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GrimlyLoveGunner: Comics & Artz

Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:39 pm


Aha! after about an hour of wrestling with photobucket- I got it up! XD
You can tell me if it's too big but I've been told the site autofits but meh-

Alright then, I am making a nice, sweet, little post-apocalyptic FAIRLY ODD PARENTS DOUJINSHI!


So I thought what better place to plug it then SNAFU? Home of the PpG Doujinshi.

I'll be using this artthread to post panel previews, concept art, and the such.

I'll add a link to my DeviantART when the pages are up. I've finished sketching 15 of the 37 pages in the Prologue chapter.

Getting started. Leave a comment on thoughts. Tell me if a fuck something up so I can fix it. Thankyou~
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Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:58 pm

Go right ahead, you should be fine posting a preview and links to your art here. I don't think anyone would have a problem with it.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:34 pm

I think you can do here, well after all that is art.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:13 am

Hey GrimlyLoveGunner, Glad to see starting an art thread. If you have any concerns, ask one of the Mods. I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction. By the way, what's FOP?

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:23 pm

If you have any concerns, ask one of the Mods.

I assumed one of the would have commented by now, XD I thought they'd take a look at anything new. But I won't worry about it until I have the actual pages to put up. Half done with the rough drafts and after that I can ink em'

By the way, what's FOP?

Holy crap how did I not think to un-intial that!? Fairly OddParents. Yeah. XD

Thought the best place to plug it would be the site with the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. XD


A collection of a couple panels to start off~ XD They're all terrible quality cuz' all I did was hold the pages up to my webcam to snap a picture of.


Cootsy Poof is not to responsible for any cavities gained while viewing him.


Okay, so, at first I drew Crocker with round-bottom glasses, then I was like- No that looks ridiculous it can't be right! So I changed them to square. THEN I found a screenshot of him and I was like 'I WAS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME AOFAWBEFRAPWOBA!' And had to change about five pages back. Will be fully fixed in final drafts.




KYAAAAAAA! TimmyssocuteomgiluvitomgIwanttoputhisfaceinmymouthandsuckonit~


What's wrong? Wanda love? 8D

When the first chapters up I'll link to my devaintArt. And update here with new panel previews and maybe some concept sketches and probably different art. Weeee~ So excited~

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:38 am

Whenever you wish to post art in your art thread, put it in a new post instead of editing the ones you've already made. That way it, bumps your thread to the top of the list. Letting everyone know you've updated your thread. Here I'll help you by posting this comment and bumping your thread.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:47 am

Huh, this looks and sounds interesting. I like how Mr. Crocker looks more normal here than in the original show. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the new pages.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:52 am

I like your art style, but if you have something to scan your drawings with, maybe that would make it easier for us to see your work. Anyway, keep it up. Experience will lead to you getting better and better.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:54 am

I agree with Sig. Scan your work and it'd look better.
Other than that, looks great.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:32 am

Nice to see your comic is coming along, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:40 pm


Back in. I was sick for a while and I couldn't work on anything, so prologue chapter is still only half done. I felt bad and wanted to give that update.

And this has nothing to do with the Doujinshi at all but it's relevent as far as being a cartoon, and I didn't want an update without a post so here's a purty picture I draw'd in the meantime.


THIS is what happens when you read to many Bleedman comics and play too much Sims Medieval. Me, having a very finicky creativity spectrum for original work, generally make Sims houses just using my favorite anime and cartoon characters. Then I generally make them ridiculously poor and miserable and pregnant. But anyway-

Playing Sims Medieval I got the idea to use all the kids from my favorite old shows. So this happened. w00t

Monarch: Mandy. (Because evil monarchs are virtually mandatory for a good story and we know she'd overthow the place eventually anyway)

Knight: Billy. (Just because it places him next to Mandy. Nobody said head night had to be talented.)

Spy: Timmy Turner. (Because I love that little dweeb and he can use fairy magic to just turn invisable. Since he'd be pretty useless in the field otherwise.)

