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blueyfooey: Revised Magic: Pg-13

Postby blueyfooey » Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:54 pm

Hey guys. Remember me? Anyways, new story that I will hope to finish.
A kid with tousled brown hair and piercing black eyes walked along the streets. He was wearing his school’s uniform, a black blazer accompanied with a tie. Also, matching black pants. His black eyes showed the large amount of intellect he possessed. He was a prodigy and a genius. As he walked further, a girl with a long black pony-tail called out his name.
“Holim Darsi! Hey Holim!” the girl cried out, panting while running toward him in a blue skirt and blouse.
Holim stopped, turned around, and sneered, “What now Eliza?”
She reached him and stopped to catch her breath, putting her hands on her knees. She looked up at him with hopeful eyes and asked, “Can you help me with my math homework?”
They were both freshmen in high school but the gap in their knowledge was large. Holim, like I said before, was a genius and was taking AP classes even though they were not supposed to be given to freshmen. Even that was very easy to him. However, his attitude was horrible. He turned back and continued on his way home. Holim was an orphan, his parents died a year years back. Eliza looked at him tearfully and walked away.
Without looking back, Holim said, “Come over next week and I’ll help you with whatever you need.”
Eliza wiped her tears away and smiled at him, mumbling, “Thank you Holim…”
Huh… It seems like he has a bit of heart after all.
Holim arrived to his house on 15462 Drissly Lane. As he took out the keys from his backpack and opened the door, he saw a letter on the floor. Holim tore it open and started to read the words on it.
Holim Darsi, you have been invited to join Favored Winds Academy. We hope to see you there in one day. Please
respond to this letter within ten hours of arrival. Thank you and good-bye.
From, FWA.
Holim looked at the letter and carefully scanned it. The ink on the paper was different from the ink from normal computers. He pocketed the letter and went into his house. Holim walked over to the kitchen, whipped out a piece of paper and wrote down his reply.
I’ll join your academy… if you have something to interest me.
He smiled and put into an envelope. Holim walked over to the refrigerator and opened it, taking out a sandwich and taking a large bite. As he turned back, a different envelope was lying on the table. It was cream-colored. Holim dropped the sandwich and backed away.
“Ok, what the hell is up?” he said to himself.
He picked up the letter and read,
Oh we have something to interest you. See you in one day. We will send one of our staff members to come get you. Just pack a few of your personal belongings. Holim gaped at the letter and dropped it, running upstairs. (Italics means thoughts.)
Ok, there’s no way that letter could’ve been sent. I didn’t even mail it. And how did their reply arrive? I guess the only way to know is to enter Favored Winds.” He walked into his room and sat down on his bed, thinking hard.

Thank me later :3
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Re: blueyfooey: Revised Magic: Pg-13

Postby blueyfooey » Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:43 am

Crap, sorry people who actually like this story, I've been busy with a lot of stuff. Piano competition, tutors, contemplating how to kill myself before more stuff piles on -.- The usual. Anyways, here's another post!

Added after 1 minutes:

