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Mystery Girl's Fanfic

Postby Mystery Girl » Sun May 28, 2006 6:06 pm

Chapter one
The PPG and Blade were flying to school when suddenly a light caught Buttercup’s eye and she stopped, she told the others she’d go check it out.
“Like I need there help for everything”
She carried on flying towards the light. As she flew closer she recognised the light it was Boomer.
“what are you doing here?” Buttercup asked angrily.
“Erm…heading towards Megaville Elementary” Boomer answered worridly.
“What the hell are you doing that for? you don’t go to school there”
“What do I have to tell you for?” He said trying to sound threatening but failing,
He then flew off as fast as he could in the opposite direction.
Just as Buttercup was about to follow Blossom had called her through the watches and was telling her to get to school or she’ll be late.
Back at school Buttercup was in a bit of a huff.
“Are you still angry cause you didn’t get to find out what Boomer was up to?” blossom asked
“We don’t know what he could have been doing, but it was odd seeing him away from butch and brick”
“Well we’ll think about this later I’m going to the library Bubbles has gone to meet up with Mandy and Blade has gone to the computer room to work on some last minute homework , Are you going to Kendo?”
Buttercup turned bright red she turned to get her stuff out of her locker to hide it from her sister.
She said in a rather casual voice “yeah I think I’ll go” then she slammed her locker said bye to Blossom and hurried off.

Blossom was looking through the romance novels to read she found one called “The Rouge’s kiss” she thought it looked like a nice book.
She went to go check out the book then wait for Dexter, he didn’t turn up so she went outside after class to sit under the trees when suddenly she was hit over the head. Before her vision became cloudy she saw a white figure above her laughing then her eyes closed as she became unconscious.

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