Doctor: Wanda. (She'd be using magic and the like for healing. Magic and leeches. Yeah, sounds like a fun set-up)

Wizard: Cosmo. (It's right next to the doctors office, plus since the idiocy prevents anyone from taking him seriously, him and Wanda wouldn't be found out as fairies. Meh.)

Peteran Priest: Deedee. (I thought of her 'mother of nature'... nature. And Peteran priests are the 'let all be happy in the humble nature of the Watcher' kind. So it worked. I needed to work Dexter in there somehow.)

Jacoban Priest: Lalavava *THUNDERCLAP* (Jacobans are the vain over-bearing 'YOU'RE ALL HEATHENS' type. So that fit Olgy, and put her opposite Deedee. I would just pretend Dexter and Mandark were their reluctant assistants screaming at eachother from the church porches. lulz.)

Merchant: Blossom
Blacksmith: Buttercup
Bard: Bubbles (These buildings are all next to eachother, so it worked to put them there. Blossom being the intelligent and charismatic one. Buttercup the hard-working spitfire. Bubbles the fun creative one. They all fit in the professions. w00t)

Now that I think about it, I might make comical comic strips using these guys' storyline as filler in-between Doujinshi updates. Yea, that sounds good. Since all the other fanart I make is yaoianime related.

I also just wanted to let you guys know- OF COURSE I HAVE A SCANNER! I wouldn't let myself make a comic til' I got one. I just webcam'd the penciled panels to give you a tiny hint of what I had.

I won't be showing any more panels yet til I get the prologue out. Which has 21 of 36 pages penciled out. After that I think I'm going to storyboard the rest of it before I continue with the main story. (There'll only be five chapters, named after the five stages of grief, but I'm not sure how many pages'll be in them and that would probably fluncuate.) After THAT I'll show good panels probably as I make em. And post whole chapters at a time. As I don't like to leave people hanging.

This picture also gives a sense of the style the Doujin'll be in. Except that in the Doujin the black areas will be inked black. I'll also have to be less diverse with shading, to get the damn page to print out again alright for when I put them together into a folder.

But yeah. Just giving an update. Something always happens with me RIGHT when I start something. Just can't let that stop me from picking it up again. Thankyouforyourtime~ bye~

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:44 pm

Okay, scanning your work has made a huge difference. I like your art.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:02 pm

That looks awesome. A lot of characters and poses, with scenery as well, is hard to pull off. You've pulled it off nicely.

Quality work. Keep it up.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:00 pm

Awesome work and have to echo Brax4's opinion, not sure if I could fit that many characters in a page nor make them look so naturally together without squeezing or ruining the perspective, so I'm well impressed. Though will mentioned you seemed to have got a bit fatigued while doing the brick tower if that's alright mentioning.

Also find it awesome with what you did. I did something similiar but it was with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where I made characters from the show in Romance of the Three kingdoms 11.

Again though, awesome work GrimlyLoveGunner.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:33 pm

@ Sigment & Brax


@ Freak

I guess I've had practice. I've been fitting ridiculous amounts of characters onto a single page since I was seven. And I always get iffy on backgrounds, I was pre-aware I wasn't going to be able to/have the patience to get all the bricks the same size since it was just a quick picture. I settled with a personal headcanon that Cosmo's probably blown up that tower a few times and it's been rebuilt lazily by the childrenz.

OOOOOH. Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Ideas forming. 8D

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:08 pm





8D w00t

Alright, I have all the pages in the Prologue done. What's left to do now is: Ink em, shad em, scan em, and add the text. (Since my handwriting is the equivalent of a drunken seven-year old.)

After that I'll post em' to my deviant art and link you all to the shiz.

The only thing that could stall this- as I'm gonna work only on this and it's inking right now- is if I run out of ink. >.>

WOOTWOOT awriiight~ ~yay~ *Fireworkz*

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:35 pm

Nice to see your project is still coming along nicely.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:07 pm

Thank you doggy! here's a treat. 8D

Gotta be quick- Internet's going in and out-



"When I'm far away from home,
or maybe hard at play--
I know you will protect me
from harm along the way."

