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First installment.

The Tales of Loto
written by Nicholas Tuttle

The great demon.
Chapter 1
From birth to first nemisis.

Loto's birth was a chaotic one indeed. For in those times, a war was raging. Loto's father was a warrior, the mightiest in the army of Ishbal. Gadriel the swordmaster was his name. His mother was a demon, but the kindest and gentlest woman she was. She herself became a medic in the Ishbalan army. Her name was Kaname.
After hours of pain she gave up all of her strength to give birth to the child. And as Gadriel held the new babe in his arms, with her last breath she named him Loto.Then she passed away.
Knowing that a war zone was no place for an infant, Gadriel heartbrokenly put his child under the protection of a high priest known as Tiamond. Tiamond swore to Gadriel that he would raise Loto to be a great hero, who would live by the code of honor. Gadriel thanked him and returned to Ishbal.
Tiamond trained Loto for the better part of nine years, teaching him manners disipline and honor in battle. But Tiamond had no more he could teach the boy, for Loto had learned and mastered the code of honor in much fewer years than Tiamond had expected.
Tiamond sent a message to a an old friend. A village cheif known as Maak-Tal. In the message he described this extroardenary boy, and asked Maak-Tal to train him in his village. Maak-Tal agreed and sent a boat for Loto.
This trip was followed by many others for Loto learned so quickly his lessons he would normaly be done within a year. So Loto ended up crossing the globe learning about new cultures and mastering countless fighting techniques, but his most importan travel was yet to come.
While training in the kingdom of Sardomin, during a morning sprint Loto came across a demon who was trapped under a fallen tree. The demon begged Loto to free him. And so Loto did, the demon thanked Loto and assured him that he would some day repay him. It was not long before the demon came to return the favor. in his hands he held an odd shaped package wrapped in cloth." To you Loto i give this gift, may it help you much in your journeys." he handed the package to Loto and dissapeared. Loto unwrapped the package and was instantly in awe at what he held.
It was a sword of incompareable beauty, made of an odd white steel with trimmings of gold on the blade. I looked to be as heavy as a horse, yet was light as a feather, its blade so sharp it cut through the air itself. Loto felt a connection with this sword. And he was connected to the sword in more ways than one.
At the age of twentyfive Loto had learned all he could and so he now dedicated his life to helping all in need. No sooner did this happen when a new evil was unleashed upon the earth, a souless demon called Malice. Malice at a young age was given a choice by a cruel demon called Byyaka, he was to chose weather his mother would be raped and killed before him or that he give his soul up to Byyaka so he gave up his soul, but being the cruel beast Byyaka was he still raped and killed her. From that point on Malice declared war on all who had peace.
Loto's first encounter with Malice was brief but nightmareish. It was in a town called Juniper, a town famous for its wonderful flowers. Loto is traveling one of the towns streets when suddenly and without warning twelve people die suddenly. Loto searches each body looking for atleast one survivor, to no avail. The worst thing and the thing that hit Loto the hardest was that all the victims were children. Loto spots Malice and knows he was the killer. A thousand things rush to his mouth to be said but olny one word came out."Why?" he asked Malice. Malice responded with a look so cold and emotionless it could make a dragon lose its will to fight, and he responded with this." Simple, children are the most important thing to everyone, so the loss of children creates the most pain." then quick as a spark Malice vanishes into thin air.
Loto makes a grave for each child and consoles the familys as best as he can. But by this experiance Loto decides his newest quest, to find and punish Malice at any cost. And so the very next morning Loto leaves on the trail of his first nemisis, the first of many.

Chapter 2
The long search

" I will find Malice, and when I do he will know justice." Loto had no idea as to how he would even go about searching for Malice. He was at a loss untill a chance encounter with an old gypsy named Alusian. Alusian set up a tent on the outskirts of the kingdom of Al-Karid, a kingdom known for its exquisite jewelery and fine tapastries. As Loto heads to Al-Karid Alusian shouts to him. Loto aproaches the tent cautiously." Come in Loto Ihave much to discuss with you." Loto opens the tent and steps inside. He is instantly overcome with the smell of many insents and candles." How did you know my name?" Loto asks the gypsy." I know many things, like your future, your past, and I may be able to give you some help in your latest indevor," a big smirk crosses Alusian's face "for a price of course." Loto sits down in front of Alusian." What is it that you want?" he asks." I simply want to be alowed back into Al-Karid, I was banished by the emporor." Loto smiles " Im shure I can reason with the emporor." Alusian shakes his head " The emporor is a greedy pig, only rare things apeal to him, the best you could get is a request from him, if you fulfill that than he my listen to you." Loto sighs " I will get you back in Al-Karid if you swear to help me find Malice." Alusian shakes Loto's hand and agrees.
Loto enters the gates to Al-Karid and proceeds directly to the emporors throne room.
" Who are you?" the emporor bellows.
" I am Loto, I have been sent to request that you allow the gypsy Alusian to return to Al-Karid." Loto responds. The emporor lets out a bellowing laugh.
" I suppose I can do that, but you have to get something for me first," the emporor ponders for a while." Iwill alow the gypsy to return if you can get me a rare black diamond, the only exist at the very bottoms of quicksand pits. Get one for me and I'll let him back in." Loto bows and leaves.
After a day of searching Loto finally comes across some quick sand. He sits and thinks for awhile when he notices a scorpion caught in a strange goo. He frees the scorpion and begins to examine the goo, he finds it to be very sticky, and he gets an idea. He pulls fron his bag a rope and puts some of the goo on the end of it, he then lets the rope get sucked down for a few feet, then he reels the rope back up. He retreives the end fron the pit and cleans it off, and shure enough there is a black diamond stuck to the end.
Loto hurries to the throne room and gives the jewel to the emporor who in turn allows Alusian to return to Al-Karid." As I promised Loto i will help you find Malice." Alusian digs through a chest of things and comes out with a strange looking compass." This is a goal compass it instantly points twards the holders goal, like for you it will point you twards Malice, but dont think this will make it much simpler. You still have a long ways to go Loto, so good luck to you."

Chapter 3
A different kind of evil.

Loto has followed the compass for a month, he is now right outside a small town called Lumbridge. As he walks he hears a scream. He rushes to the source and sees a beautiful girl in a tree, with a foul dog beast at its bottom." Please help!" she screams. Loto draws his sword and destroys the beast in one swing, he then helps the girl out of the tree.
Her hair is the color of sand, her eyes a beautiful brown." Thank you so much, your a miracle." she says blushing.
" I was simply in the right place at the right time." Loto returns.
" Your still my hero, may I ask your name?" she asks staring deeply at Loto.
" My name is Loto." he responds, slightly embarrased.
" And I am Annamata," she curtsies" a pleasure to meet you Loto.
" I really must be going, its almost nightfall." Loto states.
" No I insist you stay at my home tonight, I wont accept no for an answer." she says hands on hips.
" Then I guess I have no other choice, lead the way." Loto ends. Annamata leads Loto to her home. When they enter Annamata seals the door shut.
" What are you doing?" Loto asks confused.
" Im making shure you cant leave." she responds strangly.
" Anna are you ok, your acting weird." Loto says conserned.
" I'm just fine, your the one in trouble." Anna takes an axe from beside the wall and raises it.
" What on earth are you," Anna takes a swing at him but misses and destroys a table." Anna! Have you gone insane!" Loto shouts.
" No," Anna begins to change, her hair turns black, her eyes turn red, and her skin becomes a pale white." No I'm just fine 'lover boy', allow me to truly introduce myself," her fingers grow long and bladelike." my associates call me... Lust." she takes a swipe at Loto, but he dodges and leaps out a window overseeing a cliff." The poor fool, he killed himself, its too bad he was kind of cute." she heads over to a closet from which a voice asks.
" Is he dead Lust?"
" Yes he is dead Gluttony." she responds.
" Is there anthing left of him for me to eat?" Gluttony asks eagerly.
" Sorry Gluttony, he jumped out of the window." she responds. Gluttony sighs.
" Well lets tell the master we took care of him."
On the beach a few meters away from the house Loto sits, depressed slightly by two things, that he fell so easly for that trap, and that he now has more enemys to deal with.

