PPGD FANFIC: The Gauntlet Mercenary

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PPGD FANFIC: The Gauntlet Mercenary

Postby Hoboman » Fri May 19, 2006 10:07 pm

Chapter1: The Mercenary ... in School?

"Class i would like you to meet a new student named Sean. He told me his parents couldn't make it. Anyway please welcome Sean" Miss Meryl said in a Bubbles-adult-cheery-voice-sound. The person named Sean came in the classroom. He wears a black versoin of the male school uniform wears half-gloves and a black bandana. He also have black eyes. Sean wore no expression when he came in the classroom.
"Could you tell the class your hobbies are anything you do etc. Sean" asked Miss Meryl with a smile. Sean looked over the class coldly.
"I'm a Mercenary. I fight for the good or evil depending on what prizes or treasures of theirs give me. I only kill with a reason, usually on the orders of the person i work for." Sean said calmly.
Everyone laughed except for Sean and Dexter who adjusted his glasses into scan mode. Strange he thought scanning Sean his power is much stronger than all three powerpuff girls.

Sean looked at the class calmly. His half-gloves began to glow. Light engulfed the classroom. Everyone stopped laughing. Sean's half-gloves seemed to be replaced with what looked like knight's gauntlet. Sean raised his hands threatningly
"No one laughs, or i'll tear them to bits very very slowly" Sean muttered coldly.
No one, even Buttercup, dared to move. Sean than flashed again and the gauntlets turned back to half-gloves. Sean moved to a vacant desk and sat down. Something is nagging Sean that there are three girls with power. Sean smirked seeing since that the girls fight evil, Sean can get a price of the girls to help them.

First fanfic. oh and sorry guys if i made mistakes but i'm no perfect in english

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