AHAHAHA! What happens when I put my mind to it~


Enjoy the happiness of this special header picture. Cuz they don't stay that happy for long.

http://lgbroductions.deviantart.com/art ... -407651417

Links to the first page on deviant art. If you have an account you can comment on there- or just give a complete overview of the chapter on here. Don't mind. Just say something. You can comment on specific pages as well- so let it be known that spoilers start here.

TERRIBLY SORRY GUYS but I didn't have time to put 'next' buttons. Just go to my gallery folder for 'Be My Angel' for now. But internets going in and out and I literally have ten minutes left of computer time before Mama beats me.

Prologue chapter of my marvelous first full doujinshi- starring the cast of Fairly Odd Parents it is 'Be My Angel!'

A wonderous story of the post-apocalyptic and the angsty adventures of survivors.

Basically 'Last of Us' with fairies.

Anyway- this is just the prologue chapter, so it's just showing us hoooooow the 'apocalypse' occured.

I've decided that I will storyboard the rest of the story before doing any more chapters. There will be six, including the prologue. All named after the stages of grief. They will be:


I can't guarantee yet the length of the chapters, but the prologue is 37 pages and I can only believe they'll be longer then that. When more is storyboarded I'll get back to you.

I'll probably post random refference sketches and irrelevent art that still suits the topic in the meantime. But I can promise that this will be the only comic I'll be focusing on. (I was going to do two at a time but soon found that drawing two different styles was a big no-no)

But yeah, it's gonna be my first big complete thing- (I doodled a one-chapter comic version of a fanfic me and my sister wrote five years ago, but you'll never see that unless it is used as a torture device in hell.) So I'm fully accepting tips, critiques, comments and questions. I liek 2 ramble.

And AS it is my first run through- it's really a tester and for practice. And I'm already certain in a few points I miff'd up royally. Here is my list of self-pity, complete with elaborate excuses.

Things I absolutely fucked up:

* Straight lines. You are 120% aware every time I didn't use a ruler.
* Circles. AHAHAHA. Speech bubbles are round? Idiot.
* Backgrounds. I tried my damnedest in the beginning. But apparently forgot that determination. There was a few week gap in the pages about halfway through where this happened.
* Overall style. During that two-week gap, I got rather good at a different drawing style I was going to use for the doujin's I'll be doing next. But wanted to keep the cutsy shojo-y style for the FOP doujin. When I started on the doujin again, the guidelines I carried over from practicing the other style clashed and I didn't think to test and make adjustments. I don't know if the difference is noticable- I tried to fix things when editing.
* The fucking scanner. My grandma bought it off a cousin for ten dollars. It's functional- EVEN IF I had to trim an inch off of all my pages to get them to fit inside. But they faded the black a bit upon scanning. It also only registers so much of the shading. Usually, I fix this by turning the brightness to the very bottom, but that would have made making touch-ups a pain. And wouldn't have made the difference it was worth. I'm happy as can be though.
* Wanda. Everything. Eyes, hair, bra type, shoe size. For some reason these all kept changing. Which is frustrating since her body type is the kind I like to draw. But that probably means I wasn't putting as much thought into it. And she's one of the characters that is most consistantly on camera. >.<
* Jorgen. AHAHAHHAHA. WHAT IS THAT? IT'S A POTATO WITH BOOBS. AHAHAHAHA. And he was actually the ONE CHARACTER I practiced with. Meh. He'll probably look completely different when he shows up again later- oops.

ANYWAY. 8D So yeah. those are things I'm already aware are funky. but yeah-

Now, at this point, I'll be doing extras- the first chapter starts off ten years later guys! you'll only get to see sketches and doodles of Timmy and Poof, to keep spoilers. But here's what I'll do-

Do you guys wanna see a list of characters who won't be appearing? or characters that we'll be seeing again?

