Jing's "Twas the Night" (Pg-13, Fanfic) Part 1

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Jing's "Twas the Night" (Pg-13, Fanfic) Part 1

Postby Jing » Sat Dec 23, 2006 8:29 pm

((I will update the other story soon but I though I would do this for the holidays. Enjoy.))

“Wait…let me get this straight. A fat guy is going to come into our house?!”

Blak and Bent were lodging around in an old fashion house. The furniture was Victorian, filling the room with shades of green, red and gold. The house was provided by the government along with two “parents” The parents were somewhere in the house hiding, trying to keep out of contact with Blak as much as possible. Blak was now looking at Bent as if he grew third eyeball.

“Y-y-you never heard of S-s-santa Blak?” Bent said while looking a Christmas card that was carefully slipped under the door five minutes ago. “Bubbles told me about him.”

Blak sighed and rolled his eyes. His brother was spending way too much time with those “powderpuffs” and it was starting to annoy him. “Even if a fat guy could come done a fireplace, he wouldn’t get far without me royally kicking his ass. That Bubblehead is messing with you!”

“B-b-but it’s m-m-magic. He brings p-p-presents.” Bent said, slightly happy.

“Oh yeah? So why haven’t I ever seen this Santa dude?” Blak chewed a gingerbread cookie that was sat there for them in the morning.

“….” Bent twiddled his fingers. “w-w-well…w-w-well…”

“What?” Bits of gingerbread flew out of Blak’s mouth which made Bent put his hands up for protection.

“S-s-santa only gives g-g-gift to good k-k-kids.” Bent looked up at his brother for the first time in the conversation, finding a devilish smile growing bigger and bigger on his face.

“Well then we’ll have to improvise. We’re going to pay Santa a visit.” Blak began to walk into the next room.

“B-b-but I-I-I t-t-thought you d-d-didn’t b-b-believe in him….” Bent was really worried which caused him to stutter more.

“I don’t. I’m going to prove that this guy doesn’t exist.” Blak smirked. “If there is a Santa, he’s getting a little extra for Christmas…and it won’t be pretty!”

Blak laughed manically as he went to the next room, leaving a confused and worried Bent to wonder what to do.
So much ownage, so little time...

By the way...guess what's back! Hopefully, I'll continue...

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Postby blueyfooey » Sun Dec 24, 2006 12:01 am

Really good so far! Needs more description though... of the characters, not the background!

Thank me later :3
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