Chapter 4
A stange man apears.

Loto sleeps on the beach that night. In the morning Loto is awoken by a strange poking. He turns his head to look and sees a man in a dress suit ind top hat leaning over him and poking him with a stick.
" Excuse me, please stop doing that." Loto says to the man. The man jumps back a foot.
" I thouht you were dead, I did, terrably sorry, wont happen again." he says as he proceeds to poke Loto with the stick again.
" Please stop that." Loto says sternly. The mans lip begins to tremble, and he then bursts into tears."I'm sorry I'm sorry, please stop crying." Loto begs. the man stops abruptly. The man picks some sand up in his hand.
" Can I have this lollypop mommy?" he asks Loto. Loto stares, highly confused.
" Who are you?" Loto asks. The man stands up and brushes the sand off of his suit.
" Ello, I'm Mystery editor, I am." replys the man.
" Mystery creditor?" Loto asks.
" No,no,no dont call me mystery creditor, call me mystery editor." he explains.
" Ok Mystery editor it is then." Loto replys.
" CALL ME SIR BOY!!!" he shouts making loto jump." I'm a hard guy to understand, I know...know....snow.......snowman........RADIOACTVE MOOSE!" he screams and then hides his head in the sand. By now Loto has given up on trying to understand this man so he stans up and walks away, when Mystery editor shouts." I'll never forget what you did for me, Ill pay you back someday I swear! God speed Loto!" the man then dissapears.
" That was weird." Loto sighs.

Chapter 5
Long time no sea.

" Lust, Gluttony, I trust you bring good news." a dark figure speaks.
" Loto is no more master, he fell to his demise." Lust answers.
" And you saw his lifless body your self, right Lust?" the figure asks.
" Well no sir, but no one could have survived such a fall." she replys.
" IDIOTIC FOOL!" a red glow eminates from the shadow and Lust stops breathing.
" Stop you'll kill her!" Gluttony pleas. The glow stops and Lust begins to breath again.
" Find Loto and kill him, this time take jelousy with you." the shadow ends."
Loto continues with the guidance of the goal compass. He reaches a port town called Sarim. A town known for its...lack of morals.(prostitution, gambling, drug trade) Its a town of pirates.
Loto finds himself led to a ship by the compass.
" Hello, anone aboard?" Loto calls. A rather messy looking siluette apears on deck.
" Who be *hic* there?" the figure moans.
" My name is Loto and I have need of a ship." Loto calls.
" Come aboard let me just wash up a bit." the figure leaps into the water. Loto boards the ship and waits for the captain to return. A figure soaked with water apears on the gangplank.
" I thank you sir for alowing," the captain takes their hat off and lets her hair down." Oh I'm so sorry ma'am," Loto apoligizes.
" You think I dont get that all the time, its no problem an honest mistake.and call me Kari." she states. Loto bows to her." Stand up, ther'll be no bowin here."
" Right sorry." Loto apologizes again. She walks to a door.
" Jonny you lilly-livered bilge rat get your arse outta bed befor Ikeelhaul ya!" she shouts into the room. A mumble comes in response and sood an old man emerges.
" What is it ya want." he mumbles. She points me out to him." We got a rider! yipee!" he springs into action getting every thing set for sail.
" does he always get this excited when you have a passenger?" Loto asks.
" Yeah especially since your are first rider in seventeen years, people just dont trust a female capitan." she says sadly.
" I do." Loto tells her. a smile grows on her face. She slaps him on the back and laughs hard.
" I like your attitude Loto." she says as she wals up to the wheel.
" How wonderfull, he's on a boat, I love the water." Jelousy sighs happily.
" Gluttony I like that boat over there, wont you talk the capitan into giving it to us?" Lust asks Gluttony. Gluttony drools.
" Do I get to eat him?" Gluttony asks hopefully.
" Yes Gluttony you do get to eat him." Lust replies.
Hours later Loto arives at Port Talim.
" You sure you dont need anything else Loto?" asks Kari.
" You've done enough for me, thank you and I hope you get more bussiness soon." Loto ends. Loto walks off the ship.
" Our paths will shurly cross again Loto." she says as she waves good bye.
" He was a good fella." Jonny mumbles.
" Yup, Ive decided I'm gonna marry him someday." she says smiling.

Chapter 6
A heros armor.

Port Talim is a gentler place than Sarim. A family place. Loto searches the town for a place to spend the night when someone calls to him." Sir! Sir! Please let me see that sword." a muscular man covered in ash approaches Loto." This sword, it is the finest workmanship I've ever seen," he looks at the sword throroghly." if you allow me to study this further, I could make you a suit of armor of equal strength." Loto considers the offer.
" Ok but Ineed to find a place to stay for the night." Loto explains.
" Come, stay at my house my daughter loves warriors, she always asks them to tell her storys of their travels. And from the looks of you, you must have a few." Loto follows the man to his home. The home itself is filled with works of metal from swords to armor for horses.
" What is your name sir?" Loto asks.
" I am Leon smithing master, If I cant make it out of metal, It shouldent exist." he says proudly." Have a seat while I go and study this sword." Loto sits as Leon goes to another room. As Loto waits he sees a young girl peeking at him from around a door way.
" Hello." Loto says quietly. The girl comes out from hiding, and approaches Loto looking him over.
" Wow, you look strong, are you a soldier?" she asks excitedly.
" No I am but a traveler. My name is Loto what is yours?" Loto asks.
" Mname is Tima, do you have any stories to tell, because I would love to hear them." she asks.
" I have a few, but there not that exciting." Loto tell her. She takes a seat on the floor.
" Thats ok I still want to hear them, please." she begs. Loto tells her of his travels around the world as she sits starry eyed on the floor.After a while Leon emerges from his room.
" I see she caught you too," he laughs." I've figured ouy how Ican make the armor, but I will need to travel somewhere. So while I'm gone Loto I'll ask you to take care of my daughter and house." and before Loto can say anything Leon is out the door.
" This isn't good." Loto thinks to himself. Having an odd childhood made it so he had no idea how to look after a child.
He worries for a moment when a knock comes at the door. Loto answers it and finds Kari, out of breath at the door.
" I've been looking everywhere for you, your lucky a store keeper saw you go here, because if I'd had to look the whole town over for you you'd be in deep trouble." she threatens.
" Why were you looking for me?" Loto asks. Kari reaches into her shachel and pulls out Loto's money pouch.
" Jonny swiped it off you when you left but lucky for you Jonny is an idiot so he left it out in the open for me to see." she hands it back to Loto.
" Thank you, but how did you know it was mine?" Loto asks her.
" Because I planned to steal it myself, but I had a change of heart."
she tells him." What are you so worried about?" she asks.
" A blacksmith called Leon went to forge some armor for me." Loto starts.
" Why does that worry you?" she asks confused. Loto moves to the side and points to Tima, who waves.
" He left me to take care of his daughter Tima." Loto finishes.
" Ohhh I see, your cluless huh. Well then I'll stay and help you." she offers.
" You would do that for me? I will forever be in your debt Kari." Loto says releived. Kari laughs.
" I'm doing it for the girl, who knows what would happen to the poor thing if you had to take care of her alone," she laughs." and yes you will be in my debt, forever." she says sternly. Loto gulps." Your to easy Loto, I'm kidding, I would be happy to help you, just as long as you promise that anytime you need to travel by water you'll go with me." she ends.
" No better capitain on all the seas." Loto assures her.
" You've got that right Loto, now let me see that adorable little girl." she pushes past Loto and walks over to Tima.
" Are you a Navy capitain?" Tima asks flatly. Kari gags and stands strat up hands on hips.
" Lassy, your looking at one of the fiecerest pirates in the world." she says proudly. Tima's attitude changed in a second.
" Woah that is so cool, tell me some stories please." Tima begs.
" Gladly." Kari sits down in front of Tima and tells her amazing, and exagarated beyond belief tales. Tales of pirates, monsters, enchanted places, and of her hero, a swordmaster named Gadriel.
" It happened a long time ago when my father who also was a pirate fought along side the Ishbalin Navy, normaly pirates would have nothing to do with any Navy, but my father felt sorrow for all that the Ishbalans had been through. One night as we were docked an enemy ship fired on us blowing our ship to pieces and throwing me far into the ocean. I was not a very good swimmer and had already begun to drown when I saw a man leap from the docks. He swam over to me in seconds and saved my life. He was a true hero." she ends.
For two weeks Loto and Kari take care of Tima. Then finally Leon returns with a large sack." Loto I've done it, a suit of armor just as strong as your sword." he says excitedly. Loto dons the armor. It like the sword is white steel with gold trimmings, and light as a feather.
" Wow Loto, looking good." Kari blurts, she slaps her hand to her mouth but sees Loto diden't even hear her." Thank god." she sighs.
" This armor is amazing Leon, thank you." Loto walks Kari back to her ship." Goodbye Kari." he says.
" Dont get yourself killed Loto." she returns. And so Loto journeys on following the compass west.

