Alina the Wolf Demon

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Alina the Wolf Demon

Postby Nikki » Sun Jul 17, 2005 12:12 pm

Before I start, I'd like to say this is going to turn into a crossover fanfic. It starts with just an InuYasha-type base, then later on I'll add in more animes. Now then..Try not to be too mean on your comments, 'kay? ^^'' Oh..And in my little world, everyone knows about demons.

Chapter One: In Sickness and In Health

A loud, sorrowful howl filled the air. Bodies and blood lied everywhere around them. The little 3-year-old girl, Alina Mitsumoto, and her 1 year old little brother, Koga Mitsumoto, stood there surrounded by the dead bodies of their pack. And their parents. "Nawaku will pay for this! He will!" Alina exclaimed.

Over one hundred years later, Alina and Koga lived together in their small apartment. Alina walked out of her bedroom, yawning. Her large, furry wolf ears twitched, and her long, fluffy wolf tail swished back and forth. She had long, black hair that reached her knees, and it was currently let down. She was 123 years old, but looked as young as 16. She was currently wearing a t-shirt that went down to her knees. She also had beautiful ocean blue eyes.

Koga, Alina's handsome little brother, was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. His long, black hair wasn't as long as Alina's, but it was past his shoulders. He had it tied up in a ponytail, using a grey holder his sister gave him, and was wearing a brown headband around his forehead. Unlike Alina, who has wolf ears, his ears are pointed and elf-like. He was wearing tight jeans that showed his rump well, and a tight t-shirt that showed his muscles well. He was certainly a handsome catch to any woman.

Alina went over to Koga and wrapped her arms around him. "Gooood morning bubby.." she said with a yawn. Even if they were siblings, sometimes they acted like a married couple. Without the mushy stuff.

Koga rolled his eyes. "Geez, Alina, get yourself together. Last night you fainted at the party we went to, you were so drunk!"

Alina just grinned innocently. "Not my fault. That beer is good! Nothing like sake, I tell ya! Did you take any?"

Koga glared at her. "No."

"Poopie! Why not?"

"BECAUSE YOU SHOULDN'T BE DRINKING!!!!!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Alina flinched. Her ears drooped and she scurried off to the couch, and sat down. She whimpered sadly.

"Inuyasha saw you drunk last night" Koga said. "He commented about it, too! He said your morning hangovers are going to be horrible."

"Thanks.." Alina said, deadpanned. The door bell rang. "I'll get it!" Alina stood up and rushed over to the door, and opened it. Just as she hoped, outside was the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was wearing the total opposite of Koga's outfit. His pants were baggy, and his shirt was a bit loose. He had two little silver-furred dog ears on top of his head, and long, silver hair. He had fangs and claws, like most demons. And his eyes...Oh, they were such a beautiful gold. It was obvious to everyone but the knuckle head himself: Alina was in love with a dog. A half dog, in fact! Inuyasha, the most handsome, powerful inuhanyou (half dog demon) she had ever seen..It made her heart pound whenever she was around him.

"Hey. Thought you could use some soup for those hangovers. It'll help your stomach!" Inuyasha said with a toothy grin.

Alina's head dropped. Sadly, Inuyasha was friends with a human health nut, Hojo. "Th..thanks.." she said, and slowly took the jug of soup Inuyasha had in his clawed hand. He was older than her, but only by about 27 years. He looked like he was 17, though.

"Oh, and uh..These are for you.." Inuyasha then handed Alina a bouquet of beautiful red roses, with a little card sticking out.

Alina blinked. She quickly took the card and read it. Roses are red, violets are blue, don't drink too much, beer is bad for you. Cute.. she thought.

"I came up with the poem myself!" Inuyasha said with a proud grin. Alina just nodded, staring blankly at the card. Inuyasha blinked. " ya Monday at school! Bye!" Inuyasha waved as he ran off.

Alina closed the door. "What's it say?" Koga asked.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, don't drink too much, beer is bad for you" she replied flatly.

Koga chuckled. "I don't know if that's pathetic, cute, or just weird."

"Shut up." Just like that, the hangovers came. Alina hurried to the bathroom.

