Fanfic - Xiolin showdown - advent of a god - Version 2

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Fanfic - Xiolin showdown - advent of a god - Version 2

Postby NykylaiHellray » Wed May 24, 2006 1:01 pm

Hiya people, I thought I would post this here, as you all seem to be cartoon network fans =), anyway I am writting a Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction which purpose is to explain the origin of wuya and daishi. It also tells of the advent of a new enemy. The tale I am aiming to make may seem a little more grown up them what you usually she in Xiaolin Showdown. So I just thought I may warn you. This is a WIP, so please comment, and critique, as I dont usually do fanfics and stick to stories which I create myself.

Edit: This is version 2, as I felt the first version was kinda poor.


In his lair the being known as evil boy genius laid in his lair, surrounded by the broken pieces of his many robotic lackeys. He sat in his chair cradling the many wounds he has recently received from his many enemies. Then from his lips he said “Beaten again…… maybe I should just give up. I mean my mum keeps telling me about that engineering course, I guess I could do well at it. But…..knowing me I would just fail at that to. Oh I feel so shit…I mean damn, first Wuya leaves….then again she never really liked me to begin with; I was always an embarrassment to evil. Each of the big bads wants to destroy me for just existing, which just makes it worse.”.

He looks at the tables and notices the mail has recently arrived, many were bills from his constant ordering of metal and mechanics, and he also notices one from a certain customer of his “Sorry jack…I cant order any more jackbots from you…I cant say why. I just can’t…too much pain…to much pain. From mandark”. After reading the many scribbles and whining, most too hard to read being that it was smudged by tears. The only words which echoed from jack where “dammit”. He picked the letter up and tore it into many pieces from rage. Realising one of his many customers who bought his robots and provided funding for his machines had just jumped ship.

“NOW what am I supposed to do for money….that was the only money I got, I don’t even get an allowance for evils sake”

It was in his moment of rage and anger that the alarms on his computer activated and from the shock fell of his chair and landed on his head “owww that hurt”


When he got up, he then said “Oh well I guess one last attempt can’t do any harm, JACKBOTS COME”. With that he was on his way yet again to get beaten, defeated, and humiliated. Though these days even though he knew the result of him going after the shen gong wu, and even though he knew he would always think of giving up, and yet always try again. He still did it, maybe out of habit, or maybe it is the only thung which he feels worth doing with his existence.

Meanwhile a green dragon flew through the skies carrying our xiolin heroes. A little cheese ball known as Omi then spoke “So Doju what wu are we out to get?”.
The dragon replied “The shen gong wu is the Preying Monster, this wu has the ability to turn the user into a mantis like beast. The user gains razor sharp claws to bring down its opponent”. It was to this the coyboy xiolin monk known as clay replied “That could be so useful in getting rid of cattle thieves.”

In the sky jack flew followed by his swarm of robotic slaves flew ever closer in hopes of gaining a wu.

“Heads up guys it seems…..jack is here again” replied the Japanese phone obsessed monk kown as kimiko.


“Could you TRY to get some decent new lines” replied the Brazilian raymundo.

“Be quiet you are just jealous”, followed by jack sticking his tongue out at the bunch of knights.

“……Jealous…..of you…..” followed by a group laughter of all the monks, in the process nearly falling off Dojo.

At that moment the sun shone and glowed upon the wu lodged in the rocks of the mountain.

“Oh shut up, this wu is mine see you later.” Said jack, suddenly flying off in hopes of getting the wu.

The moment jack is about to grab the wu, Omi jumps from Dojo’s back, and smashes jacks helicopter backpack “Be gone jack spicer” said Omi triumphantly as he grabs the wu for himself.

“Amazing, that just being annoyed by him, would cause you to send him to his untimely end, I have to admit Omi, you are becoming more Heylin with each passing day” said chase as he seemingly materialized behind omi.

