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Face or Cross: Original Characters By MarioSantis

Fri May 24, 2013 7:25 am

This thread I wanted to do to explain a little more about the characters in my comic. Enjoy:


Wermut is both the protagonist and antagonist. It's hard to explain, let's see ...
Wermut's soul is divided into two events that happen in the comic,
Everything good is separated from the bad, and while the good not the bad uses to create chaos and destruction in the live of wermut. When the good return, the whole universe hates and confused with the evil part.
Then there is that thanks to a rare virus that empowers people, wermut has a wide range of possibilities from destroying, luckily both are equally powerful wermuts, well, not much luck for devices nearby ...


Yep, this character is based on me, if I'll make an amazing story I'll stay on the sidelines.
The character is a little more aged than me, marked by a painful past by wermut (bad), also has powers, but at a more devil, since variation was infected with a virus created by the human government to not have such strong negative effects.

Leo Sinjo

He is one of the more elderly characters of history, the most ancient of human cursed death, denying him final peace until it has complied with the death wish.
With a 217 years old, is one of the most lethal swordsmen in history.
His four swords are a gift of the same death that his mission be easier. One can cut to the same magic. A bloodstained that can heal the wearer. Another that can become as fast as the wind and the last ever has unsheathed, his power is unknown even to Leo.

The Death

Who pulls the strings behind the curtain, who determines the fate of the unfortunate, Judge, Jury and Executioner of all souls.
Plan something big, involved with Wermut, only he knows it is.

Samuel, the 1┬║goddamn

When was the elite of the sky, so got a unique gift that allowed him to see through the same time.
Nobody knows who saw exactly how to break the first seal of the apocalypse and losing their homeland and a wing. I wander limbo and the land of mortals, until he decided to found a third side in the last great war that will be the Apocalypse.
The renegade angels who are of heaven, compassion demons, vampires, werewolves and Humans with some power.

If you want to look at the comic, here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=54727
Thanks for visiting ^ ^
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Re: Face or Cross: Original Characters By MarioSantis

Fri May 24, 2013 10:26 am

I like the designs you made for these characters. My favorite Leo, but the design of The Death is really cool. I like his bladed serpent that looks kind of like a scythe that's pretty creative and cool.
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