The next day, Alina felt sick. But she hadn't had another drink, and hangovers shouldn't last more than a day. She was constantly hot, even if the temperature inside the house was 60 degrees. She didn't know it, but she was in heat. It was her first time ever, so she didn't know what'd happen. And her mother was dead. Koga spent most of his time on the phone with the doctor, who knew nothing about demons. He even tried the vet! Nothing.

"Yes..yes..alright. Thank you.." Koga said and hung up the phone. "Damnit, why can't they tell me what's wrong with you?" Koga was sitting by Alina's bed, worried.

"Dun worry, Koga. I'm just..-hack hack- fine.." Alina tried to reassure him that it was going to be okay. Inside, though, she was panicking. She wanted to know what was wrong with her.

Inuyasha walked in the room, a man beside him. The man had short, black hair, and what he did have was tied in a tiny ponytail. His eyes were a dark, dark purple, almost black. He was 17 years old, and to some girls, was a very handsome catch.

Alina groaned. "Great, make me worse by bringing Miroku in here."

"Hey now! I just want to see what's wrong with you!!" Miroku replied in his defense.

"Touch my sister in any inappropriate way, Miroku, and you're hand is going to be shredded off" Koga threatened.

"Alright." Miroku went over to Alina. He examined her for a moment, then blinked. "Well, I think I know the problem."

"What is it?!" the Mitsumoto siblings asked together.

"She's.." Miroku's voice trailed off.


Whee! Cliffhanger! ^-^ Okay, how'd I do?
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Postby QuickSilver » Sun Jul 17, 2005 1:34 pm

You are a very skilled writer.
[Nit-Picking Mode On] Bleep bleep bleep-error-not enough cheese-bleep bleep bleep-error-unable to find drive Z[Nit-Picking Mode Off] That means I can't see a single thing wrong with this and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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Chapter 2

Postby Nikki » Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:45 pm

*claps* ^-^ Yay!! *grins* I used to write Inuyasha stories, but I wasn't that good back then. But then again, I was..Oh hell, around 9 or 10. XD

Added after 3 hours 31 minutes:

Note: This has some PG-13-ish stuff.

Chapter Two: School Day Horror

"I'm what, WHAT?!" Alina was upset that Miroku wouldn't tell her. No, upset wasn't the word. She was furious.

"Well, you're..." Miroku was about to tell, but got interrupted.

Inuyasha was sniffing Alina. "You're in heat, Lin!"

At those three words, Alina's whole face turned white. Her pupils shrank, and she looked stunned. "H-h-h-h-he-hea.." Suddenly her voice grew loud enough so the whole 10th level of the apartment building could hear, "HEAT?!?!?!!"

Inuyasha, Miroku, and Koga had to rub one of their ears. "Ow" the two demons said together.

"Now, Alina, calm down..It's nothing bad" Miroku assured her.

"I'M IN FUCKING HEAT, YOU ASSHOLE!!" Alina felt like chopping Miroku's head off, as she continued to scream at him. "THAT MEANS.." Her voice then got quieter as she calmed just a little. "That means I can have a child now.." She yelled one more time, "FUCK!!!"

Miroku sighed, feeling it was hopeless to calm her down. And really, when Alina Mitsumoto was angry, it took hours to calm her down. Unless it came to Inuyasha. He could get her calm very quickly.

"Shhh..It'll be alright, Lin" Inuyasha said, calmly, as he rubbed her right ear lightly.

The anger in the wolf died down until it finally disappeared. She then closed her eyes. Her ears were one of the most sensitive parts on her body. "Th-thanks, Inuyasha.."

"No problem!" the inuhanyou said with a grin.

The next day, Monday, Alina felt a little better and went to school. Her two friends quickly ran up to her.

The shorter one, a 15 year old, had long, black hair that went a little past her shoulders. She had brown eyes, and was a normal human. She was dressed in the school's uniform for girls, even if it wasn't required. Her name was Kagome Higurashi.

The taller one, a 16 year old, had long, black hair also. Her eyes were a darker brown than Kagome's. Her hair went down to her knees like Alina's. She wore jeans and a loose t-shirt. Her name was Sango Coralle.

Alina had her hair up in a bun, and was wearing tight jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed her belly a little.

"Alina!" Kagome exclaimed.

"We heard the news, Alina!" Sango said.

"Yeah! We can't believe you're in heat!!" Kagome added in.

"It's no big" she replied.

"Yes it is!" Kagome defended.

