The Dark Elements

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The Dark Elements

Postby Vicious Dark » Wed May 03, 2006 6:51 pm

Yo, I made up this story about me and a couple of friends if we were ever to grow up in a corrupt society and become bounty hunters. I tried this story out a couple of years back on a smaller forum but now I want to try it agian with the experience I picked up and on a bigger forum. Like I said before, this story is about me and 2 of my best friends if we were to become bounty hunters. I'll try to put alot of work into it. Enjoy.



Many life changing events have happened during the years leading to 2022, now. The biggest of these events was the great war known as WWIII. Before this war, a man named General Slithian came into great political power. The strange man, who seemed to apear out of no where, easily took control of the middle eastern countries by means of convincing people, who already hated America, that the world would be much better with the ultimate super power gone. Many countries gave him full control of their government and their armies. He soon took over all of Europe as well. The countries that refused him were attacked and forcefully takin into control. All this was done with out United States knowing. Finally, when General Slithian began his attack on America, they were caught off gaurd at first, but defeated the first couple of fleats easily. After putting up many fierce fights from soldiers coming from all sides of the coasts, American finally submitted to the power of General Slithian and his super atomic bombs. After this war, America was forced to become a communist country under the new rule of General Slithian. Many parts of America is now uninhabitable because of the nucluar clouds surrounding the bombed areas. In the remaining states, the ghettos have grown so big, that atleast one city in every states are fully controled by gangsters and mobsters. These cities are called Out-cast cities, AKA OC cities. Besides the new age of communism, technological advancements are beyond imaginable, such as space travel, cloning, new metals, and new ways to tamper with the pure soul. Now, since the crime rate has become astoundingly bad, bounty hunters have been created. Bounty hunters, unlike a cop, can use their own unique weapons and they can also use any means to catch a criminal. Since this job is a very exciting one, many new bounty hunters have gone into the buisness to give it a try. This is the Age of the bounty hunters. The dark brothers have decided to play their hands in this new bounty hunting buisness. Vicious Dark, Shadow Dark, and Rage Dark all were once millitary personal before America switched to communism. Now they refuse to serve such a country. Each of them were highly ranked in the millitary for their supreme special abilities. Vicious Dark, Leader and logisitc thinker of the group, was specialized in close ranged combat, sword martial arts, martial arts involving leg power, knife throwing, advanced special ops., and advance mechanical engineering. Now, as a bounty hunter, his weapons of choice are his sword made up the new metal titantron, which can cut through anything, his two AK-47's, throwing knives, and his powerful legs. Shadow Dark, Muscle and brains of the group, was specialized in mid ranged combat, explosives, computer hacking, advanced computer programing, heavy artiliary, stealth ops., and martial arts involving arm power. His weapons of choice are his fully customized shotgun and double barreled magnum, his electric bazooka, many differant gernades, and his powerful arms. Rage Dark, street smarts and major support of the group, was specialized in long ranged combat, advance piloting, advanced survival methods, undercover ops, and martial arts involving balance and counter attacking. His weapons of choice are his cutomized sniper rifle, AG470 rifle, many other rifles, little metal throwing needles, his two golden desert eagles, and his powerful counter attacking fighting skills. Together, all three of them make a powerful bounty hunting team called the Dark Elements, or DE. They all live on a ship hanger they call 'Hope' which holds their battle ships. The fallen angel is Vicious' ship, The silver wing is Rage's ship, and the black fang is Shadow's ship. Although new at bounty hunting, their experience in the millitary should proove to make them a powerful team. Soon, they will be going down as legends, but they have many battles to fight and mysteries to solve. This is the begining of the story about the Dark Brothers joining together to the form the Dark Elements, DE.
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