NOX: Plenty put prose practitioners past pondering poets..

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NOX: Plenty put prose practitioners past pondering poets..

Postby Nox » Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:17 am



6/24/2011 - Art dump
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Postby Misty » Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:23 am

WOW! i'm hooked! MORE!
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NOX: The Unknown (Chapter 2~ "The Library")

Postby Nox » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:44 am


He cast his shadow upon me, connecting his shadow with mine. Time seemed to freeze outside the shadow. It was like we were in a different time zone. My friends who were battling his allies and his allies who were battling my friends looked as if they were statues. His lips moved, and then he repeatedly whispered words of dark magic. The aura of the sky changed from cobalt to the color of death. The stars vanished one by one from the sky: like bubbles, disappearing into thin air; like speckles of dust being erased from the blackened blue-canvas sky; and like candle flames extinguished of their lights. The sky was torn into two, slowly revealing a void, a black hole that looked something like an entryway to an alternate dimension: a dimension all dead and no life. The sooner the hole in the sky was completely revealed, it turned, it swirled and it sucked everything in his shadow.. everything including me. It was a sudden farewell.

"Welcome to the world of darkness.... welcome to oblivion." he smirked, and then laughed like a mad man, signaling his one step closer to victory. "Farewell..."

The ground seemed to fall, seemed to drop from the sky as I began to be pulled away into the hole in the sky. It felt like somebody, something was pulling me. I felt sudden jolts of electricity prickling my skin, like thousands of needles pushing into me, when I was forced across the hole in the sky. I felt surges of power way beyond mine as I went in and it felt like it was tearing me apart from limb to limb. I could only hope to bear it all as I closed my eyes in painstaking agony. It lasted for almost an eternity in darkness.. perhaps even longer.

As I opened my eyes, I found out that I was nowhere in the void anymore, or so I thought, or maybe the void and this place was just the same. I realized I was in a dark, secluded room where no light, not even a hint of light, could be seen. I stretched out my hands, feeling my way through, for there was nothing I could see. I stretched out my arms hoping to find a wall or something else to hold on to, but there was none. I bent down and reached for the floor, where I can lay or rest, but there was just nothingness beneath me. I walked forward, straight forward as I extended my arms in front, so I would not bump anything unexpectedly. I walked forward, little by little, one step at a time, hoping I would not trip over something and stumble endlessly on emptiness. When my eyes were finally getting used to the dark, I saw something else: something that glinted at a distance. I ran towards it, towards what I thought it was, towards what I knew it was, towards light but it didn't seem to get any closer even though how hard I tried to run. I stopped, losing a bit of hope.

I stood still at the same distance where I initially was, away from the light, looking straight ahead, never losing the light from my sight when suddenly the floor, or whatever it was I was standing on, shifted and moved towards the light. It seemed that way, but it also seemed like the speck of light was moving towards me. Either way, the light was getting closer and closer and closer and then it stopped.

Right in front of me.

It was a ball of pure light, illuminating itself on me. But no matter how powerful this source of light was, the darkness still overwhelmed. I was going to grasp the ball of light when all of a sudden, it flashed… it flashed all of my memories, projecting them on the walls made of darkness. This, I believed was my soul containing my memories especially those of my world. Without further thinking, I grabbed it, holding onto it, hoping it won't slip away from me but then all of a sudden, it exploded. Particles of light flowed from the ball and onto everywhere. For a moment, my eyes ached as the blinding particles scattered everywhere. Then, darkness was erased.

I opened my eyes once more, to see that I was in a different place, or maybe, I thought it was a different place when it could be the same one as before, only darkness was not overwhelming. There were people all around, walking from different directions, crossing each other's paths, like ants, like traffic, like shooting stars. These people were similar to the people from my world, maybe I thought, these people are the same as from where I came from, maybe this is the future. I walked towards them, hoping to find an answer. I held out my hand and tapped one of them on the shoulder and asked my question but when he faced me, he moved his lips about and words came out. I listened to what he said but all I could understand was sort of like murmurs and grumbles. Then later, one by one, each of the people turned their heads facing me, mumbling the same words the first one said, then followed by another, and another, and another.

I covered my ears with the palms of my hands and crouched down, then for all I know, I was later laying down on the ground, curled up in the fetal position. I closed my eyes and when I opened them once more, they were all gone. I was back in the darkness.

Was it just a dream? A nightmare?

Then, everything was happening as it had before. I saw the ball of light and I was walking and running towards it but I didn't move from my position, and once again, I stopped and waited. Shortly, twins of light, opposite each other, lit the hallway to the ball of light. Twins of light were lit, second after second, closer and closer to the light at the end of the hall. When the hall was finally lit with candle-like lights at the walls of the hallway, the first set of lights transformed into the people that I saw before and the second right after. They were staring at me with eerie glares as they pointed towards the direction at the end of the hall, towards the ball of memories, towards my soul.

"The Librarian" they chanted all at the same time. This time, their words were clear; their words weren't noises in my head.. then again, those were all they said.

"The Librarian."