"You can have a baby now!!" the two girls said together.

Alina rolled her eyes and walked away from them, but unfortunately got followed. She noticed all the demon males giving her looks as if she was the prettiest, most popular girl in school. And they say being in heat is a good thing! BAH!!! It's a curse! She just grunted angrily, and kept walking.

Suddenly a man, who looked 18, came and gently pushed Alina into the wall, putting his arms at her sides to keep her from escaping. He had long, long silver hair that reached his knees, and beautiful golden eyes. His ears were pointed, much like Koga's. He had a blue crescent mood on his forehead, and two purple demon stripes on each of his cheeks and hands. He was very handsome, much like Inuyasha..But in Alina's eyes, he was as ugly as a toad. He wore the traditional school uniform for men. His name was Sesshomaru, and he was Inuyasha's older half-brother.

"Hello Alina" Sesshomaru said, his voice sounding calm. He took in her scent, and smirked. "Ah, so the rumors are true. You are in heat."

Alina just looked away from him. "Go away, Sesshomaru."

"Why should I? You're still mated to me, even if you're in love with that half breed." Sesshomaru replied, and pressed his cold lips against her warm ones. It felt like kissing the dead to Alina.


Sesshomaru then pulled away, and Alina glared at him. "Listen, we weren't mated. We were just together for a little while!" she said.

"Three glorious years." Sesshomaru's cold lips then pressed against her warm lips again, but only for a short moment. "And I want it to be longer.."

Alina shook her head. "No! I'm through with you, Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru smirked coldly. "Well, then I guess I'll just have to knock you unconscious and take you as my mate while you're in heat.."

Alina's eyes widened. Sesshomaru suddenly moved down to her neck and sunk his sharp fangs in, causing her to cry out. They were all alone in the hall, since the bell had rang when he pinned her to the wall and everyone hurried off to class. Alina slowly lost consciousness.

Hours later, everyone came back from class, at the end of school. Inuyasha, Miroku, Kagome, and Sango were talking as they walked together, and passed by Alina's unconscious form. Inuyasha noticed her and quickly stopped. "Whoa! What happened to her?!"

Miroku, Kagome, and Sango looked over. Alina's jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, and her shirt was lifted up to near her breasts. Her panties, or the shredded remains, were near her waist. Sango and Kagome gasped in horror. "Oh my!!" Kagome managed to let out. She and Sango went down to Alina's side, and saw the fang marks on her neck, but mistook it for a hickey.

"Ooooh..Looked like someone's hormones got the better of them" Sango said.

Inuyasha immediately shoved them out of the way, picked the wolf-girl up, and sniffed at her limp body. Sesshomaru's scent was all over her. He then examined the "hickey." "Idiots! This isn't a hickey!! These are the marks of someone's fangs! Probably Sesshomaru's..." He was now furious. His brother had raped his best friend!! He made a mental note to shred Sesshomaru to pieces.

Sango and Kagome gasped again. "But why would Sesshomaru do something like that?!" Kagome asked.

Miroku thought a moment, and answered her question. "Sesshomaru and Alina used to be together until about two months ago. Maybe..Just maybe he did this to get her back. Either that or to make Inuyasha...Oh, I better not say it."

"Make me what?" Inuyasha asked, glaring at Miroku.

"Jealous" Miroku answered simply.

"Feh!!" Inuyasha grunted. He then carried Alina to her apartment.


By the way, the cliffhanger on the last chapter was Alina's reaction to the news of her being in heat.
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Postby Vulcan » Sun Jul 17, 2005 7:51 pm

Cool i like it!
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Filler 1

Postby Nikki » Mon Jul 18, 2005 4:33 pm

Random filler 'cause I got writer's block.

Note: I didn't put much effort into this.

Filler One: Cosplay Hilarities #1; Seroko as Inuyasha!

"Gyaaah!! I'm gonna dieee!!!" Kalma screamed, being held in a demon's hand. He was all dressed Sesshomaru.

"Food!" the demon said.

"Here I come to save the daaaaaay!!" Setzer yelled as he wooshed in dressed as Koga. "En guarde!"

The demon looked at Setzer, and just flicked him into a tree. "BAKA!!!!" Kalma yelled.

Setzer's head was all spinny. "Lookit all the pretty colorsssss..."


