Cause the Candyman can! ( A PPGD Script Story)

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Cause the Candyman can! ( A PPGD Script Story)

Postby Jing » Tue Aug 01, 2006 9:33 pm

Chapter 1: Let there be boredom!

[Setting=In Dr. Weasel's laboratory. Brick is laying around on a red sofa, watching the discovery channel. The red sofa seemed to have him name carved into it. Boomer is staring at the wall and seems to be quite absorbed in what he is thinking. Neither boy looks up as Butch busted into the lab loudly, panting.]

Butch: "What are you two doing?! We should be out ripping those Puff girls to pieces! " >_<

Brick: *sighes* "We need to train more Butch, I've said it before." -_-

Butch: "I'm tired of sitting around here! Why can we just beat the crap out of them now?!" >_<#

Brick: "Did you hear what I said. *very slowly* We neeeed tooooo traaaaiiin. Got it?" -_-#

Butch: "What? And that Weasel guy got all the answers?" >_<

Brick: "Wait, didn't we have this agruement already?! " O_O

Butch: *Stomps his feets and whines*" But I'm booored!!! " T_T

Brick: "You just wasted 5 minutes of footage to start an agruement because you were bored...." -_-;;

Butch: "Shut up!" *mummbles* "It's better then nothing." T_T

Brick: "Watch some TV. Did you know that there is 1o,000 krill for every human on earth?" ^^

Butch:" I don't want to watch Tv. Specailly if it is about krill. >_< What the hell is krill any way?" O_O;;

Brick:" Oh come on! Look! They're small and tiny. They have these cute little feet and float around like some kind of freaky mass of dust. I can barely take my eyes off it! It's magical! "XD

Butch: "......You are so gay. " -_-;;

Brick: "Well if you don't like what I'm doing, help out Boomer. He seems focused on something, at least a lot more focused then he is during practice. " -_-#

[Butch walks over to Boomer who is still focused on the wall.]

Butch: *sighs* "Okay dung- for -brains. What are you looking at?"

Boomer:"I am watching the clouds go by!" XD

Butch: "huh?"

Boomer: "Can you see it? The colors of the rainbow? The Beatles in concert? Homicide bunnies and their queen Anna Nicole? "

Butch: "... uh... kay..." OO;;

Boomer: "Oh no! Bob! Bob don't leave me! AHHHHHH!" T_T

Butch: "Wait! Sto- " OO;;

[Before his brother could stop him, Bommer crashes to the wall in order to chase non-existant Bob. Butch and Brick watched in shock as their brother run through the city, hitting everyone and everything in attempt to find his long lost love, Bob.]

Butch: "Can someone please tell me what that was about?" O_O

Brick: "I think I can." *Picks up a box that said "Chewy Chew's Chews"*

Butch: "Candy?"

Brick: "Yeah. The sugar must have messed Boomer up."

Butch:*reads box* 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999-

[two weeks later]

Butch: *still reading box*"-and 99 grams of sugar?!" O_O

Brick: *looks at box* "Actually, that's the symbol for pounds. " ^^;;

Butch: "Who would give Boomer this candy?" O_O;;

Brick: "There is only one enemy I can think of...we must find... THE CANDYMAN!!!!"

((continued in chapter2))
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Postby Tuor » Tue Aug 01, 2006 9:58 pm

More details please, all you've got is dialogue.

Also, use the proper format please:

Your Name, Title of Work, Rating, Fanfic or Orig.
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Postby Makoto_Shinobi » Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:04 pm

There are many errors on you fanfiction. You can't use emotes or anything like that in fanfiction, such as these => O.O, ^^;;
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Postby blueyfooey » Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:17 pm

I think it's good, i like funny stories, good for a bad day. ^_^

Thank me later :3
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Re: Cause the Candyman can! ( A PPGD Script Story)

Postby whispersoul » Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:05 am

well,its an opening though. its cool but all dialogue though. well,all i can say is keep it up. ^_^ just do your thing,every one makes their mistakes :P
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