Chapter 7
Jelousy makes his move.

" Which method do suggest Gluttony poison, a knife maybe, or how about a crushing death?" Jelousy asks.
" Ooh crushing death, it will make him tender." Gluttony smacks his lips.
" Good choice." Jelousy chuckles.
Loto stops for a moment to admire a beautiful canyon cut deep into the ground. Loto hears somthing, a faint call coming from in the canyon. He listens as well as he can and hears its a call of distress. Loto leaps into the canyon scraping against the side to slow his landing. he reaches the bottom and finds a young boy traped under rubble.
" Please mister, help, it hurts." the boy cries. Loto digs him out of the stones. The boys leg is broken so Loto carries the boy on his back.
" How did you get down here?" Loto asks him.
" I was throwing rocks into the canyon when I lost my footing and fell." he explains. Loto searches along the canyon for a way out." Further down the canyon there is a slope that leads to the top." the boy points out. Loto walks all the way to the end and finds no slope.
" Are you sure the slope isn't the other way?" Loto asks the boy. the boy stays quiet. Loto looks and sees a doll where the boy had been.
" Still talking to dolls Loto, thats sad." a voice from above shouts.
Loto looks up and sees the boy, a fat man, and Lust.
" Who are you guys?!" Loto shouts.
" This is Gluttony, and this is jelousy, and you've met me." Lust responds.
" Who sent you?!" Loto shouts.
" There is a powerful demon who wants you dead. thats all you need to know," Lust responds." drop them Jelousy." she orders. Thousands of heavy stones drop onto Loto, halfway filling the canyon.
" Jelousy, now I cant get to him." Gluttony cries.
" Sorry I over did it, but he's dead for sure, because even if the rocks dident kill him, he's traped for good down there. And if by some chance he is able to breathe, he will starve to death." The three leave.
Loto is supprised he didn't get hurt. the armor took all of the blow. but he finds himself immobilized by the stones, there is air though." I need to find a way ot of here." he thinks.

Chapter 8
An unexpected hero.

Loto trapped under tons of rubble contiues to try and escape, to no avail. When he hears rocks being moved. " Someone is digging me out." Loto gasps. He begins to see cracks of light so he moves and slowly he is able to escape the rubble. As Loto is about to thank his rescuer the words freeze in his throat for he cannot belive his eyes. Standing there was... Malice. Malice had saved Loto." Why would you of all people save me Malice?" Loto asks confused.
" There is a saying that I follow, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And Lust is my enemy." Malice responds.
" I had thought that Lust was sent by you." Loto states.
" No I used to work with Lust untill she betrayed me, she doesn't work for me." malice responds.
" Then who Malice?" Loto asks.
" A powerful demon known as Bosheit, she works along with six others Gluttony, Jelousy, Greed, Sloth, Fury, and Gossip. Each as powerful as me, some stronger. But Bosheit is in a league of his own, his power is compareable to the gods." Malice explains.
" So you want my help to stop them?" Loto asks.
" Yes, I need your help Loto, alone I am no match for them." Malice responds.
" I will help you Malice on one condition, you have to give up evil forever." Loto offers. Malice contemplates his choices.
" So be it, a worse fate would await me if I went alone." Malice groans. And so the partnership of Malice and Loto was forged, however weakly.

Chapter 9
An uneasy truce.

" Once again you fail me Lust, but this time I can not blame you. Malice is the cause of your failure, and now Malice has joined our target." Bosheit ponders for a bit." We have been using only tricks on Loto, and though he falls for them they still always fail. I belive it's time for a change in tactics, any suggestions?" Bosheit asks.
" Head on assault we'll take him down with our own two hands!" Fury screams.
" I agree with Fury, I say we rush them. With me on the team we cant lose." Greed adds.
" Do it." Bosheit orders.
" So Loto how do you expect us to get out of here." Malice asks. " I have no clue I think were stuck for the time being." Loto responds. For hours the two think and wait, when a loud and mysterious gets their attentons.
" What is that obnoxious sound?" Malice complains. Neither of them belived what they saw next. A flying ship. It flew with two long fast spinning blades which were the source of the noise. The ship hovers over Loto and Malice and drops down a rope ladder which they climb.
They end up on the deck of the ship. The ship lands to one side of the canyon and the blades slow to a stop. steam hisses from pipes.
" What is this thing?" Malice asks.
" It be an airship boy-o, the only one of its kind." The pilot answers.
" How does it work?" Loto asks.
" Steam my boy, steam, its the wave of the future." the pilot responds.
" Thank you for getting us out of there." Loto says.
" No problem, now get off before I beat ye bolth blue." the pilot responds. They get off the ship and it takes off.
" Now then, Loto how do we find where Bosheit is hiding?" Malice asks. Loto pulls out the goal compass and holds it infront of him.
" This compass only points in the direction of my goal, it used to point at you but now it points in the direction of Bosheit." Loto explains.
" What a handy little device." Malice responds. And so Malice and Loto head to their newest goal, Bosheit.

Chapter 10
A grand battle.