Suddenly a guy dressed in Naraku's baboon dress thing zipped in. He started on blabbing about how he was going to defeat the demon. Meanwhile, Setzer fell asleep, and Kalma was half asleep.

Seroko came in dressed as Inuyasha, holding Kii, who was dressed like Rin, in his arms. "There he is!" Kii said as she pointed at Kalma.

Seroko put Kii down, then charged at the demon. Within seconds Seroko had defeated the demon. "Yaaay! My hero!" Kalma said and hugged Seroko.

"Woah, woah, woah. I don't swing that way, dood!" Seroko said, pulling Kalma off of him. He then noticed Nikki in Kikyo's priestess garb, and whistled. "Woohoo! It's my Drop-Dead Sexy Angel Neko Princess!!" he exclaimed, then ran off with Nikki.

Kii and Kalma jumped in the bushes.

Everyone lived happily ever--QUIET DOWN IN THERE, YOU BASTARDS!!! *shakes fist towards the bush K+K are in*
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Chapter 3

Postby Nikki » Fri Jul 22, 2005 1:11 pm

Chapter Three: Love and Hatred

Alina slowly opened her eyes. She looked around, and noticed she was in her room. She smelled Inuyasha's scent, and realized he brought her home. She sighed. He left, too..

Meanwhile, in Inuyasha's home..

"I can't believe you, Sesshomaru!" the younger sibling's voice roared.

"She was mine to begin with!" the older one barked.

"And so you clarify it by raping her?! Geez, that's a REAL turn-on to the ladies! NOT!!!!!"

"Oh, and like being a hanyou is a turn-on to the demon women?!"


"She wants a powerful, handsome, FULL demon man!!!"

"No she doesn't! She wants a powerful, cute, hanyou!"

"Psshh!! Yeah right!"

"It's true! I think.."

Sesshomaru just laughed. "You're not even worth her time!!!"

"Yes I am!"

"You're just a hopeless, love-sick FOOL!!"

Inuyasha stepped back a little. "N-no I'm not.."

"Yes you are...You love her more than life itself. Bah! She's just a woman. Women deserve no respect. They are simply made to cook, clean, and have sex. And Alina is no exception."

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!" Inuyasha leaped at his brother.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru rolled around a bit, angry, then suddenly they started to claw and bite at each other. Inuyasha didn't care if Alina would hate him..He couldn't let Sesshomaru insult her like that.

The next day, at school, Inuyasha bumped into Alina. He had long slash marks on his arms, legs, and face, a bite mark on his neck, and a black eye. Alina gasped. "Inuyasha! What happened to you?!"

"Oh, uh..Nothing. Got in a fight with a raccoon.." Inuyasha replied.

"Liar.." Alina said as she rolled her eyes.

"I..I fought with Sesshomaru after he insulted you.."

"Wh-what?! You could've gotten yourself killed! GOD, INUYASHA, YOU'RE SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!"

"I'm sorry.."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Inuyasha! Ugh..I can't even stand to look at you right now!!" Alina turned and walked away, furious.

Inuyasha's ears drooped. Great, the woman I love hates me. GODDAMNIT!!!! He sighed and went to class.

For the next week Inuyasha sent Alina gifts, but never dared to show up at her front door. Instead, he had Miroku give her the gifts. Various flowers, cards, and other things Miroku had to bring every day. Alina was getting sick of it.

"Miroku, take it back" Alina said. It was Sunday now.

"But Inuyasha would really like it if you.." Miroku said.

"No. Take it back. Now." Alina then slammed the front door. She sat on the sofa and sighed. She missed Inuyasha, and began to wish he would give her the gifts himself.

Inuyasha was sitting on his bed, looking at a picture that had him and Alina in it. They were hand in hand, and Inuyasha had a trophy in his other hand. "Heh..She didn't even make it seem like I won that tournament most of the time...And she's always been there for me." He sighed, flopping backwards onto the bed. He stared up at the ceiling, where a single picture of Alina was. He smiled a bit and blew a kiss at it. "I love you..Alina Mitsumoto..If only I could tell you face to face.."

Alina was now laying in her bed, staring at a picture of Inuyasha on the ceiling. A single tear escaped her eye. "I love you so much, Inuyasha...I wish I had the guts to tell you.."


Oooo..Love's in the air. ^-^ Hehe. Sorry this was so short!
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