Heylin Hunters - A Grim Tales Side Story

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Heylin Hunters - A Grim Tales Side Story

Postby Janana » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:01 pm

I've been working on a couple of fanfics. And so far I've a couple of neat ones that I want to share. ;)

This thread is for my Jack Spicer fanfic "Heylin Hunters". It's basically about Jack Spicer traveling the worlds of magic with a group of misfits.

(Also my evil group "The Inner Circle" play a part in this fanfic since Jack Spicer was a member of this dark team. ;) I guess it sorta counts as a Grim Tales Side Story since it has all sorts of demons and stuff. Plus a couple of characters from Billy & Mandy will make a appearance. It also has apperance of characters other shows, I'm just not going tell ya yet. ;) )

And just to let ya know, I've haven't done fanfics in a looong time...^_^; Let me know what you think while I go to a corner to prepare for incoming insults... :unsure:

So here it is:

"Heylin Hunters - Prologue"

He was having that nightmare again....

It starts with a little girl dress in a red dress with a riding hood offering a young boy a chance to obtain great power...At the cost of his soul. He blindly accepts not knowing what will happen next...

The boy became a dark techno mage who now a part of a group of demon whose leader was a shape shifter of darkness who served an even more powerful dark being...

His first job was to take a powerful dragon living in New York City. He succeeds only to discover that that dragon was also a kid like him who had a family and friends that'll miss him...The boy was stricken with guilt as it stayed in his head....

Next he helps to take down a powerful demon who lived in the Center of the Earth along with his wife. The guilt kept on growing....The other demons began to question him since he still had human emotions...

He most recent and probably last one was to taken the child of the demon and human he helped destroyed. But that child was not push over like Jake...This demon child was on the verge of revenge against those who destroyed his cherish ones. He showed to no mercy to the dark mage boy, and he took his arm. The poor mage begged for mercy but the child of darkness didn't listen. He was about to go for the kill until an even more evil child stopped him. The dark child left in search for the rest of his parents' killers.

As for the dark mage who lost his arm for his evil crimes, no one what became of him...


"Jack? Jack?? Are you ok?" - A voice asked him. It was from an 11 year girl who wore a witch's outfit and glasses.

Jack stirred from his dream. "Uh....What is it Cherry?"

"I was just wondering what you dreaming off. You didn't look happy. Cause I read in a book that dreams are supposed to be filled with happy thoughts and..."

"Well your book is wrong. Besides it just reminds me why I have this." Jack implied and lifted his right. It wasn't flesh and blood but made from metal probably from one of old Jack-Bots.

"Oh...Well Jack I just to let ya know that we're ready to move out." Cherry said as she walked off. Both Jack and Cherry are in a strange forest with trees that seemed not of Earth.

Jack gets up and starts stretching. "So where we headed to next? Some random town to find a quick cash job? Or some old cursed temple that might have treasure worth taking?"

Cherry turns around "I'm thinking the random town." Cherry walks as she leaves Jack alone.

Jack still groggy from his sleep makes a yawn and follows her. He looks up to the sky. "Times like this, I should've just gone to military school like my dad wanted..."

That's the end of the proluge for Helyin Hunters. Don't worry I get more done soon. (Just to let ya know the prologue was hinting on what happened to Jack while he was in the Inner Circle but it's not fully explained until later on. ;) )
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Postby Spike » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:14 pm

You already have an art thread. One thread per artist please.

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