Fury waits hidden, weapon in hand. Greed stands out in the open with no weapon. They dont have long to wait for Loto and Malice are but meters away.
Loto and Malice cross over a hill where Loto spots someone in the vally below." Malice is that one of the six?" Loto asks.
" Yes that is Greed." Malice responds.
" This has to be a trap." Loto states.
" Thats obvious, lets play along." Malice adds.
" Sounds good." Loto returns. They walk down to the vally where Greed awaits.
" Greed, long time no see. How have you been." Malice asks.
" Why yes Malice last time I saw you you were half dead after Lust gutted you. I've been fine." Greed responds.
" Now this wouldn't be a trap would it Greed?" Malice asks.
" Traps aren't my style, you know that." Greed responds.
" Of course, your more into direct fights, your the same way Fury." Malice says. Fury comes out from his hiding place.
" Stop gabbing damn it, he knows you hate him so lets kill them already!" Fury screams.
" You know nothing about the fine art of lulling your opponents into a false sence of security Fury." Greed sighs.
" Whats the point, he can read your damn mind!" Fury screams.
" Fury, Fury, Fury." Greed sighs. Loto grabs his swords handle and gets set to strike.
" Loto don," before Malice can finish Loto brings his sword down on Greeds head. The blade hits him but does not pierce his skin, which has become a dark blue. The strike send a vibration through the sword and into Loto's hand making him drop it. Fury instantly grabs the sword and throws it far away.
" Loto I tried to warn you, Greed's nickname is the ultimate sheild." Malice groans.
" Shut up, just freaking shut the hell up!" Fury screams at the top of his lungs. Fury leaps at Malice and swings his flail wildly leaving Malice on the defencive, dodging each blow by an inch or less.
" Well well the great Loto, you don't seem all that great to me, but who am I to judge." Greed laughs as he draws a strange circle on the ground.
" I dont care what you think, all I care about is stoping your master." Loto exclaims.
" Ooo brave hero scary, heh," he hits the strange circle with bolth palms, the circle glows and ten stone arms come from the ground and pull Loto down into the ground until just his head is above ground." well it looks like I'm a'head' in the points." Greed laughs.
" What trickery be this?" Loto asks.
" It's called alchemy, you like it?" Greed asks.
" I cant much say I do." Loto returns.
" I like a man who can joke even when he's doomed, good on ya. Now to be nice I'm gonna kill you instead of leaving you to starve, aren't I nice. And then I think I'll take that beautiful armor for myself." Greed draws another circle and makes an axe. He raises it and brings it down fast, but before it hits Loto, a streak of light comes from the distance and blocks Greeds axe shattering it to pieces.
" Impossible." Greed mumbles for the streak of light that saved Loto was his sword which now hovers over his head." How are you doing this." Greed asks.
" I'm not." Loto answers. The sword strikes the ground and frees Loto who then grabs the sword.
" Looks like the tables have turned eh Greed?" Loto asks.
" This changes nothing, I'll still win, you cant hurt me, nothing can!" he shouts clearly insane from fright.
Malice continues to dodge until he sees an opening, and kicks the flail right out of Fury's hand sending it flying.
" Sorry Fury but I know you too well to lose to you, theres nothing you can do that I dont know about." Malice points out.
" Nothing huh!" Fury screams. he takes a knife blade from his pocket and touches it to his hand, it glows and his hand becomes a blade itself.
" Thats new." Malice says suprised. Fury continues his onslaught.
" You cant hurt me!" Greed shouts. Loto stops attacking and focuses. He remembers from his training a techneque that might work. He focuses deeper and suddenly one Loto became two, then two to four." How did you, wait they're fake arent they. I'll just block the real one." Greed says. The Lotos all raise their swords and strike. Greed stays standing, but suddenly coughs up blood." I guessed wrong." Greed says as he falls to the ground dead.
" Oh Lotos done." Malice remarks." Hey Fury." he calls. Fury opens his mouth to talk, and it takes Malice but a second to destroy his mind. Fury falls to the ground dead.
" Well two down, Five to go." Loto says.
" Your sword is an interesting peice of work, I know someone who may be able to tell you more about what it can do." Malice offers.
" Who?" Loto asks.
" An old friend who owes me a favor." Malice responds. So Loto moves on following the lead of Malice.

Chapter 11
Isle of the undead.

Loto and Malice arrive at Port Talim." Lets find a ship." Malice suggests. Malice begins tward the docks, but Loto doesn't move." What are you waiting for?" Malice asks impatiently.
" I promised someone I would olny ride their ship." Loto explains.
" Damn you and your code of honor, tell me their name and I'll give them coordinates via telepathy." Malice orders.
" Capt. Kari Aquis." Loto says. Malice focuses.
On the deck of her boat Kari looks out into the ocean.
" Jonny!" she shouts. Jonny comes from his room.
" What is it ya ungrateful cur!" He shouts back.
" You flatter me, get your sorry arse in the crows nest and look for some land, we need some food!" she orders.
" Yes captain sir." he says sarcasticly. He mumbles under his breath as he climbs the mast.
' 51 degrees north, 70 degrees west.' Kari hears this." Did you say somthing Jonny?" she asks.
" Are you daft woman, I didn't say nothin." Jonny shouts.
' Kari go to 51 degrees north, 70 degrees west.' the voice repeats. She figures out is in her head.' Port Talim?' she thinks.
' Yes.' the voice responds.
" Jonny nevermind! We're turnin back to Talim!" Kari shouts.
" Why!" Jonny shouts.
" Because a voice in my head told me to!" she shouts.
" Your lucky, the voice in my head just tells me to burn things!" Jonny shouts in return.
" They will be here soon." Malice explains." Lets get some food for the voyage." Malice orders.
" Your mind amazes me Malice. How did you gain such mental abilitys?" Loto asks impressed.
" I've been around for over one hundred and twenty years. Over those years I've done barely anything except train my mind." Malice explains.
" One hundred and twenty years!?" Loto gasps.
" Onehundred and fourty if you count before I lost my soul. from that point I never aged." Malice explains.
" Absolutly amazing." Loto remaks.
" Lets get going then." Malice orders. They go to town and buy a ton of food then wait at the docks.
" You see that white dot on the docks Jonny?" Kari asks.
" Not even wit me good eye ma'am." Jonny responds.
" Give me the telescope." she orders. Jonny hands her the scope and she puts it up to her eye. She sees a figure in shining white armor.
" Its Loto!" she screams with joy." Look at me I look as bad as you." she comments. She runs into her room and changes. She comes out wearing a beautiful red captains uniform with a three point hat.
" Where didja get that snazzy getup?" Jonny asks.
" I stole it of course." she answers.
The ship docks near Loto and Malice. Loto gets aboard first. carrying the food." How did you know we were out of food?" Kari asks. As Malice trys to get on Kari blocks him." What do you think your doin' sneaking on my ship." she asks sternly. Loto trys to tell her Malice is with him but she shushes him." Quiet Loto. I'm gonna keel haul you if your not off my ship by the count of three." she orders.
" Sounds fun." Malice responds. Kari backs up.
" You're the voice I heard in my head. Loto is he with you?" she asks.
" I tried to tell you." Loto answers. Kari laughs embarrassed and steps to the side.
" A thousand pardons, so what your name?" she asks.
" God." Malice answers sarcasticly. He walks aboard.
" He's Malice, my associate." Loto explains.
" Ahh, so where are you headed?" Kari asks.
" Ask Malice he hasn't told me yet." Loto responds.
" Well...?" Kari asks.
" We need to go to Mortis island." Malice answers. Upon hearing that Jonny falls out of the crows nest, he scrambles to his feet.
" Are you daft!" Kari and Jonny shout in unison.
" If you wont I'll steer, either way we're going to Mortis island." Malice exclaims.
" No body steers my ship but me, raise the anchor Jonny we're headed to Mortis island." Kari orders. And they were off.

