Snafu Tumblr Art Submission

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Snafu Tumblr Art Submission

Postby Tiki » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:21 pm


Who wants free publicity? You there! How about You?

Here's what we'll do then

If you want your art hosted on the tumblr so that anyone who drops by it may see your work, and you receive some kind of exposure. Then contact me, or Deluna, in a PM and we'll put your name on a list.

There is a quality standard, but do not be discouraged, the bar is mid level

When your number is up we'll pick 3 of your best drawings to advertise as your art and your thread.
This means you have the opportunity to not only receive more attention for your work , but also help the community grow.

Can a mod sticky this thread?
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