8D So other then that, I'll be storyboarding. Once the storyboarding is done I'll tell you guys and release preview snapshots of panels as I make them. Then I'll release whole chapters as they're completed.

Think that covors it. Have fun! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *Spazz*

orz orz orz

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:35 pm

Okay sorry if I sound groggy at the minute, I only gave myself 1hr of sleep last night in an attempt to reset my sleeping pattern. (At the moment I've been waking up a 12 and I hate waking up a 12). So yes, I was going to knock you about a few art problems, but I see you beat me to it. I wouldn't worry about it though as you got your story across and when do a comic for the simple fun of it, that's all that really matters in my opinion. I'm doing the Story of Mizuka for the same reasons as you though, just using it as a practice to motivate me to do digital art and has now become a practice for the ambitious comic I have.

Anyways, focusing I'm not really interested to see your depiction of Vicky and Trixie, those two are actually my favourite due to their insecurities as shown in "Just the two of us" and 'A bad case of diary' and Trixie's need to express a hidden self that's unacceptable in her role of a society as shown 'The Boy who would be queen'. I'm not sure if you're in cooperating these elements, but I'm just explaining why these two are my favourite characters (I'm a guy, I can have girls as my favourite character besides finding them attractive whilst I was 13 :grin: )

Also curious to how Tootie and Veronica will play into this thing.

And yes, not that much caring right now with the relationship that will go on between Poof and Timmy. I'm not a big fan of poof and you killed off Wanda and Cosmo, which just doesn't work for me with just Timmy. So yeah, just being honest and explaining that when I see my favourite characters, I'll be commenting about them a lot more over anything to do with Timmy and Poof.

And yes, this comic is dark... as you forewarned.... I hate dark fanfics....

But good job GrimlyLoveGunner, hope that you keep up.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Thu Oct 17, 2013 1:06 pm

XD awwwww~ my favorite reviewer doesn't like Poof~ or dark shit~ I hope that won't make it tedious for you! XDDD

I think I was able to find Poof so endearing so quickly because the first time I saw him- it was the first FOP episode I'd watched in years and happened to be a rerun of his debut episode! And halfway through it at that. So my reaction was- 'Cosmo and Wanda had a baby? OMG! They're all worried and he's in the clutches of the Anti Fairies and Pixies? AHHHH! GO SAVE HIIIIM!'

XD Sooooo yeah. XDDD


Vicky's my favorite character too! XD Trixie I have sympathy for, just wish she would speak up and have the courage to be herself.

(I think she's hawt too, but just the way she is. The fandom can get creepy with all the fanart of her with humongous boobz and a thong.)

Since this thread is where I'll be giving plot hints and other such of the like, I have no problem noting things that don't spoil too much-

Veronica will make a quick appearance near the end. Trixie won't, but I'm still thinking about how I'm going to explain why.

Vicky and Tootie will worm their lovely little selfs into the plot- I think aboooout- chapter three. Yeah. Vicky gets mayjor rep in chapter three.

I've been making humor that the story's like 'Last of Us', And if you know that game it basically gives you the feel of what Timmy and Pooferz will be like with eachother.

I just have to kill off fairies when I'm making a story because it's just too easy to wish things fixed. The only FOP story idea I had where Cosmo and Wanda stay present but can't use their magic to fix things was in a Slenderman parody thing I thought up. Where the haunted woods negate their magic and they just gotta run like chickens.

As for the art problems- I'm kinda ashamed at bits. XD And I was doing touchups at 2:30 in the morning to get it done to post yesterday and since then I've noticed things I missed and little mistakes- I also had a problem with overall style halfway through- (There's a two week gap of page creation around the time Jorgen showed up) I had been practicing with a different style and didn't thing to make adjustments when switching back to work on this comic. So I had to digitally fix a few pages where Timmy in particular looked absurdly different then he did in the beginning.

I figured it out now though so hopefully I won't get that problem again. XD

Siiigh~ Well, now I really want to churn the next chapter out quick so we can get to the real story! GAAAH! Must... do.... things... hnnngpf...