Mortis island: a breif history. Seventy years ago, Mortis island was an island where opium smugglers would hide. And soon it grew into a town for refugees and bounty heads. Until as legend has it an archduke named Alister Wolfwing made his residence on the island. Soon after all the people on the island had become the undead.

" We be nearin Mortis." Jonny exclaims.
" How can you tell?" Loto asks.
" Look there boy, the water be black as coal." Jonny explains. Loto looks over the side of the boat and shure enough the water was black.
" Who be this friend what owes ye a favor boy-o?" Jonny asks.
" Archduke Wolfwing." Malice responds.
" Tell me I heard ye wrong, yer not really plannin on seeing Archduke Wolfwing are ye?" Jonny asks.
" No I'll wear a blindfold." Malice responds coldly. Jonny freezes up for a moment.
" Are you ok Jonny?" Loto asks.
" I just wet me self I did. I'll be back." Jonny answers. he stumble away.
Finally they arrive at Mortis Island and dock. Kari, Loto, and Malice get off." Well here you are boys," Kari exclaims." I'll just be going now." she says fearfully.
" I cant thank you enough Kari." Loto says gratefully.
" No you cant, but I'll take what I get." she laughs, as does Loto.
" I dont mean to interupt you two lovebirds, but Jonny just sailed away with the ship." Malice states.
" Lovebir, MY SHIP!" she shouts. She runs to the end of the dock.
( For the sake of our younger readers, obsenities will be censored)
" JONNY! I'LL **** YOUR ***** *** **** ******* *** ***** **** WITH A ****** *** ***** *** ***** ****** *** ******* **** **** ** TILL THE HANDLE FALLS OFF! I SWEAR THIS ON DAVY JONESES LOCKER YOU *************'*!" Kari screams at the top of her lungs.
" Wow." Loto says lightly. Malice whips out a pencil and paper.
" I should write that one down." he says. Kari walks back to them.
" Looks like I'm with you for the time being." Kari says.
Malice leads them through the town. Every person there is undead, yet living normal lives." You guys are lucky, looks like the vampires aren't out yet." Malice wispers.
" Vampires?" Kari asks fearfully.
" Yeah, but I'd rather them than the lycans." Malice answers.
Kari moves closer to Loto. And so Malice, Loto, and Kari walk deeper into the island to meet with the notorious Archduke Wolfwing.

Chapter 12

" Malice, how did all these people become undead?" Loto asks.
" Well back when Wolfwing first arrived here he was barely in control of himself, he ended up killing everyone on the island. He soon learned the island was lonly without people though, so he hired a necromancer." Malice explains.
" Necro what?" Kari asks.
" Necromancer, necromancy is the art of reviving the dead. This necromancer was very good and had the island moving in no time, but Wolfwing wanted no one to know of his mistake so he killed the necromancer." Malice explains.
" Who was this necromancer, what did he look like?" Kari asks.
" His name was Mortifer, he had long grey hair, wore a black suit with a cross on the back, he had glasses but one lens was blacked out because that eye had been destroyed in a fight. Why?" Malice asks.
" I think I just saw him." Kari exclaims.
" Impossible, I mean he was good but no one can revive them selves." Malice remarks.
" Right." She responds. They continue into the forest.
At the docks, A small black ship drops anchor and a young boy gets off holding the hand of a little girl dressed completely in white, with long white hair." Excuse me." A customs officer calls to them." Are your parents aboard?" he asks.
" Why no sir." the young boy responds.
" Your here alone! You need to come with me till I can figure out what to do about you." he orders. The young girls lips glow blue and she begins to speak.
" Shouldn't you be more worried about those smugglers over there." she whispers. The officer runs to where she points.
" Great work Gossip." Jelousy whispers.
" Thank you Jelousy." Gossip whispers back. They follow along the trail of Loto and the others.
"A hero on Mortis." a shadow of a man whispers to himself. He follows Loto closly behind.
" This place gives me the shivers." Kari states.
" Its sunset we better set up camp." Malice explains. They start a fire and put up two tents." Kari get some wood for the fire please." Malice orders. She goes into the woods and gathers some sticks when a little girl walks up to her.
" Hello honey, what are you doing out here all alone?" Kari asks sweetly. The girls lips turn blue.
" You know Loto hates you, dont you?" the little girl asks.
" What do you mean?" Kari asks worried.
" He hates you he just uses you for your ship, but now thats gone so he'es going to kill you." the little girl explains.
" No, thats not true." Kari says tearfully.
" Why do you think they sent you for wood, so a monster would kill you for them, they thought you weren't worth the time." the girl explains. the girl leaves.
Loto cooks some stew over the fire as Malice stares into the sky. Suddenly Kari jumps from the trees sword drawn and almost runs loto through, he dodges bareley.
" Hey, what are you doing!" he shouts.
" Try to kill me off will ye, I'll run ye bolth through!" Kari shouts. she attacks bolth Loto and Malice furiously.
" What on earth has gotten into you woman!" Malice shouts. She goes at them for an hour at least managing to land quite a few blows leaving Malice and Loto tired and bleeding, but still she doesn't stop. When a man enters the clearing matching the decription of the necromancer except for two caskets, one on each arm held on by a metal cuff. In his left hand he holds the girl in white, the right the boy with her. He breaks their necks simultainiously, Kari faints.
" Gossip, that explains Kari's behavior, and her little boy friend Jelousy." Malice remarks.
" He's the necromancer isn't he?" Loto asks.
" Why yes but how?" Malice ponders.
" I kept myself alive with the last of my power." the necromancer explains.
" Thats amazing Mortifer." Malice remarks.
" Its Grave now." he responds. He dissapears back into the forest. Kari wakes up.
" What happend to you two?" She asks bewildered.
" Well I called you stupid, and Loto got real angry and beat me for an hour." Malice lies. She blushes.
" Well you deserved it ya jerk." she responds. They sleep, still under the watchfull eye of Grave.

Chapter 13
Dampiel, reader of swords.

The next day they finnaly reach the front gate of Wolfwing's castle. It is guarded by two armor clad werewolves." How are we goint to get in?" Kari asks. Malice looks at her confused.
" We'll wage a long bloody battle with the guards and blow down the door." Malice explains sarcasticly. He goes to the gate and speaks to the guards, they laugh and shake his hand, and one gives him a huge hug. Malice waves them over. They go through the gates and walk to the door.
" What was that all about?" Loto asks.
" I raised those two from pups they were happy to let me in." Malice explains.
" Funny never saw you as a dog person." Kari says. They get to the doors and Malice knocks continually.
" The knocking drives him nuts." Malice chuckles.
" Is he a guy you want to get mad?" Kari asks.
" No." Malice answers. He keeps knocking.
" Stop that infernal knocking or I'll cast ye to the pits of hell with my own two hands!" a voice shouts angrily. The doors open and a man in an expensive suit answers." Malice you old dog, I should have known." the archduke says happily. He gives Malice a hug.
" Come in, are these your friends?" He asks.
" Yes, thats Loto and Kari." Malice answers. Wolfwing shakes Loto's hand, and kisses Kari's.
" A pleasure, come in." Wolfwing invites. They enter. All along his walls are wonderful swords of every kind and size." I see your admiring my collection. Grand is it not, I have a gift with swords, Ican read them, tell you their history and what their capable of." Wolfwing gloats.
" That why we're here, my friend here has a wonderous sword we would like you to read." Malice explains.
" Why, I'd be happy to." Wolfwing responds. He takes them to his den and sits in a big chair, he pulls a table infront of him and puts on some glasses." Place the sword here on the table." he instructs. Loto removes his sword and places it on the table, Wolfwing gasps.
" I thought this was just a myth!" he exclaims.
" What?" Loto asks.
" Boy this is the allmighty Sword of the White Soul, a sword told of only in ledgends. It can only be weilded by someone who is destined to be a great hero." Wolfwing explains.
" A few days ago the sword flew on its own and saved me." Loto remembers.
" Thats because it contains a part of the souls of the heros who once weilded it. This swords powers are even beyond my reading skills." Wolfwing explains.
In the forest where Jelousy and Gossip's bodys once layed Gluttony now stands." Mmm, oh great they left already. Maybe I shouldn't have stopped for a snack." Gluttony groans.

