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Postby Joker-Undead » Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:42 pm

Hello everyone.

Recently, I've been working on some rough sketches for my Seigi no Senshi Captain-Japan project to give it a little extra meat so to speak.
Latifah with a new hairdo.
Some little Lola sketches.
Pokyo-Chan & Jamiko.
Boo & Joe.
Lena & Apple.
Captain-Japan himself.
Pen comforts Jamiko.
Kitty doodles.
Alex doodles.
Miss Nicoles with Rocko.
Jerry being scared out of his mind.
Jamiko about to henshin into Captain-Japan.
These are some rough sketches of some of Jamiko's weapons for him to use
Aside from the Samuraizer sword (his main weapon) and Input-Cards, there's also the Buster Knuckle (a high-tech gauntlet), the R1 Pistol (a pistol with many functions), the Trans-Dagger (a short-sword) and finally his very own motorcycle, the Samurider.
Meet Shifter, a racing-car based robot developed by S.P.D to help Jamiko battle the Shadowkan-Empire's forces and quickly becomes one of his allies. A fun-loving but tough as nails character with both swords and machine-guns built into his hands
The Bringer of the next Undead-War!!
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