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Vector dilemma

Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:21 am

Hey everyone!
I got a question about vector graphics. I just started experimenting with it, and I love it (why didn't I learned this at the first place?!? ><), it really goes well with my style. My problem is however, that I wish to create a comic with it, yet I'm not sure which program should I use (and/or how).
I get along well with flash, but it can be felt that it's mainly made for animation and I'm missing some features like seeing the document's border, rulers etc... (Or I'm blind. Please paste this sentence after everything I say about the programs!^^")
Illustrator on the other hand has a really different approach toward vectors (at least what I saw), mainly I really miss the function of just grabbing a line and bend it as I desire and shading on one object without the need to create a new one or masking. Not to mention that snapping makes a bit more sense in flash, it even helps with symmetry (but can be a bit much sometimes).
I originally studied/used photoshop btw. My work can be seen here: Bug88.deviantart.com.
So which one you suggest? Perhaps an other alternative?
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