blood got poured over it and now it was glowing pink. Marron had not stopped to think about it. Was it because of the blood that the stone turned color?


Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:43 pm

Ooooh. Interesting.

Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:29 am

Huh. Deception. Yep, they're screwed.

Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:59 pm

Stick around~ It'll be fun.

Re: DESTINY'S Children~ Sugah BabeS

Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:33 pm

*****************************CHAPTER 2**************************

Rusuda stood awhile with a wicked grin on her face. She took in a deep breath to calm herself. She turned to see Caesar laughing with a few ambassadors. Once the stones were in their possession, they would auction them off. Starting bid at 1,000,000.

They had invited ambassadors from all over the world. War lords, Scientists, Rulers of nations, antique collectors even were all present. All awaiting. The ball was being held right now, for in a few hours Marron would arrive with all 3 stones. They were confident in her abilities.

Marron never Lost.


Marron had battled Demon spawn that had rushed out of the walls, possessing the guardian statues to come animated. They swung their lances and swords at her. All Marron could do was run away, dodge and hide. They made the cave collapse in order to trap her under the rubble. As it crashed down on her, one beam slid over her to lessen the blow of the other pillars. She lay stunned, but immediately crawled to a clearing under another beam as the demons thrashed the place, stomping on rubble to squish her.

She kept sliding back, until she hit something that resembled a stone door. There was no other way out. But she refused to take the hard way out. She sprang to her feet, and fire launched a rocket, smashing the first demon in pieces.

Amongst the roars, she kept firing, leaping to beam to beam. On the last one, she managed to run up a beam that was overhead of him and blasted him. In the process of crumbling it reached up with it's rock hands and pulled the beam down that she stood on, making her fall with him. It wrapped her in a tight, crushing hug. She yelled in anger as she went crashing down with him, trying to claw her way out.

Everything erupted in smoke and debris and the entire cave shook.


The women stopped to steady themselves as an earthquake erupted the entire place. Something was wrong. Rynge looked over at Sushin. Sushin looked slightly scared. Rynge rushed to her side. And they were split up from Saneh as the ground beneath them began to split and Sushin pushed Rynge to the other side.

"Sushin!" Rynge yelled, eyes wide. The gap spanned 15 ft wide and she wanted to jump it, but Saneh held her back as she held herself back against the wall. Rynge screamed at Saneh to let her use the Garrote rope to reach Sushin. But Saneh didn't seem worried. She knew Sushin can take of herself. Plus this Earthquake would stop soon. Wouldn't it?

But Rynge seemed to livid Screaming Sushin's name. And Sushin was looking around widely for the next surprise. The wall behind her erupted in pieces as something Gargantuan burst through the walls. Sushin's eyes widened as her fist clenched tightly. She leapt to the side as it's huge mallet smashed down at her, cracking the earth.


Sushin kept dodging and sliding around, ducking. Rynge and Saneh pulled out their Energy Disruptors and boosted them up. Then fired nonstop at the Gargantuan.


The creature was pelted back, chunks of rock flying off of him. It split in half and fell in the gaping hole. But another one replaced it immediately, instantly lunging at Sushin. She recoiled and whipped out her Energy Disruptor firing nonstop. Pelting him in the face and Chest, while backing up. It backed her up against a wall and still firing she slid underneath it, through it's legs.

Saneh and Rynge were still going at it. Saneh pulled back and Powered up for a mega bolt. "Everyone DUCK!"

Sushin dove for cover and Rynge backed away from her. The Disruptor blasted out a energy bolt the size of a basketball and slammed into it's chest, disintegrating it, raining rocks on Sushin. She sat with her back against the wall, she instantly rushed away from it as she realized the dangers that came out of it.

Everything silenced after the Rock-rain fall. They stood a moment, looking around for the next surprise. Rynge saw a shadow enlarge itself behind Sushin without her knowing.


Sushin turned just as it Hooked it's arms around her chest and shoulders attempting to suffocate her. It lifted her up as she writhed and squirmed and tried to kick it, but it had an nonphysical body. So how was it lifting her up?

Saneh amidst her yelling could see blood drip down on the floor underneath Sushin. Rynge saw it too.

"Sushin Just drop it!!!"

Sushin's hand was curled into a tight fist, dripping blood...

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