Hi, I'm new here, here's a poem

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Hi, I'm new here, here's a poem

Postby Raya Thompson » Wed May 31, 2006 9:17 pm

So yeah, here's a poem I wrote.

The soul.
Anger, hatred, rage.
Sorrow, hopelessness, depression.
Love, laughter, happiness.
Hope for a new day.
Absolute trust, total determination.
Life changing decisions made in a second.
Wanton disregard for consequences.
That ever powerful saying: "Never tell me the odds."
Gazing into the future.
A future of wonder and ruin.

The mind.
Enmired in facts, enamored with statistics.
Doubts, questions, uncertainty.
Reason. Logic. Sense.
The power to think.
Understanding a problem.
Finding a solution.
Spending much time and effort on every decision.
That little touch of cynicism,
Which breeds new discovery.
That simple undeniable principle: "Prove it."
Learning from the past.
A past of successes and failures.

The body.
Pain, irritation, exhaustion.
Hunger, thirst, constant need.
Tangibility, strength, coordination.
The ability to affect the world around you.
A sacred temple to be protected or desecrated.
The paints with which you customize
Your canvas: The World.
The conduit which allows the concept: "I can."
Focused on the present.
The pleasures and pains of the now.

Mind, spirit, and body,
Together as one,
Can think,
Can imagine,
Can do.
Logic keeps emotions in check,
Emotions drive the body to its fullest potential,
The body gives the mind a place to think.
Emotions drive logic to think of new things,
Logic shows the body how best to operate,
The body gives emotions a way to get out.

Three elements in harmony.
What a piece of work is man.

(Yes, I know one line is from Kingdom Hearts and another is from Hamlet, so don't bother pointing it out.)

So, what do you think? Do you want me to post more?
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