Super Davio 64 DS

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Super Davio 64 DS

Postby Waluigi » Sun Jun 04, 2006 2:21 am

[center]Chapter 1[/center]

Super Davio 64 DS
10 years after Super Mario 64 DS,there was new heroes,but what they didnt know was that a great evil was in the castle.(Oiram,Frog,Dave,and Travis come out of warp pipes.)
Travis:WTF?Why didnt we come in on a cool,airplane/boat thing?
Frog:Lets go in the castle.

A dark cloud fills the sky over the mushroom kingdom. Dario cackles in his evil castle. With the original heros old, Theres only a small group that can save the Mushroom Kingdom! Dave, Travis, Soap, and Frog!

Dave Travis and Soap fall down from the sky and land on a Strom-omb buddy, who quickly recover's and doesnt say anything about it.
Dave Travis and Soap look around the level.
Dave: "Hey Strom-omb buddy!"
Strom-Omb Buddy: "Greetings Travis, would you like to fire from my Nifty Cannon?"
Dave: "I would, but its filled with gammon!"
Travis: "Dear fucking lord.."
Soap: "Cmon! We have a kingdom to save!"

They trek up the path until they come to a bridge. 3 Goombas start stampeding towards them. Soap backflips onto one, while Dave smashes the others with his mallet.

They end up at a Huge Black Iron-clad arena. The devilish cackle from inside is insane. They walk in and they see a large mountain made of black iron. On top is a spiked Stromb-omb king with a large crown. He is black and red mix in a large cannon-ball like bomb. He has a huge crown with 2 devilish red horns shaped like bomb fuses. He carries the Strom-omb scepter, a black shaft with a bomb and fuse at the top.

King Strom-omb: HAHAHA! FOOLS! YOU Dare come into MY kingdom?! Die! Strom-ombs, attack!

Suddenly, billions of gates open and large strom-ombs run into the arena. They all have red/black bomb's with 2 eyes and a fuse. The fuses are lit.

They all stampede towards them, and one of them explode. Triggering another. In a matter of seconds, they all explode together.

Dave: We won!


Travis: ...Pointless much?

Soap: Lets go, King Strom-omb!

Soap swarms up the mountain and finds the cave-in point. He goes in and crouches, he appears at the top. He walks into the king's platform and he throws a huge bomb at him. Soap dodges to the right and charges, he grabs a Flower and turns into Fire-Soap! He swarms around the king and throws a bunch of fireballs, slamming them into him. He runs over and picks the king up and throws him off the mountain, he explodes at the bottom.

Travis:.. Why are we even in this shitty fanfic?
Dave: We needed the cash, stupid.

Writers:Me and Skorri Siggeir.
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