Is was with that Omi realised what he had done, only faintly hearing the screams from jack as he plummeted the thousands of feet down the mountain, and into the deep canyon that laid beneath it. Omi pushed chase out the way and humped, hoping to catch jack before his ultimate end, the other xiolin monks shouted telling omi to come back, though omi did not reply with burning determination in his eyes to save his enemy.

Though the closer he seemed to get, the further jack seemed to be, and then he heard the screams stop.

He jumped down as far as he could, though it did not seem like the pit had an end, he searched for hours upon hours hoping to see the annoying grin of the person he once hated.

Though he could never find the body, eventually dojo forced Omi to come back up. The rest of the xiolin monks had to restrain him. No matter what they said, no matter how hopeless they told him it was he just wished and hoped he was alive. Using the tangle web comb they finally were able to get Omi back to the temple.

In the aftermath, chase just stood and smiled, wit wuya walking up behind “good bye to bad rubbish” the sorceress said from her lips.
Chase then said “Ha what an amusing development, the young monk did something that I resisted doing for so long, and with his sadness, he will go into anger, and with his anger, he will go into hate, and with that he will be closer to the heylin side then he has ever been”.
“Ehrr chase, I don’t known why but that line you just said sounds awful familiar” said wuya.
“Oh I just bought one of those new fangled DVD players, watched a few films that I have never heard off, anyway with that he is closer into our grasp”.

The two overlords of evil then walked away into the darkness.

In the temple the monk sat around the table with there master questioning there actions “even the most evil don’t deserved to be killed, except in extreme circumstances, and even then that is a power only reserved for gods, and jack did not even qualify as barely evil”.
Omi did not reply, already aware of the guilt and sin he had committed.

“Where you able to retrieve the body?”.

“No master, the pit was to deep, and there are far to many caverns it could of landed into” Kimiko said.

“Not even jack deserved that” raymundo said, though quickly shut up when he realised that he was thinking out loud, and kimiko giving him the evil eye. “Opss sorry omi”.

“No it is alright, it was my fault, it was my anger that committed this crime, and it my duty to tell his parents of the loss of there son” the cheese ball said.

“Are you sure little partner, we can go with you?” said clay.

“NO!!, it is my FAULT, my RESPONSIBILITY, so I and only I, will tell his parents”.

With that the other monks went quiet and Omi walked off to do the duty which he felt was right.

When Omi told jacks mother what had happened to her son, one could expect to know what had happened. She knew what had happened when she saw the look on Omi’s face; she knew that her son would one day kill himself with his so called quest.

The next few months could be seen as uneventful. When a new shen gong wu revealed itself, the monks did not even attempt to lift a finger to get it; they couldn’t even if they wanted to. Omi had shut himself away in his room, barely coming out. Even his food he barely touched, usually leaving Dojo to clear what was left.
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Postby ChocolateHurricanex » Wed May 24, 2006 1:09 pm

not baad continue the good work and next time try to put some img
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Postby Emerald Emblem » Wed May 24, 2006 1:13 pm

Fanfics go in the art forum and welcome to the forums
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Postby Rival » Wed May 24, 2006 1:16 pm

PPGD Fan wrote:Fanfics go in the art forum and welcome to the forums


Thread Moved, and renamed accordingly to the rules.
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Postby Darkness_calls » Wed May 24, 2006 8:15 pm

A good beginning.
Please continue, as I have gotten interest ^_^
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Postby BG07 » Wed May 24, 2006 8:26 pm

HEY YOU KILLED JACK SPICER! man... he used to be my ava...
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Re: (NykylaiHellray's)Xiolin showdown - advent of a god

Postby NykylaiHellray » Thu May 25, 2006 4:08 am

A month had passed since the death of jack, and things have seemed to have returned to normal. The monks once again went after shen gong wu, and there vigour has seemed to be restored.

Doju: Guys gather round, the Mask of Rio has revealed itself. The mask of rio is simlar to the shroud of shadows, and is said to be its compainion wu. It allows the wearer to blend in with its surroundings.