Chapter 14
Lutenant Gradious, the steel pirate.

" Well that was helpful, and now we are stuck on this god forsaken island." Kari groans.
" I'm shure someone will give us a ride." Loto says optimisticly. Kari looks at him solemly.
" Yer to optimistic Loto. There is no way we'll get a ride, sailors belive having a woman on board is bad luck." Kari explains.
" That's an easy one, we just ditch you." Malice comments. Kari gives him a swift kick squarly to the groin. Malice winces and falls.
" Ouch," Loto winces." that had to hurt. Whoa!" Loto gasps. A huge glorious ship is docked near by." Maybe they'll give us a ride." Loto exclaims. They aproach the ship.
" Hold on," Kari instructs." That ships flying a jolly roger. It's a pirates ship." Kari explains.
" So, your a pirate." Loto mentions. They wait and soon the gang plank lowers, and a large man shrowed in a cloak walks down.
" He has to be at least, eight feet tall." Malice comments.
" Sir may we ask to ride upon your ship. Ours was stolen." Loto asks politely. The man stops.
" A warrior, a man with eyes colder than ice, and a woman. Normally I would keel haul all of you, but I feel charitable today so fine I'll give you a ride." the man answers in a deep gravelly voice.
" Thank you Mr..." Loto responds.
" General Gradious, at your service." Gradious answers. Kari gasps.
" The General Gradious, the steel pirate?" She asks excitedly.
" The one and only. You have heard of me?" he asks.
" I've never heard of you." Malice interjects. Gradious begins to leave towords town.
" I have to get some supplies, make yourselves at home." he ends. Gradious leaves.
" He was nice." Loto comments.
" A real bleeding heart." Malice responds sarcasticly. They board the ship and soon Gradious returns. He raises the anchor and the begin their voyage, unknowing of a very hungry stowaway.

Chapter 15

Loto, Malice, and Kari are peacefully sleeping, when Gradious pounds on the door." Get up you useless ingrates!" he shouts. Malice walks to the door and opens it.
" Wuh you wan, wees sleepin." Malice says groggly.
" It's cleaning time, you guys are going to clean this ship from stem to stern." Gradious answers. Malice looks at him confused.
" Cleaning?" he asks.
" Did you think this ride was free. Thats laughable." Gradious answers. He hands Malice some buckets and brushes." Get to it." he orders.
They clean for a day, making sure to get the ship spotless." Great job cleaning lads, but you forgot something." Gradious comments.
" What?" Malice whines.
" The lower decks." Gradious laughs. They head down the stairwell Kari at the lead. Suddenly Kari dissapears.
" What the?" Malice gasps. Loto runs down the stairs.
" Kari!" he shouts." Kari, where are you!" he shouts again.
" I'm sorry, Kari cant answer you, I've killed her." A strang voice calls from the shadows.
" You lie!" Loto shouts back. The strange man kicks Kari's body to Loto, there is a large bite in her side. Loto falls to his knees and becomes silent.
" She was quite delicous, most women are." The voice adds. Malice arrives at the bottom of the stairs.
" Gluttony you sick freak." Malice says disgusted. Gluttony steps out from the shadow.
" Malice, I have always wondered what you tasted like." Gluttony returns." I guess I'll soon know." he adds. Malice grabs Loto and the body of Kari and runs up the stairs. Gluttony close behind.
" Not a good time for you to zone out Loto. Gluttony is one I cant beat." Malice whispers. They reach the top deck. Gluttony lunges at Malice, Malice barely dodges and Gluttony takes a bite out of the ship.
" I need more fiber anyway." Gluttony giggles. He attacks malice again and once again only gets wood, but this was wood from Gradious' door.
" What in the name of davy jonses locker is going on here." Gradious screams. He bashes down the door and finds Gluttony chewing on the wood. Gradious' hand reaches out from his cloak, a thin bone like metal arm, with long thin metal fingers. He reaches to the clasp on his cloak and undoes it, his cloak drops to the ground. His entire body it like a steel skeleton, his eyes a dark red. On his sides four swords, of which he takes two." I will destroy you." He says.
His swords move so fast they are almost invisable. Gluttony dodges each swing as if it were nothing. Suddenly Gradious' chest opens to reveal two hidden arms, which then take his other two swords. Gluttony is still to fast.
Loto begins to twich. His eyes glow red, and his face is cast into shadow. His body convulses and his armor bursts off revealing a body that is growing imensely muscular. Loto grows huge, his breathing like a beast. He growls and screams, foam spraying from his mouth." My god." Malice gasps.

Chapter 16

" A berzerker, I was certain they were extinct." Malice gasps. Loto glares at Gluttony. Gluttony leaps to the side of the ship.
" I should leave, bye bye." Gluttony giggles. He leaps into the sea and dissapears. Loto then glares at Gradious and roars, then charges. Loto is impaled on all four swords Gradious weilds and stumbles back.
" Loto, damn it." Malice groans.
" And I was almost scared, sorry for your loss." Gradious says. Suddenly the swords burst out of Lotos chest and stick Gradious to the wall. Lotos wounds heal instantly. Loto creeps up to Gradious.
" Gradious dont move." Malice warns.
" I'm not afraid of some damn freak with a rage problem." Gradious shouts." My body is indestructable!" Gradious adds. As those words leave his lips Loto rends him limb from limb, throwing each severed part into the sea, and before he crushed Gradious' head Gradious spoke one last thing." Peace!" his head was then destroyed. Loto snorts and turns his head to Malice. Malice looks into his eye and for the first time since he lost his soul, he felt something, fear. Loto turns to run at Malice when out of thin air, a sheet of cloth appears. It twists up and when it unravels it reveals a woman. A beautiful woman with long black hair, she wears a gorgous kimono with long sleeves, on her face is a fox mask, and her kimono is decorated with a yin-yang.
She glows with a godly light, and speaks in a soft voice filled with love." I am Tao, goddess of peace. I have come to you Loto for you have lost your peace, you are filled with fury so I shall calm you." Tao explains. Loto confused attacks her, but she captures him in her arms and hugs him. he struggles violently but cannot escape, he roars and screams but those screams soon become sobs. Loto returns to normal, crying in Tao's arms. Tao sits him down and he calms." You are not angry but sad, you miss deeply your friend Kari. I shal heal her." Tao whispers. She turns to Kari and puts her hands in a prayer position. She softly sings.

"O child, o babe
So young and innocent
May your soul up in heaven
Hear my mystic chant
Life I give to you
For yours is far from done
So join us once again
In this land under the sun."