Holim sat down on the ground and started to pack his stuff into a bag. He only brought a few things: a camera, for proof that something odd was going on at that academy and a cell-phone, just in case. He didn’t plan on staying long enough. He was smart enough to know what to do in the academy however. All he needed to do was to get proof. No better way to do that than through the direct method. He shoved it all into a small bag and went out of his house, waiting.
No sooner than one minute later, a large car arrived. Holim looked through the driver’s opposite side and saw a man with tousled brown hair and twinkling green eyes staring at him. The man had a big grin on his face and he looked like the kind of person who liked everything to be in order. His black suit had absolutely no wrinkles in it. Holim felt like he was staring at a cat. The man seemed incredibly intelligent and sly. As Holim’s eyes widened, the man opened his side’s door and stepped out. He turned around to face Holim and reached out to shake his hand.
“Hi, I’m Christopher Kaff. You can just call me Chris,” he pumped Holim’s hand up and down.
“Yes, nice to meet you, I’m Holim Darsi,” he winced, massaging his wrist.
“Oh, I know you. The dean over at our academy seems expect great things from you.”
“I’m only fourteen.”
“Well, your parents must appreciate what a genius their son is, right?”
“Not really,”
“Well, why not?”
“They’re dead,” Holim said flatly.
Christopher fell silent, and after a few seconds, he said, “I’m sure you miss them,”
“I didn’t know what they were like, and you can’t miss what you never had,” Holim said nonchalantly.
Christopher motioned for Holim to step inside the car. Holim quickly opened the trunk and shoved his bag in, then entering into the car seat next to Christopher’s. One of Chris’s eyebrows went up in surprise.
“That’s all you’re going to bring…?”
“It’s all I need to make my trip to the academy as memorable as possible,” Holim replied tersely.
Chris shrugged, “Alright, it’s your choice.”
Holim smiled and buckled his belt.
“So, how do we get to FWA?” Holim asked curiously.
Chris smiled, “Just wait, you’ll be there soon.”
Holim didn’t say anything in response and sat there staring at Chris. There wasn’t much he could do. If he pressed on, Chris would get suspicious, and if he got too talkative, it would end up disastrously for him. The car started, making barely any noise as it drove along the road. After an hour of driving, they came to a secluded area with large oak trees all around them, the leaves already turning yellow and brown. Holim looked at them, admiring their beauty in the fall and Chris opened his door, walking out.
“We’re here!” Chris said joyfully.
Holim looked around but saw nothing.
“Where? There are no buildings around here. The oak trees all around here seem old meaning that almost no trees have been cut from this area. Therefore, a building couldn’t be built here,” Holim said suspiciously.
“Don’t worry. We’re going to be there soon. Hey look! A few swallows are mating by that pond!” Chris pointed at a nearby body of water and Holim turned for a few seconds. He could see out of the corner of his eyes, glints of light. When he turned around, he saw a building, with nearly all of the oak trees gone. Only a few were left, surrounding the large academy.
“What the hell! That wasn’t there before!” Holim shouted in dismay.
Chris stared at him for a few seconds before saying, “Yes it was… It was here the whole time. Didn’t you see it?”
Holim frowned and shook his head. “That’s impossible. There were lots of oak trees scattered all around this place. Anyone could’ve remembered that sight.”
Chris’s face scrunched up, but he remained quiet, walking toward the building. Holim followed him quickly. Excited started to grow in Holim as he knew that he might uncover the academy’s secret. A few minutes later and they were at the doors of the academy. Holim was mesmerized by its designs that were engraved onto the large doors. They seemed to be of a person with what was a large staff in their hands, waving it and different forces of nature coming out.
“What are the engravings for?” Holim asked curiously.
“It’s just for decoration,” Chris replied casually.
They entered through the doors into a large hall with long lines of wooden tables. The top held a massive chandelier with diamonds in it instead of regular crystals. Holim looked around in awe. The entrance hall was dazzling and another teacher walked up to Chris and started to speak with him in hushed whispers. The teacher was a female, with long brown hair and a face, flushed and a bit sweaty. She shot a look at Holim and stared him down. Chris nodded quickly and a surprised expression dawned on the other teacher’s face. She walked over to him and held out her hand.
“Hello, my name is Ms. Brown, or Sam. I hear you’re the new student at FWA!” she said cheerfully to him.
He nodded silently and inspected her. She seemed fit and intelligent, more of a yoga instructor than a teacher. However, he couldn’t only base his theory on looks. There wasn’t anything suspicious about her, unlike Chris. Holim couldn’t deny the fact that there most likely would be something odd about her that would pop out at any time.
Sam pulled back her hand in an agitated manner and walked away. There were students all around the hall, spread out. Some were eating brunch and laughing at crude jokes. Holim thought everything looked normal. He was sure he would catch them soon.