I ran towards the light, seeking refuge, passing each person holding balls of light before their chests as they chanted the same words over and over again. Blinded by the light as I reached the end, I covered my eyes and turned away when suddenly the hall behind me wasn't there anymore. I looked back, in front and saw a huge, ruined structure sitting at the edge of a cliff. I looked around the place and saw torches as high as the trees lighting my way towards the building before me. It was the only place I could go and decided to go inside.

"You are blind.. you are deaf.. you are mute, my friend." unknown voice said to me in my native tongue. "..but more importantly.. you have nowhere else to go." And as I walked towards the ominous construct, it beckoned me.. "Enter my library and learn.."
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Postby Iris » Wed Feb 13, 2008 9:58 pm

Hey this is some nice work NOX(i'm still trying to get around the forums lol so it takes time for me to find these stories)
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Postby Nox » Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:48 am

My thanks to thee <3
I could probably make with the updates faster if I wasn't so busy..

meh... c'est la vie >_>
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Re: NOX: The Unknown (New Chapter: 2 ~ "The Library&quo

Postby Elend-X » Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:48 pm

Magnificent story, great suspense. Keep it up. You could try to link the different paragraphs, at some points

eg. Instead of saying:
"One day, at almost half a year......"

Say something like:
"It was that day, almost half a year of my stay..."

This is just a suggestion that I think would make it even better, although its your choice :) You might like it as it is (or you might want it to be like that)
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Re: NOX: The Unknown (New Chapter: 2 ~ "The Library&quo

Postby Leon FlameBurst » Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:14 pm

Interessing story, NOX! Keep this up!
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Re: Nox: Plenty put pondering poets past prose practitioners..

Postby Nox » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:58 am


My name is John
John is my name
A name so lame
but all the same, seconds I waste
therefore make haste
as one's taste
must make you tire
but still admire, this healthy desire
to put forth a face
with heavenly grace
amongst a race so bland.
Why then so grand, these words I make?
simply for the sake, to make you understand
despite the time I take
I cannot make a poem rhyme no matter what I do. I dunno, I guess I just don't have the talent for it.
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Re: NOX: Plenty put pondering poets past prose practitioners..

Postby Nox » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:26 am

The Mime and The Moron

I remember this day not long ago.
It may have happened, I forget..
It was quite amusing
and also bemusing,
although trivial at best.

I was running away from a mime,
who kept trying to ask me the time.
I put him in a box
with bars and locks,
and felt incredibly sublime.

"Fuck off." said I, with a stink in my eye,
and supplied many a kick to the thigh.
Then gave him a finger
which made many to linger,
and said what an ass was I.

As I turned my back and walked away
which happened as it may,
The fool was free
from lock and key,
and left all with none to say.

Now I wasn't pissed that he was free,
It actually made me glee.
It gave me a chance,
nay! A second chance
to bruise him forcefully.

What made me frantic was his crazy antics,
jumping from tree to tree.
It made my attempt
extremely unkempt,
and started to get to me.

Our troublesome scuffle, soon turned to tussle
Making a very unworthy sight,
We fought like sissies,
almost like missies.
Which made it much less of a fight.

As the idiots continued their little brawl,
something arose from one and all.
That came from the crowd,
a laughter so loud;
so many from small to tall.

Comically, as it went here
when everyone started to cheer.
With neither two knowing
of the mirthy rejoicing,
and continued to be just as queer.

Now a time was spent in repent, I admit..
who wouldn't in such an event?
But I dare do say,
that all this gave way
To a truly enjoyable day.


Inspired here:
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Re: NOX: Plenty put pondering poets past prose practitioners..

Postby Nox » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:40 am

A Mountain of Effort

At a village near a mountain, lived a man past his prime. It was the vocation of this elder to carry huge crates of rice to their owner's homes. An afternoon of one day saw the old man in front of a tall stack of crates, with it's top to be seen as high as one could raise one's head. And the owner of these lived at the very most top of the mountain.

A trader from another village was passing by. He saw the mountain of crates and by chance heard of the elder's task. "You cannot do this.", said the trader as he approached him. "The price of such labor is defeated by it's value". The old man looked to him and replied, "We do what we can."

The next morning, as the trader headed back home, came upon the old man again, carrying one of the heavy crates on his back. "Surely, there must be another who can perform such a feat easily more than you." he said. "Let the strength you bear match the weight of your work!". But the old man ignored the trader and proceeded towards the peak. And as the distance of them grew farther, so did the trader's distance towards his village drew closer.

The following day, the trader came back to the village and yet still saw the elder carrying a crate of rice. The trader turned to him and said, "Your employer had best give you enough gold to satisfy you, old one." The elder paused for a moment before giving his reply and smiled as he gave it. "He did." said he and went about his work as he always had.

The trader, a bit bewildered by the elder's words, passed the way towards the marketplace and headed towards the mountain. A moment spent in disbelief as he trekked, but before seeing the mountain's base, saw a pyramid-shaped silhouette in the horizon atop the mountain not unlike the shape of crates' stack not long ago. And as the day went by, and the trader's business in the village done, left his day pondering in admiration of what came to pass.
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Re: NOX: Plenty put prose practitioners past pondering poets..

Postby Birdofterror » Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:20 am

I didn't count this as a necro as it is his own thread. But 3 years tho? Come on now.
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