A blue glow engulfs Kari's body, and the wound heals. Soon Kari's eyes open. Kari gasps and jumps to her feet. Loto cheers with delight and instantly becomes his old self again. Tao walks to Malice and whispers in his ear." A new soul is growing within you Malice. Slowly you will become warm again." Tao explains. She kisses Malice on the cheek and dissapears.

Chapter 17
The isle of Verhengnis.

With the absence of Gradious, Kari assumed the role of captain. With the compass guiding them, they came upon an uncharted island." It's on no map I've ever seen." Kari comments.
" It would'nt be, Bosheit likes his privacy." Malice remarks. Loto gasps.
" You mean this is..." Loto inquires. Malice nodds.
" Verhrngnis island, Bosheit's lair. We've arrived." Malice answers. Loto gulps.
They weigh anchor off the shore of the island and take a rowboat to the shore." I'm not going any further, I'll be waiting on the ship," Kari explains. She kisses Loto." if you die I'll kill you." she adds.
" What about me?" Malice chortles. Kari drives her knee deep into his groin." Love you too." Malice groans. Kari rows back to the ship. Malice points to a building in the distance." Bosheit's castle. Let's move." Malice orders. They travel through the thicket as not to be seen. Soon they come upon the building, a huge spire rises up from the center." No guards, he'es expecting us." Malice comments.
They approach the gate. Malice and Loto look in eachothers eyes." You ready?" Loto asks.
" No, but I'm going." Malice responds.
" Good." Loto returns. They break through the door and charge strait to Bosheit's throne room. On the floor lay the bodies of Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth." What happened to them?" Loto gasps.
" They had lost their worth to me, so I drained them of their life essence. I decided to put their powers to good use and took them for myself." Bosheit roars. There he stood, eyes flicering red and yellow like flames. His armor black as coal.
" Bosheit! Far too long has your reign of evil been tolorated. I Loto have sworn to take your life, but I have also sworn to the code of honor, and it dictates. Take no life that has not been given a chance to repent. So I must ask, will you change your ways Bosheit?" Loto asks. Bosheit lets out a foul laugh.
" Fool, Malice you fell for that drivel. You truly are weak. Loto I decline you offer, and give you my own. Join me Loto, our strengths combined could rule the cosmos." Bosheit offers.
" Never shall I be tempted by evil. You give me no choice Bosheit, I shall vanquish you." Loto ends. Loto draws his sword and strikes at Bosheit. Bosheit blocks him with ease, throwing him to the ground. Loto strikes again, and again he fails. Over and over this happens, Loto attacks from every angle, but he can not best Bosheit. Malice begins to concentrate and paralyzes Bosheit temporaraly. Loto moves in and strikes leaving a huge gash on Bosheits chest. Bosheit then catches Loto and begins to laugh. His wound heals and he begins to grow. His palace crumbles as he grows fifty times his normal size. Loto now is firmly grasped into his hand.
" Poor foolish hero, you have no chance against me yet you continue to struggle. I'll give you a semi-quick death." Bosheit chucles. He begins to crush Loto, Loto screams in pain. Malice attenpts to help Loto but he can do nothing. Bosheit squeezes harder and Loto lets out a horrible screech of pain. It echos across the island.
Loto's body goes limp and the screams stop. Bosheit lets out a loud laugh." The hero is no more, I shall now destroy his body to be sure." Bosheit chortles. Before he can crush Loto's body, an explosion sounds far off the island. A cannonball lodges itself into Bosheit's head making him drop Loto's body. It falls near Malice. Malice rushes to Lotos side.
" Loto, why did you go and die damn you!" Malice shouts.
Loto's sword begins to glow and whispers to Malice in an unknown language. Malice understands it.' Channel us into the body of Loto.' the spirits order.
" That would take too long, Bosheit would crush me." Malice responds. Suddenly a horn sounds, badly, and a man in a tuxedo appears.
" Did somebody call a bucket, I mean distraction?" the strange man asks.
" Who are you?" Malice asks.
" I'm Mystery Editor I am! Here to repay Loto's kindness to me." he responds.
" Look, how long do you think you could distract him?" Malice asks.
" Forever! I am imortal you know, and quite distracting." Mystery Editor responds. Malice stands.
" Do it." Malice orders. Mystery Editor runs to Bosheit, and Malice puts his fingers to his temples. Mental energy begins to whip around him.
Mystery Editor runs up Bosheit's body and stands on his shoulder." Thats a bad blackhead." Mystery Editor comments, refering to the cannonball loged in Bosheit's forehead. Bosheit attempts to smash Mystery Editor but Mystery Editor just apears on the other shoulder. Bosheit makes another attempt but Mystery Editor splits into two Mystery Editors, then four then eight and on and on. Soon there are a hundred of them, and they begin to sing.

" La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la..."

Bosheit trys to stop them but he cant. The energy around Malice is now bright red, His body begins to change. All the color on his body is gone leaving him black and white. His hair begins to turn white at the roots on the right side, and the tips on the left. His body soon becomes half white half black. The white side develops black markings, and the white side develops mirrored black markings. His right eye fades out leaving a pure white eye, the others iris turns red. Suddenly Malice shouts at the top of his lungs and all the souls trapped in the sword flow into Lotos body.
Loto begins to glow white and he stands. His eyes glow a bright blue and he speaks with a thousand voices at once." Bosheit! We have had enough of you. One hero cannot defeat you But a thousand can! Foul beast WE STAB AT THEE!" Loto screams.
Loto leaps at Bosheit and plants his sword deep into Bosheits chest. Cracks spread from the wound." Fool that is all you can do? That is nothing!" Bosheit bellows. But just then the souls inside Loto flow from him into the wound and a bright light shines out. Bosheit screams in agony and shatters. Loto lands on his feet, himself again. Malice stumbles to Loto and leans on his shoulder.
" Great job hero, you didn't screw up." Malice complements, then passes out. Loto catches him and carries him to shore where Kari waits. They set up camp and sleep, their job done.

General of Cruelty.
Chapter 1
A strength beyond compare.

Loto, Malice, and Kari are traveling through the woods of Ger-day when they hear a rustling in the brush." That sounded bad." Malice comments.
" Wonder what it," Kari starts. Before she could finish her sentence a huge form leaps from the busshes and strikes them all with incredible force. As Loto lay, slowly losing consiousness he gets a glimpse of a man in heavy armor. Loto passes out.
" Will he be okay?" a soft female voice asks.
" Yes your highness, his pulse is weak but he will survive." a male voice responds. Loto slowly opens his eyes. He sees a woman in a formal dress, and a man in a white cloak." Try not to move much, your still very badly injured." the man in the cloak explains.
" K-kari, Malice are they ok?" Loto asks weakly. The two look at eachother.
" We found only you and a woman, no third." the man in the cloak, that Loto recognizes to be a preist explains. Loto sighs.
" Is Kari okay at least?" Loto asks.
" Better than okay, she nearly killed four of my doctors when she woke up. Now she is outside waiting for you to wake up." the preist explains.
" He is awake." the woman calls. Kari rushes in knocking over about five men to get to Loto.
" Your ok!" she shouts with glee. She hugs him hard.
" Ahhhhrrg." Loto winces.
" Sorry." Kari apoligizes.
" What happened to us?" Loto asks.
" You were attacked by a man called Damian Grimm. A cruel general of the army that is currently attacking our land." the woman explains." I am Princess Noele, this is our high preist Alexander." Noele adds.
" A plesure to meet you your highness," Loto answers." Where are we?" Loto asks.
" The village of Ishbala." Noele answers.