“Hey, Holim! I’ll show you to your room!” Chris beckoned at him to come over. He turned back around and walked toward another doorway that had brass rings attached to it. Holim quickly followed, not wanting to get lost in this complicated academy. So he followed Chris down the hallway but Chris had already disappeared. Holim whirled around, looking for him. He entered through a small door which he had to bend over to get through. As he went in, he saw mirrors all around the area. They showed his image, flashing all around him. He tried to turn back, but the door was gone. The mirrors confused him and there was no way to get back.
“Take a deep breath,” he thought. He breathed in…. breathed out. In…. out. He calmed down and looked around. All the mirrors were bent at a certain angle. Each of them seemed to point in a different direction, but the direction always coincided with the others.
“I need a light…” he searched around in his pockets. No source of light. As he pawed his way around the ground, he found a flashlight. Lucky? Maybe. He grabbed it and clicked it on, a large beam of blinding light hit against one mirror and kept bouncing off mirrors until it hit a slab of wall.
“Maybe this is more complicated than I thought…” Holim pondered. He looked around again. Each mirror’s coinciding point ended up to be in the middle of the room. Holim walked over to the middle of the room and turned on the light again. He waved it around. The light rebounded mostly and hit him straight in the face, but for a split second, the light disappeared from his body. He waved his flashlight back to the spot he thought where the light disappeared and pointed it at an old, cracked mirror. The light was pointing at a door. The exit was introduced in front of him. He ripped it open and ran out, not even glancing behind him. He threw the flashlight backwards and heard it hit the stone floor. Chris was waiting for him outside.
“Why the hell do you have a maze of mirrors inside that damn room?” Holim demanded.
“For kicks,” was all Chris could come up with.
“Yes, because that was so fun.” Holim replied sarcastically.
“Well, I’m just glad you managed to solve it. I mean, get out of the room.”
“What was that first sentence?” Holim narrowed his eyes.
“Nothing, let’s show you to your room.”
This time, Holim kept very close to Chris, following him through long twisting passages. It was almost like Harry Potter, except the place was a lot more modern and defined. He walked by locked doors, seeing them tremble and shake as something behind them pounded it relentlessly. He shivered. There was definitely something weird about this academy. He quietly slipped out a tiny video recorder that was in his bag. He turned it on and waved it around. It slowly captured the images of the academy. After a while, Chris turned back to see if Holim was following him, and Holim had to shove the recorder back down into his pocket. Chris smiled at him and he smiled weakly back.
“Nearly caught,” he breathed a sigh of relief.
They kept on walking for what seemed to be a good thirty minutes. The hallways were long, extremely long. The oddest part was that it was completely empty. There were no students running around. Sure it was big, but even a few children would be seen.
“There must be another way to get around in this academy,” he thought, “However, I still don’t have any proof that this academy is screwed up beyond reason and needs to be shut down.”
They finally arrived at a door, painted blue with lines criss-crossing the front.
“This isn’t going to be some Harry Potter thing where this is a dumb magic school is it?” Holim asked casually.
Chris looked to the left and looked back, “No.”
“He’s lying.” Holim thought to himself.
He opened the door and there was no one there however. It was just one large room that was nearly the size of a house. Holim looked awed. He walked in and went into another large door which led into a fancy bathroom. It was nearly the size of his room back at his house. It also had a flat screen t.v. like one outside in the living room. The kitchen contained a number of knives and stoves with pots already on them. Chris smiled at him when he came out of the bathroom and pointed at another door.
“This is where your bed is,” he laughed at Holim’s surprise. Holim entered into that door which oddly had a small wheel above it, with different designs. The bed was so big, he could roll five times on it without falling off, both vertically and horizontally. There was another t.v. in here and two computers which seemed to be the latest version.
“So, how do you like your room so far?” Chris grinned.
Holim shrugged, “It’s alright.”
Chris’s smile fell a bit but he responded, “Ok then, I’ll leave to your own for today then!” Chris walked out of the room and as soon as he closed the door, Holim ran into the living room and plopped down on a plump, soft sofa. He turned on the t.v. and flicked through the channels. There was nothing but bad news: Earthquakes, hurricanes, acts of terrorism, George Bush, murders, rapes. Everything bad was on t.v. right now. Holim turned it off and frowned. Even 9/11 wasn’t as dreary as the news currently on the television.

Thank me later :3
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Postby blueyfooey » Sun Aug 03, 2008 2:18 am

Anyways, anybody who reads this, please post constructive critisicm. I need it xD.

Thank me later :3
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