Omi: OOOOOooooo sounds like a good wu to get, I can be as black as soot, and hide in snow.

Raymondo:....i think you mean white as snow

Omi: I am not white I am yellow

Raymondo: No i mean....nevermind

They fly through the skys, apporaching the wu fast. Though they all know somthing is missing, that somthing is not right.

Clay: Its not really the same anymore is it.

Kimiko: I would never think I would say this.....but I actually miss the annoying loser.


As they fly to an island, it is apparent that Wuya is allready there, chase is nowhere to be seen though.

Omi: Wuya, you will not get this wu, we will beat you to a squash.

Wuya: Beat to a pulp?

Omi jumps off dojo, and grabs the wu the same time as wuya.

Omi: I challenge you to a Xiolin showdown, it will be jump through hoops, the one to jump through the most hoops wins.

Wuya: I will bet my shroud of shadows against your mantis flip coin.

Omi: Done

The earth collapses beneath them, and earth rises into the sky, litte islnds litter the air floating. Golden rings litter the sky.

Omi&Wuya: Gung ye tenpai!!!!


Omi jumpos through ten hoops.

Wuya: Shroud of shadows

Omi: Ah ha this to easy AGHHH

Omi kicked by invisable wuya into rock.

Wuya: Nothing is that easy dear, you learn that as you get older

Wuya claims 15 rings

:brickwall: irritating to white the desctiption scenes, and yes I know those were poor attempts at an omi joke =P.
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Re: (NykylaiHellray's)Xiolin showdown - advent of a god

Postby craig911 » Thu May 25, 2006 4:35 am

Interesting first and 2nd post...
Welcome to the forums and interesting story keep it up. ^_^
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Re: (NykylaiHellray's)Xiolin showdown - advent of a god

Postby NykylaiHellray » Wed May 31, 2006 11:34 am

The Xiolin match ends with Wuya the winner. She takes her prize, and leaves Omi in the dirt. Chase appears musing about the battle “Young monk, it is surprising to see you do so poorly, I am surprised, don’t tell me the weakness of sadness and pity has eaten at your soul”. Omi looked angry at this aquastion, and attacked chase “YOU COULD OF SAVED HIM!”, chase just seemed to smile and said “why should I have to correct your mistakes”, Omi did not reply or listen and just attacked blindly.

Then something odd happened, if you asked, none could recall what exactly happened, bu the two seemed to be ripped apart by some unknown force, throwing both away in opposing directions. Both lied on the floor shocked by what had happened.

Then a shadow was seen, a shadow of a being walking towards them.

What approached them looked so familiar, yet at the same time so eerily different. At first appearances it looked like jack, though also clearly not.

His eyes were red, and burned with the fury of suns, his red hair the very colour of raging fire, grew long and ended at his knees, his teeth where pointed fangs, and his skin was like that of the dead.

He approached with a confidence, and a sly smile which showed intelligence and power, a quality which was not found in the original jack Spicer.

Unfazed by the Chase young approached the invader, circling him with a keen eye “what manner of creature are you?” the tyrant asked. All the being replied was “the new god of this world”. Angered by this chase attacked the intruder with all his might, only to find every one of his moves blocked with relative ease.

The young Xiolin warriors watched onwards at the ballet of martial art might. The two moving at speeds so fast that they themselves struggled to keep up with.

“The legendary chase young? What a joke you are” the words from this beings lips pierced the very soul of chase, driving him into more uncontrollable fury. Though it was all in vain, as the moment the being said “I grow tired”, the tyrants arm was broken, and chase lay bleeding on the floor, tending his wound, like a cat would lick his pains.

Afraid to ask, yet he still did the young Xiolin monk Omi asked “Jack….is that you?”. All the being did was smile, and with that he was gone.
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Re: (NykylaiHellray's)Xiolin showdown - advent of a god

Postby NykylaiHellray » Thu Jun 01, 2006 6:04 am

No comments on the next post it seems?
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