Chapter 2
The plight of Ishbala.

Princess Noele leads Loto, and Kari on a tour of Ishbala, its a desert village. The village is in ruins though, war raveged." Why are these people attacking you?" Kari asks.
" They attack us for our religoin, the people of ishbal are christian. Damian Grimm attacks us because of one desire, he wants to make a name for himself in hell." Noele explains. A very large man with short brown hair and a scar across his face aproaches. He is dressed in military uniform." This is a general who once worked for Grimm, but joined us." Noele adds.
" General Kreig, at your service." Kreig introduces.
" I am Loto, nice to meet you." Loto returns.
" I have a message for the princess, your wanted at the square." Kreig explains.
" Sorry Loto, Kari I will leave you with Krieg." Noele explains. She runs off.
" I'm going to look for a bar seeya later Loto." Kari explains. She too leaves.
" Well my friend, looks like its just you and me." Kreig comments.
A short distance away from Ishbala, a vast cemetary lay. A man with a solomn look on his face searches the graves, and comes upon a recent burial." A fallen hero," the man sighs." if Loto is to win he will need help." the man adds. From his arms he removes two caskets and lays them down next to the grave. They begin to glow as he speaks." I Grave, the necromancer of souls call forth the soul of Gadriel mighty hero of Ishbala. Come forth and once again live. Mortis Animus!" Grave chants. From the grave rises Gadriel.
" Necromancer, I thank thee." Gadriel speaks. Grave points to Ishbala.
" Go, your son is there. Fight along side him and bring hope to Ishbala." Grave orders. Gadriel runs to Ishbala. Grave picks up his caskets and locks them back on his arms." Do not die Loto, you'll make more work for me." Grave sighs. He dissapears into the shadows.
As Loto and Kreig walk along the streets they spot five soldiers guarding a store." One of Grimm's lapdogs must be in there, lets pay him a visit eh Loto?" Kreig asks.
" Sounds fun." Loto responds. The two make quick work of the guards and rush into the store. Loto gasps at who he sees. At the bar sits Greed, drinking a pint, while behind the bar Gluttony is finishing the owner.
" Greed, Gluttony? How?" Loto gasps. Greed chuckles.
" Loto, long time no see. How have you been?" Greed asks. Kreig looks at Loto confused.
" You know these two?" Kreig asks. Loto nods.
" They were dead." Loto answers. Gluttony stands.
" We were resurected by General Grimm, he'es much nicer than Bosheit. He lets me eat whoever I want." Gluttony says licking his chops. Loto approaches Greed, when from behind the bar Fury leaps narrowly missing Loto with an axe, but striking Kreig directly in the chest.
" Kreig!" Loto shouts. Slowly he notices Krieg is not bleeding, but infact Fury is. Kreigs body had stoped the axe, but Fury did not stop and became impaled on the axe. Fury drops to the ground.
" Yes Loto?" Kreig responds. Loto stands confused." My body is harder than steel, an axe is nothing to me." Kreig chortles.
" Than maybe I can kill you!" Greed shouts. Greed lunges at Kreig. Kreig pulls his fist back and strikes smashing Greed to bits. Seeing this Gluttony screams and runs away. As he steps out of the door, his body is suddenly and violently destroyed, and replaced by a figure in black steel armor.

Chapter 3
The black knight.

The figure stands there for a moment, silent." Who are you?" Loto asks. The figure moves with amazing speed and the next thing Loto knows is the figure now holds him in the air by his throat. Loto gasps for air. Kreig rushes at the figure, but the figure raises its free hand towards Kreig. Kreig suddenly stops frozen.
" What have you done?" Kreig asks. The figure speaks, its voice distorted by the helmet.
" Your body is as hard as steel, and with my powers of chaos your body now shall be steel." The figure answers. Kreigs skin turns grey and he stops breathing." Every thing can go horribly wrong, I just help." The figure explains to Loto.
The figure throws Loto, Loto smashes through the wall and lands in the street. He leaps to his feet and draws his sword." Who are you?" Loto asks the figure.
" I am the warrior Grimm calls Chaos." Chaos answers. Chaos raises his hand." What if, the souls in your sword decided to turn on you." Chaos comments. Lotos sword suddenly turns red and rips out of his hand, then points toward him. The sword begins to attack Loto, Loto can barely dodge it. Even with his armor Loto takes alot of damage with each strike. When Loto falls to the ground the sword stops and also falls, returning to its normal color. Chaos approaches Loto and pulls a knife from his pocket, he raises it. He is still for a moment, as if he could not bring the knife down. Loto sees this and is confused. A voice shouts from down the street. Chaos looks and dissapears. The voice gets louder.
" Loto!" Gadriel shouts as he runs to his son." Loto my son, are you ok?" Gadriel asks. Loto sits up.
" Son?" Loto asks.
" Yes Loto, you may not remember me. I am Gadriel, your father." Gadriel explains.
" I remember stories of you." Loto responds. Kari runs up to them.
" I couldn't find one good bar, who's the geezer Loto?" Kari asks.
" My father." Loto answers. Kari gasps.
" A thousand pardons!" Kari apoligizes embarassed. Gadriel slaps her back and laughs.
" No need, I've been called worse things. My name is Gadriel, and yours is?" Gadriel asks. Kari gasps louder this time.
" Gadriel the swordmaster, you saved my life once!" Kari exclaims.
" You were the girl who was drowning weren't you?" Gadriel asks.
" Yes, my names Kari." Kari answers.
" Well its nice to see you again Kari, you certainly have grown." Gadriel comments.
" I just remembered, Princess Noele wanted us to meet her at the palace." Kari explains. They all head to the palace.

Chapter 4
An army of one.

They enter the throne room and see Princess Noele in deep distress." What is wrong your majesty?" Gadriel asks. Noele looks up. She runs to him and hugs him.
" Gadriel you have returned from the dead!" she shouts with glee.
" Even news as good as that cannot make our current situation any better." Alexander sighs.
" What is the problem high preist?" Gadriel asks. Alexander looks to the floor.
" Our recon team reported that Grimm plans a full scale assault on the village at sunrise." Alexander explains.
" So, now that we know about it, cant we plan a way to stop it?" Loto asks.
" Your undying hope is admirable Loto, but we have but a hundred men. Grimm's army is at least twenty-thousand strong, and growing." Alexander explains.
" I fear our people are doomed, our only hope is if a miracle were to happen." Noele says. Suddenly footsteps sound from the hall, a man in covered from head to toe in heavy steel armor enters the room. Draped around his body are dozens of weapons swords, knives, bombs, hammers, and oddly enough a fluffy pink teddy bear covered in big red hearts saying 'I wuv you'. The man approaches them, but trips over his own foot and falls face first to the ground. He flaps his arms in an attempt to get up, but cannot.
Loto goes to him and helps him up." Thank you." the man says. The voice is familiar to Loto." I have come to help you Princess Noele, in your war against General Grimm." he explains.
" You are kind to offer but I'm afraid one man is not enough." Noele explains.
" I am no-" the man begins, but while speaking he tips over and falls to the ground. His helmet falls off revealing that the man is Mystery Editor. Loto helps him up again.
" Mystery Editor?" Loto says confused.
" Yes it is I, Brigideer General Mystery Editor. Now as I was saying, I am not here alone. Look out the w
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Re: My book

Postby Cadaverous » Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:49 pm

it's very long, I read the first chapter (I'll read the rest later) it sounds like a legend right out of old folklore Loto is cool....why is everyone a demon though
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