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Art Forum Rules

Postby Tuor » Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:39 am

Art Rules / Guidelines / Info

Welcome to Art, the place for posts and discussion about visual artwork. For written works, check out the Literature forum. Please read the Global Forum Rules. Keep general discussion to the talk thread and the paint chat thread. The art discussion thread is for art-related discussion. All other threads should be kept closely to their topics.

How things work here
  • Posting / linking your art
    If you don't have much to share, you can put it in the Post your art thread. If you prefer, you can make a thread of your own to showcase your art (make the name clearly convey that it is your personal art thread; see the forum for examples). When you have new art to share, post it in the same thread. This is exempt from the global necro policy, but non-art posts are still subject to the time / page activity restrictions. If you have an off-site collection of your art, feel free to link it in your art thread so long as it meets the global rules for links.
  • Posting / linking / working with art that is not yours
    Art theft is bad. If you want to post / link something that's not yours, put it here. If you use someone else's work as a component of your own, attribute them. Claiming someone's work as your own is potentially a bannable offense.
  • Content rules / guidelines
    As with the rest of the site, pornography is forbidden, and NSFW material must be linked and tagged as NSFW. "Artistic nudity" is permitted, though it is generally still NSFW. Despite this being the Art forum, don't try to push the envelope in this, since mods still have discretion over where the line is and what counts as close enough to the line to warrant removal. If you're unsure about whether or not something is appropriate, PM a mod before posting it.
  • Special threads Several threads have been set up to catch all posts of a certain type that would otherwise clutter up the forum. Check the Index thread for a list and links. On-topic contributions to these threads are exempt from the necro prohibition. If you see a need for another thread of this type, run it by a mod first.
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