As for other people- EAGER FOR MORE REVIEWS... DON'T BE SHY..... SAY ANYTHING.....

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:38 pm

w00t w00t

Have started storyboarding chapter one.

Will start uploading concept art of ten-years-in-the-future Timmy and Poofer soon. but felt like throwing up some random pictures in the meantime.

Terribly sorry I haven't had time to add next buttons to my pages yet. I usually only get an hour of internet connection a day.

But anyway. FANART TIME.


Kunaga-chan from Mr. Freaks comic. Twas' doodling women so I started drawing women.

I changed the collar of her dress alittle. Dharem's be awefully conservative.



I was watching the old people channel and there was this movie- I think it was called Marie and Maria. Something like that. But anyway- it just had a really fun plot and that kindof entwined with Fairly Odd Parents plot ideas somehow.

Basically Wanda's in a travelling show that's a front for Big Daddy's 'Business' and Cosmo's a conman (well, not a good one, Schnozmo does everything important-) with Mama Cosma. Cosmo goes into a bar. Fall in wub with the pretty pinkette half of the girls on stage. And Scooby-and-Shaggy's his way backstage and purposes. Wanda is fairly miserable and she's pretty much hooked on him two so then the two have to get away from their controlling/protective/insane parents and jealous siblings (And Spanish boyfriends) to be together.

Must fanfic that sometime.




Re: Kinder is a freeware RPG game- like Mad Father and Witch House and Ib if you know those- It's my favorite of the bunch and it doesn't get enough attention so I'm gunna go on a mad spree of fanart-puking because it flipping DESERVES THIS.

Totally colored this with Windows Paint. It was actually way easier then I thought it would be. It just takes a long time.

That's what I got naow. Wanted to update. Will probably start throwing up funny comic strips of irrelevant 90's cartoon AU's as I storyboard the doujinshi.


Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:32 pm

Nice Kunaga. I hope Freak appreciates it.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:36 pm

Why do you hope, the drawn with Kunaga is as awesome as every bit of cheese you can find! Like look how you've managed to do her figure, just stunning really, those eyes and oh the hair, just how I like the hair. But do have to criticize that you had the collar bone jut out a little too much and the nose isn't positioned that well, but beside that I love it, I'm really honored, flattered and so on.

As for the other stuff, I love how you've managed to perspectives and squeezed in the scenery with Wanda, it's really great and it's giving me naughty feelings (What! Wanda does look pretty kinky and I don't care if she's married... or fictional). But do have to say that the audience floor looks more like the wall. Perhaps if you had some lines flowing towards the wall or some shade underneath the table and hairs to try and fixed this.

Also like the third, but again the nose could be positioned better and the ears shaded in and more folds on her top to make her torso look less box shaped, but besides that, awesome, love the colours on the girl, the hair, eyes and the pants on her trousers. Really do appreciate you showing us these GrimlyLoveGunner.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:01 pm

Nice job on the coloring in that last one.

Re: GrimlyLoveGunner: FOP Doujinshi

Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:29 pm


I think with the noses I keep drawing them in the realistic style when the rest of the character is a more cartoony style. That might be it. I hadn't noticed.

And I've also recently noticed how pronounced collarbones keep being. Hng. I need to remember that.

I have to make lines really dark to show in the scanner. And the audience floor is definitely wonky. I meant to show more of it so I could put easter eggs in the audience (and maybe Big Daddy sending some bouncers after Cosmo) but shyea. My focus was on the ladies in that one.


And finally- I think I made Rei's torso boxy because I wanted her to look juvenile and boyish. Since she's like, eleven. I like the look of little pre-pubescent figures and have found that flat lines and zero curve show it best. Probably why I'm so giddy to draw Re: Kinder characters.

Next update I'll see if I can't throw up another Re: Kinder, but I promise it'll also include the start of concept art and practice sketches relating to my FOP doujinshi. 8D WEEEEEEEE~

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